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Seller Inc.
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1 year ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for MilitaryByOwner

4.43 out of 5
533 Ratings
4 years ago, royaltymind1me
Best APP for veterans!
While searching for a new home or need to sell, download and use this app! It will show your options near bases, and every preferred detail of a home you would like. The communication between buyer/seller/renter is simple and worth it. Totally recommend using this app. I’ve listed and rented so far from other vets!
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6 years ago, Cheski76
Home on the rental market - 2 months
Our home in San Antonio, TX has been on the market in this website for over 2 months, and we have not received one email or call from any potential tenants. We have a 3400 square foot 4 bedroom home in a desirable cul-de-sac near Sea World. No HOA. Plus our home is a rare steel framed house with brick...and nothing. I paid the $80 package hoping I could attract more interest. Nope. We have received more traffic on Zillow rental manager for free, and have a tenant lined up for the end of this month. Will not be using this website again (Currently keep our house on this website to get our money’s worth) and unfortunately will not recommend to our friends. We are an Army family of active duty service over 20 years. We know a lot of service members and DOD civilians and contractors all over the world that are constantly moving and need good housing. Extremely disappointed to say the least.
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1 year ago, Draggonnette
Unable to do search w/o base *
It asks for a base* and when you click on “Base*“ it pops up a list of states not bases. If you click on any of the states and then next it doesn’t add or give options for a base and the state doesn’t show you’ve selected anything and won’t allow for any searches. If you skip that portion it also doesn’t allow for you to enter the section of time available. Either way no search is able to be completed or even started without a Base* selection yet I am unable to do this.
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6 years ago, Srp5522
MilitaryByOwner is such a resourceful tool when looking for a home near any U.S. military base! So many different search options and easy to navigate! Thank you MBO for helping so many people easily find a home during what COULD have been such a stressful and blindly done process! Keep doing what your doing!!!!
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5 years ago, CTAPOCTA
Very bare bones; almost not functional
For some reason it allows you to sign in, but then your saved searches aren’t there. So you have to plug in the state and installation. Every. Single. Time. No notifications, no way of mapping things. The website isn’t great, but this has about half the functionality of the site. Way too basic. Take a look at Zillow, MBO, and try to emulate.
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10 years ago, JTAppReview
Good reference info
The layout and info provides a good basis to make sound decisions for your next move. My complaints are the "Call Me" and "Email Me" links just close the app. You also can't save a search preference from the app so every time I return to the app to look for new homes I have to put all that same info in the fields.
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5 years ago, EOMomma
Where’s my listing
Super frustrated and angry. Years ago I was very happy with MBO, BUT this is a terrible app that doesn’t show accurate information!!! When you search for homes near our base no homes are listed including mine. In fact the only homes listed are in another part of the state!!! I’ll never rent when no one will ever see it. I paid to list my home for rent and you are not listing it. You’re app is useless and I won’t use it again!
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6 years ago, jenmcdonald88
Helped us find our home!
So thankful for this resource for military families! It helped us narrow down our choices when we bought our home.
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6 years ago, Pachieh
Ughhh... when will they update this???
Just like the website, the app is stuck far in the past. No easy way like Zillow or trulia to have default searches without looking in, user defined price searches, or a modern looking app. Listings do get updated so it is used... but no effort from the owners to bring it to a state of technology today.
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1 year ago, SvenJuice
Use website. This app is useless
The app gives absolutely no results for the same filters on the website that yield pages of results. Why even have this up, American Eagle? You’re giving the site a bad name with this waste of time.
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4 years ago, RL Apple
Not a modern property search app
This app has not been updated in years. Setting search parameters is conversion and not up to par with other sites. Things like setting a range takes multiple steps. It’s unfortunately annoying to the point that I’d rather not use it.
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2 years ago, Ret CW4
Filter tools don’t work
Nice concept but once you add a filter, nothing shows up. Makes it cumbersome to go through. The website isn’t much better. Both needs lots of improvement.
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11 months ago, c l yost
Too Glitchy
Can’t search properties when you can’t select a state
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5 years ago, JoeCan'tFindIt
Can’t find my own house
Other than using my MBO number, I can’t find my own listing in MBO on their iPhone application. How is someone else going to ever find it? Answer: Never.
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7 months ago, bankman 48000
Great way for Military Members to find great housing
Military helping military.
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5 years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Wright
The idea behind this app is great but the lack of updates on the homes is a bit annoying.
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4 years ago, TiffJap4S
As soon as I click on “my account” the app shuts down!! Can’t even log on!!!! What kind of useless crap is this? I’ve deleted and reliaded the app, so I know it’s not me. Using iphone 11pro...
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4 years ago, DecemRy
Wrong area
Anytime I search within the app by location it shows me houses hundreds of miles away.
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3 years ago, Jammerdos
Terrible app
Every time you leave and come back it does not keep any of your info! Ridiculous
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5 years ago, StephanieSLL
Search Fields Need More Detail
The price ranges need more selections (they go by $500 increments), and there are no search options regarding pets.
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11 months ago, OceanSunflower
App works sometimes
App works sometimes
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5 years ago, Imsooverthisitsnotevenfunny
Updated app and now it won’t open. Keeps crashing.
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4 years ago, Nuxdrozd
Something has gone wrong with the algorithms. Putting in Ohio and Wright-Patterson AFB brings up only properties in Tennessee...
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4 years ago, M Romanach
Fix your listings!!!
This app is terrible. The listings never match the state/base selected.
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5 years ago, Fl -> Az
Error when looking for JBLE housing
App is error-ridden. When looking for housing at JBLE in VA, it displays houses in Washington state.
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9 years ago, atlj
Like the house? Too bad!
UPDATE: it's been a few months since I contacted MBO to alert them as to issues. The response was that they are working on it but nothing has been done. The concept is great but they are really doing their paying clients a disservice by continuing to allow these known issues to persist. Also, the site is full of outdated entires. Need to send tickler to advertisers to remind to take down ad if place is sold/rented. App crashes when you try to email or contact poster. Email is not displayed so cannot contact through other means. Tried to contact MBO and the app crashed when I did that too. Need to work out these kinks.
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8 years ago, Mags🦄💨
Constantly crashes
I'm only giving this app two stars on the basis that it's nice having this site so easily accessible. It's a convenient resource for our constant PCS'ing and has helped us find multiple homes. BUT after using this for well over one...maybe two years(?) they still have not fixed their bugs. This app crashes at least every 3 minutes, so CONSTANTLY save or screen shot every house you come across that you like so you can find it again. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, and updated multiple times and it still won't surpass the 3 minute mark.
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8 years ago, Carly - Alexandria
Great App for Buying/Renting a Home
MilitaryByOwner did a great job with their app! It's easy to use and has all the information as their website. I like that you can still search by military base. But I love the added feature of being able to search based on your current location as well! I definitely recommend this to anyone looking for their next home.
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9 years ago, Es_la_vida
Crashes, please fix!
I just tried using this app again, but I'm done. It crashes every time I use it. Then I have to re-enter my search criteria every time. Frustrating. Also, one of 2 things would be nice... Either have an option on the app the sort in price order, or let me choose from more rent amounts. For example, I know putting down a max rent of $1,000 won't give me any results, but when I put the next option, $1,500 I get a lot of results close to that number and that's out of my budget. The amounts should frankly be in $100 increments for rent.
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8 years ago, EaglesGuy1087
Great search functionality
This app has great search functionalities, whether you're looking to buy or to rent a home. It gives you the options to easily filter out the results based on the specifications of a home you're looking for. I'd definitely recommend this app, especially for anyone looking to relocate around a military base.
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8 years ago, Grimmly58
Works well but could be streamlined
Overall this is a great app. It works well to find homes for sale or rent near military installations, but the current version doesn't show pictures in the listed search results.
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11 years ago, Silkworm3232
Great App
This addition to the militaybyowner website is a must have! You can search from your current location/phone and not have to be at home. Plus you get most of the benefits of the full site at your fingertips!
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11 years ago, Huckleberry0
Decent app but needs some tweaking
Please allow users to be able to save a setting, ie save your state/base, so that we don't have to continuously set those each time the app is used. Most people are using this to search for a home in one specific location so it would be nice to have the option to save your desired location.
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8 years ago, Doug Nordman
The rental property app I've been waiting for!
Flawless operations on both iPhone and iPad. I especially appreciate search features and the image display of our photos. I'll list my Hawaii rental property on MBO because I get quick contact from the best tenants.
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11 years ago, PinkChairPhotoz
Crashes when attempt to email homeowner
Property selections are sparse for really big bases. Any attempt to contact the property owners or app developer results in the app force-closing. The homes that do show are well marketed with good photos and information, but with the size of the bases, I expected more homes to list. Fix the "email me" button and add more homes, and I'll add the stars!
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8 years ago, Tblades
Great mobile real estate app
I like the search features and usability of this app. The drop downs and spin selectors make it nice to enter selections without toggling around too much. The selections options help negate the ambiguity with some search tools.
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8 years ago, DunkinDog2
Amazing Pcs Tool
Militarybyowner is a great app to use while house hunting. As a military family time is always an issue. The app allows you to pull up all homes in the area where you are looking. Easy to use!
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11 years ago, MPrinchetta
Essential tool for military families on the move!
House hunting has never been easier with this easy to use app. Map feature with satellite view is incredibly useful!
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11 years ago, Ten moves
Love the app!!!
Great tool to search for homes. Allows you to find homes at your current location. Great map tool! Thanks Militarybyowner
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11 years ago, Sgt Houdini
What happened???
Just downloaded the current version hoping for new features, but instead I am now unable to use the 'email me' function. Every time I click that button to email a property manager or owner, the app closes itself. What's the point of the app if not to facilitate a link between owners and potential renters?? This problem needs immediate attention!!
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11 years ago, Ghost690
Good, but could be better.
App crashes when you click "My Information" so there's no way to see saved listings. Ability to save search parameters would be very helpful. Like the map feature though.
Show more
11 years ago, Dggusmc
Good App
I like the proximity feature. I'm not having any of the problems identified by some of the other reviews.
Show more
12 years ago, Anapaula O
This app was so easy to use. It's so nice being able to look for homes right from my phone!
Show more
12 years ago, AdamG90
Great app!
Extremely easy to use and the map feature is really helpful!
Show more
7 years ago, Highrain2
Keeps crashing when using saved search
When I try to view my saved search, it crashes. I'm using the latest version, iPhone 7+, and iOS 10.3.2. Hopefully there will be a bug fix soon
Show more
11 years ago, Sierrasport
Not Usable
Unfortunately, this app has bugs that render it useless to me. It started when I tried to create an account. No states were available to select. When I tried to scroll, the app closed. Back to the web!
Show more
11 years ago, shalamshalaam
Every time I attempt to create an account, the application shuts down. All the fields can be filled with a simple, easy pull down menu until you get to the field for the state. Each time I attempt to select a state, the application freezes them closes completely.
Show more
8 years ago, Stel2012
Love MBO, but
I use MBO every time we move. I could not add a Saved Search on the app, so I did it on a laptop. Then the app would close every time I tried to access the Saved Search in the app.
Show more
9 years ago, VAmom2three
Sort by town
Needs the ability to select a certain town near the base as a search area to narrow down your results.
Show more
10 years ago, ddm58
Needs work
Please fix the call and email functions so they do more than just close the app. If you could save search preferences and make contact with sellers/renters/buyers through the app it would get 5 stars
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