Milli: Mobile Banking

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1 month ago
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User Reviews for Milli: Mobile Banking

3.9 out of 5
698 Ratings
6 months ago, peterryanhouse
No issues, app is good, skeptical of CS if there’s an issue
I have had no issues. The app is very user friendly and have made about 25 transfers over the past few months. The interest is deposited monthly and you can’t beat the rate. I am slightly concerned and skeptical if I ever have an issue because the support is through messaging on the app and don’t see any way to contact a person on the phone. This is kind of scary and I don’t plan on putting my life savings in the account.
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9 months ago, Gambler rambler
Made an account, couldn’t login ever
The app always have technical issues. I am a new user. I signed up with Milli Bank because of their 5.25% APY for high yield savings account. I was able to sign up but was never able to log in. I contacted their customer support team and they said a tech support will reach out to be in 3-5 business days. That was Sept. 4, 2023. Today is Sept. 18, 2023. I still haven’t heard back and I followed up 3x within the past 2 weeks. Nothing at all. Everytime I open the app the technical difficulty screen is still popping up. I’ve deleted the app and reinstalled it multiple times. Fortunately, I was able to find another bank that is offering even more APY, so I’m no longer waiting for Milli Bank to get back to me. But that was a part of my experience with Milli Bank. I’m giving them a two star instead of one because their customer support team was very responsive and patient with answering all my questions before the technical difficulty thing happened with their app. I’ve never heard of Milli Bank so I had a lot of questions, and their customer service made me feel that they will be there for their customers whenever needed. They’ve built trust. But…
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4 months ago, Pjt3
What good is an interest rate if they don’t give it to you?
Horrible experience so far with this company!!!! They will hold your money and not pay interest on it!! Over a week now and they “claim” they don’t have it when it’s already debited from the account I transferred it from!! They finally said I would have it in my account today but when I looked it still isn’t. It’s already passed their hold time but no change. I talked to multiple people including Sara who is supposed to be a manager. But she then lied to me about them not having my money, claimed was getting interest on it when I wasn't, refused to clear it when I have 100x the amount I transferred already in my acct, then said she was trying to help!!! WOW this lady needs to be fired When I said ok then credit my account with the interest that I was suppose to get, she refused!! Last week they then flagged my acct as fraudulent and refused to allow any activity (wouldn’t even let me withdraw my money. They wouldn’t say why they flagged my account, how long it would take to resolve, and they even locked me out of it so I couldn’t log in. CRAZY COMPANY and rotten to the core! I’m out of here!
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3 months ago, TylerKcornelius
Nice features, but they don’t inspire confidence.
The app seems simple and straightforward enough to use, but the way Milli operates just doesn’t inspire much confidence as a place to park large sums of money. This isn’t a deal breaker, but the “up to 5 business days” transfer time realistically means that your funds will not show up until 11:59pm on the 5th business day. I wish they’d just say that it will take 5 business days, but again not a dealbreaker. When I opened my account, the rate was advertised at 5.5%. Apparently they had already announced a rate drop to 4.75% to existing customers, but nobody felt the need to share that information with me as I was opening my account. My rate dropped before my first deposit had even cleared with no warning or communication at all. The in-app chat function is really clunky. I’m constantly typing and sending messages only to see that the second half of what I typed is cut off and just didn’t send. I’ll continue using Milli for now - I like the Jars feature, and 4.75% isn’t a bad rate by any means…but unless they make some changes to how they communicate and they fix the bugs with their app (which is the only way to access your account or the customer service chat so it’s pretty essential it functions well), I won’t have much hesitation withdrawing everything to a competing platform if I stumble across a good one.
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4 months ago, sick of shopping
I do not recommend this bank
Editing my previous review: Milli gave all users only 1 week notice that they would be dropping their APY from 5.5% to 4.75%. This is quite a jump, considering most people (like me) only joined for the high APY. I am closing my account with them. —- I signed up for this account because of the great rate - obviously! There isn’t really another reason to sign up. They deliver on the rate, and even have a daily interest tracker. It’s paid out monthly and compounds daily. They also automatically upgraded me to 5.5% APY which was a nice surprise. The most annoying thing I have run into so far is that it takes 10 business days for external transfers to go through - this is for money both into and out of the account. It’s easy enough to get around this by initiating transfers into the account through your own bank, but I did not know this the first time around and my 2k initial transfer was in the metaverse for a bit which stressed me out. When you sign up for Milli you automatically get a spending account and a debit card so I assume if you desperately needed access to your money quickly you could put it on the card and take out cash, but a 10 day wait for your own money is excessive. If you are looking for high consistent interest and to watch your savings grow, I would recommend this bank. If you want to easily move your money or to be liquid, this probably isn’t it for you.
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9 months ago, Martellus30
Game Changer
this is your sign to give it a chance, you might just be glad you did. the simplistic theme and convenient views, along with the ability to move money an unlimited number of times between all accounts and jars, for someone that is constantly making financial adjustments, has definitely served as a breath of fresh air. for once, i feel like an institution is more concerned with their actual product and what it Actually does for the consumer/client, as opposed to being concerned with a corporate image and the policies/fees that come along with it. thank you Milli, for truly being one of one. never change and you can continue to find an advocate in me. i am Genuinely looking forward to banking with your institution because i already know the future is bright.
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8 months ago, realmenloveR&B
Good but Could Use Better Access
I've been using Milli for a few months now and have not experienced others' problems with the application or account access. I successfully removed $1k from my account without problem and hope that larger withdrawals are also uneventful. I appreciate the interest rates and mobile interface, but the time to complete transfers initiated from the app are excessively long (10 business days) and there is currently no way to track account balances through 3rd party platforms (e.g., Mint). The former problem can be worked around by initiating all transfers from your external bank if the about can be found, which I initially could not through Bank of America. It would be great to be able to track the accounts on another platform and I really hope that feature is made available soon.
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6 months ago, stefp_18
I found out about Milli through some online research a few months ago and at the time they offered a 5.25% APY with their savings account and it has recently been upped to 5.50% APY. This is my first time leaving an app review but I had to let people know that Milli is legit and if you're keeping your money in a CD or savings account that isn't getting you at least 5.50% APY then download Milli and start taking advantage of their savings account! I also noticed there were many reviews of people having issues with the app but personally I haven't had a single issue. The app has a user-friendly interface and is easy to navigate, add money, make withdrawals, and transfer money between accounts.
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8 months ago, NE in CO
Where in the ether is my money???
Beware! I haven’t had any issues with the app crashing or not recognizing my face. But IT WILL take the FULL TEN BUSINESS DAYS (read: TWO FULL WEEKS) to see your money in your Milli account. I messaged customer service to ask why and of course “it’s for my protection.” Huh?? My money left my credit union bank the same day I requested the transfer from the Milli app but two full weeks later and it still has not posted. They also said it would be faster to initiate the transfer from my other bank and not via their app. Wow - lots of confidence lost with that one. I transfer funds between other banks frequently and have never had it take more than two business days, even when I had just opened my account. Zelle is faster. Venmo is faster. It doesn’t make any sense and I’m rethinking if this high interest rate is worth the hassle. I decided to try Milli because it’s owned by FNBO but so far I’m not happy with it.
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7 months ago, Mat-xx
Wish I read the reviews before I got this app
The app interface is great, the APR is great, but the customer support is bad enough to make it all count for nothing. There are real people at the other end of the support@ email address It doesn’t matter if you provide, but they appear to be entirely beholden to an AI customer filtering system that “ uses several determining factors, including, but not limited to, personal information discrepancies or an inability to validate identity.” It doesn’t matter if you can provide documentation or proof of your identity—if their computer system decides it can’t verify your identity with an just an email address, name, birthday and SSN then too bad, so sad. The baffling part is that I KNOW I AM ME lol it looks like I’m not the only one who has had this experience because the one star reviews outnumber the 5s. I guess I’ll add my voice to the chorus of people frustrated with this app-centric savings account and move on. *sigh*
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7 months ago, Sam M ONE
Great interest, great app!
I love my Milli app, it’s my best user experience between all 4 banks that I have accounts with. This is way better than my chase, Bank of America and Ally banking apps. My pocket loves the high interest rate, and it’s great that now there is an interest accrued widget that tells me exactly how much I have earned. The experience is very modern, intuitive and the couple times I have used chat for support has been very responsive and helpful. I highly recommend this app only bank. I would love to shorten the time it takes to transfer money from my Bank of America to mill as i lose 10 days of interest! But I know it’s probably out of Millie’s hands and more about compliance.
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6 months ago, michael123456894736
My friend put me onto this bank and it’s a GAME CHANGER. Best interest rate in the game with almost no drawbacks that you have with a CD (1-2 year no withdrawals). Money deposits post within 5 days, and withdrawing money takes about 5-10. Perfect for a teacher who gets paid 10 months on the year. I save part of each check in Milli where it grows interest, then pay myself in the summer time. It’s absolutely insane to me more folks haven’t caught on to this bank. 5.5% APY and there is NO requirements to make that number other than having a little money in the account. Unheard of. I’ve noticed some negative reviews complaining about transfer time for money and I find that to be a silly. 1) Would you rather have a slightly longer transit time for your cash - or have lower interest rates? 2) Would you rather have longer transit time for your money or have to have 10 debit transactions or spend x amount of money per month to get that rate? That’s what you get everywhere else. I’m all in on Milli and would recommend to my closest family members.
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8 months ago, Adam08764
Loving it.
I’ve been a customer for a while now and find this bank and the app to be welcoming, easy to work with and very intuitive. I get everything out of it I’d need in a local bank but online and at my finger tips resulting in better products for me and excellent customer service via the channel I want it. Great rate for my money and cool and intuitive features that help me spend, save and learn from my behaviors. I have not seen this type of UI/UX from other offerings. It is clean and slick yet backed with trust and security. Personally, I’ve been very impressed and look forward to the continued evolution of the product and mission. Job well done, Milli team.
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9 months ago, 70TammylM
I don’t recommend anyone ever open an account with this so called bank. I opened an account a few months ago and seemed ok at first. I connected milli account with direct deposit of my pay checks, but the very first deposit within minutes of my pay being deposited into the account they restricted it. They claim that there was what seems to be fraudulent activity in my account. You can’t talk to anyone , they won’t respond to my chat messages and ignore my emails. I’ve been emailing and sending chat messages almost every day with no luck. I’m still waiting for a resolution to this matter. I can’t access my money and it’s been almost 2 months and I’m still waiting. This has been one of the worst experiences of which has caused me high levels of stress , frustration and behind on bills due to not being able to access my money.
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6 months ago, BillyD PharmD
I have been using Milli for months now. I love how easy the app is. Love the jars and the customization that can be added to them like goals, date, pictures etc. they have off a high APR. their customer support team has been great. I have requested updates to certain things within the app. One was to add how much interest had been earned so far that month. Within a month or so that new feature was added. The only con I have found is that I can connect this account automatic through plaid and stuff, so i has to be linked manually to accounts. But otherwise I love it.
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6 months ago, Lasburb
Love the 5.5% return
I never give reviews however I feel this one deserves attention. My husband and I have been with traditional banks and we were always so disappointed about the meager interest we would earn. Now we are excited everyday to see how much we have earned in interest at Milli. We have a competition going now to see who can save and earn the most interest in our accounts. Silly but exciting. And although I don’t speak with live support they have always been able to help me and in a pretty timely manner. I am glad I stumbled across this bank!
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4 months ago, OmgTiredofTryingNicknameswtf
So Far Buggy
Downloaded this week and am running into app issues left and right. Hopefully they’ll get these things smoothed over asap. Got kicked out of the app while setting up, then kept getting an error when trying to connect my bank (I ended up going through my bank’s website), can’t scroll to see full page while creating a savings jar. Customer service has answered my emails promptly. Sticking around for the high APR, for now. I will give it time. If I needed frequent access to my money I probably would go elsewhere. But I’m looking to park long-term savings so hopefully once I jump through all the hoops I’ll be able to leave it be.
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5 months ago, Sheri loves God
Frustrating App Horrible Service
I tried to open an account through the app and after it asked me to verify and set my password through my email address the app just sticks on the page that says “signing in”and has my email address underneath it. There is no phone number to call anyone, and when I used the chat, the bot said it would get me to live agent. The agent didn’t introduce themselves, and I had to ask if I now speaking to an agent and their reply was “Can you just answer the questions.” I said I didn’t know if I was speaking to an agent because there was no introduction. The next thing the person typed was “My name is Kelly.” With her bad customer service and my first impression being that this app doesn’t work properly I don’t think I’ll proceed dealing with this bank.
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5 months ago, Leannawills
App crashes
I was very interested in opening an account with Milli due to the competitive interest rates, but when I downloaded the app and attempted to create an account, and the app kept crashing. I set up a user name and password, then when trying to enter my personal information it failed to give me a keyboard to enter my information, then crashed. I logged in again, and the keyboard appeared, but then the app crashed and closed on the very next screen. I tried to log in AGAIN, but this time I didn’t have a keyboard appear when I clicked into the on the log in screen, so had to close it out again. What faith can I have in this product if the app is so poor that I can’t even complete the process to set up the account? So disappointing.
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4 months ago, Henry Richhart
Disappointing Experience
Despite the other negative reviews left, I decided to try out Milli. Although I wish I’d have been able to create an account, after entering my information truly and accurately, it says they are “unable to approve my request for an account” due to various “requirements.” I had thought other people who experienced this were doing something sketchy. But I was legitimate in my application and was not submitting fake information. Thinking this must have been an error, I even reached out to support and received an opaque, cut-paste answer. I was again told, the requirements were “including but not limited to” identity verification. I don’t know how my identity couldn’t be verified using the information provided? I can’t help but feel a bit wrongly accused. In sum: feel free to try out Milli. Maybe you won’t get through the account creation process, maybe you will. If you don’t, support certainly won’t even look in to it for you—they side with the algorithms I guess. This is a review of the experience I had, and it was bad. Perhaps if you could create an account, it would be a good way to save.
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11 months ago, lcpichette
Crashes a lot
More than once a week I have to delete and reinstall this app because it just won’t open. Open clicking it, it quits itself. It continues to do this until I delete and reinstall. Ridiculous for an app to do this. Pros: - Aesthetic card and app design (subjective) - Lots of jars (savings accounts with goals) w/o fees and great savings rates - There doesn’t *seem* to be fines or limits to depositing/withdrawing from/to savings accounts. - Very new bank that seems ready to break through the noise… The pro here is potential. - Consistent, reliable push notifications. Cons: - Can’t change category of purchases, basically making the categories useless due to inaccuracies - Can’t make new categories or rules to associate recurring purchases to certain categories - Very few, generic, spending categories. A lot gets labeled under “shopping”. Gee, thanks. - Did I mention the outrageous amount of crashing? Can’t give it more than a 2 with its current condition. If: no crashing? A 4. If: highly-customizable categories? The best banking option there is.
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6 months ago, warriorsheart39
Zero Stars
This is by far the worst bank I have tried to get an account with. I was denied, which is cool, I can handle that. However, they will not tell you why you are denied and say the same thing to you every time. They tell you that they don’t check with the Chex system, or a credit check. But yet they won’t give you the requirements to see if you can meet them to get an account. That tells you it’s by random selection most likely. Actually, probably afraid of paying the high interest rate. Or even worse, perhaps they are selling our data. I mean I think that is what bothers me the most about it. They take my name, address, social security number, and then deny me and refuse to tell me why. That sounds like a scam to me. Be cautious I say.
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9 months ago, Belly peckerbutt
I really wanted a relationship with Milli but it wasn’t meant to be. I like the concept, a bare bones offshoot of the First National Bank of Omaha that resides solely online and through an app only. Couple that with just 2 accounts, savings and checking, and they found a way to offer the highest yield you can find. Here’s the problem-customer service. It just isn’t there. I would gladly take .5% less on the yield to be able to set up my account, but I cant. When it got hard for them I was ignored. Oh well, my search continues. Any recommendations out there? I got a pop up just as I was writing this from Milli so I continued setting up the account. At the end they said I didn’t qualify. What? They’re a joke. Avoid, avoid, avoid!
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7 months ago, Please fix- hayley
My favorite bank app
I’ve always been a little hesitant to try new finance or banking apps, but I’ve been very impressed with my experience with Milli. I’ve made way more money in interest with Milli than I would have at my other bank. I find the interface easy to use and I like the ability to create savings jars for individual saving goals. I don’t use the Spending account much, but it’s nice to have there if I want to use it. Overall, I would recommend this app.
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4 months ago, M.M.Banyai
Slow account opening, big reduction in rate
Customer service reached out to me for additional documents to open my high-yield savings account. I’d send them additional information and ask questions. It always took them 24 hours or more to respond to each correspondence, wasting valuable time to get my account open. By the time it was opened, I was notified within the week that the rate would drop from 5.5% to 4.75% at the beginning of the next month. A waste of time for me. Moving my money and business elsewhere. There’s much better accounts and customer experiences on the market than Milli.
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7 months ago, blondo88
Avoid this company like the plague
Slow, unreliable app that takes forever to load data every time you launch the app. Creepy tracking permissions that I’ve never seen any other banking app ask for. Terrible website with no way to interact with your account besides the slow mobile app. Every year they have bugs with new OS updates. And all owned by a bank (FNBO) that has a history of killing other services and has been fined for deceptive practices. These are just a few of the things you can look forward to if you sign up for Milli. Save yourself some headaches and look at Chime or Ally or any one of the 50 neobanks that already has a product like this but 10x better.
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3 months ago, robot1694727
Rugged, steep, unforgiving path this business of digital dough is.
Ease of access is for sure nice compared to a few other e banking apps I have tried so far, and features within the app do look very nice indeed, for someone using day to day virtual banking I’d have to suggest this be the one, secure, private, well laid out, lots of features** moving forward with my new business ventures and online learning experience, I’m likely going to keep my favorite things that matter most to me right here.
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7 months ago, DatgalSal
I love this bank
Great app, especially for saving money/ hitting financial goals! The only struggle for me is transferring money to my account since it always takes the 10 business day to be added to the account. It comes out of my other accounts right away but is pending for 10 business days on the Milli account. No problem with withdrawal or anything else - 1 business day or less/ instant and free withdrawal which is great.
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7 months ago, Bentcard
Great for individual accounts
I’ve been using Milli for over a year and there’s a lot to like. Savings rates are terrific and moving money around is very easy. I like the savings jars and the reports on how my money is spent. The one thing I wish it had was ability to open joint accounts. If it did, I would probably make this my main account with my spouse.
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10 months ago, Leczybboy
Account restriction
I recommended Milli to my friend and within hours of her opening an account, she linked account and transferred money into the milli and they restricted the account the next day, the money was pending for 7 days and available in the balance on the 7th day and the restriction is still there after the money was available, she texted them on the 4th day while the money was still pending that why the restriction on her account and they said they wanted to verify the linked account. So why the restriction is still there when the money has been available after 7 days.
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4 months ago, Awoboy
Very useless service
This is the worst ever service you can download on an App Store. My money has been sitting duck for 5 months in Milli because my account was restricted. Every time I reach out I would be told that it is under investigation. How long does it take to do that ? They have no physical number or address to reach them , most times you are answered by bots and when a consultant responds finally they tell you they have no further updates till their security team is done with their investigation. I would advice anyone with this app to delete it immediately as they are all crooks . I wish there was a 0 star rating as that is what I wanna give ..
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9 months ago, Mcgaha J
Terrible Customer Service
I put in money in my Milli account and got restricted for fraudulent activities. It’s been 3 months and no phone number to call . The number on the platform gives a different email to contact and the Automatic response in the chat app give a different email to contact too . This is bad unlike the regular banks where you can actually talk to someone and have your problem fixed or chat with a human and have your problem resolved . I do not think this bank should be in Existence. They lock peoples money away for long with no good information or even try to help . If I can give no Star I would.
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6 months ago, Nonamesleftman
Great rate and so far I’ve had no app issues
This is the first app review I’ve ever left and I’ve used iPhones for eight years, so I guess that says something. My experience has been great! Never had any login issues, the new daily interest rate counter is fun to look at every day, and the time transfer from chase to Milli or vice versa is only about 2-3 days. I hope this great experience keeps up!
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8 months ago, VTbones
they restrict your account
Opened a savings account in mid-September. Immediately deposited a large sum of money. A day later, they restricted my account for possible fraud. It’s now early November, and my account is still restricted, and I can’t get anyone from Milli to respond to me. I haven’t had access to my money for almost two months now. I lodged a complaint with the CFPB. Looking through other complaints, I wasn’t the only one. As for the app itself… it’s buggy. Asks you to choose a new PIN every time you login. Also allows you to set up face recognition, but then never uses it. Just does two-factor authentication.
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4 months ago, MS1223
Long transaction times and other issues
This app is advertised as easy banking, goal oriented and great interest rates. Well the interest rates are dropping significantly on savings with less than two week notice of change. SLOW transactions and transfers. It’s working on a snail mail model compared to other banks. This makes digital tracing set ups difficult to be accurate. This function is outdated. The app is asking for more information to add beneficiary than life insurance policies and if you don’t have it, it will not allow you to add. That’s ridiculous as it’s your money not the banks to hold hostage if you die. I’m not sure as it’s not delivering what was promised and when you go to help the bots make it hard to get to person. When you get to where it says a person is there, they don’t answer the questions or you. It’s a joke!
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7 months ago, rmsundee
Needs automatic/scheduled external transfers
I’ve been using Milli for the previous 6 months and it has met most of my needs. I’ve not encountered any issues. I like the ability to easily create accounts for specific goals/needs. What I don’t like: 1 - cannot see or edit the transfer dates into Jars. It’s mysterious for no reason. Per Milli support they took it away because it wasn’t used. I find this very strange and odd. You should be able to easily determine when a transfer into a Jar will occur. 2 - cannot setup automatic recurring transfers from external accounts. They promote set it and forget it, but no way to do that from an external account. Per Milli support 22 weeks ago, this feature is “coming soon”. 3 - cannot connect an external account via Plaid or other service.
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6 months ago, Tsurf1
Great rate! Great app!
I love Milli! And the new savings rate is the highest ever! Yes rates can go up and down but I like the Bank behind Milli First National Bank of Omaha. The app is great too! Latest update gives your expect interest you’ve earned before your statement. That’s great! There are other features I’m not using yet like ‘jars’ and their spending system but that’s fine. Recommend!
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5 months ago, stutew
I reviewed before and they have updated to show interest on a daily basis, so that’s good. But the app is still terrible!! Got a notification to update today- did so and now getting the “Sorry, we are experiencing some technical difficulties…” message. That was some update! Not able to pull my tax forms… Update: I was directed to the 1099 via a chat message but parts of the cite are down again. Definitely one of the worst apps I’ve ever seen
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7 months ago, Tailormadegirl32
App has promise but
I really don’t like the 10 days (workday’s) it takes for money to show up after transfer. I saw a lot of negative reviews AFTER I opened my account. So far so good but I am nervous that I may have issues if I try to withdraw my money as this was a common complaint from customers. I’m really hoping that the turn around for cash can be shorter. Some other companies have a 3 day turnaround.
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10 months ago, Young Summoner
Easy Yes, Safe?
Super easy to get an account going with them. Bank linkage is super simple and transfers take about 4 days. HYSA interest paid monthly and compounded daily just not sure if they issue bans or not as I’ve heard this before. Wouldn’t be good to lose access to a high yield account.. worth it if nothing bad happens to it
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8 months ago, Metalheart
Rejected without reason after providing personal info
Installed app, filled out and signed a number of forms. It asked for my employer, SSN, address etc. Generally uncomfortable with giving this information to just anyone, but figured this was a “bank” so they need it. After giving them all my personal info and submitting, I got a strange rejection: “you do not meet our requirements and we are unable to create your account.” No reason or explanation provided in any form. I feel like I just gave my personal info to some sort of fraudsters!
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8 months ago, Brandon OOOOOOO
Total SCAM
This app is complete trash. The lag times on deposit and withdraw far outweigh the value of the APR. They will also freeze your account for no reason. Then, they will not let you close your account. So they freeze your account so you can’t withdraw your money, and they wont let you close the account so you can get your money back. If you file a complaint and a request to close, they just say your account is being reviewed. This has been going on for week! AGAIN.. this is a SCAM! Take your money and run!
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6 months ago, NKNNE
Ease of use and great experience
A few things that I personally like is 1) Fast and easy to open an account 2) Funding the account is easy including linking external accounts 3) Ease of navigation through out the app and screens. Overall great customer experience .
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10 months ago, LooneyTycoonProductions
Everyone need to stop with the negativity
I have no problems with the app. They didn’t ask anymore than any other bank would have asked. They have there own safety measures and I respect that, I think everyone should relax and put some money in there to save.
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2 months ago, Kimberly💕
Super straightforward app. Absolutely no issues with it so far. I like that you can see the daily compounded interest right there on the home screen! And being able to customize your jars with pictures is cool too!
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4 months ago, janguar
Great interest rate, but app crashing and transfers take forever
I love the 5.5% but the app keeps crashing (I can’t check my balance at all today!), transfers take forevvvvver, and - like someone already mentioned - can’t track balances on Mint (idk about other 3rd party apps). I might pull my 5-figure savings to another bank offering same 5.5% if things don’t change soon.
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6 months ago, RB Phillips
Poor Customer Service!
After going through a full signup process which required personally identifiable info. (Pll) input, I received a canned email stating my application was denied with no specifics provided. I reached out to customer service via email (no phone # to call) for further explanation to resolve issue. I received an email stating they wouldn’t share why my application was denied or reconsider their decision. I feel like I’ve been fleeced as I provided them my PII and customer svc was not helpful nor did they care.
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7 months ago, UX-Dani
Negative funding experience
Any user trusting a cloud bank wants to see a notification and balance transfer pending message in their accounts. So a week after transferring my hefty opening balance, I’m seeing nothing and getting a circular message when I call customer service to use chat inside the app. And SPOILER: the app will not load properly and a screen takeover message says it’s having development problems… yet Milli is emailing me that a plastic debit card is on the way. This is not a positive start.
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2 months ago, Janes33
Nice look to it but the 5-10days to post funds is a deal breaker
This app uses Plaid for transactions outside of Milli which is notorious for taking too long to post funds. In today’s technology achievements, it should only take 1-2 days tops. Now with the reduction in yield from 5.5 to 4.75% APY, even though the Feds didn’t reduce rates and doesn’t seem to for a while, I’m presently looking to move my money elsewhere.
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9 months ago, tylerprice5499
This app is horrible DO NOT USE EVER
Been under investigation for 3 weeks for a transfer from an online sale on TCGplayer every time I use the app support chat it tells me they can’t provide me with updates that the fraud operation team will reach out to me through email they haven’t reached out but once to tell me my account was restricted haven’t heard back since to give me an update I just hope they don’t try to steal my money I’m furious once I get my money I will never use them for a bank again
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