Milliman Mobile Benefits

4.7 (1.8K)
76.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Milliman, Inc.
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Milliman Mobile Benefits

4.73 out of 5
1.8K Ratings
2 years ago, TheUbers
Looks just like the website
This app is sooo close to outstanding. It looks and operates just like the full-featured website…except an important feature is missing—the transaction history! Until that is added it’s just a balance checker. Can’t see dividends, fees or which specific funds got deposited too. Suggestion: the recent contribution NEEDS reformatted to a 3 column display. It is difficult to read the amounts per date in a single column format. Abbreviate source to “Roth”, “Match”, “Before Tax”
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10 months ago, StockGuru22
Easy to use App
I’ve never had any issues and the App is easy to navigate and provides me all of the data I need. Great job!
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3 months ago, MelissaMomma316
That feels clunky and minimalistic
Logging into the Milliman app is always frustrating. I’ve got the biometric option selected, however every time I try to login I have to do so manually. Very frustrating. Also, when I look at my retirement funds, it just shows the current balance. I don’t have the option to look at performance overtime. I have two investment companies, so I have the unique situation of comparing the two apps every time I go to check my investments. The Fidelity app always seems very sleek and full of information compared to Milliman. Unfortunately, for me, Milliman is the company my current employer uses, so I’m stuck. I wish Millman would spend some research and development on their app.
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2 years ago, Jolog
Blank screen
Why is it, it’s always a blank screen everytime i log in? I already updated my iphone 12 to the latest ios version, but still nothing. It’s been like this for a couple months now. When is people going to update and fix their app.
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12 months ago, TwitterTweet
Definitely could improve
It’s great that biometrics work now. But I can’t seem to start a withdrawal transaction on either app or web. There doesn’t seem to be many forms or documents when you hit the hyperlink “Documents + Forms”
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2 years ago, Hunter3296
Doesn’t work
Use to work until recent app update. Now the biometrics don’t work, passwords & security questions don’t work either. Customer service was no help. They didn’t call back like they said they would. No response from e-mail either.
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10 months ago, Mike27000
This app is by far the worst financial app I use. Always having issues. Login is unnecessarily annoying and doesn’t work more times than it does. Definitely would not recommend.
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2 years ago, gerbilsmuggler
Terrible App
Don’t waste your time with the app. Literally just signed up, used the exact login info, and it wouldn’t let me login, then locked my account. Use the browser, don’t frustrate yourself with this pitiful app,
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10 months ago, “ B “!!!
Have not been able to get on the sight since our company changed over even with your people on the phone
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8 months ago, Kayak angler
App stinks
Can ever get into my app and nobody at customer service seems to want to help. Wish my company used Fidelity instead. This company really needs to want to help the customer.
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1 year ago, Sssabe
Simply does not work in iPad. Stopped working in Mint over a year ago! Uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it still a Huge disappointment!
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2 years ago, Fedexo
App is now a link
App now just takes you to a website to login every time.
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6 months ago, We See Creepy People
If it worked
Several times Ive tried to get on app to not have to call for my amounts and it’s an absolute mess.
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8 months ago, quismar21
No money coming out
I signed up a while ago and no funds is coming out.
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9 months ago, Toby readymix
I have found it impossible to login, and get any help online or over phone . Absolute rubbish…
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8 months ago, usawagner
Worst of the worst.
This app is the worst app ever. I can’t understand how our union took this crap to take care of our money. I’m frustrated.
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10 months ago, The_D_9876
Breaks often
The app doesn’t accept biometrics often and resetting takes an act of Congress.
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2 years ago, JaredC55555
App won’t load or log in
App is garbage.
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5 years ago, Orbeq
20th century interface, unreliable functionality
This app is a major disappointment. My credit union’s app used to have a similarly clunky and outdated UI, and I thought they’d never update it. However it was updated several years ago and is now sleek, modern, and reliable. Not so Milliman’s app. It provides the minimal amount of information in an unattractive UI. The worst part is the app’s unreliability. I am unable to log in about 75% of the time. The app either continues to load without resolution, or gets frozen on the login screen. Take a peek at Fidelity’s app. They’ve obviously put some thought and resources into their UI & UX.
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2 years ago, Bigskyiron
Blank screen
Every time I log in it just goes to a blank screen. I’ve updated everything and still nothing. Can this get fixed?
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2 years ago, kz536
Terrible App. Zero effort from creators of this app
In the past 10 years of owning an iPhone this is the first time giving a review in the App Store because of how terrible this app is. I noticed this issue earlier in the year and didn’t think anything of it. “Maybe the team will get it fixed in a week or two from now..” I thought. But no. It’s been months with this blank screen issue. Are you kidding?! Is it really that hard to fix? And even when the app did work the UI was ancient. To say you guys are 15 years behind your competitors is an laughable. I don’t think any company considers you as competition with the way you guys are dealing with this simple issue. You guys obviously know what the issue is. There are countless individuals complaining about said issue and you guys aren’t doing anything… why?
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5 years ago, unhappy1000000
Can’t log in
I have had nothing but trouble with this app. I will be talking to my company to see if there is another administrator we can go through every time I try to get on it tells me it is not the right password and I wrote it down and trying to get on the app always requires me to call and on the weekends you have to wait. I am very tired of having to spend hours to see where I stand on my 401 k I will see if it is an option to put my money into a different savings and not have to use this company. Very poor service
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5 years ago, Tim44miT
Great app
Quite a few reviews said they had trouble logging in with the app not saving info or with using Touch or Face ID. Just want to say I haven’t had an issue on my iPhone or iPad since installing the app a few weeks ago. Working like a charm!
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12 years ago, aloe-scotch
Solid way to view plan information
Could benefit from the use of retina graphics.
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4 years ago, Muéro
Password doesn’t work
The app is supposed to have the same login credentials as the website, but it doesn’t work right. Every time I sign in with the app, it tells my my password is wrong and have to reset it and create a new one. Then, if I try to sign in with the website, it tells me my password is wrong and I have to reset it and create a new one. My login credentials will work on the website OR the app, but never both. Milliman has bad programmers.
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4 years ago, jer0miah
No support
I can’t log in using the app. It says account is locked however I can log in using my safari browser just fine. I’m disappointed at the lack of support to help me with this issue. The person I called couldn’t help and went as far as to tell me that it’s an Apple problem. No it’s not! After a while they told me that they would have to escalate it up.
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6 years ago, littleHinka
Get with the times!
I use several investment apps simply to log in and check accounts every week. I dread having to use this App mostly because of the log in process. It's even worse since they implemented two step verification for which the "remember this device" feature doesn't work. Do us all a favor and get with the times using some of that money you're making off of us.
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6 years ago, poor service 401k
Waste of time!
This app does not work on iPhones. I contacted Milliman, by phone, to find why I could not login using the app or to their website. The first person I spoke to was completely useless and did not offer any assistance. I called back and with luck I spoke to someone that cared. He informed me that the Milliman app has not been updated, so there you go! He also informed me that you can only login to the their site by using Google only!
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2 years ago, us alpha player
Blank screen
Like everyone else in the reviews, I’m also only getting a blank screen after log in. Looks like this problem has been persistent and common for a long while now. Needs fixed asap. And don’t ask me to contact support. You’re well aware of this issue at this point.
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6 years ago, Rjacksxu
Horrible App
It’s literally just like the mobile site, it never remembers my device (even though I asked it to like 50 times). Slow and lacks functionality! I hope that they’re reading these reviews and plan on implementing changes. Update: They claim the issue was resolved, still horrible app! I wish my company would switch benefit providers.
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12 years ago, Ryan Creswell
Great for on the go. Would be better if there were graphic charts.
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2 years ago, CampingRocks91
Happy to see recent improvements with White Screen issue
Thank you for addressing the white screen problem. I can now use my finger print to sign into the app.
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2 years ago, reddog sir
Blank screen
Wish I could give this app a 0! I keep getting a blank screen. I have iPhone 11 with all updates. If I delete app then download again it works for just that day. Worked fine until about 2 months ago. Nothing but issues since!
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2 years ago, CBS crashes please fix
App not working - White screen
Just see a white screen after logging in. Has been like this for several days. No errors just a white screen! End of the month and year and customers cannot review balances. Hope they get it fixed soon!
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3 years ago, Tilly-illy
Keeps making me set new password
Every time I log into the app it takes me to a page that wants me to enter a new password every single time! why do I have to keep setting a new password every time I log into the app? I can’t do anything else unless I set a new password
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3 years ago, nothappywithPP
Far below the competition
I know Milliman as a global company with great expertise in Actuarial and consulting services. How is it possible that your app is so sub-par? It needs a complete reboot. Seriously put together a focus group of consumers and do some market research, you’re about 10 years behind your competition.
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6 years ago, Casey in Dallas
Outdated, serves no purpose
The app is basically just the mobile website; it’s existence really isn’t justified in its current state. No support for Touch ID or Face ID, not updated for iPhone X, etc. In fact, you don’t even have the option to save your user name or password! So, you’re forced to enter your credentials every time.
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4 years ago, Some rad guy
Keeps forgetting my info
Every couple of months the app won’t let me log in. I manually put in my info and it either tells me I don’t exist in the system or I am locked out. I have to call and have them delete my online account and redo everything. It’s beyond annoying
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2 years ago, Ben Worley
App shows blank screen when I try to log in
What’s the point of having an app if it won’t even load anything? I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app, made sure my iOS was updated, etc. with no success.
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3 years ago, taylorlube
Touch ID works maybe 10% of the time
Touch ID and Face ID will work for about a month then it doesn’t even come up. You have to login in and re click Touch ID login and works for about a month. Just repeat. Come on people.
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5 years ago, NJMama2
Can I give it less than 1 star?
App is terrible. There’s always some quirk that keeps me from getting to my account info. On the rare occasion I successfully log in, the user experience is lacking. I have to relearn how to access my info. Always end up realizing I gotta get my $ out of Milliman.
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5 years ago, 2Peter1:16
Thank you for enabling fingerprint login, makes it so much easier to check my account!
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2 years ago, gman2k19
White Screen. Please Fix!
Like everyone, all I get is just a white screen. Have to uninstall and reinstall if to get this app to work. You’ll have to do this each time you need to use the app. This app needs to be fixed!
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3 years ago, Sonny44897
Wished it had full access
Very slow and Wished it had full access!
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2 years ago, Client9
Always Get a Blank Screen
For the last several weeks I can only use the app once, and then I have to delete it and reinstall it to check values at a later date.
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2 years ago, Mbarnes121212
Garbage app
This app is so inconsistent and unreliable to makes me want to have nothing to do with Milliman. So frustrating. Half the time I log in it’s just a blank white screen with out an option to do or see anything.
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3 years ago, Matterman_
Blank screen after update
Every time I log in now it just shows a blank screen. I can’t do anything.
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2 years ago, smankin
Hasn’t been functional the last few months
Using the app brings you to a blank screen. I have to use the website to see my account.
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2 years ago, Charlie77479
Get worse and worse
This is company 401K used and have to use. Lately found there are just blind pages after log in. Just blind. If I have choice, not my selection
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2 years ago, ahstone
Ditto other comments
Probably yields only a blank screen about half the time. An app this bad does not inspire confidence in the underlying company. We’ll be rolling over to another company as soon as we can.
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