Millionaire Trivia: TV Game

4.5 (49.1K)
253.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Uken Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Millionaire Trivia: TV Game

4.55 out of 5
49.1K Ratings
5 years ago, I Wants To Be A Millionaire
Love it!!
This is my favorite solo game app! Feels like authentic game show, including the graphics, the tense music, and the humorous wrong answers on the lower money questions. I like that there’s a limit to how many games i can play before running low on coins or lifelines or filling my mystery box slots and having to wait a few hours or another day. It keeps me from bingeing! I think the game strikes a really nice balance in the speed at which we progress through levels, collect experts and upgrades, &c. Also i like how the 4-hour mystery boxes gradually increase in the number of coins they award. I was stuck in the first city for a while, but now that i’m playing higher cities i’m also receiving more coins to afford them. No complaints! I did find it ironic once that William Shakespeare didn’t know an answer about his own work, but that struck me as amusing (i realize those are somewhat randomly distributed) rather than annoying. Finally i love the structure of the game, and always having that next goal to play toward. Thanks!!
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5 years ago, JTMoC19
Fun game
I really enjoy playing this game. It’s a fun game for the most part but there are a couple key issues that prevent me from giving a higher review. The first is how when you tie an opponent for the million dollar box...I get half of the prize. I think that if I answer all the questions right I should get the full million dollar prize and so should my opponent. It doesn’t make sense for both people to answer all questions correctly and not get the full prize. Second, I don’t like how the advancement process works. I have to finish in the top ten to get to the next level (silver I, II, III, etc.) okay so I get that. What I don’t like is how if I don’t finish in the top 70 I get demoted to the level I was previously on. It doesn’t make sense. Basically, I am getting penalized for either not having the time to play the game as much as other people do or I don’t spend enough money (I spend zero money on this game) to stay competitive with the players who either play all hours of the day or who spend actual money to advance in the game. I think if you don’t advance to the next tier, that you should just stay where you are and not get demoted. That is ridiculous. Third, I’m not a fan of how unreliable the common lifeline can be. How does an automated audience get a question wrong? Again, it doesn’t make sense. Like I said, I do like playing this game but the things listed above make it an okay game but not an amazing game.
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3 years ago, HPasrevuew
2 main issues
1. Free ads are never available so you can never redeem the pittance that is the free rewards in the reward cinema section. Literally the ads are never available so that’s annoying and a whole component of the game you can’t use. 2. Even more annoying sometimes you lose even if you win. What I mean is for example it cost $500 to enter the competition but if your opponent loses before you make $500 you’re still losing because you’re only guaranteed to make as far as they reached unless you win it all (unreasonable). So if you beat your opponent at the $300 you “win” the round but you’re still out $200 cause it cost you $500 to get in. If you “win” you should at least break even. Stupid. There are only a few ways around this- one is a flag which they give you 5 at the start except NEVER tell you how to use it or what it’s for which caused me to lose them using them trying to figure out what they do (hold your spot after you’ve beat an opponent and passed their question rank). The only other way is to win every single round til you get to the million dollars. That’s it. If you answer 10 more questions after beating your opponent but don’t make it to the million you’ll be rewarded for none of it. If you beat your opponent and make it to the silver box you get silver box rewards but you still don’t get the M coins for all the questions you answered to get there. Very dumb. 🥴
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4 years ago, Mikeyv49
Was great
I used to really loved this game until they changed the ask the expert lifeline. I went from having 45 experts to only being able to use 1 every now and then. Are you kidding?? Before you had a chance of making it to the million dollar question, now without the experts good luck getting to even a mid level question. Everyone is losing on the first 5-10 questions. Now it’s almost impossible to advance in levels and you blow through your coins so quickly. I think the change was another move to force players to buy coins, and like so many other formerly great apps, they went the micro transactions route to chase the dollar and force players to spend money. Now I don’t play nearly as much as I used to which means I never move up and can’t win any of the goal related experts, but also, what’s the point of collecting experts at all? If you can only use 1 or two whenever you get an expert lifeline token, you never need more than 10 since they refresh every 8 hours. The developers just destroyed their own game model. I used to play when there was a chance of maybe winning, and also to collect experts and advance levels. Now all those reasons are pointless since you can’t win, collecting experts is useless since you can never use them, and it takes forever to advance since you lose before you get to higher point questions. Nice job guys.
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4 years ago, Tommy Fresh
Shameless Cash Grab
This app is beyond frustrating. You're forced to sit through an ad after every single match. I'm fine with free to play apps selling things that let you progress faster, but not things that give paying players an unfair advantage (this app is the latter). The 1v1 style would be interesting, but players who spend money have a huge advantage. It's essentially impossible to unlock the better experts without paying real money, and those experts basically just give you the answer when you use the "Ask an Expert" lifeline (and there are no limits to the number of lifelines you can use, so paying players have way more of them and can use them to get the answer to almost any question they don't know). I don't know who comes up with the questions, but it's clear they have a very strong pro-Christian bias. About every 30th question is an extremely obscure question about Christian theology (I went to church and Sunday school until I was 18 and still don't know the answers to hardly any of these). Yet in all my time playing, I have come across 0 questions about Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, or any other modern religions. This could be a great trivia app if it didn't have ads or give paying players a hugely unfair advantage. If you're looking for a trivia app that won't drive you insane, look elsewhere.
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5 years ago, Manda Lynne 13
Disappointed in payout ratio
When I saw this game was super excited download it, but I am disappointed that I get 15 to 20 minutes of gameplay a day. Even with the mystery box that you can collect every three hours it is not pay out nearly enough to be able to enjoy this game too it’s fullest capability. UNLESS you spend money. I understand the logistics of the game. Its not worth playing when spend 1000 to 2000 on just ONE GAME and only receive half of that (at best) back for winning the match. I literally wait three hours to be able to play one to maybe two games and within 10 minutes if I just so happen to lose I have to wait another three hours just to play another 10 minutes. I know I can avoid that by spending money but with a game plan as it is it’s not worth me spending the two dollars to get 5000 coins so I can play for another 20 minutes that day. I personally wouldn’t advise this game to anybody unless the payout ratio is a little bit better. This game is starting to feel like a waste of space in my storage because I i’m not able to play it long enough to enjoy it before I run out of coins. But it is a great game and the user interface is very nice and the graphics are great and has lotta potential just for poor people like me it’s not worth keeping it on the phone or tablet.
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6 years ago, Isle1313
Thoughts on a Great game
I think this is a great game. It is challenging and fun. I wish a couple things were different however. First and biggest issue is that you CANNOT progress up the ladder without the help from lifeline cards, the 50:50 and the Ask the Audience as well as Ask the Experts. The expert cards are great and the game provides enough of them with the mystery boxes. However the lifeline cards are not provided as plentifully as you need them. You have to purchase them with gems. Gems are expensive to purchase. It would be nice if the developers who, I understand need purchases to keep the game going, reduced the cost of the gems which you absolutely have to have in order to progress up the ladder. The other thing is that if you beat your opponent going up the ladder and run out of lifelines, if you try answering your last question and miss it you drop down the ladder to wherever you beat your opponent. Annoying to have to choose not to answer the question and can walk away which you can do and get what you won on the previous rung. There are a couple other things but cost of the gems is really my biggest issue with what is otherwise a really great game.
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5 years ago, Lowryders
Canned Response!
You tell me to contact you in my app - sorry, no can do because I deleted it! Address my issue here regarding the different orders of magnitude to play (thousands) and receive rewards to continue playing (hundreds) and I might get the app again. Ridiculous in so many ways! Every time I played I would run out of coins to allow me to play, because it’s 1000, 2000 or 4000 (thousands) coins to play and the rewards are all 100, 200, 500, etc. ( y’all see the problem here?!). Lifelines are available to obtain for coins, but see above, because after you spend 1,000s to play you won’t have anything left to get them. Bottom line, every time I played I’d run out of enough coins to play another game or obtain lifelines, and opportunities to get more coins free are rigged to fail (the “loading” circle of death, then a message, “that ad isn’t available right now) forcing you to either pay money to get more, or quit playing for the day (yeah, OK, four hours, but I’m not going to sit there and watch the clock so I can play Millionaire again) and wait for more ads to get more, which are unreliable - in an obvious design to get you to “pay to play”. Here’s a solution to the whole problem - make the “cost” to play and the rewards the same level of magnitude - thousands OR hundreds, not thousands AND hundreds, respectively!!!
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6 years ago, Arkadio37
Good but Needs improvement
Fun and good game, however there a few things that are not too cool. My biggest problem with this game is that you play against another person and you will get a bronze chest if you beat the other, which yay, but if you do beat them and keep going and get a question wrong well after your opponent is out you will only get the amount of money that you beat them at, this happened to me every time I did better than my opponent. What is the point of being better than someone if you can only make as much as the loser. 2nd problem is that you most definitely have to pay to play, you can play like 3/4 times a day without spending any real money, and they games cost 1k+ just to play one game. I know that most games now you have to pay to have extra chances and stuff in general, but for this you can hardly play at all without playing. There are other things that bother me about this game, and I’ve only had it for two days now, but these two things are my biggest complaints. I think that game is fun and good, but for me personally, if these two things aren’t fixed I will not be able to play this game and would not advise others as well.
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2 years ago, jackbugs
Good game but…
I have been playing this game literally for years, and it’s generally a good and challenging general knowledge game, but there are a few aspects of it that I’ve found very frustrating. First, although the questions are generally well-written and challenging, with a huge data base which makes them rarely repeat, there are too many UK-based questions that are too tough for this American. (I imagine some UK players feel the same about the US-based questions.) But my main critique of this game is how competitive it has become and how hard it is to advance beyond the middle levels. I have tried for many months to advance and stay above the Silver II level, but unless I play every waking hour of my day or spend a lot of real money on game premiums, it seems I will never get there. And I’m no dummy because I am actually a former contestant on the TV show. Therefore I’ve finally decided to uninstall the game. So good luck if you download this - you’ll find it fun and challenging for a while, but don’t expect to advance very far up the player ladder unless you’re willing to play almost 24/7 or invest a lot of your own money in it.
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4 years ago, beebo2
Where are My Experts when I need them
I invested a lot of time playing this game in order to collect more experts until I got 68 of them. Now this new change limited the use of my experts when I need them and the only way to do them is to pay using the hard collected jewels. You even made it more difficult to earn jewels by raising the objective limits for goals to levels that are impossible to achieve. All this is geared to force players to pay money to buy more jewels. Guess what you greedy developers, this backfired big time and I am one of many that are quitting this game for good. I invested one year playing this to collect the experts and you just made them useless to get this many experts. And don’t tell me to reach out to you through the app using the contact button because you already know my opinion from here. Aren’t you one of the developers then you can easily relay this message to the rest :-( Update: I gave it some time so that they revert the experts usage to what it used to be, but they are refusing to listen to the many complaints that they have received about it. What a bunch of greedy people. I’m sure it will back fire in your face as you deserve. I’m deleting this app now as I don’t see these greedy developers listening to anybody :-(
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4 years ago, Kimberley3443
Please End Demotions!
I thoroughly enjoy playing this game. I’ve only recently started actively trying to climb higher in the standings and levels. This takes a commitment of time and money. I’ve given both. I did not know all the rules. So, after working very hard to get to my next level, I was shocked to be demoted shortly thereafter, apparently for not maintaining a certain standing. This made me upset and angry, to the point that I almost quit playing. And when I look at the totals of those rated in the top 10, I wonder, do these people play 24 hours a day? Do they spend exorbitant amounts of money? Do they cheat? I am not willing to do any of those things. So, PLEASE, leave my level alone, since I worked hard to achieve that but will likely not be able to maintain my position. I realize that in the grand scheme of life, this is just a meaningless game. I play because it’s fun and keeps my brain active, especially during this quarantine craziness. I ask that you appreciate the effort players put in and respect that, by eliminating demotions. If not, I will take my money and effort elsewhere.
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4 years ago, ThankYouForThe Game
Let me begin by saying this is not a perfect game. On occasion the answer is wrong. Sometimes the questions are poorly phrased, missing words or misspelled. On occasion it has frozen up and not given me what I earned but the negatives are outweighed by the positives. First and foremost, it can be a free game. It has been for me. Close second is the fact that you are in control of your success or failure. The answers are factual not a computer generated spin. Close third and why I like this game is because it sharpens my memory and teaches me things I don’t know. SOME PLAYING TIPS: The game wants the “best” answer, not a perfect answer. This is an English language version so expect expressions and questions about all English speaking countries. if you are going to guess, go with your first choice. Your gut feeling is often due to information you absorbed at one time. Pay attention to the answer when you are wrong. This is how you learn and the questions will eventually repeat themselves if you play long enough.
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3 years ago, Sam Penman
Very good
I have been playing this game for a couple years and it is still excellent. However, there is one thing I would like to know and can't seem to find any answer... am I playing against live players in real time? Because, if I leave in the middle of a game and, maybe an hour, later come back to it I am still playing the same person. And as I assume the other person hasn't waited I assume the gameplay cannot be with a live person in real time. Also, I never have to wait for the other player to answer, no matter how fast I answer the question. Anyway, this doesn't spoil the game, but I think it would make it better knowing you were playing with someone else in real time and not just a recorded game.
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4 years ago, Packman55
Great fun, but frustrating for non-Europeans
Update: I see what others are saying about this game being rigged as are most game apps that have in-app purchases. Once you are out of lifelines and especially low on diamonds (which are needed to unlock the boxes you win that are full of goodies such as coins and lifelines) you will get many “oddball” questions. These are usually questions people in a specific profession or hobby would know, but most other people would not. You will keep losing coins and become stuck to wait many hours for one box to unlock or buy diamonds and coins. I have played this for about a month now and although it is fun and challenging, I would say about two-thirds of the questions are written by individuals from the UK or other parts of Europe. This gets especially frustrating when old sayings are brought up or slang terms are asked for. The lions share of sports questions are about soccer so be careful when answering questions about football - most of the time it is not American football. Is there an American version of this?
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6 years ago, Alto2gal
Fun new twist on a classic game
I have loved watching this game on TV since it came out. I’ve also played other versions of Millionaire. But this one has you playing against an opponent. It makes it extra exciting. So far I’m loving it. After playing this game for a week here is my updated review: the game still is fun, but it is losing its luster. Each time you get a certain number of wins you get put in a higher league. The only problem with this is when I have tried to play a game they have the matching me with people in a much higher league than I am. There is no way I could beat these people. And I don’t mean just a mild discrepancy I am in the second lowest league and they are matching me up consistently with those in the highest league. The developers need to make sure that the people that challenge each other are close to being in the same league, Otherwise it is really not a fair match. If this does not change I will delete this game because it is highly unfair and would force you to spend an in ordinate amount of money which I don’t have.
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5 years ago, RollTheDab10
Really good game but
I really do enjoy this game a lot and I play this game a lot every single day, especially with the opponent making it even funnier to play. I just don’t like the ads they are becoming every annoying, For example every question I get wrong or move to the next stage there is always an ad. The coins are also annoying to having to pay coins to play compared to the other versions where you don’t, it just seems a little less fun. Also can you make the questions a little tougher to play some of them are pretty basic even for a third grader to know. I know I won’t know them but I like the challenge and love to learn, compared to getting the money. Just little tweaks would make the game better. One other thing can you limit the amount of help given to 50 to 50 and the audience just seems boring with all the options given. Making the two options makes the game harder and interesting.
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3 years ago, Steve MonsterFace
Usually fun but glitchy
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been unable to cash in on box I’ve earned because of a glitch. For example, I just finished the race to riches thing and instead of being able to open the silver box and get the new expert, it froze and I had to restart the game and lost both. It happened again once I got to the 230 mark to earn another silver box. It froze and I got nothing. This has happened a lot of times. I also think it’s kind of crap that if you tie, you only get half, even on the million dollar question. I also dislike the demotions of the levels. I may not have time to play one week so I get demoted? Garbage. Also, the rare and epic characters are impossible to earn. I’ve been playing a lot for almost 2 years and there are still experts on the first and second levels I haven’t unlocked because I haven’t gotten their cards randomly. Give more diamonds and more epic cards, you cheapies... I’m irritated. I’ve spent too much time and actual money on this game. Improve it. I’m bored.
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6 years ago, Love the game, but frustrated
Not impressed
The game could be much more satisfying if it actually worked likectgextv version. The difficulty of the questions is in no way equal to the increase in prize money. First questions are often more of a 100,000 question and the million? Is usually a simple question. Experts with 3 stars in a category get a question wrong or don’t know the answer 75% of the time. Similar with ask the audience. If you are fortunate to make it through the million dollar question it says you are a millionaire but you only get double what you paid in coins to play. I’ve seen multiple questions that there is no correct answer listed. It says a correct one but I know none of the listed answers are correct. This game could easily be 5 stars but has many flaws. Fix them and I will upgrade my review. Just today the question was in the human body what is the hamstring. That is a muscle. However the game said that was wrong and gave tendon as the correct answer. I lost because of tgat. This game is quite flawed.
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3 years ago, margaritaveale
Learn something new, some glitches
I started playing 1.5 years ago and made it super far in terms of levels and then on day it wouldn’t load and kept freezing no matter what I did. I contacted customer service and they were zero help whatsoever. Just an endless loop. I had to start completely from scratch which was lame. All my gems!!! 💔 Maybe twice in my time playing I’ve noticed a question is inaccurate but for the most part it’s good information. I don’t mind that some of the questions are completely random or difficult - I often end up looking up things I’ve never heard of and learn something new! It’s a game after all! The whole money thing is completely arbitrary…the prize money doesn’t even match the money ladder and there’s very little the money can actually do. Gems are what it’s all about, and starting out you’re pretty much starved for gems until you get a little nest egg going lol. My last comment is about the new speedy version - frustrating you can’t use milestone markers…what’s the point??? There should be an option or arrow just to go to the next question instead of back to the money ladder for those who want to play rapidly, but sometimes you need to pause or use a milestone maker. Fun game, always keeps me interested!
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3 years ago, Zooz81
Prepare to take snapshots
I used to really love this game, but then I started to notice a few bugs that I find extremely annoying. Any time an expert is awarded outside of a box it’s never awarded. I emailed the support desk and their answer?? Take a snapshot. If there’s no proof they have no way to verify it, the answer you get is “there’s no discrepancy” even when you provide them of the time the error occurred and which expert it was. That is very frustrating especially when it looks like you leveled up on an expert only to find out you didn’t? Another issue is it’s impossible to get rare not bother wasting your gems on buying or upgrading to platinum or gold boxes. Just wait and hope you get them in one of the boxes you open. It would also be nice if they add more levels and achievements to make it interesting. After a while it gets a little boring because you aren’t gaining anything besides killing some time.
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4 years ago, mlrn98
Making game more fun.
I Have enjoyed playing this game for a while now. There are minimal problems. When I’m trying to watch ads for diamonds etc once I get to the point where I’ve earned the diamonds it freezes and not only does not give me the diamonds I am locked out until the next day. Sometimes the game itself freezes and I can’t win. It gets very frustrating. I always feel “behind the eight ball”. Never can get ahead. There should also be a way to correct a mistake. For example wanting to use change question and it wrong icon the one beside it goes into function instead. It would be better if in some way you could void that accidental choice. All in all this game is challenging and fun. Maybe doing a coupon game day once a month that you can earn etc. I thank you for your time .
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5 years ago, Dragons in the House
Great game overall
I love this game overall as I love trivia and learning new things. Really the only thing I dislike is that if you and your opponent both win the million you have to split it. You can’t control how your opponent does so there is no way to make sure you win and they lose. In my current highest city if you both win you each get $250,000 and if you both go out on the final question you each get $225,000 so you do basically as well both losing as both winning. If you got the full amount for winning regardless of if you opponent got the final question right or not it would make it more fun and might make it easier to advance leagues. That being said I truly enjoy this game and this one issue certainly isn’t enough to make me want to stop playing, I’m just mentioning it in hope that the developers may respond and explain why it is this way.
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4 years ago, Bill0103
Not perfect but as good as you can expect
Let me start with the fact that I hate the whole pay to play and pay to win schemes. Since all the best mobile games are set up this way now it’s unavoidable however I never spend money to buy I game items. I’ll pay to remove ads if I like the game enough. If you like the TV show you’ll like this game no doubt about it. I took one star off for the couple things I would change. Why do I have to wait 3 or 8 hours to open a box once I’ve won it? I won it why don’t I get to open it right then and there other than they want to try to get me to pay to open it? And why can I only keep 4 unopened boxes? My only other complaint is during the actual Millionaire game the only fall back spot is when you beat your opponent and win the bronze box meaning that’s the minimum you would walk away with if you get a question wrong after that point. When you wen the Silver box that should lock that point as a minimum if you get a successive question wrong. The original show had 2 or 3 tiers that you’d be lock in if you made it that far. One minor issue I had was when my expert William Shakespeare did not know the answer to a William Shakespeare question!! What is up with that? lol
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5 years ago, Celia703
Needs more questions
I enjoy the game but it would definitely be more of a challenge with a much larger supply of questions. I haven't even been playing a month and the questions are already repeating. I remember the answers to some of them that I didn't know the first time around, and if I took the trouble to write them down I'd hardly ever need a lifeline or an expert. Updating after another month. I've learned some new facts, which is fun. Who would have guessed there was such a thing as an enigmatic porcupine? Questions repeat a lot, and with the help of available experts I rarely miss an answer. As a result, I currently have four gold boxes waiting to open, and I don't get much actual game time without (a)buying gems for real money, which I won't do, or (b)declining new boxes and just playing for coins and points, which is the best option for me.
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6 years ago, Kellbelle9828
Ability to play is slow
I really like the game however I’m only a bronze level player and I’m already getting duplicate questions quite a bit. But my worst complaint is having to wait for the winning boxes to open. So slow!!!! if you get a silver box, you have to wait eight hours to get any more lifelines her other things or pay diamonds ($$$) to open them sooner. So wait?!? you are charging me diamonds (have to buy those$$) to open my reward for winning????? Wow, what a way to reward me!! I play other games that have figured out a way to give players lots of options and tokens to play regularly and when you want that extra turn, you are willing to pay up $$. The game developers for Millionaire have missed this completely. Very sad. Give away stuff, rewards should be usable immediately...then you will get your players hooked on the game. Those people are your profit base! Improve and we will be forking over the $$. Don’t and we will get bored and leave.
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6 years ago, CoachTimDCVIII
Disappointed with ads
Played a rd and then was forced to watch an ad showing a woman walking in to find (presumably) her significant other cheating on her. Then the ad shows an option for the user to leave the room or join them. Out of curiosity, I check the age rating for WWTBAM and it’s rated 4+. If you’re going to force ads in this game, please do a better job screening them to ensure they are appropriate for your audience or at least increase the age rating. I don’t believe this ad in particular is appropriate for your younger players; nor, as a parent, do I want to explain such an add to my young children. Game play is fine but number of coins from boxes is incredibly weak. I didn’t play much for a week just so I could build up coins from mystery boxes in order to be able to sit down and play a few rounds without the worry of running out of coins. An option to pay a couple $ to remove ads would be great.
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6 years ago, Annstarrr23
Have to $$ to play
You can really only play up to four games in one sitting without paying $. The only reward for winning a game is a box which gives you coins/supplies to play again. But you can only have a maximum of four boxes at any given time. And each box takes hours to open, and only one can be counting down at once - unless you pay money to buy gems. And yes, the game gives you gems but not at a rate which would allow you to consistently open all the boxes you get. And the higher your score in the game, the better the box & the longer it takes to open. So if you’re waiting on a gold box - you’ll be waiting until tomorrow. And if your box slots are full, you get no reward even if you’ve paid coins to play a level & won the Millionaire question. Basically, unless the game changes & boxes open more quickly, this is a game you can only play a handful of times without $.
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6 years ago, Sgsecret
Game works but needs tweaks
In general i think the game is decent. The questions seem easier against the computer or single player, but much more difficult against humans. However I dont think life lines are fair, especially when playing real people. How is it fair that I currently have 10+ life lines available and i can continuously use them every question. So i can literally defeat my opponent, who may be much smarter than me with just life lines. I should only be able to use each life line once per game, but thats not the case. Also where is challenging of friends for game center? Is this available for facebook, or just not at all? I dont have facebook. I want to be able to play my friend directly but it doesnt seem like I can. Finally, why are the entrance fees so much for each city? The first city requires 1,000 coins to play. Yet, its extremely difficult to make that money back. For example, it takes nearly 10 correct answers to get ur coins back. Which is difficult in multiplayer. So i find myself playing 1-2 games a day only because the free boxes are giving me coins. And im winning most of my games! This is probably the most critical point of my review. The cities’ entrance fees need to be slashed in half. Id like to play a lot more but im literally prevented from playing because the games require so much coin. Im willing to change my rating if these things can be addressed.
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2 years ago, Rmc1988
The Best Game
I love this game. However, over a year ago, the developers began to allow people to skip questions they got wrong. Therefore, you can buy a win. I preferred to use my own intellect and lifelines to secure wins. The game is still fun but not as much as it was. Some questions are easy, some are hard, based on your nationality and your age, as well as your general knowledge. I wish that certain entertainment questions were eliminated. As an American, I have had access to most of the Monty Python material but am at as loss regarding “The East Enders”. I don’t know how popular “ Leave it Beaver” and “ The Simpson” are in Great Britain. Eliminate those questions and let us compete on intellect with limited lifelines available. Thank you.
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6 years ago, blazed_007
Designed to make you spend money.
The coin payments for games aren’t proportional to how much you need to participate. For example, in a game requiring 1000 coins, you’ll need to go pretty high up the order of questions just to break even. And winning 500,000 in that game gives you 1800 coins. In multiplayer games, it’s all or nothing. If you beat your opponent at say, a 200 coin question level, you either go all the way up and win the game to get all coins or you end the game with a mere 200. That’s unfair and we need to be able to collect coins atleast once we reach a certain question level. This net negative trend of coin balance means that you’ll run out of coins pretty quick and will HAVE to pay. Their rewards crates aren’t very useful either. I’ll be fine with paying if I’m not bombarded with endless ridiculous ads of other pay-to-win games, but that’s not the case. I like the game style/questions and the overall concept, but alas, this game is as greedy as any other pay to win game on he mobile market. Uninstalling.
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4 years ago, FleurDeLys10034
Where are all my experts?!! They used to get replenished, every so often!! What’s the point in collecting them if they are not available? Also when you win the bronze box the pause and animation for silver and gold is time consuming and stupid, can we revert to a previous version?! So tried to play with this update, i got 4 experts and when I choose them to help they are in red or yellow NOT ONE IN GREEN!! Including Shakespeare on a Shakespeare question!! Are you for real now?!! So if you have 4 available they don’t even know the answer!!! Lol how dumb, I’m removing this app. Update: so their response was this!! “Exciting lifeline” they call it while most people hate it Thanks for your message. We've introduced an exciting new way to use Experts: the Ask an Expert lifeline! You'll now be able to use this lifeline just like any other. Ask an Expert lifelines enable you to access your inventory of Experts. You collect these lifelines from Mystery Boxes, and they can also be purchased in-game using gems. Remember though - after you use each Expert, they may need to rest before they can be used again. We appreciate you sharing your thoughts about this new lifeline with us. Please be assured that we are always listening to our players, and your feedback is important to us! We would be happy to share your feedback with the team so we can keep providing the best game experience for all players. Thanks again for reaching out, take care.
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4 years ago, pgerf
Experts and British Football and Opponents
I don’t like the heavy emphasis on expert cards- every winner’s box has at least one and often three. But they do you no good if you don’t have an Ask an Expert option. I’d rather have more Ask the Audience and Ask an Expert cards. Secondly, I’m American and I really don’t care about British soccer (sorry, “football”). I’m sure that the British players really don’t care about “real” American football. Would it really be so hard to have several different sets of questions? Lastly, having an “opponent” is just a stupid embellishment. There’s no way that there is enough computing power and storage to keep copies of each player’s games. It’s all a matter of a programmed sequence and I’ve figured when my opponent will miss at the $5000 or $7000, etc levels in a game. The tv show (at least the Regis Philbin original) didn’t have opponents and this game doesn’t need them either
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4 years ago, dundermifflin.ot
Trivia seekers halt
In this games title you will find fast or long play style friendly gaming, accurate to the show audio , a wide range of challenges easy to hard not insanely difficult questions and best of all no pay walls no need to you get plenty of loot boxes that take a little while to open but they are worth the wait they give plenty of help I only write reviews that I feel are deserved and would give this a 4.5 and I’m very critical as a reviewer no complaints would give a 5 but thats for games i consider may be made once every 3-4 years 🤪 like I said critical critic ! But like I said no need to pay but since I appreciate this games devs for a solid game with no pay to win or no paywall system I will make regular small purchases if I enjoy it this much in a month I will purchase something significant good job devs get some rest 🥱🥱
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3 years ago, Wes Terallo
Missing Some Of the Basics it Used to Have
I’ve played for a couple years with some breaks and having returned recently there are a couple glaring problems. The milestone marker is missing which is a huge problem. Especially since earning a silver box after beating an opponent doesn’t lock in a milestone. (Which would be very nice and much more aligned with the original show). Also extra lives seem to be mostly useless. I get many as rewards yet am almost never offered the opportunity to use them. Another big bummer is that I bought a single gem pack for $10 which removed ads (great for faster games) but also removes the OPTION of watching ads for bonus gems and lifelines. A punishment that I now cannot earn free gems daily by watching my 10 ads.
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4 years ago, TRArinn
It’s a fun game but ends up costing too much
I like this game but in order to continue to enjoy it you have to keep purchasing gems. You have to play often as well. You get put in lower level if you don’t have opportunity to play as often as before. Each level requires more time playing the game. I don’t like that it encourages gambling and buying more gems, or using all your gems up for a gambling game that you end up empty handed. They also give the impression with advertising during the game that special deals you can purchase epic cards with 4X-10x upgraded. This is false nonsense advertising. You still have to keep playing after paying for the upgrade to get the upgrade. There’s a few annoyances with this game and few discrepancies. Sometimes the answers to their questions are inaccurate or misspelled names. I enjoy playing but this game needs some improvements.
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5 years ago, Nannini
I love this game, but room for improvement.
I would love to give WWTBAM a five star rating, and hope to one day. The format is great, it has in app purchases but I don’t feel pressured in any way to buy them, and I really enjoy playing it before bed and ending the day with some trivia. That said, it could use a wider variety of questions. Sometimes I’ll get three definition of geography questions in a row, which gets a bit old. More customization of user profiles would be nice, like the ability to use GameCenter instead of Facebook, or the ability to add profile photos without Facebook. GameCenter especially would be the biggest and most welcome change; meaning the ability to play against friends without having to use what is essentially spyware. Other than that though this game is great and I really appreciate it being free.
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4 years ago, terri0824
This game is very fun. It was a little confusing at first to learn how to accrue and use lifelines. They are different from the television game. There are experts you can ask for help, but they aren’t always helpful. You need to upgrade them before they are of much help. There are also lots of commercials, and you need to buy expensive gems to advance very far. It would be nice to get to save your progress at more points along the ladder, but you can only save if you don’t take a guess. If you guess wrong, you fall way down the ladder to wherever you beat your opponent. If you don’t beat your opponent, you can’t quit and save where you are. I still haven’t figured out how to earn the last expert in each level. There are lots of bonus games and ways to earn gems, so that is a plus. Overall is a fun game.
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4 years ago, cookiet7
Good game to test the brain
I really enjoy playing and like the fact that I am sharpening my brain at the same time. I would like to see reward elements of the game changed to make game play and winning more fair and rewarding. One way the game could be improved is to modify the event challenges. Currently, the events have such high point levels for any reward that one would have to play the game ALL day long to complete the event. Some people are playing for fun and have jobs and lives and cannot afford to play all day long. Start by cutting the point levels in half and give everyone a chance. And in terms of accumulating points from playing, let the winner of the game get their points cumulatively so instead of only getting 300 if they hit the millionaire, they get the sum of all individual questions points. And have time windows where the points earned are doubled or tripled.
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4 years ago, janbarkley
I used to enjoy this game
DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!!! You won’t be progressing without spending a lot of REAL money on the gems that you need to be able to play. This game is nothing but a huge rip off. The higher you climb in the game and the better your stats the more expensive the rewards are. Not to mention the fact that the ads are turning into sexually explicit junk that show digitally enhanced people in risqué positions and scantily clad females claiming to be “Legends”. I’m well aware that I can spend $9.99 a month to get rid of the ads, What a waist of time and money. I was really surprised to see that this is a Sony production. On top of all of that (and there’s plenty more to complain about) you’ll make it to correctly answer a million dollar question and only be rewarded with $500,000. You have to play this game almost constantly to hold your place in the levels unless you’re going to spend a bunch of real money to keep the momentum going. Sony you should be ashamed at how badly you’re ripping people off.
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6 years ago, _Turn_To_Page_394_
Who wants to be poor from microtransactions?
This game has some fun in it, but it is dragged down by the necessity to pay. Each game requires coins to play, and you only get those coins back if you get most of the questions right. You also receive loot boxes, but they aren’t great. Eventually you won’t be able to afford to play any games since you’ll run it of coins. At that point you will be forced to watch ads just to have barely enough coins to play a single game. Then you’ll run out of ads, but don’t worry. You’ll only have to wait 3 hours to open a loot box that has 50 coins (which is a far cry from the minimum 1,000 coins you need for one game). After about an hour of playing I was unable to play the game anymore. I’ve opened loot boxes for a couple days, but am no where close to being able to play. Also, the ads stopped working altogether. You’ll have no trouble playing this game if you are willing to empty your wallet. Otherwise, you should probably move on.
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5 years ago, smarterthanur
I love this game. But I defer to the ‘waiting 4 unexpected update’ reviewer, since I cant get thru
Still waiting for the unexpected update, so thought I’d jump in on reviews. I love playing this game, but don’t enjoy losing half of what I spent when I beat my opponent. I continue after opponent loses, get the box, & if I don’t walk & miss next question I get the box but lose the kwan. What? And the others are right. You bust it to win, you get the $1M, but don’t make enough to play 2 8k games?!? Most of the experts don’t know the answer unless you already do. But biggest problem I have don’t respond to your players to address their issues. It’s a programmed bot response. You don’t care about the people who are TRYING to enjoy this game. That makes YOU the loser. Buh-bye.
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4 years ago, chawni11
I’ve played the game enough to notice there has t been any repeat questions yet. Unlike other games you start to lose interest because you start winning because there is repeat questions. And like the real game show the questions get increasingly difficult. Except a handful of times I’ve noticed there’s been a freebie in the intermediate level questions and vice verse there’s been difficult questions in the beginning, maybe they’re aged or cultural questions however they aren’t easy peasy questions like they’re supposed to. I would like to mention my frustration that I’m not certain how I’m ever supposed to get the very rare experts and therefore earn the bonus expert.
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6 years ago, Moonbe@m
Needs improvement
The latest update forces you to watch ad‘s after every game with no benefit. If you are going to include video ads which are using up my data and I expect some kind of reward. It is hard to get coins without paying for them and they’re not cheap minimum cost to play is 1000 coins so you get one free game a day if you’re lucky. Making it to the million is not hard but you really don’t gain much IMO. I just think if they’re going to get regular players they need to make coins more accessible. I have deleted the app after the most recent video ads and it is the same video over and over again. Too many free trivia games that are just as good. Would try it again if they changed some things, 30 second ad after playing was the deal breaker. I play on my breaks so it’s a long time to wait when you only have 5 minutes.
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4 years ago, Gmaskb
I started out liking this game a lot . Now there are so many things that don’t make sense . I emailed them SIX times trying to get an answe on one thing . The answer I finally received was very generic and did not address my problem . When I open the boxes the lifelines in the box never all show up down at the bottom where the available lifelines are . It’s infuriating . Let’s say I receive four in the box I may get two . I can see an ask the audience and it’s not there . These are examples . Then when in the goals page where it shows you how many things you have to go to get diamonds it changes !!! I just checked and I had used 17 of 25 lifelines . After 25 I get diamonds . So I check after that , after I used one more . It now says I have used 16 of 25 ! There are other things also . I am not an idiot . It gets you hooked then you feel as if you need to pay money for the diamonds to continue .
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3 years ago, Nina-ni
Poor customer service
I just want to say that for as long as I’ve played this game it’s always been fun. Recently the game glitched on me after an ad and removed a box from my slot spaces leaving a space empty without my opening any boxes. Customer service was no help. The response was dismissive and condescending and the problem is with the game not retaining my won box. Service desk basically replied saying my slots were full as though that’s what my complaint addressed. The entire problem is that I began a game with one free slot, won a game which filled my slots, and then played an ad that glitched out the game and left me with a free slot where my last win had appeared. Instead of checking completely to figure out HOW that would occur, the service team blamed the customer. The glitch was annoying, but the team who responds to players was just so wrong here. They were unhelpful and incorrect. The response was WAY worse than what happened during the game.
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3 years ago, Brooklyn salsa
Should be called UK version
First, if you’re concerned this is one of those games where you pay to play, it’s possible to get buy without making in-app purchases. I paid for the game to get rid of the egregious ads, which pop up every single game, but I’ve managed to play without buying gems and money. Still, the developers do everything they can to get your money. It’s kind of gross. But beyond this the game itself is fun. I’ve played for over a month and I’m impressed by the low rate of repeat questions. There are a lot of familiar themes they love—e.g. Madonna, nursery rhymes, and soccer. The biggest annoyance for me is the game or developers appear to be U.K.-based. There are so so many questions based on British history and culture that I have absolutely no idea about….so boring. Finally just deleted the game.
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4 years ago, Froggurl5827
Good game but changes hurt...
Entertaining game, leans a little too much to British history/culture imo but fun to play. In particular I love the concept of collecting Epic experts....they come rarely and you need to win a lot of gold boxes to get one, which makes the challenge fun and rewarding. But they changed an algorithm so now when you get an Epic Card it is almost exclusively an extra life card ....which shouldn’t even exist in the boxes. They are barely useful and you can earn them by going deep in the events (a fine enough reward for devoted gameplay). But every time you get one in a gold box it means the odds are you have to wait a very long time to get another epic expert, and 5 of the last 6 epic cards I’ve gotten are these extra life cards. Please fix this and stop messing with your loyal fan base
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6 years ago, Mr. T 
This game is fun, but as everyone says, the cost to play doesn’t meet the reward for winning. Aka, the juice ain’t worth the squeeze. Instead of writing everyone and telling them about the free mystery boxes, why not take the feedback you’re getting into consideration and just cut the fees, or increase the reward? Also you need diamonds to open boxes but the diamonds are hard to come by without paying. You promote this game as free, yet your gameplay is trying to subliminally force people to pay for “internet diamonds” and even the cost of those if you were to buy them is ridiculous. You already have ads that I’m sure are paid, the app is already developed, it’s time to quit gouging and make your app enjoyable. Sometimes you’ve got to give to get. Facebook is the biggest app on the planet, probably makes more money than we’ll ever imagine, and it’s truly free to use, strange how that works huh?
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5 years ago, Hero tete'50
Really enjoying!
I like that I can answer many questions without “help” but I also like that the more I play the more experts I earn to help me. Yes, I do only play a few games at a time (because I don’t spend any real money), but I don’t mind. I even set my phone alarms so I remember to open my free boxes every 4 hours. I love the new feature that lets me see when my experts will be available again. I would like the chance to earn gems more often and I would like to be able to see how many lifelines I have available before I begin another round. Oh I also like all the new things I’m learning and it’s funny how many things I didn’t realize I knew from reading novels and kids books.
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