MILLIONAIRE TYCOON™ : Free Realestate Trading Strategy Board Game

4.4 (195)
50.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Savy Soda
Last update
8 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later

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User Reviews for MILLIONAIRE TYCOON™ : Free Realestate Trading Strategy Board Game

4.37 out of 5
195 Ratings
8 years ago, Myorry
Bette than monopoly
Better than monopoly but some unfair advantages for you which make it too easy to win. When the computer player is in 1st place, it doesn't allow them to withdraw money from the bank giving you an unfair advantage. Also PC players make stupid moves like using the remote to land on a spot even though they don't have enough money to buy it. Also wish it would let you pick which properties to mortgage.
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3 years ago, pattiannp
Addictive in a good way
This game Igarta come to be a routine to calm me. Idk what it is or why but I play before I go to sleep or when I need to distract my mind and it just sorta calms me. Been playing for years and I never get tired of it. I always use the same characters do place and never the need to upgrade , totally content with just Anece and Melbourne lol! Got my strategies down to a T. Can’t wait to play it in my upcoming 13 hour flight!!!
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7 years ago, Elmroids
Awesome Game!
Great game to play if you want to practice/visualize buying real estate. So satisfying watching those rents go up! This game motivates me to go look at properties. Only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is because it isn't as visually polished as it could be but the game itself is excellent.
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4 years ago, Maddhatter44
My favorite game!!!!!
I have been playing this over and over. I wish you would add more cities because I would purchase it. This game has provided me so many hours of continuous fun. Whoever invented this game was a genius. I absolutely love it!!!!!!
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3 years ago, _thegirl
I love this game but we need a version where we can play with our real friends. It gets boring after awhile playing with fake players. Please update!!!!
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4 years ago, zapper158
Love, love, love
This game is 100 times more fun than Monopoly. It’s fast paced, the AI is perfect. So many different countries, and I love the different values of homes. Please never leave the App Store. I actually won’t buy a new iPad if you ever leave!
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1 year ago, ree69 x 69
Would love more customizability.
If I could disable some powerups like Santa, and nerf the lucky cat and unlucky cat, as well as make the lawyer more expensive, I would love it.
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11 years ago, Roman Radish
This would've been five stars, but I think there need to be some changes and fixes 1. Idk if its just me, but sometimes when I load a game none of the buttons are pressable (if thts even a word) and I have to start over 2. Instead of taking of taking away characters, keep them all and just add new things to the full version ( i miss Ciara, I used to play as her all the time!) ...that being said, I really enjoy the game, if they'd just do the above I'd give it 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟
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5 years ago, Kittyceo
Love it
I love this game and can plays for hours. I wish they made more maps.
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7 years ago, Luismanh12321
Anoying adds without the option to close them
Sometimes adds pop up without an X to close them and force you to close the app and start a new game. Otherwise fun game
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3 years ago, nadisn
Great fun
Love this game. Would buy a tablet just to be able to play it. It’s crazy fun!
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5 years ago, McBleazy
It’s entertaining enough, and didn’t lead on the be anything it’s not.
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8 years ago, brothersamuel
Fun to play
Much better than monopoly and more fun to play with.
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8 months ago, Steelerfangonzo
Love this game!
This game has so much potential! 🥰🥰
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8 years ago, Exetraa
Ads must be blocked
Many times there are ads without closing button spoils my gameplay and forced me to start new from start
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6 years ago, Geiokami
Forcing people to buy the full version
They made it impossible to win unless you buy the full version.....
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3 years ago, mattaxios
Pic problem
I have iPhone X und the Image dosen’t fit the Display entirely when we bet in the auction you don’t see the number that’s been offered
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7 months ago, sillybarry8
Latest update destroyed the graphics
Unplayable and that is disappointing
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5 years ago, Gang gang 12334566780
Very nice but needs something
Kept on putting me on enemy blocks
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8 years ago, 🤓😈💩🤐😵😡👿☠️👺👊👁
Won't let me play
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12 years ago, Василий Алибабаевич
I found a glitch while playing on the first level. I'm not sure if it works on other levels though. The glitch it that whenever there is the news report and you get to pick an item, right after picking an item lock your iPod. Then go back into the game and the news report will start again. They will tell you to choose an item. You can pick an item and right after that lock your iPod. If you keep doing this you can get a lot of items for free. Just a glitch Savy Soda you might want to fix.
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10 years ago, Jihavoh
Monopoly but better
This is quite like monopoly as mentioned except there are cool twists that make it better. Different levels are available for a change of scenery and to control the length of the game. Highly recommend at least checking it out. My one complaint is I often lose my game when I leave the app for more than a few minutes. So it prevents me from playing if I only have a couple of minutes. Maybe it doesn't do this on the full version?
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12 years ago, Nintendocat
Random ad attack!
I like playing this game, it's like a shorter version of monopoly but the new ads from the update are killing it. Don't get me wrong I know the ads are needed for the free version but there's no rhyme or reason to the ads right now. They pop up often mid turn, sometimes twice in the same turn and really disrupt gameplay. If the ads came up only on the review screen (where they show who's in the lead) that would be much better.
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14 years ago, Hjajdxjsjdndhskhsmcb
I love the game itself but....
Right in the middle of my game it crashes and goes to the main menu and then I click back and it shows a white screen and when I try to save my games I can't because it crashes I would love to have updates to fix it I was going to buy the full game but I was worried the same thing would happen if it's fixed then I will buy it thanks
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14 years ago, Make a star
Add mine please
I love this game it is a great game to kill time and it's fun but there's one thing while playing it would just stop and then go to main menu and I would push back and it would freeze and turn to a white screen so please make an update to where it won't freeze or mess up... But other than that it is a great game :)
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12 years ago, iParty$
Awesome game!!
I think that this game was one of the most addicting games that I ever had. I couldn't ever stop playing on it!! But it is a little bit annoying because there is a certain amount of turns. I have the paid version on my iPod. Besides that I would recommend this to people.
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12 years ago, Sweetieofawesomeness
This game is awesome Evan though it's the free version it's still a really fun game to play. When your bored at home or evan at a horse show pretty much anywhere as long as you have wifi or an I phone this game is a rocket ship full of fun try it today I recommend it so start doing something other than being bored
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13 years ago, Tommyommy
I like it like it
Wow need a game to play on ur iPod or iPhone well here it is!! Funfunfun if u r looking for one of them board games! Too bad the full isn't free! Though I hav heard this is having troubl with the iPad some other games I played happened like tht too just keep ur eyes out for updates iPad owners it will come
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11 years ago, Chunky monkey290
Good game by needs some updates
I play this game daily multiple times! It's addictive...however the game needs to update the feature at the beginning of the game where your challenging the player with the "thief" special gift at the beginning why must he always steal from ME when there's a number of players!!! Smh! Not a fan! Lol
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14 years ago, Namor301
To much wasted time
Would be a great game if u didn't need to spend so much time watching ever move of the other player. I don't really need to watch each player transfer money or try and catch it, stupid waste of time between turns.
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14 years ago, hayshap
very fun but...
it is really fin but when there is a few turns left the market screen pops up during the middle of the game and it would then exit out and go to the home screen. I'd like them to fix it.
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12 years ago, Bruno1
So hard
I can never win I either always get bankrupt first or I can't finish the game because I have the free version and the sign to buy the full version always comes up and I can't exit it without going to the main menu and when I go back to the game it's still there do you know how to stop it without having to get the full version
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14 years ago, No names lol
I did it but it glitched at 5 turns left and never went down its because one of the cpu's went bankrupt so it could never complete a full turn so it just stayed on 5 turns left the whole game but I still lost :/
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11 years ago, Haterofmillionaretycoon
This game stinks! Every CPU is a noob! Whenever you play the computer always wins! I played with 2 of my friends and we teamed up against the CPU and it still won! This game seems fun but its not fun wasting 1 hour of you life when the computer player has a 99% chance of winning! I wish this would be fixed but it won't because the creators are noob hackers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM GONNA BARF IF I PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN I WOULD HAVE MORE FUN BEING EATEN BY A LION THAN PLAYING THIS GAME!!! I don't recommend it it just wastes your time! Ps look at my name about the app
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12 years ago, Slate and Rex
Millionaire is an outrageously fun game that anyone can play. There are I think 6 players and my personal favorite is Cera. You will love this game as it takes you on an adventure on buying land, collecting money, getting bad luck or good luck and trying to become the MILLIONARE!!!<3
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13 years ago, Gcoll100
Almost great
The game is entertaining but you better save it every 30 seconds because a random download screen will pop up. When you go back to the game, it takes you to a screwed up main menu… erasing everything you did. Oh, & it isn't my device cause everyone that I know plays it happens to them. Fix this issue, & I'll put it back on my device & play again.
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13 years ago, Impossible girl
I love this game and you can start it on the side there is an ok button it really skinny and hard to see at first I was clicking all around the only thing I hate is if you don't finish by a number of times then you have to replay that level
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13 years ago, JR13131313
There are a lot better apps
I guess it's pretty fun the first few times you play it. But it's not that great and I hardly ever win. It also takes forever so when you lose, which is almost always the case, it just feels like a waste of time. I'm definitely not getting the full version and I'll probably end up deleting this one soon.
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13 years ago, Mingalo
old version better
it was fine just until the newest update. back then I could play anywhere on my iPod. now with the new update I could only play when there's Internet service, which defeats the whole point of having this game. it was intended to kill time when I don't have Internet. now I have to find something else.
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14 years ago, Missraccoon
You should play with this game when you are depressed
Great scenarios. The story board is simple but hilarious. The game itself is easy to understand and play I just think that the game is hilarious and a good buy since it is free!!
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8 years ago, Billionawesome
Awesome game
I mostly love this game cause it's like a monopoly also you can steal people's land by using an auction sign or using your lawyer when your in sombody else's land you can also have cool things when you pick your character
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9 years ago, naipcpklen
Has a BIG flaw...
For me, every time a ad pops up (witch for me is when they show the standings), the game crashes. It wound not be a bad thing but when I go to that savegame, it show a ADD. I'm not complaining about the adds, but The ad d doesn't even load for me. Please fix... Or just tell me it's just me because I LOVE this game, and I was planning on getting the paid version, but I think that's too risky.
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12 years ago, MargieOliveOil
So much fun
I love this game. So much better than Monopoly! I have replayed this game so many times it's ridiculous. I've already purchased the 2 expansion packs. When will you have more?
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13 years ago, Snuggle89
Needs to be fix
I love the playing the game, I would buy the full version if it wouldn't keep messing up. Every time an alert from a different game pops up or something interrupts it, the whole game messes up and freeze and sometimes I have to restart my iPod to get the game back up. Other than that I love the game.
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12 years ago, T-money Carlson
The good, the bad and the ugly
This is a great game for a free version, but limited turns makes it impossible to pass level two. Monopoly should have been this way. It tempts me to get the paid version. But sadly only tempts. Four for effort
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13 years ago, AncheviBG
I love it
Some people say it may be a cheap version of monopoly but I love it! It's so fun to take over the entire city. I only have the free version so I can only imagine how much fun the one that costs money is.
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9 years ago, Ipad2addicted
Fave after several years!
This remains one of my favorite games after close to 5 years. Frustrating at times, but a great time killer, well worth the $0.99 I paid!
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12 years ago, Dreemer717
Cool game
Only problem is the white letters. Cant read the instrx. Shud b a darker color. I stumbled onto this game & thought it was fun. There are some parts of it I don't understand and I'm having a problem finding the tutorial. Other than that it's fun.
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13 years ago, Jcdrgbknffcvjl
Great game!
This game is so much fun! It's a typical free version where u can't play everything but what do you expect. It's worth buying. It has never frozen for me. I really enjoy this game and will be buying the full version.
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12 years ago, Speedie0013
Not worth it
Game used to be fun before the new update which limited maps and starting character options. Instead of taking away from free version, why not just make paid version better to make people buy it? Was gonna buy full version until this update exposed the future of the game.
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