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User Reviews for MindNode – Mind Map & Outline

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2 years ago, CR3ATIV3Kevin
Absolutely Amazing Program
I'm a creative person, and could never really figure out how to organize my projects or ideas well. I was using a project board with sticky notes, yarn and pushpins, which is great for me because it lets me go on tangents that I'm intrigued by, but not very friendly on the go. Can't exactly carry a full bulletin board to work every day without a few too many strange glances. This however has saved me. Such a great program. They have nailed each aspect! With tasks being integrated, it lets me freely plan my day in the non linear way I think, still have a To Do List that I understand, and best thing is I can print it and take it with me! ahhh! Love it so much. It allows attatchments to nodes too like documents and photos so those are always handy, and works perfectly with iCloud so all of my MacBook Pro, iPad, and iPhone all have access. The cross device compatibility is also a huge win because it is one of 3 apps I use that features are all available, on all devices, all of the time. Usually it is pretty limited on iOS vs. macOS, but not this one. Seriously great job Team MindNode! The only thing i think that would be beneficial is to be able to group sections with a visual bubble or outline. It's perfect as is, I just do that with a highligher when I print lol.
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4 years ago, Cooksbrook
organizing thoughts and concepts
I have always had difficulty organizing my thoughts and finding connections between concepts. I can do it, but it's a struggle. With MindNode, I can see the connections. You simply start writing your notes and MindNode allows you to move them around as the different connections become more clear. It's very intuitive and easy to learn. Almost all the options are available with the free choice, so you don't really need to go for the paid option unless you want to. Still, after learning how to use it, and seeing the benefits, I felt more than willing to offer some repayment to the developers. And the small amount requested for the added options was more than worth it. But wait, there's more!! I work in the mental health industry. My colleagues have offered nothing but praise when I have sent pdf's of mindmaps. Several have requested information about signing up themselves, and more than a few were saddened to find it was a Mac program. (Any thoughts about opening this to other OS?) I have also used the maps when working with clients so they can better understand our goals and challenges. Does this sound to good to be true? I assure you it is not. This is not a paid ad, only a completely satisfied and somewhat smitten user. This is truly an excellent program.
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4 years ago, T-R-L
I NEVER Write Reviews...Well I guess I do now.
Amazing product. I run my own business developing and selling new products. I do just about everything as I only have a few stafff members. This product helps get all of your brain onto a page and allows you to sort and make rational decisions and prioritize things ( I have ideas to send to them on this). Im using it as a planner, organizer, roadmap, to-do, and conversation and event tracking tool for my business reminding me on ALL the past items and things accomplished and that need accomplishing for my company. A list can not do this. It cant connect across pages dynamically. It must be a visual map like this. It's how my brain works (Im sure others brains are the same, I think ;). I hope you guys continue to develop this and add non-obstructive features that stay out of the way but make this tool continue to grow in simplistic but powerful way. Its a breath of fresh air to other apps trying to get cute with lists and stuff, and unique way to run your business and life if you so choose. I plan to use this for various areas, but I've used it a few days and already I feel better about not having to keep all this in my head all the time, it clears the mind and allows you to think. Bravo, keep up the great work.
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3 years ago, psyCloptic👁
Awesome App for StoryTeller's!
I downloaded this app to help me organize my thoughts for the Cartoon that I am working on developing! I was going to BrainStorm the traditional way, with a BIIIIG Pad of Paper and ALOT of Bad Ideas. But, everytime I would start I would get stuck on not wanting to be wasteful of paper, and spiral into procrastination. This APP is AMAZING for productivity! However, the Free Version of this App is Not-So-Great! The Free Version is very limiting. I'm trying the Trial Version of the Premium, and it's Awesome! I like being able to include emojis for certain ideas so I know they are the Most Important. However, I don't like that there aren't many emoji's to choose from :( My ideas for Improvements, which would make this a 5 STAR APP would be super easy fixes I would LOVE to See further developed <3 More Emoji's too Choose from would be great! Buy not tottally necessary. *Yet, there is one aspect that I feel is an absolute MUST* to Change. When Making Nodes, You can ONLY Choose between two forms of 'node layouts.' You can have Bubbles branching Up/Down OR Bubbles branching horizontally like a timeline. But, Currently we Can't use BOTH as a Hybrid like an actually brainstorming bubble. If we could have both that would make this App EVEN BETTER! I also wish that I could control the 'placement' better. I'm a bit OCD so I wish I could move my finished nodes to be Aligned Side/Side.
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5 months ago, Xephlyn
If you're thinking about it, do it
I've literally just downloaded this and signed up for the 14 days (always gotta test things out first), and I'm already farther in my novel planning than I got just in word/pages alone. This makes it SO much easier to organize my thoughts and the scenes I want to write, as well as makes it very easy to see everything on one page vs the way I normally do it (via the comments on pages and then sometimes things get lost). I have literally only been using this an hour, and, after getting over a tiny learning curve, I can say this is one of the best apps I've ever used. I will definitely come back and update once I get a little more exprience under my belt, but, my goodness, if you're looking for something to help you organize your thoughts, espeically if you are into writing, literally look no further - this is the app for you.
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6 months ago, kaderan
The best, with one nagging pain point
I am a PhD student. I cannot live without this program. I own much more powerful apps (Tinderbox) and more graphically oriented visualization tools (Curio), which I have tried to integrate into my workflow, but I keep returning to Mindnode. The balance of power and ease of use is just right... this program is a low-friction, high-ROI tool. Buy it. I have knocked off one star only because this program lacks one thing, which for me is a real pain point: The (in)ability of a Mindnote file to support multiple mind maps in tabbed form in the same document, which could be linked to each other. (similar to sheets in an Excel file, for ex.) My maps are large and complex, and my use case overwhelms the focus/re-focus function and the outline/search functionality. I really need to be able to link a node to a new mind map in a separate tab in the same document, preferably with bi-directional links. Please?? (note: It is possible to approximate this behavior by creating a folder of files, opening them in tabs and linking between them, but this is unnecessary friction in this otherwise elegant program.
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12 months ago, xushik0702
One feature request!
Love the app as it is great for ADHD brain to visualize and get away from the rigidity of lists. I can dump an endless amount of information into any one "task" on my to-do list, for instance, and while a more traditional system would quickly become cluttered and stress me out, MindNode allows me to neatly fold away the node so that I don't have to look at anything IU'm not currently working on. I can choose granularity and see my whole life in a glance, or I can zoom in on just my work related tasks, Speaking of and finally down to the task itself, where i can store files, links, images (what's next bitcoin ;) ? ) Anyway, love it and i haven't scratched the surface of all the different features. Speaking of which, it is feature rich without being too overwhelming. It seemed super simple as i was starting out and every time I'd think "I wish I could ____ with this app," there seemed to be a solution already! Which reminds me - A support documentation for all your Apple devices!! (this is a caveat that you have to remain in the apple ecosystem) Now to my request - please include the keyboard shortcuts in the context menu? I currently have my favorite shortcuts as a node which i refer to when needed, but it’s annoying and I won't use it for the sake of time. If it was right there in the menu, I would 100% use the shortcuts!
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6 months ago, Nova+Chican
Enjoy the Ease of Use
Have been using this product for about 2 or 3 years now & really enjoy the simple & intuitive layout options. I don't enjoy the mobile versions as much because of the space limitations, as I tend to create huge mind maps that are more like journeys of experiences versus just simple outlines. Enjoy seeing my thoughts on paper to better understand them & the robust choices for personalization are something I've enjoyed the most. Keep up the great work & maybe consider making a buy one time option, since there are lots of companies that go under & the buy once option might necessitate making a mroe secure way of storing the notes on the cloud on the developers end. Which would allow for more secure note taking for future customers. You can still sell optional upgrades here & there as most modern SaaS providers do anyways.
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5 years ago, Professor Kliq
Manage your thoughts
The work I do and the way I think are sometimes but not often compatible. It really depends on how I manage the thoughts and ideas I have which are seldom related but almost always prompt some sort of follow-through. I use MindNode for anything from meeting notes to just general problem solving and getting all of the stuff in my mind out into something I can see. The ability to move things around cleanly allows you to connect thoughts in ways you otherwise might not have - and in a way that's very visually pleasing to boot! It's an excellent product to help get the most out of your ideas and make even better ones. I use this application to conduct meetings and invariably someone asks what it is: "It's called MindNode and you can find it on the app store." "Yeah this is really cool!" Every time. I cannot recommend it enough, especially if you're a scatterbrain like me who just wants to make sense out of the non-stop thinking I do all day! Pro-tip: if there's something bothering you, whether it's at work or your personal life, one of my favorite things to do is to just put on some music, turn off my phone, close all chat, email, and browser applications, turn off WiFi, and just sit with MindNode open and figure things out for an hour. You will be astonished how much better you will feel afterward!
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5 years ago, BiggBuggg
Excellent Program
I rarely if ever write reviews of software, but I really feel motivated to do so here. This program is BY FAR the best mind mapping software available today. I’ve been working in industry for nearly 35 years, and I've tried nearly a dozen other programs before I stumbled on this one. Mind Node blows all the others away. If you’re not on a Mac or iPad… well, I’m sorry for you. The rich feature set, dead-easy and intuitive use, the near-constant additions and improvements by the developer, and the overall rock solid stability and reliabily of this program makes it second to none. I use MindNode daily in the course of my work; from outlining documents, to brainstorming projects, to planning design review… you name, I use it for it. Buy this program and begin using it today. You will not be disappointed.
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3 years ago, Amyjami
I've been waiting for this app my whole life!
I have loved using mind maps since they were first introduced to me in middle school. I used them for everything from decision making, to brainstorming, to formatting info so I can see how things relate/interact. I've always had to do this on my own with paper and on whiteboards. Storing that information was always a pain and my handwritten mind maps never looked as tidy as I would prefer. This app is incredibly intuitive and easy to learn. It formats things perfectly and is everything I've ever wanted in a mind map. As a writer I have many working parts to consider, research, and plan and this just took it to a whole new level. I cannot remember the last time I was so excited for an app. I will be recommending this to everyone!
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4 years ago, MHavre
I wish I could use this on Windows
I've tried several mind mapping and flowchart/process diagram apps. With other apps, I get sidetracked playing with design and loose sight of why I opened the app to begin with. There are times that I wish I could insert MindNode into office and note taking apps or use it instead of Visio. I've used MindNode to track college degree requirements, document organization, web site structure, and database design. This is a great app to quickly get your thoughts out before you become distracted with something else. The app was designed for the user. For example, if I want to change node styles, I can select the nodes I want to change (versus changing all nodes or one at a time). Sad to say, I spend most my time on Windows now and can't use it very often.
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3 years ago, Briandsome
Needs more for a subscription to make sense
I've used mindnode for years; its a valuable tool. Seeing this version of Mindnode that primarily looks and acts like my (couple year old) version leaves me longing for something more. Ideas deserve to be more than linear. A mind map should also be able to convert to a flow chart or other type of idea visualization. I'm shocked that the product team has not pushed the evolution of this product further beyond GUI updates and tweaks. I have always felt that mindnode needed to go deeper with an option for nest nodes or descriptions or referrences or notes -- I want to be able to look back at an idea and trace its origins to a referrence point. It seems simple to me (as a non-engineer) and I hope its clear to the devs here that it's time to make mindnode more than a nice UI and be a home for expanding ideas to include visions.
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2 years ago, cstrummer
thank you
Below is the review I wrote in December. Mindnode fixed the problem. Well done! You're back in my good graces. Thank you for fixing the problem! I'm a long time user of Mindnode, big fan really. The problem with the recent iteration of Mindnode (on 2021 MacBook Air) is that dictation is basically non-functional. If you try to speak your text into Mindnode, the text will basically not be seen. When you create a new branch/node, a very small window appears to type your text. If you type the text, the box expands. But if you dictate your thoughts, the box won't expand, so you can't see what you're writing. This makes dictation on the Mac useless. Problem: The whole point of MindNode is to brainstorm. Dictating is an efficient way to do so. But by not being able to dictate on the Mac, it makes Mindnode useless. This is the first time that I've had this problem, as I've used this app for what seems at least 10 years (I've basically used Mindnode since they started--don't know if it's 10 years. You get the point.). Mindnode's a great product but this bug must be fixed.
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3 years ago, Cnemo55
Very Nice
This works extremely well for my way of thinking. It's easy to use and there are keyboard shortcuts like enter and tab that let you enter notes without having to switch to the mouse or trackpad very often. Perhaps note taking isn't the primary use of this software, but I'm using it for that more than anything else. It helps me visualize the structure of the conversation and deal with people jumping back and forth between topics. It's easy to see where a topic was abandoned and where it left off when we're ready to return to it. If this app had a side bar to allow me to organize my individual mind maps into folders/subfolders, it could easily replace my note taking tools. It might anyway.
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5 years ago, NeoAeonian722
My indispensible planning tool
I've tried several todo-list type tools for planning, and they never seemed to have the flexibility to allow me to sequence and organize my thoughts to come up with a prioritized task list, even though that was their main job. But then I picked this up, which is not at all designed for planning, but fo rorganzing your thoughts and it has become my indispensible tool for planning my unstructured and non-deadlined activities. It makes it easy for me to build and see the relationships betwen different things I'm trying to do, and as a result, much easier to set up the most efficient sequences of activities. Not sure why a brainstorming tool would end up solving my planning problems, but this wne did.
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5 years ago, MotorcycleMD
Your Honor,
I want joint legal custody and partial placement of my two children. I have no power. They are calling for me but believe they cannot contact me because they'll loose her love; treason to show a desire for the targeted parent. As you can read, there is a lot going on. I need to make sense of my journals, notes to self, scraps of paper and notecards i've been keeping for 3 years. I need to maintain my sanity and I remember mind-mapping from college. As a special education teacher, I remember using pencil and paper mind-mapping with the students. Now I'm using it to regain custody of my children. . MindNode is what I was looking for to use with my iPad Pro and my MacBook Pro. So excited to link documents and url's.
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4 years ago, Call-Me-Ishmael
What a great tool. Very well designed and very affordable. I was trying to create a huge map by copying a very long list into OmniOutliner so that I can import the outline into OmniGraffle to no avail. I had to manually indent the list or I had to convert it into a format that OmniOutliner supports. A whole song and dance for a basic funcitonality that should be availabel in OmniGraffle to begin with. Then I found MindNode. What a great app. I copied my list and pasted it into the Outline pane and the charts were immediately created. It's very easy to use and very fast. It saved me a lot of time and a lot of money. Rather than using two apps to generate my charts, I ised only MindNode. Highly recommended.
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1 year ago, BullseyeK
Decent tool, would like some visual changes
Tool overall is good and has all the necessary features. Although I would like a few more options on the templates and not be very restricted in the layout flow of the mind maps. Most times the mind map grows on the right side only. For short mind maps that is ok but when building large plans it gets very crowded. Mindnode should have the option to grow the mindmap circularly in all directions and not restrict the flow of the mind map in a very linear fashion. That's the whole point of a mind map - to allow free flow of ideas. Simplenode and Xmind both do a good job of providing options to allow ideas to grow openly, instead of restricting to a very linear flow, that grows only on the right side
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3 years ago, BruceWayne1939
#2 of my Personal Top 5 Apps
I've been using this MindNode since 2014. I've tried every other mind mapping tool out there. And while they have their perks like being web-based or multi-platformed —MindNode is still my preferred choice. Primarily because it has that native MacOS & iOS feel. Its flow and responsiveness make taking notes or brainstorming ideas become effortless. And as easy as it taking first drafts, it's just as easy to organize and refine those ideas. MindNode is one of the first apps I download when I transition to a new Mac. Give it a shot, you won't be disappointed.
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3 years ago, dvandusen
Latest Version
In the most recent versions of mindnode it has become nearly impossible to click on the point where you want to edit text. I don't understand why they have made it so difficult to do the primary function of the app. Instead of clicking straight into the text the box goes to/remains in 'all selected' state (with dot in upper left), and either a drop down arrow on the end of the text or a popup dropdown menu (last entry is 'services') comes up. I don't need any services, but I am desperate to get the text correct. What must a user do to inform the company of the error in design - How does anyone make this work? When you add to this the lack of the 'split' feature to actually split a node into 2 (the current 'split' only splits the main node), all of the formerly great features are simply worth vert little.
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4 years ago, JLGreco
I have ADHD, and thank god for MindNode.
My entire life, I've struggled with ADHD. I didn't know until I was 30-years-old. Once I was successfully treated - starting 8 months ago - I realized that I had none of the skill sets adult my age have. ADHD kept me from developing myself. I decided to look for apps to help me catch up. I have yet to find one as helpful as MindNode. My thoughts are constantly ricocheting inside my skull and my inability to focus means my memory is less than adequate. MindNode helps me display the chaos in my mind in a way that's not only easy to follow and encode to memory but it feels like an accurate representation of my thoughts. It validates that within the cluster of ideas, there is a system based off of logic and reason. It's not that I don't have the skill set others my age do; it's that I didn't have access to it. MindNode helped me access it. I just got a new job. I cannot wait to pay for the upgrade and utilize it more effectively. Thanks, MindNode.
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1 year ago, ACE70
For those with more ideas than paper!
The problem with Ideas is that they don't flow logically. They come at odd moments over the course of multiple days. They can be sparked by events, news and other external factors. I used to carry a notepad but when I'd go back to my notes there was no order and it was hard to pull all the pages together to follow the flow. This app allows me to note an idea, follow it logically, jot details at each node of the flow and even link articles and other information. Problem solved! I LOVE this app!
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3 years ago, Student Nurse Tess
Please add more icons
I am a nursing student and use this app to do our concept maps for patient careplans. I have tried many different programs and usually don't mind paying for as long as work quality is assured. I am so far satisfied with mind node. I like that it works as an app so I can do projects on my phone, ipad. I usually do my maps in my computer. So far I have had no problems exporting my work as PDF files. I would wish that there would be more medical icons though. I can't stress enough the importance of icons, emojis as they make projects more thoughtful and expressive.
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2 years ago, Eli Wolfe
It is an excellent mind mapping app
This is one of my favorite apps for taking notes that for presentations or orations. I love that I know immediately how one idea links to another and the options for customability are incredible too. I wish it were the sort of app you could just purchase outright, but I understand that we live in the age of subscriptions. If you're a writer, I highly recommend it for story boarding. All in all, I highly recommend this app if, like me, you occasionallly find your thoughts spilling out of control
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5 years ago, ke5ykt
Great app, but could use additional features
I have never tried mind-mapping before, and decided to dive in head-first with MindNode based on great reviews from others. Overall, it's a good app with a nice UI, and the syncing with the mobile version of the app is really well done. I would love to see increased integration with other apps like Evernote, OmniFocus, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. Also, it seems like it wouldn't be that hard to offer other layouts besides horizontal and vertical, i.e. circular. Another thing that would be nice is the abiilty to link mindmaps files to other mindmaps, i.e. a node has a link that when clicked opens up another MindNode file.
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2 years ago, TechnoWhopperWithCheese
Surprised to see no other written reviews...
This app is simple and limited, but I think that's what you really want for getting ideas down quickly. It's stable, it's pretty, it's pretty durn intuitive. I just downloaded a few themes and selected all, CMD down arrow (open), and all the themes were imported in a sec. When I make a guess at how to do something in an app, and I succeed in doing that thing on the first try... The magic that I feel! Props to whoever's in charge of UI design. Nailed it. -A mega critic who hates just about everything!
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3 years ago, Xenogenex
Amazing! Must be the best there is!
I've been using mindmapping software for the last 15 years and I had to find something new that was more supportive of MacOS and iPadOS. I finally settled on MindNode and I am so pleased with this product! Everything is here, it works SEAMLESSLY on iPad and iPhone and on my Mac when I'm at my desk. All the professional features I need are here and they update it all the time with even more and more features. Thank you so much to the developers for doing such a great job for us creative business professionals!!!
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3 years ago, X.Jet
Perfect app, been a long time user
I use this for everything. Taking notes, organizing ideas, storyboarding, infographics, meeting notes, everything. It has so many uses. The only suggestion I have is for desktop users. It would be great if I could move around the document by simply clicking the middle mouse button. I starting using the program on my laptop, but since now use it on my desktop more and using the scroll wheel with modifier keys is not really intuitive. Thats all! I love all of the advancements in recent years!
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1 year ago, Johnpzh
Useful and Good Basic Features
I searched many mind map applications online. They required subscription to allow me to export work into a pdf or a png file. MindNode is powerful and useful. Its free version already have enough features for me, including exporting my work into a pdf and a png file. It contains shortcuts that build the mind map very easily. Highly recommend it if you just want a simple mind map application to take notes and export them as files for sharing.
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4 years ago, Handy_Works
Doing What I Need
I consider this a preliminary review, because as I work woth the program I am sure it will increase with value. However, from just a few minutes of trial and a bit of help from Help, I am able to do things I need. I did not yet find thing that may be obvious to experienced users, but I wish I could rearrange items into a differnet order (sequence, when reading a list of items vertically) and cut a segment from one spot and paste it into another. SOme apps are so feature filled they have a learning threashold that is too hugh. This app has a good balance and user interface.
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3 years ago, SimonaJo
It can organize anything
This is the only mindmap program I could find that can link to, and open, folders in the finder, or specific documents on my computer. That feature alone puts it at the top of my list, but it also works just as well as any other mindmap program out there. I'm sure there are more features that I don't neet to take advantage of as well. Once you get the hang of the shortcuts, this program can organize things with satisfying speed and wonderful versatility.
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4 years ago, Ariel_ys
Very bad customer service
I've been a royal customer of this procuct since I've started using the Version 2 sevral years ago. I wanted to purchase the upgraded version (Not the subscription service) so contacted them to upgrade and they let me know there is 50% off promotion going on. So I let them know I'm interested in this option but I was keep getting email that there is also a subscription option. I said I'm not interested in the subsciption but like to know how I could upgrade with the 50% discount and they said this promotion was expired "YESTERDAY!!" What a joke. I spent so much time for these back and forth emails and I've got nothing at the end. The customer service really sucked. I'm planning to switch to other apps with better services.
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3 years ago, SirSmr0201
Simpleis , Good, A few Flaws
1. Does not allow you to move the branches at all. You have to move the nodes and the branches move automatically. For a large canvas, you constantly have to move things around or branches will literally run through visibly other nodes. Why can't we move branches similar to connections? 2. you cannot manually place where the branches or connection attach to a node. Since this icallis done automatically, when one needs the branch attaching at 3 o'clock, the software may automatically attach it at 6 o'clock or 3 o'clock. Very frustrating. It causes a mess at times.
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1 year ago, Bob Kerstetter
Free MIndNode works fine, but…
…no one works without payment. Free MIndNote adds and edits nodes. It includes folding and other functions. Free MindNode works great. Shareware can work if people pay the fees, but one-fee-for-life business models fail viability tests for most developers. Learn from the 1980s when we lost so much good software because people refused to pay the developers. Users can do all sorts of things with free MindNode. MindNode Plus adds more features. The dozen-ish minds behind MindNode need to eat and make other life payments. We should expect to pay. SInce way back, I have used both free and paid MindNode, depending on my needs. I am a consultant and generally get paid for my work. When I need additional features for mind mapping, I pay MindNode. That is only fair. No should expect MindNode developers to work for free.
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4 years ago, SonicPlayground
Invaluable Tool for Living
I've been unsing MindNode since version 1 in 2012 and I would not want to be without it. It has a friendly design and is easy to learn. The app looks like something Apple itself would design. The interfece is super fast and friendly and everything is very simple to use for newcomers. Beyond its simplicity, MindNode offers a number of slightly deeper options for customizing and beautifying map layouts which is a huge plus when preparing maps for presentations. A All the way around! For the developers: I'm a highly detail oriented person, so the only things I wish the program had would be a toggle option to align child nodes to a grid in when in manual layout mode, and a way to center/mid-align a branch's connection to a downstream node. These are minor things but since precision is at the core of my work they'd be quite welcome!
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1 year ago, Alain91210
Fantastic App
Helps me organize my thoughts regardless of what I'm trying to achieve, whether organizing my life as a whole or orchestrating the accomplishment of a particular goal. It is very helpful to clear your head of your thoughts, put them down somewhere so that you can clearly see them and how they connect, and then begin -- through further and further branching -- to actionalize steps towards goals attainment towards whatever you seek to achieve. Limitless applications!
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4 years ago, MrSinaRJ
Best app to organize thoughts
I haven’t paid for any app and after a lot of using the free version I decided it worth the 20$ per year subscription. It really changed everything in my life. In developing better applications and even managing my team better. I even use it to plan trips. It really lower your mind busyness. Either you want to use it for work or for personal use, THAT IS THE APP TO SPEND ON. Even if you don't want to spend money on it, the free version gives you ton of features.
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4 years ago, rdouma
I've been using MindNode for over 12 years now and I should have submitted a review long ago I guess. It's one of my core tools. It does one thing and it does it very, very well. The sync with iOS is flawless. It's fast. It's simple, but everything is there where you expect it to be, and then some. It's stable. The support is great. They resist bloat yet know make it better every time. There are a few apps on my computer I will never change. This app is one of them.
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3 years ago, Spookysguy
Elegant, usable... but limited
If the makers of Mind Node looked at any full-featured mind map app, they'd see where they have to go. A lot of features, some of them basic to mindmapping (e.g. boundaries, custom layouts, granular formatting), are still missing. The difference is that Mind Node is 100% native, playing nicely with every aspect of both Mac OS and iOS (as well as iPad OS). It makes a difference if you need to swap data between apps, want to use the native Files and Finder apps seamlessly, and want that Apple look and feel. Tech support is rapid and sincere. For the best feature set, check out SimpleMind Pro.
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3 years ago, Npittzocato
Great app! Love it, BUT needs to fix
I love this app and have had for at least 5 years. It has been super helpful throughout my undergraduate years. However, there is this fairly new problem when saving a new document: this message crops up, "This can not bes saved as ____. You don't have permission." This is very annoying because I don't know whether a document I make wil be able to be saved or if I just wasted an hour. Could you guys take a look at this and get if fixed? Thanks!
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4 years ago, EddieMac56
Restoring Purchase impossible?
I am (was) a long time user of MindNode. I created more mind maps than I can think of and have always loved this product. Until today. I recently purchased a new macbook pro and redownloaded MindNode from the App Store- three times. However it always defaults to MindNode 7 (freemode) and refuses to let me me restore my purchase from the App Store. I've tried every troubleshooting issue mentioned on their website and NOTHING works. Nor does the developer's response advice given in the complaints section of reviews contained here. Based on past experience my rating would have been 5 stars. Now it is 2, and that is overly generous.
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4 years ago, Maia17
I like this app very much. But I am disappointed and frustrated because I bought the annual subscription in April 17, 2020. A few weeks later after a signed for the annual subscription…there was an update. After the update I was unable to access the app that gives you access to all the features… only the free version. I contacted apple support twice and they told me it's a third party, blah-blah-blah-then I contacted the developers… got nothing from them yet. We buy apps thorough apple store and these people can do whatever they want? They should have more respect for customers. I’m waiting for you guys to restore my purchase or give my money back.
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2 years ago, dancingbrook
Love it! And...
Inspired to write because of the ongoing support and improvements. Would rate it 4.5 if I could, and I rate tough. It deserves a 5 in comparison to most apps but would love to see 2 way sync w/ Reminders. I know that's theoretically possible as other apps do it; not sure why Mindnode deosn't? And also better use of share; being able to easily link nodes to and open directly other Mindnode files so we can more easily have less clutter in one file. Life is one big Mindmap after all.
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3 years ago, WanderingPathfinder
Revising Review Up
Kudos to MindNode for standing behind their product! Had purchased the upgrade on my Mac which was supposed to apply to iPad and iPhone as well. That wasn’t working. Based on previous reviews they reached out to me and after a couple of attempts worked through it with me to get the right address on all devices. Love MindNode and mind mapping and really appreciate a company making sure the users of the software have a good experience
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5 years ago, iTutcher
some useful new features, but not indespensible
I have being use Mindnode for quite a few years. This is my second upgrades. I upgraded more or less due to the risk of obsolesence. Like the new features of focus and hiding the connections, but can certainly live without them. One thing I always dislike is that they change the keyboard shortcuts from version to version. Also (in previous versions at least), the shortcut differs between the mac version and the ipad version. These increases the learning cost.
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2 years ago, Brazucão
Amazing app. Subscription model drove me away
First, I really love this app. I bought it back in 2015 (when you could still do that). The times that I used it were really great. Today I needed to do a mapping for a complex project and saw that they have switched to a subscription model. The free editor version is too bare bones (so many grayed out options). I tried, but I just kept running into limitations. I don't need it often enough to subscribe. I highly recommend the app. But for me the pricing model doesn't work. I'm sorry. I will look for an alternative that I hope is nearly as good
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3 months ago, Maryspkr
Enjoying This App So Far
I've used this app for about a month now. I do a weekly talk and use this for my talk mindmap, including images and a variety of sizes and colors. I'm on an iMac and it's refreshing for everything to be handy and how to use it and what it does works intuitively with what I'm familiar with already. I've paid for all kinds of app subscriptions for mind mapping software. This one is my favorite now.
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2 years ago, ————————nickname--------
Love it! But missing one main thing for me: Merge/combine branches into one
I have a lot of mind maps. Most of my law school notes, papers, etc were written in mindnode. The business I run is managed in mindnode. I use it for pretty much anything that needs planning/organization. feature request: PLEASE add the ability to merge/combine branches/tasks into a single branch. Using arrows as a workaround is not a great workaround/substitution :/ Great work, though! Wonderful app well worth the subscription
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2 years ago, fv2018
Miss a few things
I use the pro version of this app now for a few months. I guess I am very OCD here, when I have to organize my thoughts. So I miss for example the possibility to allign my thoughts in vertical and or horizontal ways. to manipulate connection lines in color, width or line type to add simple geometric forms (e.g. ovals, rectangles, horizontal and vertical lines in different line types) as a background or in transparent mode as foreground to add more structure to thoughts. I often think so to say in multiple dimensions and just hight and width is not enough for me, especially if you can't manipulate the allignments. Our world is more complex nowadays. Maybe a look into Windows MinMap could help? Still, I will give it a chance and see, how it will develop within the next future (Yes, I dislike Windows that much) and will try to find work arrounds for my ideas.
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