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3 months ago
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User Reviews for Minecraft

4.49 out of 5
668.8K Ratings
10 months ago, Alex :):
Why I put in a 4 star rating
I have played Minecraft for a long time. Ever since this update came (the one where you can now crawl not in Bella) I have saw many things happening. The first one being is when placing/breaking blocks I see some black shadow come up and go out of my screen. Two. I’m not sure if it’s me or the game but when I use a repeating command block and try to put in where to TP too it just won’t work. What I mean by this is even if I put in the position it won’t work. Then last one 3. I’m not sure how to crawl because I’m playing on IPhone and not computer. This is all I have of the problems but in my opinion, I think some new things should be added. The first one is putting back where you can tame ocelots. 2. Maybe make like task you have to do to get free minecoins because I just don’t think you should pay for it and have to pay for the game. 3. Maybe make like a group/website, put in names of peoples user name,spin a wheel and whoever it lands on they give ideas to put in Minecraft. 4. Like I said earlier, I also don’t think it’s right to make people buy the game, pay for minecoins, and now have to make a Microsoft account with it just to be able to join servers and play with friends. And 5. Make different kinds or types of wolves. This is all I have now and I really think everyone should play Minecraft of all age. Thank you for reading this :)
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1 month ago, The watermelon hehe
I love Minecraft. It’s been such an expiring game and it lets you do almost anything. I love you a lot because it keeps us updated some times and it has a lot of things to do like servers play with your friends or just by yourself on a survival world or a creative world, even ones that they have made. It is so cool to play Minecraft and I especially love how you can make your own avatar character whatever you wanna call it or upload a skin I also like that you can make achievements and there’s various things to do. I like that Mojang has put so much effort into this game in an actually became popping you know, and like I like all the different types of mobs I love the chickens because they look so cute and Minecraft is just one of my favorite games in the whole world and I absolutely love the tricky trials update. It’s so cool and I love the maze especially the breeze balls, the breeze balls they let you rebel yourself up and I think that’s really really cool and I especially love the bog and the breeze the breeze. If it wasn’t hostile, it would make a perfect pet. It looks so cute. The bog looks really scary and I love that Mojang added a new swamp monster I like the addition of it being like poison arrows instead of regular arrows, like the stray for the tundra, and I especially love the mushroom on its head but one thing I really want to add, is muddy pigs!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍😍😍😍😍🤯🤯🤯🤯🗿🗿🗿🗿🗿💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿💅🏿🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩☺️☺️☺️☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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2 weeks ago, Rocket4048016
Normal Rating
Minecraft is GREAT! The updates, the worlds, everything is fun. You can play on multiplayer games, and friend people to join their worlds. Or you could go on (or create) a server. There are some servers where you can go on only if you have a Microsoft account, like Hive, CubeCraft, Galaxite, etc. etc. But, when you go into survival, you have to kill animals and monsters (like zombies, skeletons, etc.) to survive. For parents who don’t want their kids to play games that have the ability to kill, the mobs and animals die by sometimes making a final noise and afterward just, disappearing. Yep, you heard me: DISAPPEARING. Their body doesn’t stay there after it perishes. Which is good too. I would suggest that you don’t let kids play Minecraft until they’re at least 7or 8. You know, some mods that people add to their worlds scare people, even me, and I DON’T get scared easily. For example, there is a game in a server called Doors. There is this weird monster, and it can easily creep up behind you and kill you. It’s SCARY. The first time I played it, I got so scared I… Well you don’t want to know. Other than those very few things, Mojang (some people who keep Minecraft in control) has created a wonderful game, where you can explore and just…. Play! Please download Minecraft, for millions of players love it, and you can read other reviews to clearly see that. I hope you have fun playing!
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1 month ago, It should be free…
The best game ever
This is the best game ever if you are deciding if you should get this go with you it’s the best you can build anything in anywhere that you want for people that are building this game. I have a couple thing that you can do it to it, I think that the ravens that pick up that gross meat and eat it when the mobs drop it, and that there should be banana trees, and there should be a couch that you should add in. In the savanna, make sure to add mommies. That would be super cool, and like the desert you could have like pyramids to go with a mummy’s since there’s already like quick snow you should add quicksand for the pyramids and more traps that you can do. You should add a fish tank so that we can have a place to put a fish. We haven’t got any snakes or reptiles so please add gum to be so cool if we had lizards that job skills and those girls could help you with something. and you should also have a beach with seashells that you can crush using a hammer and the sea cells can help make sand if you add them all together in a crafting table. I have some pretty good ideas if you want to use them so if you are looking at this, I would recommend you to use them and if you do in the update, can you do a thank you thing to Kate because that’s me also PS I didn’t check if there’s any grammar issues because it’s a long paragraphs so sorry about that.🤪🤪
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4 years ago, Former Nextel User
Amazing but a few things...
Ok, I have been playing Minecraft for years. Each update is better then the last, adding amazing animals and new objects. However I have noticed in the recent update, TONS of new bugs and issues have occurred. Such as, sometimes when I am crafting something, I craft it and then go back in the crafting table. But my item is still there. I try to remove it, but it just replaces itself with another one. I end having to close the app and reopen it. Another problem that has recently developed is, whenever I go into chat when I am on a sever, my game immediately freezes, then crashes and knocks me out of the app. Another thing that has recently happened is when I am playing and go into my inventory, it freezes and won’t unfreeze. One more is, sometimes when I go into the nether, it stays frozen on the “loading terrain” screen. Other than these glitches and bugs, I HIGHLY recommend this game. Whenever I want to play a fun game, this will always be my first choice. With the endless building ideas, the challenge of defeating the bosses, and playing countless games and tests Minecraft is the best game out there and will make you play for hours. A few animal ideas are: Bears, birds, snakes, frogs, mice, sharks, squirrel, elephant, lion, monkey, butterfly, crab, deer, penguin, kangaroo, koala, raccoon, alligator or crocodile and more types of dogs. Thank you for reading!
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3 years ago, aria t scott
New updates
OK I love Minecraft and I know a really cool update that we should have I heard there was probably gonna be an update for Christmas so I thought it would be a great idea to.... have the update and be like seasonal so for Halloween you would get Halloween decorations and our Halloween stuff and then for Christmas we get Christmas stuff for Valentines you’ll get valentines stuff and everything could be celebrated I think that would be really cool and I can make Minecraft epic like I can’t wait for Christmas those items would be epic and then you could add them as real items to be there forever I think it would make it where everyone’s server would be really cool and more people would want to play and another update we should do is like furniture we could have a bit of furniture like regular furniture nothing too special we just want regular furniture that would be really cool so then everyone would actually be able to make couches and people could sit in their beds instead of having to put my cards in their beds and it’s really hard to do that stuff because it’s just like hard because when it gets messed up or your pets get it you can’t get them out unless you get rid of it and you have to restart your whole bed for couches I don’t know how to sit on them and it will be really boring if you can’t sit on your couch
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3 years ago, bellod654
A few new mobs I would like to be in Minecraft
Hi! I just thought of a few new mobs I would like for the developers to add into Minecraft! I hope they at least add in one of them. 1. Skele-Fish. It is a fish that can be found in all water sources in every biome, except for swamps. It can only spawn in when the world is in easy, normal, or hard. It can drop up to 3 bones when killed, it doesn’t attack you unless if you attack it first, (just like when you hit a wolf in survival when it isn’t tamed to anyone in that world) it deals three hearts when it attacks you, and it has a body made of bones with no eyes. 2. Black Bear. A bear with a brown snout, brown belly, and all the rest is black fur. It can only be found in Taiga (spruce forest) biomes. It has the same body that the polar bear does. It eats raw fish of any type and sweet berries, but you cannot tame them, you can only breed them (just like the foxes). They can spawn when the world is in peaceful, easy, normal, or hard. But when it is peaceful, when you attack them they won’t attack you back. But when it isn’t in peaceful when you attack one, they deal 4 hearts when the player is in survival. 3. Penguin. It only spawns in snowy plains and on icebergs. They eat raw fish of any type, but you cannot tame them, you can only breed them. They have a white belly and the rest is all-black. They do not attack you when you hit them in easy, normal, or hard.
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3 months ago, kaden with a k
Please fix the controls!
Great game, runs with some glitches and overheats my phone but that’s to be expected with a full feature game on a mobile device; but the controls are significantly worse than they used to be. The touch controls are ok for some but for me and many others not playing on a large screen, dragging your finger all across the display to break/place/interact with blocks is not a great experience because you can’t see what you’re doing. I got around this by playing with the D pad and crosshair but since the update a few months ago it’s extremely frustrating to use. There are gaps in between the movement controls which means they take up more space and if you tap in the gaps you can end up placing or breaking a block or using a tool which can end up killing in game pets and altering blocks like stripped logs. The worst part is the swim rise and sink feature that has controls that are no joke 1/4 the size of my thumb making the previous dead spots even worse making doing anything in water dangerous, infuriating, and time consuming. It doesn’t help that both controls aren’t able to be enlarged to a meaningful degree even with the experimental settings. It wouldn’t even be a hard fix since the old controls have already been in the game and could just be an optional setting. If it was any other game I would’ve quit by now.
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3 years ago, derpy_cat-dododododoooo
I started playing this when I was like eight on my iPad and I LOVED it. I would be playing almost all day and build the most complex things! I still love it today and play it on a regular basis, but it’s just so cool that you can build anything you want! You can make sliding glass doors, get behavior packs so you can ride dragons, play on different worlds, and even invite your friends to join you! Another cool thing about it is that you can play on creative, adventure, or survival! In creative you can freely get blocks out of the inventory with out mining or crafting them, and you also can fly without elytra, don’t have to eat, and can last indefinitely underwater! Then in survival, you get to fight of mobs, go mining, and maybe find elytra so you can glide instead of walking or riding a horse! (Idk what adventure setting is tho 🤷🏼‍♀️) you can also go to the marketplace and by texture packs, different outfits and items, and even pre-made worlds!(one of my favorites is a snowboarding one) also, although some people seem to have glitches and stuff, I’ve never had any problems playing, and have never encountered a bug of any kind or a glitch! I’m just saying that if your undecided about wether or not to get it, it’s worth every penny and you won’t regret it! -Someone who is obsessed with Minecraft 👁❤️⛏🧵
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4 years ago, father-dearest
I love love love Minecraft!
Minecraft is one of my all-time favorite games to play! I love seeing all of the different updates that are added. Recently, I went at least 2 months without playing which really sucked (STAY IN SCHOOL KIDS) but when I did return to my Minecraft world, there was so much new stuff waiting for me to explore! I think survival is a fun mode if you’re up for a challenge. Then there are people like me. I start with creative and build everything I want (sometimes I get lucky and find a village) and stock up on everything. I mean EVERYTHING. From food to blocks to animals to weapons, I never want to be caught by a monster in survival without the proper weapon! The villagers are really fun to trade with. When I play Minecraft, I listen to the sound on my airpods and I love the noise that villagers make! I recently made a new world titled “Covid is killing my brain cells” where I used everything from the inventory. I have my own little zoo and a very enforced prison where I keep the monsters. Ok I didn’t use EVERYTHING. I didn’t use endermans because (1) they scare the heck out of me and (2) they could just teleport out of their prison cell and murder me ruthlessly in my sleep. I have an aquarium too with all the sea animals. Whoever thought to add dolphins is my new best friend! So what I’m trying to say is that I absolutely love Minecraft and would recommend it to everyone! ❤️
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5 years ago, 💕Minecraft
Minecraft is an amazing game!!💕💕
I love Minecraft! I’ve been playing it since I was 8 years old, and it’s come a long way since then. Most games I play I usually play them for about a month or two, three at the most, and then forget about it. But Minecraft is different. It’s stuck with me for a long time now (almost 6 years). It’s a great game to play with friends and family, whether you want to create a massive structure or survive in the wilderness while fighting monsters, or do a bit of both. However, like every game, it does need some improvements. First of all, I suggest that it have a wider variety of animals in the game, (elephants, lions, tigers, sharks, etc). Also, I think their should be more options of furniture, especially in creative mode, rather than having to use steps as chairs. There are also a few glitches that can be annoying. For example, if you add to many mobs in creative, it will lag out your game. Also, there was this one time that I had to delete and reinstall the game because it wouldn’t let me open up the game. Regardless of some minor issues, this game is absolutely phenomenal and highly suggest downloading it! My advice to you is to first read the “how to”, it will tremendously help you get a head start on the game. Once you download this game, you won’t be able to stop playing! Trust me, you won’t regret getting it!!!💕💕
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2 years ago, meaggon
Love the game but…
Ok I love Minecraft and there are some things that would be better, and or cool but I know this’ll get buried but still. With the wild update there was a “portal” in the ancient city and that’s so cool and I know how long it takes to build things like that because I build things like mansions a lot and it takes days, months, sometimes even years to finish because you may not be motivated enough. But I know there is more than one person on the building team. And I think (like many others) that it would be super cool to add a actual portal into the “ancient dimension” where there is a “warden king” or warden queen depending on the gender or just “warden god.” There would be trees and things like that and it would just look so nice and cute. The trees would be called (in my mind) wisteria trees and they would have purple, blue, yellow, and pink leaves. They would have those same colours as their leaves or just types of blue considering the wardens colours. There would also be ores but I don’t know what to call them. But the other thing is end ores too I don’t know what they would be called. I think it would be cool make them the same durability as netherite or more durability than netherite. That’s all for now I think this new update is so cool but it needs something more. Just thoughts to be honest nothing bad, just suggestions.
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4 years ago, grandmaster of gaming
An Honest Opinion
Mojang, thank you so much for making the best game this planet has ever seen. I played MCPE one time for a couple minutes on a friends tablet almost 6 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve then watched java and bedrock YT videos up until the point when I downloaded PE this April. One thing I did miss about bedrock though was that the ambience noises were removed. I’m so happy you re-added them with the nether update. I look forward to more updates like the nether update, although not any that are too massive, because people like me (and there are a lot of us) don’t want to lose the simplicity of Minecraft we grew up with. We all want improvements (bug fixes and Java parity specifically on this version) but we don’t massive changes that make Minecraft unrecognizable. For example, the cave update everyone wants, every one expects a massive change but don’t realize it would completely strip Minecraft if it’s simple mining aspect. I am probably the only person in the world who doesn’t want a cave update, but I just don’t want Minecraft to become something else. I’m sorry this is so long, and I feel bad if any devs actually read this, but I’ve wanted to get this off my chest for a while. Please don’t strip Minecraft’s simplicity from it. This is the game we grew up on, please don’t make it a different game. Thank you, and have a great day.
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4 years ago, Peanut_3680
Can we plz get new animals
I love this game it’s like so much fun, but I would love it more if we had some new animals like black bears frogs, owls, cougars, rams for the mountains, like think 🤔 about it we have all these mountains but no rams. Also we have dolphins but no sharks 🦈 we zero animals in the savanna I would love to see a elephants and some giraffes, zebras and snakes would be awesome 😎 like I would definitely rate this game five stars but I really want to see more animals also whales would be 👍 great . Sorry if I’m ranting on about the animals, also how cool would it be if you could spawn a butler and maid 🤩 I would love it because I love to make huge houses but I can’t really guard my home and cook food myself I REALLY THINK IT WOULD BE EPIC IF YOU GUYS ADDED NEW ANIMALS AND NEW SPAWNS🤩 and I don’t mean like a custom pack I mean like in creative you have those egg like things and u can spawn anything you want , speaking of eggs I think it would be awesome if we had popcorn, snow cones and pancakes 🥞. Also can we please, please have spawn children I need a little kid running and causing chaos around my house, I’m a only child so I really want a sis and bro 😔🥺 and to get a kid! I had to spawn twelve different villagers just to get one kid! Also a friend of mine is blind so he can’t really build a house we have to FaceTime with his bro to help him so could we get spawn houses too please for my bff. Thx 4 your awesome 👏🏻😎 game and stay safe ✌🏻
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4 years ago, jdjjsjsnsmmd
Minecraft is like the best game ever you can play with friend play severs and do all that you can make whatever you want in your builds. You can even add mods but there’s something that I don’t like only one thing and it’s the I used to be a mobile player I still am but I play more on my xbox it is that I can’t get any mobs on my phone that seem to work I really wanted the kitchen mod but when I downloaded it nothing poped up it could be the app that I’m getting it from bet oh well what would be a really cool update would be sharks but I don’t think we can get them and it would be cool if MOJANG could at a icon that you can click on to take you to a website or something to simply download a mod or texture packs like that would be awsome I also have some ideals that could possibly be added like maybe more foods or like more pets like a dog update the dogs not worlds dogs that have cool skins like big dogs and small dogs 🐕 🐶 like that would be so cool that’s all but Minecraft is a awsome game and you can Choos it you wanna go in a game by yourself or with your friends or with people you don’t know in a sever and the best thing is you and find treasure is a ship and a jungle temple and a desert 🐫 🐪 temple and others and you get really good loot and MOJANG if your seeing this do you think you could add these mods???? Well I got to go I recommend getting this app!!!!😍😍😍😍
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4 months ago, notjeff33669
Dont mess with a good thing. (U.I. Changes)
Ive been playing minecraft pe since it was free. I have seen so many blocks and ui changes come and go. But i can wholeheartedly say that the most recent ui change had been the absolute worst. The d-pad is no longer a functional way of moving. "Well why don't you just switch to the joystick version of the ui?". Because the joystick is Even Worse! It barely functions, and because of the way touchscreens work, you will more often then not end up looking around instead of moving where you want to go. Don't get me started on the inventory changes. It was bad enough when they moved the search function from the bottom (where it is in easily accessible range) to the top (where it is not), but the hotbar has now become so minuscule as to make it functionally nonexistent. I can't equip a single item into my hand without accidentally touching just above or just below the hotbar. I have loved minecraft for so many years, and I would strongly recommend playing it. Of course, that was before these changes. I would go so far as to deem this ui shift unplayable. I understand that the odds of the developers actually reading this are quite slim, but it is important to me that they know that they can't just uproot the way the minecraft pe interactions have looked without at least having the option to return to the original settings. Thank you for reading this. Happy trails.
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4 years ago, Captain Conor
A creative masterpiece
I don’t have long to write a review, but this game is amazing. I started playing from around age 6 and have enjoyed playing this game for 6 years. Even though I feel I’ve only gotten decent recently I think this game is really fun. Not matter your trying to survive the night with your friends in survival, or building the mansion of your dreams in creative, best game ive ever played and has sculpted me as a gamer and in real life from the way I think of architecture and design. I can still remember being scared out my socks when I was only a kindle fire and it was day in the desert, and I went into a cave, then it was pitch black, I started to spin, and then I was lost. No escape. I was in survival for the first time which made it worse. Then Im spinning trying to see a light going deeper and deeper and BOOM! Got blown up by a creeper, let’s say I stuck to creative for a bit lol 😂. I love going on the MC discord and looking at all the amazing feedback I get from other players now that I have some actual good idea of what I’m doing and I’m trying to figure out redstone. One thing I would suggest, stop advertising the game as a game for little kids because even though I’m a kid I know when I’m an adult if you keep updating I’ll still be playing! But great job mojang otherwise! Woah this was a lot longer than I anticipated. Keep up the great work! -Conor
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4 years ago, JarellAncheta0116
Thank you, Minecraft
Minecraft is truly an amazing game. Reason being, how it really makes you wonder about life’s unexplored lore, and a bunch of possibilities that may come across you in the future. I recently beat the ender dragon in the bedrock version, so I decided I wanted to to stay at the credits screen and read it all the way. Which actually happened. The way the credits screen was written out really had me speechless just because of how simply powerful the language makes you imagine about life, and imagining how far you may go. I never really thought about life that deep before, when I was still very young, but now that a few years have passed, I definitely have developed a drastically deeper understanding for Minecraft. I believe that Minecraft just isn’t a sandbox game where you can let your imagination and creativity raise the bar as high as you want, but I honestly think it’s more than just a game. The credits screen feels like you’re living a dream come true, which I feel like it’s more than just a game. This is why I’ve been sticking with Minecraft ever since the past decade, and would definitely recommend this game to anyone that is into video games. If anyone actually read this all the way until the bottom, thank you for reading. If you just started Minecraft, keep playing, you won’t regret it one bit. 😇
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2 years ago, no1:(
How I lag
I always play with my friend Alana me and her would play and Have a good time but the most thing that aggravates me is how I lag and the way I glitch get on my nerves but I still play Minecraft and Minecraft really is the best game ever I play Minecraft every single day like I mean every single day and on the 18th of May was my birthday and I got a lot of stuff and I have this Minecraft coin card that my friend Alana came to me and I’m trying to figure out how to put my coins on and I forgot that my mom has a password that’ll let me and I don’t know it so yeah but I really like the game no matter what happens So yeahI’m not even a above 16 yet I am now 10 I was 9 so yeah Minecraft is the best game ever I really love love love love how they were creative I and my older brother knows how to and know what to do he knows me that I’m not that good but I’m getting better every day and night And I think the creator(s) need a snack for making the game But Minecraft really is the best game ever and my brother taught me how to play it and now I really know what to do so yeah Somos may have trouble and I’m out from school until August so I got along a lot of time to play with my friend Alana yes Minecraft is the best team ever so thank you for making this game and I want to be a gamer when I grow up just to put that out there THANK YOU
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3 years ago, addison736
I have played Minecraft since 2014 and I’ve loved it. They is only 2 problems and a few things I would like to be added. My 2 problems are, it sometimes glitches if I have a lot of flowers around? I’m not sure why it does this it’s kinda weird but it’s fine, my next problem is it kicks me off for no reasons once in a while, my wifi, networks, and everything else is fine but it still does it. Now on to the things I would like to add! I would like a unknown biom, what’s in it you ask? Well it has strange builds that are colorful but can be deadly but you can also find looted chest that have really good things. Another thing I would like to be added is new mobs, like whales, bears, fennec Fox’s, zombie/skeleton fish. I think those would be really good mobs. So the whales would drop whale meat which gives you speed while in water just like the dolphins but for a longer time and only when killed, the bears would drop fur which can be crafted into a rug or drop hunny, the fennec Fox would drop bug meat and when you get close they would give you speed in the desert, and the Zombie/Skeleton fish would drop fish flesh if were zombie or 2/3 bones if skeleton when killed but can attempt to attack if frightened. I hope you can fix those problems and add those things!! And keep up the good work! 18.2
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3 years ago, Morganr18
Suggestions for things to add
Hi Mojang I love Minecraft I’ve played it since it first came out and play it everyday with my friends I tried to go the the feedback website but it didn’t work I hope you will take the suggestions into consideration with that said I would love to see new potions including one where you can use glow squid ink sacks to make a glow potion to light the player up when drank I would also love to see new paintings in the game maybe in some new sizes me and my friend think it would be cool to add a baby dragon that you can ride on when you defeat the ender dragon we also think it would be cool to add new animals and insects like snakes and butterflies it would also be cool to have glowing dyed leather armor I also think it would be cool to add all or most mob heads to the game i would also be so so so happy if you added shaders and ray tracing on Minecraft switch I also think it is unfair that most good texture packs aren’t available for switch I really want the minebricks lego texture pack but it’s not available for switch edition I hope you take these ideas into consideration I think a lot of people including me and my friends would be happy to see these in the game and on all platform of Minecraft like switch and I want to thank everyone at Mojang for making such an awesome game.
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4 years ago, AshDeWolfie
Many can agree that this is the app we grew up on. This app is amazing, along with its beautiful, tear-bringing soundtrack. As I look back on the app, it has changed so much. It sounds crazy, but I almost wish it was back to the days when you lived off of cows and used boats, but now it’s all cheats and crazy builds and bees. But my favorite part has to be the soundtrack. Listening to these songs, all the memories flow in and rush back, and I think about my brother and cousin building a mansion, and me begging to play, or when my brother would still play with me. This game was my childhood. And while everyone else is crooning over Fortnite, Minecraft remains the best. The music is just magnificent. But, there are a few things that need fixing. Whenever I get on, it says there was an account error, and I don’t even have an account. Also, I made a few characters and they fail to load. Finally, I just wish on Pocket Edition you could go back to different updates so I could play like I used to; no bees, no dolphins, no crazy stuff - just how the game started out. For me, listening to the soundtrack and the scent of Winter Candy Apple by Bath and Body Works brings back all the memories. Minecraft will always be with us. I know this is long, but this game is so worth it. Great job, Mojang, and Notch, and all the others. You have created history.
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5 years ago, JMMZKDTH
Love. It.
This game is the best game I’ve ever played in my life. It helped me when I had to get surgery. It helps me when I get home from school. Hands down this is the best game ever, and if you’re reading this you should definitely get it. It has structures to explore, over 30 biomes, achievements to get, about 85, you can playin friends worlds, in your own worlds, and if you sign in to Xbox live you can pay on servers with players across the globe. You can play worlds in survival or creative, with cheats on or off. The 5 default servers are The Hive, Lifeboat, Mineplex, Mineville City, and Cubecraft games. But there are tons of other servers around too. It constantly updates proving it won’t go out of business for a whiiiiiiiiiiile. If you’re looking for an awesome game, get Minecraft. Suggestion: Maybe in the create world slot you could add more textures and not just the default. You could add past tense, or future tense, or Realistic Minecraft, whatever you want. And possibly, could you eventually add more bosses. Knowing the fact when you beat the Wither and Ender Dragon, there’s not really anything else to do. Really you could just go to end city, get achievements, that’s really all that’s important left. And maybe you could add some guns in the game. There’s only a bow and crossbow, maybe you could have an AK-47, or a Sniper Rifle, really anything just please add guns.
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4 years ago, Outer worm
I can make this game better
So I love Minecraft. I’m obsessed with hardcore survival through never ending creative builds. I love the nether and the end. I hope the end gets updated but that is not what I am here for. 1st of, I want to make a whole new type of Minecraft world called service. This would be a pre-server world so that you can put the build in there into a server without the whole “24 7 hour update that I waste my day on.” 2nd, I want to make a new land called “the fade.” This area would be all faded. But it wasn’t always that way... if you find and defeat the forden (A small mob that is is visible but will fade if you look at it.) If you find the power source that causes this mob to fade you cow destroy it. That mob will drop something called the Fax enchantment to gloves (which y’all should add too) and you touch something the whole world will spring with life. Then a door will appear out of no where to take you back to the over world when you are ready. This will also contain Force oars and on and on. 3rd, A time traveler. If you kill a wither, enderdragon, and forden, they will drop something called Broken map. If you place the three pieces together it will unlock something called a time traveler. This can take you to places from When those shipwrecks weren’t shipwrecks to when the villagers actually LIKED diamonds. Thanks for reading!
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3 years ago, Cardubox
Such a good game but some issues
I want to prefece thsi by saying I love this game and always have I’ve been playing Minecraft for year and it’s only gotten better. Except there are many issues that have caused me grief, one being crashing if I leave the game and come back to it it kicks me off my world and nothing will work until I close the app and reopen it. Also realms is fun but many issues one being whenever I want to put kne of my own worlds on my realm it says error and won’t cooperate I’ve found ways to get around this but still it’s unnecessary also you can’t change much about your realm once it’s made like game setting such as fire spreads and more, however I do apretiate the fact that there is automatic backups of your world constantly so you don’t lose everything. Another issue is people getting kicked from the game when they are already in it just kicks them off for no reason that it says But besides crashing this game is so much fun there isn’t a day when I play this I don’t enjoy besides when it crashes. Also I have the newest iPhone the 12 pro max and have these issues but my close friend with an 8 plus can’t even launch the game without it crashing, and I can’t access marketplace nothing will load and my work is decent nothing will load and I can’t make purchases besides these issues I live this game and it’s worth the money 100%
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4 years ago, LoFo9
Minecraft is the best game ever! It has so much do to. Fight off mobs with weapons, or build a horn your own creative way. Make farms for food, enchant your weapons, and explore villages. There is so much more to do! I’ve played this since I was 4 years old and I still do! It’s AWESOME! If people hate on Minecraft, then I’m very disappointed in them. Minecraft is a one of a kind game with so much potential that it has already given us. More cool ideas can always be added. It has an awesome community, lots of servers and cool mods, and even has cool stuff like Minecon for you to look forward to. Because of COVID19, this year’s Minecon might be cancelled. I really hope not. Anyways, that is off topic to this review. I have so many good experiences playing Minecraft. I can remember worlds that me and my cousins would play in. We would build hotels and make our own parkour courses. We tested out with redefine and command blocks, too. Seriously, games like Fortnite have NOTHING against Minecraft! I’m always gonna be a Minecraft fan. I can’t wait for the new nether update coming! It’s advanced the nether A LOT! It’s just awesome! Plus, Minecraft puts out 2 big awesome updates a year. Seriously, I HIGHLY recommend Minecraft. Not scary, not boring, it’s VERY fun, even if your not a gamer, there is a 99.9% chance you are going to love it! The best game ever!!! :)
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11 months ago, Nobodys here...
Best.. Game.. EVER!!!
I love Minecraft! Ever since my older sister introduced me into it all the way back in August 2020, I have been very addicted to this game! Sure, updates do take long, but don't blame Mojang! They are trying their best to satisfy us. So why don't we just take a moment to appreciate Minecraft? For all you good-rating people out there, keep being awesome to motivate and give happiness to this game and Mojang! 😇😇😇 That's all I wanted to say, goodbye! P.S, (Developer Message only) You guys are the best people on the Earth to make this game! You guys made popularity in only 3 years, going from less than 1,000 to over 50 million people! I think you guys deserve a round of applause and take a break, it's really hard to develop! I'm one of the people who try to help people with their emotions. Thank you Mojang for this wonderful game!! :) [Edit] My only suggestion/reminder (for Mojang only) is the servers. When I played a very popular yet unofficial Minecraft server, it kicked me out 2 hours later because of an unknown reason. It said I had to wait 2 hours until I could join again, but I've been working on it for a year and it still says the same problem! Please work on it Mojang, it is very, very annoying. (Just to let you know, the server is called Peaceful Vanilla Minecraft Server)
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1 year ago, Cat-And-Dog.
Hi Mojang! Sorry for my hate reviews on this game. I was just upset that all my progress was deleted. I hope you can forgive me. I have some suggestions for your community mob votes and some useful information. Back in 2020, the glow squid won unfairly. A Minecraft YouTuber, Dream, convinced all of his viewers to vote on the glow squid. He was very popular and the glow squid only won because of him. I have nothing against dream I’m just saying that he rigged the 2020 mob vote. A lot of people (including me) wanted the other two mobs to win. So to make it fair, please add in the moobloom and iceologer. They looked super cool, and I’m sure no one would mind. Besides, we need more naturally spawning passive fantasy mobs in the overworld, so the moobloom would be neat. I have a few suggestions. Don’t make the mob votes so late. A lot of people can only do this stuff in the day. Don’t host votes on apps like twitter or discord. Only host them on servers. Also, please add the mobs that lost. Lots of us wanted those mobs, and the fans of the winning mob will get to keep their mob, to. Win-win. Finally, make more options for mobs in mob votes. We should have 5-6 mobs to choose from. Once again I apologize for my hate reviews…I really do like Minecraft. I got it on my computer so now I can play it without having to deal with the controls. Bye!
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3 years ago, yip yip im a cow meow
If you don’t like this game you must be buzzed
This game is one of the greatest games ever OK show me so many people like it everybody likes it it’s literally one of the worlds greatest video games ever it’s like it’s just it’s a give you memories that type of stuff you build literally like the type of stuff you do do your first time beating the other dragon and less you have memories the second time that you basically just like because stop a village from getting pillaged what else and they said like a third time third time look what I mean by like third means I mean is that what the game is amazing and like I’m just trying to like tell everybody that this game is one of the worlds greatest games I mean it would be cool Diana like sharks or like a dolphins or like if the ice villager one or the ice Pillager or one but that’s besides the point also by the way everything is gonna sound weird because like basically I’m using that Siri thing like you talk to Siri on my iPhone 11 promax hear you got flex on but seriously seriously though this game that’s awesome so if you’re thinking about getting Minecraft if you want a cool way to be able to play Minecraft on your phone go to your settings click settings app and then press press some Bluetooth and you’ll see something that says exitSo
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1 year ago, Rubicle
This is such a good game, but i encountered Herobrine
Okay, I just want to say that Minecraft is an amazing game. But, when I was playing with my friend in a world and we were making a city, when i left a building i made, there was thunder and lightning but no rain. I get scared a lot but I knew it was a sign of Herobrine I told my friend to leave immediately and I did. But my friend said that the game said, “You cannot do this right now.” When he pressed save and quit. He had to stay in the game and then he literally saw me in the game when i wasn’t and he said that i had white eyes and I was just staring at him. I wasn’t even in the game when he said that I was there with white eyes. It creeped us out so much. And i get scared super easily. Then the game started making all of the mobs float up into the air, even the NPCs we made and they all fell down and died. Then my friend saw a whole bunch of skeletons and slimes and the world was on peaceful. Then and only then was when my friend was able to leave the world. Then he decided to make a copy of the world just in case. After that all of his battery went out on his Xbox and on his iPad at the same time. I’m just informing you about this because we worked really hard on the world. And i got super scared 😟 and it got him scared too. I’m also informing you about this because it might help you catch him.
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4 years ago, ZoeyAaliyah
This game is so fun! I love all of the updates and in my opinion the new update every one is complaining about is actually really good! But besides all of the amazing stuff my game has been glitching hardcore. So when I spawned into a survival world there was like the unfinished portal thing. Ofc I went to it to loot it and I got a golden pickaxe and sword. When I went to go mine coal it gave me the ore blocks instead of just coal. I didn’t think much of it until I went to go mine iron and it gave me nothing! This has been happening on every single one of my survival worlds. Maybe because it has Smite 1 on the golden pickaxe but if so why would you give that out to people? I stumbled across a village and went to go see if they had a furnace so I didn’t have to make one. Halfway through making cooking something in the Blast Furnace it just completely stopped. I tried taking everything out and putting them back in but no. I was really annoyed because I needed to cook food! Since it wasn’t working I decided to make a regular furnace. Checked the crafting recipe and it wanted a different block than cobble it wanted ‘Blackstone’? I didn’t even know that existed in the game! A lot other glitches have been happening I just can’t think of all of them right now. Those glitches stood out to me the most. Overall really good game!
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4 years ago, Purple cat chan
It’s great but.........
I love this game but there is a few things wrong with it now the first problem the app and Game is amazing but the price that it is it’s 6.99 that’s 7 bucks down the drain just for some pixels problem 2 even in survival mode it gets extremely boring fast so maybe add some more portals?more mobs like a....a duck are a lizard just pleas add more animals problem 3 whenever my iPod is like 20% I definitely need to charge it but when I get bored with Gacha life I play Minecraft but whenever I click out of Minecraft it has to reload and it takes an eternity (it’s Spanish for forever)to load then I pick my world again it takes forever 4 why are all the skins in Minecraft so expensive like I had to make my character look as nice and me as possible without spending any money so can you also fix that problem your already erning a lot of money like over 2million I think 🤔 but still at least make more skins available and free and that’s basically it sooooo.........And I don’t know if I said this already but can you make the games free pls pls pls I’m tired of searching and searching for free Minecraft worlds it’s bad enough that the game itself is 7 bucks so pls make most games free pls it would mean a lot to me if you did but yea that’s it 🤗 By:Purple Cat Chan Hai and bai🤗 Stay home and you will be safe From the COVID-19🦠🦠🦠🤗
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4 years ago, Sione Tuiaki
I’ve been playing Minecraft my whole life it feels like, but something is wrong with the custom skins. Say you download this skin from one of the skin apps and your so exited about it. Well to bad for you, you can’t wear it. I checked a million times to see if it’s just a update or something like that but it’s not! It’s super glitchy too, me and my cousins usually play together but it’s been lagging a lot. Then randomly it kicks you out and doesn’t let you join back in unless you reset the whole thing. You guys say that you keep fixing the game- but your not, your making it worse. We love that you are adding new things to the game and I’m not saying that’s the problem...but maybe...it is? I’m so excited for all the new things! Don’t get me wrong, everyone is! But there was a few I didn’t like personally. It was the customize your own skin thing you guys added not to long ago. We are happy that you tried to make the game better, except I really think you made it worse. That’s might just be me but I loved the game where we didn’t have all this glitchy stuff and we can play without that. And without that confusing customize your own skin thing. Please fix it! This is the game I love and will always love- but just remove some of the updates you think made the game better. Thank you!!!
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5 years ago, Minecraft_Lover🎮
That one review...
Okay this game is amazing. We all know that. Though I think it can be better. I’ve played Minecraft all my life, it was the only game I grew up with. It’s become a part of my life and I can’t let it go. Therefore, I come from a period of Minecraft that was simple and didn’t have much to it. Which was what I loved about it. It stood out from Call of Duty and Halo. The only reason I won’t rate it a perfect 5/5 is because of one reason. This game has become too much. Don’t get me wrong, I love this game so much to stop playing. Although, I miss it being simple and not having so many mechanics... Back to when it was a simple game, just blocks, a few things. The amazing feel of inviting your friend that was right next to you into your world, just so you guys could goof off and build some awful world. That’s what made the game special. Now this game updates faster than half of the other Minecraft versions. It’s basically Minecraft Java, but mobile. I hate it. It doesn’t have that same feeling. Though, like said before, it’s not like I can just let this game go. So I’m still here playing it. I just wish that it was more how it was before. Before minecoins, the xbox live sign in, the new blocks that don’t even have a purpose. Just let me play the old Minecraft... the Minecraft I remember... the Minecraft I fell in love with... the Minecraft I stayed up for. - TheOneReview.
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4 years ago, Dee Viv
Minecraft is amazing but it definitely needs a few updates
I’ve been playing Minecraft since I was 7. It’s one of my favorite games to this day and I still love playing it. But I still have a few things I really want added to the game. Backpacks would be an extremely helpful feature to add to the game. On long adventures I’ve run out of space in my inventory many times. Backpacks would help solve this problem. I’ve tried to download mods for backpacks but they never work. Flying creatures such as dragons that you can ride on would be so much fun. It’s a bit of a stretch considering the only dragon in the game is the ender dragon but honestly it would be a lot of fun. Instead of having them spawn randomly maybe it can be a quest to find a dragon egg and then have some specific way to hatch it. My last suggestion is different kinds of dogs. Cats come in 11 different kinds and I would be overjoyed if dogs did too. Maybe instead of taming wolves, dogs can be separate just like cats and ocelots. Preferably I would love breeds like pugs, collies, German shepherds, huskies, corgis, golden retrievers, poodles and bulldogs. Since dog breeds all vary in sizes I would suggest making them different sizes as well. I love what mojang has done over the years with the game and I hope these suggestions will come into consideration, please and thank you.
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4 years ago, Egypt_Lee
On a scale of 1-10 it would be a 8
I love Minecraft and have playing since it was on the Xbox 360, and I have loved everything about it! But recently it’s been laggy, glitchy and it even crashes when I try to play. Normally the game isn’t that slow but when ever I’m not on WiFi or have a poor connection , it takes 5 minutes to just to make the type of world that I want! Before the game would be a little slower than normal, but never THAT slow. I could be casually playing and it would glitch so bad, it would crash! And oddly enough when I try to pause the games it would take over 5 minutes for it to load the menu. Besides that, the gameplay is good, and the graphics are outstanding when you have a good internet connection. The servers are fun to play, and often has a variety of games on the servers. The game updates every once in a while and often features a fun new addition. And the in-game shop has a few free skins, worlds and has deals that are often good. However, when there isn’t a deal or a promotion for the shop the items can be quite expensive. The items range from 100 coins (0.99) to over 1,000 coins (around $20). Unless you are willing to put in money, you won’t have the more fun and interactive worlds/skins. TL;DR Good game overall. Has a fun shop with some free stuff and has fun updates. Has some bad glitches but bearable.
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5 years ago, KatieH79
Infinite Wonders, Endless Possibilities
I’ve loved this game since I was really young. It is such a great way to be creative in more ways than just “placing blocks.” You can use math, science, art, architecture, music, and so much more in this incredible app. There are literally endless possibilities, and with the new updates, 2019 could quite possibly be its best year yet. My only problem is when it comes to texture packs, the really large and quite amazing ones like VanillaBDCraft don’t work on my phone. They cause the whole app to crash. I’m not sure if it’s a bug, but other than that, I have no problems with the game. The only other thing I wish would be changed is the variety of blocks. You have slabs, staircases, and full blocks, but there aren’t any smaller cubes aside from heads and you can’t have sideways slabs or staircases. I think this is a hug limitation in what is possible for art and architecture in Minecraft. With it, there could be so many more possibilities and overall efficient and better-looking builds. And don’t get me started on the Minecraft Store. That thing just gets on my nerves. Why is the most expensive texture pack in the store so simple? And the description of it isn’t professional at all. Other than these things, I have no problem with Minecraft and enjoy playing pretty much everyday.
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6 years ago, Tunafish78
Look, I appreciate Minecraft so much. I feel like it has been reading my reviews (on different accounts). I ask for enderpearls, stained glass, etc and they ALL add to Minecraft pe in order. So, here’s two more things that I need last. One being shields and number two being capes. We had capes for a while, but then it got patched down. A lot of Minecraft players were upset about this, and those groups of players included me. Now, I’m still keeping five stars because I wouldn’t know where I’d be without this amazing game, Minecraft. I made lots of friends and when I found out that they played as well, we played until 4 in the morning! Anyway, back to the shields now. Xbox and PC have this now. Im not sure about the Switch, but I really want to play using shields. If Mojang is going to let us merge games with different consoles, then it wouldn’t be fair if they had shields and we didn’t. See what I mean? Now that we merged, I have been looking for shield every update but all we got was Mixer LiveStreaming, Bug Fixes, and Minor Improvements. I would be a bit disappointed if Mojang “forgot” about shields, but I would also totally get it. Everyone makes mistakes. But I hope this is read and useful. Thank you, creators, for this amazing game that took me so far. Thank you. Thank you so much. Have a great day!
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4 years ago, annelise_h
I love it but..
Dear Mojang, I’ve been playing Minecraft for years now and I love it but there is a bug that keeps happening every time. Anyways I made a survival world to unlock all the achievements there. And it was working fine but now it freezes from time to time and I can’t exit the game but I can still move so I wait about five minutes and nothing is happening. So I keep getting out the game and coming back but when I come back some of my stuff is not saved and it sometimes deletes my animals which is really annoying because it’s hard to find more horses that are fast. So I just take a break for a while and I come back. When I come back it seems to be working ok again, so I make a nether portal and go in to try and find the temple. I eventually find it and then head back to my house to get prepared and get better armor and stuff. Ok so I go back to the nether and it freezes again!!! So I exit out the game and get back on and enter the nether again, again it freezes so I keep leaving and coming back and nothing is working! I worked so hard on that world and now I won’t let me go back to the nether without freezing!!! I’ve already reported the bug to Mojang. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next update because I really just wanted to have fun and beat the game for once. Please help me it needs to be fixed!! Thank you. -Annelise
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5 years ago, Angiepotato
I love Minecraft but...
I love Minecraft it’s a great game but I wish they had more animals for and more interactions with pets like, pets can have stats and you can train them like some stats could be Combat, or speed and adding more animals like snails, Slugs, Racoons, Rats, Mice, Goats, More pets, Snakes, and more, but I really want is more food! I think you could add food like More pies, More Fruit, More Vegetables, More Soup, Coconut milk from coconuts, Chocolate milk, Strawberry milk, Fruits I want to be added in soon but it’s okay if these will be in a later update you can take all the time you need to add these like dragon fruit, bananas, Avocado, Pear, Cactus fruit, Mangosteen, Mangos, Lychee, Pineapple, Grapes, Green Apple, Peach, Oranges, Blueberries, Plums, and tons more if you are reading this thank you for reading this Minecraft is one of my favorite games I have had since I was little normally I don’t write reviews but Minecraft is just something I felt like I had to do and I was thinking maybe adding Venus fly traps and flys, maybe more flowers?, onions, and more types of fish like, bass, catfish, and possibly whales! It would be amazing if in a later update one of these are in it. Minecraft is I think one of the first games I got and I remember back then what it was like compared to now it has improved so much thank you for working hard on Minecraft :)😁🤗😋❤️❤️👍🏻
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2 years ago, idbd fb
Great game 👍 it
I like Minecraft because you can play different modes instead of just playing survival or playing on creative mode. Because some times you want to build an entire city in Minecraft and sometimes you want to see how long you can survive in the wild by playing a game. This app has also been on my phone for as long as I’ve had my phone at all! Definitely say that this is longest lasting app on my phone that has been fun for years in a row. And I’ve seen different knock-offs of Minecraft and tried them to see if they’re any better and none of them were. Minecraft is also the ONLY game on my phone that has ZERO ads whatsoever you can just play and won’t be bothered by ads like other games. As great as this all is there just one small thing that would make a huge change on the game. I think that when you pause the game everything in game pauses too because there have been multiple times where I have been killed by a zombie In the game because the game didn’t actually pause. But other than that there’s nothing to complain about in this game. And I would definitely recommend this to anyone who hasn’t played. And this is by far one of those games that people would have HAVED to play at some point in their life.
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5 years ago, Jdndhdhhfhfhfhfh
Amazing game, but...
This game is fantastic, but there are a few things that I really think need to be fixed: 1. You cannot place carpet under ladders and doors. It is really annoying and I hope it can be fixed. 2. VOLCANOS! There should definitely be so,e volcanos, ones that are erupting and not. I also think that before creating a new world you should be able to deactivate the volcanos if you wanted. 3. It would be really great if there were different kinds of dogs, especially if there are different types of cats. For example, there are Siamese cats, black cats, orange cats etc...but there is only one kind of dog. I also think that’s there should be wolf spawners (which there is) AND dog spawners for the villages. There are cat and ocelot spawners, but not for dogs. 4. For the people that want the old Minecraft back, the simple one, I don’t think Mojang should change Minecraft, I want Mojang to keep adding more exciting things. HERES MY IDEA SO EVERYONE IS PLEASED: before creating a new world, you should be able to check/cross off certain blocks, mobs, animals etc...this will make it so it’s simpler if you want it to be. For example, you want a world with no cheats, no ravagers, pillagers and dolphins, just cross them off and boom, back to old simple Minecraft. Anyways, thank you so much for creating this amazing game, I am forever grateful!
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6 years ago, D00-D00
I LOVE Minecraft but....
I absolutely love Minecraft but I don’t love the new update that just came out. For example my inventory is weird. I personally like using the classic version instead of pocket and ever since the last update both versions is very glitchy and it doesn’t show the name of the item. Additionally, when you press an item it sort of highlights the box and I don’t like it. In addition to the latest update I have some suggestions for the new update to make it more enjoyable. 1- New breeds of dogs and cats! I feel that Minecraft needs more dog and cat types to kinda freshen it up and for it to be more interesting. 2- More food! Maybe coffee, sandwiches, burgers, French fries, etc would make it cool. 3- Crazy Craft! I see you tubers (ldshadowlady,smallishbeans,etc) using crazy craft on their computers and I think a free version on Minecraft PE so that all players could get crazy craft and play like the minecrafters they look up to would be really nice! 4- Cameras and Phones. I feel like we need a technology update. I think working phones, computers, cameras, and any thing technological would be really cool to add to the game. Finally, more furniture! Couches, vanity’s, toilet bowls, mirrors, closets and basically anything you would find in a house! I think that, that idea is really cool and would attract many players! If you can do this than thank you! Sorry for being so needy :(
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5 years ago, Izzy zebra dad election
Updated a little too much🤷‍♀️
I mean Minecraft is a good game. It’s fun and there’s also loads of servers but there is one problem for me. I think you guys updated the game a little too much for the multiplayer part. I love the whole water updates and all that but the multiplayer part is just making the worst in my opinion let me explain. When Minecraft first came out it was sooo easy to join each other all you had to do was be close to the person you wanted to play with and then join. But now you have to have this whole account thing and it’s just waayyy too complicated. And I can’t even join my friends because it just doesn’t work and when it does they immediately get kicked out for some reason and that’s the only reason why I liked Minecraft and now I can’t even play with my friends. But yet again that’s just my opinion. Also I’m on iOS so that may be the problem but idk?🤷‍♀️ Hello me again I have decided to update my review a bit more 💀 I think that you could make this game that 19x better by adding... MORE BIOMS!!!! This game is amazing but to be honest I get kinda tired of just seeing the same bioms over and over again but other that that still an awesome game and I love the new village and cat updates!! 🍬 Oh and one more thing.... you should definitely make jungle, Mesa and mushroom island villages..!! But other that that awesome game🍭🍼
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4 years ago, just tryna play minecraft
Please fix this issue
Okay, I legit love Minecraft, I have been playing since 2016. Now, every time I get signed into my Xbox Live account my Minecraft always jams. It doesn’t let me on. When I do get in it doesn’t load my world, so I’m just stuck there for 30+ minutes. Also I’ve bought mine coins and they won’t load in the marketplace. Right now I should have 100 mine coins after my purchases. They just don’t load, the things I’ve bought don’t load either. Recently Minecraft locked my account and idk why. The marketplace wouldn’t load, like I physically could not click the button to open it. It said that there was “an account error” so I just played as an LAN player to play with my friends. Anyways, I got that issue fixed but now my Minecraft won’t load anymore, no severs, it says “coming soon” when I open that tab. Ironically it worked better and would load and let me play with my friends when I was an LAN player. Another thing is the skins. When I try to put in a new skin it just gives me the one i had before, or it just goes invisible and I’m legit a ghost as I play. It’s honestly annoying. I paid for this app with my own money and I would very much like it to work. I love it, so I really don’t want to have to delete it but rn, it looks like I might have to. Could like Mojang get this fixed please? Thank you for your time.
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4 months ago, sportsgibbs
Change it
I like Minecraft but I can’t play it because of the new controllers can we have it where we have the old and new ones because I can’t stop if I fly,I can’t shift I can’t jump which I love to do. I can’t play with the new controllers and so many other people can’t either. It is actively pushing people away from the game that are long term fans so could we have the new ones and the old ones so people who know how to play with the new controllers have theirs and the people that can’t play with the new controllers but can play with the old controllers can have theirs. I know it’s a busy time but I think it would be a good option because everyone gets what they want. I know people that can’t play Minecraft even though they like it because of this new controllers and I can’t either so please do something I’m sad I can’t play Minecraft and I love mining because it helps me relax after a long day so please fix it. Change in the controllers makes a huge difference in game quality and because people are so used to it you can’t just take it away from them. I’m begging you change it please because I’m struggling to play Minecraft and I just don’t want to play it and others feel it to so please do it. It will help in the long run
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5 years ago, Naruto fan 52747
Great game
This is a great game and I love everything that’s been added recently. But there are a few things that would make the game a bit more interesting. Such as carts that horses or mules could pull, and the player could put stuff in it. Armor for animals like dogs, and cats. It would also be nice to have more birds, like sparrows, hawks, falcons, cardinals, eagles, etc. and something I’ve been wanting since forever, backpacks and torches that light up surrounding areas when held in the hand. Those two things would be very useful for the more adventurous type who don’t like to settle down. There is one thing that I think would make Minecraft off the charts great. If the terrain wasn’t as poorly generated as it is now and it has smooth transitions to each biome. With true mountains that reach the max build height and unbelievably large caverns that dominate the underground. It would make the sense of adventure so much more incredible if a player could wander into a town and visit a tavern and hear the local news or stumble upon a mighty castle in the mountains. A YouTuber named Jeracraft transforms old Minecraft structures like villages and jungles temple into breathtaking structures and makes mountains realistic. And something a bit more manageable would be to increase the world build height to something like 400 or even 500.
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5 years ago, Troutman003
Starting to lose me after many great years...
I played way back in the day. Minecraft PE was fresh off the market. There were no baby animals, spawn eggs, and gravel and sad didn’t fall! And best of all I remember the “Nether Castles,” massive nether forts made from very costly materials just so us PE users could get a feel for the nether. And I remember spending countless hours building building building. I loved it! I recreated some really cool worlds. For instance, I recreated Mean Street in Epic Mickey. But now as the new and exciting updates are being pushed out, PE falls behind. Not in the content! The content lacking version is the PlayStation version. But the bugs and the many glitches hurt us. I get it! It’s impossible to make the perfect game but sometimes the game fails to read simple inputs when I’m hitting the move forward button. This is just an example. Pros outweigh the cons all day. But what’s a review for if the developers don’t read them and consider how to fix it. I believe Microsoft is a very listening company and will hopefully listen to the PE community. Maybe they’ll take a moment and let the game breath! Push the new and exciting update back just a little bit and have an Operation Health😉 The game needs it and we want it. Love your work Microsoft/former Mojang! Keep it up regardless. Thank you for your time!
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2 weeks ago, KalelCervantes
Things i wish for mojang to add.
Pls add 2 dimensions, the aether and the otherside. the otherside is the sculk dimension and the aether is the sky dimension. Also add the achievement "Visitation", to complete the achievement, visit every single biome and structure to complete it. Pls add even a new mobs and bosses (the witherstorm, the moolip, the herobrine, the killer rabbit, the giant zombie, the cluckshroom, the trypophobia warden, a sea skeleton "the darnell", the giant hostile squid and a Fancy chicken) add some biomes (otherside = deeplands, overcast columns, echo forest, glowden forest and overcalibrated columns)(aether = purplic forest, enchanted forest, volcano peaks and sculkifeid glow forest.) also add the volcano mountain, the High bright. But similar to the deep dark + the sculk blocks are yellow and they glow and its called spulk, and The lush peaks. also add 4 more dimensions, "the otherwide" a spulk dimension that is just like the otherside. also the wither dimenion but it has 2 Biomes (the soulsand valley and the frozen soulsoil valley) also the "snether". It looks like the nether but it is cold that people call it the cold and frozen nether. Snow biomes and structures and nether biomes and structures are in this dimension But they are mixed together. and even the "bumblezone" a bee dimension full of honey and bees. thats all. and dont forget, you can also decide what you want to add to the dimensions i want you to add:)
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4 years ago, CJamesMad
I LOVE THIS AP! It has been my favorite app for so long! I started playing at a really young age, and through all the updates, it grown on me more and more to where I could have gotten the “Passing The Time” achievement a million times! But I feel like it’s missing something that could make the game so much more fun! We just got the nether update which is SO COOL AND FUN but we need an End update. It’s the boss battle of the game! And it’s just an island floating on the void with a dragon on it and some creepy guys that kill you if you look at them. The end ship is really fun to raid but I feel like I’d rather go to the nether that not the End because it’s a little boring. Also, my MAIN request, MORE MOBS!! please!!! We need more mobs! We can add in different colored cows and chicken and add new features to some of them! We can have bears, owls, dogs, bulls, monkeys, RED pandas, elephants, and more!! Hedge hogs, tigers, lions, UNICORNS, DRAGONS, GHOSTS!!! It would be Soo fun if we had those updates and I know it’s a lot of work but it would be SO fun!!!!!!!!!!!! Please! We can have different types of trees with yellow leaves, purple leaves, red, orange, blue, magenta!! We also might need different types of dye and flowers and maybe a whole new biome.. Or a new portal to a new RELM! I have so many ideas for this game it has so much potential!
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