Minesweeper - Classic Game

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16.5 MB
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Current version
奕才 杨
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
10.14.6 or later
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User Reviews for Minesweeper - Classic Game

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2 years ago, dre the offspring
I never learned how to play minesweeper growing up! Some other game then taught me through it's own version. After I got good at that I decided to see if app store had it owns windows version. Thanks for allowing me this nostalgic opportunity. I confirmed I actually know how to play minesweeper Pog Edit: the only thing I will say is that in the old classic version, you could click a square and then ONLY upon release would the square be revealed. In this version the immediate click always reveals. Slight improvement idea to make it more true to the classic sweeper:) thanks again
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1 year ago, yah pretty nice
Perfect for not paying attention in class.
I'm writing this review while im in my lecture class, and this game does a great job of taking my focus away from my professor as she teaches. Even though this game does have a timer, it is very casual to play and very easy to look up every now and then to make it seem like I am paying attention. I would much rather be clearing a field of mines than learning material from a class that I'm paying for. 10/10
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12 months ago, Vud2001
Closest to the Windows Original, but not quite
In terms of looks and the way the game plays this app is very close to the original. Unfortunately the game stops short of perfection with its implementation of a key feature: the double-click (or two button click) that clears all the mines. In this version, if you double click and you are wrong, you automatically die. In the original, the game would look at what you've flagged and try to resolve what squares should be cleared. If there isn't enough info then it would refuse to clear (the squares would "bounce"), this is the way "serious" minesweeper players expect the game to play.
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8 months ago, kiubhsj
Great game to use at school, hate the font
if you have macs at school or a personal one at school you can get this on the appstore and play it completly offline the only thing i wish was differnt is i dont like the font and would like to change it. overall the best implementation of minesweeper on the mac. 4.8/5
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4 months ago, Jipper2
It's o.k., but I much prefer the older version which let you flag suspected mine locations. Maybe it's just that this one requires thinking on two levels. In the old version I never seemed to lose and only rarely did I lose the Hard level - and got the Expert cleared in about 20% of the time because I could see what I was doing and put up flags to show where mines were instead of trying to remember without any marking. MAKES THE GAME MUCH LESS ENTERTAINING!!!!
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2 years ago, Argotas
Most recent update made it worse
The most recent update that introduced the double click to clear whole areas around blocks is too easy to hit accidentally and it causes my spasmatic hands to make me lose about twice as often. They should have made it the center mouse button or something instead of a double click. Unfortunately there is no means of customizing the controls.
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2 years ago, Anonymous_reviewer_5761
Just what I was looking for
Really simple interface, the dark colors of the interface are easy on the eyes, the game board size and landmine count can be eaisly adjusted, zero ads, sound can be easily muted, no pop-ups to download other apps. 10/ 10. Rare to find an app this good, thank you.
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2 years ago, Don That
The game is bug free and very reliable. It has no options other than 3 preset choices for board size and number of mines. A nice improvement over the previous version is that the clock does not start until after the first square is clicked.
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2 months ago, Fabian3221
Pretty Good
Only complaint is that, in some versions of minesweeper, accidentally double clicking a revealed square with a non-complete or incorrect number of flags around will not trigger reveals around it. For example, in other versions, if you have one flag touching a 2, and you accidentally double click the 2, nothing happens. In this one, it triggers a reveal and instant loss, since you technically did not flag it correctly.
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2 weeks ago, MrMojoRisin4201
Classic game that never gets old
I used to be dumbfounded by this game as a kid on my fathers old PC from the 1990s. One day as i was watching a classmate play i really started to feel intrigued and felt challenged as well. I then taught myself the rest under the Help section.
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1 week ago, Allbbrz
Almost 100%
Found the "auto uncover" when I'm sure all mines are marked. Had to hold shif key and click with the two buttons - I use a traditional mouse. Great as the original... but there is some guessing at the end which will get ya.
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1 year ago, 09 wrxguy
Solid Nostalgia / No gimmics
Whoever developed this game is awesome. There's no ads, nothing to buy. You get what you pay for. Almost like how video games used to be before we added microtransactions. Great break between my readings in grad school. Thank you :)
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2 years ago, Mr.Sweeper
Worse than Crack
This game is so addicting. I got it at the start if the semester last year and failed two classes becuase i was sweepin' mines instead of doing homework. I guess it was worth knowing that I was keeping my campus mine-free though.
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2 years ago, Chuck1313!!
Great Game
I have been playing MineSweep for many years and it is by far one of my all time favorites. Getting up in the years now I find it keeps my mind sharp!
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2 years ago, Zerbie12
Open in expert mode
I preferred the version of Minesweeper that opened on whatever level you last played. It's such a tiny thing, but I only want to play in expert mode and wish it would automatically open when I start the game.
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2 months ago, brokenvoyage
Fun, Challenging Classic Game!
i stumbled across this game whilst looking for games to play on my mac while bored in physics class and needless to say this game is great. It is simple, free, and gives you a challenge every time.
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1 year ago, cmrodz
Mouse Left Button erratic
Since the recent update on Feb 27 the nouse left button does not click the square and it happens too many times, you have to keep pressing. I tried with another mouse and the issue is the same. Useless to play as is.
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6 months ago, Gipjgdhobdgjj
Would appreciate a control-click to flag to eliminate accidental detonations, but overall excellent. Thank you for making it.
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2 years ago, Bobanaped
So Fun!
This is exactly like it used to be. Perfect to play while listening to podcasts!
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2 years ago, 𝑓𝑜𝑛𝑡 𝑛𝑎𝑧𝑖
It would be nice to have an explanation of what the symbols mean and complete instructions on how to play the game. It would also be nice to have an undo button so one could analyse one's mistake.
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2 years ago, SamDarby
right click returns intermitent errors
sometimes a right click returns a bomb, as if I had clicked the left mouse button, when it should return a flag. I have yet to clear more than 60 bombs at expert level because of the false positives. this is very frustraing as I cannot see any pattern in this error. macOS Monterey 12.3.1 apple smart mouse
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2 months ago, lsdkjfslkm
Cannot click on the numbers to clear the spaces around them. But it does have a "question mark" button.
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2 years ago, brazil?
Simple and Great
No spammy ads, no super data collection. Just simple, easy minesweeper. 10/10
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2 years ago, ErieDude
Patterns repeat
Bomb patterns NOT random and in fact keep repeating. I keep getting the same bomb patterns on the expert level. Now to the point that I can correctly choose when there is a 50-50 choice because I've seen the pattern more than twice. Bomb placement should be RANDOM. It's no fun to play anymore.
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4 months ago, R.A.Duda
Just like old times
This game is a blast to the past. I'm loving it. Thanks to the devs for this.
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2 years ago, Choltai
Buggy, Unplayable
I can click a square I know is safe, but it will also uncover the next closest bomb at the same time. One brand new game I started uncovered four squares with one click. Something weird is happening.
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2 years ago, jy-nickname
It's pretty good
For me, the biggest drawback is the mouse functions, but that's due to the Apple magic mouse making it easy to mix right and left clicks.
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6 months ago, juanvaldezzz
The classic exactly
Does just what it should and no more.
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3 months ago, DonJCarloss
1998 All over again
just like the timeless classic!!
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1 year ago, idahobill1
Problem with this game is that it has a luck element. Better would be a challenge based purely on logicl reasoning. As it is, game can be lost on very first selection.
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2 years ago, anquelitah
5 stars
this game has been there for me when i needed it most. undefeated. NOTHING COMPares to this gem
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4 years ago, Old dog Paramedic
pass it by if you run big sur
Won't accept rt click to signal mine
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2 years ago, gillipez
Haven't played this game in years. Still as great as I remember!
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2 months ago, Wubziie
It is what it says, cannot complain.
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1 year ago, YopYopYopYopYopYOP
With last Update now it works ine
The solution for trackpad problems was pefect GREAT JOB!
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1 year ago, Jack Sparrow06
Mindsweeper is great
This is a great, it knows exactly was it wants to do and preforms it nicely, not overly complicated, and has great replayability
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11 months ago, king neptune
Nags you to death for a review, but a decent program.
Nags you to death for a review, but a decent program.
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1 year ago, The Original Ciggy
Great Comeback!
I come from a world that treasured logic, common sense and valor. Windows 3.1 ruled that world, and there was also MINESWEEPER and MS Office 6.0. And it was good.
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7 months ago, Sgt. Stumpy
Best game i have ever played in my entire life.
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7 months ago, captincool
satisfying classic
It's so nice to see this classic on Mac. Missed it since my 'ol windows XP days
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2 years ago, sforstall
Great App, pretty much like the Win's one
Love it!
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7 months ago, booboohead8
almost unplayable
A small but significant percentage of double taps get misread as single taps, so it's just a matter of time until you lose even though you know the tile you are marking is a mined.
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1 year ago, mark8271
one of the best lowkey games out there
Just an allaround great game!
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3 years ago, ethancdaniel
pretty awful to be honest
Major flaws: - No guarantee that first clicked square is safe (puzzle generated before first click). - Timer starts before first square is clicked. - Reset board button doesn't work.
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2 years ago, yellowluke
solid. No ads, free, just minesweeper.
great game
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3 years ago, Amkoontz
Ok but has issues
Bomb on 1st tile... Also, I remember being able to double click to do a band clear on Windows?
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4 years ago, DanHolli123
Not the best
pretty good recreation with some major flaws Command click to band clear doesn't check for any issues with flagging only way to flag is with right click (you'll need to change your mouse settings the timer starts before even starting very annoying sounds that are on by default (command S to toggle)
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5 months ago, opplolsnbononors
superb game only issue
sorta unresponsive to clicks with an M3 macbook pro
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5 months ago, mojtaBaN!£
Very good thank you
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2 years ago, AeroflyFS
It make me find my childhood memories
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