4.5 (1.7K)
74 MB
Age rating
Current version
Do More Mobile, LLC.
Last update
8 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Minesweeper!

4.53 out of 5
1.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Powder W
I LOVE this app
We were about to get rid of an old computer we had stuck in a cupboard and turned it on to see what was on it before wiping it. I came across minesweeper and pinball. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed them. I was so happy to find this app so that I didn’t have to give Minesweeper up. This is just like the original. Well done to the creators.
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5 years ago, Do not buy for your own sake
Can you add the option to undo a click after you lose?
I’ve lose so many times because my finger slightly missed the button to select flags and then accidentally selected the spot that I knew was a mine and lost. I think it would be amazing if you added the option to go back after you fail because it feels so crushing to be doing really well on a hard and huge board and then losing to a spot you knew was a mine
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6 years ago, Nwatts1999
One major problem
Overall a great game, very fun to play, but sometimes it’s impossible to complete because the numbers straight up lie. I just came off of a game where I lost because I had identified the mine next to a 1 and started clearing out the other tiles around the 1 just to get blown up by a second mine that was also next to it. I would’ve been fine if the number had functioned correctly and displayed as a 2. That definitely needs a fix
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6 years ago, LC Koenig
The Best Version
I’ve tried them all and this is the one that brings the good old game back. Once you get used to how to click or flag you can play like crazy. The hard level with 99 mines is very difficult. When I win at that level it’s a real thrill. Pay to get rid of the ads if you must, and you’ll have a new addiction.
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4 years ago, Iberian 902
I used to play a lot and rarely got blown up. Being away a long time, I am finding It more challenging. I enjoy more than most internet game. I enjoy the challenge of seeing how many game I can win without getting blown up. Fun and challenging! Mostly get blown up when bombs are stacked!
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5 years ago, Detlew
Great Adaptation!
I have enjoyed this game since the nineties. YES! I would like the iPad/iPhone versions better with the left and right click controls. But that is just very basic mechanics. The game play is still the same. It provides a good workout for my brain and keeps me entertained. I am a real fan.
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7 years ago, RareDarkness
Overall pretty good
Too many interruptions during play. Also it would be nice if you could see which mines you had found versus which ones you had missed at the end of an unsuccessful mine sweep
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3 years ago, luchterk
Zoom and Ads
I used to love this game. The ads are unobtrusive at the bottom. With the update, you now get ads after every two games. If you're like me, you go through games quickly and see so many as now. Also, in the hard level, at the start of every game, it zooms out. I hate it! I wish it would just stay zoomed in like it used to. This update is horrible and I wish they would go back to the original version.
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7 months ago, Doc Nam 71
Challenging and doable puzzle! It keeps my mind active and alert. It also is relaxing to do in the evening. I have been enjoying this for a few years.
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2 years ago, spearfishman1
Love it!
I love this app and play it all the time! It’s the best Minesweeper app out there. The one thing I wish they would fix is that whenever I open the app with music playing, it pauses the music. If they fix that, I’d be more than happy to give it 5 stars!
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3 years ago, m_gan
Beware the latest update!
I loved this version of Minesweeper for so long because the ads were just at the bottom of the screen not bothering anyone. With this latest update, after starting two games you get an ad out of nowhere! And if you’re like me, you’re starting new games every few seconds. AWFUL addition. I know y’all need money to keep it going but this was a terrible choice.
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6 years ago, Stephy21685.
A slight annoyance
When you play any level above easy the entire board doesn’t fit on my screen. I have to slide the board left and right to see. It’s a bit annoying to not be able to see the entire playing field at the same time.
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6 years ago, TheCrimsonSpud
Was fun for a moment...
A fun game for the first 10 minutes or so, until you start to get bombarded with annoying pop-up ads for crap you don't care about, like Taylor swifts ugly shoes. Anyone over the age of 12 isn't going to buy those hideous things no matter how many times you throw the ad in their face... Usually about the time you get a good game going and have less than 20 mines left, the app usually crashes and doesn't save your game.
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6 years ago, Leah BL
Clicks when I’m trying to flag
Sometimes it’ll click the square when I’m trying to flag it as a mine and cause me to lose, and then somehow still say it’s in flag mode when I lose. It’s very frustrating and has caused me to lose several times. Please fix this problem. Otherwise it’s a great version of Minesweeper.
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7 years ago, TawnyaTawnya
Terrible Ad Interruptions
After I had gotten used to the lay out and set up I was enjoying, these Ad interruptions began saying my phone had been chosen for a prize. It was clearly a scam so I ignored it and moved on. Eventually the ads would interrupt the game every 5 seconds, sometimes causing me to lose all progress and begin the same block over again. Deleted. Getting a different version. Great disappointment and very frustrating.
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5 years ago, Charlupa
Inappropriate advertisement
I really enjoy this game and it works well in the app. I’m rating it 4 stars because there is an advertisement that pops up showing a woman with a magnifying glass over her which shows her without clothing. I’d rather not have to see that stuff.
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2 years ago, Hripper
Obnoxious ads, can’t play in bed anymore
I understand pop up ads for free apps. What I don’t understand is the blaring sound that you cannot avoid from a pop up ad. I stopped playing since this started. If I play this at night in bed, my partner, who is asleep m next to me, jumps up awake. I keep the ringer off to avoid other apps music but the ads in this go right through.
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5 years ago, mgonty415
Basically a very fun game
I have just a couple of issues with occasional screen crashes/freezes. Also it’s annoying when on some games, the last mine placement comes down to luck.
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7 years ago, SunnyCindyJ
Minesweep is back!
I'm so glad that I found this game again! This app is the perfect way to keep my brain in gear when I have short periods of time to kill.
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7 years ago, Unblock player
Pop up appears telling me my iPhone or iPad is 28% corrupted while playing
Pop up appears telling me my iPhone or iPad is 28% corrupted while playing. It tells me to go to the App Store and download Applock, press OK. But, the background google page says that I am getting Sharecloud, an app to instantly share my contacts. This pop up only happens on TicBit apps. I think these games are corrupted. I'm not taking the chance. I've deleted them.
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4 years ago, Egor Kreed
I like this app for the most part but every now and again it says I’m wrong when if u read it I am not. Literally the game doesn’t know how to play the game. For example it wil hav a two so I find two and then when I click on a tile that should be nothing next to it it will be another bomb. Nice work developers
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7 years ago, NameNotTakenYetThanks:)
learned how to play it in a few minutes
I didn’t understand and Squanto’s spirit came out and told me “LISTEN TO ME THE MAKER OF PICTOCHAT!” I will teach you well! And he did. This game is awesome you should download it.
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1 year ago, Killer4400
So many ads
Great game, just way too many ads. I had to close the App Store pop up four times in one ad. Very frequently you can get into a position where you have to guess and there is no definitive answer which is a mine.
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7 years ago, NC719
What went wrong
This is a really nice game and I was enjoying it a lot until I started getting pop ups during the gam telling me my iPad was infected. Never click on the pop up and would just close the game down and start all over. Eventually I just deleted it from my iPad.
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3 years ago, SBA User
Too Intrusive
Can’t play a game without getting an advert wanting my age. This is in violation of Apple’s privacy statement. The developer should release an update to get rid of the intrusive advert request. I wish I could give a no star rating. That’s what this app deserves. The developer needs to get rid of unityads. Otherwise they are crap.
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6 years ago, Crapbag4716
Basic! 👍
I haven't played to many other kinds of mine sweeper but this seems to be a great app for the game.
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5 years ago, SJohnsonB559158
App quits
Generally a fairly good version but it sometimes terminates for no reason - the app just quits in the middle of a game for no apparent reason. It's maddening especially if it's at the end of an otherwise winning game. Also "statistics" are simple and uninformative.
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6 years ago, Spidie55
I have played four games of this in the past 20 minutes. I’m not new to this game at all and have been very good at it over the years. In the few minutes/games I have played of this, twice it has said there were two bombs and found that not true. I’m deleting this application!!!!
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7 years ago, Brendakw64
Classic Brain Game
I love Mine Sweeper! It's one of the classics I go to again and again.
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3 years ago, d a c
Graphics make this one feel older
The gameplay is good, but the graphics feel old.
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7 years ago, PoetCSW
Scare ware ads, redirects.
I played twice today and both times an ad pop-up claimed the iPhone was infected. My website had this problem with an ad service, so I yanked the ads. Yes, developers need to earn money. We all need a better solution. The ads ruin a game I’ve played for two years.
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7 years ago, ReadyFreddy44
My Review
Would have given it 5 stars but pop up add saying my phone was infected too annoying.
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7 years ago, carbar4
Fun until the last move
Then it crashes. 40 tries on hard. About to finally win. Crashed on last move. Happens on every level☹️
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6 years ago, Rater123kat
Click on tiles and will take a full second to respond. Very frustrating when game is timed.
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1 year ago, Bshurr
Was a good app before they killed it with adds
Was a nice light app. But they decided to ruin it with adds. Now deleted. There are enough minesweepers out there. Second star because it “was”.
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7 years ago, Bravefighter07
Downloaded 34 virus
I'm probably gonna have to get my phone fixed because I was so close to beating hard but then my virus protection said I was on a shifty website and then my phone turned off and won't come back on. I'm typing from my tablet.
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3 years ago, laynep13
I play on a large custom map and you can no longer zoom in close enough. It’s very difficult to tap the correct squares and it’s made the game unplayable for me. I hope they fix this!
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6 years ago, Z0mb35
Thanks for the pornography ads
Hey did you know that there are naked girls on my street looking to hook up for sex? Thanks to this game (which I was loving until these ads were popping up) I now know! Full frontal nudity - three gals showed up when I opened my phone. Thanks! Uninstalled.
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6 years ago, Pokeman on 1003
Faulty game
Can't really play a minesweeper that gives you faulty numbers on the second board you play. Also hard is impossible to play on my device as you can not access all of the squares.
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7 years ago, Ghoti1514
Ads pop in in the middle of a run and I'm clicking on some part of a web page it has redirected me to.
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3 years ago, McMurdah
Uuuhhhhhhhh the ads.
I used to play this so much and my high scores are bomb. But the ads after every single loss is intolerable. Help! Please fix this. I will pay for an ad-less version.
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4 years ago, SueDenver
Doesn’t fit the window
I installed this app on my iPad and almost immediately deleted it. The entire mine field (99) squares doesn’t show at any one time! You have to scroll to see the squares along the edges.
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3 years ago, Annoyed 0U812
Was good until updated
Update requires you to pinch zoom in and now there is a llllllllllllllloooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggggggg commercial you have to sit through every 5th game. Uninstalled.
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7 years ago, patsbears
Not Good Anymore
Since the last update just crashes in the middle of a game. Waiting for next upgrade. If it doesn't fix the problem will just delete.
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5 years ago, PatrickPoster3
Crashes without saving progress
I almost competed hard tonight. Then it crashed when inn my final 10 minutes. Has dove it a few tone times to me. That's it. Uninstalling.
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6 years ago, Jdizzle42
Needs to be patched
2 bombs bordering a 1 block. Happened to me twice in a row. About it have a big pr on medium but it was ruined by this glitch I have screenshots if you need.
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5 years ago, KPrior23
I have had this game for years. Only recently did I start seeing ads. I downloaded an ad free game and the developer got greedy and decided to put ads into an update. This is dishonest and garbage.
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7 years ago, Swiftdawg75
Too many glitches
Way too many glitches, pop up ads and redirections to other apps. Very frustrating to play.
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2 years ago, nick.starr.music
Terrible ads
This used to be a great free minesweeper app, but now the ads are incredibly intrusive and ruin the experience, so I’ll be deleting it. What a shame.
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6 years ago, Uncle..J
Incorrect number to bomb
I keep running into the problem of number touching bombs being incorrect they would be two bombs touching a number but on saying there one bomb touching
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