Mini Metro

4.9 (26.9K)
164.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Dinosaur Polo Club
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mini Metro

4.86 out of 5
26.9K Ratings
5 years ago, Densetsu-VII
Puzzle paradise on rails
The concept of mini metro is so simple that anyone can understand it in less time that it’ll take your next train to arrive. You drag metro lines between different types of stations, in order to allow passengers to move between them. If too many passengers are waiting, your stations overcrowd, ending the game. The process of organizing and rerouting your lines would be relentlessly addictive, but the polish of this app pushes it into a masterpiece. The rails must take into account water, and the water layouts correspond to real world cities - from Hong Kong to San Francisco to London and the developer’s home of Auckland (which apparently has no real metro) the theming is top notch. Even better is how the UI is expertly crafted to resemble a real metro map, full of colorful lines and simplified shapes. Friends watching me play have asked whether air was seeing some kind of real time map of their city. It’s surreal. For a casual gamer mini metro is unique in concept and fun. For the puzzle gamer it has depth and presents a gameplay mechanic unlike any other I’ve seen. Overall, a must have.
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2 years ago, FunBobby23
Play until you lose, repeat
I bought this game because a lot of the reviews describe this as a puzzle solving game. It's not. There's nothing to "solve", all that happens is the number of stations grows at random and without limit until you can't handle them all, and then you lose. Then you play again and do the same thing. Sometimes you lose sooner and sometimes you lose later. That's it. All the different cities play the same, except the "more advanced" ones give you fewer resources to start with so you lose sooner. All the "achievements" just consist of "lose later than point X". Even the "daily challenge" is just "lose as late as you can today!" Personally, I like actual puzzle games: they progress. If you fail a level, it's the same when you replay it so you can try a different strategy until you solve it. There is a sense of completion and achievement. This game has none of that. If you've played it for 5 minutes, you've seen everything you're ever going to see. I will agree, at least, with those who have admired the graphics. The look of the game is a lot of fun if you're a transit buff like me. It's a pity the actual game play didn't live up to that.
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6 years ago, TheOfficialZamics
Excellent, but missing the perfect game mode
I love this game. It’s calming, addictive, challenging, and fulfills the childlike wonder of managing trains. Would highly recommend picking it up. That said, this game mode needs a mode between normal and endless. I like playing endless for the sake of just building infrastructure upon infrastructure, but I enjoy the challenge of keeping stations from becoming to populated. If either: 1) endless mode could still show which stations are becoming overall populated, but no end game state when the do, or 2) we could get a mode that brings consequence to the player that doesn’t incorporate a complete restart. Perhaps a happiness meter that declines as stations overcrowd, perhaps you’re next upgrade gets delayed, or maybe people start to leave your subway system, something of that sort. I’d like to keep working on my project with risk involved without absolutely restarting the game.
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6 years ago, Snakeguy69......
The Start of Something Great
I have been addicted to this app since I downloaded it. The aesthetics are wonderful and the feedback to touch is very well thought out. The concept is really cool and the fact that the maps are really cities makes it that much more enjoyable. However, having been playing it so much, I’ve found a couple frustrating things with the game play. The best part of the game is getting to design your own metro system and having to figure out what’s most efficient. When and where stations pop up seems too random and are arranged in no way like they would be in a city (denser in the middle, less dense around the peripheries). Likewise, it makes sense for more and more stations to pop up quickly in the beginning, but for stations to continue popping up at the same rate once the system is pretty big makes no sense and takes the fun out of it. A logic problem gets turned into a random scramble. This game desperately needs other game modes, especially with the price it’s asking, but it has tons of potential.
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6 years ago, Two attorneys
Amazing game, plays well even on small screen iPhone
In the 1970s, the New York subway had a series of iconic and very famous route maps built on a simple, geometric, and stripped down aesthetic scheme designed by Michael Calcagno. This game takes what is essentially Calcagno’s design scheme and expands it into a worldwide mass transit rail system and management exercise. But trust me, you can play this game in a variety of ways: relaxing via “endless” and “creative” modes or with increasing difficulty challenges presented by each new map. Like the my review title suggests, I’ve been playing this game on a small iPhone screen, which presents something of a dexterity and precision learning curve that nonetheless ultimately does not detract from this game’s satisfaction. I’ve never played mini metro on an iPad but I’m sure it’s even more amazing.
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9 months ago, orange pasty skin
Fantastic game, but features feel stagnant over the years
I love playing this game, it really plays to my inner urban planner and ADHD. However, over the years the development of Mini Metro and its features feel like it has stagnated. The new cities are a welcome addition, but quality of life improvements like being able to scroll on the leaderboard for cities/daily challenges, saving previous games of a city to look back to without having to manually save (or at least having the option to automatically suggest to save a screenshot of a new high score or to share it as a social media post) would most certainly boost engagement within the community. Updates to the creative mode would also be welcome, such as having deeper integration of the city in real life by showing density and zoning district blobs to guide us players instead of having a complete sandbox that feels the same across cities.
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6 years ago, josh.427
Great Game
This is a really great, unique, and entertaining game. I definitely think you should consider buying if you like games that involve organizing things in patterns and such. I don’t regret buying. I do, however, have some suggestions and complaints: Suggestions: -I think there should be more modes: Extreme mode is very hard to get with its requirements. I think they should be labeled as such: Easy-The current game but stations can hold more people without a interchange Medium-The current game Hard- Extreme but without the requirements and a bit easier than actual Extreme Extreme-Current Extreme mode -Custom maps? Draw where rivers are, choose how many lines and what their colors are (maybe a limit of 7 lines or so to keep the game somewhat difficult) Maybe even be able to upload your maps to a online community? Complaints: Im havent read much about how it works and there may be tricks I am not using, but I just wanna get this out: Why will trains not stop at stations when they overcrowd or only take less than the train can handle????? I’ve been stuck on Cairo because eventually the trains will just stop stopping at the stations overcrowding.
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2 years ago, LeEpicTechnician
Best purchase!
I paided for this game being very skeptical, I love trains and avation, so Ive besn trying to look for some good train and avation games on mobile that arent made like crap. I saw it and immediatly thought of my home city's subway map. If you alos live in NYC you'd know are crazy but the I thought it would be trust train maps. When I started to play I realised it is train maps but its strategy ish and has small trains. I love it and I cant stop playing it. I just have a small complaint, the trains skip stops and that causes me to have overcrowes station. I have trains with three empty cabins and it skips the overcrowed station. Thats the only complaint, it shouldnt do that honestly everything else is perfect!
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7 days ago, Amazingly Amazing12435
Simple and incredibly fun!
Holy cow do I love this game. If you love games that have simple graphics and still require skill and is fun(like Minecraft creative and survival)then please buy this game. It’s only 4 dollars yet keeps you entertained for so long! You unlock maps by getting a certain score on other maps. It is a little bit of luck, as the places the stations spawn can either be close or far-off. The daily challenges are also a good edition to this game, which gives a little bit of online-type stuff. Of course, when you play for hours at one time it eventually gets boring, just connecting lines and dots, but is still an awesome game.
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5 years ago, xXxYUMYUMYUMxXx
I am incredibly impressed with this game. It has great, simple and bold art, a great concept, levels, extra features and Game modes. If I could, I would rate this 4.5 stars, but one thing is stopping me from rating this great game 5 stars, and that is whet is getting picked up be the trains. Lots of the time, I would lose to this. The trains would pick up people from some stations, but sometimes, they would skip some. I have even seen empty trains skip stations that are overcrowding. Because of this, I am raging a lot at this game. I understand that this is not a glitch and that it’s supposed to be like this, (at least I think so...) but I really think that you should change this to have every stain go to every station. This is still an awesome game though and I really recommend it.
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4 years ago, 7ranc3
Simple, no simply fun
I found this game while looking for something that didn’t require hour of micromanaging, nor guilt for not playing, nor ads to have to tap through at randomly inopportune times. The basic colors and no frills graphics are great and allow you to focus on game play. There are several modes of play and several basic maps of real places. The game starts off kind of slow, but can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t pay attention. I have only been playing for a day, but I love it. So far my average game lasts about 15-20 mins, which is perfect for the great quick little pocket game. The developers have a mention of wanting people to help create a community to develop simple yet fun games. It makes me wish I knew how to program. But my hats off too them, and if they create other games in the simple yet fun genre I’m “all aboard”. There was a PS3 game called Eden by Pixel Junk that has a similar feel. It would be incredible to see if this developer could make a game like it. Thanks so much for this awesome Mini Metro game, I’m loving it!
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7 years ago, CliffySpark
Love it!
I love this game so much. As you play longer your mini metro it gets more “crazy” and takes a lot more work to control. This is very relaxing in my case and I like to just sit down in play when I have down time. As you play some maps you can unlock others like ones from Hong Kong and Germany. Also up in the upper right hand corner there is a timer as weeks go on you can get upgrades like getting extra trains or more lines those are the lines that the trains run on! This has problems at all but I would like them to add more maps. I hope that this review helps in deciding whether to get this app or not. Thank for reading this, A fellow app reviewer
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5 years ago, DadyLngLegs
This is what mobile gaming should be!
This game is wonderful! A small price up front for an awesome game, and no ads or in app purchases. The look of this game is amazing. The game is simple, get a shape to the station of the same shape, that’s it. But that is hugely misleading because you start to see circles squares and triangles are easy they are all over, but I can’t make that unique shape sit over there forever clogging up the station. I just can not tell you how great this is. My son and I love putting it on the iPad too and multiplaying a level. I can not forget to mention the sheer number of maps as well. Seriously recommended, support these guys and gals so they can make more games like this.
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5 years ago, nuke-le-o-genesis
Brilliant Simple Puzzler
I absolutely love this game. It is easy at first once you get it. It isn’t a mindless puzzler like the match 3 games - you have to be vigilant. The sounds are perfect for a chill game and it becomes complex and challenging after the first few minutes. You have to try to learn the way the AI works while building your lines - which is tough and can be annoying when an empty train passes a full station by - but that’s part of the fun. Love it. Also - try it out! The developer has posted in several critical reviews how to get a refund. I appreciate a dev who wants people to pay only if they like it.
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4 years ago, janlovesyouu
Best Game On App Store
Simply this game is addicting. I absolutely love tinkering with this game in my spare time. And fortunately, I’ve shared this game with most of the people I know who are now addicted. We will literally sit together playing the game and talking about what “strategy” we’re using in building our little towns on each week. It’s a lot more fun together. For the developers, I can not get the use of stop light down and was wondering if you would think about a one way road? I love getting the cars going in this little game and I’d like to see the effect of a one way road with getting cars by. Thank you!
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4 years ago, room34
Seriously flawed follow-up to the great Mini Metro
I’ve been steeped in city building games since the original SimCity, and I loved Mini Metro. It managed to distill the essence of city building games down into a brilliant abstract form. Naturally I was excited for Mini Motorways but it’s just… weird. Why are the buildings where they are? How can a house just move its driveway? What kind of logic is there to the layout of this city? With Mini Metro, the abstraction worked because you could imagine a city around what you were creating, but this game *is* the city and it makes no sense. Once I got my first “motorway” and figured out how to build it, my reaction was the tipping point. This game might have the visual style of a Mini Metro sequel, but it is sub-mediocre as an actual game experience. Deleted. With regret and profound disappointment.
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4 years ago, AustinChase2002
Amazing game, HOWEVER
I want to say that the money is totally worth it to play this game. It’s a good exercise for the brain but is really fun at the same time if you like this kind of stuff. I get a better understanding of how urban train systems work. However, I have a problem in which when I enter the app, only the title “MINI METRO” appears, and just stays in that loading screen. I tried offloading the app and re-uploading the data, but it still did the same thing. Hopefully one of the devs see this, because I really would like to play the game again
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9 months ago, Hw446
Good game but i have TWO things I should say
Mini Metro is a good game BUT it has two red flags. Whenever I make a mistake, i can’t undo it. It’s annoying and when I have to do my routes all again but I would make another mistake and mess my routes up. Another red flag is you should make branches because I want my line to go to two routes and I can’t do that and I have to do a advanced method to make two branches. That is all I have to say about these things that mess me up. And mini metro is still a good game by the way just add these.
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4 years ago, Yoshinaruto
Thank You
I found out this was free thanks to the iOSgaming subreddit, and initially it didn’t look like my cup of tea, but I thought I’d try it anyways. This is one of the best iOS games I’ve played recently, giving me similar levels of enjoyment to Plague and Rebel Inc. I feel bad because I would’ve never downloaded this if it wasn’t free, but now that I have and I’ve enjoyed it so much, I wish I could give back. If there’s any chance of a small iAP for new maps, or a new game from this developer, I’ll be sure to pay full price for them. Thank you for this great game at a time like this.
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6 years ago, doormang
Hectic relaxation
There is a nice repetitiveness to this game that promotes relaxation even when the game gets hectic. As for gameplay... well it’s fun to use your fingers to move lines and trains around, it’s visually appealing to watch the trains shuttling riders around. The background music is smooth to the ears and it’s actually good. In this game when it gets crazy and everything is about to fall apart, the visuals, audio and gameplay seem to keep you from feeling overly hyper, and instead of being mad, you actually get a sense of relief when everything goes off the rails... then you play again 😁👍
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6 years ago, NitroTastic
Simple and Soothing, but Tricky and Trivial
The game starts very simple and has you get your bearings, but then soon has you trying to figure out how to make things run efficiently but also handle new stops (I just call them problems.) that also need to be managed along the way. You have to carefully think out your steps if you want to score high and last long. But, even when you feel rushed to make decisions this game makes you feel so calm with the music. Simple Graphics, Simple Controls, but Super-stellar Gameplay that has you savoring for more.
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6 years ago, milsivich
First review I’ve ever written for an app—it’s that good. From the adaptive music to the design aesthetic, I absolutely love the feel of this game. Also, it somehow balances the mix between beauty and strategic complexity. The traveling-salesman-esque problem presented by the game is complex, the kind of problem people study all the time in industry. Yet, it’s been disguised and gamefied into something fun and entertaining. The effect is that it feels chill if you just want to just listen to the cool music and zone out connecting shapes, but it has strategic depths that are worth exploring and really thinking about.
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6 years ago, Reload161
Immensely Fun in it’s own simple way
I’ve always had a fascination for trains, but totally underestimated how immensely engaging this game is. Both a puzzle and simulation, it’s one of those games, in which once you start, it’s hard to put down. Each time you play you feel like you’re getting better at it, recognizing the patterns and figuring out ways to strategize the best routes for your daily commuters. And in no way was it ever complicated either. A relaxing game that I like to pull out during down times, long lines, and yes, even train rides.
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6 years ago, Waddill Catchings
Very cool game but...
Cool game and I’m getting very into it, but there appears to be a bug where stations that are filling up get serviced by a train that has a ton of empty space, but the train just drives right through the station and doesn’t pick anyone up, and then the station gets overcrowded and it’s game over. So it’s frustrating to have a good game going, only to have it derailed (pun intended) by a glitch. Anyone else experience this?? When the game works well, it’s awesome. But it’s hard to get really invested and committed to a game when you can be doing everything right and then a bug in the game results in game over.
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6 years ago, capncuddles420
love this game; more cities?
i absolutely love this game. i blew through the existing cities and modes pretty quickly though and would love to see more cities. particularly los angeles. LA has a growing network of light rail (and two subway lines), covering a vast basin and two valleys with short (2-3 cars) but frequent (every 12 min) trains, and there are hills and a river to cross. i think it would be super fun and could be made pretty challenging. i was disappointed to see such a huge and unique metro area absent from the game. other than that it’s a killer and i highly recommend.
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7 years ago, 🍕 Pizza Pie
Wonderful, but could be even better
I absolutely adore this game. It’s simple, clean, and always interesting because of the randomization. The app icon is clean enough that I don’t even have to stuff it away in a games folder (as I do with most other games)! The reason I’m writing this review is because I’d like more features. Namely, unlocking smarter trains (for example, intelligent timing); and perhaps random events (like repairs, emergencies, etc). I think the game is wonderful how it is, I just think a few simple additions could make it even better.
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4 years ago, Capatat
Great game!
This game is great! But I would like to inform the developers that there is a blatant copy of the game trying to make money from it. It is a mobile game from subway idle, and without even downloading the game it is clear that it is trying to copy your great art style. I’ve heard in the reviews that it even charges a subscription fee to remove ads! I don’t know if it can get into legal trouble for this, but in the case that it can, I would like to inform the developers about it.
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6 years ago, Micah333
Good Value
I’m really enjoying this game. A few things bug me though: —Weeks should start on Sunday, not Monday —The purple rail needs to be brighter. It’s too hard to see on black. —I really wish the colored rail bubbles on the right had a number in them for how many trains/carriages are on that line. It’s tedious and frustrating having to stare at the screen to count tiny trains coming out of stations on each line, either to balance distribution or to make sure the line has a train at all —I really wish new lines came with a free train. It took me a while to realize that they don’t, because a new line will auto assign a train if you have one, but won’t if you don’t —How about a warning flag of some kind for lines with no trains on them? Of course it’s not intentional, and of course I want to know. Unfortunately, it’s hard to realize without the tedious counting mentioned above, or until the stations are already backed up.
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6 years ago, JDRM1982
Fun Game Needs a Lot More Work
I've spent a great deal of time playing Mini Metro. It's addictive and engrossing. I do recommend it. There are some important shortcomings that make an otherwise great game really frustrating. Two big ones come to mind. First, there's no way to save a game. If you nav away from the app and come back a few hours or a few days later, it's not certain that the map were playing will still be there when you get back. A lot of my work has gone down the drain just because I switched apps or had to go to work or sleep. The second is the app doesn't quite do a good job of accounting for iOS' gestures for activating the Notification or Control Centers. Selecting a stop at the top or bottom of the app more often than not triggers one of those two drawers. Those are my biggest gripes. The app could do better to let users save games or zoom out farther. That won't stop me from recommending Mini Metro, but there's more work to be done here.
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5 years ago, basquiatcase
The only game I haven’t regretted buying
Everything about this game is for me. I love maps, I love drawing maps, I love observing transit lines (I have no idea why) and I have always loved trains. This game is almost perfect. Please consider adding Portland, OR, and more coastal U.S. cities. It might also be cool to have terrain added to the challenge of building lines. I’d also really like it if there were a HUD that kept the player updated with how many locomotives/carriages have been added to each line. My biggest gripe about this game is that you can’t save sessions and come back to them; once you’ve hit about 150 riders on Endless Mode, there’s really nothing else to add. It would be cool to have organic growth and change while the game is idle. An Idle Mode, if you will. Creative Mode is fantastic, but, it needs more. More space to build out, more of challenge. I love the freedom, but it’s almost *too much* freedom.
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6 years ago, Cruelname509
Low-paced, really fun game. Definitely 5 star.
I’ve not even played this game for a day and I already love it. You get to make your very own subway which is super cool, and you can choose if it’s slow paced and relaxing or fast paced and competitive. You also get to build in some of the most populated cities in the world (and make up stories about people on awesome metros) and unlock places like Washington, Hong Kong and more. Definitely a game worth getting if you like city designing. 6 out of 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Paceeeeee
Great game!
I haven’t been with the game for too long (I haven’t even unlocked all the places) but this game is so much fun. It’s a great game to play when you have nothing else to do, and it helps your brain work with how you place your tracks or whether to take lines or carriages. Even though this game costs a bit of money, it is definitely worth it if you’re tired of the other games on the App Store, and don’t want annoying ads or in game purchases.
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3 years ago, tsd707
Revised Review: Daily Challenge Fixed!
After updating to iOS 14.5 a week ago, and then to 14.5.1, the ability to play the Daily Challenge was no longer available as the app was falsely claiming that my iOS device wasn’t connected to the internet. Thankfully, the programmers of this very fun game have released an update that has repaired the problem! I’m very happy to be able to play the Daily Challenge again!
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5 years ago, Polopox
Love it
Got this a while ago after finding it on steam, becoming obsessed for a week, looking for it elsewhere, and finding it on it iPhone. That’s right I bought it twice even while I was a starving student. It was my obsession for a while until I forced myself away for the sake of school work. Now I’ve dropped out and I’m stoked that I can safely jump back into this. Intuitive, simplistic game design that’s so elegant in its challenge level it’s addictive.
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4 years ago, TVRob24
What Happened?
I have been playing this game for a few years now and have enjoyed. Than I would have given it more stars. Now, I feel like something has changed in the game and its become harder. I use to get pretty high scores and when I would try to break it, I would get close or break it. Now I can barely get to 500 half the time. I’m on normal play, yet it seems like stations are filling up way faster. It’s not as fun since I can’t even get close to breaking my own scores. Has something changed? Also, I wish they would add Chicago.
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4 years ago, Matt17171matt
Great base gameplay, no long term fun
Enjoyed the first 5-10 hours I put into this game. Very “comfy” to play and just zone out for a while. Unfortunately, while Mini Metro has an end game that could be fun, it’s not fun to get to. You have to complete challenges to unlock more difficult game modes. I’ve spent hours trying to beat these difficult challenges and when I finally complete them, they don’t actually unlock the more difficult mode. So a huge waste of time. I don’t want to invest any more time if I’m never going to be sure my investment pays off. The PC version gives you warnings to make sure you don’t break any rules and are able to unlock the more difficult modes with less hassle. But for me, I’m done with the game. The end game looks like it could be fun but unfortunately I’m not willing to spend hours trying to unlock it if I’m never sure the game will actually unlock it.
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7 years ago, 45Lucas45
Relaxing, Tense, and Fun!
Mini Metro offers a variety of cities to play with. The music gives you a sense of relaxation which I like very much. At the same time, it is a challenge to maintain a subway system like New York or Mumbai as time passes which gives a sense of urgency. I like this balance and I am pretty sure that others do too. For some suggestions, try to make some of the instructions like the speed of the game a little more pronounced like mentioning it in the tutorial. Definitely add more cities too. Here is a small list that will be pretty nice ideas to incorporate at your own discretion. List: Chicago Boston Tokyo Beijing Mexico City Lisbon It would be very fun to see what you guys come up with. If the developers are reading this or anyone else, thanks for takin the time to read it. -Lucas
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7 years ago, Hugely)7/7):72(65
Very Nice Game
This Game is very fun for me because I love maps and cities. I am not sure how many people would be into it, but the strategy is very interesting, although hard. Problems: 1. It’s too hard. Maybe it’s just me, but I can’t beat any of the level. Maybe I just need to practice and strategize, but I can’t even beat the tutorial, so maybe it should be a little easier 2. Rules explained? There is a tutorial (although hard to find), but I think that the rules should be spelled out more. You are kind of just immediately sent into the game with no rules or anything. I would like for it to be explained how do everything before you start the game (or even just at all) 3. An easier way to delete lines would be much better 4. Right now, I am stuck on New York on endless mode and I don’t know how to get out.
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3 years ago, Amy in Eugene
Still playing
NO IN GAME ADS! I’ve been playing this for 3 years and it’s the only game I keep coming back to. I keep trying to better my score in each city, except Hong Kong, because I have a really hard time with that city. The game is challenging, but relaxing. I can play it before bed and not feel like it’s keeping me awake. (I always play in dark mode.) I wish there were more games like this!
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3 years ago, noooooooooowo
More aggravating than calming
Maybe I just need to get good, but man is this game frustrating. The normal game mode is fun up until you’re getting continuously bombarded with new circle stations you need to fit into your existing lines. And to make matters worse, you can’t even turn off the constant drone of the background noise (I can’t even call it music). You can only set it to quiet, which is still loud. If you can get over these two things, maybe you’ll find the game relaxing. I certainly can’t.
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2 years ago, CpnBeakYT
So relaxing
This game is very relaxing when you’re not trying to hard. It gets a bit more difficult the more time goes on and I’m usually pretty proud of myself when something overcrowds. On the other hand if you want you can play super intense grabbing interchanges and cairrages instead you f new lines for safety, pausing every time a shape ur grades and rebuilding everything. This game is super addictive and most of my friends now also play because of me.
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4 years ago, Fast_Ape
Great game, but add land/water details!
I haven’t looked back since spending $4.00 on this masterpiece of a game. I hesitate to call it a game, but rather, a study into random growth and optimized connectivity. The only thing I would like, and perhaps make this an option, but I think river/lake labels and land marks would help make the game more informative! Learning the ins and outs of metro growth is great, but I think people would benefit from polishing their geography knowledge as well.
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7 years ago, Cecile011
I'm addicted
I love this game and can't stop playing it. Hong Kong (which is the city I play the most right now) occasionally crashes. Any idea why? I also downloaded the Steam version. Is there a way to link my iOS account? Feature requests: a way to delete entire lines easily and/or a way to remove a station from a line without destroying and recreating the line up to that point. Maybe a press and hold trick? Thank you!
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5 years ago, Theater girl 413😋
Great game but I have a few suggestions
When a station becomes a metro it’s difficult to tell when it’s close filling up, the ticking circle around the stations that turn into metros should be larger. Also levels should tell you upfront on the main menu about the stats on the level, things like how many lines are available and how many trains allowed on a line, or if metros are available or not. Also I think extra lives should be an option.
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5 years ago, xCaptFrostyx
Good but a few minor things could make it better
A solid app. A lot of fun and a good challenge. My biggest complaint that would make it much better is there needs to be some sort of color coding at exchanges. When they start to get full you have no idea who’s waiting for what train line, so it’s impossible to know what line to add additional locomotives. It ends up making more sense to make inefficient lines instead of exchanges. Also, sometimes it makes no sense when adding locomotives that they disappear from other lines.
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6 years ago, Lullaby child
Are people playing this on phones??
I really really wanted to love this game. It’s right up my alley, but I found myself SO FRUSTRATED! The mechanisms for creating and extending lines are terribly hard to control on my small phone screen. I can’t help but feel like I’m playing wrong, but there seems to be no other way. It makes me feel so bummed that this game with all its acclaim is pretty much unplayable for me as soon as I get ~5min in. I wish I knew how to fix this, but right now I’m just regretting this purchase.
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6 years ago, Artificial Intel
Tremendous potential
I just wish there was more of a guide about things like how to remove a station from a line and things like that. Some of it is intuitive, but some things I’ve only done by accident when I didn’t want to. I haven’t been playing that long, but so far I’ve always ended up starting a line I hadn’t meant to and being unable to undo it, or accidentally connecting a station I hadn’t meant to. Is there a guide somewhere? I haven’t found one. Still, stylish and fun.
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5 years ago, TJ_Arnold
2 Features to Add (Maybe)
I feel that this game should be able to extend a line of the same colour in an unusual way. What I mean is, if you make a line that goes from point A to point C, stretch that same line out from point B & create a whole new train line that doesn't end @ point C. Also, give passengers the ability to transfer from 1 station to another nearby, if possible. Otherwise, this app deserves 5 more stars.
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3 years ago, Mantis12852
Fun and relaxing
Really fun and relaxing game to play and watching the connections grow and grow as the map area widens is really soothing for some reason. My one complaint would have to be the berlin level. There seems to be a sudden spike in difficulty that is rarely encountered in any of the other levels, i seem to be unable to break through 500 passengers for some reason.
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3 years ago, Mr dr prof patrick
Pretty Good Game 👍
Although I have a question on one of the mechanics. Why do trains sometimes skip stations? In my last match I had an engine and carriage filled almost entirely with square passengers heading for a square station that was about to overcrowd and I thought “good, this should work itself out”. But then the train went right passed it and to the next station. Why do they sometimes do that? Otherwise fun game and I am enjoying playing. :)
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