Mini Motorways

4.1 (6.2K)
167.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Apple Arcade
Dinosaur Polo Club
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mini Motorways

4.08 out of 5
6.2K Ratings
3 years ago, buggy2.0
Great but with room for improvement
I really like this game. It’s so satisfying to watch a car go all over your little city just to park for a second and turn around, connecting houses to streets, and watching your place expand. I could play this game for hours. I don’t mean that I’m good at it, just that I definitely enjoy it. Of course, nothing is perfect, and this game isn’t an exception. One of my biggest complaints is the houses and where they pop up. I cannot for the life of me “win” a game. That is because the store for green houses will pop up on the other side of the map, where there are stores and other houses of other colors in between. Yes, there are highways, but you only get so many. I feel like there should be a difficulty setting, that way I can feel a little bit accomplished every once in a while. Really the only other complaint I have is that I wish we had a free build option. I want set up a city with all the houses in a way that pleases my eyes. I want the streets to all be straight and to make sense. I want bridges to enhance the look and not be there out of necessity. I understand that there is a lot that would go into this technically, and I know you guys have read this idea as a review before, but it really would make the game even better.
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3 years ago, Apush121
Spent hours playing this game!
I love this game. Everything from the deceptively simple beginning to the chaotic mess that you end up with makes this game amazing. I’m definitely not the best player but it’s a lot of fun. It’s a 100% recommendation from me! While playing, however, I noticed a couple of things that could be fixed or improved on. The traffic lights only seem to make the traffic more congested, I’m not sure how to fix this but so far, they just seem pretty useless. Another problem that I felt while playing was that there’s no sense of accomplishment. Once you’ve beat all the maps, there’s nothing keeping you tied to the game. I wish there were some more accomplishments or small in-game puzzles you could solve. Another small issue that may be a bit harder to combat was how the phone/tablet over heats after a while. It gets scalding hot really fast. Other than those things though, this game is great and I definitely recommend everyone to play it! One thing that I saw in another review that I actually really liked was a free play mode where you could make and put down your own houses and buildings without the fear of losing or running out of time. One of my favorite parts of the game is building roads for the houses and watching the cars drive to their destination. A free play mode would definitely meet those needs!
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4 years ago, Anita B. Jai-nau
Definitely worth a play
I actually never even had heard of apple arcade until an ad popped up for this game. I got the free trial and have been paying for it since ONLY for mini motorways. I play a few more but I would not pay for them if it wasn’t for this game specifically. Now that being said, there are quite a few things I would suggest improving. Like the stop-light would probably be better served as an all-way stop-sign instead. And pleeease could you make the cars turning animation faster. They seem to slow down way too drastically and that creates a domino effect on the cars behind it slowing the whole chain of cars downhill. Another big change I would propose is make it so bridges can be used in the city to go over other roads, so we can connect without being forced to have an intersection where there isn’t necessarily one needed. I also want to be (hopefully) the first to request a whole new game mode, called “Ghost Mode.” where the cars can cross intersections unimpeded. Say a car is going to the right and a car is going straight up. These two cars meet at an intersection. In the normal mode, these cars would slow down and the game would decide which car would have the right of way, usually based on who’s there a fraction of a second sooner. BUT in this mode they both would continue at full speed and just cross without being effected by the other.
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3 years ago, falconflyer317
Fun, but has some serious flaws
I loved the idea of this game when I read the description which I think is misleading. One of the first things it says is “have you ever thought you could fix traffic?” The implication is that with thoughtful building you can actually make traffic work, kind of like a SimCity type game for traffic. That sounds fun. But that’s not what this game is. It’s more like a tower defense game with escalating problems that eventually overwhelm you. You don’t get enough control to actually make traffic better; it’s more responding to the dysfunctional problems that you’re given until they eventually, inevitably, overwhelm you. That’s fine; nothing wrong with that, but it’s not the game that’s being described. That said, I enjoy the game and it’s kind of fun. I’d still enjoy it if it were described properly. I wish it were the game I thought it was and I want to find one like that, but it’s still okay. There are things that are really frustrating though. Stoplights need to work better. You should be able to make your own entrances to buildings so you can built around them. And you should be able to demolish houses. I think a version of the game where the buildings were random but you had to build your own house (maybe in designated areas) would be a lot more fun. Either way, game is kind of fun, but not a lot of replayability since it’s just keeping up with escalating dysfunction until you eventually fail.
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2 years ago, JPizi23
Brilliant Game!
Has new challenges daily and weekly. You get to build roads all over the world. The game just got an update that added tons of different modes for any play style so the game is constantly changing and improving. Although I was skeptical at first and it was not what I thought it was, the game is unlike anything I've ever played and is one of the top strategy games out. I would recommend this game to anybody because it's very easy to learn, but also will challenge anyone who loves strategy games, and once you get going you don't want to stop. I believe it is not just one of the best strategy games out but one of the best games out period. They are adding new features all the time and it still hasn't reached its full potential. I recommend you download this game right now and play through it for a week, no matter who you are or what type of games you are into, and I promise you'll be hooked. I love trying to get the highest score I can to compete with other players around the world also. Although I mostly play it for the fun of it, I also like the competitive aspect of it as well. Build the roads and the cars will come...very fast so be ready to build your roads! The last thing you want is to cause a traffic jam! That's when it's GAME OVER!
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3 years ago, Hfgujgdghhgfhgfcgh
Best Game I have ever played!
Hi everyone. I never write reviews for games but I felt like this one deserved a review. Mini Motorways is a flaming strategy based yet simple for anyone to play kind of game. The game starts off easy and progressively gets harder as more destinations and houses pop up. I love the challenge this game gives the player whiteout frustrating them like some puzzle game do. In addition, the graphics are neat and the whole ambience of the game is relaxing. I have tried many games on Apple Arcade but this one beats them all and I would immediately cancel my subscription if it were not for this game. I don’t have any huge suggestions since I think the game really nailed it in all aspects! The only suggestion is that it would really cool to have an upgrade like the traffic lights and motorways that speeds up the cars on a particular road. This upgrade could be given when a player gets to a higher level week but it would make things even more exciting. Sometimes, it became difficult to change the roads when fees cars can reach the destination and having this sort of power-up/ upgrade (whatever you wanna call it) would make it more enjoyable. Overall, thanks so much Dinosaur Polo Club for creating such an addictive game!
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2 years ago, RonnieSan360
Fun but Frustrating
Great game that gets a bit addicting but there is definitely room for improvement. First, just a small annoyance… when clicking on the timer to bring up the controls it’s too slow. There’s no point to having such a slow animation to display the controls. Second, the most frustrating thing is having businesses pop up on completely opposite sides of the map constantly with the driveway in the worst possible position with no possible way you’d be able to have enough tiles to connect things. I get that the randomness makes it challenging, but some of the logic needs updating so it doesn’t make things impossible. I’ve had businesses pop up 20+ tiles away from anything late into a game with the driveway on the far side and houses pop up just as far in the opposite direction. Again, fun game, but hopefully they make some improvements so you can actually use some strategy instead of being forced to place the least amount of tiles possible. If that’s the case, then you’re basically just connecting the dots and it’s not fun at all. UPDATE: I downgraded it another star because it’s getting to the point that it’s more frustrating than fun. It’s literally just connecting the dots without the ability to use strategy to make traffic flow more smoothly since you never have enough resources.
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2 years ago, Larkscope
Zoom :/
I love this game. But this latest update has killed it. It’s obsurdly hard to play on a phone now that you’ve removed the zoom feature. Especially on cities like Lisbon. It’s so bad I’m going to have to stop playing until the zoom is returned because it’s just too frustrating. I don’t even have large hands but even I keep making roads and things in wrong places because the area you’re expected to touch is the size of a pearl head pin. Please return the zoom! Update: I read about the update and see you did add zoom. But as far as I can tell, it’s not pinch to zoom. It’s the old tap once to zoom in to a pre-determined amount. Not a customizable zoom like pinch to zoom. And most importantly, it was changed to auto default to off! So now you have to go to settings, options, and then toggle zoom on and pick what kind of zoom you want. But none of the descriptors like close or far mean much. So you just have to pick one and play a whole game with it to see if it’s the right kind of zoom for you. And there are something like five or more options to choose from. Seems needlessly complicated. However, now I’ve at least got the old tap to zoom feature back, I’ve updated my rating from 2 stars to 4.
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4 years ago, Nathantrafford
So close to great
Love this game and it’s simplicity. I think some of the suggestions people have made are great. I don’t mind the randomness of WHERE the houses and stores show up. I think that planning ahead for situations where houses are on the other side of the map is fun. You could include difficulty levels to help with that though, where easy mode makes sure that houses only spawn within a certain distance of stores of the same color. Where I have a major issue though is with the algorithm controlling the ratio of houses to stores. I literally just played a game where I ended up with 4 green stores on the map (3 regular and one big store), and only 5 houses. Even if all the stores were next to each other and the houses were right by them, I still would have failed because the demand was too high. This makes me feel like why even bother trying to keep playing if there’s a solid chance that I’ll be faced with an impossible task anyway? I really enjoy the planning side of the game and being the master of my own destiny with how I lay out my grids, but making it possible (and likely even) to lose no matter what I do just feels like it goes against the ethos of the game itself. A simple recalibration of the houses to stores algorithm would fix this issue. In my opinion there should always be twice as many houses as there are stores at any given moment.
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4 years ago, Coraline1599
So much fun! Wish the rounds could be longer
I love this game and it is a lot of fun to play again and again. The graphics are great, gameplay is super and it is definitely worth checking out. Unfortunately, the traffic light is not helpful and I wish there were more of a variety of power ups instead like ‘eminent domain’ where you could remove a house that has spawned in a spot that gums up traffic/blocks the ability to have a straight path and ‘renovation’ that would allow a rotation of a building/change of entrance into the buildings or to add a second entry. ‘Clown car’ that magically clears all the waiting pawns in one car pickup. Color zone where you could pick a few squares that would populate with one specific color when it would be time to spawn a house in that that color. Finally ‘work from home’ where there would be a pause on new workers for a span of 1 to a few days. I think those kinds of power ups would increase the ability to create different strategies and salvage a great game that too often falls apart with no solutions with the current power ups on hand - my best scores often seem to come from luck than strategy. And so some ways to bring in more strategy would keep me playing for many more hours.
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3 years ago,
Game has nice aesthetic. Seems buggy, and the logic and playability are not great. As for bugs, sometimes you get a traffic light at the beginning of a turn and then it is not available. Also, you can’t seem to access the tutorial easily. Cannot find it. As for logic and playability, where to start. It just isn’t clear what’s going on. The traffic lights, freeways, they don’t have noticeable logical effects. It is not clear what is rewarded. Are you trying to make an efficient network? Then it just isn't that clear why your network starts to get bogged down or what you can do about it. The road placing and delete function can be counterintuitive and glitchy. At some point the game changes dramatically and road tiles are extremely scarce after being abundant and you die without any sense of what you could have done differently. What ever the five principals of good game design might be, this effort is not embodying them. You get the sense this Apple Arcade offering is intended to get folks interested in their subway game, which is a $4 game. I suspect that one may be better designed but don’t want to pay to find out. Also this game is such a natural vehicle for environmental thinking, and yet they fumble the opportunity completely. Like, I wanted to create the most efficient network and the game seems to reward or force roundabout routes. That’s it for me.
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4 years ago, Imploding Ninja Waffle
Could Be Better If…
I think the game is pretty entertaining and interesting. I love games where you get to build and design things, and it’s even better when those things are actually used! The one major change I’d make is to add some sort of free play mode. You could have multiple modes for it. You could have a mode where it’s just the base game but you have unlimited resources to play with, the ability to turn on and off the game over function, and a mode where you can place your own buildings. Heck, you could even have a high score for unlimited resource base game. Other than that, it would be better if the game just had more content. You can quickly “beat” all the levels in a day, then it’s just a game of high scores, and maybe some people like that, but it just gets old for me. Maybe you could unlock new levels that have different things? You could add train tracks as an obstacle, a train could pass through a predesignated path and vehicles have to wait for it. Idk, the point is the game lacks content. Idk how much money these games make, but I pay for Apple Arcade, so is like the games to be a little more than the normal free to play games. It feels like a free to play game that’s just not riddled with ads.
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4 years ago, grafixPenguin
Great concept but difficulty increases too fast
I’m not your average gamer, but I took a chance on this one because the concept was solid and the graphics were simple and well put together. However, as much as I was enjoying the challenge, the rate at which buildings populate is way too fast. There is a lack of gradual increase in difficulty and before you know it, it’s game over. Further, And I find this part funny, is that this game really captures the idiocy that faces our real world roads today. I think the game could be improved by slowing down the rate of new buildings popping up, and by giving the player the option to start on smaller towns first. That way, the player can develop a plan more or less of how to tackle traffic flow issues by trying them in a smaller population to ensure they work, rather than waste time in the larger cities hoping it will help. One additional thing, it would be great is we could rotate new factories, not move them, just rotate them, mostly due to the fact the parking lot/entrance allows for only one road and faces a specific direction. Overall, love the game, still enjoy it every time I have to start over, lol.
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11 months ago, 1234b987
Very fun with one game breaking bug
This game is fun. My girlfriend showed me this game and not gonna lie I wasn’t interested at first, but once I started playing, I enjoyed it. The strategy involved, the design, and the casual/relaxing play really bring the game together as a full package. I really think this could be a 5 star game. The only issue I’ve had is with a bug in the game the devs have known about for a least a year now. The bug involves saving your data to iCloud. As you progress, your progression is saved in iCloud. The bug prevents this saving progress and so, you could play the game, progress to a stage, and then open the game later and all that progression could be lost. I’m at the point where I’m seemingly permanently stuck at the Tokyo stage, even though I have achievements and have unlocked stages up to the manila stage. The most frustrating part about it is that this is a paid (monthly!) game, and they (still) haven’t found a fix for this bug. What is the point of playing/getting addicted to the game, if you can’t progress? I would’ve rated this game a one star bc the flaw is so fundamentally game breaking. Instead I rated the game 2 stars because the game is actually fun. It’s the only reason why I felt compelled to write this review- I thoroughly enjoyed the game and am sad that it has this bug.
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5 years ago, Lkkchung
Awesome game, wish there was a few more features
I found this game highly addictive especially as someone who loves city building games like simcity. Managing the traffic has a kind of zen quality that I find super calming. The visual language of the game is spot on with each location feeling different through thoughtful color selection without being too pastiche. I do wish there were just a few more options like one way streets or roundabouts(rotaries). I also miss the time lapse feature from mini metro to watch the growth of the city. Finally, the navigation logic of the cars is a bit tough to work with as it seems like they all go for the shortest route regardless of traffic. This I’m sure is the most processor intensive aspect of the game and is maybe why my battery drops 20% after playing it for 10 minutes... :) hopefully there’s a way to improve this too. Regardless, someone has been destroying the high scores and I would love to see what their strategies are (hopefully not cheating). Looking forward to playing this game over and over as they provide updates and improvements. In the meantime still a great time waster.
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2 years ago, Applauce
Very fun and relaxing
I really enjoy playing this while I am relaxing or need to destress. The art style and sound design really help to promote the zen feeling they’re going for. And I just love watching the cars zip around and the city flowing more and more as the levels progress and get busier. I got this game for PC and mobile because I like it so much. There’s not much to criticize about this as I haven’t run into any bugs or glitches. But I could offer some suggestions. For one, being able to manually zoom in and out would be really helpful. As of now when you want to edit the roads, it zooms in at a set amount which is a little too close for me to see what I’m doing (especially if I’m trying to build long roads or motorways). Also, I wish there was a freeplay/sandbox mode where you could build roads to your hearts content. It would be a great way to practice as I oftentimes have trouble when traffic starts building up. So a way to practice managing that without losing would help. It would also be a nice relaxing mode to play with.
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1 year ago, thank you blueflower UG
Trucks and trains
I love this game! Just got a suggestion, add semi trucks and One way roads. it would be cool with that. and I have one more idea could you make a new game called mini airways. I would be so excited if you could do. that aren’t a lot of airport airport games. As for the semi trucks, they can have two color truck depots that make any other color cargo and they will bring that color cargo to the one main big loading station. Then the cargo will be picked up by the color of the trucks that the cargo was. Example; the red trucks have a green container at their depot. Then depending on how much containers are at the depot, the same number of trucks will bring the containers to the main loading station and drop them off so the green trucks can pick them up and bring them back to their depot. And there can be more than one of the main loading stations and more truck colors, not just red and green. And there can be more color containers at one time at one depot. If you can please add this to mini motorways that would be so awesome.
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4 years ago, mattie0
This game is wonderful, but would love more added!
I normally am not a huge fan on mobile games, since the video games I enjoy most are complex story games. However, there have been a couple mobile games that I become absolutely addicted to and this game is one of them. It’s simplistic, easy to learn, and great to play when you’re just doing nothing for five minutes. As much as I love it, I think it needs a couple additions. There needs to be a fix with the traffic lights, because every time I try to use one, it makes the situation worse. I tend to just avoid them all together now. I also think there should be some more infrastructure options. Maybe a four lane road? Also, since I love the simplistic design and art style of the game, I’d love if there was a zen mode of sorts where you could just build away without limits. I love it when the city starts to get bigger and there’s neighborhoods and city blocks. Even though I think it needs some improvements, this game is one of my favorite phone games ever! (I also absolutely love the sound design and music. I try to turn my sound on whenever I play❤️).
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5 years ago, J Ephraim
Updates will make it great
I enjoy this game a lot , coming from mini metro I actually enjoy this more. It has great potential to be 5 stars. The biggest issue with this game is how it goes out of its way to make things difficult/unbearable, I’ve had buildings pop up in tight corners and then houses pop up behind those buildings that become unreachable. Further into a game the traffic even if flowing is not fast enough to accommodate the supply being dropped not to mention how houses for buildings ends up on the far side of the map. Traffic light I’ve tried to accommodate but is useless, and when you need a motorway it mostly never is one of the two options. A sandbox mode with objectives would be great and then a free play mode with no risks would be too just like mini metro has, hopefully this is coming. A new road type would also be nice with a 4 lanes, one way roads and also a 3 and 5 lane with middle lane left turns. Maybe stop signs instead of traffic lights. This is a game about roads, transportation and logistics so hopefully the devs incorporate those things. Thanks for a great game with amazing potential.
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5 years ago, xPattyCakex96
Fun an addicting, broken aspects make playing not enjoyable.
Don’t get me wrong; this game is fun and addicting for not only just to waste time while watching TV or lounging around. But there is a serious bug/break in the game that can immediately ruin your game. When there is an intersection, either with or without a traffic light, sometimes traffic just completely stops and then your city fails. There is no fix I have found, other than completely removing all the roads in that area and frantically putting them back if you can, to hopefully get the traffic going. It’s especially bad when you are in the 500+ commuters area, and then (ex) yellow buildings need items picked up, then they go into the red pop up timer meaning it needs a lot of cars right now. All of your yellow cars besides maybe 3-4 are stuck not moving at all. They will just be frozen, and all it takes is ONE car to be broken at an intersection for the entire map to be completely bricked. It’s especially frustrating when I can just look at where everything is going wrong and all I can do it sit and stare at it, and wait for my city to get shut down and I have to restart.
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4 years ago, Hawkeie
No strategy just luck.
This is more of a game of luck rather than strategy. The randomness of the auto populate of the business and homes is a little ridiculous. Cities aren’t built on just plopping a house and a business anywhere. There isn’t any possibility of strategizing the roadways to keep the traffic moving. The traffic light is useless. It doesn’t help keep traffic moving. And only having bridges as a “power up” is a bit aggravating. There should be ways to make roads one way. The ability to move business. Or at least turn them. Create additional entrances. Or even entrance and exit only paths. Make some roads right turn only or left turn only. Or make them no turn possible. You could make ways to buy extra roads, bridges and freeways. An additional selection of traffic pattern could be a turn about. Could be the ability to close roads off so they can be deleted easier. And if a road is selected to be deleted then the traffic should automatically find a new direction. Or when roads are added the traffic already moving will automatically take the newer path if it’s shorter for them. There should also be a random land generator so we’re not playing only the cities listed.
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5 years ago, KBSR124
Awesome game, needs some adjusting.
This is one of the best games on Apple Arcade, hands down. Obviously the game is very new, so it’s understandable that there isn’t any other game modes (like Creative Mode or Challenge Mode), but that’s not where my issue lies. If the premise of the game is that if a car wants to go to a location, a pin is dropped on the location so the car can essentially get the pin, then why do I consistently see more pins than cars. I see this in every level where I have a location that has 10 pins, but I only have 4 houses of the same color. In addition, every time I start a new game, the location has 3 pins, even though there are only 2 cars. Where are those other pins coming from and was this by design? It is very frustrating because I want to grow my map, but it’s nearly impossible with buildings timing out due to not having enough cars to even get to them. Maybe it’s a bug, I’m not sure. Again, the game is awesome, I still play it all of the time, but I’m not sure how long that will last when I keep hitting this roadblock (no pun intended).
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3 years ago, MahouKanade
Relaxing traffic manager
As someone who is really into city building games I have to say this is a great little game for me to unwind with. I’ve been playing it for about a week now and I love everything about it. Beautiful aesthetic, lovely colors in both day and night mode. The tutorial was a great introduction into the game, if i had to add anything I would just explain that when you erase something it won’t go back into your sidebar until all cars are done using it (for example, motorway or roundabout), took me some time to figure that one out. I love that the higher level maps introduce tunnels and I would love to see what other things are added as more maps are introduced (at least I hope this is the plan!). I also enjoy the daily and weekly challenges, really great for someone like me who plays this once a day to unwind. Overall, really lovely work I had no idea I needed a game like this in my life until I tried it. Looking forward to seeing more from these developers!
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12 months ago, TUATHEGREAT
Minor issues but LOOOVE this app
I Looooove this game. I honestly rate it a 4.5 but you can’t give half stars… passes the time quickly and gets my brain flowing too. The only thing I’d say that I have some issues with (for me) is that sometimes the app doesn’t have the maps that I’ve already opened available to me as they should after I’ve unlocked them.. for an ex: I should have the last 3 maps left but for some reason I’m back to 5maps left.. and this has happened twice now, and when I select resume when I open the app it doesn’t resume from the map that I was working on but it resumes from the daily challenge that I had started and ended like it’s stuck on that daily challenge map.. OH, also I wish you could switch the main building around like the little houses that pop up, it’s becoming an inconvenience when the big building pop up (bc they pop up randomly) and it ruins the whole flow of your road system you’re trying to maintain.. other than those issues I would’ve given 5stars EASILY.
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2 years ago, The Scott
Mixed bag
My score is more like a 3.75, but I rounded up. This game is totally fun and addictive. I originally bought it on the Switch but wanted the bigger iPad screen after I learned it was on Apple Arcade. So I like this game enough to essentially buy it twice. It's deceptively simple while super-complex, the art style is sleek and cool, the sound design is unusual but totally on point, and it has easy (though sometime finicky) controls. That all said, it also has some sizable flaws. For me, its biggest problem is that you basically lose when the game decides it wants you to lose. Failure often comes because the game will spawn 2 or 3 destinations all at once and then not give anywhere close to the means to connect them all—so you either just have to sit and watch the game kill you or try to prolong the inevitable by “stealing” roads from other places and hoping THAT doesn’t kill you before you can replace them. That's not a ramp in difficulty; it's chopping the player off at the knees and then blaming them for not being able to walk. For such an overall well-designed game, it’s a disappointingly cheap mechanic. I'll also say it’s disheartening to read the old reviews for this game I just discovered because I see complaints written 2+ years ago about issues that still to this day persist and drag it down. That tells me it will never improve beyond what it is today, which is fine—I'll keep playing—but it means a game that could be “great” will forever remain “good.”
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2 years ago, Mynameislane
Sandbox Mode Badly Needed
With the placements of buildings and houses being random, there’s not much to learn from each game to take into the next game. The game requires effort into strategy only to have the next round completely change your strategy. You more than likely stumble upon a good game rather than create it. Having the sandbox option would be amazing to have. Cities Skylines has found major success in a sub-genre that was dominated by SimCity. The traffic aspect to the game is one of the biggest highlights. It’s a great feeling to build a functioning traffic system from scratch. The “from scratch” part is very important. Designated areas for housing and buildings, unlimited roads and full maps, making the entrance to a building moveable, off ramps on motorways, and many more features would make casual play fun. This isn’t really a casual game. Opening the app, I know I am going to put a lot of time, and thinking, into the game. The sandbox mode would keep me playing especially for when I’m burnt out on the standard mode. Essentially, I would play this game everyday if it had a sandbox option.
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5 years ago, G_Spell
Almost a 5-star game.
Here are my immediate thoughts after playing several games. 1) Traffic lights are useless. They take too much time to change and cause more traffic jams than clear them. 2) You should be able to see what cars are carrying people like you can on Mini Metro. On the same topic, I wish the “pick-ups” were dots not location things. 3) There needs to be a fast forward button. 4) I wish it was a bit more obvious that a house or building just dropped. They randomly pop up in the tightest situations and it’s hard to tell where later in the game with not zoom feature. 5) there needs to be a quick undo button. The current UX makes it too easy to drop roads accidentally. 6) I get this is part of the game, but wish you could rotate the entry points to buildings. Lastly, this game gets to a point where you can’t do anything to save yourself. I played a match where I had all my houses directed to their buildings and their buildings only and the buildings were producing more of a demand than the amount of homes I had could supply. This game has huge potential. Can’t wait for future updates!!
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3 years ago, He ain't THAT good
It’s ok.
Fun like SIMS type. But it’s hard to know why the spots get crowded and why and by how much so then everything looks ok but all of a sudden it gets crowded and you’re shut down. There’s no meter to show you how much percentage of the number that makes a site too crowded or not accessible etc, so it gets confusing as to what you’re supposed to move, when just a few moments before everything seemed to be working fine. Also the motorway on top is overlapping the thing underneath so if you wanted to move the thing underneath you have to move the motorway to get to it, which is kinda annoying. I get that it’s just a silly game, and people play it with “strategy” so they don’t actually build functional town areas, but if they do that, they ought to be penalised, because the game would be much more fun if you got extra points for functionality of building a real town, and having the knowledge of the numbers needed to get a building filled or not filled, and how many cars actually are in each house. But I get that in order to do that it would be a much bigger game.
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3 years ago, PaintPenclPaper
Great game that ends too soon
I really enjoy playing this game. Very clean graphics, relaxing soundtrack, challenging space and time behaviors. The downside is that just when your city, towns, factories and streetscapes are finally flourishing — it all come to an end because the traffic lights don’t really work well; no matter how strategically they are placed. I’d like to suggest that: 1, the traffic lights should be designed to really help manage traffic based on flow and highest number of vehicle waiting to pass through an intersection. 2, it would be nice that if a factory fails do to a lack of workers then it should close and that area of the city should become blighted until you are able to successfully maintain other business in that area. Then a demolition power should become available that allows you to knock down old business and our homes that are no longer needed and that land could become useful again. These things would severely increase game play and allow a player to become much more invested in the welfare of their cities.
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3 years ago, DJdog120
This game is 11/10
This is a really good game. If I didn’t have anything to do I would probably play this game. When doing the tutorial it seems like it would be harder than it actually is, but it’s actually pretty easy. Yes, it still gets more difficult when there’s a lot of houses everywhere, and you have to get the cars to their destinations when there’s a lot of a traffic, but you can just try again and and still have fun. My first round I lasted 40 days and got 304 pins. The only thing I would want in this game is a Sandbox/Free Play mode. I know that there’s several reviews saying they want this added, and that it would take a lot to implement it, but it would still be an awesome feature. I want to be able to control where the houses are, where the destinations are, have unlimited roads, traffic lights, roundabouts, bridges, and motorways just so I can do what I want. If you did add that then, I wouldn’t care how long it would take for this, I would want a map creator. You can put water down wherever you want, decorations wherever. I would also like a challenge creator. You can set how long you have to survive. How many roads you have. How many traffic lights, roundabouts, bridges, and motorways you have. You don’t have to do these things, but they would make the game even better than it already is. Now that may seem impossible, but it’s possible. To whoever reads this; Have a good rest of your day!
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4 years ago, Terry T-Dog
A few suggestions
I love this game so so much. I love the process of figuring out problems and rerouting cars. But I do think some things could be added or fixed to improve the game and make it playable for longer times. The first suggestion is to add one way roads. This would allow us to control the traffic flow so much better. This would also allow people to crate roundabouts. I do not know how you will acquire one way roads or how they will interact with stop light and motorways but i think this would be a great addition. Another thing you could add would be a sandbox mode. Allowing or endless roads, motorways and all the other add ons to help traffic flow better. You would also be able to move and place buildings deciding where they would go. You could then take it one step further and allow people to create their own maps. ie. choosing where mountains and lakes go. They could then upload this allowing other people to use the map and play it. Love the game and keep up the good.
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5 years ago, nick4782
Awesome game!! Buttttt....
I love this game. Me and my brother have been playing non stop since signing up for Apple Arcade. I have very few issues with the game, but the few that I do make it hard to play for long amounts of time without getting frustrated. First, I’ve researched it and even though you guys say the traffic lights help improve traffic, I don’t see anything except it building more traffic because it’s shutting down one entire roadway, especially when multiple color cars need to travel. Second, they’ve both been said in previous reviews, but I really think that a roundabout should be added, as well as there should only be the number of pins matching the number of cars you have. It’s difficult to keep up with pin demands when when I have 9 pins on a blue building but only 3 or 4 blue houses. That being said , I LOVE the game, but it does need some improvements. I hope the developers take the time to read the reviews because I honestly think the game would be soooo much better. Thanks!
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4 years ago, XtopherSkidoo
Worthy of AT LEAST a 4-star Rating!
The rating on this game should be a 4.3, and I think it could get there with a little bit of fine tuning of the AI. FIRST OF ALL, the concept is wonderful, the sound design is finely tuned, and the art style is AMAZING! I’m rating this 5-stars because I believe its overall ranking should be higher. The crux of this review is: it’s addictive, it’s satisfying, Its pick up/put down, it looks great, and makes you feel like an awesome city planner! Considerations for Improvement: The game can sometimes work against you (by giving you an upgraded building, and NO houses to fuel it). I’ve never seen traffic lights help and I have only seen them kill my runs. I would like an isometric view of the city at the end, and different building types (but I understand why there aren’t any). How about a mode/ability where you have the option to move a certain number of houses or buildings? Also, what about unlockable skins for cars/houses/color pallets/buildings?
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5 years ago, Mac-is-sexy
Fun Game But....
Game is really addicting and relaxing however, when it turns into a “big” red pen theres literally nothing you can do. I had a direct motorway with all colors on deck going towards the new “big” pen and it just kept filling up nothing stopped it. Again all colored cars picked up that I had available through direct motorway. I don't understand I followed the games directions and sent everything there. No traffic. I feel like the game kinda cheats you by adding colors across the map with water in the way no bridges and even when all colors are out its not enough to satisfy the high demand. The demand is way over the supply. Its impossible if I do not have the supply how do I satisfy demand? I don't even get “game over” from cars jamming up from traffic its mostly from the above which is very frustrating. They should make the pens, once they get big to where it only needs maybe 3 cars immediately after that to stop it. Seems like nothing stops them to be honest. Once they are big, game over and I sit back and watch with nothing I can do to help my poor city :/
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3 years ago, Cjmart13
Awesome Casual Game
I really like this game. It is very simple and pretty easy to score over 1,500 on each map once you understand the mechanics. I have a few suggestions though. It would actually be helpful if there was an option to upgrade the roads to a divided highway or a 4 lane road so that it could be easier to manage traffic on longer stretches of roads. Also there have been a few games where I have hit 1,200 points and then all of a sudden it will spawn a few of the same color stores and not spawn any new houses of that color. Or a circle store demand will just randomly increase exponentially and not spawn any new houses because there were no more stores spawned. In both of these situations the game ends within a few minutes. I’m fine with demand increasing, but the supply also has to increase. Otherwise, I love this game and starting over is a lot of fun because each new game is completely different from the last. I like that about it. It provides a new puzzle each game :)
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2 years ago, Jillianmd
Love this game but Pink vs Orange is awful!
I really enjoyed getting through the different city types and once I did them all I mostly just play the daily and weekly ones now, which I enjoy. But yesterday’s was I think the first time I encountered both Pink and Orange buildings and I didn’t even realize they were different for a while because they were so similar. But for a little while I got away with it. Then at some point more “reddish” buildings showed up and I connected them to the nearest reddish houses or even made motorways to some and suddenly the cars wouldn’t go. It built up to the red flags on the buildings before I realized they were actually different colors and even then it was really hard to figure out which ones were which when they weren’t close together to compare. So even after figuring it out, it was too late and the red timers filled up and I lost the game. Very frustrating. One of those colors should be changed.
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4 months ago, Poker600
Before you play
Now listen a lot of reviews say that it doesn’t save and all that, but when I join back into the app, it simply says, “continue” One small issue I have is that when a building spawns on the opposite side of a river with a house on the other side, and even with upgrades I can’t seem to get a bridge. I eventually get game over and the process sometimes repeats over and over again. Now listen, sometimes the screen is way to small for my fingers and if you have this issue as well, I recommend playing on a computer (that is if you have a Mac) for a better experience. Do I hate this game? No. Do I think you shouldn’t download it? No! This game is a great game to play when you’re bored with free time at home or in the car on trips to pass the time. Don’t pay attention to all the negative reviews, and focus on the positives of the game. Have fun playing!
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5 years ago, Jextri
I love this game!
I love how much of a simple strategy game this is while also going for a high score. It really gives the feeling of those old addictive flash tycoon and strategy games I grew up with. The concept is great and the way you are allowed to map everything out makes this game not only relaxing but also fun and addictive. A few points I have to bring up is the lack of control you actually have especially mid to late game. Traffic ends up building up no matter what you do or how many roads you make. Shops will sometimes appear in really bad places that end up losing the game because cars can’t get to it efficiently enough. It’s especially irritating when these buildings spawn so far away that cars can’t reach them in time causing you to lose from something uncontrollable. A few ways to fix this would be adding additional mechanics to the game such as rotaries and one way streets to help manage the flow of the game. Additionally making cars follow the fastest route rather than the shortest or having this be an option you can select would be a nice feature. Additionally you could have certain car colors not be able to travel down certain roads and have this as a selectable thing. Perhaps making a different mode or even a sequel game with all these extra mechanics would be best to not over complicate this current game. All in all the game is great and there are many way it can improve and I have high hopes for the future.
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4 years ago, SarGanerr
I love mini motorways, but want more strategy
I have been playing mini motorways for many hours since past week. I love the game, but find it limits strategy. A few suggestions to the developer that will give more control to the player and make real strategy possible: 1. Associating number of commuters served to resources available. For e.g. the more commuters you serve, more road tiles are available. Another could be motorways, bridges, tunnels could charge toll which could be used to buy upgrades. 2. A model to predict traffic / demand. For e.g. right now a few houses can generate a huge demand and once your city starts getting busy, it is unclear where the demand for a specific building is coming from. An x-ray feature on a building to see locations from where commuter demand is coming from will be great. 3. Given there is already a clock, how about using that to simulate traffic? E.g. weekdays has more commuter demand, weekends more leisure demand. Or the colors could have patterns of demand based on time. 4. Ability to upgrade building to add additional entrances, especially ones that are serving more commuters. 5. Show road statistics to see which ones are more used. 6. Fix defect where a house can appear at the edge behind all other houses and no option to connect to a road. 7. Ability to build motorways by tapping start and end tiles instead of dragging, which is cumbersome in a big city. I will share more as I play.
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4 years ago, Night krone
Fun to play, love the game, just a suggestion
I love the game, as others have said the graphics are great, gameplay is smooth, fun to play, i read another review about the stop lights not being helpful i agree with that. Anyways my suggestion was to have a mode that could be maybe called “zen mode” so its the same objective, as in to have a smooth flowing city, but its a mode to where you can have your city forever. Dont take this the wrong way keep the current mode, or else that game wouldnt be what it is currently, im just saying im the kind of player who doesnt like to loose progress and i think it would be a fun idea to have like a ongoing zen mode to where if a house spawns badly or store spawns badly you could delete or move it to a more convienient position, stuff like that. And then when you dont wanna play zen mode you can switch right back to the challenging mode to solve the puzzles the game can throw at you and have lots of fun!
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4 months ago, 🐘🐈🍄🌊❄️
Really strange save flaws
I really enjoy this game. I can play it pretty mindlessly, the graphics and sounds are nice, in general it is a good game. There are however a multitude of strange save flaws. - when I beat a city (i.e., make enough trips to unlock the next one), if I leave the game and come back some time later, it will not remember that I have already beat that city and I’ll have to play it again to move onto the next and need to make sure I start a game in that new city before I leave the app for it to remember that I’ve unlocked it. This gets really annoying. - it has asked me numerous times if I need the color blind settings or if I want to turn off the motion between menus. I say no every time but it seems to forget - when I resume a game, it is without fail NYC, which I have not played in weeks. I’ve played so many cities since then and every time I start a new game it asks me if I want to override my saved game, to which I say yes, but then the next time I play, NYC is still saved. This isn’t really a problem for me, just strange There are probably some other little things but my main frustration is having to replay cities after I’ve already beat them. Oddly enough, it’ll show a high score of 0 when this happens, but if I go to the leaderboards it will still show my ACTUAL high score of my first play of the city. Like I said, really strange save issues. I would really love for this to be fixed.
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3 months ago, Landon.W
Great on MacBook
This game really shines on MacBook. Love it. Unfortunately it’s best suited for a larger screen and not iPhones. It’s pretty annoying having to use two fingers to move around because I always try one finger and draw roads all over constantly. And not being able to pinch to zoom in and out is awful. Have to tap to zoom all the way in or out with no inbetween. Not intuitive at all. Also after doing the tutorial and playing a while I still don’t get motorways very well. Don’t really know when/where I need them. And it took a while to even understand how to place them or why they’re flexible. And I never pick traffic lights. Wouldn’t they not be as good as roundabouts? Traffic lights create congestion not solve it.. I thought. Also the game freezes when I leave the app and return. I have to close it out and re-open to resume the game.
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5 years ago, RajunCajun_48
Great but could be better
I love this game so far, city building games similar to this are among my favorite types of games but this could be much more. I haven't seen how to move a stoplight that's already been placed, if possible at all. It's hard to place one though when your finger is blocking your view contrary to Jobs belief, your finger is far from the perfect stylus. Sometimes the game will pit you in a no win scenario. I had a building plant itself so the parking lot entrance sat between an off color house and two other buildings, only play I could make was add a road from the off color house to that entrance. This building effectively checkmated my game. Forcing me to restart or await the inevitable too few cars game ending. Finally, I would love a creative mode where you could place buildings, houses, roads, bridges etc to your heart content, if not that a traffic jam game mode that puts you in situations to work out how to improve the roads and fix the traffic
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5 years ago, ChaoticLobster
I only review one game a year.
And this one wins 2019. If you’re the type of person (like myself) who enjoys strategy games.... Stop reading this review and download the game already! You can’t go wrong with this one. For those who don’t like strategy, here’s my story instead. (Yes It’s long) I, probably just like you, recently downloaded iOS13 and was also curious if Arcade was going to be any fun/and or worth the money. Skeptical, that’s what’s I was at first.. and then I downloaded this simple little strategy sim game.... it had a very nice tutorial... NOT condescending like many other tutorials and simply got to the point! Love that. Then the game.. it’s easy and fun. If you like easy and fun things, you’ll love it. But you won’t get a high score, and they’ve built in a leaderboard! And so, I got arrogant and thought “easy game + leaderboard = I win”..... HA! The game expands in difficulty if you push it. Getting extremely complex and simply crushing me every time I start to get hope... I can’t tell you if it is worth a shot. All I have is an opinion... ;) but I played it for 4 hours straight and now at least one persons opinion was changed. I’m no longer a skeptic. Take my $5 and just let me play this thing. Thanks for the great game devs. Oh, and you readers, remember that leaderboard?.... Its a race! And the clock is ticking... so consider this review my “banana peel” *grammar
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1 month ago, mintyfresh15
Love it!
Awesome game, I do prefer playing mini metro but this one is great too. If I could do one thing to change this game it would be to implement the option for one way roads. The way the game is programmed, cars will automatically choose the shortest route, which means that if you make two parallel roads to give cars two options to eliminate traffic, they will all choose the same one, so creating multiple roads doesn’t clear up traffic the way it would in a real city with human drivers. Another option would be to have the ability to upgrade a road from two lanes to four lanes. It is also kind of frustrating that roundabouts take up so much space which means you have very limited options for where to put them, often you don’t know you will need a roundabout until there are too many houses in the way to build one.
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5 years ago, otherguy
Good Start - Losing Feels Like Luck
Update: I really want to like this game. The most recent update made it even more frustrating. I’m now regularly losing with only two colors based purely on the placement of the buildings, with nothing I can do to speed the traffic up. —— I spend way too much time on this game given it’s the same mechanic. It’s fun, but there are a few things that would drastically improve it: 1) the start of each game is like five minutes of waiting 2) the traffic does glitch occasionally, which requires a reboot to make it move again 3) there’s a bug with game center where if you play in airplane mode it repeatedly notifies you about your achievements 4) the nature of the controls means I’m constantly fighting Notification Center and app switching on an iPhone without a home button (add just a little bit of padding to the top and bottom of the screen in edit mode) Most importantly: 5) How far you make it feels like the luck of the random placement. I’ve lost at like 200 just because the same colored building were very far apart and there was seemingly nothing I could do. Similarly, I’ve lost because of placement and the inability to get a bridge. I wish it felt like I had more influence over how far I made it - more of a there is always a way to win, you just need to figure it out. Right now losing is a matter of time and the random placement influences when you lose more than your individual skill. Skill a good way to spend a plane ride.
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4 years ago, zemke33
Fun gameplay, poor controls
The game looks great and gameplay is intuitive, but the controls and interface are not. I'm writing this because the devs seem to take notice based on reviews. I want to love this game, but I find it near unplayable on iPhone and iPad. Two-finger touch would be intuitive to move the map if you could zoom in and out. As it is, it's all frustrating build/delete roads when I swipe to move the map because it's so zoomed-in during build mode, I can't tell where anything else is! The direction and efficiency of your routes become a guessing game, and I don't think that's the goal. It's a map-based game, so mirror Apple's map controls. It would help if in building a road, it wasn't all one touch. For example, it would be nice to drag to draft the route, drag back to undo and then click to confirm, but that may be over burdensome. I think that just comes from the frustration of wanting to zoom in/out. Anyhow, I cannot recommend the game as it is for iPhone/iPad players, only Apple TV.
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3 years ago, MrGalaxy_
I LOVE this game!
I don’t very often right reviews but I read a review that angered me. The review from buggy2.0 said that they couldn’t “win” because the green pops up far away with things in between. Now, that happens to me to but I like it that way. If they were all compact, this game would be boring because you just put down 2 road tiles and you’re done! I mean like, isn’t this a puzzle game? But, there is one thing I agree with buggy2.0 on is the endless build mode for stress relief. Now onto the review. I absolutely love this game! It really gets the brain thinking. You have to find the shortest route and figure out were to put things. You can spend HOURS and not get bored of this because every time you play the same level, it’s randomized. This might sound like I’m putting out a bad review and accidentally put 5 ⭐️. Well I’m not. I just love this game!
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4 years ago, A_A_Ron85
Really want to love this game
I had a lot of fun with it for about the first hour or so, then I began to notice how hard the game works against you. I understand games need to be challenging, but this is excessive. I’m no civil engineer, but I feel confident in saying you can’t set roads up like a real life city in this game. If you do, you will quickly lose. The tutorial teaches you how to set up roads and that’s it. There is clearly a secret strategy that isn’t even hinted at in said tutorial. Traffic lights are counterintuitive. The game deliberately places buildings in spots that will cause traffic jams and businesses to become inundated, resulting in losing the game. Setting up the road for a neighborhood?....BOOM now there’s suddenly an upgraded business that will be inundated in a few minutes! Despite the cars pouring in and out of the lot: game over. I mean, it’s cool to have difficulty and challenge in your game, but I’ve got enough frustration in my day to day, I don’t need that from a casual game. Looks great though, and the sounds are soothing.
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4 years ago, Eat a duck
Mass Transit Propaganda
This game is fascinating! I love learning how it works, but unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be much of a strategy at all. (Or the variables are so unclear and unintuitive that it doesn’t matter.) But that’s not a problem! This game is fun even without a clear strategy. The fun happens when you figure out how to decongest an area with highways or just when you grow your city! Unfortunately, there is way too much frustration by chance for how scarce the fun is. We need it to start faster and be less reliant on luck. Give us more highways! They’re the most fun part of the game! This game is just not fun at all in the first 3-5 min while homes spawn slowly. Give players more resources to start with, and accelerate the game more in those beginning slow minutes. It loses its replay value because it’s as boring as watching an ad in between games. It’s 100% impossible to lose as it is early on, so don’t worry about making it “too hard.” And I’ve had my most fun when houses spawned together neatly and stores didn’t wall off passages. Why can’t it be like that every game? Let us move stores and houses sometimes! If you ever get 2 stores facing each other, it’s impossible to prevent the congestion. And my one suggestion that would help players learn how your system works is to give us a sandbox mode!!!!!! I would LOVE to be able to test how do things efficiently in a sandbox mode.
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