Mini Photobooth

Photo & Video
4.7 (7.3K)
171.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Minivan Labs
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mini Photobooth

4.74 out of 5
7.3K Ratings
6 years ago, Samobra
Love some features but need one tweak
I really love everything about this app EXCEPT I am unable to get the picture to save and be ready for the next guest in event mode. I have locked down printing and sharing so those are not options. But after the 4 pictures are taken it stops at the screen that gives you two options. Quit or Redo. How do I fix this? You indicated in a response that it would just be ready for the next picture so I purchased the non watermark option. But I get stuck at the quit or redo. Help! Thanks Thanks for the response. However it does not work that way for me. After taking the pictures it stays on the screen with the options to quit or redo. It is not ready for the next picture. I really need this to work. Love the app but this is causing an issue. I have the latest downloaded. Thansk
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8 months ago, Nelissa S
Good app, needs some fixes
I'm absolutely thrilled with the app's setup and the incredible customization options for creating our own templates. However, there's a crucial quality-of-life improvement needed – the ability to undo/redo actions when decorating templates. It can be challenging to work on specific parts of the template, causing layout issues that require manual corrections. Additionally, having the option to arrange text, stickers, and backgrounds in front of or behind each other would be great. One major issue I've encountered is that in event mode, when selecting from multiple templates, the photos and videos sometimes don't align correctly with the current template, leading to orientation and layout problems. To illustrate, consider this scenario: the previous group chose template #3, while the current group opted for template #4. However, they discover that the alignment of stickers, text, and background is from template #3, while the actual photo/video content maintains the alignment of template #4. This issue renders the photo unshareable or unusable. Please address these concerns.
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2 years ago, xleeenie
Works great but white border
I’ve tried this app many of times and I love how you can create everything on this app but the part I’m having trouble is printing. I have a dnp qw410 and dnp ds620a. I am using an iPad Pro for the photbooth. Before I click the print button on the app. The photo tend to add a white border around the photo. Which I do not want the white border. How am I able to fix this for it to print the whole 4x6 photo without it adding a white border making the photo even smaller when it prints. But if I was to go to my library photos and print to the printer. It doesn’t add the white border. Also on mini Photobooth setting. I have turn off the border as well. Call dnp to see if it was the printer fault or the wcm that I use and it is neither of them. They suggested it was the app that I’m using for the Photobooth. Is there a customer service phone line or someone who can help me with this white border issue? I really love this app and want to continue using it but the printing the white border part is really bothering me.
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4 weeks ago, rt3267
Not great- glitch ruined all photos.
During my event, there was some sort of glitch where a “falling heart” effect appeared on every photo in front of peoples faces. It ruined every photo. I did not add this effect to any of the backgrounds I designed. I got it to go away by closing the app and reopening, but then it just reappeared a few photos later. I was pretty annoyed when I looked at the final album of pics at the end of my baby shower. Also, this app cannot be used in landscape mode. I originally bought q stand for my iPad that only supports landscape setup, just to find out the app doesn’t rotate photos. That’s ridiculous. At the last minute, I had to set up my phone. Furthermore, I designed backgrounds on my phone, but when I logged into my iPad the backgrounds are not in the app and I had to re-design. Overall, the lack of landscape mode is really annoying. And, for the one event I bought this app to use for (my baby shower), a glitch with the random heart effect ruined all of the photos.
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4 months ago, Kutipye
Current subscriber
Heyyyyyy, wanted to say this is a nice development. I think I need a tutorial cause I’m sure I can do way more than what I use it for. Curious to how I change the way folks see their pictures coming from me. I love that they were able to receive their photos from different platforms but when texting my number shows up. Mind you I have an ipad but it was connected to my phone. The ipad has its own number. Do you think that I should cancel my subscription under my phone and create a new one for my ipad or is it a way to change the number or email in the settings? Please advise if you can. Planning another party this weekend.
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10 months ago, JazyQ16
Printing Off Center
I had high hopes for this app. It was a success at my parents birthday party but I could not get the pictures to come out center when printed. I messed with the magnification over and over, shot new photos and it still wouldn’t come out centered. What a loss of paper and ink for the constant adjustments I made to fix the issue. It was either too far off to the right which resulted in cutting off part of the right side of the photo or there were white banners to the left, above and below. The paper size was correct but still had issues. I even bought a second printer thinking that was the issue but it wouldn’t print correctly on the new one either. The concept was great but I will not be renewing this membership. I have an event to work this weekend and I’ll be using a different software.
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5 years ago, Cindybuck
My First Event
I must say I was hoping everything would run smooth, I had no choice but to give this a try since our photographer had to cancel at the last moment. Everything ran smoothly with just a few hiccups. After several photos it started freezing, I couldn’t take anymore photos my selphy printer kept saying busy, then after awhile it somehow allowed me to start printing again. I made it through the event, and most of all everyone was able to get their prints. Some just had to wait longer than others. I will certainly keep and perhaps continuing learning how to use it.
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1 year ago, Jillmass
Miss the free version
I’ve had this app for three years because I used it for a church event very successfully. I don’t run a Photo Booth business or make money off it, so the free version was really helpful for church events. I haven’t used it in about two years, so when I set it up to use in my classroom, imagine how surprised and disappointed I was when my students could not print or enjoy their photos because of a big lock watermark overlay. As a public school teacher, $240 a year is not feasible for an app that I might use four times a year for personal classroom use. I wish there was a way to get the old app version with ads or a watermark that doesn’t ruin the whole photo. It was nice to personalize the strip for my graduates but now I’m jus extremely frustrated and disappointed.
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4 years ago, britt_brp
Photographers rating met standards
As a professional photographer I was looking for a very particular app for our holiday party. This is perfect. Everyone loved it and will be used for every party going forward. everyone on social is asking about it and our set up. We don’t use the print option as we send all the individual images and Photobooth collages later in a large gallery. One thing that I would suggest revising (maybe there already is and it’s a setting we missed) is a larger “re-do” button. It’s super tiny in the upper left hand corner. I would love to see two large buttons as I’ve seen in professional photo booths. Making it super user friendly for your guests. You take the pics and then it pops up two large bubbles. “Share” “Re-do” Once shared it pops up the same two bubbles to allow guests to click “re-do” to revert back to the camera mode and ready for the next guests. Thanks again. Such a hit!
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6 months ago, Jenjohnsonohio
Sync Across Devices?
Hello, I downloaded the app this morning and played with it. It will work for my needs and looks great! But I would like it to sync between my cell phone and my ipad so I can design the templates I need. So in the photobooth I will use my cell but it’s easier for me to design on my large screen ipad. Is this possible? When I look in my apps on the iCloud, it’s not listed so that I can toggle to share with the other device on the same iCloud account. Please let me know how to do this? I want to purchase the pro version but will not if I can’t sync across devices. Thanks, Jen
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6 years ago, Ashley.parkin
Awesome App!!
This app is amazing! Love the ability to create my own templates. Super easy to use and has been a huge hit at kids bday party and just used at a company event and was just as good as hiring out. Well worth the $ and developer is continuing to upgrade the product and add new fun features! Main item I would like to see is that my personal templates are available on all my devices with the app. Right now if I create a template on my iPhone I can’t access it on my iPad and vice versa. But all in all functionality is super great!
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8 months ago, RapGurl
Perfect for party but expensive for personal use
I purchased the subscription of the app because I was in a time crunch for my daughter’s birthday party and it worked amazing. I loved being able to create a custom party border and our guests loved the ease of using it. We had issues with the printer but not the apps fault. As someone else commented, I wish there was a shorter/cheaper subscription. I would love to use for my kids’ school events but the $40 price tag is a little steep to use for one day and $240/year is a lot when we host 3-4 events a year where we might use it.
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1 year ago, BboyJoe
1-week or 1-day subscription
Hello, I would love the opportunity to subscribe for a week or a day and I bet you would get a lot more subscribers as well! Please, let me know if this becomes available for future consideration. Looks like a great app so far but I haven’t bought a subscription yet. The aspect I enjoy about this app compared to others is the ability to use up to four templates for a single event and the ease of creating templates on the iPad. To be competitive with other similar Photo Booth apps I think offering a week subscription option for $10 or $20 would be up my rating to 5-stars!
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5 years ago, Riette68
Love everything about this app! Super easy to set up for DIY Photobooth. It’s very intuitive and user friendly. My only issue is that I paid $9.99 to upgrade and unlock the app. When I tried to use it on my iPad (which is the device I was planning on using it for) it didn’t unlock and asks me to pay again. I didn’t see it anywhere that said I had to pay for each device. Otherwise I would have unlocked on my iPad. Definitely 5 stars and winner of best app if I would have known that. I was even considering going to the pro version but now second guessing.
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5 years ago, Zranda
Good for family parties
I’ve used it now for 3 family parties, it was a hit at each party. Everyone loved it. I did have a few hiccups with the printer disconnecting from my iPad, I think I should have connected both to my home’s network. Instead I connected the iPad and SELPHY printer via WiFi to one another. Also a few pictures had mirror images, although the mirror setting was off. Which made the words read backwards. Other than that it is a great app and my family loves the photo booth app.
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5 years ago, Piet from CH
More information please
I downloaded and tried the app, unfortunately I have no idea what the difference is between the basic version and the pro version, and it is not explaining anywhere. Even in the app, you can’t even see the features offered in pro, without subscribing pro. At least spend some time telling us the features that we get with each version. Update———- Thanks for your response, but I can’t find any sort of description of the differences anywhere, even after you telling me where to look. Maybe be more clear, and share the features in the description?
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5 years ago, starvee1
Love love love
I looove this app! Easy to make my own design, saves all your photos in case your printer gets shut off for some reason I just go back and print HOWEVER!! I would love it even more, if the developer figured out a way to add emojis like Snapchat filters, like the dog ears, this would take this app to the extreme! I actually purchased a $100 photo booth app before finding this one, and I feel so disappointed this app is sooooo much better! Hopefully the developer is working on Snapchat filters 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼
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6 years ago, itsmenato
Freezes on print/share screen
Have been trying to use the print/share function and it does not work. Screen is frozen and only way to print is through the photo album. Hoping this is just a bug that can be fixed ASAP. UPDATE: Nanting has been VERY supportive in helping me fix this problem and the photobooth app worked great for my event. We have a few more events coming up and am now excited to use this app for it.
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10 months ago, Krysf86
Love it but…
We’ve used this app many times before. Well today we were using it with our selphy printer and it crashed so we wanted to reprint the ones that didn’t make it to the queue. For whatever reason, it will not let us reprint in the dual strip format. It only reprint the first two photos, leaving off the last one and the verbiage section at the bottom. So, most of our guests weren’t able to take their copy with them. If you can let me know how to address this???
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7 months ago, nicktendob
Fun, but bugs
A Photobooth was a MEGA hit at the party last night: however…… every couple of pictures the last frames would appear over the selected template. It would cut people’s heads off etc. for $40 I DO NOT expect so many issues!!! Very sad as some of the memories are ruined because of this! 😢. Also, as of right now ( <24 hours). Some of the photos are still not in the Miniphotobooth album. Hoping there was not an issue and the images were never saved? I didn’t see a limit when I purchased!
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6 years ago, jyoshi=]
Back facing camera
I love that this app its so customizable. It's so easy to do your own background for every event. It's by far heads and shoulders above the other apps that I've been toying around with. I just have one suggestion or wish. I wish you could use the back facing camera too. I know this was made for the guest to do themselves but that would add an extra element. Or is there a way and I'm not seeing it lol. But thank you for creating this wonderful app!!
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5 years ago, Abbey_Jackson
Worked perfectly at our wedding
This app was exactly what we needed for our wedding. Everyone loved it! It is very easy to use and it worked flawlessly at our wedding reception. We purchased the pro version a few weeks before the wedding so we would only have to pay for one month. The cost of this app, an iPad stand, and the photo printer/paper/ink was way less than hiring a professional photo booth. Thank you for the fantastic app!
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1 month ago, Elliottlmd
Could be great
I wanted to use this app for a class party. It’s easy to navigate and quick to get started. The app description doesn’t say that there will be a huge watermark over the picture unless you purchase the pro version. Unfortunately the pricing is too high for a one time use. I’m not a business and would not use the app multiple times in a month. I did test the app and the photo strip would look perfect if it didn’t have a huge lock printed over it. Would reconsider subscribing if there was a cheaper option for a day pass!
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3 years ago, caseworks
Awesome photo booth for Wedding
We had a wedding for 150 people and didn’t want to spend too much on a photo booth. I purchased an LED ring light and stand for $30 that was able to hold my iPad Pro, connected a usb battery and this app. We customized the frame in the app and paid for Apple cloud to store the images. Everything worked flawlessly. Very happy with the purchase.
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1 year ago, Cheesecake4133
Changed without warning
I used to love this app. The last time I used it was in November for my niece and her friends at her 11th birthday party. They had so much fun taking pics and printed them out for memorable party favors. However yesterday I set up for my friends and I to take Photobooth pics and realized I now have to pay over $200 to have the abilities to design a background and save/print Photobooth prints. I won’t be spending that kind of money for periodic fun pics. No warning at all?? How do you go from free to $200+??
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6 years ago, Sandmyster
So far so good
Looking for an app for my wedding. When I take pictures I like that I can simply text them to myself followed by them being saved so I can look at them later. My only concern before buying is, when I take a picture there’s no option to hit “finish” and that takes me back to the photo ready option again. Instead, I have have to push “redo” for the next people. This isn’t as intuitive. Will this go away when I purchase?
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1 year ago, Bianca4441
Love the app but glitch every few months
I’ve been using Mini Photobooth app since 2019. This is a great app But every few months the app won’t open and I have to uninstall than reinstall in which I lose all of my saved photo template designs :(… This issue has been going on every few months since 2019. It’s very frustrating to have start from scratch each time. But the app is wonderful otherwise.
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4 years ago, Kyle the User
Great app, could use more features
I purchased the $10 version of the app and got great results. One big issue I noticed is that the photos lose quality before they are printed. This issue is mentioned in other reviews as well. A great feature that should be added is the ability to save multiple photo booth presets, instead of only one. Another great feature would allow placing filters on photos after they are taken. Lastly, I believe the bottom watermark is inappropriate for a $10 app.
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6 years ago, Jules32756
Great app!
The app was a huge hit at our block party this weekend! Very easy to use, and everyone had a blast with it. The only issue I’ve had is with reprints. They print perfectly the first time, but there is no reprint option within the app. When I try to print from the saved photo album, it looks fine on the preview screen, but ultimately prints incorrectly and only two large photos come out on the 4x6 paper. 5 stars if reprint becomes an option!
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10 months ago, AllWazeL8
Love this app!!
This is the most useful app ever!! I used to constantly walk around take pictures at family parties and events. Now I set up a cute backdrop and let Mini Photobooth do the rest. The count down feature is clutch! And I love that it automatically saves the photos to my camera roll as the original image(s). And then with the custom photo border!!
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5 years ago, BrettMike81
Great, but...
Love the app; it works well and is designed nicely. The one flaw is in the Share option. Currently, when you click Share the user has access to your entire phone book, email and social media. It would be nice is there was an option to lock down access to these items. Maybe a window that pops us asking the user to enter the phone number or email address they want to send the photo to. The last thing we need is a drunk party guest sending your boss a picture!!
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1 month ago, AM Vegas
Love this app
A few years ago we were throwing our daughter a 15th birthday and I found this app. I downloaded and used it for the party. We tend to throw a lot of gatherings and I set this up every time. People love this app and have a great time taking their pictures. Plus it saves a whole lot of money not having to hire a professional.
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5 years ago, AJL2033
I like the app but I’m not sure if it can do what I need.
I like the app and I want to use it for my upcoming wedding but I’m not sure if my guests will be able to text their images to themselves directly from the app. When I tried doing this in the free mode, it wouldn’t let me. I don’t want to purchase the pro version unless I can text the images directly from the app. Also, it would be great if you could set customized image filters on the app for your event.
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12 months ago, aMallo
Much cheaper option but needs filters
We had a party at a resort in Tulum. I had the option of having fire dancers or a photo booth with our package. I chose the fire dancers and researched how to make my own Photo Booth! I bought a good tripod and light and downloaded this app and it was perfect. The one thing I would love is FILTERS!!! We were on the beach and a little sweaty and we look really oily. I hope the developer sees this.
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4 months ago, CLH Reviews
Just got it
I just got the paid version of the app. So far it seems ok. I DO NOT however like the design features. They have lots of options, but there needs to be a way to modify layers. If you have an element over the background you can’t easily modify it. I have to move the background out of the way to move things. Then you can’t bring items to the front etc. it’s a little frustrating considering how much I paid.
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4 months ago, Shana32
We used this app for our twin daughters’ bat mitzvah party. It worked great. We used it with an Epson Picture Mate 400 printer. The photos printed fast at about 40 - 50 seconds per print depending on quality selected. The photo quality was great. The app was very user friendly. Our daughters designed the templates easily within the app. I highly recommend.
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1 year ago, kamkuo
Pricey but worth the money
It’s on the pricey side but it does a good job and I guess most people won’t be paying monthly after the event is over. Suggestions: 1. make the template selection at the start then have it shown during camera preview, 2. don’t keep displaying “rate this app” pop-up after each photo round. That’s pretty annoying and a turn off for guests.
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3 years ago, Jjdnrnck
100% worth it.
I did a lot of research into apps before buying this one. We used the $9.99 version in our VW bus at a wedding and it was amazing. With guided access on the iPad it was idiot proof. The app itself is very intuitive and easy to customize. The small watermark in the corner is non intrusive. Printing worked great, sending digitals was easy, and the app didn’t crash once the entire time.
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4 years ago, allnicknamesaretaken4
Can’t Exit “Event Mode”
I used this app at an event yesterday and set it to “Event Mode”. It didn’t ask me to put in a passcode to do that. When I tried to exit out of event mode, it’s asking for a passcode. I don’t know what the passcode is and now I’m stuck in event mode and can’t get out of it. Please help. Update: Thank you, Mini Photobooth support, for your help! I was able to exit event mode. Love the app!
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5 years ago, 5kpotter
Sharing when hooked up to WiFi
I purchased this for my son’s graduation party. I thought it took friend’s emails if they wanted their pictures sent to them and when my iPad was hooked up to WiFi it would send there pictures to them (later). Is it possible to add that option? We don’t have service or WiFi at the hall where the party will be held. I would like our guest to have their pictures. 😕
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6 years ago, wetjd
Thumbs up
I am totally loving this app. I used it at my kids’ Xmas party last weekend and they had fun. I’m using it at my Xmas party this weekend. And the developer had been wonderful with quick response. I suggested for the different layout and the developer add the new layout in the latest updated version and he emailed to let me know that he added what I suggested.
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6 years ago, Nadira1019
Awesome app! Just what I wanted
I just celebrated my 50th Birthday and wanted to provide a super fun & cost-effective photo-booth experience for my guests. Once I customized my design, I set the app to event mode & my photo-booth ran perfectly throughout the entire event. Read through other reviews about the ‘mirror image’ if you are using props with words. This app exceeded my expectations. Thank you for developing.
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6 years ago, BK Photos
Great App!!
I love this app!! Definitely great for the Photo Booth business that I just started. However, after I have designed my collage and photo strip, and do a test run of the pictures and set. I noticed that the count down and the angle for pic #2 and pic #3 are not positioned to take a photos of the face. Is there anyway that pic #2 and pic #3 can be taken like pic #1 to give my guest the opportunity to pose and show props to make a complete collage?
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5 years ago, G1w1@505
Great App
I am so happy with this app. Easy to use and design templates. I own a small budget photo booth rental company. We cater to mostly birthday parties, grad & retirement parties. The cost of the app is very worth it for a ‘small time’ business like mine. I have tried some of the other photo booth apps and I always come back to this one. Can’t wait to see what is next!
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6 years ago, FixThe_Bugs
Can’t use multiple Layouts in Event mode??
Help! I downloaded the mini photobooth app for my sons 16th Birthday Party. I spent 2 days creating layout designs and I’m about to spend $10 to remove the watermark but the app makes me quit event mode using the passcode after every photo taken in order to change the layout option. It looks like it was acknowledged as a bug fix on August 16, has this been fixed and how do I fix it? I don’t want my guests having access to the passcode and my iPad outside of event mode JUST to switch their photo layout options, and I’m definitely not spending $10 on one layout design without watermark. Please help as all reviews and initial app information makes this seem like a non issue so I wasn’t even aware until days prior to the party after so much time wasted creating layouts.
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11 months ago, Ninalala89
I just joined
Hello, I just joined as pro, however how do I see my profile information, I’ve tried to add stickers to a folder and later use however I dont see that information on my profile neither can I directly ask questions, its giving me the “add email’’ error. Can I get some help, thank you.
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3 years ago, Anon177393
Has potential, bad pricing model
I am not a business owner, just someone that loves to have parties here and there and looking for a Photobooth app to make memories. The pricing model of this app is awful. $10 to unlock the feature of just using it and you still get the ugly watermark?? At least get a better more minimal logo. I’d be whiling to pay more, even double to ONLY get rid of the logo but not $39 A MONTH to get the pro version. There is no in between, all the features get grouped with the $39 membership. That’s highway robbery.
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1 year ago, Sully1st
Pricier now that they got big
I used to love this app. Years back I paid the “one-time fee” to unlock and share all the photos. Now my “one-time fee” seems to have vanished and since I only use the app on NYE I don’t want to pay the $40 monthly fee. Bummer. A lot of fun for those who would use it more often!
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1 year ago, Deejay Tripp
Focus ready?
I need to be able to let Photobooth users choose the style of template the want to use and share. I also need custom stickers for my events I can import. For the price I’m not getting my money’s worth. Edit: Can we get this updated to be used with focus? It would be nice to walk away and not let someone be able to access the rest of my iPad.
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2 years ago, Napstampa
Could be more stars but I’m frustrated
I downloaded this app and paid for the PRO membership. I am planning for an event and have created a layout and added the logo I wanted to share the design between my iPhone and iPad and the app closes each time. I’ve restarted my devices I am up to date on my iOS. Why does this happen? I regret spending any money at all.
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