Minimoog Model D Synthesizer

4.9 (2.9K)
537.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Moog Music Inc.
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
14.4 or later
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User Reviews for Minimoog Model D Synthesizer

4.85 out of 5
2.9K Ratings
3 years ago, Ochre Kahn 717
I hope others enjoy this also.
This app is great, before I purchased this app I did some research on what the mini moog and to be honest there’s a lot of history about it. I wasn’t born at that time and it’s the greatest musical instrument just because of how much sound you can get out of it it granted, then it was all plug-in play action and this app can completely recreate that sound without the plug-in play action. I showed my friend this app after purchasing, he got excited about it and interested only because he grew up in that era and he himself even said that it sounds exactly the same as the original mini moog. I mean the legends of all bands used this I want to say, sound machine that was used in a study for a college and the person who stumbled upon electrons, protons, and neutrons was a professor of that college who had created this amazing work of art for reasons that were opposed to its use from these rock legends. I want to thank the processor/scientist for inventing it and the people who worked so hard to recreate the sound of the original mini moog. This app recreates the exact sound of the og mini moog. I am truly amazed of how much everyone who already has this app can create limitless creative masterpieces. Than you!
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6 years ago, JRSIV1975
Like Model 15, Moog has made another must own cornerstone for any iOS synth collection.
True hardware synth devotees will always insist that the original vintage hardware is superior to any digital emulation. Well, I don’t own a real 70’s Model D, but whether it’s a 100% spot recreation or not, this app sounds incredible. It’s no secret there has been another popular Model D clone on the App Store for a few years, and it sounds great. But the Moog is superior to my ears, there’s a warmth and ‘woolliness’ to the sound that captures some of that character the analog filters & transformers gave the originals. I’m more of a Songwriter/Musician who leans towards guitar, but mess with synths a lot for atmosphere, pads, some leads, etc. Even in that limited capacity Model D’s potential for me is extremely exciting. For EDM, House, trap & hip-hop producers this app is a goldmine of excellent presets & full control over this great legendary synth. Highly recommended.
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4 years ago, daveypassage
All bases covered
I recently poached pretty much every Arturia VST/AAX/AU in existence and I own their controller product the beatstep (basic). I mention this for context, so it seems like I know how to compare softsynths. For all their flexibility, complexity, programmability and truly top shelf aural quality, give me MOOG MODEL D ALL DAY. There’s enough of everything and nothing is wasted. Most softsynths (one person’s opinion) suffer from a common flaw in that they are built to do WAY MORE than the hardware they’re designed to emulate, which is cool in one way, but too many features, again, speaking only for myself, leads you to spend disproportionate time on exploring and playing around with the technical ability of the VST, and little else. For all the system requirements, the licensing process, etc. etc. etc. My time is more valuable than my money, BUT MOOG MODEL D wastes NEITHER.
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6 years ago, rcolinray
Overall great, but difficult to use with Seaboard
The sound, interface, and presets are all fantastic. My only gripe about the interface is that legato and polyphony must be enabled from the settings menu and aren’t immediately accessible. It also took me a while to find the INIT preset (hold the save button). I was surprised that this wasn’t in an “Uncategorized” bank. Controlling the app with a Seaboard RISE has proven difficult. If I put the app in MPE mode, then the Slide-axis of the Seaboard controls the mod wheel. If the Seaboard is in MPE mode, then the absolute position of you finger on the key will be sent as the CC value, causing the mod wheel to be engaged during normal playing. The app also only supports a maximum pitch bend range of 12, meaning that you cannot do pitch bends across the full range of the Seaboard.
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11 months ago, Doc Ice C / DC Phd
This is a great app, but one issue I have, and this goes for the model 15 as well… whoever was in charge of developing the presets, their version of a “lead” preset is questionable. None of them sustain well at all, and they sound like they’re out of tune because of how the set the oscillators on some of them And they even had the nerve to include several with the decay switch turned off and the envelope attacks halfway. You have to hold each not for eternity until it reaches volume, and then the moment you release it just does. Now, who in their right mind plays like that and would actually use such a setting? Those that do need their synth operator’s license revoked, or something That’s the only real complaint I have. I especially hate the envelope function on any synthesizer, as I find it to be a useless feature that only causes volume and sustain issues. I have yet to find it useful. So naturally, I find plucks and envelope heavy settings to be a nuisance than a an effective tool But yeah, a well-defined lead that has an easily adjustable sustain would be nice to include
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3 years ago, Tonyllama29
Best Synthesizer for its price
I have used several analog modeling synthesizers (including ones with physical keyboards) and this one is by far the most fun and best sounding. The controls are easy to get a grasp of and moog’s “knob per function” design language allows you to make brand new sounds quickly and easily. I also love the simplicity of the effects panel and the ease of navigation between different presets. It can also connect directly to GarageBand for iOS, which allows you to record synth parts and add them to larger projects. For its price, you couldn’t buy a used MIDI controller, much less a synthesizer as powerful and capable as this one. Couldn’t recommend enough!
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6 years ago, Septimo73
Almost perfect
I think this synth is amazing except for not really knowing what your parameters off the knob changes really are.. without a parameter window(monitor), while making parameter-knob changes, knowing what you’re doing will rely completely on ear as opposed to visually seeing it happen by the numbers and being able to dial in your desired results. I mean I know this is an older synth from the 70s, but if you’re gonna bring it into the present at 2018, then give it the benefit of present technology and evolve this platform instead of keeping it stagnant with the same limitations as the physical synth from the 70s. Also, this needs way more in app purchases for sounds/patches.. maybe every couple of months a new batch??!?? Not everyone is a sound designer and could use more professionally made patches so they can focus on music creation instead of sound creation. Moog, help us out here..
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6 years ago, Shea the Man
My only caveat...
The issue I have here is, although it has polyphonic mode, notes will still cut each other off. It’s only polyphonic if you press multiple keys at exactly the same time. I guess a lot of people play solo style riffs, but I always play synths more like a marimba with the notes hanging after release. I have the same problem with the model 15. If there’s a setting somewhere let me know. If not, devs, please consider adding. Edit: looks like this functionality was added! I contacted support a few months ago, and whether or not it’s a result of my efforts, model d now has normal polyphony, and has the best raw sound of any iOS synth.
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4 years ago, BozoToo
Sounds a lot like the real thing!
I was never a big fan of the MiniMoog. Its minimalist voice structure, lack of modulation sources and destinations and heavy reliance on keyboard skills was just not my thing. But I do love so much of what others did with this classic instrument over the decades of its massive popularity. And it has a sound quality all its own. Now we have the virtual MiniMoog to end them all and it sounds so much like the original that it is uncanny. It doesn't hurt that Moog wisely chose to add some expanded capabilities (effects & a much-needed LFO). I am now working on my keyboard chops to see if I can catch up with what this venerable classic instrument can do.
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5 years ago, Bongojak
Awesome app! I would have put 5 starts but....
Wow amazing app! I now have moog in my arsenal!... I would have rated 5*s but there is no midi mapping for the MOD WHEEL .. after emailing support, who very very quickly got back to me!! (Great customer service!) ... they informed my that the mod wheel is set to standard CC#1 (you need to know that if you have a problem) My issue was using the akai mpk mini, it has a joystick for pitch bend and mod wheel (X and Y axis) and if using the joystick to control the mod wheel it would not go back to original position (the joystick has a spring to bring it back to center).... so my conclusion was to go to the midi mapping of the akai midi controller... set the midi for all programs joystick to CC#2 value up and down to 0 (zero).
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5 years ago, transcendentalaccidentalism
For those that require more predictability
It’s not the Model 15, with its unpredictable and overwhelming array of attenuators that can drastically alter your projected sound in the most subtle ways, but it’s still all Moog and sounds like it should with all of the iOS features you could need. There’s less going on compared to the M15, which in simulation and irl would have more of what’s left to patching on the M15 underneath the board, which makes sense as one of the stage icons for a generation of musicians that exploited its comparatively more practical nature. Geddy Lee should have some preset patches available in addition to the New World Man one.
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6 years ago, Piano Quartz
Incredible, with minor caveats
Let me ask you a question: is the Roland JP-8000 a real Roland synthesizer? It’s a classic piece of hardware, even if inside is a digital recreation of the classic Jupiter sound. And so here we have Moog's Minimoog app, a digital recreation of the classic Model D sound. And as far as I’m concerned, this is it. This is a real Moog synthesizer. If you want the lovingly-crafted hardware, you’ll have to pay a lot more, but if lovingly-crafted software fits your needs, it’s right here for an unprecedentedly low price. Caveats: Preset management needs some work. Unlike Moog's Model 15 app, there’s no way to create your own folders, and weirdly, anything you save goes in the same category as the last preset you loaded (there’s no init patch). So create a bass after you loaded a pad preset, and there’s your bass patch, right next to all the pad factory presets. The AU works great, although the UI looks too small on an iPad Pro. Still, even with these annoyances, this is an incredible instrument and an unbelievable value. If you love synths, you have to have to pick this up.
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1 year ago, Shanepong
Amazing support
Love this synthesizer, but the recent update broke automation for me while I was working on a project. I contacted support in the middle of the night, and was delighted and surprised when I immediately got a response that they would look for a solution. In a matter of hours before the sun even came up, they said they had isolated the problem and fixed it and an update is on the way. I already love this synth but now even more so. Get it and if you have any issues contact support and they will take care of it!
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5 years ago, Zp0303
Feature Request: Global Tempo
I love this app. I purchased it the day it was released in the App Store and have bought every expansion pack. I use it daily in my workflow as an external instrument controlled via MIDI controller and record it into Logic. Sometimes when I’m searching for a place to begin I cycle through the presets until I find a sound that might fit my project. Currently each preset in the Model D app has its own BPM and when cycling through the presets I constantly have to adjust the tempo per preset to match what I have set in logic. Which honestly becomes an obstacle to inspiration when I have to stop and fiddle with the tempo on every preset. It would be nice if in a future update I might be able to set a global tempo in the app’s settings so that the bpm stays constant across each preset to match the bpm in my DAW. Nonetheless, thank you guys so much for all the improvements made since original release and thank you for bringing this sound to iOS.
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4 years ago, Ncsoft stole my money
Never Disappointed
I purchased Animoog Years back great app. And that seems to be Moog’s way, offering quality products. Animoog with an Akai MPK is a combination that inspired me to look into purchasing a Moog synth and low and behold I found a Werkstatt DIY kit on Sweetwater around 2014. Long story short Moog don’t build no trash. Model D is a steal to have this power and flexibility at this price point. Use it as an app to kill time. Or as a plug-in for your computer, with the proper sound card setup. Currently I’m using all my Moog apps with an iRig2 routed into an MPC One it’s working smoothly with a traditional 5-pin midi connection.
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2 years ago, theo749
Great synth, one gripe
My only complaint about this synth is that the gain is set way too high by default to the point of causing clipping. I can of course lower it manually but then if I change the patch it reverts to its default excessive levels. There doesn’t seem to be an option in the settings to change this and it is a serious hinderance to workflow. Seems like it would be fairly easy for the developers to fix, I know I’m not the only one to complain about this as almost every YouTuber to feature this app has had the same complaint.
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4 years ago, STRATOCASTER666
Got it free thanks Moog! Buying all preset packs.
This app is so great. I’m a guitarist but love tinkering with synth apps. I setup my iPad Pro up with pro tools via a single usb c to usb cable which brings in the iPads audio and can send midi back and forth with my usb midi keyboard, turn on background audio and I have a whole bunch of synths running at once on my iPad including animoog another great Moog synth app. Great fun while locked up in my house during this crazy time in our lives. Can’t wait to hear all the presets Moog has to offer, buying them today.
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6 years ago, winj3r
If someone told me 30 years ago....
That it would be possible to enjoy playing and experiencing a virtual Moog Model D on a “magical tablet”, I’d have suspected some sort of illicit lab-based substance was involved in that prediction! Here it is though... it’s 2018 and not only have we moved beyond requiring hardware equipment but also the need for a computer 😃 The sound of this Moog Model D app is jaw-dropping, truly. I can’t say I’ve had the pleasure of playing one in person but I have a feeling the sound wouldn’t be far off. I love hardware synths but this is a no-brainer. It’s worth every penny trust me!
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6 years ago, @trons_242
Hell yeah!
My first mood was a Micro. Loved it’s sleek tones and ease of programming. In 1975 I added the Mini to my sound. Solid piece of equipment. Spent many hours lost in monotonous Euro sample holds. One sad day came and I had to sell all of my Mini’s and Micros. Then came iPad Pro series of tablets. Guess what hell yeah I’ve got all my favorite synthesizers back except for. Yep your right where’s my Micro? Who knows maybe someday when I least expect it they’ll make one just for me and you. Buy this Mini model D and enjoy what it was like to have the real one. You will be amazed how genuine this model D is. Hell yeah!
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6 years ago, justafed
If you ever wanted a Minimoog, you will definitely want this
Here's the deal: you spend $5, and you can turn your iPad into a Minimoog. That's it. If you want this, you really want this, the $5 means nothing, and you'll have more fun buying this than pretty much anything what in the app store. If you don't want your own Minimoog Model D, well, then, don't buy this I guess. In all honesty, I haven't had time to try all the things, but that's because there are essentially an infinite number of things you can do...a minute to purchase, but a lifetime to master.
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4 years ago, Dalianguy
This thing is incredible
Still early in my study and practice of synthesis, I’d originally dismissed this app as kind of a novelty without the “serious” complexity of a modular system. I’m happy to find I was very very wrong. The breadth of sound design possibilities exhibited in the included patches of this “simple” synth is incredible—by deconstructing and reconstructing them, I’m picking up approaches quite different from what I’d learned so far. I can see how it’s going to be bad for my wallet in the long term as my desire for hardware (maybe a Voyager?) is also growing stronger.
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6 years ago, Synthman Newman 01
5 Stars!
No doubt! This App is Big Tyme Amazing! Not always do you find an app that can “Take You Back!” And “Enter The Future!” At the same time! Moog did that for us and does it again in this app!.... A must have App for you Synth Junkies and Future Music Producers. Not just a memory of a Sound Culture that defined a music generation but sound You Can help bring us into a New Sound Culture with your fresh young minds! We need your help with this app for that to happen... you are not alone... we got your back with this app! Ready? Set? Buy App Now! 👍
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6 years ago, P-Dub Assassins Reggae Band
Yeah, it’s another iOS mini, but it’s Moog.
Full disclosure, I as many of us do, have many digital pretenders to the venerable Mini Moog Model D throne. I do, in fact, love my iOs version by Arturia and have, over the years flirted with many hardware and software permutations of said analog classic. With that being said I have yet to be disappointed by any iOS product by Moog, and this awesome version by the very company that bears Dr. Moog’s name is no different. In short: this my friends, is the premier league. For $4.99 we shouldn’t even be having this conversation. — P-Dub (Predator Dub Assassins)
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6 years ago, coffeejunkie1980
Amazing sound
I love the Moog apps. This new app sounds so good! I have the Arturia iMini app as well, which gives you more fx than this, however, I think this one sounds closer to a real minimoog. Well worth the price. There’s not a ton of presets, which may be disappointing if that’s your thing, but you can save your own. The knobs are rather hard to maneuver on the screen. Using a midi controller with this app makes it more fun in my opinion. All around I am very happy with this app. Definitely a great addition to my collection of sounds.
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4 years ago, S Paul Andrew Maertens
Thanks a million!
I received this as a gift from Moog when they released it for free on the App Store at the start of the Coronavirus situation and it’s been a great joy exploring these sounds. Thank you very much. The app feels really solid and doesn’t have any weird bugs. It integrates well as an AUV3 into the DAW apps I use on my iPad, and I personally think that everything sounds great. I’ve been working on getting to the sounds I imagine by starting with an initialized settings and am learning the basics of sound synthesis.
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5 years ago, Tenmitsu
Sounds awesome, but auv3 is useless
The in app functionality is great, but I use my iPad as an instrument. Even in play mode, the in-app keyboard is useless. My solution was to run it as an audio unit, through GarageBand. Then starts crackle fest. Buffer underruns GALORE. It’s unusable. This should not be happening on the newest, most advanced iPad Pro. The reason I’m not giving 2, or even 1 star, is because the problem is intermittent (although more present than not), and I’m sure I can get around the issue with a midi controller. But that doesn’t save negate my need for the functionality of a virtual touchscreen keyboard with reasonably sized keys, which the Model D app does NOT offer.
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2 years ago, design4food
Love it! keep fixing the bugs pls
When all is working, it's 5 stars. I've stumbled on a couple bugs that get in the way of reliable use. The biggest is when saving a customized preset, the text field for naming is erratic in responding to input. This is such a small issue but it's farily frustraiting. Temp workaround: I type the would be name in another application, copy and paste into the input field. That seems to skip the figgity typeing bug. Other bugs in sellecting midi sources. Not too bad but at times creates stuck keys.
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6 years ago, CelloFingers
Sounds great, Usability suffers
Sounds like a Moog! Saved me $300 now that I don’t need a desktop module from Uli B! It would be great if it was programmable from iPhone, but it’s just not. You can “zoom” to the panel a tiny bit, but on iPhone SE it’s not enough. My eyes are fine and I can just about read it, but it’s too small to control with fingertips. If you could zoom to each section (oscillators, filter, mixer, etc) that could be ok. Same with FX. You “pull” them out of a drawer, but they stay small and controls are too tiny. iPad is probably fine for programming (iPad 2 can’t run it). iPhone with midi control keyboard works ok. Too many paeans for the number of sliders/encoders on my Code49, but it plays great. Connected to my Mac and played through my keyboard, it’s just as good as the real thing (as long as I don’t need to tweak the sound while playing!!!).
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3 years ago, me0900
Very Comfortable Synth....
I keep coming back to this one largely because of the sound and ease of use. I don’t have a Moog, but want one now. Going to use this one next week on a gig and can’t wait. The band was quite stoked. One change I would really like to see is the switch for mono polyphonic and legato retrigger moved to the main area (also have them be midi assignable);). Maybe also have the mod wheel be assignable as my keyboard doesn’t have one.
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3 years ago, antny65
People don’t even realize what an achievement this free gem is, it’s hands down my favorite application I’ve ever used on any device, because when you investigate it thoroughly, it does everything, exceptionally, Ableton costs $800+, and this is still preferable to me. I love it more than anything on this Earth. Immediately download it, and if you spend time with it, your life will change forever for the better. 100,000 thumbs from all the generations of my human reincarnations way up.
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2 years ago, Baumann_9
True to the Original, but with much more flexibility.
Arturia’s Mini Moog model D for the iPad is the perfect combination of the touch interface and real-to-life emulation of the original - with many added features. Check out the long list, you’ll be impressed. Also, I am easily able to control Arturia’s Mini Moog model with the my electric and electro-acoustic guitars using MIDI Guitar 2 with almost no latency. Also can easily attach keyboards and other controllers.
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5 years ago, mythrenegade
I am a bit addicted to synth apps on my iPad. Using my DX7IIFD as a midi controller these apps have opened up a whole world of new sounds for me to record with. The Moog Model D blows every other iOS synth app out of the water, and I have a pretty healthy collection of them. The sound this makes is mind blowing. My only complaint is that it’s so good I don’t use the others nearly as much anymore, I’m addicted to the Model D sound. This is the one to have. Buy it and don’t look back.
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11 months ago, Calaverasgrande
Hangs to often
Frequently I will open up the Mini on a new track and it just refuses to make a sound. I can see the keys moving. I check all the knobs to be sure soudn should be coming through. I pull up a known good patch. Silence. I have no other VI that behaves like this. It's to the point where I suconsciously avoid using it. I'll go to Largo or Model 15 instead. I keep hoping the latest update will fix this, but it never does. I don't know what the updates fix. I'd rate it lower but it actually sounds pretty good when it works.
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4 years ago, @jasonfassio
iPhone 12 Pro Max Menu Broken
I was excited to start jamming out with my Instrument 1 on this app, but I couldn’t trigger any notes. I check the Artiphon app to see if there might be an issue and a I set it to single channel mode. No notes. I look around the Model D interface looking for some kind of settings button and I can’t find it. The menu at the top stops at “Play” and even using the presets menu, the buttons and text look a little off. I go online to find the manual and sure enough, the manual shows a few buttons that are missing including settings. The tempo tool is also missing. Hoping for some fixes.
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6 years ago, Nevertoooldtolearn
I needed this app right now !
I've been an iPad musician for the last 7 years and have been exploring my acoustic instruments more recently. However due to torn ligaments in my guitar playing hand I've been making my way back to the iPad. I'm having surgery on Tues to repair the ligaments and I know my right hand is going to be enjoying this app. Wow the sounds are incredible and it's so easy create new ones. Great job and thanks for an awesome intro price. It's cheaper than a cup of latte these days!!
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3 years ago, PierceAugust
Great. And needs an update
I think this as an app sounds absolutely phenomenal. All the tones are crystal clear, presets are fun. The Looper functionality is okay, could be more clear, it was confusing But I really don’t mind I wanted to use this with a midi keyboard, after installing on a iPhone 13 the screen is cut off and I cannot access any feature to the right of the “play” button. Hopefully a fix is on the way!
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6 years ago, TRbassix
Super Dope!!!
Love this app! After taking a long hiatus(way too long!) from learning keybass, I’m getting back into it and this app makes it fun! To have a digital version of a $3000 synth...that sounds EXACTLY like the analog in my pocket is sooo dope...and only $15!!! After finding a Novation Impulse keyboard for a steal at $10, and an Apple USB3 adapter, I have the greatest synth in the bass world for a total of $65!!!! I wish I would have caught the $5 deal when it came out, but even at $15, this app is still more than worth it!
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4 years ago, secondhandnews
Graphics a little glitchy for now but still amazing
I see in the responses that the moog team is aware that the graphics are glitchy on the new iPad Air and are working on an update but I’m not even mad and will be patient because this thing sounds INCREDIBLE! FYI I’m still able to use this fully functionally as an AU plugin in Roland Zenbeats so that’s a workaround for now, also on that point please make a full VST plugin for DAWs like Logic I would absolutely pay $$$!!! <3
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6 years ago, damnedcat777
Wow. Color me impressed. A sick bright green of impressed...
I’m not very good with this e-sounds Jive. I only own the 3 Arturia synth apps. And their SparkLE drum app. I love these so much I bought a SparkLE drum interface and their Minilab Mk. II keyboard. Which works GREAT w this Moog synth app! This is a real “deliverer of the goods” - every time I plug it in and hook it up, I get a new song! Buy this, then get a Minilab Mk. II... you will be amazed what an app can do on an iPad Mini 2, with a few cables and an interface with piano keys. SO love this app!!!
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4 years ago, Maxwellteks
Moog is a Great Spark of Musical Genuis
The main thing that happens when you play and tweak the parameters of this instrument is the connection it creates between the man and the motion or soul of the a physical instrument....except it brought musicians and mankind into a new age of mental awareness. This reproduction does a great job of presenting the strongest points of the original moog. ...and still incorporates the best ranges of sonic reach like the original. Even if it is in preset modes . It still covers all the right bases.
Show more
5 years ago, Enrique Raphaël Page Pérez
Great Work!
The AUv3 update is really appreciated! The window still is quite big and since I’m guessing it’s not vector based there isn’t much resizing that can happen on an iPhone X... but it is at least 10 times better than on the previous version! Thanks! There were hosts where you couldn’t see all the knobs (Audiobus) but now that is fixed. For 15 dollars you’ll be amazed at what you’re getting with this little beast : I think this an Audulus are the only synth apps I need for a whiiiiiiile (until I buy a more expensive Moog app than this one lol). Honestly, how much better can it get? I’m not sure I’d like to spend 30 on a moog app but this was 15 and it’s such a powerful app.... I’m really considering investing my lunch money on the big guy eventually.
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6 years ago, SneakyT
Fantastic Synth
I haven’t had a ton of time with this synth but what time I’ve had has been great. I’ve used a couple of vintage units in the studio and could easily dial in a sound in minutes. It sounds very authentic but unlike the hardware supports MPE. I’m trying to program something with channel pressure but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Regardless it’s a fantastic synth and for an absurdly cheap price. So glad I got the 12.9 pro for all of these great synths.
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5 years ago, Corellian Freighter
Can’t believe it. I play EWI a.k.a. wind synth and I am in love with this synth. Dang! Moog must have hired the most brilliant programmers around because they’ve captured the essence of the real deal (which I have heard tons of times in person) and it’s a joy. I dig the way you can route the signal back through the filter and get some saturation out of it. I love that they added 4-voice polyphony. The FX are great and the filter & ENV’s are stellar. Thank you thank you!!!
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6 years ago, baconking0308
Pitch Bend is being weird in GarageBand
I just want to say, this is probably the best $5 I’ve ever spent. I love this app so much, it sounds just like the original Moog Model D. But there’s only one problem (Which is why there are four starts). When I use this app with GarageBand, I can never adjust the pitch bend. It automatically goes up 5 octaves instead of just the standard two semitones. This is really bugging me and I hope you all can solves this problem. Besides that, everything is amazing!!
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2 years ago, downpatmusic
Great for professional use as well
Just downloaded this MiniMoog app. It’s running perfectly on my 5th Gen iPad Pro 12.9”. I compared it to a $2,000 competing non-Moog however analog mono synth and it held up. I’m using the iRig Pro Duo I/O to connect audio out to my professional console. And it’s sounding very good. Worth the price of the app! Compared to a $7,500 vintage MiniMoog Model D I would say get this you will like it!
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1 year ago, Entropy_Music
This is a fairly expensive VI - I own hundreds of different virtual instruments and never had as many issues as I do with Moogs virtual instruments. The keys get stuck inside the plug in and you constantly have to open the plug in after playing through a song and find which key is sticking and spam it until it stops. This glitch is so frustrating and kills the workflow and keeps me from even using this at all. Please fix this bug it is unacceptable at this price point. The ARP is an absolute nightmare with this as well it’s to the point it’s unusable.
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3 years ago, bdspvl
Totally Amazing!
Hard to be leave this is all on an iPad that is also on a pc. It will blow you away and tons of fun for a beginner like me. I’ve always loved the capability of a synthesizer from listening to Tomita in my beginning high school years. Now I’m 65 and this software is totally amazing. Now I want to learn about music as a new hobby! Keep improving the software cuz l am hooked! Thanks!
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4 years ago, seanguz
Great app tons of enjoyment
This app is very well done. They did a great job in recreating the analog synth. Endless possibilities due to ability to change every aspect of the sound. My only complaint it’s that I wish there were more connectivity to different DAWs, something like garage band which right now is the only real iOS DAW available. On its own this app is beautifully done, more connectivity would make this app perfect. 10/10 would recommend!
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3 years ago, Randy Babbles
Mind Blowing
I never write reviews but I had to show some love. I was looking for a Bass Synth and was debating between this and a couple other apps and I couldn’t be happier with how rich and powerful and diverse and just downright gorgeous this thing sounds. Sure, I imagine the hardware equivalent sounds even better but for being under $20, this is the best piece of gear I own
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4 years ago, TheDoctor94
I don’t normally leave reviews... This is a beautiful app. Is it as good as the real thing? That’s up for debate. I don’t think anything really beats the hardware. Is it fun to use? Absolutely. I’m having a blast with this app. It could also be a really great educational tool. The controls are surprisingly smooth to use on an iPad. The effects also add a nice touch. Would love to see a distortion effect. But the best part... THE POWER SWITCH WORKS
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