Minion Rush: Running game

4.6 (240.4K)
449.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Minion Rush: Running game

4.57 out of 5
240.4K Ratings
4 years ago, The Mad Man From Down south
I love this game so much, that I just want more! The thing I really want next is a new update! In this update, the yawning sound from the Classic Minion is unmuted, after all Minion Festivals have ended, the rest of the costumes that I didn’t unlock will automatically be unlocked and I can choose any stage I want, and, also, a new feature - Power-Up Practice, which means there will be levels to show you how to use power ups. Also, when you click on a power up stage, your character will be in the power up lab, with many workers, trying to interact with the power up(for example, the Mega Minion from a level in Gru’s Lair in the old version). And, if the hit TV show, ‘’Dave and Lizzy’’, is out, the Classic Minion will be renamed as ‘’Dave’’, and there will be a female Minion, also known as a Miniette, out, and her name will be ‘’Lizzy’’. She will also have her pink bow, red high heels and magenta dress along with her, plus her eyelashes, her beautiful Miniettian voice(which is the same as Madison’s voice from Minecraft’s Astronaut Training Center) and the same animations as the Classic Minion. I really want those updates, plus, you can make your own level for other players to play. Even other players can make their own level for you to play. That’s all I have to say, so please add that update. Oh! And I almost forgot! Maybe you can mute the music playing from the Leotard Minion. Please add this update to the game! PLEASE!!!
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6 months ago, TysonTBurns
Great Game, Great Nostalgia!
I played this game almost nine years ago now when I was five, now I’m fourteen and I’d just like to say it’s so similar to how I remembered it! As soon as I saw that the ten year anniversary came out for this game, I had to reinstall it! I’ve been playing for a while now and it’s been super fun going through different missions while unlocking different abilities and characters. My one complaints are the fact that the Jelly event isn’t active anymore and it’s really unfortunate because I remember playing that event when I played this back in 2015 and it was SO much fun! And the layout was way better in my opinion. There’s also the excessive ads each time I end a run, but that can easily be fixed with 1.99 and I would not mind the price. And one last thing, the bosses felt like they were definitely a bigger threat than they actually are and it’s not really a challenge to beat them. All it is is just four swipes left or right and three taps on the screen. I wish there was a difficulty setting on how challenging you want your experience to be. Other then that, great game! I’m currently on the Mall chapter and I can’t wait to unlock the theme park chapter. That one was definitely my favorite.
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3 years ago, theturtlequeen23
Good game but should be better
The game is really fun to play and probably my favorite game to play on my phone at random times, but, it can get repetitive is the only issue. 😕 What I mean is, a lot of the time I feel like I am doing the same thing over and over just with different objectives. There should be more game modes like one that all of the obstacles are all jump-overs and you run in a straight line and try to jump over as many as you can, the stuff in the shop that you can buy in the shop, for real money, is often overpriced. 2.99 for only 400 tokens, seriously? There are MUCH better deals on the app than that. There should also be an option to view all the deals, that are for real money, in one place. I can never buy any because the deals that I want only pop up once on my screen. I do not like that sometimes if you watch ads for rewards it bugs and doesn’t give you the reward. You all gain money from me watching ads, and I got nothing even though I was told I was going to get a reward! A user of this app shouldn’t have to think that maybe it will bug out, this is the only app I have seen that’s done this before.
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4 years ago, Tanessa's Mommy
Best game some suggestions
This is a very cool game. My suggestions are optional for the creators of minion Rush you do not have to use my suggestions they are just suggestions. I have four suggestions. My first one is you can create your own run for other players to play. You can add bosses, add more obstacles, What the goal is, and how to pass it. My second suggestion to you have characters from the movies. We need a Gru minion. We could have a Lucy minion. But we could have a Lucy human in a Gru human. My third suggestion is we can create our own minions. We could have a minion that looks like a unicorn or a minion that looks like us. My fourth suggestion is that on Christmas all characters are free. No paying coins no trying to earn them they’re all free. I mean Christmas is around the corner. Is it my suggestions creators of minions read them you don’t have to use any of them I would love if used one of them and I love this game. Just realized I want to add another suggestion that we can actually run in the Arctic and one more that the power ups last until we hit something and that the rocket turns into a jet pack in the shield stays on until we get something freeze gun runs out of ice. So power ups last longer.
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11 months ago, DaCat <3
Very fun
Listen, I love minion rush it is very fun and makes me happy to play with friends or family. I love that it allows you to have different costumes and allows you to play in festivals events etc. I think that minion rush was well designed, even though it is made like any other running game with three lanes, it has something to it that makes it better than the other ones to me, I love that you can be a spy and upgrade to different levels and get to see the characters in the movie tell you how to do things. However I would change the amount of advertising you do. I dislike that every level once your done it will play another Mobile game ad and then that just makes me not as happy as I wish I could be. One more thing is the amount of in game purchases there are it makes the game have less value then it really does, but other then that I think that the game is really fun and entertaining and I love that it works offline :) -DaCat P.s: thanks sooooo much for seeing this, I hope that you could maybe put what I said into admiration because I think many people would love to see these changes. Thanks again. <3
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2 years ago, U2 Fan 123
Different Background Music for Each Scene?
I, a 31-year-old dude, love this game. I’ve spent more time than I care to admit playing this unexpectedly addictive endless runner on and off for the last few weeks. I actually played this game when it first came out several years ago. The missions are a great improvement to the original gameplay. And the Despicable Ops gives you access to scenes that you wouldn’t normally have access to in the original version. You don’t need to pay to play, though getting VIP access does allow you to fly through the missions much faster. Given that two weeks of VIP access cost about as much as a Venti Starbucks, I say it’s worth it—at least occasionally. My only suggestion? If possible, it would be awesome to have different background music for each scene. So, for example, Gru’s Lab would have one background theme, the Volcano would have another, and so on. But, overall, this is a fun little game that, due to its simple gameplay, is easy to learn. Highly recommend as a way to unwind after a long day!
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2 years ago, Jellygamer_2010
Very Good Game but lots of adds
Overall is is one of the best games I have ever played. Although it would be nice if it didn’t put so many adds. For some the adds I watch I can’t even press the x so it doesn’t let have my reward. Not only the adds trying to make you buy their game but in minion rush, even if you just watched an add it still want you to minions or bundles of things. So if could just try to cool it down with the constant adds it would make a much better game. I hope you listen and do these things please. But this game is truly amazing. It has missions to stop making it toooo repetitive, and also differ maps to help. And so many and really a lot styles for minion. A suggestion for a minion is the players can make their own. They can choose styles for the face,hair,hat,hands,clothes,and shoes. Another suggestion is a new map. Maybe the volcano in Despicable Me 2 where El Macho tried to send Lucy into the volcano. I also hope that you listen to all of these suggestions and take them into consideration. This a truly good game. Keep making it better.
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3 years ago, hue man14818529996603636
Go back to old minion rush
Go back to the old minion rush it was so fun I used to play it all day everyday. But then you guys added an update which got me angry so I’m just asking. Can you please go back to the old minion rush I’m begging. And also I used to tell all my family members to play it to. They all got it but then deleted it when the new update had happened. So can you return to the old minion rush where there is a ton of different worlds. Please can you return I am literally begging you. I have been playing minion rush for a long time. I don’t plan on stopping so I’m asking. Can you return to the old minion rush and put back on the glory of joy. Because almost everyday when I came from school I would play your game all day. So please return back to the old minion rush. You can add updates to it but don’t change the whole game. Please return back to the old minion rush please, please, please and also PLEASE. I am so desperate I will do anything just return back to the old minion rush.
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3 years ago, cloud main 7
Used to be a godly video game but now at its lowest peak of video games yet still spiraling downhill
This was my favorite game when it first came out, I played it everyday and it was so simple and fun, all you do is run and get bananas to unlock new characters, then I stopped playing it for a few years and this game has changed a lot for the worse. Now the bananas are practically useless along with the coins that I used to dream about, and now it’s all about the purple gems (which of course you can buy), and for every mode you have only five turns until you have to wait 20 minutes to recharge the energy which means you can’t enjoy it and play as long as you want like the original version. And in order to buy the costume you have to buy the prize pod which btw used to give you the whole character but now only gives you around 1/10 of the character and not even the one you want, just random ones, oh take a wild guess you you can buy those with real money too, of course because now there just money hungry. Even if you just want to play it to run you can’t because it gives you a mission wether you like it or not and ends the game the second you complete it. Such a downgrade and I wish I could go back to play the old one which is a trillion times better.
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2 years ago, Zoe Marley
Use to be such a fun game...
When this game first came out years ago it was a blast, so much fun, but within the last year or so they have changed the game significantly and it's no longer very fun to play. I do like that the creators add content but what I don't like is them changing how the entire game is usually played and how $$$ hungry they have become, the prices in the store have become ridiculous. I HATE that there is only a few levels or times you can play each level before you run out of energy, you used to be able to play as long as you like. Why would you not want people to be able to play your game? Makes no sense. Please change. Please bring back endless runs and the different locations. All my costumes and bananas and such have been completely lost since the newer version of the more boring game was released. I never understood why you would change something that was great into something lesser. I have not even bothered to play this game in a long time because every time I open it to play I’m bombarded with tutorials and ads as though I don’t know how to play and the endless run never works, it keeps ending my run after a minute or less. So boring and repetitive.
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1 year ago, Luminescent_Dragon
Give me the old stuff back!!!
This game is great, and I spent hours upon hours playing it. However, it was because of the jelly lab level system, and giving me the locations, and unique and diverse missions. Now, we have the lair, which is kind of the same, but it gets ruined by now having upgradable characters, and the purple gems that can make your life easier. But they cost money, which most kids (their demographic) don’t have. Also, for completionists, who like to 100% games, they need to unlock every character, upgrade them to the max level, and just keep doing the same missions. A lot more people would love this game because they come back, expecting the same, but they get this. Keep the new things, but add the jelly lab and the level system back in! I don’t know if I can play this game because it changed so much from what I was used to, and more people might buy the game. Edit: The Jelly Lab was also better because they allowed you to keep going and push your scores even further! Now the second you beat the challenge, the level just ends. Even if you don’t bring back the lab, just allow us to keep pushing our scores if we want to.
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3 years ago, lexerman15
Used to be a great game now an ok one
Like most people reviewing this game, I played at the very beginning where it was just an endless runner. Then they released a huge update that changes the game, the levels! I remember playing on my iPad and got to level 200 something and it was really fun. No one has really talked about it but I personally loved the multiplayer race mode with all the power ups. Then this update came along. Now I’m not saying it is the worst update ever but it changed a whole lot of things which most where not welcome. The new character system is kind of a grind. Again it’s not the worst update some things were cool like the new currency but most of the problems is not getting refunded or compensated for stuff. Personally I never bought anything but a lot of people had this problem. I would really love to see the old level System before and the multiplayer system. I know that this not a thing you can change immediately but maybe sometime in the future this can happen. This game was amazing and still is but could be improved. Hopefully you see this. Sincerely, a true fan
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2 years ago, friesnchocolatey🍟🍫
My Fave Game!
Minion Rush is 100% my favorite mobile game to play in my free time. It's very detailed with many costumes and tasks to do to get tokens and cards -- which are how you get costumes -- and new places to run in. This is what I'd call a "Goldilocks game." By that I mean the obstacles aren't too easy to dodge, or too hard, they're just right. Depending on what kind of person you are, the costumes aren't too simple, or too crazy, they're just right. I personally think that in the different locations the scenes before you start the runs are funny, like how in the Egypt location, you jump up onto a pile of suitcases then one flies off with your minion on it, and how in the mall your minion grabs on to the back of a car and then crashes through the mall's glass window. I highly recommend this game for any age (obviously except ages that can't work phones or tablets), and if you download it I wish you a great time playing a great game!
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5 years ago, Annabees🌸
I wish Gameloft would undo the whole new update😡
This game is absolutely awful now that it has been updated. This may be a long paragraph(s) but I’m proving a point. Okay so Gameloft do you ever look at your reviews because your recent reviews have sucked for one apparent reason. Your UPDATE has literally failed every persons expectations. First of all I have just downloaded this app today because earlier I was thinking “Hmmmm maybe I should re-download Minion Rush because it would be a fun game to start playing again. Then about an hour or so ago I go into the App Store and search Minion Rush up. Then I look at the reviews for maybe any exciting things happening in the game, or any events that I maybe missed out on. Then I see about 5+ reviews about how the update sucked and that everyone hates the new game. I downloaded Minion Rush wanting to see what the fuss was about. I go into the app once it downloaded and it immediately said after the video something about “all your old progress will be saved and converted into new cooler coins.” Well game developers should respond to this because it has many reasons why they should undo the update.🤬And also Gameloft just ruined the old and way better version of the game. Thanks for you time. I’m so disappointed😓.
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4 years ago, polikmujnyhbtgvrfcedxeszwaq
This is the second time!!!
In 2015, minion rush went from an okay, infinite runner, to a super fun, level game with locations from the Despicable Me movies, where you collect bananas to buy and level up characters, and completed different objectives to win different levels. Plus the boss battles. They were always in there. Loved it. I got to level 279, and then in 2019 it updated big again. I lost all my progress and characters I’ve been working towards for years. Now, there are coins, which are new and make bananas almost useless, plus the setup of the game is confusing. Once you get the hang of the game, it’s kinda fun. You play challenges and objectives to work towards ten goals, then get a grand prize, usually a location or rare character. It’s okay, but I liked the old version better. The developers are obviously not gonna bring back the old version of the game, so please make a way to restore your progress. Or maybe let us choose which mode of play we want. Or make it a whole new game. I know it’s a lot to ask, but this was one of my favorite games. Please take the suggestions and maybe I’ll rate five stars.
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4 years ago, Yeet Anderson
Stupid glitch, horrible update !UPDATE!
I HATE the update. I remember I had so much fun with the old app and decided to redownload it and see how far I can get. To say the least, I was surprised about the new update. Also I hate it. It was so much better as the original app. I can tell even though I got stuck on the tutorial. That’s right, I got stuck on the tutorial and can’t play anymore. Once I got to a certain part of the tutorial, it froze and I couldn’t play anymore. I restarted the app and my phone and still nothing. I deleted the app and reinstalled it, and guess what? Because of the update or something it picked up where I left off. And it was still frozen. Now I can’t even play the app if I wanted to. Good job, you failed. OK UPDATE so I got a response, and it’s been like a day or two so I took their advise and redownloaded. Still frozen. It automatically logs me into my Game Center account, not much I can do on that. If y’all are interested it gets stuck on the bit of the tutorial where you HAVE to tap the ‘my career’(it makes you do it, no choice here ;-;) and Lucy or whatever her name is shows up and says “Keep playing, and soon you will get the main reward: the El Macho’s Lair location”. It then gets frozen and I can’t tap anything
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5 years ago, crafty498
It’s unfun
I personally would not get this game. I have it and will probably delete it soon. It won’t just let me run, every time I reach a goal it stops me from continuing! I absolutely do not like that. The missions I go on are worthless! In the past there were missions but they didn’t delay you of the game like they do now. Again, every time I complete a mission, it says “target achieved” and makes me stop my run. I just want to play this game to any extent in which I get to keep running. It also deleted all my progress from the past and I had to restart from level 1! The power ups are horrible, and they only last a short period of time. I would not spend money on this game, because I didn’t. This is an old phone in my family so recent people already paid the money to buy it, I just had to reload it to the cloud. The family member did NOT get their money’s worth and I certainly am not going to wast the time in playing a game that’s not appealing. I’m sorry but this is a BIG lose on the creator of the game, Gameloft. I would not have gotten this if I had known that it had updated. The update is the problem not the game itself. Gameloft needs to delete the upgrade for this to become the appealing fun game it used to be.
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4 years ago, Dr. Doowop
This is the MOST Ridiculous Update ever!!! 😡🤬
When I downloaded this game a few years back, it was the most enjoyable game I had. There were different maps to play at (AKA Gru’s Lab, Minion Beach, Amusment Park, etc.). Each level would just be part of a map that can be past if you complete all of the levels. (Like Candy Crush). I would be addicted to the game and it would be very hard to get off of. I would still play the game like that if it didn’t have the new update. When that update was put in, it took out everything that was fun about it. The infinite runner turned into an objective based levels. If you got one objective, you would try for the next, next again, then it would just end. That is not what an infinite runner is Gameloft! The layout is very confusing, you have limited energy, and there is absolutely nothing that I can be happy about. They took out the good levels and they just simply didn’t care. I would love if Gameloft undo the new update, but because off the problems they have with their games, it looks like it won’t happen. I am playing to see how bad it is now. Overall, it is a terrible game now and I am now never playing any other game from them. I am going to play Minecraft now...
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2 years ago, urtrdhx
I LOVE THIS GAME!!! But just 2 suggestions!
I just wanted to say, that I absolutely love this game. There are so many fun things to do like the missions and there are so many costumes to wear and each with their own special abilities I got into this game a few years and I still play it to this day. Thanks for creating such an awesome game. But there’s 2 things I wanna complain about. It’s just the ads that pop up on your screen for a costume upgrade. For example, the Polar Explorer, Fluffycorn Carl, Superhero, etc. I think there should be a way to view those ads in one place, because when you close the ad, you have to wait for it to pop up again, and that gets kinda annoying. Also I think there should be a way to upgrade costumes like Sporty Kevin and King Bob. There’s no way to upgrade them so their skills are just stuck since there’s no cards for them at the moment. That’s all.
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3 years ago, EchoGecko22
The game has changed a lot over the years, but I think the current iteration is pretty fun. There’s always a relaxin to login and play with there always being new goals and events. Personally I prefer this over the very old version where it was simply endless running. I recently started playing again after a long hiatus, and it seems the reward for completing all the daily missions is now essentially useless. Why give jungle cards? That costume is pointless and redundant since I have jelly jar, so there’s basically no reason for me to bother collecting the reward. The last time I played the reward for completing daily tasks was ghost cards which is an actually useful costume. Also over the last couple of days I’ve noticed that my iPad gets very hot and the battery drains like crazy after only a few minutes of playing this game. It’s the most recent iPad Air model so it should and has up until now been able to run the game without major issues.
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3 years ago, anonymity inc
Love it! Just one thing, however.
Now, don’t get me wrong for giving you four stars, because this game is AWESOME, and is definitely one of, if not the most played game on my phone. There is one thing that I wish there was for this, however, and that is a a way to turn off the piggy bank notifications. Now, filling up the piggy bank in so many different ways are quite good, but it gets annoying that it pops up EVERY SINGLE TIME I spend tokens or coins. The one thing that I wouldn’t remove is notifying you that the piggy bank is full. Now, if you can’t spend money, this can be a nuisance, but most of the time, it’s a great investment. Yes, it may seem expensive at first, but the amount that fits in the piggy bank grows every single time you purchase it. So, if you can make a switch that turns off the piggy bank notifications (besides the ones that tell you it is full) that would be great! Thanks. Also, if you do that, I will bump this up to 5 stars. Either way, thanks ! :D
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2 years ago, Mia😘😘😘🥓🥓🥓🥓🥓
This is stupid😡😡😡
So the problem with this is you have to watch adds every second and then my other problem is that you have to have certain people for certain levels and then once you don’t have them you can’t earn them right away and less you go on levelsThat is just so stupid and I think you guys should change that as quickly as possible or I’m deleting the game because I’m getting over others I only am doing levels that I have already done now and it is just so stupid you guys really really need to fix thisThis is a whole mess and it’s out of control please fix it that’s that’s my last time saying before I am literally going to lose itAnd then the final just a good part is that the levels can actually be fun but once you hit a certain point there is no fun any moreThe only good thing is that sometimes you get a good level that’s what I am reading this a 3 this is such a stupid game fix it now and for anybody who wants to know if they should play the game you should not!!
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2 years ago, Sleeping Tortise12
Ok so I’m not Trina be criticizing anyone here but this game’s updates are NOT what I expected I ended up spending like 12$ for an update that only lasted 3 days(not the most recent just other updates I’ve installed recently) if I’m spending money I want my money to be USEFULL and the purple gems are another thing you can buy them yeah but you hardly EVER see them in runs I never paid for 100gems our more because it’s a waste to have them and spend them on stuff like mystery boxes and end up getting a regular card and not a rare or legendary card AND you only end up getting 1/8 piece of a card like come on you money greedy developers it’s a HUGE waste and another thing about them is say there a rare event we’re you can spend like 20 gems on a guaranteed legendary card then there’s no purple gems at all this forces people to pay for 20 gems for way more then there worth without the event happening it’s a rip off and nothing makes me madder then that I deleted this game and I don’t recommend this for gamers who have the money to pay for stuff in game thanks for looking at my review and I hope you have a good day
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2 years ago, mr. bear reviews
I love this game! I have played this game since about 2019, and my god, I love it! I have unlocked most of the maps, and I just never see a dead end for the game! They add new maps and updates all the time which keeps me playing. It’s a very strong game. I do suggest a few things though. I think you should just be able to buy a outfit, and not buy cards to get it. I also think you could give players a starter outfit which is not the bare minion. I do think that there is some minor bugs in the game. That I do hope the developer team can fix. For example, after I use the ad to keep going button twice in a round, I lag out. I don’t know if this is just a glitch in my phone or if it happens on everyone’s. But otherwise this game is great and if you need a new addicting game, this is the one.
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1 year ago, Hdrus
This game was better years ago
I remember this game as a fun runner about getting high scores and getting costumes felt rewarding. But now this game is really greedy, after almost every run you get a pop up for them to get money. Even if they throw pop-ups and probably get a lot from in-app purchases, they still throw out ads! Most people like rewarding ads, but this game shoves ads at you after run results. And probably like any game, they also want you to pay to get rid of these. At least the game was kinda fun but you can probably get every costume in like a week. Which I kinda don’t like. They also have it so instead of running endlessly, there are missions. Which are fine but it stops your run, which ruins the point of getting high scores in missions. It would be cool if you had missions and they can be completed but not stop your run, or they go to the next mission. In the end, this game was definitely better back then with almost no in-app purchases and ads shoved, and I loved and enjoyed playing it before the updates.
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2 years ago, Your Average Daily Roblox User
Why must you bully me in this way Minion Rush
Hi. I’m a average minion rush enjoyer- scratch that, an ex-minion rush enjoyer. Before the major update this was what I put all my time into. Eventually I reached level 550, and about a week later I stopped playing. Then, I returned to this game some time in August 2021 and I couldn’t believe it. The entire game was remade and I had lost everything. My half a million bananas, my hard earned minions, everything. I ended up trying it a couple days later and the tracks seemed the same(thank goodness). Eventually I got tired of the daily challenges, the different floors seemed all the same, and the leaderboard was just plain pathetic. Another thing: what happened to the multiplayer game mode? It just vanished a week before I stopped playing all those years ago, looking back I think it was one of the main reasons I quit playing. I really will miss it because it was the one mode that kept me from deleting the game overall. I don’t know if I should put more time into this game or not because I don’t know if it will be rebuilt from scrap again or not. Thanks for reading this.
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4 years ago, Sonicgirl95
Used to be good, new changes stink
I started playing this app close to the beginning, when it was just an endless runner with some special events. It was decent-I liked being able to switch through the various stages, and the boss fights kept things interesting. Then came the mission mode, and things were still okay. Now I’ve come back after about a year or so, and I’m disappointed. What happened to the Despicable meter? You were rewarded for being a long time player, and you kept playing in order to watch your score rise. The despicable actions aren’t even that satisfactory anymore, especially because you only get about 1,000-2,000 points per action, and they won’t tell you you did it. This app was very pay-to play before, but at least there was stuff to keep you coming back. I’ve been playing for ten minutes and already getting bored again. The game still has good graphics and mechanic, so points for that, but drastically shrinking the timer for the power-ups is depressing.
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3 years ago, phoebe 🧡🧡🧡
Used to be really fun
I wouldn’t download this game. It used to be really fun a few years ago. All you had to do was run and get bananas and unlock new characters and it was one of my favorite games. I remember playing it so much. My siblings also played it. I thought that I wanted to re-download it because I remembered how fun it was. Now after the update it has changed a lot. I could literally write paragraphs talking about how much it has changed but I will keep it short lol. It’s not really about the bananas anymore and after you complete a run if you could even call it that you have to click through so much stuff and that’s really confusing. Once you complete a goal, it stops you from running which is really annoying. Like just let me play. The old game let you run as long as you can. It is really confusing now and way more complicated but not in a good way. Also the old game had really cool maps from the Despicable Me movies and I don’t think it has those anymore. It hasn’t gotten smarter just more confusing. I beg you please take it back to the old game it was so fun.
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4 years ago, Bruce B. 🕶
USED to be good
I remember playing this game when it first came out, it have had to been my favorite at the time. I was so addicted, I played every day. It’s the little things in life that make me happy. ON THE CONTRARY Ok you’ve most likely heard about this in the comments already, YES THIS UPDATE IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!! Oh boy where do I start? What hasn’t been said already? It’s bad bad bad! You see, when this game first came out it was this AWESOME high score game with gadgets and bosses and it was just so good for a Despicable Me fab such as myself. And then this update came along and now it’s a bunch of mission trash! We wanna play the game consistently and not stop after we complete a mission! That should be like a side thing!! After all these years of love, loyalty, and dedication I made the heart breaking decision to delete it. Sad to let go of something I loved but if you don’t love it anymore why keep it? I’m generously rating this 3 stars because of what it used to be in hope it changes back. Till then, I’ll be waiting.....
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8 months ago, im a rat that eats cheese
Best game ever
Dear Minion rush Developers, The game minion rush is a really nostalgic game to me because I used to play it all the time when I was a kid. The thing I remember the most is the unicorn flying in the air trying to get bananas. Now that I’m playing again it’s even more entertaining and I hope others feel the same. Another thing , it’s that it’s funny that when I get bored I turn to minion rush , it’s really fun seeing el macho and vector boss fights because they are really fun and makes the game not repetitive . Many say the game is very repetitive but with all these costumes how can it be repetitive , they say this yet they play clash Royale. This game isn’t like angry birds or clash of clans cause this game brings back memories from the old movie despicable me. I really hope people remember this game still in 2023 and keep up the good work Sincerely, Raul Olguin
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4 years ago, MocloMC
Sept Update Has Got Me Confused
I love playing this game BUT recently there was an update that changed the way the costume skills are used for some of the costumes. Costumes like Bride of Frankenstein, as one example, now say “Get 400% more despicable actions FOR MISSIONS THAT REQUIRE THEM WHILE USING THE EVIL MINION”, when prior to the update, it didn’t include the part that said “for missions that require…”. I took that statement to mean that you’ll only get the extra 400% skill ability if the mission says for example, “Punch 50 minions while using the evil minion”. Well, I played a mission with a similar goal to the example I just gave, used the costume that said “for missions that require them while using the evil minion”, and each punch was only counted ONCE not 400% more. I DON’T GET IT!!! Am I misunderstanding the skill or is this a glitch with the new update??? Has anyone else experienced this?
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6 years ago, Mooliet
It SO addicting
I’ve played this since I was five then deleted it and got it again! Right now I’m on level 82, it’s hard. The games amazing and addicting except, you have limited time to get certain clothes! That’s rough with like at least two days. Like the game doesn’t give us enough time, maybe give us like a month!? And I just got Baker costume, and I only get ONE hour to get the 800 tokens! And I LOVE that costume, I need to get it! But now it’s LONG GONE! Though I LOVE the new update with the new places to play after Despicable Me 3 came out! I also just got the new update with some of the old things! I love the tortilla chip hat!❤️Creators of this game, I thank you for making such a fun game with loved tv shows! For the massive upgrade I was starting to think that it wasn’t good but now that I’m actually getting addicted to it again I am starting to enjoy it. And I love that y’all make costumes cost a certain number of accomplishments like shield! It makes it easier to get them and lets you save BANANAS!!!!! Thanks for making this a blast!
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6 years ago, idibtwantto77
I would give the update no stars if possible
The update basically makes the player start over. It takes forever to level up. 3 stars at a time. My next level up is 800 starts. The missions take forever. For example right now one of my mission is to fly Gru’s rocket 800m. That is for one star. My best costume gives me the rocket for 12 seconds at a time. Each rocket at best is 200m. To get 3 stars I have to get the rocket 10 times. Even at level 220 or whatever on the jelly lab did I have to get any power up 10x to get 3 stars. I read some of the reviews for the update. All the developer responses are the same. They are just copied and pasted. That is terrible customer service. I don’t understand why with the update I have to do all the achievements again. That should have been part of what is saved from the old version. I have played every level. Why is beating vector an achievement ? Not that I have had to beat Vector yet even though I have played enough of the update. Again I am not happy with the update. Copy and pasting developer response is bad customer service.
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6 years ago, Butch22463
New mission anniversary
Not very pleased with the latest up disguised as a new mission. I have lost costumes that cost time, coins and money to acquire based on their special abilities and now the sought after abilities are gone without my choice. Several of my costumes gave me free revives, another gave me extra item collection runs in the special missions (3 extra for a total of 6), the magician used to give me 500% bananas. I worked long and hard to achieve these abilities on these costumes and now I am simply frustrated and upset. Not to mention the new update left me with having to examine each costume before each run because none do what they used to. Not to mention the game is completely confusing now as to what I am playing and winning. Just a big disappointment. I was excited to see an update thinking you were bringing back the fun Halloween mission. The excitement was short lived and unfortunately very disappointing. I have been a long time player of minion rush and most likely will not continue.
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3 years ago, 80sRetroGeek
Decent game ruined by ad network disaster
This is a reasonably fun game as far as endless runners go, and the Minions property gives it a chance for a good dose of humor and silliness. Unfortunately, the game is HEAVILY ad-driven and making any sort of reasonable progress requires being subjected to a near-overbearing barrage of ads, mostly for garbage shovelware apps from fly-by-night developers. Even that wouldn’t be SO bad, except the GameLoft ad network is a complete dumpster fire. Days, and often weeks, go by where ads simply refuse to be served. Or else you sit through the mind-numbing 45-second long ad only to receive a callback error and get NO reward for your time. Progress slows to a crawl and the game degenerates to a slog/grindfest. Customer care is unresponsive and/or useless, demanding screen shots before even attempting to address the issues, and then blaming them on your device or network connection (despite the fact that 100% of the OTHER apps on your device work perfectly). Do yourself and your mental health a favor and don’t install this garbage ad delivery system disguised as a game.
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5 years ago, Sofia Sloan
So amazing
I remember when games had no adds at all and let you have the full experience unbothered. All of the free apps are plastered with adds and some of them even play adds when you’re in the middle of the game. I’ve always loved these temple run games and it’s the only one I’ve seen with actual levels. I like the levels because it gives you a goal and it’s not the same repetitive thing over and over. I also enjoy the little things too like all the maps you can play on and how different characters have different benefits. And don’t even get me started on the fact that you can earn gru coins without paying real money. I can’t think of any app that allows all of their currencies to be earned and not just paid for. I really love and enjoy this app and the developers did a great job with it.
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4 years ago, Coolfire92
Game Used to be Better
I’ve played Minion Rush for a few years. I used to play more 5 years ago but now I don’t play the game as much. But my main issue is involving the gameplay. See years ago Minion Rush used to be an infinite run until in like 2018 they added these awesome side missions. These missions covered a bunch of different challenges (collect bananas, get power ups, beat a boss, etc.). So the old game was really fun. But after not playing for about 2 years I recently went back on the game to play a feed runs. But I found the “main mode” or infinite run mode to be gone only to be replaced by missions. Which means the whole game is series of missions with no sense of progress. The infinite mode used to have you endlessly running, going as far as possible, and traveling to different areas via pipes. But now the game removed its best feature. Bottom line if you’re looking for an infinite runner this isn’t it. And to the devs: BRING BACK INFINITE RUNNING
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1 year ago, kittygirl1597
100% must download
I have been playing minion rush since i was 7. Im 12 now and still love this game. The tips were clear and there are many reasons why you NEED this game. First of all this does kill extra time and its really engaging. There are many cool costumes to use as “you” in the game. And we MUST talk about the rewards. Its rare but sometimes you can get TOKENS in the reward capsules. They reward you with cool stuff and on every update, there is a funny little skit . You can watch these skits thru the settings of the game. So if you are looking for an action-packed, funny, time-killing, and most of all VERY ENTERTAINING game, this is for you. To the developers of Minion Rush, AMAZING JOB! This is one of the BEST games i ever played. If my parents would let me I would support you by buying the passes. :) have some ✌🏻
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5 years ago, hi i don't want to use my name
Used to be great
I used to love this game. I kind of forgot about it for a little while, and I decided to come back to it. I had to update it, and I hate the new update. The old layout was so great, why did it have to change? I now have to start over, and I just can’t get back into the game. It’s now just... not fun. If the developers could undo the change, that would be great. I don’t even need to restore my progress. Just please switch it back to the way it was before. Please. I will probably delete the game because of this switch. Update: I deleted the game. It makes me so sad to delete this game, because I loved it so much and was my favorite game. I’ll keep submitting this so that maybe someone will notice. I’ll check back in a few weeks to see if it gets any better, but it seems like it’s been like this for a while so I’m giving up hope. Edit: Sorry I keep changing this. I saw that the developers said that oh, your progress gets converted into new stuff so it’s fine, but mine got converted and I didn’t even get anything. I wasn’t that far into the game, but I was pretty far. All that I got was 3/50 of two skins, and 11/50 of another. So I didn’t even get anything. There was no reason to change this, and the only reason I can see is that the coins look better, and yes, they do look better, but you’re trading a coin design for a good game!?!? And if you just wanted to change the layout, at least keep all the stuff like events and races. Why did those have to go!?
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6 years ago, NikkiJ2005
Pretty addicting & fun
I really love this game! It’s hard to put down. If you are reading this developer I would only make a couple remarks...1. The game needs to be fixed better so that the minion truly only does what the player does with the phone or tablet. A lot of times the minion will run or crash into something on it’s own ending the game and that’s frustrating especially if there is no video to watch to save that life and you have to start all over or wait for that battery thing to charge. 2. I personally, would like it better if you all would find something else to say when a game ends instead of “You Failed.” Children and adults play this game and make a lot of progress and mentally it doesn’t feel good to see YOU FAILED! Maybe a Better Luck Next Time or something or nothing at all. Just my opinion other than that I play it everyday lol!
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6 years ago, Gizmo1031
This Game Is Rubbish Now
I use to love to play this game. I highly enjoyed the Events and to earn new costumes. In fact, I have played this game for 5 years and with this so called ‘Anniversary’ update they have taken away all the progress I made. They put everything back as if I was starting all over again. They even changed the costumes powers. I had over 3 million bananas and 4000 tokens that took countless hours to accumulate. My favorite costumes with revives now have an useless power. I spent real money to completely upgrade the Shield and many other power ups. I’m so disappointed and angry that they would do this to their loyal players. If you want to play the game, it is your choice, but Do Not investment your time and money in it because they will probably take it all away again. Shame on you Minion Rush!
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2 years ago, Senor Bobaguard
Minion Run Has Returned Me to the Loghtside
Minion run is much more than a game, it’s a miracle. When I downloaded minion run, my life was horrible. My parents didn’t love me, I was drowning in debt, and my dog had just died from an overdose of heroin. But the moment I pressed download on minion run, everything changed. My parents knocked on my door 3 minutes later and forgave me for drowning their pet ferret on “accident”, and not even a second later, my bank contacted me saying their location had been blown up, so they had no way to keep track of my debt. The IRS probably won’t come to get me, so I’ll be fine. And in this crazy turn of events, my dog was resurrected by satanists and he’s all better, except for the glowing red eyes and him speaking Latin instead of barking. I LOVE MINION RUN!!!
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3 years ago, LishaB52
Good but some suggestions...
Minion rush is super fun with so many power ups, locations to explore and costumes to wear. And to make a game based on a classic movie franchise that personally i like is a great thing. One thing i would say though is that the past few updates were not to great. And a few suggestions i would make is to add some deleted costumes from last updates and to bring back the FRICKEN JELLY UPDATE HOME SCREEN! I grew up with being able to choose the level i wanted instead of having to hope i get my favorite map On a chapter of despicable ops. And one more thing is to keep updating pc instead on just Smart phone versions. So basically a few this i would want in the game but also good and bad about the game. To anyone looking for a fun obstacle game to play, i would recommend this game by a LONG-SHOT (my review) 8.3/10
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5 years ago, emmahood
New update
I was 7 when I started playing this game. My favorite part we when you competed against different minions, and the winner got a prize. I sadly had not played this game since I was about 10. I am now 12. I can not believe how much it has changed. To start off, what happened to all of the prizes? What happened to all the challenges? What happened to bananas? Game loft claims that they are marking a better choice, but in the end, they are losing players. I had never been a fan of playing games, until I found this one. I remember I would also be so excited to come home from school to play this game. I loved the different features and levels. I loved how you could just play the game, and wouldn’t have to reach a goal. I had over 1,000,000 bananas, and also over 200 prizes and tokens. But what do I get for that? A really bad game. I am just speechless. I am really disappointed, and think they should take the game back! “What happens now with my game progress and all the items I have bought and collected?” “Don't worry; after the tutorial, all your progress will be converted to the new game. You will keep all your Costumes and Tokens and you will also be rewarded for everything else you achieved in the previous version of the game.” This is what they said on their website, but it was all just lies. I am not going to play this game anymore. I remember for my birthday my mom gave me money to spend on this game. Worst decision I have ever made!
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3 years ago, wonjintou
Where’s endless mode?
Why was endless mode removed? Why do the missions just completely end your game and why does the tutorial constantly nag at you the fact that they made the missions forced is just baffling the whole point in this game is to get a high score not trying to finish missions quicker that just defeats the original purpose of this game and the fact that they had to change the hud completely not only that adding another currency for no reason is just crazy, they made the game so much more complicating then it should actually be and the missions aren’t easily avoidable like on mission is to roll under an obstacle 5 times but at times you are forced to do that or you lose why not just make the missions a side thing? Not a thing where it entirely ends your game and why add that stupid new currency why not just keep bananas as the main currency? It just adds another thing you HAVE to learn because it’s completely forced to buy new characters.
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5 years ago, sal gaita
Minion rush is fun again
I stared playing this game when it first came out and I loved it at least until the jelly lab update it wasn’t fun when the game stopped mid run especially if the challenge was run for 12 seconds it made me lose interest but then I saw the jelly lab was gone and while the missions still stop the league mode let’s you run endlessly like back in the old days and now there’s a better funner way to unlock costumes instead of forcing a parent to buy them there are only two things that I want them to fix though one I miss being able to eventually head to another location in the level but I can live without that I also wish that the fluffy unicorn and the mega minion where playable for each costume I mean all the other power ups are why not those too still I’m glad I can go back to loving minion rush
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6 years ago, Blipblipblip
Technical fails
Loved the game, fun to run and makes me smile. HOWEVER, not so much fun anymore. Crashes are constant now. Especially when navigating through to and from games, races, maps etc. Also EVERY single time you finish a mission and open the prize box. CRASH. Also during gameplay during longer runs play will be choppy and then crash resulting in perks lost/wasted. FIX this! Video perks no longer work, crashing and/or throwing constant error messages saying no internet connection when connection is actually fine. FIX this or just remove video incentives until you can get them to actually work! And yes, bananas are pretty useless. As for red zones - if you save your serum you can get through those. You know they're coming bc the screen darkens and goes red a few seconds before a red zone appears. It only lasts 1/2 lap, so when u see it coming hit serum and it will take you thru safely.
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2 years ago, Trey Team
Amazing game ever!! Awesome improvements!! 🤩😆
I remember playing this game when all you had to do was collect bananas to fill up the levels and fill up the jelly machines to move on to the next stages. But I got tired of this game and uninstalled it because it didn’t have my interest anymore. But I started to miss this game and went back to install it. And I found some great and surprising improvements. Which are: you can get costumes by completing each stage to get costume cards, you can collect bananas and banana tokens to unlock special prize pods, and play different stages to get awesome rewards. I LOVE THIS NEW UPDATE AND FEATURE TO THE GAME! It has got my interest back and I am loving it right now!! I hope to see more improvements and features in the near future!
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2 years ago, sponge bob squid pants
Yes and No
Yes and No, I love the game so much! I’m a minion fan and I already have so much minion skins! also the events are so fun! You should download the game! There’s also no ads! Unless you want double the rewards or something good for it like an extra life, what I’m trying to say is, the ads are optional. Download the game, you wont regret it! for the developers: Hey guys, I love this game but the problem is I had the same game on my I-pad and on my I pad it had sound but on my phone it doesn’t , on my phone other apps have sound but not this one, every time I watch an ad it plays sound but the game doesn’t. I tried to fix it in the in-game settings but it showed my music was all the way up. Please help me because I don’t know how long to wait.
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3 years ago, Rind| 1% Milk
5 star but one thing
I am an OG player of Minion Rush and I started playing when the game came out. The goal of the game was to get Fruit at every level and power up the Jelly Machine of the stage. I deleted the game because I got old. I started playing just recently and I saw there was no jelly. The missions aren’t as hard as they used to be. Run for 100yards is one of the new missions. If I wanted all three fruit on a level I had to run 2000 yards. Another mission is Beat Victor once. Back then you had to beat Vector 3 consecutive times to get all fruit. They also removed the Jelly idea entirely. It makes me very sad to see the game I once loved become an overly complicated game with many sections that don’t make lots of sense. Thank You
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