Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir

4.7 (176.5K)
286.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Crazy Labs
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12 or later
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User Reviews for Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir

4.68 out of 5
176.5K Ratings
3 years ago, ATrueMiraculer
So miraculous! 😆😊
This game is awesome! I love how there is so much detail put into it and how extremely accurate it is to the show! One think I especially love, is how each hero has specific movements/jumping styles that are perfect representations of the characters! Like, for instance, Queen Bee does this kind of “kick-flip” that can be seen in the show itself!! And every character has a unique move like that! Not only does it make you feel like you’re actually running with the real Marinette, Adrien, Luka, etc., but it also makes you feel like each of the characters are different, unique, and true to themselves! Not only that, but the detail put into the surroundings of this game is phenomenal! Especially when you run through Paris at night, which is my personal favorite, you truly feel like you’re in the world of miraculous! I do have just one suggestion though, PLEASE MAKE MORE LEVELS! Due to storage issues on my device, I’ve had to delete and re-download this game many times, each time replaying the levels from start to finish. I tend to get through all of them quite quickly. I love this game so much and I’m always disappointed when I come to the final level. I’d love to see this game come out with new levels that could keep you playing for months! Thank you so much, creators! This game has been loads of fun to play and I can’t wait to see what comes next! 😊
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3 years ago, i hate adds 10 almost 11
So miraculous, but....
This game is so great but here are a few things you can maybe change. First of all, it has some bugs/ it is glitchy sometimes, for instance, when Alya is supposed to transform in some levels she says “trix let’s pounce” but she doesn’t, also in some levels if you run into cars it doesn’t say you are out it just makes you go over the car. Second of all, the levels kinda repeat just they get a bit harder. I think you should make bonus rounds or stuff with the kwamis. Lastly, I think you should make the VIP $7.99 a month instead of a week. It might attract more people. Also there needs to be more characters we can earn. I am on level 35 and I just need one more character, Chloe. If you would make VIP just removing ads and VIP missions maybe I would want to play longer. Maybe if you add bonus rounds you could have some that you need to unlock with VIP. All I know is that VIP is kind of a rip off if you get it right now, but if it is $7.99 a month more people will buy it. Also can you add new characters. It would be great if you added more villains too. Like you could have one where they fight Hawkmoth and Mayura. And as the series goes on can you add the new characters? Thanks!
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3 years ago, HannahBunny☺️
Great game just a few adjustments! :)
So I love this game and I have been playing it for almost a year at first I didn’t play it due to how bad I am at it and I think rn I am on level 8 or 7 I always use ladybug or Marinette I never buy new characters because I’m saving up for new ones because I know there is a new season and movie with new characters coming! So I want to buy them instead if they come. Ok enough good reviews and what I like let’s get to the bugs and stuff. So sometimes when I log on to the game I start playing when i get hurt I keep watching the adds, but after a few adds I couldn’t hear the game, so I thought I had it down so i turned it back up but it wasn’t working because I couldn’t hear but the volume was all the way up! So that is one thing that needs fixed. So early today I logged on. And when I feel off in between a building i reset or whatever it’s called and then watched a add so I could continue. But it wasn’t working it said I had no WiFi but I was at home and my wifi was on. So I just shrugged it off. But that wasn’t it I saw ladybug walking up the building in a jog. I laughed my head off! She wasn’t evening go anywhere so I thought it was funny. So then I had to restart that level from where I was on. So I hope you can get to my review and right a reply back. :3 Thanks! Bye have a great day/evening/ night or wherever you are! :)
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6 years ago, InfinityRise1
Miraculous Fans Deserve Better
I feel like this app is doing a disservice to the Miraculous brand it feels cheap & I hate that feeling a lot. First there’s way too many ads either offer an ad-free version or the ability for the user to pick to watch ads for select items that way they’re not bombarded. Next, the models need to be improved they can look way sharper and smooth it’s 2018 lots of phones can handle way more than before and images for items look off putting I think somebody needs to spend more time studying props from the series to incorporate within the game. Also, I have a problem with the UI it’s just clunky as heck and the colour palate looks way off from the series rework the UI to be better to be a better fit streamline it more. Lastly, the controls are wonky it’s not very easy to move through the area & I’m dealing with lag from the app, my phone is a 7 so it’s a much more recent model & I’ve been using it for less than a year now so I shouldn’t have any technical trouble. It seems like they rushed the app out just to market quickly to Miraculous fans, it’s quite disheartening to feel that from an app that has way more potential to be greater. This app will need heavy turn around from the developer because a majority of Miraculous’ fan base is between 15-25 so it won’t be easy to pull a fast one on us. Apologies if this was long I typically don’t write reviews for any of the apps I play, but this app just feels wrong...
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5 years ago, peeps its cool
Nice but it needs a little more work on it
First, of all I absolutely love the game but don’t get me wrong it still needs i little more work. I just think that there should have Neno/Carapace in the game and why don’t they have Neno and Carapace in it even though they have Chloe/queen bee in it because I seen all the episodes in Miraculous Ladybug and Chloe/queen bee come after Carapace so I don’t get it why they don’t have Neno and Carapace. I didn’t actually know that older kids actually liked this! When I first saw this app on the App Store I was totally like why do older kids even need this but when my kids actually got this game, I watched them play it and I was totally like I am totally wrong about this app then suddenly I saw them watching the TV show and I was totally I really want to get the game now and when they see me playing they say mom, can I play? I am totally loving this game as well as the TV show! I love this game and I appreciate you making this game but if you fix my problem I just explained to you I will be happy and I will give it a 5/5 stars and if you do fix it and everyone else’s problems I wish I could give it more! I absolutely love Miraculous Ladybug! Thank, you for making this game. I will tell everyone this, if you have a problem ask the developers and other people who make this game. I’m sure they will fix your problem right away! Thanks again!
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5 years ago, MBThePuppy
Revise Please - Very good, but needs more
I’m a total Miraculous super-fan, and I do like this game. The ads and stuff can be annoying (so please try to remove some of them, or put them in better locations), but I can usually deal with it. What I absolutely cannot STAND about this game is that you guys NEVER add any levels. I can appreciate how hard and busy the life of a game developer is, but you’ve added a hero from Season 3, and still never added any more villains. Even adding 10 levels at a time would be great. I’ve gotten to the point where I beat the game, delete it, and then redownload it to play all of the levels again. PLEASE add more levels. Once you do, this will be a five-star review. Other than that, the controls can be kinda annoying. It might just be me, but sometimes I slide when I want to change direction, and vice versa. If possible, do you guys mind touching up the controls? That would be great. Also, the models could be better. There are a few things that would be nice for you to touch up (Cat Noir’s bell being gold and not black, Rena Rouge’s white tips on her hair being white, not off-white or light gray, and Rena Rouge’s ponytail being symmetrical, and Rena Rouge’s idle animation where she plays her flute, actually having her mouth open and her fingers move on the holes). Other then all of that, I like this game. Have a great day/night! And thank you for making this game.
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6 years ago, miraculercatboy
I love this. I love how they have cutscenes from the show that gives the player a better visual on what’s going on. This game is like an upgraded version of subway surfer but WAY BETTER! You should try it yourself to not spoil all of the good levels. They did an astonishing job during the manufacturing of this game. I’d give it more than 5 stars if that were possible! Seriously, try it yourself. Especially if you’ve seen the show then you’ll have a better visual and comprehension of the levels. The main concept of this game is like the same as the show, but unfortunately less romance and more running. The only two things I would complain about is that there are currently about 75 levels, less romance, and it’s confusing when tikki tells Chat or Adrien to do something even though he’s Chat/Adrien NOT Marinette/Ladybug but other than that there’s not really much to complain about and everything is even more astonishing than it looks. I was flabbergasted to have found out they finally released this game and it’s actually good as the reviews say. Ignore the bad reviews (if there are any) you’ll thank me later. DON’T play this while having exams because this game is pretty addictive if you know what’s going on.
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6 years ago, Anime_Addict_06
Awesome, but could use a few changes.
This is game is awesome! I love how there are levels that you can try to beat if you would like to play “Story Mode”, but also free play if you wish to play that instead. It is so cool that you switch personas every time you play a new level, there is a sticker book that you can collect stickers from the actual episodes in, there are a few scenery changes, and that the power-ups in the game strongly correlate to the show. I also enjoy the fact that you can transform in the middle of certain levels, and that you can watch small clips of certain episodes when you play certain levels. It’s also fun to have “boss fights” and ladybug-shaped coins that allow you to increase your power-ups without having to pay real money. I didn’t give this game 5 stars though because I wish that we could do something with repeat stickers (like sell them for Ladybugs in the game), you could choose which character you would like to be during each level, that they’d get rid of the super random robots that fly at you during the game, and that the graphics were a bit better. Overall, though, fans of Miraculous across the globe will enjoy this game that allows you to step into Ladybug’s and Chat Noir’s shoes in a Subway Surfer-type game and fly across the Paris landscape.
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4 years ago, Plagg1720
Power Ups
Hey Zag! I love this game! Though I have a few ideas to make better... What if there were power ups specific to a character? And only that character can get that power up? Like Rena Rouge. She could turn the obstacles into illusions and pass through them. And if you had Luka’s bracket if you have the power up and you die then you automatically get a “second chance” to play again without watching a video or wasting butterflies. And Chloe? When you’re playing a boss level you could use her power to stun the boss and make them stop for a few seconds. And Kagami if you have her necklace then her power get scrambled each time you get the power up. And if you get water then a tsunami is created and washed away obstacles in front of you. Same thing with wind and fire except wind and fire. Then for Neno his shield goes up and he can block whatever obstacles there are until it runs out. Oh and Bunny X? Well then she can stop the moving obstacles in their tracks. And Ladybig’s yo-yo? Well make that one specific to her and no one else. And for Cat Noir give him cataclism. I really enjoy the game and hope there’s a wolf superhero. And well I think these would be great additions to the game!
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5 years ago, Ravenclaw_Girl 14
Pretty ok, but upgrades can definitely be made
I absolutely love Miraculous Ladybug, and I am super excited that there is a game. However, there are many things that I don’t like about it. First off, why are the villains out of order? I know that may not be able to be changed, but it’s just something that aggravates me. For example, you fight Volpina (which is the last villain before season 2), but then the next one you fight is Princess Fragrance (which is in the middle of season 1). What? Also, the stickers are a cute idea, but it makes players aggravated when you can get the same ones multiple times, which gets you nowhere. Another thing, I’ve had this game for a long time (about six months) and no new levels have come out! There are definitely enough villains for you to make more, but you haven’t, so the game has just gotten really boring. You always say that you’re going to add more content soon, but you never do. You have to get 3 stars on every previous level to go on to the “boss levels,” so it’s not like you can go back and try to get all of the stars when you run out of content, like you can do in many other games. It would be awesome to have more story mode to go through, which is why I have kept the game all this time. If more isn’t added, however, I think I’ll uninstall it eventually.
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6 years ago, HI THERE READ ME
Its Fantastic but it can be better
This game is awesome, I love it and its addictive. This game is better than a lot of games I have seen from other T.V shows I have seen. But there are somethings I think can improve, like I think you should add Hawkmoth/Gabriel Agreste, and instead of having the YO-YO power up for all the hero’s it could be just for Ladybug and there could be a power up for Chat Noir like Cataclysm and he could destroy everything he touches, like the how the YO-YO removes the obstacles in front of you. It should be like instead of having more characters to choose from just because of personal preference, it should be like each character has their own perk and you could pick another hero to have another strategy so you can get all those 3 stars... now that would make the game much better! Also Ladybug’s mask in the show has dots on it but in the game her mask is just red, and in the show Adrien is taller than Marinette and Alya, but in the game he looks shorter? Idk that may just be me. I love your game and the show, even if you don’t change the game i will still play this and watch the show. I gotta say this show is pretty SPOTS ON! ;)
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2 years ago, Nnylac K
Good app a few too many ads
It’s a good app, but the amount of ads they have on here is pretty excessive. I understand they need to pay for the game, so I understand why they have ads, I just think they need to be more strategic about placing them so they don’t disrupt gameplay. This is part of the reason I originally stopped using the app. I also thing that 7.99 a week is way too much for the premium version. Again I want the developers to get paid, because it is a good app, but I would have assumed some of the money paying those who made the app might come from the show or merchandizing not just in app purchases. I would say if you have a kid play the game yourself for about an hour to see some of the adds they will be seeing, as not all of the ads I was seeing I would want a child to see. As for the game itself, it’s pretty fun and uses some of my favorite characters. I mainly play it because of the characters. There are a few glitches here and there and for a while they had stopped updating, but they seem to be back working on it again now, so I hope to see some improvements in the app from here in the future 👍
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3 years ago, HelenaSabrosso
Super fun
The game is super fun but the prob is that it gets boring and only gets harder like maybe a game like u have a life in the game like u can either choose to design a new character/superhero or u play from one in the cartoon and u live ur live until hawk moth akumatizez a person then u have to save they day but u have a problem ur locked in ur house cuz u missed ur classes and u have to do something to save they day then umm Mayura discovers ur identity then u have to return ur miraculous then u try and fix things with bunnx and u get ur miraculous back and u go on and on and on and on like this is gonna be a miracle it’s gonna be perfect u know cuz I’m a big fan of miraculous so yeah and add all superhero like pigella/ rose and juleka I guess she the tiger yeah she is the tiger and please make it better I want characters like I buy character but not with vip i know u wanna make money but work in real life for money not digital money or iPad/iPhone money please I’m not aloud to get vip but I want bunnx and kagami so please From the number one miraculous and crazy labs fan: Fayrouz zaki Byeeee
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6 years ago, beckyburlew
Needs a couple touch ups
Miraculous is my favorite show out there, and I wish I could give the game 5 stars, but unfortunately I can’t. I wish the game was more original (it’s pretty similar to subway surfers and temple run) but compared to games similar to it, I think it’s the best version personally. I like how each level has a goal to accomplish and you’re not just running to beat your high score, although you can choose to do that on different levels. But now to the parts I don’t like. There is very few things you can spend your coins on. Once you buy all the power up upgrades, there is nothing to spend your coins on except present boxes, and the boxes don’t really give you anything except for butterflies and stickers, and sometimes coins. The butterflies are nice, but the stickers have little point, from what I can see. And when you’re playing levels, you can usually collect a box. So currently I’m collecting a bunch of coins I have no use for. As for game play itself, It is a lot of fun and the quality is great. I do wish character design was a little better, but it’s not something I’d judge the game on. I would recommend this game, but it does have its downfalls, as I mentioned.
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5 years ago, tgirl_forever
Good content but....
I love miraculous ladybug, and as soon as I realized there was an app game based on the show, I had to download it. It reminded me of temple run and I always thought the concept of temple run was cool but I didn’t like the game’s theme/design so I never played it. I love the design for the miraculous game so this was a win-win situation. I played and finished all levels of the game with 3/3 stars and unlocked all of the characters. I ended up saving about 100+ butterflies so that when they came out with new characters, I would be able to afford them. So when I saw that they finally came out with (future) Alex, I was super excited. She’s a really cool character but in order to get her you have to pay $6.99 USD a week. Yeah. I said. A Week. Just to play as her and the other characters (who you can already unlock with butterflies or ladybugs). I’m fine with spending money on some apps/games but there’s already a lot of ads in this game and $6.99 USD a week is wayyy too much. Once again I adore miraculous and this game so much. I think the animation was done really well and I enjoy how much it goes along with the show’s story line, but between the ads and the subscription... I don’t know. It’s too much.
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3 years ago, JV224
Absolutely perfect!
This app is so fun and a great time-killer! I can take it with me on rode trips, vacations, and so many other places! My little sister loves playing this game as much as I do as well! I don’t find any bugs in the game, smoothly running as far as I can see, the character animation is great as well! I am also very happy about the new update, thank you for adding mister bug and ladynoir!(dream come true😊) I love miraculous so much and this app is very fun! I can’t wait for you to add more levels(I may or may not have finished all of them under a week..) I definitely recommend this game to Miraculers and more! Two more things, first can you maybe add power ups like from the show? Like getting colored magical macaroons or Camembert? That would be so fun to get new suits and levels! Last, if you add some villains to play as that would be super cool! I hope you can read my review and if not I understand if your busy! Sincerely, Miraculous’s No.1 Fan! Bug out!🐞
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6 years ago, Wizerdess Witch👉🏻✨🇺🇸
Still cute but kinda meh
I like it’s based off the show I haven’t seen as much but I’m going to check it out, the upgrades help (in game purchase.. not real money either) and the bad guy battles aren’t too hard you just gotta pay attention.. same with the running stages, pay attention to what’s ahead & act quick; you’ll make it, unlike the Sonic or minion related apps, this one doesn’t have quirky animations,... minus Sonic.. (its the same ones depending if you’ve beaten a boss or not..) btw, why is one of them an artist??… seems kinda hurtful.. but it’s a cartoon... just reminds me of this Kirby game where an artist was a baddie too but she was possessed... but it’s not a big deal, Egg man, a scientist, is a baddie, & Drew from despicable me... 3.. as charming as he is is one too... the artist from this series may have a motive like the ones mentioned.. when i get to watching it, but if he doesn’t have a reason for being a baddie.. I’ll assume he’s not like the others I mentioned.. oh and wreck it Ralph is a baddie too but those guys have a reason for being bad, so there ok,... oh and live action Maleficent.. she just got her feelings hurt.. & idk if she was raised normal but she’s not, & no parental units, so what do you expect?
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3 years ago, EeveeQueen27
It’s great but....
I absolutely love this game! I love how you can run with so many different characters but, I wish there was more levels! It’s not really fun anymore when you have completed all the levels and have to repeat them! Plus there is so many more episodes that haven’t been made yet into levels that would be so fun to play! I have played this game for so many years but it is still a great game! I just wish there was more episodes that would have levels like “Sapotis” and “Oblivio” they would be very fun in my opinion! Also, I wish there was more characters! For example, Pigella or Multi-mouse! Now I know that Pigella is a recent hero but still! Multi-mouse has been here for over a year! Next, I wish Marinette could transform into Lady Noir instead of just playing as her...I’m saying this because she’s my favorite character. I wish Adrien could transform into Mister Bug as well. It’s a great game overall but needs some more improvements. Thanks, EeveeQueen27
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2 years ago, hcjxvn
hi me again
I seen many reviews and many things but this game makes me happy and I’ve loved this game and I wanna make sure everyone knows about this game i’ve made many reviews so the world so people can read them but he died in the movie which she said cat me more died a flaw and yes please download the game and I hope you guys all of the movie I did until he died but that’s OK right now hopefully he’ll come back to my friends are hoping he does and if he doesn’t that’s another flaw but nice just hope he ye does so download this game and have fun oh also help me get to go against him dying and make him come back in season six and season seven hopefully the guy who made the movie will listen to us because it just makes me cry knowing that he’s dead I hate it they were just starting to get together why would they do that and then he got replaced with this weird other guy I don’t want this guy I want cat noir Adrian I say this in a nice way I’m not a mean person I just want him back😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 please help me🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😭🙏😭🙏😭🙏😭🙏😭🙏😭🙏😭🙏😭
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3 years ago, Cookiedog1376
Great but…
This game is amazing! I watch the show often and enjoy playing as my favorite mlb characters! But I do have some recommendations, first off they should have updates to add more of the recent characters. And hero’s. Second the game should start off with more than one character maybe 2 but that’s my opinion I get tired of playing as just Ladybug and Marinette. Third this is more of a addition they should add then a recommendation. But maybe when you battle a akumatized character have a little scene of Ladybug saying “bye bye little butterfly” sure it’s sort of cringy by it adds more detail and excitement to the game. Another thing I think should be added is when you transform you show the scene. Finally please add races between actual players and create your own character to have with the race. Oh sorry forgot on thing maybe be able to play as Kwamis? It’s a big thing but Kwamis bring a lot of action to the show and should be able to do the same in the game. Thanks please consider these things and additions to the game!!
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5 years ago, Sam Tower
Great game
Hi so I’m a really big fan of the TV show, so I figured that I would give the game a try. Now, I’ve gotten 3 stars on all the levels, collected all the characters, and all the stickers. I just have a few suggestions on how to make the game better. First off, more levels is obvious, and I’m sure it’s in the works. Second, I think that if the villain akumitizations were shown at the start of each new 10 levels, that would be pretty cool. Finally, the game DEFINITELY needs more characters that you can unlock. I mean, the other kids in Marinette’s class would be pretty cool to use on some levels even if they don’t have a miraculous. But my biggest criticism of the game, is by far the fact that Nino/ Carapace isn’t in it. I mean, you unlock Queen Bee/ Chloe, but not Nino?!?! Especially since he was trusted with his miraculous far before she was, he definitely needs to be in the game. If you could make these, changes happen, I would definitely change my rating to 5 stars. Overall I love this game and I think it’s awesome that there is a game for all the fans, and I recommend to everyone.
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5 years ago, KittyNoir🖤
Pretty awesome game!
I love this game! It’s so much fun and challenging! I love all the different personality traits you include! The costume changes are fun and cool looking! All the characters look awesome! I love the game. On the other hand..... the new update got me excited. The last update got us Queen Bee and I couldn’t wait to see who we got this time. I was very disappointed to see that we got Alix but we had to have the membership to have her. I’m not going to pay 7 dollars a month just to get 1 character and a couple of Akumas and Ladybugs. It wasn’t worth it. It made me very sad because Alix was one of my favorite characters. I was also disappointed that no new levels have come out. I’ve been waiting for quite a while for new levels yet none have come out. At the end of the game it says “ New levels coming soon!” I hope that you will start making a few more. I know it takes a lot of work making a level. I’m not discrediting that, I’m just really hoping for more to come out. Other than that, it’s an awesome game! A must-get for Miraculous-lovers! I highly recommend it!
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6 years ago, DiuCadit
My thoughts after finishing the game
I beat all 80 levels after playing about an hour or two a day for 4 days. I’ve also scored over 1.5 million points on the 3x infinite level. Pros: It’s very responsive. Sometimes I would swipe the screen at the very last split second and survive even when I felt like I was maybe just a little too slow. The levels provide decent variety and it’s nice to play as 2 different characters from the show. It’s hard enough my 9 year old daughter cannot win, which made it more fun for me. This might be a con though if you are thinking of getting it for your young child. Cons: Some ads are really annoying. I would probably pay the $2 if it got more levels to avoid the ads. I especially hated 30 second un-skippable ads after winning a level. I don’t mind being “punished” by long ads for dying, but I hate seeing ads when I’m winning. On the Back to School levels you can be killed in the center lane sometimes by a robot you cannot see yet when you are choosing whether to stay in the center or take the left ramp. Even more rarely you can have an unavoidable death after picking up the shooting yo-yo if it’s in front of a jump pad and if that jump pad is followed by exactly 3 blue trucks. It takes a long time to get the stickers since you can get duplicates. I beat the game over a week ago and still only have access to the 2x and 3x infinite levels after opening 2-3 chests a day.
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3 years ago, kittymtty34
Needs more
I love this game but it needs more levels, characters, and villains. This game is really really detailed but once you beat the game you can ether delete it and play it all again or just delete it so if you could pls add like 10 levels at a time and no rush at all! I really would like if y’all put all the other characters who have a miraculous in the game like rose/pigella, the new Rena rouge, the powerd up versions of ladybug and cat noir, and juleka and her hero version when the episode comes out. I forgot to say this at the beginning but can you add cut scenes or clips of when the person gets akumatized. And i think it would be cool if every level you get a clip of the episode that the person you have to fight gets akumatized in. And superpower so it gives the the characters more of a role like for cat noir if he collects enough cheese he can use cataclysm on the ground so if the villain goes in that area they lose health. I know it’s a lot and no rush at all I will still be happy with anything!
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6 years ago, Smol.Jxssicake
Miraculous! Simply the Best!
So I honestly loved the game and have been in love with the show for a little over a year. So when I found out a game was coming out I knew that it would be amazing and it really was! While this may be true, I finished everything with 3 stars (as of July 29th) and was wondering if anymore levels would be added. I just really want more! Having said that, the game was pretty repetitive and there wasn’t anything wrong with that! Playing the same thing taught me how to get better at that certain skill. I hope there’s more variety though. I also find it weird that Chat uses LadyBug’s yo-yo instead of his Cataclysm. I also wish that you could choose a character! But that really isn’t needed because the task revolves around Marinette/ Ladybug or Adrien/ Chat. :)I just hope that is taken into consideration. Anyways I enjoyed the game either way and I’m excited to see what’s next! :) I love mlb with all my heart and this game fills me up with so much happiness 🐞🐾💗
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5 years ago, 🍉ᴋᴊ-sɪᴇɴᴀ🍉
I Love The Game, But Needs Improvement
First off, I love the game. Is really good and has fine graphics. But, there are glitches and bugs you need to fix. The first one is I’m not able to move. It makes me lose and I have to watch an add or waste 5 akumas. I really dislike this bug and it must be fixed. Another bug is when I dodge an object, I sometimes die. Please fix the bugs. Another thing is more levels. I completed all the levels and I’m very upset about it. I love this game and I hate for it to end. I thought there were more levels which really disappointed me 😔. Another thing is the amount of adds this game has. I get it, advertising so people will be interested in an app and download it. But, it’s absolutely ridiculous how much adds there are. Please instead of having to buy “NO ADDS” can we just use an add to revive our selfs? Other then that I love the game and keep working on it. I love the game and thank you for reading my comment 😁👍🏻
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3 years ago, nrvjjijghreiugrtiungrt
It’s fine
To the creators: So this game is great, but some things in it make me mad. When I’m on a perfect run, I run up one of those little bus ramp things and it makes me fall and have to redo the round. It’s a ramp! Every time I run up one of those things I’m fine and I don’t die and have to redo the level but on level 43 it made me fall. I can also jump over the slide signs. One time I slide under something and in mid slide it made me die. Once is fine for me but this has been happening constantly. One more thing: the animation for the eyes and Alya’s running are creepy and weird. And the dancing at right before you choose the character is REALLY creepy. Especially Luka. To the ones who want to get this game: This game Is great and fun. I love playing it but there are a few problems. Sometimes you die for no reason. Like when you run up a ramp it makes you fall. Sometimes the animation is creepy but thats about it. This game sounds bad if you read the whole review, buts it’s actually really good and I think you should play!
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3 years ago, Olivia Dubnicek
This is a miraculous game! (Pun intended)
This game is awesome! I love it, and I play it al the time. It’s an amazing game, and I totally recommend getting it. Although it’s a great game, don’t like that I have to buy some of the characters with a “free trial.” It’s kinda annoying, because I can’t buy it, and I really want Alix and Bunnix, so it would be better if there was no having to buy stuff with real money. Other than that it’s a great game! It’s super fun, an my favorite character that I have so far, is Rena Rouge. She’s awesome! Whenever I go into the game and I choose Chat Noir, I love his dance moves, there really cool! I love unlocking new things, and defeating the villains, it’s super fun! This game is awesome and you should totally get it. I watch the real show all the time, I’ve also seen the New York special, and the Christmas special, compared to other MLB themed games I’ve seen, this one is by far my favorite! You should DEFINITELY get it.
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4 years ago, jjjkls
The best game ever and show
This game is so amazing I love it I even wach you’re voids on Netflix and this is the most incredible game I’ve ever played soo I just want you too know that this is the best game ever even better than block craft 3D so this is the best game I ever and I know that I keep saying that but you can really tell that I really love this game so after I’m done ✅ righting this review I’m going to play this game some more and maybe watch it on Netflix all over again and maybe I’ll watch the Christmas 🎄 movie 🎥 of miraculous so I’m really happy 😃 that you made this game and have a very blessed day and I hope 🤞 you don’t have corona virus 🦠 because you know the corona virus 🦠 has been going everywhere first with China 🇨🇳 and I think 🤔 in Florida we’re I lived but now I live in North Carolina and also I hope 🤞 you don’t speak in Chinese or Japanese because you wouldn’t understand me but hav a good blessed night bye I love this game so much!
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5 years ago, DemonsGirl
Love this app but it does have issues
I love this app and I’m a very big fan on Miraculous Ladybug so of course when a app comes out and the fans would be on it. However, it does have some issues. First of all me and a friend both had the same issue. When we went to around for me level 43 I had a frame rate drop sometime on levels. This causes me to lose levels quiet often and be a bit irritated. It lacks replay value and content. I have finished this very quickly and already have 3 stars on all levels. It doesn’t exactly have replay value to me. It needs more levels. There is plenty of episodes that they can use to make more levels. They removed the cinematic cutscenes. Now this is only a matter of opinion but I liked the cutscenes from the transformations, cataclysm, and lucky charm. Maybe there was an issue in the app and took it off cause of this. The stickers are constantly the same in the presents. They only content I have left is to have all the stickers. (I don’t see why I try to them all) but I have plenty of this apps currency to buy a lot of presents. But when I open then just keep on with the same stickers. I don’t know if it’s just me. Back with the stickers. It seems that all of the stickers are mixed up and/or are just incorrect. This needs to be fixed also. And as a ML fan it bothers me. I wish that I can play more but as it is I think I’m pretty much done besides just to be on for my stickers.
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6 years ago, Dj-anonymous
One Issue
I love this game, I really do. Maybe because I just really love Miraculous, or maybe I like the game itself. But, I have an issue with just one thing. When you obtain a power up, and then get a second one, it doesn’t show both on screen. Instead, the second one replaces the first one, and you cannot see how much remaining time you have. Most of the time, the timer will completely restart, and show an image of either the 1st power-up or second power-up. Either way, that is an issue that happens too often and it bothers me a bit. Plus, I feel the game could be better polished or better made. It feels too simple to be honest. Example, when using Lucky Charm, it always shows the same blanket appearing during the cutscene. Instead, maybe show the lucky charm used for that episode. Or maybe instead of images that make no sense before you start a level, put some text even or a video of what’s even going on. Make the levels make sense as to what’s happening.
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4 years ago, Onedforeverniallzaynharry
I have had it for 2 days and love it!
I’m a miraculer and never liked temple run kinds of games but this one is great! I love the missions where you start in civilian mode and then when you collect enough cheeses or cookies you become a hero! It’s really fun and I like that they have the audio of the characters saying spots on or claws out while it happens. One thing I wish was that alix and bunnix were available on the store, even if they were really expensive like 300 butterflies at least I could work up to it. I can’t afford a subscription so it makes me sad I’ll never get to play her ever 😭 I read a review that said there were cutscenes but I haven’t seen any 🤔 One cool suggestion I have for this game is I hope they add multimouse later! She is my favorite hero!! Maybe we could have Marinette choose to collect cheese and she could turn into multimouse! Or we could have the kwami swap happen! That would be so cool! Thanks for this great app! I will change it to 5 stars if Alix gets added to the store! 😊
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5 years ago, Anna And Faith
Love this game but...
I love this game soooo much and when I mean sooo much I mean a lot! But.. I feel like you should work on ladybugs face and Alya’s face because it look like they got runned over a truck (no hate) and also Chloe’s eyes because it’s to bright. Anyways I recommend working on that. And also i feel like there should be more levels with ALL the Akumazied people. I feel like you should add ALL the superheroes and like on Party crasher there was Max, Luka, Kim and in their hero form. and there was Alix on time breaker. She had the Bunny miraculous. And when I play with the characters I don’t see the miraculouses even tho there should cuz they can’t transform without the miraculous. You should even add everyone like Rose, Julaka, Luka, Mylane, Ivan,Kim, Nathanael, Sabrina, Alix and Max. I also recommend adding levels with not only Running and jumping you should add like romance too.. so this is what I think you can do to improve and get people to play your game more!
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5 years ago, Bippy323
I Absolutely Love This Game, As A Fan I Love All Things Miraculous, The Only Three Things I Think That Are Wrong Are That There Are No Spots On Ladybugs Mask If You Look Closely. Also, I Think That You MUST Add More Levels, I Made It To Level 80 In A Few Weeks!!! I Also Think That Adrien Should Not Dab When You Go To Choose Your Character Because He Is Not The Dabbing Kind Of Person And He Has Never Ever Dabbed In The Series. I Otherwise Think That The Game Is Amazing And I Cannot Wait To See Updates!! I Love The Game And Miraculous So Much And I Hope To See These Changes In The Future. P.S. I Would Absolutely Love It And Flip Out If I Saw That The Creators Of This Game Had Actually Made More Miraculous Games, Like Ones Where They Have Comic Books Like Storia School Where You Can Walk Through The Stories Or Have Like A Netflix Almost Thing Where They Have All The Miraculous Episodes Because I Can’t Find Every Single One. I Hope You See My Review And Respond Back!
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2 years ago, a little borijg but very fun!
Few problems.
So, I finally got the update (forgot to update the game, sorry!) and I wouldn’t say the update is fully decent. After all, pretty much all the new characters are for a couple of dollars a week, which is really disappointing. You make it sound exiting but it’s not. Paying dollars every week for some characters? Sure, that’s fine. Making the all the new characters from season 4 for couple dollars a week? You really can’t call that exiting update. I was really hoping at least one of the season 4 characters were for some butterflies, or even free. But seriously, making them all for money makes me upset. You already have many characters for money, no need to make the new characters for money also. Other than that, I appreciate the hawk moth update, I do request you get shadow moth in it too. Thank you for reading, bye!
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6 years ago, A disappointed person😢
Love it! Definitely recommend it for MLB fans!
Hey there Ladybug Team! Don’t mind me, I’m just another review telling you things that you’ve probably already heard in all of the other reviews... Speaking of other reviews, when I was reading through some of them I noticed that a lot of people seem to be upset with the graphics of the game. I think this is because the graphics of the Miraculous Ladybug show itself are so incredibly wonderful that the graphics of this game seem like a bit of a downgrade. However, I’ve definitely seen worse graphics in other games so I’m not complaining :) I really love the idea of having the cutscenes for whenever Marinette or Adrien transform during their run. I especially love how Adrien and Chat Noir turn around at the beginning of their runs to wave at the screen. The first time it happened I really wasn’t expecting it so I freaked out and accidentally ran into a bus 😂 I also like how it has different levels with different missions but I also think it would be cool to have an “endless mode,” just for fun :) I’m not very far in the game yet (but it won’t take me too long since I can’t seem to put it down) and I’m already loving it! I haven’t really noticed any annoying glitches or bugs in the game so far, which is really nice, so keep up the good work! Sincerely, A hardcore fan 😸✌️
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6 years ago, Josilita
Miraculers vision
I do agree with the other view but for the tutorial with chat noir , plagg should be the one leading the tutorial rather than tikki. Also when playing with chat we should be able to collect not “ladybugs” but maybe a chat noir themed token instead. With the power ups for ladybug they should look like the lucky charm, like you collect it and she does the “lucky charm” sequence and it shows up spotted.. same with the chat noir character except with cataclysm and maybe Mari with clothing design or baking and Adrien with modeling or sport. It would also be cool if the runs took place in the area of the fight like the louvre or others and the comics be a little more involved in the run... and for the stickers you should be able to collect them all from all levels and combine them into a power up or a bonus character like hawk moth or Rena rouge or someone else and the models don’t look at the camera and the faces aren’t great so that could be improved but I’m glad that a game came out for the miraculous fandom. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Owari Tree
Could be better😭😪
Now I'm a die-hard fan when it comes to ML. I love pretty much everything about the show. But this app seems to be lacking in some areas. I'll first start off with the graphics: they seem cheap. It feels like it's almost fan-made, and it's insanely laggy. When the characters jump, the animations are hard to control which makes it even harder to dodge the obstacles. Then that leads to restarting the long levels. During the tutorial, it hardly explains some of the obstacles so it makes confusing while playing The character models also seem out of proportion and...weird almost. Cheap, basically. During the levels the music can get really annoying from just playing one track over and over. Some variety of songs would make it less unpleasant. The games does have 80 levels, so it doesn't look like I'll get bored in a while. But the game lacks in things you can do in the game. 80 levels of the same thing does seem...lazy on the production team. There's way too many ads also. After every single level, you have to watch an ad. Which wouldn't be bad if an ad popped up after every couple of levels, but the amount of ads is almost unbearable. What I do like about this game is that you can play as both Ladybug and Chat Noir. Even Marinette and Adrian. I like how you don't have to pay to use those characters. The game itself isn't bad, it's a nice game to kick back, relax, and absentmindedly play it.
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6 years ago, Vampire~Knight
This game is lovely! The characters, scenery, and collectibles are well done and I love that music from the show, including the theme song, play in the background at all times. I also like that there is diversity with the quests and that you have to collect cookies and Camembert to recharge Tikki and Plagg before transforming. The difficulty of the progressing levels is appreciated, as this is a game not just for the younger fans of the show, but all of us. Warning: the levels do get hard, but the challenge of getting all three stars for every level is so satisfying! The villains are also beautifully done and I hope more of them from season 1 (maybe even season 2, fingers crossed) get added in the coming updates. All the ads can get annoying and I wish they could be shorter, like ads in other free-to-play games. Good luck to all my fellow players! This kitty-cat is bugging out!
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3 years ago, drcv98
Great game- could be improved
I love this game! Reminds me of subway surfers which I loved as a teen. I love how the characters designs are really accurate to the show. The way they dance and jump is unique to their characters, obviously really thought through. I love when they transform mid run, it’s so awesome. This game is addicting and I can play for hours. That is to say, it can be improved. For some reason the sound will go out randomly while I’m playing. The game says the sound is enabled, but you can only hear ads... annoying. Also, please add more characters to purchase. I have a lot of ladybugs but nothing to buy with them. It’s unfair that you can purchase Mr Bug but not Lady Noire. Not even for butterflies :( You should add Aqua/Ice Ladybug and Cat Noir, I love it when they use power ups. Lastly, it would be cool if you added more locations, like outside the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. Anyway, love the game, thanks so much.
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6 years ago, greenpanda4
Some problems
Don’t get me wrong I think this is a great game, but it has quite a few things wrong with it. First of all, the controls are unresponsive. I can’t move my character around as freely as I’d like and often times I crash because the game won’t respond. It’s just slow. Second, I only completed my first and second pages of stickers and I’m on level 39. You should give out more new stickers instead of the same ones every time. Last, with the “x” levels, I haven’t completed any of them because I have to beat my high score but it still says “level failed” every time. This annoys me because the game won’t LET you win, even though I did complete the level. I read over all the other reviews and it seems like you guys only look at the good reviews. If you want more people to play your game then you need to face criticism and actually TRY to improve this. Other people have repeated the same problems over and over and you haven’t even acknowledged them.
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3 years ago, epi_rate
Make it better
Specifically I don’t like these designs which are the same ones from subway surfers, I think you should make this the real characters because these are just a no. Next the game always lagging and glitching I cant even run properly I think you should make them run faster I think everybody I having the same issue it’s def not my WiFi because I experienced this on my cousins iPad to. Lastly make it interesting like making marrinette and Adrian run together and you know all the ships (marichat, ladrian... I hope you decide to change the lagging because its disturbing, however I rated this 2 star because most other miraculous games don’t have the music maybe you can make a high school story drama with the characters I’m sure everybody would enjoy that! I am sorry for this long report which I do not do normally but I think y’all can make some changes. Ps rater
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5 years ago, Alex C😋
The new update RUINED my game!!!!!
I love playing this game, but for some reason ever since the newest update I haven’t been able to play. I open the app and it shows me the one year anniversary box with the open button. When I tap on the button it makes a noise, but nothing happens. And there’s not a option to exit out of it so for the past 4 days I haven’t been able to play or collect my daily rewards!! When I do get to play the game I enjoy playing for the most part, but as I play the game starts to glitch. I’ll have ladybug running and I swipe to the right to have her dodge something and either she doesn’t move or she goes to the left. This is something that happens constantly as I play the game. Or I’ll have her jumping and she doesn’t land quickly enough to dodge the next obstacle. I don’t understand why my game glitches so much, but it has made me consider deleting this game multiple times. I hope in upcoming updates they can try to fix these issues.
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4 years ago, Haley B M.
I love this game but I don’t really like the ads and I don’t like that you have to pay for stuff.
Mostly all usual kid games make you pay for stuff like for more coins or something, I really enjoy this game, I’m trying to get 30,000 ladybugs to get Alya, Adrien and Luka, I will try and enjoy this game whenever I can play it when I have time even though I can’t have all the superheroes but hopefully I can complete this game. Now that this is the end I just wanna say that I love the update you made and I played this a year ago but I deleted it because it was only the main characters at that time so I had to be patient, I like the dance moves and Adrien looks like anime ngl xD Thank you for reading this awful review! <3 Also stay safe everyone, corona virus get masks right now. (Edit) what happened it says 3 days free 0.0 per week?
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3 years ago, ISHIE GIRL
Pls remove VIP
Ok this is an AWESOME game but either make Zoe/ Vesperia non VIP or remove VIP cause id LOVE to ge Zoe she and Luka r my favorite characters and since Lukas sister is getting a miraculous pls make HER non VIP and not Chloe costs butterflies along with Nino and i had a free run for astro cat took break from game MY FREE RUN WAS GONE even tho i never used it anyways if u removed VIP ( but still had all the bonus stuff) I would LOVE THAT SO FOXY MUCH i honestly just want Astrocat and Zoé cause Astro cat is like a Nightwing from Wings Of Fire Zoe us my second fav character my fav us Luka P.S i have Luka and i love how Luka Zoe Adrien can just run around paris rooftops at night or morning or just plain run around Paris at night And Zoe can just be like imma just stroll into Gabriel house without invitation lol thats so funny Pls read this and fix this THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH UF YOU DO have a great day! Bai!!!
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4 years ago, chickidy34
The reason it’s 4 stars
So the reason it’s 4 stars is because the graphics are kinda bad....like I feel like it should be more like the series,just because it feels cheap and all. But also I think it’s a great game! I do love miraculous and when I’m bored I sometimes play this. But the thing is their is a huge amount of ads!! I hate ads I just want to get to the game! Also I hate how they have random stuff everywhere. I know it’s a running game but maybe make it more...you know. It’s also pretty glitchy. A few times when I try to jump or slide it glitches the I die! So I’ve also thought when they are fighting a villain they could use new Techniques, like ladybug can do a yo-yo attack or something. But the thing is it has a lot of ads, it’s kinda glitchy and I think there should just be new techniques. But other then that it’s a fun game and anybody reading the you should download!!
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6 years ago, ichigo kitten
Hi everyone, today your going to hear me ramble about this game. I realllly like it. It was kind of hard to adjust at first, but once you get into the swing of things its really fun! I don’t like the ads, but I understand that this game is free and would be hard without them. The levels are challenging, and are actually all different. I’m addicted to this and am totally FREAKING out this is real. I have just two complaints. I love this game, but I think it weird that with one power up cn is using ladybugs yo-yo. It would be nice if they changed it to poke staff thingy ( idk what to call it). The other thing is I feel like there should be more of a virety if stuff to buy besides the puzzle pieces. Like maybe outfits or something. Anyways thank you for getting to the bottom of this and hope we get more levels and characters in the near future!!! Now, I’m off to watch more miraculous. It an unhealthy habit of mine😅
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2 weeks ago, Pr3ttyLuh_GG
Best game EVER!😆
I really love miraculous. It's also one of my favorite tv shows. I also love how when you collect 🐞 ladybugs, you don't even have to pay for the characters. But it does cost a lot of ladybugs tho. But, it's easy to get them. And I like how there are no ads. Well, there are, but not like the ads that you see on other games and stuff. It's just one ad that last only for about 3 seconds. And It just shows you VIP access to all characters. So, yeah def love that. And I've also read some of the other reviews, and people are saying that there aren't enough levels. And I also agree. I just downloaded this game last night and already completed ALL levels. So PLEASE add more levels. Also, this game is very attractive. I love this game so much! #Miraculous for ev!!❤️
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5 years ago, sublime369
Different versions of background music?
It’s a pretty good game overall, and I really love the scenery changes, from the high school, to the streets, to the roof tops of buildings for each level. However the miraculous ladybug theme song playing in the background is used in every level which gets boring & repetitive after so many listens. I think the game would be much more fun and exciting to play if different versions of background music were added for the each of the different sceneries that the characters run in - it would give the game more variety. For example, in the nighttime scenery the music could be more mellow & relaxing which adds the ambiance rather than the same upbeat miraculous ladybug song. Other than that the game is fun and easy to play, but I would definitely play longer if different instrumental versions of miraculous songs were added.
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6 years ago, David Bassplayer
Why so little info?
I like playing the game fine. It’s true that the graphic should be much better. Like the edge of the balloons, those faces, the details of movement. Now, I play inspire of all that, because infinite runs are my new addiction. My problem is: Why is there so little info on the app about scores and such? For example, there is no info on how one acquired sticker (so far it looks like only from gift boxes, but not sure), or what are the stats shown at the start of each level? Like at level 60something it is showing me the task and below that shows a ladybug and number 40, and a trophy and 14hundred something. What are those? The AppStore says among the things characters can do, they can also swap personalities- how? I haven’t been able to find any source of general information about the game within the app, AppStore, and the developer sites nor on the internet.
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