Miragine War

4.1 (252)
492.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Shanghai Huanxi Network Technology Co., Ltd.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Miragine War

4.11 out of 5
252 Ratings
3 years ago, BigMFpo
Don’t be a hacker 👌
The game itself is great, and would be 5 stars if not for what just happened. I have played multiple times over the past 2 or 3 days and made it to level 6 fairly easily and have acquired a few new troops and even leveled some of them up as well. Then, about 10 minutes ago, I tried to play like usual. Except this time when I went to play, it said somebody else had logged into my account so I would have to play as a guest. Upon seeing this, I went to log into my account again, thinking someone had just gotten lucky or something with my password. I did this and was shocked to see that I am now level 1 once again and lost all of my progress. If it had not been for this experience this game would be 5/5 stars easily.
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1 year ago, Dab-pa-yeet-o
Major connections issues, and no conceivable way of fixing
I’ve been playing this game for a very long time, it’s a ton of fun personally. However there are a major issue I have I am constantly having issues connecting to the game itself, despite having great internet connection, I can almost never enter the game anymore because I get a “connection issue,” which doesn’t let me enter online play often. I don’t know if it has anything to do with where I live, (despite there being an American server in which I get ~66ms) but it’s very annoying and I hope this gets fixed soon.
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4 years ago, Itssolarxxxx
This game can achieve greatness but 2 things
I played this game since it came out and I love it ,but I’ve been looking at things that could make the game fun,there needs to be more modes or like limited time modes for fun,also I think y’all need to lowerrrr the priceee for units ,for instance the devil boy ain’t that good as a troop and it’s 2800 or 2400 I forgot which one but that proves that it’s too expensive,u also need to fix the range for certain hero skills like scythe and rudger because that’s not fair how their skill can reach Half the map and people’s skill like sphere or genii skill only reach a tiny bit ,y’all need to look at what people say on this game and use it to make better things to make this game fun , Sincerely Number one fan 🚶🏽‍♂️
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1 year ago, buhkuc
Completely defensive
If you want to be attacking offensively u might as well forget it bc of the mini map players will literally watch your spawn so they automatically know what ur gonna play and by the time u get a chance to watch what they’re playing you run out of me or troops please fix this I don’t see how it’s fair for both sides to get to watch the others troops spawn that’s not strategic at all this game use to be so good be for you gave the hero’s upgrades bc now it’s not abt knowing the units it’s all abt how much money can I dump into the game so my cards can be higher levels than other players so I can beat them without trying so at least change the mini map so neither player can watch the enemy team’s soldiers spawn it’s so cheap to play that way bc there is no skill involved
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7 months ago, Firemorfox2
One of my favorite mobile games.
Just keep in mind that high-level play really starts at around 850 trophies. If you want to play 2v2 with decent teammates, play 1v1 and climb up to 800 trophies first. Tips: Early on money matters less, and using troop efficiency matters more (anti light against light armored enemies, etcetera). At higher arenas, each wave has a higher max unit send limit, so money matters more. At higher arenas, start sending newbies, the cheapest troop, so that you have more money in future waves. Also, when you have 1400 gold, select the 1500 unit to hold money to send later. you can do this to retreat, or send zombies so your hero is defended while it attacks nearby enemies. Spectate 900-trophy players to see how they do this, in “Watch Battles”. There is a lot of strategy involved, game is deceptively simple. Pick the hero you want, unless you want lvl 30 crystal. Focus on leveling up hero to get more HP and troop bonuses, glyphs are next important, followed by hero equipment. Boarfighter and Battlecat are best soldiers and try to get them with lvl30 glyphs (5 tier 6 glyphs) as soon as possible.
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3 years ago, NeonPink82
This is one of the few games i have on m phone that makes me use my brain, its pretty neat too i like the characters, you have to be strategic in this one. Its like an old school NES game except one where you’ve got to think tactically. Matches aren’t too long, and its fun :) If you’re thinking about it, give it a shot! I will say, you don’t have to pay to win, but if you don’t pay you’ve got to be realllly patient and pick very carefully which units you want to use and upgrade. Ive been playing for around 8 months to a year and ive finally got a decent team, but nowhere near top rank. It’d probably take me 2-3 years to fully lvl up everything at this rate, im f2p. I don’t mind tho, the game is still fun even without being max lvl :)
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4 years ago, Annieadventures😜
I love it! 👍🤩
I love marigine war! Marigine war is such a fun game. The best part is the game only has adds to unlock something. Like if you played it for an hour there would be no adds! But it depends if you choose to watch a add. I just bought a crossbowman and I got this prize we’re I could pick any character and I got it for free. I chose the panda. I am on level ten and my crystal is on level four. My brother told me a strategy to put the people with swords in the front and the shooters in the back. I do it a lot and it really dose good! The game has so many cool characters! You should make something that should cost 100 game money dollars to edit one of your troops avatars!
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2 years ago, Thought What
Want to love this game!
Would be rated higher but about half the player base is complete hostile cancer. I’ve had this game downloaded for a couple years now and actually put more money than I would say it is worth to support it. I feel that I have reached a stopping point were it would take cheating, lots of money, or and insane amount of time to progress. As most players ahead of me looks like they haven’t put the time in and use the same exact strategy and units. Was great at early stages and playing with friends but mid to late game leads to cancerous people and cheap tactics with a win at all cost mentality. Love the idea of the game and hope someone makes it better but I don’t see it actually happening.
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3 years ago, hayhaydani
I love it!
I discovered Miragine War back in 2012. I loved it! The music from the game popped back into my head a few weeks ago, and I’ve rediscovered it. I love that there is an option to enjoy the classic music and that the graphics in the matches are the way that I remember them. It is still addictive and so fun to play after all of this time! Another person who wrote a review mentioned that there are no ads within the game except for if you want to earn extra things, and that is true, and I LOVE that! This game makes you think, the matches aren’t too long, and it’s just an awesome game.
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6 years ago, digitalnapoleon
A really fun game, but ultimately pay-to-play
Miragine War is a great way to kill time. The gameplay is fun, simple, and best of all it’s free. You send out troops in 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 matches and try to eliminate the opponent’s hero. You win chests that contain random loot to improve your own troops and heroes. There is one downside: the inevitable paywall. Since you can pay money to quickly upgrade your heroes and get new units and items immediately, it means that the top players are all ones who have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on micro-transactions. You don’t have to pay anything, but if you want to become one of the top players in the world you will need to spend a lot of money, which unless you’re rich is not a viable option. That said, you can still enjoy the game without paying anything and I highly recommend it as a fun way to pass the time. Definitely try it out! B.
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6 years ago, TheCrimsonAVIAN
Good game, but one flaw.
This is a fabulous game that I will definitely play far into the foreseeable future. But I find one glaring issue for me: the song in the game! On the other version i used to play, during battle the song that played was the song Glorious Morning by Waterflame (I believe that was what it was called.). That song was very beautiful and it was what created the vibe in the other version, but now the song is some weird anime stuff that doesn’t convey the same vibe. I know it’s minor but I would love for this to be addressed.
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3 years ago, hewo i wike cheese
I might not be as old (I’m 14 currently) but the time when my sister showed me a website called andkon and it’s super old. But man this was my favorite game in that website and if you would see how gloomy and happy I was you’d laugh. To bad flash games are shut down and it broke my heart when I heard the news. But man this game was so fun and addictive when I was a kid. My siblings are old currently like 22 26 and 27 and when they showed me they were still like 20 or 24 at best.
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4 years ago, Swag Daddy99
Fun but pay to win
This game is really fun and addicting but it is pay to win like most games out there. I just started playing and by the second day i was paired up with 2 ppl from the top 100 or 50(i dont remember) on the leaderboards. Part of the reason that its pay to win is because you need to spend money to have an edge over ppl that are higher lvls than you, so the fact that the matchmaking is literal garbage you have to play against ppl much higher lvl than you. But the game is one of my fav strategy games on mobile ever no cap
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4 years ago, Matthew8088
This game is awesome! But a few things need to be fixed
When I saw that an update was availed I updated with no hesitation. Few new things were added. But I am having some issues. The game won’t let me go into private matches or arena battles and it says every time I tap that player is busy. Please fix this! Wed: oct,16th 2019: The staff of this game is the best. They found the problem and fixed it in just a couple days. They are the best! One reason you gotta get this game is because of them they make it fun!
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3 years ago, corbinl69
Please read
I used to play this game all the time when I was a bit younger on my iPad and pc and so when I saw the mobile I thought it would be amazing but it isn’t popular enough so there’s clearly bots and it just isn’t the same, if y’all at all care about your game advertise more and try to revive this simple yet fun masterpiece
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1 year ago, BlueIsUnknown
I’ve been playing this game for over 5 years now starting from a pc. I figured out this year this game was on the App Store so I downloaded it. For the past 2 weeks i have been enjoying this game. However, the issue was it only worked on one connection which was at my grandmothers house. At other places such as my own home and other places, the game doesn’t run at all. It gives me an error saying I cannot connect. I don’t know if this is only me but please tell me how I can resolve this issue. Please and thank you!
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3 years ago, XVIXX #1
Simply overpriced.
This game is strategically fun. Until you get you silver tier. Then it’s all pay to play people destroying you. You can play the same exact troop turn 1 but because they pay, their troop is higher Level so in turn you will lose. Not to mention theres a pet worth over 500$ real money. It takes way too long to ‘earn’ gold, and aDecent amount is over 50$ and doesn’t do much at all. It’s a rich kids strategy game. Might as well make it 20$ to not waste the poors time. You’ll just rage quit.
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4 years ago, SM22133
Horrible developers
I started about 2 years ago and at first was fun and then got better. The problem now is the developers are all for China so if you are not Chinese don’t expect to get far. My friends and people I play with spend lots and lots of $ on this game only to get screwed my China and hackers at the end of all of it. We even send reports and the developers do nothing about it they make up every excuse in the book and when they try to say they did something we find out they really did nothing. This is a big waste of time and should be brought down by google because of the unfair play.
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5 years ago, Somebody someday
One Too Many Updates
Miragine War is a great game, believe me, but one problem I have is the updates that have occurred lately. In particular, the addition of new troops that are seemingly unable to be killed and cost effective. (Devil boy in particular) In the last two days, I have been bombarded by them, trying to see what troop could possibly go against them. Obviously, I haven't had much luck. Otherwise, the game is fun and makes you think, but it's a shame about the update.
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7 months ago, Жук Ростовский
saving a second account
It’s annoying to write a login and password every time you change an account, maybe you can make it so that you can switch to a second account with one click of a button
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2 years ago, DELPhios
Good game but fix the bugs
Great concept amazing style good execution however I tried playing again today and it kept trying to connect for ages even though I have a stable internet connection
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2 years ago, thunderstrucken
I played this when I was little and forgot the name and after 4 years of searching and misspellings I finally found it this game is grate but I was hoping after all this time there was going to be a campaign but there’s not even without a campaign it’s a grate game
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11 months ago, PaperFrog7
Amazing Game
You should most definitely get this game. It is absurdly fun while being great for multiplayer. It might have messy translation in some places, but it is totally unnoticeable in normal gameplay. If you can get this game, there is no reason not to.
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3 years ago, xDUST33x
Loved this game for years
I started playing this game years ago when it was a flash game on the pc. I’m glad that it came this far and the devs didn’t give up on it. One of the best competitive games for the phone.
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6 months ago, JFK-IS-AFK
Love it
I’ve loved this game since it was just a little flash game that no one knew about, but I was really happy when I saw that this was a app. It’s a great game that deserves WAYYY more recognition, and I actually like the strategy aspect of it. 10/10
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5 years ago, Dancoolguy1234
Really good but...
This game is fun and all but I wish there were more affordable and weaker units you could buy and more game modes. Also please lower the prices for units and heroes a little bit. And could you pls change the noises of the deaths I almost got in trouble bc the noises sound bad.
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10 months ago, nickis749
This is overall a great game and is fun to play. Although I have been playing for a few years now and have been on the ad grind since then I would greatly appreciate a coin to gem converter. This small change would greatly improve my gaming experience.
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3 years ago, Sir Bongo
Pay to win but fun
Got the into my 20+ game and the other players had level 20 glyphs while my highest was 3.
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6 years ago, Ninjagojosh
Their is a problem
I used to play this game a lot on the computer and when I saw this I got it. But it says it is compatible with iPhone 5s and iOS 8.0 or later, but it says the update is incompatible with this device which is an iPhone 5, and I have a iOS later than 8.0. So I was wondering what caused this to happen
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4 years ago, Frad Allaham
Not the original game
I downloaded this game thinking it was gonna be the classic game you would play on a school night with the fire music. But no this game has nothing to do with its original and the music track is a whole lot different. I’m not saying it’s a bad game I’m just saying it’s not what I expected.
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3 years ago, chase62873727
Hope its good
I havnt played it yet but i used tk play this on andkon all the time on the computer i already know its gonna be fire and way updated
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4 years ago, dejjeehhdjdaqw
Pls help me
Can you tell me and fix the problem where every time I go on to your game the severs are like broken and I can’t do it please because I just want to play the game
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4 years ago, Jiggy-Bz
Nope ✌🏽
This game will lag out a dozen times before you can finish one match. They claim they fixed it over a handful of updates. They ruined the entire game, it is impossible to play a match without getting kicked out. I got kicked out of the app a dozen times just trying to send a message. This game is not worth a second of your time. RIP Miragine War. Y’all ruined everything. Congratulations.
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5 years ago, Just some being
This game is arousing to men and women
I played this game as a young lad in the early 2000’s when it was just a flash game. I was extremely aroused for the first time which helped me identify who I truly am, a train.
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2 years ago, rob1032
No longer allowed to play outside of China server
So I just got a message from the miragine war staff that due to a recent law that was passed in China that doesn’t allow foreign servers to join Chinese servers. So now all my progress is gone and the game is worthless if you don’t live in Southeast Asia
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3 years ago, eussianhat0
It been so long since I played this game thank you developers for giving me a good childhood
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4 years ago, Oachilis
Connecting problem
I read the update and saw that the disconnection have been solve but I played this game for a day and whenever I tried to connect it alway say connection times out. Can you fix it
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6 months ago, SaiiBundy
Please reply developers
The game isn’t loading at all for me.. been playing for a while but for about 6 months it hasn’t passed the loading screen. I’ve uninstalled many times also. I would appreciate an reply
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2 years ago, RaterForAnyGame
Loading problem
It took forever and also error login in and play. I can’t even play or start.
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7 years ago, beast0917
I used to play this all the time with my brother and I would love it and this newer version is so much cooler and better, this is a good game
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3 years ago, vhbvjnv
It was fun back in the day when it wasn’t a pay to win game. But now it’s a rip off version of the original. So sad that we have to pay money to own better troops just to stand a chance.
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6 years ago, skyc170
This game is very good and I love it it very fun
The is so fun I play it a lot and never get bored of it plz make the is game more fun cause this game is lit🔥🔥🔥
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2 months ago, Hansle Bread
No connection?
I keep on trying to load the game, and all it does attempt to connect for 5 minutes then give up. Nothing I do fixes the issue. It used to be one of my favorite games.
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3 years ago, KoolAidKitten
Won’t send email
What a joke. If you can’t even send me an email to sign up and play don’t attempt to make a video game. What a joke. Your system automatically puts a period at the end of the email address.
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4 years ago, tin262626
Great game
I would include more units each rank and this is a great game I Would recommend
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4 years ago, 😱Imagine Dragons Rocks 😱
Pay to win?
Yes this game has a system that makes it hard to earn money in game and is pay to win
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6 years ago, Jinsb
New content?
I have played this on the gaming websites on the computer, and it is fun here also, but the new troops aren’t available without registering.
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4 years ago, Icogo
Took away Castle Feature?!
Games good, and I was getting set up for my castle and spent a lot of time working on it, and now it says only available for level 31 players? I’m only 19! I would really like it to be fixed please.
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4 years ago, Toast102947
Simple and fun
This game is a lot of fun. There are a lot of units, and even though new units are expensive you can still win any game using basic units.
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2 years ago, tkdjshsuajababsbx
Money back
I’ve spent much on this app… and I can’t even play it anymore because china banned all USA players. I should be getting my money back asap… if not more.
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