Mirror for Roku TV App

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3.9 (4.7K)
157.1 MB
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Current version
AirBeamTV BV
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mirror for Roku TV App

3.9 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Jackattackjewell
Updated review
Updated review - developer gave me the recommendation to try their stream app for macs and that one works when you go through your chrome browser. Updating my review based on that, but I’d recommend you default your app purchases to the same trial run so users can make sure it fits their needs before having to pay for the full download. Original review - If you plan on using this app to stream purchased tv/movies or stream premium add-on channels (like the new HBO Max) from your iOS device, don’t bother. You’ll be kicked out of the mirror playback or receive a message stating, “The connected display is not authorized to play”. Want my money back!
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3 years ago, ssbeagle
I’m amazed! My expectations were pretty slim because I had tried a couple of other apps that actually had ROKU in their name, and those didn’t work for me. This one is surprisingly great! I wasn’t sure what to expect when the app and the screen on my ROKU tv said “recording, do not disturb while recording everything on your device’s screen”, meaning my iPad. I waited while it recorded, not knowing how long to wait, what to expect, and what was going to work. I wondered if I was supposed to have something selected to record, which I had not done. Not necessary! The app on the ROKU tv matching the one on my iPad were connected, in progress, and I only watched to make sure the iPad didn’t go to sleep. It was done in just under 10 minutes. Everything I’ve tried out has worked amazingly. My iPad games, photos, other apps, and even this review as I type it on my iPad are on the screen of my ROKU tv! I subscribed to a quilting group, The Quilt Show, and wanted a way to see it on my ROKU tv screen in my sewing room. This app is going to make that possible. (Otherwise, I would be dropping my subscription with the quilt group.) Thank you so very much for this app! I wish I could include a photo here. The ROKU tv shows exactly whatever I open on my connected iPad, including the other apps - games, photos, video, online, offline. 😢
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5 years ago, Kenneth M, PA
Great app!
I initially tried all the free ones I could find that claimed to do the same thing, and none of them worked properly. Even the one that let you try it once for free and then pay didn’t work. So I was understandably very hesitant to drop $5 just to see if this one did. It was a gamble that completely paid off. So far I’ve been able to stream videos multiple times with no problems. There’s a few-second delay, which is well advertised before you download it. As long as you make sure your audio and video are coming from your tv (instead of audio through phone and video on tv), there are no sync issues. Great app, and literally the only one I tried that actually worked! My only disappointment, which is substantial enough to want to lower the stars I give, is that this company makes each tv brand it’s own app, so it’s another $5 if you want to stream to another branded tv, as well as the annoyance of it being a separate app on your phone. I really wish everything was included in one app. That being said, wonderful job on making an app that works, and I hope my taking the time to give 5 stars will encourage you to make the proposed changes and keep working on perfecting the app. Thanks a bunch! (Much cheaper than an Apple TV!)
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4 years ago, mnewnham21
Great App and Fast Reponse from Support!
I tried all the free apps and none of them worked with my IPhone to mirror my entire screen and do home workouts through my work out app. Until I paid and downloaded Mirror for Roku! This app has been a game changer for me. I did run into a little hiccup not being able to find my Roku TV (after a week of no issues) and I contacted support. They replied via Facebook within minutes and asked me to send them my diagnostics through the app via email. They asked me to reset my router, tv and iphone. It took two tries but I found just resetting the router did the trick (and patience). If you have a problem with the app it could be for many reasons other than the app itself so please make sure you contact support because they did a fantastic job helping me through getting my Mirror for Roku back up and running. I can't wait to see new features added and will continue to use this app. Thank you for creating this app to help us Apple and Roku lovers bring the two together!
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5 years ago, Daughter_Dancer
Works with sound!
I read all the reviews and honestly I was worried that it wasn't going to work, but i figured I could just ask for a refund through apple if it didn't. I wanted to watch Drybar comedy app on my roku tv but it wouldn't connect through the drybar app for compatibility issues. This app works just like it says it does. I downloaded this app on my tv, and then paid for the app on my phone. Both connected to the same wifi. Started mirroring and opened the drybar app. Worked perfectly. Sound came through and everything. It has a few second delay but not a big deal. Even when i rotated my phone it went full screen on the tv. I tested whether this was possible to mirror the drybar app with sound before purchasing, by screen recording it while playing, and I was able to record video with sound. This app crashed once during use. Not sure why but I was able to pick up where I left off pretty quickly so I am still satisfied with it.
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3 years ago, LOAFW
Judged too quickly
I would like to know how to get a refund. It says some apps block it but how could you know beforehand? If the mirroring option was available in the particular app I’m trying to use, why would I even need this app? It blurs the picture and only pics up audio (only some of the audio, though—the music). Please help or refund my money. UPDATE: I appreciate the response and that cleared things up. It won’t project the app I got this for, it does for another app (the tv version doesn’t offer the audio presets but it doesn’t mirror the sound right, meaning it’s that app’s issue) it does, however, work with the Fight Camp app. They don’t have a Roku app and the music projects the way it’s supposed to. I would say read and run the test they mention in the description (or in this response to me) and determine if it’s what you’re looking for *Turn down your volume on your device* sound will play from both and be delayed but if you turn your device down, you’re good
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3 years ago, Lego-Man25
Works great and has sound!
EDIT: This issue below has been fixed in the latest update and I changed my rating to 5 stars. Thanks MFR team! I’ve been using this app for over a year with no issues. Unfortunately, out of the blue, it doesn’t recognize either of my TCL Roku TVs. Yes, they’re on the same Wi-Fi. Yes, I’ve deleted the apps on both devices and re-downloaded them. Yes, I’ve reset everything. I’m at a loss. Every other mirror app I’ve downloaded finds my TVs, but this one won’t all of a sudden. I suspect there’s some sync issue with the app. It’s unfortunate because I didn’t realize how good I had it with this app. Every other app costs between $5-$20 and doesn’t even transfer sound… I already got tricked into buying another “pro” mirror app only to realize there’s no audio. Help.
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4 years ago, OneCosmicGuy
Fantastic app and Support
I bought this app so I could share a webinar with my father on his Roku TV from my iPad. The app worked but there was no sound from the TV which meant the sound from my iPad was out of sync with the 3 or so second lag getting to the TV. I saw in a previous review that sound from the TV was possible. Unable to figure it out myself, I dropped a note to support not really expecting anything to come of it. I was surprised to get a response only a few minutes later. Turns out there is an audio issue in iOS 12 that was fixed in iOS 13. Unfortunately my iPad is too old to run iOS 13. I was asked to try playing the webinar in the Dolphin browser instead of the one I was using. That worked. I got sound from the TV and we finished the webinar with no problems. I was also informed the diagnostic data from my device showed serious network issues, probably from an old router. My father’s router is very old and we’ve been having random issues with other things that recently had me suspecting there could be a network issue. Having this confirmed was great as it might have just solved some other problems too. Very glad I bought this app. Thank you very much! Adam QD Hall
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5 years ago, A Skypiper Original fan!
Stick with it, it’s worth it!
I had a hard time with this app. Being in the age of instant everything....I almost gave up. But I wrote them and they replied within 2 minutes...and stayed with me step by step until I had it up and running and streaming on my Roku TV! I also have a Roku stick it works with on a regular TV. I have written them about 4 times and they reply in less than 5 minutes every single time. Today with their help, I changed to a better browser and got sound and closed captioning working even when I paused and then came back. I realize twice it was the browser not working with this app and the browser not updating. I never heard back after writing the browsers for help. They know which browsers work best for which devices and trouble shoot with you...they do not send you a computerized response where you have to figure it all out on your own. I am a retired, disabled grandmother of 12....so believe me when I tell you I am not computer literate but have always been treated with respect by the airbeamTV/Mirror for Roku Support! I love being able to stream on a 55” TV again with great sound/picture/closed captioning! THANK YOU AIR BEAM!
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5 years ago, Destismynamedinoismygame
Great app & Great service.
I’ve trying weeks now to find a way to link my iphone to my roku to screen mirror on it and I finally found this app. It was a little tricky trying to get it to work at first, it wasn’t the app as much as it was me. I messaged support and they very quickly replied and helped me figure out the problem. It was as simple as restarting my tv (once it turned back on it, it had done an update and was ready to go). So, my husband and I were playing with it a little last night and it does seem to lag and be behind what my phone was showing us but it’s not like that’s really going to cause any dissatisfaction with the app. You’re watching it on the big screen anyhow, you’re not gonna notice.
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4 years ago, bradybunchgng
Son’s graduation
I was on the hunt how to watch my son’s online graduation on my TV without buying a new one! I was about to give up and settle on watching on my phone, buying a laptop, or new TV to cast from my phone ! Then I started googling about mirroring from phone to TV and found this app!!! So I thought $4.99 is worth taking a chance, then I seen the tip about screen recording the video or movie you want to mirror before buying! Well bingo it WORKED, now I can rest at easy I’ll be able to relax at home and watch such and important event in the privacy of my own home and not at work which was a last resort!!! THANK YOU!!!
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4 years ago, jdeangelo82
Excellent mirroring for not much $ investment
There is a small time delay, so this would not be good for gaming. But for movies or videos from your phone or tablet, it works excellent. Only on rare occasions has it buffered and then only for a second or two and it picked up right where I left off. I have an Apple TV (which I also like) in my living room, and this app on my Roku TV in the family room, and I see no difference in mirroring quality and this App was A LOT less expensive than getting a second Apple TV. I tried other free mirroring apps and none worked well. Open your wallet, spend a reasonable few bucks, and enjoy mirroring with this app.
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4 years ago, Pywacket3
Worked beautifully!
I purchased a Christmas concert for my sister, but didn’t really want to watch it on my iPad. I discovered my Roku TV didn’t have AirPlay so I started searching for a product that would mirror my screen. I spent several hours reading reviews and decided on this product. I have to say it performed exactly like it supposed to. At the start of the show they had a countdown and there was about a 2 second delay to the TV. My sister enjoyed watching it on the TV screen, I was very happy the screen was mirrored! The only drawback was on my part in not figuring out how to turn notifications off 😄
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4 years ago, Eye of The Liner
Worth it!!
I have been searching for hours to find a screen mirroring app that doesn’t charge too much AND casts sound to my TV since a lot of other apps I’ve been seeing have sound bugs or don’t even have sound and charge like $20 to not work. Pros: Sound is clear, picture looks clear, (I have a 55’ Insignia Roku 4K smart TV) and perfect if you want to listen to your own music. Cons: There is a definite lag when it comes to sound and picture so I don’t recommend this for watching videos or movies. Sometimes the app cuts out but it returns shortly.
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4 years ago, Scaredofthisgame
Update your misleading advertising.
I bought this based on a video I watched on there site which says the only thing you shouldn’t use it for is gaming. I got this specifically to use because Roku has yet to work out a deal with HBOMax. After trying it and realizing that it will not work for HBOMax’s app, I read in the reviews that it won’t work on DRM content. Then I see in your app description that you’ve thoroughly explained this. Which, fine. That’s on me for not reading the description in the App Store I guess. But please, do your customers the courtesy of explicitly stating this on your website and in your video. Honestly, I have no use for this now but other than on protected content, it works fine.
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4 years ago, Skillsgill
Easy to use and responsive customer service
I purchases this app as I wanted to use it to cast an exercise app to my Roku TV without needing to buy a different TV. It worked great. Super quick and easy set up. Recently I had an issue with my device not showing up in the app. The customer service was immediately responsive through email and walked me through the solution. They responded to every email within a minute or two. That is what ultimately made me give this app 5 stars! It is not perfect, but it works when there are no other options that don’t cost a grip!
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3 years ago, cardinal18
Very buggy
When it works screen/sound quality are great but the caveat is: when it works. When I first downloaded/paid for subscription sound did not come through at all. Seems an update fixed that but it frequently crashes and runs into buffering issues. Most of the time it will work for 3-5 min and then crash claiming buffering issues and I have to “restart broadcast” repeatedly... this app is incredibly fragile (will crash if I pick up my phone and it flips to landscape/portrait mode, if an alert pops up, if I switch apps on my phone)...developers have a lot of stability issues to work out— I hope you are working to improve this.
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4 years ago, DDC2
Not for iPhone, not for ITunes Store
While on vacation the smart TV advised this app to stream from iPhone. We are not ones for electronics on vacation, but weather and Covid had us inside and we decided to bend our rule. Downloaded the app. Easy enough. Phone mirror image was literally a screenshot image of the phone screen. Pushes through and received error message that I could not stream my iTunes library from my phone to the TV because it was not an authorized device. With all that said, it did allow me to broadcast photos a little bigger than my phone. But not what we wanted to accomplish. $4.99 down the drain.
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5 months ago, Quinton T
Real Person Here (US)
I’ve had my Mirror for Roku and Fire TV for about four years now and they’ve only gotten better. It was ahead of it’s time then, and now there are many other ways to cast. I’ve used airplay but it crashes constantly. There is a 2 second lag but it beats the competition and it works every time! And a one time purchase lasts a lifetime with updates. These apps have been downloaded many times over numerous phones and the product is always the same. Thank Mirror!
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5 years ago, Jayman19672
Works fine on my Roku!!
I am chef and I was looking for something to display the recipe on the 22 inch monitor in my kitchen from my phone. Such a pain picking up my iPhone each time and time to turn the screen each to view the recipe with my hands full of flour and otter things and since I am over 50, my eye sight is not as good as it used to be. This works perfect for me to put the recipe from chrome up on the monitor! Easy cheap solution!! Also been using it to mirror the local news from their website, since the channel is weak through the antenna.
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3 years ago, Epiedras
Great Costumer Service
At first I was having trouble with the app but it was because I did not understand it very well. But after sending a simple message to customer service they gave me step-by-step and in a couple of minutes I was using my phone as a mirror for on my TV. It works great and it’s extremely helpful especially when you need your computer to do two different things. You can work on your computer and on your tv as a giant computer by just using your phone and this app!! Thanks you
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4 years ago, TVLcartoonist
Roku Mirroring
I find this app easy to use and helpful in projecting content from my Apple device to my television. With more people connecting through social media and meeting apps during the Covid 19 crisis it is nice to have this feature to project on to a larger screen! Would appreciate it if the sound were to carry over on all projecting from other apps as there is a slight delay of a second or two in the projection process. I suppose that it could be the app that I’m trying to use and that might not be helped on this apps end.
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5 years ago, Ericsilva88590
Very good deal
First of all This is not fake this is real this app is the best app to get even if you spend $5.00 on it it WILL be worth it. If your liking for a mirror then this is the one well this is because there is no other ones BUT this app doesn’t have glitches or adds it has a short delay but that’s because it has to load in to get perfect quality. It has sound thought tv and everything you needed great price because Apple TV is more expensive and any other thing like HDMI router so yea this is the best app to mirror THANKS ALOT MIRROR FOR ROKU ITS THE BEST
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4 years ago, jackrad
Ruined my tv and doesn’t work
I paid $5 for this app so that I could connect a remote dance class through zoom on my phone to my TV. Customer service was helpful when it would not connect to my TV but they had me reset my internet, restart my phone, and unplug my tv. I was initially able to get on but the video feed was severely delayed and the sound would not connect so my dance class was completely ruined and it kept shutting off and disconnecting. Eventually it disconnected and would not reconnect and then I found that my entire television would no longer connect to the internet. Seems to have ruined my television. I will never use this app again and wish I could get my money back because it’s totally fraud.
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2 years ago, Devivic
So helpful!
I use this app often! It’s great for live stream broadcasts on Facebook or other platforms not available on my smart tv. Right now I am taking an online class with videos, and it is great to watch them on the television instead of through the class app on my phone. There is a slight delay, but if I turn off the volume on my phone so I only hear it with the broadcast on my tv screen it is no problem. Highly recommend!
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4 years ago, AlaskaTATman1979
Awesome 🙌
It took me about ten minutes to reset permissions on my TV. After resetting the app and the TV.. It Worked!!! The only downfall is the sound is delayed from the phone to the TV. Be sure to turn the volume down or there will be serious echoing. As stated there are some that are blocked. I tried and found it to be true. Netflix opens and the sound laggs and the TV screen stops with the counter in the toggle pose. I guess for now I will still have to watch Netflix on my phone. Best $5 spent on an app this year!!
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4 years ago, Birdflu_
Works but with sizable delay
I spent money on this app and luckily I had no issues setting it up. My tv is on a wired connection but this is still a whole 2 seconds of delay between what happens on the phone and what appears on the tv. It works fine enough if your streaming a movie or something where you just mute your phone but if your doing anything in real time the app is unusable for those purposes so you need to know before hand what you plan on doing with the app since it is paid.
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4 years ago, ChefLeila
Read and trust the bad reviews!!
So I read the negative reviews and still bought this terrible app. My mistake! Sadly I purchased it for both household macs and my iPhone, yes totally over $25.! Nothing worked, customer support runs you through all the usual stuff, who doesn’t do all that before they customer service? So, of coarse I did all the usual re-booting and checking of devices again! Pointless, time consuming and annoying! The reality is the app is useless and customer service really can’t help fix something that has no possible way of ever working. I asked for a refund, funny right! Thought it was worth a try. If they truly cared about customers they would have at minimum offer a partial refund!
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5 years ago, tedsvnugv
Great app (real review)
I paid for this app to download after my iWebTV app stopped working. And it’s been great. You just open the app while on the same WiFi as your tv. And connect. That’s it. It literally has your whole phone screen but on the tv. It’s like screen record with iPhone but recording to the tv. When you’re done, just disconnect. I was able to watch many online videos, Facebook videos, view my camera roll on the tv, etc.
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4 years ago, Astoria3214
Great mirror app!!!
I downloaded the airbeam app for my Roku tv. Since I have downloaded this close to 7 months ago the app has been working great. Couple of days ago I couldn’t see my tv on the app so I reached out the app support team. They answered and helped me thru the process to get back my app to connect to tv. Thanks for all the help and effort. All in all a good app with some little flaws that can get fix as the app grows. Once again thanks for keeping this app in good shape
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5 years ago, Nana12345678910
I bought this app and made sure to also download puffin web browser like the other reviews said thinking it would work. It does have sound unlike some of the other reviews. Every time I try to watch videos from puffin web browser it works for maybe 2 min and then freezes. It is jumpy and does not do its job. I thought maybe it was my internet connection but we have amazing internet speed and full bars for WiFi. I don’t have any internet problems when I’m not using this app. Something is wrong and I’m hoping they can fix otherwise I’ll be getting my money back.
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4 years ago, wyley9865frog
Best wireless mirroring option I’ve found
Works like it says it does. There is a 3 second delay, but other than that it’s works great. (And they tell you right out there’s a delay so I knew that before I purchased.) I searched around for a long time for a way to mirror my iPad to my roku tv, and finally this is what I settled on. It’s definitely worth 5 dollars. I also had trouble with my iPad finding my roku tv when I first installed it, but it was a simple solution. Customer service responded quickly and helped me trouble shoot the “problem”. Basically I just needed to restart my WiFi router. But they responded in minutes and were very clear and helpful. 5 stars for customers service. 5 stars for an app that does exactly what it claims.
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3 years ago, angeleyes11110521
Love this app and their customer service!
I tried all the “free” apps out there to get my iPhone to cast to my Roku tv, and they never worked. I even tried another paid service before this one and was so disappointed. Ever since I began using Mirror for Roku, everything has been great! Even when I had a system issue, they had me back up and running in 20 minutes. Very impressed!!
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4 years ago, Samysunger fly do do
A little slow, but actually works really well!!!
This is probably the only product that worked for me for more than a day, however, I’m only giving this four stars because of the lag, it’s not that big of a deal for the most part however the lag is usually over 3 seconds behind, please if you could try to improve on that It would be great to hear, either way very good response on this end.
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4 years ago, popsandrocksandsocks
Can’t figure out how to make sound come only through tv
I have this app for both my phone and my Mac on my Mac it has the option to play sound only through the tv but on my phone it plays through both and that really annoying. Can somebody help me figure this out? Other than that AMAZING app lags doesn’t bother me at all and one of the few apps that actually works.
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3 years ago, RMS406
Works great until it doesn’t. Not worth $30
The app works great at first, however after about 5-7 mins of usage it stops streaming. You have to close and restart the app constantly. We have party games on our iPad that we thought would be fun to stream to bigger TV via Roku. Very frustrating when you have to stop the action to restart the app every couple of rounds. Definitely the app as I had other streaming apps that worked better but are no longer supported. Hope a fix comes soon otherwise I wasted $30.
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4 years ago, St. EXD
AVOID AT ALL COSTS. This app has been nothing but issue after issue. The customer service reps are prompt and helpful, but the app continually fails. My phone had trouble connecting at first and when I finally got it connected (had to restart my router, phone, and tv) my music app stopped broadcasting. When I went back to troubleshoot that, it couldn’t connect again. Mind you, this all happened in one day of having the app. Restarting my equipment every time I want to run the app defeats the purpose of having it...which is to make listening to music on my speakers more convenient. Pass on this one.
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3 years ago, Jay Cabro
Works as intended
App works as advertised. There’s a short delay but not enough to make a big difference with media. Not ideal for gaming but that’s not what the app is intended for. Video quality isn’t the greatest, perhaps 720p (1080p at best but not likely). Either way, worth the price when other apps don’t work as they say they will. I use to use airplay on my tv but it would often freeze but not this app.
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5 months ago, 79 National Champs
Best Roku mirroring product out there!!!
We love this product!! You have improved immensely since I first started watching during the pandemic. That’s not to say you didn’t already have a very solid, well oiled service. To the contrary!!! Your service is the only one I use. I am very thankful that my daughter ran across your information. Keep up the good work, Kent
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4 years ago, S. T. Gray
Just like all the other
This app works the first time you try it and then everytime after that it can't find the TV. Even if you are 100% sure that the phone and TV are on the same network and you're standing directlyy in front of the TV. I could understand if there was a power outage, then you would need to reset your box but every other wifi based app on my phone can easily find the signal even after a power outage but this one is just as bad as all the other so called screen mirroring apps - Dont waste your time or your money.
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4 years ago, Smudgius
Fantastic support staff, app is workable, not amazing.
Their staff were prompt and helpful in getting my issues resolved. The app consistently has 3 seconds of lag, often a touch more... which is a lot... but I can’t fault their customer service. As long as you don’t need real-time streaming, I think this app is a solid bet. If you have any problems, just contact them, and they’ll walk you through a solution... 3 stars for the app, 5 for the support.
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2 years ago, jum rockford 80
I personally really like this app. I have had a few minor problems along the way where I have had to restart my Roku device or restart my iPhone, but it always starts working again and it’s very dependable. And I recently had a problem when it stopped working and they responded to me very quickly and helped me to fix the problem.
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2 years ago, Sem8480
Amazing App
I didn’t know there was such an app that would let me mirror what’s on my phone to both my Roku SmartTV and my less smart TV with a Roku stick. It has worked really well for me for about the last 18mos and when I did run into an issue the technical support was prompt and super helpful. Would definitely recommend this app!
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3 years ago, amburnj
Solid App
I’ve been using this app for well over a year. The app worked until a recent update and the developers were responsive after messaging through the app. They informed me of a coming update and now it’s fixed. That’s customer service! Bottom line: the app is easy to use and is supported by great service.
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5 years ago, Bschlitz
Streaming starts and immediately stops
With 100 Mbit wireless connection to Roku Ultra 2019 and iPad mini right beside it - and with apple tv gen 1 there as well - all under the TV, let’s light this candle. So, when starting a stream with this app running on mini to Streaming for Roku on Ultra, as soon as the stream session starts, wow! I can see the mini screen. But even with an app I want to stream already running, streaming starts and stops almost immediately when I start broadcast. The only thing that works better is the gen1 apple tv, and the one thing that is quickest of all is the submission of $4.99 before one can even experience this. Good job.
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5 years ago, Adam1748563
Handy App, but you have to turn it on again over & over sometimes
I like the app & use it because there aren’t a lot of apps who can do the same thing right now, but if your internet hits even a little turbulence it will turn off. Then you have to go to your TV, click mirror of roku, go into the app & restart it, then open up whatever you were looking at before. I’ve gone through stretches where you have to do this every 5-10 minutes. At that point it’s just useless.
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5 years ago, SquatGoblin
Don’t let dummies steer you away
I was hesitant to buy the app because of people reporting that you had to “record” videos of your screen. It’s a poor choice of words from the developer, because that’s not actually what’s happening. It’s just creating a buffer. Your TV will be a few seconds behind your phone, but because of the buffer it plays sound and images smoothly. I have a ton of fitness apps with HD video and it’s so much easier to just stream them to my TV than workout to a tiny phone. Love this app. It’s exactly what I wanted and probably what you do too if you searched “mirror Roku”. Like my title says, don’t let the dummies who didn’t hit “screen record” and give the app a shot spoil it for you.
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2 years ago, Debbie in Milwaukee
Nice quality & easy to use
I finally figured out how to mirror the pics and videos on my iPhone onto my TV that uses a Roku stick. I decided to pay the lifetime fee so I can continue to enjoy this feature on my TV at home as well as share my pics and short videos with friends who have Roku. Highly recommended!
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5 years ago, Alright y'all
Awful worst app ever made
This is horrible doesn’t even deserve a one star. I want a refund. Was a waste of time and money. The app doesn’t even mirror. You have to waste gbs in your iPhone to screen record for it to mirror plus if you can’t hear any volume and if your screen record on safari and try to watch a movie on flixtor or movie ocean it will not work correctly. Do not buy anything please I am trying to save you. This app was a waste of my time and effort two hours trying to understand how to work this app went down the drain. On the same day I bought this app I deleted. This app is expensive and dumb.
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4 years ago, Andreo1950
Outstanding App!!!
I bought tickets to the Joe Bonamassa virtual live concert from the Ryman Auditorium and wanted to be able to watch it on my smart TV rather than on my iPhone or computer. Researched how to do this and Mirror For Roku does it all. Concert was mirrored to my TCL Roku large screened TV in beautiful, clear video...I couldn’t be happier!!! This app is well worth the small purchase fee, and I’ll be using it often in the future.
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