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User Reviews for Mirror ◎

4.61 out of 5
170K Ratings
1 year ago, Sue from p'ton
I got tired of the continual (CONTINUAL) ads, so I paid an additional $2.99 to have an ad-free app. The ads were still continual, But, then help was offered. I was told to go to settings, etc. and tap the Restore Purchase button. Then more detailed directions were given in case I did not see the Restore Purchase button. Luckily I did a screenshot of that laborious set of directions, though it is obviously not written by someone whose first language is English because the first sentence is “If you've purchased ads in the past." Hmmm. I just purchased the app less than a minute ago, have been bombarded by loud ads which have been difficult to delete. Does that mean that in purchasing an app which I was not told could be purchased WITHOUT ADS, they assume I wanted ads? Unacceptable. Then inexplicably the ads disappeared. I hope they stay gone, or I will delete the app and ask Apple for a full refund of the app plus the cost of removing ads.
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3 years ago, Handlebars1959
Have you ever sat somewhere and really looked at “yourself”? Have you ever thought of what ‘other people’ see you as a person? Do you consider yourself good-looking or do you need a change in your life besides all that make-up you put on or all of that shaving, after shave, and cologne you put on in the morning, afternoon or in the evening before you go out into the public? Do other people see you as who you want others to see you? Have you ever took the time to really “study” your looks and what others see you as a person? This app might be a good place to “look at yourself and to study the way you look” and who knows you might just be able to break some of those “bad habits” you have had in your lifetime? Who knows you might just see something about yourself you have never seen before? At least it’s worth a try? Why not,? Try it and see for yourself! It is ‘you’ looking at ‘yourself!’
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5 years ago, Midnightstar81
No longer good.
At first I loved this app. I had it on my iPhone for the longest time. When I got my iPad I wanted this app on it as well. I love this app because I am visually impaired and this made it easier for me to find and slick back baby hairs add via Waze that I wouldn't be able to see with a regular mirror. I install this app onto my iPad through my apple account. I had already paid to have as removed. Yet removed from the app on my phone but not on my iPad. I tried to restart purchase but for some reason I couldn't do it. I tried contacting the developer with no success. I would have to pay another two dollars out of pocket. You shouldn't have to pay for an app a second time when you have already paid for it and it is already listed on your account as paid. If I continue using this app I would have no choice but to re-purchase. It's very difficult for me to find the tiny X button to close pop up ads that surface every few minutes.
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2 years ago, Italian Spunky 48
Love it
I really like this a app. I’m not one of those girls who has to have her face in a mirror mirror 24/7. I da how ever would like to know is I have a booger hanging out my nose or Fix my lip stick. I only wear makeup when I work or when I go out. I hate taking my purse with me because you can’t leave it alone someone Will steal it. I also hate the fact that you have to carry it with you all night. It’s just easier for me to carry what I can in my pockets and that’s it. So having a mirror on my phone is very handy. Though I will not pay 2.99 a month to have a Mirror on my phone. I’ll deal with the adds. They don’t bother me that bad.
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3 years ago, Yeti pack
Great mirror app, you should get!
This app will be perfect for anyone who doesn’t own a mirror already! My friend is the one who told me about this, when I was just using my horrible camera on my phone. So, after I downloaded it, I Fell in Love with it!! But there are some quarks ( idk if I spelled that right I’m sry and yea this is rlly how I type but for the review it’s nice lol). So the thing I slightly disliked from the start. Well, it’s kind of turning into Hate…… it’s that there is SO MANY ADS!! I mean, c’mon! An app to stare at yourself and you still get more ads then people in this world. The fact that I think we have to pay for it to block ads, like seriously?! So if you see this and you can fix this, please do. Thank you!
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5 years ago, Niki Kade
Thumbs up
I like this app, which does exactly what it says it will. I didn't think a mirror would be that useful since the phone's camera allows you to see yourself, but the app gives you an accurate view with ambient light instead of a photo preview. I also discovered that, although the iPhone 8 camera is great considering its size and cost, it still distorts subjects to some degree; whatever's closest to the lens is slightly bigger than what's farther (a "fisheye" effect especially noticeable with noses in selfies/portraits). The mirror app lets you take a screenshot that's virtually an exact copy of what you see. But mainly it's a handy tool that replaces bulkier ones. Thumbs up!
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3 years ago, Doris Mick
I don’t carry a compact & if I did, I’d have to root around my bag ( any of them) to find it. I can organize my purse but after a while, stuff moves! I have a big bright green comb that’s easy to find and a dry stick lipstick ( can stay on under COVID Mask )in whatever zipper compartment the bag has, ESPECIALLY if it’s an outside compartment. This mirror is what it is. A clear mirror I can pull up quickly if I think I need my hair’s messed up or I’m inside a safe place where I can take my mask off with other vaccinated people & I want to refresh my lip color quickly. GOOD CLEAR MIRROR & VERY HANDY !
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2 years ago, xaos
BEWARE! App steals your clipboard data.
Every time you open this app, it pastes whatever you have on your clipboard, presumably to collect and sell the data. I think it's really, REALLY bad taste to steal personal data on top of a bombardment of adverts in an app that should just be part of iOS. I use it in a pinch, but I have it blocked from cell data and do my best to remember to disable WiFi before starting it. There's NO WAY I would EVER pay money to crooks like these developers. There's nothing in the privacy disclosures about it collecting you're personal data from the clipboard, and there's no legitimate reason for it to access the clipboard at all. There's nowhere to enter text. I'd expect this in the Google Play store, but I thought Apple was more concerned about their customers'privacy and security to let that get buy their screening process.
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6 years ago, LilMsSix
Mirror app?
This apps description allows you to assume that the app acts like a mirror. Instead of a normal mirror however, you can “zoom in” for example; to accomplish putting your own makeup on, in detail and with precision, without needing an actual mirror. However, this app is quite literally no different from using your camera app which automatically comes with your phone. Except, unlike this app your camera doesn’t allow you to zoom in on yourself. However, it’s much clearer, doesn’t randomly turn into obnoxious ads while acting as a mirror and the amount of distortion caused by the screen being perfectly still. It kind of makes you wonder, why am I paying $2.99 just to remove ads from my “mirror” when I never had any to begin with using my mobile camera app instead?
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9 months ago, quinn russ
I’m suspecting that the apps taking pictures of me and basically stalking me…
I’ve never felt the need to write a review before, but here I am. I had been using this app for weeks without a problem. It was today that I heard a loud sound like someone was snapping a picture the second I opened the app. There were no other phones on in the house. All three tvs were off too. I doubt the sound came from outside considering I happened to be staying in an apartment complex on the 5th floor the day it happened with the windows closed, and the sound couldn’t have been that loud. I’m almost completely sure it came from this app, cause what else could it be? I’m giving it two stars rather than one cause it served its purpose
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2 years ago, MeselfCatsnDogs
Mirror & iPhone 11
This app is FABULOUS! If you wear contact lenses that are Gas Permeable (as I do for astigmatism) - or even just freshen your make-up this is the best one out there. This is the only one you’ll ever need. I’ve worn hard lenses since I was 14, and they are bad about getting something under them. This Mirror can be magnified up to 4 times, and it’s always with you! I downloaded this mirror to my iPhone, my iPad & my pro Mac. After trying out several different companies, I can say this is it is PERFECT! You’ll never regret choosing this mirror. Get it now!
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2 years ago, CupcakeNY
Works Great But…
I would give it five stars if it wasn’t for those stupid annoying adds which interrupt fairly often 😞. Too bad because the lights and magnification work well. Obviously it’s convenient because you don’t have to carry an extra mirror but geez those relentless ads 😒. Finally was able to get rid of the ads by paying $2.99 for it but the Settings should have been easy to find and offered right away as an option.
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5 years ago, Dazd71
Obnoxious ads!! Could be good but...
The light feature is great, like working with a lighted makeup mirror, just smaller. The 2x and 4x aren’t quite as clear as I think they could be. This lack of clarity on the zoom features alone makes this Worth no more than $.99 or $1.99 at the absolute most! . The ads! I understand to have a free version they need ads to help support the cost...BUT THEY HAVE GONE WAY TOO EXCESSIVE WITH THEM! a few ads here and there. Ok. But every minute or less is way too much. Lower the price from $2.99 and I may consider paying for for it, just out of principle I won’t pay. They intentionally try to force you into the paid version and that I find to be disgusting. Lower the price or reduce the ads and I would consider paying for it as well as upping the rating.
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3 years ago, Imhotep VII
Does not restore purchase
Have used it on three phone and it will not restore purchases when you go to settings and choose the restore option. It just spins the little icon but never actually does its job. You still get the ad banned and pop up ads while trying to use the mirror. It is a low handed way to take your cash and still milk you for ad revenue.
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2 years ago, Mouthy from Southie
Still the best mirror app for iPhone, however, you can only use it for 20-30 seconds before being inundated with advertisements that can’t be easily clicked off. You get 20 seconds of mirror/photo time & 30 seconds of adverts. If you only use it as a mirror to check your hair or make up real quick, it’s perfect. But I used to take selfies/photos with this app because like most people, I have grown accustomed my mirror image. Today it’s near impossible to do this with the long play advertisements.
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5 years ago, Pattie's IPod
Consumer beware!
While using the Mirror app, a pop-up asked me if I wanted to disable ads. Well, who wouldn't if it were so easy? So I clicked on yes, and within a couple of seconds it informed me that i had just paid a fee to disable ads! I didn't click on anything else to confirm, it just took my money, just like that! Poof! So I wrote to the app to ask them to reverse this charge. I really don't care if there are ads when all you need the Mirror app for is to quickly check if there's food in your teeth! ... long story short, the charge came through, and Apple says it won't reverse it! What a giant rip off!!! So consumer beware!!! You can bet I'm finding another Mirror app! This one is getting deleted. I feel like I was scammed!
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2 years ago, aksarge75
WAY too many ads
Can’t go even 30 seconds without an ad popping up… and right in the middle of my snapping a photo after making sure everything was fit in (your) mirror. Unreal. Of the myriad of apps that have been funded/supported by ads I have NEVER come across one that bombards the user with so many in so little time. There has to exist in the Industry a threshold that clearly states the number of ads an account/advertiser can run within a specific amount of time (like TV, radio, even print) — regardless of the medium… And to make matters even worse, some of the ads here actually force you to sit through them!! Shouldn’t be legal.
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4 years ago, cinbeef
Great tool MINUS 3 STARS for continuing to show promotions once paid version is purchased. If I paid the lifetime ownership fee, I should not have to click through user prompts promoting your other apps. Unethical - the bulk of users are most likely unpaid versions, and that is where you should be promoting. If you modify this ethical error, I will adjust the rating to 5 stars. If I have to hit extra buttons, it’s just as easy to use my camera and flip the view around which takes your product differentiation away. Respect customers who have purchased your product.
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3 months ago, TaiChi4R
The ads are just too much
The mirror is OK. Not the greatest. I could look at my camera in reverse and have the same thing. The biggest issue i have with the ap is the ads. Yes, i understand if i want a free app, that ads are inevitable. BUT, the ads pop up 5 or 6 times within 5 minutes, WHILE im putting my makeup on. You have to hit two or three buttons to get off the ads, and then continue. Then a minute later it happens AGAIN. It’s just too much and frankly isn’t worth the $2.99 when the mirror isn’t that great anyways. Ill just use my FREE camera instead.
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4 years ago, 75yoda
Mirror App
This app is excellent! I use it weekly to set up the phone so that my Pilates instructor can see me and my mat during a Zoom Pilates class. Suddenly in trying to use the mirror app to look at something, a home advisor ad came up. It kept coming up as I tried to use the mirror. I deleted the home advisor app in hopes of being able to use my mirror in the future. I sure hope this problem goes away so I can use the mirror app again!!!!!!!!
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1 year ago, S..Mech
Don’t waste your time.
My reviews keep getting deleted so this will be short. The free version is a SCAM! Privacy is taken by the App by collecting your algorithms. Non stop advertisements. Be cautious and don’t click on the symbols that look like an advertisement closure. Phone will be infiltrated. I can only put a warning for the app review readers out there. Any recent review less than 5 stars gets deleted S..Mech
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4 years ago, MoreZoe
Great mirror.
I wanted to take a star off because you have to look right into the camera lens which is weird, but I just couldn’t. When you don’t have any kind of mirror at all, this is SO handy. I can’t tell you the number of weird places I’ve been when I’ve needed a mirror and there wasn’t one. I am a contact lens wearer and sometimes it slides off and you just need to see where the little bugger is on your eyeball...
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2 years ago, sschwendiman
Ads make this app useless with free version
If you download this app you had better plan to spend $3 if you actually want to use it. Never have I seen more annoying ads. First there is constantly an ad going at the top of the app. Even worse though are the pop ups that block the whole screen about every minute. You can’t simply dismiss most of these. You have to watch them before you can close them and some play sound and take 20 seconds before you can do so. Deleting the app and looking for another.
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6 years ago, CD Bra
Mirror times 2
Love magnification on this app. I can’t see well but this app has the magnification I need to see if something is on my face before I go into a public area. I don’t like thinking a booger or something maybe hanging out my nose just enough that could be seen and be embarrassing for me I may not be able to see or tell it’s there. And the clarity is awesome. Thank you to the person or people that came up with this app. Ms. CD Bradley. 😀👌
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5 years ago, Stageon
Broken by ads unless you pay
No way I’m paying $3 for a very simple app unless I can get a decent sample of how it works. But that’s impossible because there’s just one ad after another. Loud, bright casino advertisements seemingly whenever I press a button or try to do anything. I don’t mind paying a fair price for good software, but this has not left a good impression the two times I’ve opened it. No thanks.
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4 years ago, want my pue rewards
Mirror app ( Mirror @ )
At first I was super excited about the app. Then, I went to use it and was very impressed with the Quality of the camera and the lighting , Then I started using it then there was all kinds of pop up ad’s every two to three minutes!! I couldn’t get my job ( eye brows ) done due to the pop up ads every two minutes it’s very annoying, it would’ve been nice if someone posted this information about this app. Then I wouldn’t have downloaded it, would’ve saved some time and effort this is absurd, absolutely ridiculous don’t waste your time because you’re not going to get what you want out of this app.
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4 years ago, BootleggerCH3
If you like SPAM...
Sorry to say I have no idea how good the app is. With a near 5-star rating, it immediately jumped out as the best choice. But within what seemed like 10 seconds of turning it on, an audible commercial popped up causing me to quickly mute my phone in embarrassment. Then as I went back to the mirror, another pop up took over the screen. So this time I decided to shut down the app once more and I think one of those fake “close me” X-boxes turned up, and when I clicked on it I was hit with yet another pop up add. I have since deleted the app, having never been able to truly gauge how well the mirror app worked. Never again.
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1 month ago, kik1953
It is great
It’s great and I don’t have to carry a mirror in my purse where they have gotten broken. Two things I wish it had was x5 power magnifying or higher for us who are blind almost and a background light. Then it would be perfect. I just wrote the above review and sent it then I saw in the App Store that you already have that I just needed to update so thanks now it’s perfect!
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4 years ago, Sunny Chip Model
Mirror app
The app worked fine in the beginning although it took me a long time to use the app, I remember just recently not too long ago using the mirror app and having the option to take a picture and being able to select a circle ⭕️ mirror instead of a square mirror. AndAlso mirror not allow or set payments for things in the app
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4 years ago, iJuan-in-a-million
I added this app, then upgraded for $2.99 because I thought I would be making a good investment. Over a year later and I need a mirror again - I see this little app again, I like the appearance and functionality, so I of course redownload it into my iPhone. I realize then that I purchased from before... And I'm able to restore my purchase just fine! This is by far the best mirror app out rhe
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4 years ago, KJSmoove85
Still seeing ads
Purchased the remove ads for $2.99 it worked, unfortunately had to reset my phone cause something else. After setting back up and reinstalling I clicked restore purchase and all it does is ke ep refreshing. Needs fixed or a refund. Even emailed developer to fix it and nothing. Uninstalling
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4 years ago, SamoanBarbie
I paid for a mirror with growing friggin ads
It’s like having a real mirror and putting magazine ad pages taped on it from the outermost edges working in. But if I pay some more somebody can come over and make those bad ads go away. Funny how that’s not mentioned when you initially buy it. Use your camera it’s basically the same thing minus the adds and the cost. I hardly use it was feeling paranoid that morning and it was super early and super cold. I remember it being in winter. That’s the first time I bought it and used it until now. I must’ve known better coming to my senses.
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1 year ago, TamiKuhn
Too Many Ads
Bait and Switch app. There are too many ads to even be able to tell whether this app will work for what you need it for. My guess? It doesn’t work. IMO, this app maker has purposely made the ads so obnoxious you’d pay them $2.99 which tells me they don’t care about customers before profits. In my experience with hundreds of apps, if a company doesn’t put customer needs first, it will also not provide service, upgrades, maintenance, or more. Not worth downloading and I suggest asking Apple to take this app off the App Store. It is not actually useable.
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3 years ago, Sunshine 🙂
Just right,when you are events around town or family gatherings and Rushed to check makeup & hair frazzled around the edges. Also, great magnifying as well. So great that I have it on 3 phones , so if One phone is on low % ; the other has the mirror whenever I get out the house! Thanks 😊 for such a great app for phones even the Apple phones.😊
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6 years ago, cathcathcathcathcathcathcath
Adds pop up and have to restart frequently
After about 30 seconds adds come up, which are fine if there is an “x” indicating how to close them. Unfortunately, I just tried to use app for about 10 minutes and had to close and restart 10 times because adds come up that have no obvious way to close and take up the entire screen. Very frustrating that app is unusable without paying money to get rid of adds. Actually makes me resolute about never using products being advertised because of frustration over not being in control of shutting them off.
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4 years ago, LunaCodeGirl
No longer supported, ads unbearable
This app seems to have been bought up by a company that buys apps and then doesn’t support them at all. Restoring a purchase is completely broken, and I haven’t heard back from their support in 6+ months. The only noticeable change since the most recent update is that the adds are way more intrusive. Strongly urge against purchasing this app. Apple, if you’re paying attention, this app is in violation of your App Store Guidelines. Namely there is no way for users to successfully restore previous purchases. That functionality is completely broken.
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7 years ago, Sydlit
Loved it after....
Loved it after I paid for it and got rid of the annoying ads which you put up on purpose so I'd be annoyed and buy it. You're not too subtle. And I could have put out an eye because you show the ads without warning and when you do that, the Mirror disappears and you could have tweezers right near your eye when the ads appear and the Mirror disappears! Shame on you. I'm surprised you've never been sued.
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3 years ago, Crystalline fox
Mirror held hostage
This app is terrible. If I want to use a mirror, I assume I am going to be able to complete my hair or makeup without 100 interferences. Every minute an ad pops up & blocks the screen. Due to the sheer abundance of ads, it is clearly an harassment tactic to get ppl to pay for ad block. I could pay, but I decided to get another app & delete this one, just on principle. I made this decision because of the inordinate amount of effort put into making this free app useless, unless customers pay. Either charge for the app out of the gate or diminish the abundance of frequent harassing ads.
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4 years ago, PhransinBelvonte
Please fix the issue..I need my pro mirror
I don't understand how I paid for the proversion.. then reset my phone cuz it was slow. I downloaded the app again and I've been trying to restore my pro ... It won't load it. Still got ads on the app. I need my money back if possible or fix the issue!😡😡
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4 years ago, MoWhitey
WAY too many ads! I downloaded this app recently (for iPad) when my makeup mirror broke as I was getting ready for an appointment. It was fine at first. Then 2 full-screen ads begin to pop up EVERY 2 1/2-3 MINUTES. You look away to grab something from the makeup caddy, look back, *AD!* Get rid of it & the one behind it, proceed. Applying mascara or whatever and *ADS!*, [go away], keep working, less than 3 minutes later . . . *ADS!* It’s aggravating 😠, but there is no way I’m going to pay to get rid of them for a simple mirror. So buh-bye!
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2 years ago, Wanda F. Artis
This app is very handy and great to have on my home !
I like having this app on my phone because I usually buy and carry a mirror in my purse but I like this mirror app because it has other features like a light and different sizes of mirror to makes what you are looking at appear bigger and closer . Thank you !
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3 years ago, cjscrabbler
I downloaded this on my ipad to see how things looked before a Zoom meeting. I have never been dropped by a Zoom meeting before, but I was just now and couldn’t get back in. I also couldn’t access the internet with the ipad. I tried on a different ipad and my computer and they both worked fine. Then, I remembered the mirror app and deleted it. EVERYTHING WORKED AGAIN. I really hope I don’t have to reset the ipad to get rid of whatever this app did to it. I hope my ipad isn’t infected with something from this app!
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3 years ago, WilliamsFamily5
Great mirror at your fingertips !!!
Mirror- a really good way to see how yo are looking for the day! If you want to reapply your lipstick it works! The only thing I dislike about it is the mirror disappears and a game is on your screen! But I really enjoy this App! Great app for a app. It allows you to put on lipstick, see if you need to reapply your makeup! I really enjoy the mirror!!!
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1 week ago, GPRICE1961
Mirror, mirror on the wall…
…whose the very Best App of all? Y’all have an awesome app. It is so nice to have access at my fingertips. I have so missed doing my own brows. I notice each time I do or get mine done…I think I’ll always let someone else do them. I’m not very good at it but I did like the actual chore. Thank you very much!
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6 years ago, gingerrodgers
Deleted immediately!!!
On my phone. About 7 minutes, and 5 were commercials! They came on at max volume and my volume control was disabled during the commercials. That would have been very embarrassing in public, and could have damaged my hearing if I had been wearing ear buds or my Bose surrounding ear headset. I shudder just thinking about it! As another reviewer stated, I’m surprised these people haven’t been sued yet for things like this!!! I normally don’t pay a lot of attention to which company manufactures an app, but I’ll remember this one, and won’t be getting any more apps from them!!!
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2 years ago, stella10026
Love it...!!!
I live fascinated w this mirror... when I'm in the middle of my commute, this mirror comes to my rescue. Leaving home in the morning becomes a challenge to the point that I leave many times without make up. This mirror is my savior without it I couldn't make it decently to work. Thanks for the nice app ... I just love it...🌷
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3 years ago, jrs2021
Don’t buy the ad free version
The regular free app is handy. Basically it is the selfie camera that your phone already had built in. But it can use the light from your screen to give you a ‘lighted mirror’. The ads ads are constantly interrupting you though. So I bought the ad free version. The app keeps ‘forgetting’ that I made the purchase so I get those constant ads. I try to ‘restore previous purchases’ under the settings but it never loads. So the purchase is a total waste!!! Don’t do it. But the app itself is useful at times despite the annoying ads.
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10 months ago, Just Lee 1969
This has been a godsend for me.
I am legally blind, and the average camera on a phone does not allow for enlarging images. This app has helped me greatly in many ways. I highly suggest getting this one! Even if you do not have low vision, it’s terrific for many uses. Five stars for sure!
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4 years ago, PinkFreak!!!
I purchased this app and that supposed to get rid of ads and it did until they added the update. Now ads are back and they have annoying frames that you have to go through before you can actually get to just the plain mirror. There are no settings to reactivate the paid account. I love this app it’s very handy but it’s so annoying when I have purchased the app that the ads are still there! 🤦🏼‍♀️
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4 years ago, Carolxxx
Can’t get rid of loud annoying ads
So I paid the $2.99 to get rid of ads, but I did do on my iPad, and it won’t carry over to my iPhone. The ads are loud and super annoying. So useless on the iPhone. “Help” doesn’t work. I will not buy anything else from this group. Will be deleting.
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