Mission Fed Mobile Banking

4.9 (12.1K)
121.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mission Federal Credit Union
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mission Fed Mobile Banking

4.91 out of 5
12.1K Ratings
4 months ago, YnotCoCo
Best credit union ever
Before I started doing business with Mission Fed I was always being told that my direct deposits hadn’t been deposited on time so because of that I would be forced to pay late fees because my checks were dated before it was deposited. Even when the money was in my account because the checks were dated before what they said the deposit was, I still had to pay. If you bank at Bank of America run, every month my account would be hacked and then the fees would come rolling in. I found accounts that I never initiated. It was very hard for me to have any kind of credit because of all the charges, late fees and so on and Wells Fargo wasn’t any better then I went to Mission Fed since then I have very good credit excellent credit I even have a retirement account without Mission Fed. None of this would’ve been possible so again I say if you’re with Bank of America or Wells Fargo run run away as best as you can. Thank you Mission Fed you’re the best and you’re stuck with me for the rest of my life. I even brought my kids to you and they are pleased as well.
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2 years ago, bestbuk
MFCU review
My wife and I have been banking with MFCU for over 40 years. We have had mortgages, HELOCs, personal lines of credit, auto loans, checking, savings and money market accounts as well as credit and ATM cards with them! We have gone from paper statements to electronic banking all without a hitch. The office staff, from tellers to loan officers to branch managers have consistently been courteous, professional and knowledgeable and enabling, whatever are request. Yes we have financed things through other lenders but we can’t imagine banking anywhere else. Gary and Cathy Snodgrass Lakeside, CA
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1 week ago, Wilde “ Bing Bing “ Geist
Credit Unions vs Banks and S&L’s
My last major was International Business Management. My Accounting Professor who wrote text books for Wiley ( University Texts ) scolded me for telling him I opened an account at Wells Fargo. He then personally lectured me on the reasons for his angst with me. Not only were I not paying attention to his lessons I went and did the unthinkable for a Business major, I got a Bank Account. A Credit Union is the only place you want to put your money. You can use it from there for other purposes. But do not ever put your money into a Bank. And why in the world a Savings and Loan when you could have a Credit Union instead? And if you are anywhere you can do Mission Federal Credit Union you are doing good because it’s one of the very best out there. If you don’t believe me, ask an Accounting Professor.
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2 months ago, chincabri
AMAZING BANK. Terrible app.
Mission Fed is the best bank you could ever have, but the app is a NIGHTMARE. Rarely able to log in or even glance at my “quick balance” when logging in is the issue. App ran great just a few years back, but now it’s unpredictable and extremely buggy. Only way I can use the app without it glitching is if I were to delete it and redownload it which takes sooooo much time. Really hope the app goes back to the way it worked before. Other than that, when the app works, it is reliable and easy to use.
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2 years ago, ><|^<~€<~€>~*%~€%
Works fine...
***Edit: It seems as thought they have improved it since my last review. It would be really great if you could make extra principle payments on your mortgage through the app! ***Edit #2: New app update, but we still can’t make additional principle payments on our mortgage. Why can’t we make additional principle payments on our mortgage through the app? It’s 2022. My friends can make extra principle payments on their mortgages through their banking apps! It would be super convenient.
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7 months ago, F*** the boss!
Problems first few weeks with bank, but great now!
Massive technicals difficulty during first two months with bank. Extremely frustrating and it took more than long enough to fix. As a computer guy I understand these things happen and errors can cripple a platform if not addressed properly. It seemed they took it quite serious and made their priority ensuring our accounts were safe during the process.
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2 years ago, BP Likes sharp
Mission Federal credit Union is the best around I’m so happy that I found you guys. If I have problems you guys are very helpful. Your customer service is a 10 out of 10. I don’t know how many years I have been there with you. But if I’m very happy with you I don’t go anywhere else I stick with the people I’m happy with and you guys are one of them.
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7 months ago, libbylu!!
Bank is Fine, App is so so bad
I’ve been banking with Mission Fed for almost 4 years. No complaint with the bank itself… but the app itself is so bad. 90% of the time I attempt to log in, I receive an Alert- “Oops! something went wrong, Please try your request again.“ I get the same alert several times and only sometimes am able to access my account and check my balance or any other banking activities. I’ve had this issue with the app for years now and keep hoping it will get better and if anything it’s gotten worse. It’s such a major inconvenience and so frequent I’m strongly considering switching banks.
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6 months ago, Cflo94
Constantly freezing
I’ve been using this app for a long time but lately it seems 70% of the time I open it, which I do daily, it freezes up on me. Sometimes it’s as soon as I open it or other times I’m able to at least see my balance but I almost always have to close out and restart it. Also for some reason I used to be able to use Face ID to unlock it but that was taken away for some reason? Would be nice to have back.
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7 months ago, Brae Green
Considering Switching Banks
The app absolutely never works when you need it to. There’s been multiple occasions where I’m in a pinch and need to transfer money and the app is experiencing difficulties or won’t even open. I then end up having to use a different card attached to a different bank so what’s even the point of continuing here? It’s really very frustrating and embarrassing. I know I have the money but sometimes a larger purchase needs to happen and I’m stuck when I cannot access the app to transfer. I have more negative experiences with the app than positive.
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2 years ago, 1949dave
Best banking ever!
Smooth banking at every turn! Mission Fed has been our banking institution for about 40 years!! The services are user friendly; the staff are courteous and responsive; the web and apps work like they should ALL the time! it is like doing business with family and friends. Can’t imagine life without Mission Fed CU in it!
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2 years ago, FBI_ALLIE
Great customer service!
Everyone I have ever spoke to on the phone regarding banking business or loans, etc. has been exceptional. Whoever is training the employees at this bank is doing a great job. Mission has always been there for my needs and they have always given me the best interest rates on loans. I will always be with Mission.
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2 years ago, Catriaa
Login issue
Excellent customer care. Problem is site. I have two accounts with you. I have always been able to open app and select which acct to open. Now it’s not pulling up the second acct and I’m told I have to go online (less secure) and fill out all details every time I wish to view that account. Very inconvenient and open to fraud
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5 months ago, CJ198934
Last 2 months app is constantly failing
I have been a user of the Mission Fed app for about 5 years now, and everything was great until these last few months. Not sure what is going on, but it is an every day things right now. The app keeps freezing and it takes multiple times to get it to work or it just doesn’t work at all. Please fix this soon. 😩
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1 year ago, SanDiegoSells
Awesome Bank
I have been a member of Mission Fed for many years five star rating is Not Enough to say what a awesome Bank this is Mission fed has the best customer service available always ready to help I’m lucky to be a member. If your considering become a member I can say you will be 100% satisfied Ten star A + Bank ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sincerely thank you Mission Fed !!
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2 years ago, David Tito Rivera
How I feel about bank apps
I really do love this, it makes life easier for everyone to keep track of our own purchases instead of writing everything down and wasting paper
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7 months ago, aguser21
This app has been acting poorly lately. Interfered w Zelle and acts as my account is registered and doesn’t allow me to send or receive money. Now the app doesn’t even allow to sign in or load. If you get lucky loading it passed the sign..it won’t let you proceed to your checking or savings and kicks you out the app. It used to work great but last month has not been working properly.
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3 months ago, Worth a peak or a spin
Confidence in Mission Fed
I’ve been a member of Mission Federal credit Union since the early 70s that’s a long time. It has never disappointed me. They continue to have great rates and there offices are close to all. I have a lot of confidence in Mission Federal credit Union. Thank you.
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2 years ago, BBQ722
Love my credit union!
I have had an account with MFCU since the late 80’s! Always professional, friendly and helpful! It has that small community feel that I prefer over the BIG BANKS which are so impersonal and look for ways to charge you fees! I LOVE MY CREDIT UNION!!!
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3 months ago, my app reviewer nickname
Was bad, now at least stable
Was crashing once a day, now it is not crashing. Has the basics but looks old. Fire the design team, do something modern and add features. This is 10 years out of date and has me using it less than my other bank.
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7 months ago, Best in 44
This is my first and ONLY bank I have had since my first job in 1991! I will never go to another one! I bank at La Mesa, El Cajon, and, Rancho San Diego! I have 4 daughters and they got their first accounts when they were 13 yrs old and still have them! Happy New Year!
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5 months ago, Dub_cosplay
Oops something went wrong …
This is the 5th time this has happen to the app where you can’t log in seriously!!! I was just on the app 16 mins ago and the next thing you know this happens…like really fixed the app Jesus Christ!!! I hate contacting member care also, you should extend your hours when the app is not working. Like how Wells Fargo does
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9 months ago, Mg1911
Needs share feature
App works well as far as it goes. Would be nice if there was a share icon to print or download statement to laptop for personal record keeping. My small credit union with 1 location has that feature so surprised MF behind the curve.
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6 months ago, fdsgfghuu
Used to be a good bank
MF used to be an ok bank with ok customer service. However, lately their customer service has gone by the wayside. It’s taking me 11 phone calls to try and get through to a competent person to fix my bank account. I finally had to just go and close it. and there’s this app which is horribly designed it crashes almost every time I guess just a sign of the times of a failing banking institution.
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2 years ago, Janmarrimher
Customer Service
Civic center branch has a staff like no other. They are efficient and helpful. I have never had a poor customer service experience and they genuinely care about their customers. Thank you MissionFed!
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1 month ago, littlemisschelsea
Mission Federal Credit Union Mobile App Review
I love using Mission Fed Mobile banking! They make it so easy to use and navigate the app, transferring money between accounts and locking and unlocking your card is made super easy! Thank you
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2 years ago, sweetsndsassy
Excellent Customer Service !
Their app is easy/ effective / fast. I appreciate their customer service when I need it. People are friendly when I go in. I appreciate the way they do business .
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2 years ago, It's me suz
Love Mission Federal
I have been a member for about 10 years. I have alway had great service with Mission FED regardless of transaction. I feel I can trust my bank and highly recommend them to my family and friends.
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3 months ago, mianicole619
App freezes constantly
It’s been months and the app continues to freeze. I have to log in multiple times just to navigate and access not only the information but the services (mobile banking, mobile deposit, transfers etc). I gave it some time to sort itself out but this is ridiculous. It makes me want to change banks and I’ve been with them for 20+ years
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1 year ago, Matzuu
Works great!
The application does everything I need without a problem. My only issue is that they still haven’t really updated the application for my iPhone 14. The top of the app is cut off and It’s a bit annoying trying to navigate.
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1 year ago, Mls8989
Needs updating
The app is fine for function, but it’s almost impossible to click the back button or use the bottom menu. The app was never updated when the dynamic island was released so now things are blocked from access. It’s been almost a year now….
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5 months ago, The notario
Love & Hate
Love the folks who work here! Hate the online system, it’s always a problem and issues force me to continually delete the app and install it all over again!
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7 months ago, AdrianRos
App Rarely Works
I consistently log-in to my app to check balances & do stuff; however, the login process frequently doesn’t work, with the app experiencing “technical difficulties,” buffering forever, taking 5+ minutes to send 2FA codes, and more. The app also won’t work when my phone is connected to certain WiFi, but doesn’t warn you that that’s the reason you can’t log-in to see your money.
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3 months ago, ..notinterested..
Constant Glitching
This app used to work great but for some time now it has been having major issues. It won’t even allow you to log in most of the time, and when it does it barely functions to where you can’t make transfers or look at transactions. And since the website doesn’t work either there is no way to access your own account!
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3 weeks ago, GaussEon
Easy and simple for cash flow
Everything is easy to use and they are my favorite bank so everything just makes sense…(:
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4 months ago, learnedlatina
Great app but it locks up
I’ve been enjoying the MFCU app for several years. Improvements make it easy to manage my accounts on the go. However, its been freezing since the last iPhone update in March 2024.
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3 weeks ago, Jotanueve
Mobile deposit still doesn’t work.
This app would be much more convenient if mobile deposit worked. Done everything to get it to work but it camera is blank every time. Please fix this function.
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1 year ago, Tuningin1
Improvements needed
It take awhile for different pages to load. I can see where to log out, but it NEVER works to actually log me out. Could be some improvements made, for sure. I almost would rather do mobile banking on the website.
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2 years ago, T_wag10
One thing is with the last update I think we lost a lot of the graphs and data we could see. Other than that it’s great
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3 months ago, jpschwarz
Back and forth flaws
This app display is in constant fluctuation state. Some days the logout button is so high on the iPhone 15 screen that I cannot logout with ease. I have installed and uninstalled multiple time hoping that the newest install will fix the issue but it won’t. I’ve never seen any other app have this kind of bug.
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1 year ago, Gramme07
Love this app
This app allows me to check deposits and withdrawals so easily. Much better than having to log onto my computer.
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7 months ago, AkiraYamada
Constant Issues
The app somehow always knows when it’s very important for me to check my balance because an error will prevent me from logging incredibly often. I have 3 banking apps on my phone and the Mission Federal app is the only one that consistently has an error that does not allow users to log in. What’s the point of having it then?
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2 years ago, Djdjxcnj
30 year member
I have stayed committed to being a MFCU customer for 30 years only because they’ve proven to me time after time how loyal they are to their members.
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10 months ago, J M W $
Member for over 25 years
I have been with MFCU FOR over 25 years…. Everyone is so helpful and friendly and I appreciate all of you🩵Thank you, signed: Julie Willman
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5 months ago, Susen Foster Designs
Beat of the CUs
Been with MFCU for over 20 years. They have always been good to me, rich or poor. Customer Service is great and options for members are exceptional.
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2 months ago, Rockieeeeeeeeeee
Gets the job done
Out of all my banking apps this one is far the worst! It’s very slow & wont remember your information. As someone that has a co signer on here, I can’t log in since I need my co signers ssn. Very frustrating!!! I say it gets the job done for looking at your balance but can very much improve
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1 year ago, Mrs potato head33
Customer Service
MFCU has the best phone customer service. They have solved any concerns or problems quickly and politely. Thank you.
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5 months ago, D1236LG
App review
The app tends to freeze and I have to swipe out and log in again. So I don’t know if it needs to be updated? But other than that I really enjoy the app. And we live out of state so this is how we do all of our banking.
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8 months ago, cynflower
Please fix the app
Something happened after the last update, please fix it. I can never log in and once I finally can it takes forever or times out when I try to view my accounts. The website is no better either. It’s essential to have access to our accounts. Please fix ASAP.
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2 years ago, Xzxdf
App Review
The Mission federal app is very user friendly. I have been using the app since it’s inception and have never had a problem.
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