Mission Lane Card

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Mission Lane LLC
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3 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Mission Lane Card

4.87 out of 5
273.3K Ratings
11 months ago, Willamette LAW
Helped me get back on top.
I had a job loss and then an accident. My credit went downhill quickly. I had a ton of charge offs. I gradually paid back all my credit cards even though they were closed. My credit report showed that they were all paid off. I then applied for this card and got a $500 limit. It’s now $4,500. When I started rebuilding, my credit score was 541. Today, all my scores are right around the 780 mark, including FICOs. The app is easy to use. I’ve never had a problem with the card. I always pay off the balance way before it is due. I now have two Capital One accounts and a Discover card. $40,500 in total available credit. I think what allowed me to rebuild so quickly in about two years is that I paid off charge off debt. So my credit report showed I didn’t owe anything. And I never keep a balance on a card and am never late. Each of us has our own unique credit profile. What works for me may not work for you and Vice versa. In short, I really don’t use this card much but I don’t want to close it out and have a closed account on my record. I just use it occasionally for gas. Just to keep it active. The problem with lower credit line cards is that if you use them, it shows you’re available balance. And that is what looks bad if you’re using more than half your credit line. Get this card and only use it for small purchases. It’s a stepping stone card but now I can use it for major purchases if needed.
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3 years ago, RachelB33
I love this card! I’m grateful and thankful for this company!
Mission Lane approved me for a card when no one else would. My credit was once really good but was destroyed after my husband’s fight with stage 4 cancer. It was financial ruin for us. Once he got better, I made it my mission to restore my credit and get our finances on track. Mission Lane was my first step to rebuilding my credit. They gave me a chance and here I am, a little over a year later, with a credit score of 746!! Because of Mission Lane, I have been able to get a personal loan and 2 car loans as well. They even increased my spending limit after 6 months. In addition, the app is super easy to use to track your spending and make payments. The company’s mission to help people rebuild their credit with kindness and compassion is second to none in this industry. Thank you Mission Lane, from the bottom of my heart... Sincerely, Rachel, customer for life :)
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6 months ago, Randyy99
5 ✨’s are within reach!!!
Now that I was able to set up the App it is easy to set up a minimum payment to make sure you don’t miss a payment for any reason. Then you can open the App at any time and click just a few buttons and pay your balance or maybe you just got $40 of gas, open the App and just pay that. It really easy. My one and only complaint at this time is this ridiculous $300 credit limit I was started off with. If you are trying to build credit or just don’t want your score to go down you are supposed to keep balance below 30%. That only 90 bucks. I can barely fill my car up with that. Shoot don’t even think about using this card for groceries, 90 bucks will barely fill the seat up in you cart. So with an increase of my credit to at least $750 dollars on the low side to around $1500 dollars would be ideal. I have a credit card with a higher balance and I might just use it for everything. Or you can raise my credit limit so the card is usable and then I would be more than willing to rate you at 5 full shiny stars.
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8 months ago, Thedew34
Mission Lane came through for me during hard times and for that I am very grateful. The app is well kept and regularly updated, which is a huge quality metric in my book because the digital world is constantly changing. This regular maintenance is a strong indicator that ML’s team takes app bugs and security flaws very seriously. The app gets five stars because I haven’t experienced any usage issues with it in terms of making changes or making payments. I don’t use auto-pay, and I usually don’t use auto-pay with any account under any category unless there is a discount involved. That’s what reminders apps are for. The only real knock I got for Mission Lane is that the card cannot be added to Apple Pay, but I bet dollars to donuts they’re working on that right now….because it’s most likely really good for business.
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3 months ago, bdjejsv
Great Company
Mission Lane has been great to work with. After the death of my father and a health scare that I experienced myself, my finances were in ruins. I went through the excruciating process of fixing all that when I could and when the time came that I could start rebuilding my credit, Mission Lane was the only institution that would give me a chance. I did not have money to put down for a secured line. That was a little over a year ago. Starting with that line of credit, I’ve built my credit back up and my credit score is now over 700. They were willing to give me a reasonable chance/opportunity and because of that, I have been able dig myself back out of the pit that envelopes so many of us. It’s appreciated and I highly recommend Mission Lane.
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2 years ago, DreamWebConcepts
Does not work on iOS
I think the company and card are great! I appreciate them for extending me credit thereby allowing me to build my ailing credit worthiness. But, this isn’t a review on the company nor it’s merits. It is a review on this particular app. While I admit it is difficult for me to consciously submit a one star review for a company I respect and appreciate, I have had the app since the opening of my account, and have yet to avail myself the benefits of access to account information via a conveniently available, user friendly, well designed app platform. I’ve seen this identical fundamental flaw mentioned numerous times in a plethora of reviews, and the issue persists none the less. I maintain the certainty that as a company, Mission Lane, is succeeding, however when it comes to their applications cross-platform performance, they land firmly in the territory of a one star review. I am willing and eager to update this review when and if this critical error is rectified; but until then I must remain steadfast in my decision to rate this app with an isolated and solemnly solitary star…
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1 week ago, MaddFlor
I can’t see old statements.
There’s no statements available to see when you are on paperless. I can only see transaction from a year. I would like to be able to see my statements like any other creditor provides. Otherwise I think paper option is what I will change to. I like this card to build credit but the interest is too high at 33 percent. Plus an annual fee and no points. I recently started learning more about credit and now have anxiety about my high balance that never goes down. I thought I was doing good by paying minimum. I can’t even remember what I originally bought with this card that I still havent paid off in 2 years. I want to pay it off and only use it for important things that I pay off right away.
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3 years ago, SDGeekGirlToo
Very happy with this credit card choice
I had never heard of this bank or this card before I applied but I am very happy with the decision that I made to go for it anyways. And over a year later, I do not regret it. They have really been awesome, from their customer service, their business practices and even raising my limit twice in that year. I started with a$500 limit and after about 7-8 months (approx??) they increased my limit $100 and then 2-3 months later increased it another $500 for an overall limit if $1100 and it has really been a blessing. I have had zero issues using the online system to make my payments and the payments were credited promptly. (The first month or two they credited the payment as on-time but did not release it to the “open” credit line until the interest payment was taken out. I suspect because I had been close to my limit, I appreciated it!) I have never felt this was like some other cards to improve your credit, where you feel the predatory breathing down your neck as they wait for the chance to charge you a large fee. I feel they want me to succeed and that is indeed a nice feeling. 🤗 Thanks Mission Lane!
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2 years ago, Stella86531
This card is great for rebuilding credit!
After a fallout years ago with my credit, I had problems obtaining even a secured card with my credit having a score of roughly 489. I received Mission Lanes invitation in the mail and for an annual fee of $59 which is extremely low and not secured, I honestly thought I was not going to be approved. To my surprise I was approved in late October receiving my card in November with a $300 limit!! I am pleased with this card so far. Most of my collections from past years have fallen off my report and I’ve been in excellent standing with Mission Lane. Just today after 6 months they bumped up my credit to $600 and I’m stoked! My credit score is in the 600’s now across all 3 credit reporting agencies and I couldn’t be more happier!!
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1 year ago, KimmieNB
Great Credit Card!
This is one of the best credit cards I’ve had! If I could give more than five stars I would! I have been with Mission Lane for about 1 1/2 years, and they have given me two substantial credit line increases. If you are not using the card wisely and trying to pay off what you charged, they see that and feel you deserve a credit line increase. They give them every 6 months. I have had someone get into my account and make some purchases using my card. I called, and right away they sent me a new card , and put the money in question back on my card till they investigated it. They have always been very helpful and kind. I appreciate that. Give them a try! Thank you Mission Lane!!
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2 years ago, you suuuuck
Mission Is Horrible
When you sign up with this company, they give you this idea that it’s going to be pleasant and they’re offering you some thing. It’s so difficult customer service he doesn’t exist. None of them see the same things they offer you things to go your credit and then when you try to attach your accounts for payment, none of it goes through and nobody has any idea why they send you multiple emails every day that areUseless and the most important part is there is really no customer service. They have some phone numbers here but when you call the people cannot help you they have no clue how to answer you when you’ve made a transaction they cannot see the transaction. You have to email call back Email called back and then there’s still no resolution also that 59 Dollar charge is unreasonable and they take it off of the top immediately
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3 years ago, NicozGiGi
Good so far
I’m just getting the card. I set up the app on my phone, used it and paid it off quickly so I could make sure the app worked. So far so good. I’ve read some reviews about it taking too long to post payments. I had to call customer service because they sent my card at the end of April and I didn’t receive it. So, I called them, it didn’t take too long for them to answer, they quickly canceled my card and sent me a new one. I must say they’re customer service professional was pleasant and the issue was resolved quickly. So FAR, they checked all of my boxes. I’ll definitely come back after 6 months to give another review. Thank you Mission Lane for helping me build my credit.
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8 months ago, Say Watt?
Where’s my card?
After getting approved for the card, I kept waiting to receive it and it never came. It had been about three weeks I called and they issued a replacement card and this time it was over a month waiting and it never showed up. They say third times a charm, and that’s what it was in this case, this time they sent it via FedEx and I got it in three days. Where did the other two cards go? I don’t think the first two cards ever got sent out because there never was any fraudulent activity on either one. They just mysteriously disappeared. How did the other two cards never reach My Address but the third one did? Very strange but I’m just glad I have it now.
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7 months ago, Tiger456!
Decent company
I've been with Mission Lane 4 years, the app has always worked well however with four years of on time payments my credit limit is still 800 and has not changed since opening the account. I wish that there was an option to make express payments though debit card. Sometimes it can take 14 days for my available to be updated. I see other reviews stating their limit was increased after 6-8 months. They were the only company that would approve me 4 years. ago after my mom took a bunch of credit cards out in my name without my knowledge maxed them out and let them go into collections I only found out after I tried to refinance my car so I'm thankful I was able to get a second chance. I now have two other cards where I am seeing regular increases just not with mission lane.
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8 months ago, Tornado2180
Good cash, back, instant credit for payments.
Many great features for any card and a huge step up for credit challenged customers. Good cash back feature on all purchases. I got 2 credit line increases in 6 months using the account RESPONSIBLY! Zippy, easy, perfectly laid out app gets you right to the information you need. Instant credit line availability when payments are made through Plaid payment network in the app. No waiting on weekends or holidays for online payments to clear. Use your available credit IMMEDIATELY. Apply, receive, enjoy. Not compatible with Apple Pay yet. It’s worth the minor inconvenience.
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2 months ago, SlotMan33
Slow credit update
I’ve had Mission Lane for a while and it’s good for what it is. A card to help rebuild credit. The app and website is fine but a little difficult to navigate. My main complaint is availability of credit. The payment comes out of my bank instantly but it take a week and a half for the credit to be available. I needed to rent a car and was assured the money would be released as they verified the money was cleared out of my checking account a week prior. Upon getting to the car rental place, I was unable to use the card. Customer service is fine. Overall it an ok card if you are trying to rebuild or establish credit but if you are used to larger companies, you will be disappointed.
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3 years ago, Meliebe
They’re definitely working to make it better!
This app has certainly come a long way from when it used to be LendUp. It’s so much more user friendly and accessible now and I can’t say that I’ve had any problems or issues thus far. Transactions and payments apply and show up promptly and they offer access to lots of information and articles for people rebuilding. I think it would be more convenient to be able to update your personal information through the app or online instead of having to call into customer service, but that’s more a minor inconvenience than anything. Overall it’s been a great experience so far.
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2 years ago, GandalfTheGhetto
This company will destroy you credit, get a secured card instead!!.
I'll admit I'm a part of the new generation but this has nothing to do with the day and age we are in. I've tried multiple times to pay off this card through the app but their archaic payment methods made it hard for me to pay it off on time. If you call them they will take a debit card but there is no word or option of that in app, so my only way was to pay the ways of ach transfer which would take up to two week with my institution at the time and that made it incredulously hard for me living from paycheck to paycheck at the time. When I py something just like I pay in cash I want it to be instant or on a set date you'll get neither with this app developed for a dinosaur by dinosaurs! Get with the times mission lane and learn how to accept a debit card in app and not over the phone.
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4 years ago, DomDom369
A lot better than expected!
When I first got this card and app...I was a little weird about using it due to other reviews I had read previously. Had to give ML a break because the app was still pretty new. The app has improved greatly. Payments post within 24 hours which is awesome. I’m not sure if purchases take a few days to show, but I mean it’s no different from my other CC accounts. They have processing times even if it shows on the app, so whatever :) they gave a credit increase after a 6 month period which is very reasonable. All is well. Figured I’d spread some positive vibes instead of bashing the app. It’s been improving over time. Thanks!
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3 years ago, Nick Perrelli
Great card, great credit building, could use a few tweaks!
First off, I’ve been recovering my credit even before the pandemic hit. But with hard work, and trust, mission lane was able to start an unsecured credit account that I am able to manage through their seamless app. Everything is near perfect and I highly suggest using this application and this company. Customer suggestions: When paying your bill, direct debit would be highly beneficial to help the delay as it takes several business days for ACH transactions. Credit reporting: I would just suggest trying to more frequently report more positive trends to the credit Bureaus, as negatively reporting usage more frequently than payments reflects poorly on the customer, or have even intervals for both positive and negative reports. Customer tip: Keep general credit usage below 15% and always pay your bill before it’s due. All in all 5 out of 5 for this type of credit recovery.
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1 year ago, Mr Sal
This Is A Review Of The App Not The Bank
I would like to first say that I would rate the bank very highly based off my experiences with them. I know different people have different experiences, but mine have been great. However this is not a review of the bank, but rather a review of the app they provide. The app is functional with what I would call basic features. Such as- -Viewing your current and pending purchases. -Seeing your available limit. -Making payments through the app. -Locking your card if it’s lost or stolen. It doesn’t have some features the I would say hold it back from being a GREAT app. These include- -Instant app alerts from purchases made. -Widget support so I can see summaries without opening the app. -Night mode display, the white background burns my eyes. An exceptionally positive point with the app before I forget, is that the app shows you how to increase your credit limit with the bank and how you’re processing with that. Overall it’s a functional app that provides basic features that one would expect, even though I feel like there is room for improvements.
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3 years ago, jamie74a
So far so good!
I’m liking the Mission card and app so far. As long as they keep their promise of increased credit limit after a few on time payments.. I’ll be happy. I have several of these other garbage $300 limit credit cards that I pay triple minimum payments on time every month but no credit increases even after several years with some of the cards. $1300 emergency happens I have to look like an idiot and spread out over 3-4 cards. I pray Mission bank understands how real life works and will be different than the rest.
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4 months ago, Cancelwriteareveiwsend
The app is fine, when it works.
Just like many other users have reported, for over a month now i have been unable to sign into the app. When I open the app, face ID signs me in but immediately the screen flashes back and closes out of the app. This happens every single time. I have to make payments online now. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app to no avail. Various users have reported this issue and I wouldn’t be writing this review if this was a small issue. But seeing as this has been going on for over a month, it’s a clear sign of the developers’ lack of urgency. Not being able to use an application for such a long period time is a bit ridiculous. Please fix this. I don’t like making payments online and would much rather use the app that is pushed so much.
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8 months ago, Clwynn72
Great credit card to have
This card is really good for you to have when building your credit they are great with customer service and support I really appreciate them they respond quickly to handling an issue with the card and or unauthorized transactions and they also provide increase as a way of rewarding you for your good payment history with them I would recommend anyone who is trying to build their credit to get a credit card from mission lane
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2 years ago, Dunahoo009
Great to rebuild
Years ago when I was I my early twenty’s I messed my credit up pretty bad then just lived without credit When I decided to start and rebuild my credit I saw this card on Karma and applied. Only got a 500 dollar limit but within a few months I got another hundred and so on and so on. They report often and process your payments pretty quickly. I would recommend this one to anyone who’s rebuilding credit. Most cards don’t seem to reward as frequently as mission does.
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3 years ago, bxzakevb
Review/ Requests
I give the company and the app 5 stars for quality and excellent services, but I would like see the statements in the app as PDFs that can be printed. I haven’t been able to print any of my statements to date. I want to print them out of my email, but they are never emailed to me? I have checked my junk mail and still no statements. I am only able to view them, and I need to be able to print them from my email. I contacted them twice and the answer has been the same, but no resolution yet.
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3 years ago, Nicholasb112
The Mission Lane App and card services used to be downright ARCHAIC! Payments took forever to post and there was very little functionality on the site itself. Now payments are easy to track and post much quicker to your account. I had previously just put my Mission Lane Visa card away in a drawer since payments and usage was so awful - Now I have the card back in my wallet and am using it regularly. THANK YOU Mission Lane for finally updating your app and all your card services - much appreciated!!
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3 years ago, Willyk34447
Easy to use!
The app is straightforward and to the point. You login, see what you owe, And pay. It really is that simple once you set up your Checking account. Make a payment whenever you want, and build your credit. The only thing I dislike about the company is that it takes a while for money that you send in to post in to be available. But that really has nothing to do with the app. As far as the app is concerned, it works well and a simple to operate.
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2 months ago, Milkman376579
They don’t reward good accounts
I’ve had this card going on 3 years never late never a returned payment always early. I’ve paid it off a few times and I have yet to receive any type of increase I now only use this card to make my internet wireless payments and pay it off every month but not one increase I’m done paying their interest as I said I have multiple cards and 100 percent on time payment history and have received multiple credit increases with all my other accounts except this one it’s just not worth it to use more than a few bucks a month on it . Anyway they get a 2 rating from me.
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11 months ago, No smoke and mirrors
Patience Is A Virtue!
Mission Lane has helped me rebuild my credit over the last four years. Although I have acquired a variety of other cards and credit limits during the last two years, ML recently surprised me with a credit line increase that puts me at almost 50% of the previous credit line. They have contributed to the higher credit scores by rewarding all my timely payments and responsible use of the credit privilege. A milestone journey. One mile at a time! John
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2 years ago, 𝒦𝒾𝓃𝒶
Unable to update information
I have had my card for some time now and really like the card the only drawback is with the app and online I have run into is that I’m not able to update my address or income even after following there directions. I wish you would update your app and your website as well so we are able to update our information without having to send an email or call .
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3 weeks ago, 691seeker
Great card for rebuilding credit
They took a chance on me when all lenders declined my application. My score improved to the mid 700s because of them. Great card to rebuild credit. I was approved for $2K with no annual fee with a 1% cashback on everything else. Considering all the options I had then, this was truly a blessing. My goal is to keep this card forever, using it occasionally, and as a reminder when I hit rock bottom, anything is possible.
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9 months ago, Sman44Mag
Very good idea for credit card holders
While rebuilding my credit score, Mission Lane has been good experience for me. Made my payments often and on time, and in return have received two credit line increases of $200 each time. Recently, lost my wallet and had to get all new card. Mission Lane customer service was pretty good and I know use this as my main online purchase card. So unless your rocking high FICO score, Mission Lane the best service in my opinion.
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2 years ago, LL Lauren
Overall great banking app!
Hi , everything I have seen has been great. There is only one thing I have came across, and that is when editing payment accounts- such as your bank that you are making payments with can not be removed - this needs to be fixed so that 1. I can update to another bank to make payment 2. So I can delete the old account/s for security Please fix this problem! Thank you -
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3 months ago, JessieLynn49
Great customer service
I’m pleased with my Mission Lane credit card. They’ve always been reliable, and their customer Service representatives have been friendly, professional, and efficient when I have questions or concerns about my card. Other cards don’t match the quality of service that Mission Lane has provided over the years. Thank you, Mission Lane. Now, please raise my credit limit to one billion dollars. (Just kidding).
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1 year ago, RogueTheAssassin
It helped me buy my new work car
The credit card definitely came in clutch because after a year of on time payments and I always paid extra, the credit card limit increased to a huge amount at the beginning of January (this month) and I was finally able to buy the work car I’ve been wanting and searching for for a while now. Definitely glad I came across Mission Lane 🏁👏🏾👌🏾
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2 years ago, treydatrufe
Really good
This is actually a really good card, I read the reviews and they were so-so but I didn’t have any of the problems these people said. I got approved right after my credit score went to 630 and I got the karma guarantee so I went for it. And no I didn’t have some bill due before I even activated my card. I activated it and the balance was 0 as it should’ve been. Ps the online app is super swift and ez to use and pay on your card 🙂
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2 years ago, SAVE YOUR MONEY!!!
Everything was simple and easy just how I love it. I applied for the card got thousand dollar credit limit. Making payment is simple and easy how I love it. It’s only one thing missing tap and go. I would love to add this card to my apple wallet(I would use it much more) I don’t like taking out my wallet everywhere it’s a lot going on right now in the world plus it’s scammer devices everywhere now. Tap and go would make this card PERFECT!!!
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3 months ago, sunshine kitten
Card access
For the past two months I haven’t been able to access my account through the app. So I have to guess what is going on with my account. I have to call the number on my card to make my payment. This is becoming a problem, I can’t make a payment when I want to. First, they told me they (mission lane) was having trouble with the app. That was two months ago.
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2 years ago, dhc122
App will not load
The first 6 months of being a card user, the app worked great. I could make my payments directly through the app, see my balance and every transaction. Now I get a blank (white) screen once I enter my login credentials. No account summary, No balance, No transactions, NOTHING. I have to use a computer and go the website to see my account and make payments and see transactions. Somehow I think this defeats the purpose of the app. My phone is updated regularly, the app shows no update needed. I have uninstalled and reinstalled at least ten times. Still nothing. If anyone who works on this app reads this, please send me advice!
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1 year ago, Amilah1027
Highly recommend!
After my bankruptcy, this was the first card I was approved for and it’s honestly one of the best credit cards I’ve ever had. The app is so easy and clean, customer service has been awesome whenever I’ve needed it, it’s helped build my credit back up and they gave me a higher credit limit within 5 or 6 months of paying on time. Two thumbs up across the board from me!
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3 years ago, S.Clark1313
Building my Credit
Mission Lane has been helpful in beginning the rebuilding of my credit after bankruptcy. First of all, they gave me a chance, second, the yearly fee is only $19! That is major because many cards are $99 a year. I am making sure that my payments are on time and are as much as I can afford. NOT just the MINIMUM!! You must show that you are reliable and not falling back into old habits. Thank you, Mission Lane!!
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1 year ago, Yuisber ñ
hello my name is Yuisber L
In my opinion, one of the best credit cards in my experience, after having problems with my credit, mission lane gave me the opportunity and approved a credit card with little money and in one year they have already increased the credit line to $4,100. credit without asking for increases just using my card correctly thank you very much for your trust I recommend it 100%
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2 years ago, ef4tless
Surprisingly easy
I have carried this card for a couple of years now, sort of as a backup. Now that I am using it regularly, the credit limit has gone up, the interface is super simple, the payment and account information is very transparent, and the merchandising is discreet. It is now my go to card. If you can transfer the balance from another card, I recommend it.
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12 months ago, Raindeerbanjo
Easy Access
I love the easy access to your online payments. Other cards will constantly make you change your password and /or user name, and when you do, they STILL don’t let you in! They make it SO difficult and frustrating! Sometimes I think they don’t really want to get paid! You always accept my Face ID and get me right in. No hassles, no constant changes! Thank you Mission Lane!
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2 years ago, Jena•laxzadaisey
Amazing card
I started with no so good credit and as I have built up my credit and made sure I was never late on one payment my credit and amount of credit through this card has grown.. and making a payment is very convenient thanks Mission Lane for being willing to take a chance on someone with bad credit.. without Credit Karma I wouldn’t have known about you
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5 years ago, Alex on a Mission
A cut above the rest
The app works as well as any other banking app out there, including the larger established banks for that matter. In fact, the app has great little touches to it that I believe make it better, a delight even! The top of the home screen has a credit used bar which is great for managing my credit. It also has a free credit score tool. That, combined with my balance clearly stated with a due date is what I need and this app delivers. 😀
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2 years ago, Fjxjjcj
Pleasantly Surprised
After Years of zero credit because I hated credit and bills associated with them. My credit dipped down into the 500’s. I accepted the fact credit is a necessary evil and applied. I was immediately approved and my credit instantly jumped up 74 points. Thanks Mission Lane. I even had an issue initially because My credit karma address from which Mission Lane extracted my information from was wrong. It took several calls but eventually I got through to a representative and his manager. Super Nice people. Thanks Mission.
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1 year ago, Gailiene
I have never missed a parent and on app it says missed 6 ; unable to get credit increase… which is fine, I guess One of the first payments was a routing error but who gets the “minus points “ You -MISSION LANE-don’t report monthly to the bureaus or they don’t change figures! I HAVE MONITORED MY CREDIT CLOSELY… in the past year. Like other familiar stories , my credit score was 485 bc of stresses (everyone has them of all kinds; let’s say) and hospital bills , right at 13,000 $ in mostly hospital debt Now present day which it has taken me approximately 2 years now and only in hospital debt 700$ to only one credit collector company!!! My score will not increase to a steady 615 I have perfect paying score for 10 months CREDIT CARD PEOPLE AND CREDIT BUREAUS DONT GIVE A CRAP ABOUT my LIFE… millions of dollars aren’t made every day. Believe you me, I’ll find a “voice “ or make myself heard GP
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2 years ago, RalphV_35
Digital Wallet and Apple Pay with Mission Lane Card
After receiving the card I tried adding my card to my wallet for easy access, however I quickly notice that after several attempts it failed to do so. I’m guessing the card/bank does not support Apple Pay/Digital Wallet with this card. I dislike carrying my wallet around so I guess I won’t be using the card that often. Other than that so far haven’t had any other issues the process have been simple, just hope this is fixed.
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