MissionSquare Retirement

1.6 (239)
38.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
14.3 or later
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User Reviews for MissionSquare Retirement

1.62 out of 5
239 Ratings
4 years ago, NbkAh
Why build an app and or support phone size
Ok, you took the time to build an iPhone app however you don’t support the screen size of an iPhone... come on..... why build an app then.... at least you fixed the bugs from the last version and we can access our accounts again.
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3 months ago, The punisher 07
This app and its website are the worst investment applications. Ever since they made changes to the entire site it has been one rabbit hole after another. Nothing on this site is user friendly nor do they allow you to make changes without having to call them. Nothing on their platform works. No rate of return no changes or deletion of contributions no emails confirmations and everything is all over the place. They are quick to take your money and charge you for their service but make the app and website or archaic and confusing. You would think someone with some customer service background would be able to develop something that actually benefits and supports customers. Not to mention they apply your contributions to the wrong tax year even after you selected the one you wanted. I’m seriously going to think about changing companies bc they lack in many areas and I’m not paying them for subpar service.
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2 years ago, jane Buff
The prior app was functional, and this latest version under the Mission Square brand is absolutely useless and ten steps backwards. You can no longer see if your accounts have gained or lost value on a daily basis without manually digging through each and every account valuation. The savings and retirement calculator is also useless and doesn’t allow you to actually estimate a pension and funds in retirement because some of the drop downs don’t work, among other glitches. Similarly, every time I log on I get messages that purport to confirm changes to my accounts that I have not made. Finally, I get message alerts and once read, I cannot delete the messages shown in the app. If Mission Square wants to provide value o its customers please fix the app!
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1 year ago, m.n.2019.
Login never remembers who I am
Once I finally make it into the app, it’s great! And I would love to be able to view my balance more often, however the app never “remembers” me even though I am constantly turning on the biometrics login and saving my password. The amount of times I have had to go in and change a perfectly good password because it doesn’t remember is crazy! I don’t know if it’s a bug or just me, but I feel like I always have problems logging in.
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5 years ago, cb20!!
Much Improved
I looked at this app a few years ago and instantly deleted it because it was worthless. I just downloaded it again after seeing updates and it is completely different. Glad to see what the developers have done. It seems like it could be easier to navigate for people that are not as tech savvy, but I can at least see all my different info now which is a plus.
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5 years ago, RADonaldson
Setting up Touch ID
This might help another user, but to set Touch ID up, press the thumbprint at the login screen and follow the prompts. You will need to log in the conventional way one last time. Perhaps the App devs can make this clearer? I do personally love this new version of the app, WAY better than before!!!
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2 years ago, Ctrew
New APP is possibly worse than the old one
So far I have learned that if you have more than one account (husband/wife) the web site is not smart enough to let you have two separate accounts on one email and or phone, computer or pad. Seemed to work so so with just one account. Unfortunately they took away most of your abilities to see if you lost money or made money along with being very cumbersome to try and navigate in it.
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3 years ago, CBA331ABC
Very Poor App To Use
This app does not have functionality of a true app. The app is web based, which gives users functionality of a desktop version. The app is extremely slow and buttons/tabs have to be repeatedly pushed to go to another page. The login access is slower than the page itself unless you connect to the app via wifi. ICMA-RC needs stability support for this app and needs someone to redevelop it.
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5 years ago, cjl21043
I love this enhanced version of the app!
I have a iPhone X and I enabled facial recognition - it works like a charm! I really appreciate the enhanced look and feel as well as being able to manage my account by submitting trades and updating my investment allocations effortlessly through the app while on the go!
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1 year ago, tidbit813
This update has made it impossible to log in. I have signed up for new access but my log in info doesn’t work. When you click forgot password it requires your user ID. It keeps telling me my User ID is incorrect. So I try to click forgot User ID and it requires your password which it also keeps saying is incorrect. So I’m unable to log in and there is no other options for logging in or seeking help.
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5 years ago, Maka123827
Can’t get in
I set up my account on the app. Everything was successful until I went to log in and it said that my information was incorrect. Ok, I literally just set it up. I’m not that dumb that I would forget instantly.... figured there was maybe a waiting period, so I tried today. Nope. Still can’t get in. Tried troubleshooting and creating a new password, but the system doesn’t recognize my info at all. Cool. Looks like I’m never gonna use this app.
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2 years ago, Ertnog
Not even going to try
I am new to the ICMA app and was excited to get started with my retirement plans. After reading these reviews, I have no confidence that this app will provide any type of reliable service. I will just delete the app now and save myself the frustration of it. Thanks to all who have taken the time to write your reviews. Please, continue to review the failures or successes of this app. One day, I may decide to try.
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1 year ago, k_bomb
From bad to worse
This app wasn’t that great when the company was ICMA-RC, but MissionSquare made it even worse. It doesn’t remember trusted access, so two-party authentication is required all the time. Once in, it’s basically the same as just accessing the website through a browser. Many of the things that were positives prior to MissionSquare taking over are now gone. No help to be found anywhere.
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4 years ago, Heywood Jaleave
I couldn’t even make it past the date of birth. It kept telling me it was in the wrong format. Yes… I have filled out my date of birth a few times. Also having to do the recapture eight more times with the same result really helped. If this is any indication of the functionality of the app I would rather write a snail mail letter. Really inspires confidence that the people that hold my money cant put together an app yet my sons kindergarten teacher has 2.
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2 years ago, Dani618
The app was not very good to begin with but this latest update makes it absolutely horrible. I’m tempted to move my money somewhere else with an app that I can understand. I really liked that the old version told you the ytd % so you could see if you are loosing money or gaining money. That was the only good thing about the old app. This new one took that away and now it’s absolutely useless.
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1 year ago, speechlx
Not user friendly
The previous app was functional and reliable. This ‘new’ one is useless. Even when it allows me to login I cannot easily navigate. Right now I need to get into the app for tax documents. It keeps telling me this: ‘ERR0400: something went wrong.’ I’ve tried 5 times. I don’t know what went wrong but I do know that the Developers need to do better than this!
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2 years ago, juancarlosphoto
Worst app ever
Whoever developed this application was drunk. It doesn’t even recognize my login which I created and used on my desktop computer. It’s not a true mobile app but a display of a desktop website. I can’t believe it that an institution that handles billions and billions of dollars can’t have a functional mobile application. This is the 21st century in case you haven’t noticed.
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10 months ago, Anna Stofsky
Worst. App. Ever.
I’ve been trying to access my account for a while now. None of my saved info works, the biometrics login constantly disconnects. When I ask to reset the password, tells me my ID is wrong. When I ask for the ID, tells me the password is wrong and the only way to fix seems to be to call them. It’s 23 years into the 21st century. Come on! Ugh.
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2 years ago, dumb name1
Make this app work please
Every time I try to log in, it just bogs down. Nothing happens. It frustrating. Definitely makes me question the ability of this company to work well
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4 years ago, Culpable Bystander
Useful and Convenient
For over 25 years, I have enjoyed using ICMA to supplement my pension. Now its trademark service is revealed in this useful, convenient app. Everything I need to know is attractively organized and displayed.
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3 years ago, Don'tBuyItPlease
Poor Functionality and User Interface
This is hands down the worst financial app I have ever user, and one of the worst apps period. Financial apps need to be held to a higher standard. As a user, I want to be confident when I log into my account that the app is functional and my money is being managed properly. This needs a major overhaul.
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3 years ago, CGC1994
Set-up impossible
I could not set up the account as I could not get past the birthdate entry. I inputted it exactly as the format required (mm/did/yyyy) but it kept telling me it was not in the correct format. I don’t wish to spend an in ordinate amount of time to set this account up. And looking at the reviews, I see at least one other person had the same difficulty.
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3 months ago, nmike113
Bad app
I can't even log in, the two factor authentication takes so long to send, that I got locked out of my account when I tried to submit it. Rookie app errors. I'm sure this company has more than enough money to develop their app.... very disappointing. And I'm stuck with mission square through my employer.
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4 years ago, smille19
Never worked at all
Downloaded this thinking it would be easier then going to the desktop site. Well been trying for 2 days and every time it says check your internet connection can not connect. As much as they charge for their maintenance fees. They should be able to hire someone to make a app that works.
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4 years ago, D'Goatist
These Dinosaurs gotta GO!!!!
Why are all these old financial institutions so terrible at technology? I try to log in on WiFi and mobile and get the same, "app can't establish connection". You guys are going to be blown out of the water by a tech company that can make a proper app and handle retirement pensions and I can't wait. It really makes no sense that you guys can't make an app that actually works.
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4 years ago, Dom9190
Never wants to connect
My first issue is the connection. It constantly tells me it can’t find an internet connection. This occurs no matter if I’m at home, at work, if I have full Wi-fi or have full bars on my cellular signal. Another issue is when I have my iPhone in dark mode I cannot see the font when typing in my user name and password.
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3 years ago, can I give it a negative star
The worst APP ever
Every time you try to login is says your information is wrong. So you go though the 100 step process to to reset your login information but again…..the APP says it is incorrect. I am not sure how this keeps happening because my login information is stored in my phone.
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1 year ago, juicy1749
Terrible App
Sadly, they revamped the website and it is more confusing. I am not a huge fan of the funds because research is difficult. For some reason the funds do not have ticker symbols and high expense ratios. Why can we not just buy normal funds? I know they bundle the 457 contributions into a pot but maybe I am lacking in understanding...
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3 years ago, Aldomig
Useless app
The only way this connects is if I am on a wireless network. Essentially for me that makes it useless. Customer service is of no help. All their basic troubleshooting suggestions do not help. I have always had problems with the app. Hard to believe how many years this app has been around and it’s still complete garbage.
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5 years ago, D. Zachow
New update makes it much better
Update is working great and really user friendly.
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1 year ago, Thefirelion
This app is a dumpster fire
What a joke, the new mission square app always has errors and seems to forget when I change my password. The site doesn’t navigate well and is so much worse than how it used to be. What a joke. As soon as I can change companies I will.
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2 years ago, jrager
Just a bizarre, non-functional app
One time last year, I was able to get this app to work properly. Since then, not only can’t I log in, most times the login screen never appears. Other times, my credentials appear as random characters. It’s just a brutal experience.
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4 years ago, Stellar Reviewer
Can’t Get It to Open
It’s been malfunctioning for two days. It won’t open my account claiming it “can’t find a valid internet connection.” What the heck? Emailed codes take about two minutes to arrive and don’t work after repeatedly entering log in data. I signed up for biometrics but it’s not using it. Now it just froze on me.
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1 year ago, Pacopacoll
Jane Buff is right
Six months on from October, and all the same problems remain. Check out Jane Buff’s review from October 20. Still a janky app. Still waiting for a better update (like all of us are waiting for our City’s 3rd pay study to tell management we are still being underpaid…)
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4 years ago, Domino1669
Log in issues
Usually it’s an ok app. I haven’t been able to log in for 3 weeks. Keeps saying connectivity issues. It’s nothing I’m doing. Weather I’m on wifi or data it’s not working and I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app.
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4 years ago, Reagan and Lincoln
Literally cannot access this anymore.
It does not matter what I do on this app, I cannot login. The only way I can login is to go to a browser page and login. If I try to login it tells me that it’s encountered an error and to try again. Whoever is developing this app needs to fix it because it’s frustrating.
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3 years ago, Joel90069
Haven’t been able to log in for months
Awful app. Seems to always be a problem. I have not been able to access my account for close to a year except on my laptop. Totally frustrating and inconvenient. How can I trust you with my money if you can’t provide a workable app?
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2 years ago, Algneoch
I’ve used ICMA for years. The app was cumbersome but acceptable. Yesterday Following an app upgrade I was required to create a new user ID and password. I did. Today, I can’t get in. When logging in I get the perpetual blue pin wheel of death. When a company holds my money and doesn’t let me see it following their forced user ID and password change I loose confidence in the company. Their alternative contact methods are social media platforms. Ridiculous. Why are we required to create a new ID and password? Was there a data breach?
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5 years ago, U219742
Nice now that it’s actually an app. Textaccess is cool. Much better than first version. Actually having facial recognition and biometric login is nice.
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2 years ago, bnm1234567890-/:;()$&@"
New App is garbage.
The user ease and interface has been replaced with confusing and user unfriendly sequences that make it so difficult to navigate. I’m unable to transfer funds to trade like before. It is so frustrating. Please change it back to before!
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3 months ago, Big ray9000
App literally just does not work
Months later from other reviews of this app not working and it’s clear they have 0 desire to fix this app. I ended up going with a different retirement plan my company offers for this reason.
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2 years ago, gachapotato
Epic failure
I have to agree with the other reviewers, it seem like mission square has removed everything I like in the previous app. Do your customers a favor and return to the previous app. And how much money did you waste on developing this app? It’s terrible.
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4 years ago, tiburon21
Zero Stars
Apps states that I do not have internet connection when I definitely do have full signal. It takes a very long time to load as well. Very poor service. Just keep trying log in it at last will give up and let you use the online services.
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4 years ago, AdrianGDrelles
Horrible App
Terrible app. Can’t even log in. When you hit log-in the screen flashes and nothing happens. I have always had issues with this app. I hope they put more effort into managing my retirement then they do the tech they offer customers. Sad thing is there are bad reviews going back for two years yet the problems don’t get fixed. Not very customer friendly for someone managing all our money. Update: still doesn’t work. Doesn’t seem they care abut the app. Just use your browser.
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2 years ago, Kayter1
Can’t log in
Went through process of creating new login information and not able to access account. Just being sent in circles of creating new login information.
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2 years ago, Moving out of this trainwrek
Total failure
The migration has been the worst I have ever seen. It will be a miracle if mission Square survives as an ongoing entity after screwing this up so badly. This is a heavily regulated industry. Knowing that should have lead the leadership to insure they had a viable migration plan and a viable back up plan. I’m embarrassed for them all 😳
Show more
3 years ago, Mecubed3
Pretty bad
It just spins and spins and can never log in... Horrible. I just end up logging in from my computer instead. Wish there was a zero rating bc of the amount of time it just wastes for everyone involved.
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1 year ago, Ready to Move Credit Unions
Amazingly Underwhelming!
Both this app and the company are amazingly underwhelming! They don’t seem to care since they haven’t fixed anything for years, that must be the perk of being the sole investment instrument for many public entities.
Show more
4 years ago, rbdjxgtb
Locked me out
Apparently, the update assumes your verification email or phone number is accurate, and now I’m locked out because I wasn’t asked before they changed everything to a verification system. It WAS easy, now it’s not. Thanks!
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2 years ago, aroth109
Bring back percentages
Bring back the percentage of gains or losses during the year next to the balances. This was removed during the last update but was important information.
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