Mississippi Stud - Casino Game

4.6 (5.3K)
62.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Aparato Inc.
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mississippi Stud - Casino Game

4.55 out of 5
5.3K Ratings
5 years ago, Neeshmonkey
*UPDATE-Back to being a great game* New update ruined the game
*UPDATE* I got a a message through to the developer through facebook and almost all of the issues he resolved. He was easy to work with and the game is updated now with all the bugs worked out. You still can only play in horizontal mode, but with the larger buttons it’s fine. If you have any issues, I highly recommend joining the Facebook page and sending them a message there. I’m back to playing and enjoying this game! .............. HATE the new update. I have no option to play non-landscape mode, the app restarts and boots me off EVERYTIME I’ve been dealt a pay pair, (Taking all the winnings that go with it btw) there is no support button to report the issues with the app, there’s no free daily entry to the tournaments AND the “bonus” bet will ONLY pay out if you stay the whole way. That’s not how the game works. The developers here really dropped the ball and I am super disappointed that they ruined a good thing. Guess I’ll have to find another card app to play.
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2 years ago, azilla87
Lose chips after updating
Hi Dev team, I purchased chips earlier and was playing the game. Mid game, I was asked to force update to latest version without any options to do it later. As I did, I lost all the chips I had. Wouldn’t be a big deal if they were chips I hadn’t paid for. Please get back to me. Thanks
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1 year ago, Mikeyesper
App won’t let me play challenge mode anymore
Somehow the app zero’d my level out (when I was max at 101) and it won’t let me play challenge mode, which I play all the time for numerous years. I signed in/out of the app, deleted & redownloaded, etc. doesn’t work. I reached out to the support team and after the 2nd try, they responded but haven’t done anything at all to help. Honestly aggravating because I play this to kill time on the plane, offices, and other places and I cannot even play anymore because the team won’t do anything about it. Will edit this review if they ever get back to me and fix this, but it’s really sad that it won’t let me play anymore.
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5 years ago, Tiger Horn
Fun with Mississippi Stud!
Mississippi Stud is the table game I play whenever I go to a casino. I can play for hours, if I'm lucky enough for my money to last that long, without getting bored. I loved the old version of the game. This “improved” version not so much. It does help me to cement my decisions on whether to keep playing a hand or throw it in. I recommend it to the other players when I am playing at the table, especially to those who are trying to learn the game. But I surely do miss the old game. A lot more fun and easier to play.
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6 years ago, yoshietaylor
Only 3 stars
I play this in the casinos, I gave it three stars because it's like the real game and fun. As far as winning, not very likely, the program plays you. If you have two off suit push cards and fold or play to 5th street you lose if you fold or play to 3rd street then fold, you lose a 2 pair or 3 of a kind. Not always but just enough to make you suspicious. I usually play to 4th street and then fold, I won't risk getting paired because your not loosing as much. I find better winnings when I double the bonus over the ante.
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4 months ago, Racegrl24
Love this game but…
More times than not I can’t even get the app to open. It’s just swirls and swirls and nothing ever happens. I’ve deleted it and really applied it. I’ve shut down my iPad and turn it back on. I’ve turned airplane mode off and on I’ve done everything I’m supposed to do for troubleshooting and most of the time it takes me forever just to sign onto the game. If you have any suggestions on how I can avoid that I would love it because this is a great game. Thanks.
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6 years ago, rae1097
Don’t bother downloading!
This game was fun until they ruined it with these new challenges. The spins for coins are awful now. You’re lucky if your spin is over 200 chips! On top of that, they give you one free entry per challenge every 24 hours but you can’t ever even finish the challenge before you run out of coins so you have to keep buying entries until you finally make it onto the leaderboard AND you have to keep buying in to hopefully win the challenge because it’s the only way to win coins anymore! The creators ruined this game! I don’t even enjoy playing this anymore! Awful!!
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5 years ago, xxchet22xx
There are better Mississippi Stud simulators
This one looks pretty good, but there a lot of game play issues. The deal/bet buttons are too small, pay tables take up way too much space, the font size is tiny, and game play itself is slow to reset between games. Also, there is a bug with the Bonus Bet. The instructions state that the Bonus Bet is working after you fold. That is not the case. It only pays if you have bet all three community cards.
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7 years ago, Meems901
REVISED - Love the update!
The update in January was great and I believe there was another one a couple of weeks later. Those were great. This update? I'm not a fan. I have gotten used to the "Daily Spin" being every 4 hours and now it's every 6 hours. I'm happy it's more than once a day., but I really like the 4 hour cycle. Also, the spin "payouts" are MUCH tighter. The most I have received is 375. Come on - re-loosen the wheel!! ---------------------------------------- The update is a welcomed change. Like others have mentioned, the buttons could be a bit bigger, but that won't stop me from playing. My points from the previous version transferred seamlessly.
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6 years ago, ESO731
I enjoy this app a lot. Only complaint is I have played over 26,000 hands trying to get a straight flush to move up to next level. I don’t think I will ever see one. Been close but no cigar. In my opinion should have different hand to win to move up. Seems impossible but I will keep trying.
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1 year ago, Vegasking2000
Fun to play but…
I enjoy this game in the casino. As anyone who has played this game knows, it’s hard to win at. The algorithm for this App does not allow winning hands with any consistency. I have played 20+ hands without a winner which doesn’t seem realistic. In spite of that, I am a sucker for this game and I play it daily. It’s hard to accumulate a backfill if you don’t win!
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6 years ago, ziadeedee
Mississippi stud
Game is exciting if you know when to fold! Can potentially make big bucks as you can loose big too! Gotta know when to fold them for sure!! Only table game you can triple your bet soon as you know you've won or got a push!!! Love this game!! Don't forget to get your free chips when you can spin!$$
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5 years ago, Jimex10
I like it
I play this game in the casino also. It’s a good way to work on your strategy for real life money games. Haven’t done any of the challenges yet but they will probably add something to shoot for. I think the card distribution is close to what I see in real life. You can have a good run or bad run of cards.
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5 years ago, TD7074
The game does not play properly. If you fold, you also lose your bonus bet - even if it’s a winner. The cards also don’t seem to play randomly. Aces are turning up far more frequently than you would expect.
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5 years ago, Titus P.
Fun and addictive!!
Just like the real thing except for the winning part, I’ve been trying to get a straight flush for over a year now so I can move up to the next level and it just never happens. Since the update the bonus spins are garbage. You’ll be lucky if you get over 200 coins but hey that’s part of the game, free is free, free free free! Free free free free free free free. Free free free, free free free! Free, free free, free free free free free, free free?
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5 years ago, Gil Mav
Good game
It's pretty much on par with what you would see at the casino and it gives you a lot of practice without blowing a lot of money like you would at the casino. Very addictive and likable game. I left my wife because of this app best decision I ever made.
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5 years ago, Bombo21
Adds causing an issue with new update
The latest update has a issue where after an add plays the screen size zooms to a point where I cannot see or use the bet and deal buttons on the bottom of the screen. Have to reload the app but it happens after every add and is an annoyance. Otherwise I like playing this game. I have iPhone 8plus
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7 years ago, tablet tony
Interesting Game
The game looks like the real thing. It is hard to work out a good strategy though. It is easy to lose all of your money playing by your self. I don't know how much different it is with a bunch of people at the table. Your patience is really tested when you get a bunch of bad hands in a row.
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5 years ago, Debbie L S
Nov 2019 update
I don’t care for it much. It’s harder to see the cards for the elderly. It doesn’t tell me how many games I played trying to meet a certain challenge. Before the update I was trying for the straight flush but now that’s gone and it’s a different challenge. I gave this three stars but am now thinking it should be two stars.
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7 years ago, olejoe
Great game
Great for practice and a whole lot cheaper than learning to play at the casino! Also great for those times when you can't slip away to the casino, your favorite game is a click away in the palm of your hand!
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5 years ago, Hurtstorm
Pretty good
Get my tail kicked here, just like the casino. Smooth game, not too heavy on the ads compared to most. Only change I would make is I’d like to see what I actually won. This game counts your bets as part of your winnings each hand. So if I bet 80 chips and my payout is x1, I will have “won” 160.
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5 years ago, Wesley Allison
Mississippi stud
Game is fun on here and definitely can be more (or a lot less) fun in casino. Just a side not, this game has extremely favorable odds in the casino. Better off playing black jack or Texas Holdem in real life. But this app is good. Wish there was no ads
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7 years ago, Jokesturrr
Cool but could be cooler
Its a good game. There should a an option for beginners. It'd be cool to reveal that if the player hadn't press fold and kept playing they could've won something and there could be an intro explaining the set or something like that. Maybe adding a zone of tips and when to bet more or fold.
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5 years ago, Bhart The Archer
Mississippi Stud App
To many pop up ads for other games. I downloaded this game because it’s what I wanted to play. Just let me play it. The spin for free chips, well I haven’t won more than 175 chips in several weeks. Only once did a 75 hit, the rest have all been 25/50.
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6 years ago, slbishoptgg
Issues with update
Ever since app was updated, free spins are terrible and mostly $25, plus watching free adds are never available. My guess is they want you to buy chips. Not happy! This is a scam to get your money.
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5 years ago, Jho77777333
Just like the casino!
Takes the edge off from actually going and losing money! But you can lose a lot of hands very quickly and run out of fake money!
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7 years ago, In need of retail therapy
Good game...
This is a really good way to become familiar with this game before going to the casino. Please consider the turn on option of what you would have gotten, had you not folded. This will help beginners to be more mindful of winning hands. I really like playing this game.
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5 years ago, A7652
App is great
Love everything about the app - always works perfectly for me, just wish the wager limits were higher like they were with earlier versions. Keep up the good work!
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6 years ago, jupiter.0717
Close to the real thing...but not quite?
PROS: Really nice interface, easy to use, great free chip opportunities, challenges are a great idea CONS: The "chips won" payout system INCLUDES your bet, feels a (little) unnatural sometimes. Overall, it is a great app. Well done!
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5 years ago, Pampers19
So far, so good
My husband has been teaching me Mississippi Stud so that we can play together at the casino. He says this is good practice at being disciplined in how to bet this game. We will see, I’m enjoying it so far.
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1 year ago, chrispogo
Need to fix bugs! Don’t play events, they do not pay winners
There are lots of bugs with this game. And very frustrating to be in 1st place in an event only to lose a bunch of chips. The events do not pay! This is useful if you want to learn the game, but don’t expect this to be any thing like a real casino deal.
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5 years ago, DESwamphunter
Fun for Free
Played at the casino and followed up with this app. You get what you pay for as a learning tool. Game seems tight for payouts but I have not purchased anything and tolerate the annoying commercials. Enjoyable time killer.
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4 years ago, Drbeepers
I have played this game for three weeks and it is totally frustrating. I have never had a straight and only a flush once. Not sure about the algorithm but when I play in casino over some period of time I will draw a few of each. So I am going to a different app.
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5 years ago, Papaw007
Flaw in Latest Update
The game have just been updated to 6.0.0 yesterday. It is not paying me for some of my 3 card bonus wins. I first noticed when it did not pay me for a straight flush. This needs fixed.
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6 years ago, Ms Blackjack
Wish the game had the bonus feature for just the dealers three cards, otherwise lots of fun.
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6 years ago, Driverdad1
Glad it’s free
I’m all for a challenge but give the player a fair shot. I’ve been stuck on level 22 forever because I’m trying for the straight flush. Do you know what the odds are of getting one with only five cards dealt? Perhaps put something in where you can buy your way past a challenge after so many hands?
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5 years ago, Run Forest Run - So I ran
Was better before this last update.
I was fine with the landscape update. But the most recent one clearly adjusted the win ratio. While fake money and maybe set to realistic odds of winning BUT it’s not half as exciting with losing thousands with little wins.
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5 years ago, mxracer83
New version
I liked the older version much better
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5 years ago, Dodster21
It’s okay
Before the changes it you could actually win more funds. Do not like the challenges
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6 years ago, :Mister Vegas:
Practice Makes Perfect
OK, probably no such thing as perfect play, but this App will help strengthen your skill and assist with decisions. Perfect Training tool to brush up prior to Casino play. Great way to kill time as well.
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6 years ago, DWizzer
Not liking update
Do not like the recent update! Why is the phone feel like its vibrating?
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7 years ago, Deeroc77
Good game to kill time while waiting around
Can't complain about game , could give better hands since it is for fun
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7 years ago, Mock beck
Interesting game!
Good game to hone your skills before playing for real money or just to have fun. The game is easy to use not had to understand and play.
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5 years ago, Yoyokabo
Great game ! I play it at the casino a lot. It’s not easy and you have to be discipline just as you do at the casino or you will be broke in no time.
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7 years ago, Sol A. Terre
Mississippi Stud
Oh boy. I have loved playing this in a casino and do so appreciate being able to do so now without the loss of real money. Thanks.
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7 years ago, Kenzcpa
Game of thinking
Tough game requires thinking and when to fold must bet bigger when you have the cards
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5 years ago, bigstaff06
Bet more
Play this game a lot at the casinos, should be able to bet more than 30.
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7 years ago, Forfun3
So far I like the app. New player buts it seems easy to pick up and easy to learn. Happy with it. Not many ads like other apps
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5 years ago, LML35X2
Better since update
Game is more fun since the update. Don’t have to commit to spending money to play, odds of winning seem skewed towards computer more than in a casino, but for free, great game.
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5 years ago, Bowlerx2x1
Unhappy camper
With every update, the game is getting more frustrating. T her for free coins. I can beat on my iPad and box won’t open. Was able to have higher bets, then went back down to 25. Please fix!
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