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Mixcord Inc.
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6 months ago
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11.1 or later
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User Reviews for MixCaptions: Video Captions

4.63 out of 5
3.7K Ratings
4 years ago, sugarlies
Dislike Purchasing Minutes, but Also The Best App I’ve Found
I tried several of the other captioning/subtitling apps from the App Store now and this is the best one I’ve found! I don’t like the whole ordeal with paying for minutes to use for automatic transcriptions, but the app works and is fairly smooth with only some minor changes needed (e.g. can’t have text switch from one line to the next without having a single frame where there’s no text, but if it’s auto generated, there’s no missing frame of text). I originally mentioned a technical issue (squished videos, which is due to the way your video is encoded) I was having and also emailed the team and they were very responsive! If you’re having the squished video issue like me, I’ve found that the best option is to screen record the clip I want and use that instead, as those always show up normal in the app.
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1 year ago, Nerdy Pete
Does what I need it to do BUT...
It takes a LOT of effort to get there! I understand having to tap each subtitle to edit it, but to adjust spacing? And what's with the "1 second limit" that isn't really a limit? When I am trying to add a sub in a space smaller than a second in the time line I will get an error, but if I have a space bigger than a second, I can add a sub, select an end point longer than a second from the start point, then back the end point up to below 1 second and it's fine. And why can't I adjust where each subtitle is as I go? The only way to custom format forces you to commit to one location. You can cheat by adding line breaks before/after the text, but that's so much extra work. Paying $10 a month for an app that works really well--but makes me really work for it is very frustrating! I love that this app is focused on doing one thing but I feel like I play hopscotch just to get everything done. Please consider making some changes! Also, I would love to see an option to pay for a year for $8 (or less) a month.
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5 years ago, Miss Justin Bieber <3
Best captioning app!
I tried pretty much all of the apps in the appstore that were free to download, and this is the best all around! It’s easy to use, the speech recognition catches pretty much everything, omits the “um” and “uh”s and is timed on screen in a way that isn’t overwhelming or too slow, and you can keep your video in portrait orientation if need be! The only negatives i’ve experienced so far are: 1. your video has to be in 10minute increments, but it’s easy to use the trim tool to make sure you start and end the video in exact places. 2. you essentially have to pay to collect points, and depending on how long your video is you may need to buy more. i.e. i had a 10min long video to caption and i needed 600points, which is $1.99. not bad! but i think it would be better for people who plan to regularly use it if it there was an option to pay a monthly fee instead. overall though this is 100% the best app i’ve tried and i highly recommend it!
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5 years ago, Katy Hover-Smoot
A Massive Rip Off
Initially, I was so impressed with this app. I uploaded a video, it captioned it, et voilá! In fact, I use captioned videos for work, and when I moved onto my second video, I paid $4.99 for additional minutes of captioning time and submitted the video. After paying, the video was black, with no sound and only captions. My operating system is up to date, as is my app. However, after paying, the app is no longer able to process my videos. What a scam! Buyer beware. Really too bad, because the freebie video they give you is so expertly captioned, but once you pay the software no longer functions. Just glad I didn’t pay for a higher number of minutes. Will be reporting to Apple.
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2 years ago, missK46&2
Only usable for a set time limit then it only works if subscribed.
Wow. Had to change my 5 star glowing review below to one. I didn’t know you could only use this app for a certain amount of minutes and then you can’t use it to auto sub AT ALL unless you subscribe at $10/month. Bummer. Works excellently! This is the 5th auto sub app I’ve tried. The rest either crashes constantly, required too much manual editing, was clunky and aesthetically jarring or everything was locked behind an offensively high pay wall. Glad I kept looking because this is great! A good choice for anyone looking to quickly and automatically add ACCURATE subtitles to their IG reels or stories. I talk really fast and the other apps either didn’t recognize my speech at all or did so incorrectly. This app also accurately displayed the speech from a secondary off camera person which most other auto sub apps don’t do. Huzzah! Don’t change a thing ☺️
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3 years ago, k1695
would love to keep but
a few of my videos ate the credits i paid for and never gave me captioned content in return. when i reached out to the support team and let them know about the issue, they didnt acknowledge my request to refund the credits for a 4 minute video, and basically gave me the “did you turn it off and back on again?” line of response. pretty disappointing, given how much ive loved using this app. ive told everyone i know who shares video content to social media about it, but i’m finding this is another one of those moments where i say to myself: welp, guess youre not gettin your money back on that one. wish it couldve been a more supportive customer experience. and as a pisces, i’m honestly wondering if i’m just being too nice/generous with 3 stars... it REALLY sucked to get this lack of value on the backend, even though the frontside value was so strong. schmo well
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4 years ago, Mattgwin
Finally what I’ve needed for our podcast
Starting a podcast is exhilarating, and exhausting. And I am loving it. But not only do you have to record and edit the show, but then there are all of the collateral pieces to make for email and social media. With 80% of viewers watching your content on mobile with no sound on, captions are more important than even. MixCaptions takes the tedious and time sucking task out of your hands (while still allowing space to edit when needed) and allows you to focus on connection and creating more great content. The price is reasonable and much less than other transcription services. I wish I would have found this weeks ago
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4 years ago, Yourfamilyphotgrapher
Control is amazing!
The amount of control over what fonts, placement, and editing of the closed captions are AMAZING. To unlock all the fonts is $3.99 a YEAR. Not week or month, a YEAR! That upgrade also removes the app watermark and gives you the ability to embed your personal watermark! I’m a TikTok content creator and there are several websites that can remove the TikTok watermark and allow them to be downloaded. Being able to embed my watermark in vids is amazing and prevents my intellectual property from being stolen. Thank you so much for this app! I love that I can make my videos accessible to the hearing impaired community!
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3 years ago, hEllaRedRose
This app is fantastic
This app does a great job captioning my videos, even when i’m talking at like 80 words per minute. however, i think it could be a bit more user-friendly. for example, it’s kind of difficult to edit the timing of captions. i wish i could just drag and drop markers instead of having to click on the caption itself. also, you can only do a certain amount of seconds of video before you have to upgrade. i’m a broke college student who can’t afford $10 per month. however, you can do unlimited numbers of manual captions which is a cool alternative and easier than using the tiktok app.
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2 years ago, fulleragcoach
The perfect app for technically challenged people
IG keeps having TONS of Reel glitches and it wouldn't allow me to download my videos with captions or SOUND. Ugh. I am NOT tech savvy so I’ve been stressing about figuring out how to fix this. The is the perfect app for someone like me. The ONLY improvement that would help me is to have 1 more “caption moving” option to be able to center captions between the super low spot and the upper mid range. Or I just need to figure out how to center myself better in the videos. Other than that, to ever made this, BLESS YOU.
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2 years ago, TrueKati
SO easy to use!
I've been struggling for a few hours to get captions on my videos I'm making for a course. Found the name of this app on a random bloggers list of good apps to use to generate captions. IT IS SO EASY TO USE! OH! There is one drawback.. you can't export anything unless you sign up for the free 3-day trial. Most of the review sites say this product has a free plan, it does, but not really. Although, I immediately upgraded to the pro version because I know I'll use it.
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12 months ago, DannyGarcia2
1. Remembre subtitle position for next project 2. Remember last effect for next project 3. Remember “Show captions in uppercase strin” for next project 4. Remove the “MOVIE4kProject”(or whatever it says) default name after rendering. It is annoying and never saves the project with the name you provide. 5. Add option to delete cache use by the app, completely. 3. Make the subtitles snap into position, so it could be more accurate (like in the middle, at the lower section, etc) 6. Let us select multiple projects at once to do things like delete, place in folder, etc. 5. And many others that can’t remember. 6. Add option to pin languages.
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4 years ago, paulab1210
“Every transaction requires time credits.”
I would have enthusiastically given this app five stars. I love the ease of creating captions, the different fonts and sizes available, and the fact that I can easily move my watermark around, adjust its size, opacity, etc. This app is perfect! Until you “run out of time” and are told you have to buy more. Wait! What?! Didn’t I pay $4.99 for the year!? Oh, apparently (after reading everyone else’s reviews) that’s only to remove the app’s watermark and give me some fonts I can’t use unless I buy more time. I will be deleting this app and searching for another. You guys are scammers! If you ever add a (responsible and unlimited download) monthly subscription option, let me know. The payment option is literally the only reason I’m leaving.
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3 years ago, pxnsy
I love this app, but…
I absolutely love this app for the purpose of embedded captioning. I have literally no complaints in that regard. BUT, recently, when I checked my screen time I noticed that I was spending an average of 45+ minutes per day on an app called “Acapella by PicPlayPost”… an app that I don’t even have installed. When I disabled screen time for that app, this app became disabled as well, meaning it is what’s registering as screen time for this mystery app. Super weird, felt kinda off, and heavily made me consider deleting the app, even though I pay for it monthly.
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4 years ago, aritchson
Would love a feature where we can import multiple videos to make a longer clip/movie and the ability to move the captions anywhere on the screen. They can get cutoff on Instagram and other platforms if they’re at the bottom, and the other alternative usually places it in the middle of the screen over the subject. The top of the screen is just a little ridiculous. Other than wishing for those this app is great.
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4 years ago, Mkllmllr
Great app - Almost perfect for me
Fantastic app. Is really accurate in the rendering of the captions/words. You can even change the font and size. The only two things it is lacking is 1) getting to pick the exact font size (rather than just small, medium, and large) and make the top as big as you want, and 2) being able to drag and door the text anywhere or to any position over the video. But still a fantastic app. Good job!
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1 year ago, 0verwatch36O
Company didn’t honor upgrade.
The app was great when I started using it at the end of last year so I purchased the pro upgrade. It worked great for a few more months and then all of a sudden it stopped working and started asking me to upgrade again. I wasn’t able to restore my previous purchase and I thought that was odd since I purchased the yearly option and still had about 8 months left. So I reached out to support and we went back and forth for about a week but I was finally told that the yearly upgrade option that I purchased was no longer valid and that I’d now have to purchase the monthly option in addition to the yearly upgrade I already paid. I asked again if they would honor my yearly purchase but that request was declined. Needless to say, I’ve requested a refund and am now using a different (and might I say better) app called “Captions”. I recommend you stay away from MixCord and their unethical and disrespectful organization.
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3 years ago, Karleilei
This is a great Captioning app…
This is a great Captioning app, however I wish that for the price, one could transcribe and translate videos into other languages as well. I still give this app a 5 star rating because the quality and the accuracy is unmatched and would definitely continue using. Please consider my suggestion for a future update.
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4 years ago, Jahcdhvf
I don’t usually leave reviews, but...
In my original review I said I was really impressed with this app. It was quick and easy and only $4.99/year. Well, I take it back. After paying $4.99 for a year subscription I tried to caption another video and they tried to charge me per minutes. So, in other words I’m supposed to pay a yearly subscription in order to pay more money for time credits?They didn’t even indicate that there were more fees when I paid for the year subscription. What’s the point of a subscription if I’m just paying for time credits anyway? Needless to say I’m calling Apple to see if I can get this charge reversed.
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4 years ago, joe.joe.g
This app is great
This app works great. It transcribes well and generally I only have to make a few tweaks. The one thing that could be improved is a few more places of placement for text. If there was a way to have the caption a third of the way up and 2/3rds of the way up, it would be really helpful for those that use it for tiktok. Because in its current position it is either hidden by text on the bottom of the screen or the top speaker part of the iPhone.
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2 years ago, NguyenLeThaoNguyenKatherine
Best freed app for closed subtitle & provide greate customer service
I'd been looking for so many applications/softwares for my daily job. Glad I came accross this app and everything is so easy. I had a bit of systematic problem (turn out it was my bad), emailed them and the team provided responsive and very good customer service. 5 stars!!!
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4 years ago, alysco2003
Works, but...
This is a really good app, but it needs help. When there needs to be an extension/trimming of the lyrics showing on the screen, there seems to be no way of making that happen. If there is, it doesn’t work because I can never do it. I always end up going to iMovie to adjust and that’s not good enough- since I’m paying annually for this app. It’s almost there, but not quite- please consider adding more editing tools- especially on lengthening how long a lyrics stays on screen/trimming. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Stanley_S23019
Love the app with only *one* suggestion
I've been using the paid version of this for TikTok and the degree of control is unparalleled compared to other apps. The only piece of feedback I have is could you make it possible to control the width of the text? It's frequently clipped or covered by UI elements since TikTok videos are vertical and don't have much in horizontal screen estate. THANK YOU! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, clarklynch
Fantastic! I’m finally able to communicate
Texting is fine but sometimes sharing with someone deaf/hard of hearing needs a video. This is truly the best thing I’ve found to share with others especially during this pandemic. Thank you! I wish I was a better writer so I could adequately express how useful this is!
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2 years ago, Tanjareen
Pretty good app so far.
I’m happy I found this app. PROS: • customizable text, fonts, colors, shadows, etc • can place text anywhere on video • various video aspect ratios to choose from • auto-generated CC seem to be about 80% correct CONS: • $10 a month is pricey for just adding captions. I can watch a TV streaming app 24/7 for less $. • Even with a paid acct, I had trouble removing the watermark. After some troubleshooting, it finally worked when I closed the app and downloaded a the newest update. • Correcting the timing of the captions is tedious. Please make an option to use manual sliders to drag with our finger, where we want sentence to begin & end. That would save so much time.
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3 years ago, ATribeCalledLove
so clunky to work with...
it is a bit of a run-around trying to create new lyrics. the auto caption was aweful for ONE singing voice over an acoustic guitar in a living room. just awful. and the self captioning process is tedious because you have to click ADD then type in the lyric, then type DONE then click the clock then go and adjust the times...it's just tedious. there's gotta be a quicker way to program this
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2 years ago, Nicedoglady
The free version is so useful and accessible, it’s worth paying for the upgraded version to support a company that doesn’t put every useful feature behind a subscription. Captions are easy to customize and can be in several different languages.
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1 year ago, Blackwater. X
Best CC from English to Spanish.
Although I think the monthly cost is a bit higher, the transcripts from English to Spanish is dead on. I tried other least expensive versions but the captioning was way of and had to do many correction. With this app they are minimal corrections to do.
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1 year ago, bassjarvis11
Exactly what I was looking for. Well worth the subscription. I use the $9.99/month because I don’t need to caption videos longer than 10 minutes. Super accurate, and easy to edit. Can even upload custom fonts.
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3 years ago, 4829174817
One of my best friends is deaf and finally I can add captions and force him to watch all of the stupid tiktoks and Instagram reels I find! Thank you guys so much, this app is the first one I’ve found where I can include him for free. I appreciate it so much, this is the first app I’ve ever rated.
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3 years ago, doondaboonda
DO NOT USE, predatory subscription
Not only is this app a severely inferior version to the free service that instagram offers, it is designed to get you to do the free trial and they make the manage subscription button reeeeeaallly small and out of the way so you can't find it. Using this app is going to take time away from you and leave you with a solution that is garbage compared to what instagram could do. It's tedious and the UI is not very functional or intuitive. DO NOT DOWNLOAD UNTIL DEVELOPER MAKES UPDATES.
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4 years ago, avoidingdementia
Description is shady
Email us if you have a problem writing a review does nothing! Ummm why yes it does! It warns the general public not to waste their money like I just learned not to when I was told to use this app for tik tok but it sounds like it’s a waste of money and a scheme. I’m better to type my captions out. The more I’ve researched this the more I have read people have been ripped off. And now don’t write bad reviews email us. If people pay a subscription they shouldn’t be paying more fees that’s retarded! Apple come on remove this app!
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4 months ago, taco1221
Great app, but…
This was a really great app, but it’s unfortunate it’s subscription only now. I rarely share videos so can’t rationalize paying a monthly fee when I only use it a couple of times a year. It would be better if they offered a payment option per video or minute like they used to. Disappointed to delete it.
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4 years ago, anothermia
Love it!!!
Such a great app and super useful—saves me so much time and let’s me do a LOT from my phone. So convenient. I rarely pay for apps or in-app purchases, or leave reviews lol but this is a serious exception. Can’t say enough great things about it! Excited to continue using it and see what else I can do.
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2 years ago, NPop95
Good but Glitchy
While the app is very useful and helps cut down on time creating subtitles from scratch, I have had a lot of issues with it glitching that, despite updates, have not been resolved. I am going to search for other apps to use because the frustrations of the app freezing and not letting me export the SRTs is too much to deal with.
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3 years ago, BeachFlower763
Total waste of my time!
Spent 45 minutes typing in my own captions manually where I wanted them. They all showed up in the preview just fine before I saved my video to my phone. When I played back the saved video, the captions were all gone except for the last one I added. But you better believe their logo was on my video from beginning to end! 😡 Wish I could get that 45 minutes of my life back!
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3 years ago, @thisiscchs
Buggy. Terrible / Nonexistent Support
Te app seemingly worked smoothly until it came time to save. No matter what I do, the format reverts to 4:3, distorting the video. I contacted support, who replied a day later that they would look into it. Then silnece for days, followed by apolgies for the delay but no solutions. I reply to their web-based chat instantly and it takes 1-3 days for an acknowledgement. After more than a week the developers still haven't said anything other than "sorry" and "we will look into it".
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4 years ago, GASharp
Great Quality and Easy to Use
I needed to add captioning quickly. This app made the process quick and painless. I had to correct a lot of punctuation, but the accuracy of the transcription was very good. Wish I didn’t have to keep paying for storage though.
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3 years ago, Saleh T. Almurran
It’s good
The app is really good and it’s easy to use, except that choosing the frames for more accurate timing is quite difficult and sometimes the indicator readjust itself to unwanted location. The app also need to support external keyboards and (if possible) keyboard shortcuts. Other than that it’s perfect to me :D
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4 years ago, AChristinaStory
I like this a lot!
I like the auto caption for uploaded videos and then I just tweak it a little for where there was a mix up! My one and only ask- allow for free movement of the captions. I want to use this for Tik Tok, but can’t because the captions are either too high or too low on the screen, or in the middle, cowering my content.
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4 months ago, Agnes Nutter, Witch
Bad port
This app is very clearly an iOS app that's been hastily and shoddily ported to macOS. The onboarding messages have no buttons to click, and it took me a while to figure out that you have to *scroll horizontally* to continue, something extremely non-standard for macOS. Then, I tried importing an SRT file. I was told that it would open "the Files app", and then when it brought up the file selection dialog, all the files were greyed out, and it wouldn't even let me select an SRT file. This app is therefore unusable to do the one thing I downloaded it for. By the way, pro tip: you can get automatic captions for free with various other tools using the free Whisper AI engine, such as Aiko.
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4 years ago, Cailey Brown
Too many in app purchases I want a refund
After captioning 3, 59 second videos, I bought a yearly subscription because I liked the app. I tried captioning a 4th video (also 59 seconds) after paying for the subscription and it directed me to buying more time. If I knew I had to buy time I would not have upgraded to a yearly subscription. I think the yearly subscription should come with unlimited time. Captions should be more accessible and not only to those who can afford it.
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4 years ago, NYBombers7
Sync purchased credits
I really enjoy this app and feel it has a great user experience...except I usually jump between my iPhone and iPad and while they offer an app for both the time credits I purchased in my phone aren’t on the iPad and a can’t see my projects in both places.
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3 years ago, Chrispydct
Good Captions, Poor Pricing
Captions are great, let’s get that out of the way. If i were just judging the app on that ability, it’d get five stars. My issue is with the pricing. Pay $3.99 a year to remove a watermark and NOT get additional time for captions (and very little time at that)? I’ll be unsubscribing. I’m not paying that much to constantly have to get my videos transcribed and captioned.
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3 years ago, FNB Corp
Easy and Relyable
I enjoy using this so I do not have to edit my videos and add captions. This makes my life so easy and I usually only have to tweak a couple of words or punctuations along the way. Thanks!
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4 years ago, tammymac12
New Update Blues
Loved using this app, but now I can no longer pull logos from the “Files” app for my personal watermark. The only option I have now is the photos app, but my “Favorites” album isn’t even an option. And how do I delete a watermark file? When I chose the wrong format from a photo album for a logo, I couldn’t get it off the video. Please fix! Thanks!
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4 years ago, i_am_a_banana_ha
Not a fairytale.
I thought this app was perfect for my kids Tv show they were making (since it was hard to understand them) but, when I accidentally entered the wrong video I wasn’t able to fix it because I ran out of time. This was really annoying. Secondly, the app was accidentally deleted and now it won’t let me re download it it just says “purchased” this is very annoying and needs to be fixed before I ever can use again.
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3 years ago, Lexdox
No Captions Less Than 1 Second!
Love the app, but I find it so frustrating when I can’t do a caption like “Hi.” For less than one second on my video. I don’t understand why this is a block on the app, it kind of ruins the comedic timing of my stuff to have to write it in the previous caption instead. Please fix this!
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3 years ago, sbbperson
Love this app!
I really love this app, but can you make it so we can have different fonts and colors on certain captions? Instead of all the captions being the same font and color. Is that possible? Thank you
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1 year ago, User with attitude
Deceptive Business prqactices bordering on fraud!!
Dishonest business practice: This app is listed as Free, and when reading the description, you see that there is a pro version. This leads you to wast time downloading the app and then finding out that you cannot do anything worthwhile until you upgrade. Such an app should ONLY be listed with a price tag, and a search in the Apple Store should not include it when filtering for free apps.
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