Mixcloud - Music, Mixes & Live

4.8 (72.1K)
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3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.4 or later
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User Reviews for Mixcloud - Music, Mixes & Live

4.83 out of 5
72.1K Ratings
4 years ago, CS135111
The apps only job is to play music, needs improvement
I have super fast wifi, 70GB of free space on my phone and no apps open. My app is up to date. YET every time ...I'm listening to a jamming music mix, enjoying the tunes, THEN I open and DO 1 thing on my phone...the music starts getting glitchy, staticky, it will often stop the mix completely, and have this terrible audio feedback type noise. COME ON. If you want to compete in any way with the other hi volume user music player apps..make it work. SEEMLESSLY AND CONSISTENTLY. It's not just enough to have better music options than them! If your app doesn't function amazingly on an iPhone, then you're not going to succeed in 2020 and beyond. I can barely tolerate this app but bc I have musical friends and family with mixes on here I use it. If you want more regular music listeners to increase their listen time. Fix these things. Fix your user interface issues that other reviewers also share here. If your people don't know how to do it, hire better people. It's worth the investment. (You are welcome for this free business and income improvement feedback.)
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5 years ago, rickwla123
A zero isn't low enough
Throughout the past year, users have reported how the app arbitrarily counts a mix as played even though you haven't heard all of it. If you get a phone call or just unplug your iPhone from CarPlay, your listening will get counted. Often times I'll only make it through 15 minutes before an interruption, which is then counted as one play. If I don't make it through a complete listen before an interruption, I'll get another count and before I know, I've reached the max count of three without ever having listened to the entire mix even once. Worse than that is the bug introduced about 6 weeks ago where the app insists that I'm offline even though I have both a strong cell signal and a strong wifi signal. No matter what, I can't get it to recognize that I'm very much online. The app has been bricked. I've emailed the developer and got a reply asking for some info. I provided it over a week ago and it's been crickets from them since. Meanwhile the app is still useless going on its 2nd month now.
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5 years ago, Landobro
Same problems keep popping up
The same problems that have plagued this app continue to do so, despite the many developer responses of them being fixed or “we are aware and are working on it.” Pausing a mix will sometimes not lose your place, but most of the time it does. If I hit pause to pump gas, by the time I turn the car back on when I’m finished the app has completely forgotten what I was listening to. Requires a force close and reopening the app, and it might start on the next mix which requires you to start the previous (original) mix from the beginning. Do this two more times and boom, that’s your three ‘plays’ of a mix for this two week period. If you only got to listen to ten minutes of it then too bad. A new problem that started after one of the recent updates has been the player on the lock screen and control center disappearing on iOS. This requires opening the app back up to pause and skip. Sometimes if you force close the app and open back up it will solve this, but then you get to deal with the app not remembering where you were or the correct mix. Sometimes force closing the app does not fix the disappearing play controls issue though. It seems like every fix just creates new problems, while not even adequately fixing the original problem. Ugh!
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4 years ago, buttstuff2
Almost all the problems seem to have been fixed
There were a ton of problems with the app—it wouldn’t save your place in a mix if you closed or paused for more than a minute, frequent errors loading mixes, album covers getting mismatched in feeds. I gave the app a 3-star review earlier this week, but nearly all the problems seem to have been fixed the very next day. There still can be issues with matching the cover albums to the right mixes when refreshing the feed, but it is not a major problem and gets resolved pretty quickly. People had been complaining about app bugs for a long time, and I’m very glad the developers put the time in to fix these problems, because it really made the user experience 100x better.
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5 years ago, Spruillie
Best terrible app out there.
Update: Only cause hopefully the developers will listen to us (doubtful...😡) The worst app out right now and getting worse all the time. I can’t even listen to an entire mix if my phone rings or I get out of my car. How in the hell can you tell me I can only listen to a mix three times in a matter of a couple weeks if I never get to hear the whole thing once. I listen 20mins into a mix for the first time and God Forbid my phone rings or I get out of my car then the app tells me the mix I was just listening to is unavailable due to rights restrictions. Get THIS FIXED or somebody develop an app where my favorite DJ’s can post live mixes and radio shows that is Not MIXCLOUD!!!!! Some of the best DJ mixes from all the best DJ’s on the planet. But I hate that my feed is full of what other people I follow listened too. I want to see what people I follow upload. Also I don’t want automatic random suggested mixes in my query. Also this not available in your region problem where mixes you were just listening too are not available in your region anymore after you stop the mix is a real pain. Not happy at all but all the best DJ mixes are all housed here.....
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10 months ago, steph123!
Quick to take your money, slow to cancel subscriptions.
Definitely will not be recommending this app. In the FAQ’s they state exactly the steps to take to cancel a subscription, however when following the exact steps, they make it super difficult as to where you can’t get to the cancel subscription page. I had to delete my entire account due to nonstop charges for 10 months. Once you get to the page where you need to log in to see all your subscriptions and potentially cancel, you’ll get an error message that you input the wrong password. Funny because at first I thought maybe I didn’t remember my password, then I changed my password then and there and tried again and still kept getting an error message for incorrect password. Once I bypassed that page somehow, I was able to locate only my billing information and there was no other option as to see my subscriptions or plans in order to cancel them. Companies like this make it difficult to cancel on purpose. I’m definitely contacting my bank as well. Horrible “company”
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4 years ago, LilMartin
Great content / sucky app
I’ve used this app for many years and cant comprehend why they can’t get the basics right. I follow a couple of dozen creators. You would think that if I search for one of those creators I the app that it would bring me to their profile. Not even close! I can even have a mix from a DJ I follow currently playing, search for that DJ and they are nowhere on the search results. I has been that way for YEARS. Also you better just let the whole thing play because if you think of pausing and coming back later there’s a good chance this app is not going to play along and only way to fix is to restart. Again it has been that way for years and the only reason you put up with it is because there is fantastic content. Keeping all that in mind, do they think I’m honestly going to want to upgrade and pay for premium? Hire some new people and get the basics sorted out, THEN come ask for money and I’ll be totally on board.
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5 years ago, shadycarp
Wanted to love this, but it’s as bad as the others.
Great idea, poor execution. My feed is “empty,” yet when I go to search for artists or tags that I’m interested in, there’s no option in the app to follow them and get them added to my feed. So how do I populate my feed beyond choosing from the popular sets and creators listed? Is this a paid feature only? If so, that’s idiotic. If not, you need to work on your UI in a huge way. In addition, half of the time when I click on a genre, it either goes to an endless loading screen or tells me something went wrong, try again. How can the basic functions of an app be so non-functional? I’d really like to be able to use this app in-depth and even pay for it, but it’s so terribly designed and carried out that I will probably just use it to play sets linked from Reddit posts. It’s that useless in the state it’s in now. I have no problem with the play limit on the free version, btw, and actually think that’s a great thing for artists and content creators.
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3 years ago, Roctor11
Anna Frawley’s Beatle Hour
Quite a treat, even if the Beatles can do wrong on the show. She does such a soothing job of delivering the music, I barely notice the hypocrisy of Mr Lennon (which I would like to think he would have cleared up had he been allowed to “grow up”. What does he know of being a Working Class anything?!). She does a good job of attempting to smooth over a lot of JL’s dual entendres! Love you, Anna, for playing excerpts from the new “Get Back”. I was surprised at the choice of the Let It Be version chosen for the the new album ( the same as the one chosen for the original Let It Be album). I expected them to pick the more polished version Sir George Martin produced for the single … whatever. Love what you do, Anna!
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10 months ago, EnviroScott
Developers ignore frustrating play resetting on iPhone bug
I love Mixcloud, but the problem with track plays resetting on iPhone is never fixed. Users have been complaining for YEARS!! Most times when using it and another audio interrupts (phone call, alarm, etc.) it resets the track to the beginning and tells me I’ve used up another play of the track. This is especially bad when casting to other devices from my phone—the track will stop for no reason and stop casting, and when I hit play it resets. I often use up all the plays of a track just because of this glitch. I don’t have any similar problems with other music apps. When I gave feedback in the past I was asked to provide a movie or some evidence, but how do you do that when it’s unpredictable? I love the app and would recommend, but you should expect some frustration and the tech support isn’t great.
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4 years ago, Poundtown76
Unstable App - February 2020
This app is very unstable and is not currently working on iOS. It takes 3 minutes just to load the mix I want to listen to without search time. If it loads, and that’s a big IF, the mix cuts in and out. I don’t know what was involved in this new version of Mixcloud, but it has a number of bugs in the basic operations and special features. Please fix it or I’ll stop paying for Select. Outside of that, I actually really like the accessibility of live music I love. I don’t mind paying for upfront live mixes from DJ’s and producers I love, but the app has to work for that to happen. I’m paying money for an app I can’t use right now. Don’t buy Select until the bugs are fixed.
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1 year ago, Kidjo2
Decent player, can be very slow to load
The app can take over a minute to load and navigation is frequently buggy. To speed things up again, you’ll need to repeatedly delete and reinstall the app, then sign back in to your account after reinstalling. Fortunately no data should be lost in the process. Overall, for listeners it’s a very decent music player with tons of sounds (mostly DJ mixes) to explore. For creators, the app itself has significant limits. Functions that would make it more useful for DJs: (1) Being able to upload mixes using the app; (2) Being able to fully monitor and manage channels and uploaded mixes (edit, boost, delete, see full stats) while using the app.
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3 years ago, Gruv Science
Love the music, not the app
I really do love all the different music I can find on here. I’m a big fan of Techno/House/Progressive and there is a great variety to be discovered on Mixcloud. The app however leaves much to be desired. The layout and choppy response when scrolling is not the best. The badges or alerts on the iPhone are near impossible to clear. They are not well indicated as to what they are or where you need to look to insure you’ve seen what they are intending you to be aware of. Improvements have been made to the playability of sets and Live which is appreciated. Overall I like the app, just could use a few tweaks to smooth it out.
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1 year ago, teczde
Horrible search function, live feeds endlessly load
The search function only works if you type the exact name of the channel you are looking for, if you type a partial (e.g. the channel I was looking for had ‘radio’ at the end and I didn’t type that) you get a bunch of results unrelated to your search term. My friend sent me a link to the stream, but the app doesn’t auto load when you click the link you have to watch it in the safari browser. Once you are able to successfully find the channel you are looking for, clicking on the button to listen to their live stream results in an endless loading screen (I am connected to Wi-Fi with 300 mbps). Don’t understand what the purpose of this app is if you can’t search, it doesn’t auto open its own links, and then when you click on the button to watch a live stream it just loads endlessly.
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3 years ago, theWKNDguy
Could & should be better but it’s NOT
Mixcloud is a great concept and to pay artists 1st. All of the mix shows here or most places are technically copy write infringement. But Mixcloud worked things out beforehand with record labels. That being said the popularity still hasn’t taken off and it seems all of the glitches and disappointing elements are a result of not enough members. Hopefully the site will pass the tipping point for cash flow and be able to make needed improvements. Unfortunately in our society, people will pay more for ammeter porn on sites like Only Fans, than a service that showcases DJs while also promoting the music they’re using in their sets. It’s a true win win for the artists the DJs and the listeners. Hopefully that will be understood and catch on.
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4 years ago, JleeShaiolin
I downloaded thus app a wk ago and hv been so impressed I cane to issue a review which I’ve maybe done 3 times in the last decade. Was shocked to see so many low ratings clearly any problems that plagued the app a ur ago or so have been worked out. I hv the free account and hv listened to any and all records live sets sample library’s as I’ve wanted no add no interruptions in music just been able to discover some amazing djs & producers I otherwise never would’ve along with some of my faves. Much love and respect for this crew don’t listen to the ratings this is 5* all day everyday. Getting me through my quarantine with fresh sounds is a lifesaver
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4 years ago, Treasi
Won’t play
Have been using Mixcloud for some time and lived with all its endless bugs. They finally seemed to have stabilised and thought ok maybe I can trust them and subscribe- but no. Latest release can’t play anything. Joust won’t play. Get an error saying cant play song more than 3 times in 14 days due to copy... but haven’t played it even once. As it won’t open. So no copyright infringement possible. There seemed to be one message that seemed to say playing anything (for free) is restricted to 3 songs/mixes every 14 days. That would seem ludicrous and out of step with competition. I really like what Mixcloud are trying to achieve and I know they can’t run for free. Servers, development cost money and the artists too need to get paid beyond initial preview listenings. But Mixcloud shouldn’t penalise people either and it needs to be stable and fair. 3 songs every two weeks? No station or platform would do that. Plus you already have ads in there. Please make it work and set fair price and fair practices, and you’ll get paying listeners.
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4 years ago, zeddy13
Good platform, garbage app.
As someone stated before. “Good content, terrible app”. First off, A lot of the sets found don’t even play, showing an error message “due to licensing issues in your country content unable to play”. Fine I get that, but then why make it available in the search ? Also scrolling through the actual track is risky, sometimes app just closes and needs to be re-opened. Downloading completes less than 50% of the time. Here’s the worst part: it’s a PAID app to unlock all of the “features” that don’t even work MOST of the time. I’ve been a paid subscriber almost a year and it seems the quality of the app has gotten worse with no updates and seems the developers don’t care to update the basic issues. So I’ve just canceled my subscription and deleted app from my phone. Be weary of giving them your money. SoundCloud app is tons better and FREE...
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3 years ago, Chiasm
Fantastic Platform with Room for Improvements
I use Mixcloud to listen to Starstreams and Spacemusic. Both have been around on different platforms since the early 2000s. I believe both were originally hosted on iTunes Radio stations. I begrudgingly downloaded Mixcloud after learning that my favorite Podcasts were migrated. While I am grateful that Mixcloud hosts them, the navigation is awkward. I often have to use the search function to find my favorites. The navigation pane appears confusing and counterintuitive. Overall, however, the format is generally useful and easy to use but could be better.
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4 years ago, Mike Hackerts
Funny story
So Im finally ready to break down and pay for premium, as it seemed like mixcloud FINALLY got its act togetherer- not as many bugs or issues playing back music, actually keeps memory of my last mix played AND the real spot I had stopped playing! And much much less awkward tunbling in limbo ehen i hit “play” !! Amazing!! So excitedly, i rush to press “go premium” amped up to finally enjoy the many quality mixes on the site... I get the “apple pay” option, i press “buy”, apple and mixcloud then seemingly take my money, i heae the apple pay “DING” ... and I wait...and wait...and wait...but then ... NOTHING?!?! Just sits there on that same page. So i proceed to do this 8 times in total thru out the day, and all 8 times - NUTTIN !?! Glad the musical bugs are worked out, now just let me know when the upgrade bugs are also fixed and when you want to take my $$...or maybe u did take it all 8 times m, if so then LMK when I can actually use the subscription because all my mixes are at their limit so I cant actuallt listen to any music.
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2 years ago, patigerjet
Almost 5 stars..needs dark mode
The app is easy to use and does everything I need it to be as a listener of the site’s prolific & great EDM creaters. The only exception is no support of a dark mode setting or a default to iOS users preferred device mode of either light/dark. For a site/app with edgy EDM music on iOS I think this should be a mandatory no brainer. Please Mixcloud support us darkies to save our eyes and allow us full immersion in our electronic listening enjoyment, Especially at night. Once you do I will become a paid subscriber and more active searcher for the genius music creators that prop this app.
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4 years ago, Marke14
Bad UX re: restarting tracks from the beginning
Let me fist say, I love love love Mixcloud! It’s a fantastic product overall, I love the community and the great access to music. Hats off on those aspects! I have to say, the app for iOS needs work. Very frequently when I pause the track currently being played, and then resume playback, it starts playing from the beginning. And since free users are limited to playing any particular track 3 times in a 14 day period of time, you inadvertently use up one of those 3 plays. (I’m giving the benefit of the doubt that this happens accidentally and not as a hamfisted attempt to force users to subscribe.) Sometimes this happens across user sessions, which is perhaps somewhat more forgivable (although not if you ask me) or across devices with the app installed and using the same user login. But man oh man when this happens on the same device, same user session - that is super frustrating. I’m in product development myself and I know this kind of feedback is tough. If I didn’t care about this app and service I wouldn’t bother with the review. Looking forward to this fix and me upgrading this app review to the 5 star rating it deserves! Thanks for reading.
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5 years ago, Marek
“Sorry, this cannot be played in your region” after already listening to it in full once
Twice this has happened to me different artists. I listen to a mix, enjoy it enough to replay it, and then all of a sudden I get the notification “Sorry, this cannot be played in your region”. Well then why would Mixcloud allow me to listen to it front-to-back for over 90 minutes in the first place? Ridiculous. The app also behaves laughably over Bluetooth. Won’t automatically restart playback after re-entering my vehicle, while both SoundCloud and Pandora have no problems whatsoever behaving with Audi’s MMI interface. If this app didn’t have mixes from the mid-2010s that are impossible to find anywhere else, I would recommend everyone stray far away from it. It’s a dying platform.
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1 year ago, Barryeverton
Tip your DJ
I love all the do’s I follow and fully agree that like any good service they deserve a tip ($) for their service. I’m not sure about paying for every time you put a mix on like in the Premium service but I would like to be able to offer them a tip service based on their mix. I was listening to one of my favorites on Friday and he has a tip button available. I clicked it and picked my amount but it wouldn’t go any further. You guys saved us over Covid and now its a regular event so I would like to help out. By the way this app is awesome and thank you for the good times. Everton (Baz)
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3 years ago, msandreamarie
I WANT to love it
I want to love this app because it houses music from some of my favorite artists. But it is absolutely ridiculous how many times I have had to completely delete and re-download the app to get it to work. Now, after my most recent effort to fix the app by deleting/re-downloading, the app won’t even let me log in. All I see after I attempt to “Connect through Facebook” is a white screen that won’t go away unless I manually close the app. And when I restart the app, I am still not logged in. So I am now completely unable to access my music—and for who knows how long. I can’t express how frustrating it is to rely on this app to play music for an event or occasion only to find out it doesn’t work right when you need it. I hope they do better in the future.
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3 years ago, wedge23609
Live stream comments and Select or premium subscription
Love the app and the live stream which is my go to now that periscope is shutting down. I would like the ability to directly reply to others comments during live stream. I have tried to subscribe to my favorite artist in “select” on my iphone app(unable) and online (pc). Part of the problem is no way to search or find my favorite artist in the select area online with a lack of a search tool. Unfortunate. Happy to spend 2.99 to subscribe to their content but hopefully that is being worked on.
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3 years ago, DjMickeyBee
Awesome Music Delivery model
I’ve been DJing on Mixcloud for a little over 7months. Mixcloud is working to bridge the divide between DJs and true lovers of music. Followers can support their favorite DJs with a small monthly fee for full uninterrupted access to their mixes. Music artists get paid as well as DJs using the monetization aspects of Mixcloud. A win win for all. Some areas for improvement are user friendliness of the App, also the free uploads can be interjected with ads so that the DJs can get more subscribers. Great job overall Mixcloud keep it up
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6 years ago, SD 619 Charger
This app is completely useless
1 Star for allowing us users listen to DJ mixes. Aside from that, this app should be a zero. There’s absolutely no measured reason as to why it all of a sudden does NOT allow you to listen to a mix - it limits the listener to allow only “X” number of listens per mix or DJ....and the app seems to arbitrarily just take away a certain mix. The app claims to have some sort of disclosure as to why - geographical limits or copyrights etc - but it’s never consistent. One day it’ll allow me to listen to a mix, and one day it won’t. It’ll remove recent played mixes from my queue/ playlist etc. It has a mind of its own. Oh, you also can’t rewind. That’s fun. Wish someone would engineer another mix app so DJs would have another platform aside from this and stupid SoundCloud. Bring back MIXCRATE!!!
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1 year ago, juanmtzjr
New update keeps making me change current listening.
Have always love the app- it’s great! However, recent update keeps making me change the mix I’m in. Seems at the very minimum touch to bring down the mix album photo to go back is highly sensitive and will change my song. This would be great if it was short simple songs but it’s not- this might not sound like a big deal on a strong connection but when I’m on the gym and connecting is super slow it takes a good 30-45 seconds sometimes longer to have the mix i accidentally previously switched, playing again.
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1 year ago, Xeroform_
Don’t bother all content is paywalled or gone.
Current review: Don’t waste your time uploading high quality mixes or any for that matter. Overnight they erased a decade of mixes many only hosted there. The reason? Not buying their “Pro” membership long enough. The minute a card declined and I didn’t see a reason to continue paying for Pro as selling access to my mixes was something I wasn’t trying to do. Still, nearly 1,000 subscribers to my free stream just lost a reason to return. It’s kind of ironic as cloud servers become cheaper than ever, they get greedier than ever, changing users as well as creators a separate membership for “premium” and “pro”(And they think ppl will have enough extra money to tip creators after that) ————————————————— Years old review: Yes it has some glitches and could use improvements in several areas (ability to upload mixes from in the app would be great), but there really is nothing like mixcloud in terms of the quality of music and variety of DJs you can listen to- from famous artists to bedroom DJ's (whose mixes often are better then the famous ones lo).
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5 years ago, ZandraSaiquies
I love the mixcloud community. I enjoy uploading mixes and interacting with my peers. I struggle to do so anymore though. This app freezes and crashes on IOS just from me opening it. If I try to play a set it freezes and crashes. If I try to view notifications it freezes and crashes. If I try to write a response it freezes and crashes. It’s tough keeping up with notifications in particular now. If i try to view notifications on the website using Firefox on a Windows 10 pc it only lets me view the last 5 notifications and it almost always crashes the tab. When you get 20 or 30 notifications immediately after posting a set, this is very inconvenient. I’ve used this app to view notifications for a while now to compensate. Sorry I didn’t follow you back bro! Mixcloud won’t let me check my notifications anywhere now! I never saw it.
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4 years ago, Scruffybear
I love and hate Mixcloud. I pay for select because I wanna support the site and my favorite DJs that have inspired me for so many years. But the app seems very unreliable. I can’t access my favorites or history, things time out and the site itself gives me errors. There’s also no dark mode so get ready to be blinded every time you check the app. Guys, please work on the UI, reliability and give us dark mode. Also a “package” subscription where I can support many DJs at once instead of paying $3-4 for each individual one would be great.
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5 years ago, Zach Spoons
Fix this app.
Player control does not show up on lock screen or in control center on iPhone. This is really frustrating bc if using headphones the phone will not recognize anything playing and you can pause or play without unlocking phone. I LOVE this app my favorite ever but it really needs some major work. Please correct this with the new update. Ever since the last update it’s been doing this. It’s 2019 the technology should be there to fix this app. I want to continue to use and love this app so PLEASE ADDRESS THESE ISSUES.
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5 years ago, Ellen Chellin
I love your app but I have the same issue. I can only listen to something 3 times in two weeks. I was putting together a playlist for my Spinning class. I had timed it so that the exercise fit the part of the song. I had spent over an hour or more in just 15 min of the class. I got locked out. I am happy to pay as you have great playlists, exercise instructors playlists and dj’s. Better than in the states. Please let me know when this is fixed. Thank you! Again I do love your app just not the restrictions.
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3 years ago, OneUnder120
Best Music DJ mix station !!!
For the longest time, I always had a hard time finding a music app that played everything that I liked. I would listen to stations and try to use Sound Hog to get DJ mixes with no success. It wasn’t until recently I stumbled upon a mix cloud, and I have loved this app ever since. I can listen to all my favorite music whenever I want and add them to my playlist and also put them on my favorites.I definitely recommend this for my club people out there.
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7 years ago, DJ Larry Gee
Notifications not working!
I love Mixcloud and I use this app all of the time but for some strange reason when I go to “Notifications” it gives the funky oops! Something went wrong. Try again message. I have hit re-try and nothing happens. I’ve refreshed the app, my iPhone, deleted the app and downloaded again but nothing works! This is frustrating because I have worked really hard to build a following and I live to get and respond to notifications.
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5 years ago, Insta-fan
Slow and unresponsive
I’ve been using the app regularly and until recently found that the responsiveness of the app has slowed down drastically. I’m not sure if there are bugs from a recent update, but I’m running it on an iPhone 8 with over 10Gb of space left on the device. The phone is fine and it doesn’t seem like a hardware issue. Ever since the push to get users to upgrade to the paid version, it seems as though the user experience has degraded. Not really enticing for me to want to pay for the service especially when it is super slow. I would rather download the mixes elsewhere and upload directly to my phone. At least that will always work.
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5 years ago, Dom Aleksandr
Bad, Buggy App for Great Service
Somehow Mixcloud pretends it’s not a music app - I can’t see controls in the Notifications screen nor in the Control Center. If it plays longer than 10 minutes or so, it shuts itself off - most likely because it’s not coded as a music app and unloads itself off RAM or something. User Interface - not good either. What’s the difference between Feed and New Shows? Queue and Listen Later? How do I see a list of who I follow? Searching doesn’t prioritize people I’ve already followed, so I can’t find my friend except by going through the “Favorites” menu in my Profile. Is Queue so important for 1-2 hour music formats? That’s a bold proposition for an app that wants to shut off after 10 minutes. Yet it is prominently displayed in the main control screen. There’s stuff to work on in order to compete with the likes of SoundCloud. DJs love the web application, but the music will most likely be consumed via the app, which misses many marks of stability and usability.
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2 years ago, Bill w.
Lots of content but not user friendly
There is apparently no way to favorite or follow an artist or show. Example: Midnight Cowboy Hour by Juanita Stein. You can favorite a specific show, but there’s no way to follow the show and get alerts when there’s a new show…or even a quick way to find the show to check for new episodes without doing a search EVERY TIME. plus, shows are not listed in order of posting and there’s no sort function. Follow-up, like six months later: it’s so bad. Nothing has improved. I don’t understand so many positive reviews. I mean, I’m a free user, so maybe the functionality is deliberately limited? I certainly wouldn’t pay for such a terrible interface!
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5 years ago, Gurantu K
Possibly the worst app ever allowed on the App Storr
For starters, Mixcloud on web is excellent, the UI works and is stable. Now let’s move to the iOS app and you have better luck playing the lottery than have a stable session at any given time. On the newest phones and devices, mixcloud’s app will 100% freeze, crash and if you’re lucky, completely ruin your listening experience such that you cannot seek back in the mix that their app completely messed up. The specific app aside, their latest updates for “notifications and posts” are completely a nuisance whereby creators simply spam their followers asking them to check out their Instagram. Please don’t sell out focus on your core values. Mixcloud will get cancelled real soon, believe that.
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2 years ago, pixeljammer
Frustrating to Use
Adding tracks to playlists is a pain—there is no feedback telling you that the track was added; the main page says you don’t have any playlists; the tracks do show once you find the playlist, don’t appear to be in the same order they were added; you can’t reorder tracks in a playlist; you can’t add multiple tracks to a playlist at the same time. Artists with large catalogs require a ton of scrolling; you can’t reorder the tracks by Oldest-Newest. It would help if there were filters available so that you could list by keyword or date or length or whatever.
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5 years ago, MonitorMan
< 1 = 3
App would be great if I could ever actually listen to any of the music. Shut the car off to pump gas...boom...there goes one of your 3 biweekly plays. Switch over to a text message, there goes another. Listen to a voicemail, congrats you’re now banned from listening to this set for the next 2 weeks. Never mind that you only heard 10 minutes of it to begin with. Unless you can sit down and do nothing else with your device for the next 60 minutes, this app is completely useless. Actually, it’s worse. It gives you the hope of good music and then bludgeons that hope with an 18oz hammer while making you and your family watch in horror.
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4 years ago, Bavsnyc19
Premium membership scam!
So I subscribed for a premium account and after the payment was processed I went to check the mix I’ve been wanting to play that kept telling me I was not able to access it from my region... since I had already played this mix several times I figured it was due to the 3x rule and decided to just pay to listen to my favorite mixes... well it is STILL saying I am unable to play this mix and that is just BS! I want an answer as to why this is happening on a mix I’ve listened to many times before and all of a sudden it can’t be accessed? I’m paying for a prime membership account just to hear it and I’m not able to?? Please contact me with some answers because this is incredibly frustrating!
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11 months ago, Sickeeesick
Love Mixcloud, lifesaver during pandemic, and still primary source of music
Many thanks to Mixcloud, got introduced after doing a guest mix for some collaborators and then was like, oh - sooo many music obsessed DJs and selectahs are on here. So wildly preferable over all the predatory streaming platforms, but respect. Only issue i’ve had (which is very small) is that the Player Cue function on the app on many occasions doesn’t really seem to work properly, it has disengaged randomly at times and played to some episodes I’ve not really dug.
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5 years ago, Mandalazu
Paused playback needs great improvement
Mixcloud frustrates me. First it delivers enjoyable music. Then the phone rings, I take a call, and the mix I was enjoying is gone. Not only does the app not go back to the music that was playing, I have now lost the music I was enjoying. Mixcloud is cheating the DJs that work so hard to put content up for users to enjoy. If I’ve heard 15 minutes of a mix and pause for any reason, Mixcloud decides its time for me to move on and disallows my finishing the podcast I was hearing. Don’t pause ever and you’ll be fine. Otherwise, I’m hoping Mixcloud will make this app as world class as the music that supports it. My generous two stars are for content only. #hopeful
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2 years ago, gitpikr
Mix cloud software
I like to be able to play radio programs I can’t get by antenna. The sound quality is good. However, I don’t see any controls that would enable me to play part of a program now then more of it later. It only seems to start from the beginning every time. There may be a way to do it, but there seems to be little, if any, instructions available. There also appears to be a “favorites” feature but no indication how to mark a program I like as a favorite, nor can I seem to get the “follow” function to work.
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2 weeks ago, Utopian Galt
Good music, bad customer service
I bought a subscription for several months to support a creator and his mixes, but when one drops out of the creator program you get abruptly restricted from listening to the creators content when though I still had 12 more days left until the billing cycle restarted.I submitted my complaint to the company before they were open and they blew me off. I honestly would love to be credited for my dollar and twenty American cents. It would be ethical to just let people listen until their subscriptions lapse.
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3 years ago, __prtcl
A music app that doesn't want you to listen to music
This app does everything possible to prevent you from listening to music. Can't search, its hard to follow or like things, can't go on tangents to find similar artists, UI is strangely unintuitive. The biggest problem is that you can't even preview a mix before listening to the whole thing because you can't rewind! One gets the feeling that the developers are just so hostile to users that theres absolutely no way I'd pay for the pro plan to unlock basic functionality. It's so much easier to just search for artists you like on other platforms and buy music from them directly.
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4 years ago, anon...ss
Used to be good
As others have so eloquently stated, sure they needed some UX updates but the app was passable, albeit frustrating. Been rooting for them but at the present time, can’t even open the app. I click to open, it immediately crashes. Wash, rinse, repeat. I’ve been a fan for awhile and understand that they are small and independent but until things stabilize, not only can I not use the app, I can’t waste my money supporting them. Wishin’ and hopin’ as the DJ/music community certainly needs ppl like them.
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5 years ago, RicoLBuckz
Best app potential that rarely works now...
-Forceclosing again... -App starts you on the mixtape you listened to, 2 mixes ago, and now deletes your past "listened to" mixes after the forceclose. -Also, I'm glad they changed it so that I don't have to re-scroll down the long timeline to my original place, every single time I click a button, BUT pausing a mixtape only lasts about 30 seconds before you have to start it all over again. Shouldn't have to shut the app down and restart to get back to your last playing mix. About a 2+ min process now if I ever want to pause the mix. I don't understand why it's so difficult to NOT restart our timelines and mixes so often and for every reason.
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