Mixonset: Music Clip DJ Mixer

4.7 (3.3K)
138.4 MB
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Current version
Mixonset Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mixonset: Music Clip DJ Mixer

4.65 out of 5
3.3K Ratings
1 year ago, Young Rigby
Amazing app… But one suggestion
I am a really huge fan of this app. My best friend showed it to me, and I was hooked. However, it would be more amazing if I could mix my music from my Google Drive. I’ve always wanted to make a mix before. Hopefully this app will help me do so. And also, could you make a screen recording feature… so when I make the mix, I can actually have the audio file of the finished project. Thank you. Keep up the great work. pp… But one suggestion
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7 months ago, Lost by Design
So promising but has a few setbacks
This concept is fantastic, it plays the strong parts of your dance tracks and does a pretty good job of mixing genres depending on your pre planned playlist. However, it crashes on my iPhone 12 and iPad quite a bit I’d say every 20 min it will crash and hopefully the developers will fix this. On my iPhone 7, it lasted 7 min before crashing on Wifi. I can actually see someone using this to DJ with this in 5 years maybe but the crashes would wreck your career for sure. The layout color is nice but way too confusing for how simple it could be ( can’t tell what is a clickable button and what isn’t and back screen is confusing to figure out, also it could use a dark mode. I love this app, when it works, but I refuse to pay a regular monthly fee when they would be better off with a one time higher fee. I’d pay that but not for any app that crashes as much as this does. Offer a one time fee and I’ll wait for it to get better through updates. For now, the subscription is too high for how often it crashes. Update- I have a iPad 9 & iPhone 12 that uses the app and after several updates, it’s is much more stable. The only thing that would make this app perfect is if it has one time fee instead of the monthly/yearly pay option.
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9 months ago, Clive Luis
Nice app that could be better !
I have tested this app with Apple Music and Tidal Mixonset main appeal is Apple Music. Most DJ apps don’t integrate or play well with Apple Music’s DRM protected tracks. Some pros and cons 1. Mixonset works fine with Tidal but so does an app like Djay pro which has a reliable automix feature .. (also Tidal not great with local files upload) …so therefore Mixonset’s main appeal is Apple Music … megaseg the only other option but their UI is horrible 2. Some DRM protected tracks are recognized one day and next day say unavailable , so little inconsistencies with library . 3. Does not play “mix in order” in any scenario. “Matched Apple tracks” or purchased tracks are always on top. Confusing at times 4. Save mix to new playlist ignores these tracks 5. Cannot replace current playlists with new playlists “seamlessly”. have to stop player . That’s a big drawback , it can’t seamlessly transitions between two playlists .There is always a song or two which comes in the way from prior playlist 6. There is visual bug , the track transition “visually on display “ , but old tracks still keeps playing. In summary cant use this app at a party , great for home listening .
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1 year ago, TheMek27
ALMOST Perfect
If youre a guy like me, who has a playlist of 200+ electronic songs that he just wants mixed randomly, then this is your perfect app. As suggested above, I used this app for over 2 hours on a curated playlist of about 275 electronic songs (using electronic since its most commonly used to mix). After 2 hours, I can confidently say that this is probably the best use of this app. The AI is not perfect, but oh my lord is it close. It's nothing fancy, it's not like I'm listening to Fox Stevenson perform live, but it's a simple tool that grasps the general image of a live DJ performance and replicates it ALMOST perfectly. The success of its layering and mixing is like 95%, with that 5% of error being with songs that have Lyrics or are maybe more low beat or low energy. Sometimes, the AI kinda just assumes what parts are "chorus" melodies and tries to match up good ones. Again, 95% of the time, it's almost like you have a professional DJ right there mixing for you. With how AI is going, I have no doubt this one will improve. I cannot recommend this app enough.
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6 months ago, Google search Search
Good app
Mixonset is pretty good for mixing music. There are some genres that mix better than others, electronic, house and certain other genres like that. Of course, there are some things that don't mix really well. The thing that Mixonset doesn't do well with is mixing breaks, particularly Florida breaks. Most of the songs from breakbeat have a longer outro, and sometimes the app will mix something else near the end, instead of at the outro, when there are still beats playing. If you haven't heard that type of Breakbeat, I recommend looking it up and listening to how it's usually supposed to go in that genre. I also made a Halloween playlist, and there are a variety of genres, sometimes it doesn't do great, depending on what it mixing. Also, I'm not sure if this is a thing yet, but how do I record the mixes? It would be nice if you could, usually I have to screen record them. Still a pretty good decent app.
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1 year ago, LostKing78
All these four and five stars for what?
I personally don't see how apps could become this money entitled. There's no longer such a thing as an app willing to give you pro features for a single, reasonable price for the extra services you want out of the app. And for the music 'mixing' app to keep you from properly and personally 'mixing' your music without pro, just a huge waste of an app development team from Montreal. Don't try and force me to pay consistent money to do things Garageband can do for a small effortless one-time payment (which some people are even smart enough to do exactly what this app does for free.) And before I get that developer response, tread carefully: 1. I do not care unless what you say is for the benefit of the other 25% of people that are thinking the exact same as me. And 2. Saying the app wouldn't be what it is now due to monetary stress is a huge lie. If a development team wants something essential to give, they do it right and they make it accessible to everyone. Even ads would save this app if we could remove them for like, $2.
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2 years ago, Jv333
Confusing and falls short
This app is very confusing. I went online to see if there is more tutorials, which I couldn’t find. It’s great if you just want the AI to do its thing and forget about everything else. But you can’t customize the playlists seems. If you can, you’d have to do it on the go. Which is not what I’m looking for. I want to make a premixed playlists and have it mix at certain points, every time. As said, it’s confusing and maybe you can do that, but they don’t teach you that. I made a small playlist to mess around with it. Sometimes the AI would give you suggestions, other times it would play the whole song. And there’s no way to tell it to blend another song in at a certain point when it plays the whole song. After working on the playlist, I saved it. I then go to open it up. That playlist now has 30 new songs added to it…. That I don’t want on it. None of the spots where I wanted the music to mixed was saved. The AI does blending as if it’s brand new again. I did not find this app helpful.
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4 years ago, isabelle012
Wanted to like but app felt unintuitive
I heard of this app through ACN and was really intrigued by the idea. I love designing no-shuffle playlists so I thought this app could really fill in the gaps and do some smooth transitions between songs. I downloaded the app and used the free version only. Overall, I just found the UI really unintuitive. When I have “highlight mode” on (which I still don’t understand the meaning of), I don’t get the colored lines that show up on the player. I also don’t understand why there are “50 highlights” — is that the number of songs in the mix? There are other UX things like why is the mix overview grouped in the share button? When I set the BPM filter higher and lower and go into the mix overview, why is the energy level always two wine glasses? What do the wine glasses even mean? Apologies for all the questions but I think the app is super exciting but is just confusing to use as a consumer.
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2 years ago, InfiniteScream
Almost there
This is the first time I am writing a review, which shows that I actually like the app enough to write one. The concept is executed well and the app design flows well. Even the membership feels like it’s worth the money, and without it, the app doesn’t feel like it’s missing anything. I know the app is still in its early stages, as audio occasionally sounds garbled/robotic, but it performs well and is on its way to perfection. My only request to the devs is to not turn this app into a money grab.(ex. more ads/more expensive memberships for less, bad customer service). Most of the apps I have followed from its roots turned out this way, so please be mindful of your users in the future. Thank you.
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2 years ago, slattchoppa
Just started/ hopes for next update
I started off with pacemaker and ever since they lowered the music catalog i have been needing a ai dj app with great mixes. This app does great mixing and I just got the pro, but there is definitely places to improve. For instance, I wish that there was a way to see the perfect spot for mixing with options to be able to increase/decrease the song you are playing or going to play. Also, when i look up artists, albums, or songs it would be cool to see how close of a match it is to the song that you want to it to. You are able to match the bpm together, but it only seems as it is only in the queued section.
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10 months ago, hommedefilm
Crashing and Erased My Playlist
So first off I added a genre filter to my favorite playlist from SoundCloud that I’ve been working on since middle school and now I’m 22. And I clicked save playlist and what I didn’t realize in that moment is that it deleted several thousand songs from my playlist leaving just a few from the genre I selected. I think that should be super clear when you’re just wanting listen to a specific genre that day, not loose your entire playlist. Now thank god I have it backed up on other platforms, but still that’s pretty upsetting. I love the concept of this, but along with being misleading on how the settings work, it stops working/playing and/or crashes fairly often. Hopefully that can be fixed.
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1 year ago, ovoym
i’m very hopeful for this app, just needs a little more work
i’ve been using this app since last week and i’m very hopefully that the AI improves even more. i will admit the transitions aren’t there yet but it’s getting there. something that i hope that the ai improves is that if you put for example, a drill song - the song should transition to another drill song in the library and if that drill song has some synths or a piano or anything, it should transitions into a song that has a piano in place. i could only imagine so i hope it becomes a reality. overall a 7/10.
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3 years ago, rod.t.dvs
So close, almost there
I think the problem with most DJ apps when they use AI. Is that they base the transitions based on time during initial transition. The problem with this method is that can be literally anywhere on the track. More often then not, the transition starts on an odd bar or measure (1,3,5,7,9,11…) vs (2,4,6,8..). It sounds odd when the transition just starts from anywhere. If you could model the app to detect the start of a chorus or the beginning of a 32 bar phrase this would be a HUGE step into making this into a better app.
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2 years ago, ConnorZ.
Best music app I’ve ever owned
I have never left a review on an app ever before, but as a music lover, I have been looking for an app to do this exact thing for sooooo long. This lets me make a playlist that mixes the song for me so it has that DJ feel without me having to do the work! I love what this adds to the vibe of the music! The monthly price isn’t bad. As long as that never changes, they have a customer for a longgggg time.
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1 year ago, Jacob Cer.
Makes me a DJ with no work
In all seriousness this app is fantastic! I’ve picked up mixing a couple months ago, but this app allows me to have my favorite songs mixed while working and at the gym. One thing I would hope is added in the near future is a friends sessions where I can have friends join my set and listen with me on their phones!
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6 months ago, HaZZaRD01xXx
Definitely need improvements
How can I have music on my phone but it won’t play through the app? a major issue that needs to be addressed or at least in the description only certain songs will play through the app I’m currently paying for the full version and I still can’t get any Juice WRLD to play through the app. I wish I could screenshot and send the stuff in. I will probably wind up canceling my subscription. just because no Lil Peep song will play and I can’t live like that
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6 months ago, The Onitsuka Tiger
Deleting songs…?
I had high hopes for this app at first. The mix AI is decent when it comes to smart mix, and the options you get are reasonable considering it’s free. My main issue is when you update a playlist a few times, the app will begin to DELETE SONGS from your original playlist. I recommend using this for simple random mixes or having a set playlist before logging in. My playlist went from 3 hours to 2 after two refreshes. Not happy.
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2 years ago, shakeyshitshow
Love it and hate it
This is the best app to mix music. But I’ve referred multiple people and had the ads go away for a day and then they come back. I’m confused because it says 4 months free… Update 2: some songs will randomly restart the loading process anytime I que in order. Update 3: disappointing I can’t redeem referral award unless I subscribe…
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1 year ago, luke__valentine
Ever since they 86’d Serato Pyro, I’ve been searching for a replacement. I listen to a lot of music with people and we love sharing. Mixonset is nearly perfect. The only thing I can think of updating after I’ve used this for more than an hour, is to allow the songs to blend for a longer period of time, like a real dj set is on the radio. Other than that it’s AI is great at making my playlist make sense! Would love to hear back from someone in the company.
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2 years ago, a guy thats lonly
I’ve been using this app for a day, i already love the perfect transitions and song choice. Thank you devs for making this masterpiece! I also love how the free version is usable unlike some apps where they make the free version impossible to use and make you pay for everything. This app is hands down the best music app out there!
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1 year ago, Mrtejano
Just wish the discover feature could be actually disabled. There are times I turn it off and it still plays songs that are not on my playlist. Also wish more of my songs could be added and more transition effects.
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2 years ago, Guin nkytu
Transitions are hit or miss
But in my experience so far they're mostly misses. It would probably be helpful for training if you asked users to rate each transition, because some of them are really bad. Not every transition needs to be amazing, but the ones that are really bad need to be taken care of. For me, it keeps transitioning "Isn't She Lovely" by Tom Misch, which has sounded super out of place every time. I don't know if it does better with certain genres, but it doesn't do well with my music.
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7 months ago, Jus Khe
Great but
Really great app. It does a good job of mashing together songs, and if you can control the genres properly, then it’s a party. The problem is when it comes to Apple airplay. It does what it wants and never what I wanted to do. When casting to the TV more than half the time it does not play. How I know it’s an issue and the app is on the TV. The time for the song is always stuck on 0:00 but on the app screen it’s different.
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1 year ago, dj teva
Horrible UI but it does the job.
Coming from Serato Pyro, the UI on this app is horrible. Anti User friendly menu and strange default features. For example for some odd reason, the partial song mix is set as default. Just looking for the menu to set it as full song play took awhile just to find. As for the mixing while it does the job, it does the same repetitive filter technique transition. They really need to redo the whole UI flow .
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4 months ago, Miamidolphinfan6
App is great but needs work
The concept of the app is really cool and awesome. But there are a few flaws I’d like to point out. - the way it detects songs to transition can be fixed. Whether that be the programming or the AI. Some songs the app picks, don’t really sound well when they’re transitioned together - glitch where some songs aren’t able to be used at all That’s about it. If the AI is improved to recognize song BPM or instrumental patterns to match other songs to make a perfect crossfade, I think this app would be the definition of perfection for any music fan. This app def has a bright future
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2 years ago, xoPPrincessxo
Don’t Waste Your Time
This app is honestly trash. You can’t transition the song properly and the AI is horrible. You also can’t have the song on your playlist play in order which defeats the purpose. I should have to go through a hassle to make the playlist flow in the order I arranged it in. Also, it queues random songs that aren’t in the playlist or songs you don’t even know, and you can’t turn it off. There’s no time stamp or lyric indicator. The transitions are also very sloppy sounding. Don’t waste your time on this app.
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10 months ago, VinnieCo
6 Stars
There should be no stars lower than 5 on this as it does exactly as advertised and more. The AI technology is so close and often gets better transitions than a professional. I recommend this for any event host - eliminates the need for a live DJ completely and lets you be in full control.
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1 year ago, salam_lawal
Ability to change when the air song starts
This is a great app to be able to mix your music to your length and when you want to cut out slow or bad parts of songs. My only complaint is being able to change when the qued song starts so that your can play the begging of songs.
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2 years ago, Naija Boss
Great app for music lovers
I love that it mix the songs like an actual DJ like me. Even tho the transmission is not that smooth cuz it’s an AI Mixer (which is totally understandable) but it gets better in every update and little problem is that it doesn’t read all the songs on my Apple library because of DCM issue or something. Other than that, I love it. Keep up the good work!
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1 year ago, Pie nutrition
If ur new to this stuff this will have u hooked!! I loved the transitions it’s soooo easy to use the app!! I’ve been on a hunt for an app like this and every app is so hard to use. Finally found this app! It’s perfect and amazing! Definitely recommend! I never write reviews but this app blew my mind away!!!!
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1 year ago, SunflowerGirl75
I quit my job of 22 years …
I quit my job of 22 years to be my mom’s full time caregiver out of state. I miss my hour long commute. Music is my only “zen” time to myself and I really love the seamless transitions of the music on this app. Like I’m in a club right at comfort of home.
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3 years ago, Emily G. Hill
Unhappy with features on playlist
We got this for our wedding (signed up for the premium) but we are having multiple issues with the playlist features. I’m not sure what the problem is. We ticked the “highlight” feature and it only works occasionally. Mostly the playlist will skip a song, shut off or play the whole song. It is very frustrating and I’ll be frantically trying to troubleshoot before Saturday.
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2 years ago, 0oWow
Beware if you are concerned with privacy
The app reaches out to Google Analytics, Facebook Graph, OneSignal, and Firebase frequently…. And they say “we don’t collect your personal data” statement at the bottom of their login page. Really????? Update to developer response: It’s not that you collect non-personal data, but that multiple pieces of non-identifying data can be combined to become identifying data. You may not do that, fine, but you chose to “get in bed” with the two worst privacy offenders, so your privacy policy can’t be trusted. By linking with them, you’re adding our information to their pile of data. To answer your last question, my network firewall kept blocking your Facebook and Google analytic requests, that’s why I found out.
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4 months ago, NihadTheGreat
Near perfect
I think this app does a fantastic job of mixing songs of the same BPM and it always highlights the best parts of songs. My only request is to be able to listen to my SoundCloud Go+ songs. So please work on that integration. I’m missing some bangers from my playlist.
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1 year ago, scott d 04
New dynamic for anyone that loves music
With thousands of songs in my playlist this app creates an opportunity to bring my listening (and playing for others) to another level
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2 months ago, chanellyi
Promising but Confusing
Nothing is truly clear on how to work the app. No indication of how the buttons work or where in the next song you end up. The queued song starts wherever with no indication or control. Smart queue overpowers the user. It should be an on and off option for that. It’s just a music scramble.
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9 months ago, fdrodreeguez
Was amazing, then came the ads and ruined it
This app was amazing, now they are cutting al songs shorter than before, mixing it terribly, playing less than half the songs. Go back to how this app was before. If it is not broken don’t keep trying to fix it with bad changes and bad decisions. Used to be a 5/5 stars, now putting a 2/5 until things get changed.
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1 year ago, RnDmTask
Works on some genres
Works on mostly with hip hop and edm, but not on others. If trying to music with lyrics, it’s constantly choosing areas on the songs heavy with singing or rapping, instead on choosing instrumental spots to create a better flowing mix. If it did that, I would most likely pay for the sub, but I can’t right now.
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1 year ago, snarkDADmin
Neat concept but didn't work with my library well at all
Transitions were awful on my playlist of old-school dance / eurodance tracks. These weren't obscure songs either, many of them were wildly popular during their time. The transitions were terrible, worse than just using a crossfade or something in iTunes. Maybe it's better for modern edm but outside of that, yuck.
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11 months ago, Darien Salmeron
Only Mixes Two Songs From An Entire Album
As the title says, it only mixes two songs maximum. The album may have 60+ songs but it caps at 2. Is this intended?
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2 years ago, dham212
Like it but wish it would stop crashing
So I subscribed but now it will play maybe half the song then the app will just randomly crash on me. I’ve tried to delete the app and redownload it but it’s still having this issue hopefully y’all get this fixed soon
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1 year ago, raelynnk95
Not Terrible
I love the concept of this app. However, it doesn’t let me choose a custom start and stop point with any of the songs. If I was able to do this the app would be perfect. I appreciate the response but when I do that it still does not change the start and stop time.
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3 weeks ago, wowzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas
It goes from the most lively portion of one song right into another without adequate mixing making for a listening experience that is worse than just skipping a song halfway through. I gave it two stars because I do appreciate the concept which is the reason I downloaded but the mixing isn’t there yet.
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10 months ago, Spvcedd
Please Fix the Bugs/Crashing‼️‼️‼️
I don’t if it is because I’m connected to soundcloud or what but the app crashes after playing a few tracks. It didn’t start doing this until after I’ve updated to the latest version. Please fix this!!
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1 year ago, ItzDylanYT
it doesn’t have a “seamless transition”
i was expecting the second song that played to have a seamless transition that would play on a beat drop but the transition just comes out of no where and it doesn’t sound right at all. a slow song would just randomly transition into a fast song and it doesn’t match at all but other then that , u get what you downloaded. a mashup for your playlists. it just doesn’t have a smooth transition like you’d expect but if you don’t really care too much for the smooth transitions then the app is for you
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1 year ago, Santanita11A
Better Than Others But Not There Yet
Two things: 1) energy classification is way off with no way for you to adjust or reclassify. For instance, the fastest merengues and reggaetons are routinely classified as "chill." 2) it plays entire songs even though you told it not to in the settings. Lots of potential.
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3 years ago, DjLovejoy
Too Clumsy
I finally just deleted the app. It is just to clumsy and even though I paid for the subscription mixing songs was just sloppy. Half of the time it would mix out in the middle of the song. It would also shuffle the playlist. The discovery feature didn’t work either. I turned it off and it would still play random songs that I didn’t want.
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11 months ago, Trinittty3
Almost perfect
No discovery means no discover but yet I’m still getting random songs added to my playlist. What makes it worse is that it’s a complete different genre. Please fix that. Besides that, great app!
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2 years ago, Grimbosko
Doesn’t let you manually mix
The app seemed promising but then it got annoying. I just wanted something where I can just queue up the next song at certain points in a song and have it seemingly transition but it’s a constant fight with the “Smart AI” when you wanna transition. Like just let me move the little purple dot where I want it, people getting this app aren’t asking for much here
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3 years ago, JulianDaniels21
Not bad
It’s a good app for making some mixes in my playlist, only thing I think would need more improvement is for better highlight transitions, and Apple Music support, but other than that good app 👍🏽
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