Mixtiles - Photo Tiles

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Mixtiles Ltd
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3 weeks ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mixtiles - Photo Tiles

4.87 out of 5
106.7K Ratings
5 years ago, Manal Morsy
Nice but limited
The customer service team are very good at responding to ones questions and emails - the produced final product is good quality for the price paid - a couple of limitations - sizes are 8x8 for frameless (edge) and some of picture I sent was still cut off and even slightly more cut off if one choses framing styles like bold or clean - the other two framing styles classic or ever result in an even smaller size for the print (6x6). The pictures are cut off at the edges rather that resized to fit the 8x8 for example so even though I fit it as I liked it to be - I lost some of the edges of my pictures ( I only ordered edge style where the whole production is the picture - no frames - mainly so I dont loose anything of the picture) and when selecting the pictures I like on the app there is no option to size down ones picture to fit the frame - only enlarge if one wants to focus on part of the picture and cut off some. Also the app is not a long term account app - so every time I need to order I have to enter my information from scratch and I can not view or check status of a current or view past orders on the app which is very limiting. I did order again however because I did like the final product - its very light because its produced on styrofoam and it sticks directly to the wall because of 4 stickies on the back - dont know how long that stickiness will last - but it is convenient especially as I moved them around until I decided on final arrangment.
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6 years ago, Sydnus
A great way to get the pictures you love from your phone to your walls!!
I love my mixtiles. It’s great for someone like me who wants to frame some of the great pictures that I have on my phone. I don’t have the time or inclination to have another DIY project that I start and just don’t finish because of my very busy schedule. The quality of the pictures is great. You do have to do a zoom and crop to make sure that the pictures don’t get cut off. This happened to me on a favorite picture of one of my dogs. I contacted customer service (which is outstanding...they respond almost immediately) and they offered to redo the picture at no charge. They explained how to use the zoom and crop that I mentioned above to get the picture just right. As for being able to stick the tiles to the wall, I haven’t had any problems with that. I have also moved some of the tiles around and there was no problem with sticking them in a different place. There was also no residue or damage on the previous location. The frames are not of the highest quality. However, due to the dimensions of the photos that the app makes they look and work just fine for me. I’m going on an overseas vacation shortly and cannot wait to commemorate some of the highlights using mixtiles.
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7 years ago, Sweetmisfits
Tacky & Overpriced - looks better on the ad
Received tiles the day they they were expected to come in; however, I found it odd that there was no postage on the box - it was just a blank box. It also felt so light and realized the tiles were literally styrofoam boards so right off the bat you know the quality isn't great. I expected it to be wood-like material all around but the sides are black styrofoam which they did not specify when ordering, maybe offer different options of material at a high price. Picture quality is good. Picture was cut differently than what I edited on the app as some parts of the picture I did not want cut off was cut off. I also can tell some mistakes were made when cutting the pictures as an edge was not straight (cut crooked) on one of my tiles. Some of my tiles don't stick after a while. I was under the impression they were gonna be Velcro but it's just sticky tack. They should also warn that these do not stick well on perforated walls. App is easy and smooth to use. Maybe add an "editing" section in the future. One downside to this business is that most people will only purchase once then delete the app (as I did). A creation of something to keep users loyal through time will help this business stay successful. If not, there will be no steady flow of customers eventually. Overall, these tiles is something you can make at home yourself if you do have the time. Overpriced for the quality - you'll need to buy more than 3 to make your money worth it.
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7 years ago, Narutokungkung
I would give Mixtiles 10 Stars if I had the option!
I came across this app and fell in love with how convenient and simple it is. What an easy app to use and navigate through. Only a few steps and Ta-Da.. get your costumed mixtiles sent straight to your mailbox. and wow, I only had to wait 7 days for almost 2 dozen tiles. I ordered 22 mixtiles, and it was worth the money I paid for. Prior to my purchase, I read some other reviews expressing that the price is kind of high for the first 3 tiles. I agree with them, and that is why I ordered more than 3 tiles. I would recommend buyers to do the same if you are worried about the cost. Mathematically speaking, it is worth it when you order a lot. The pictures came with awesome quality. The two sided tape were nicely taped onto the back of the tiles. I sticked it to my walls and moved it around all over the place and it still sticks to the wall fine. If you press it lightly onto the wall sometime it might fall, so be aware of that. Also, it was a great experience I had with customer service. I was prompted and informed about the progress of my order, and I am satisfied with our conversations. It is a great feeling when you know the seller cares about the quality of their product and the customer service aspect.
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7 years ago, Tlaxcala-one
Even better than we expected!
After reading the reviews for Mixtiles, I decided to try them. Of course once I began placing an order, I just kept adding and adding pictures. Finally when the order reached 15 pictures, I regained my self control and placed my order. After waiting with baited breath, the box of Mixtiles arrived. I should note that we had already been contacted by Mixtilecustomer service to a) let us know they had received the order, and b) it was being processed and when we could expect the shipment to arrive. Again before it arrived, customer service let us know that they were there should we have any questions when the order arrived. I opened the box and began unwrapping the pictures with my wife watching. She had no idea what I had ordered and if they weren’t stunning I’d have been in hot water! Fortunately the picture tiles were absolutely beautiful. We have already placed many of them on the walls of our home. The others are for dear friends who lost their home in the Santa Rosa fire of October 8th. We know they will be happy to have these.
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4 years ago, Kfree377
Wonderful Customer Service
I was very excited to get a photo collage hung up. The photos came and are very beautiful, but the adhesive tape because it is not that sticky and as a result I had more than half of my tiles fall off the wall. I took every precaution in the directions - wipe wall with clean, dry cloth, only remove adhesive backing when ready to hang, press square firmly and evenly to wall, etc. Still, the tiles fell. I reached out to customer service, and they were quick to respond and were very friendly and helpful. I was hoping they might be able to send extra sticky tape so I could add another row and hope that would help, but unfortunately that wasn’t an option. However, they offered to send new squares to replace any that weren’t sticking free of charge. I persevered with the tiles I already had and was able to finally get all of them to stick but one. Mixtiles is sending me a replacement tile for the one I couldn’t get to work and they let me know that the tiles are 100% recyclable, which is great. I am still a bit nervous that if anyone should bump into any of the tiles I’ve hung that they will quickly pop off the wall, but overall when you combine the product with the excellent customer service I think this product is worth the money.
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5 years ago, BrookeTis.
Awful Product :(
I was stoked to get my mixtiles, but upon receiving them today, I’m not happy. I saw the video ad on Instagram where the guy said it was “physics” so I thought they had figured out some super cool way to hang them up without damaging your wall. That’s not the case at all because they’re literally just light weight plastic. I mean you could get the same stuff at the dollar tree and stick a piece of command tape on the back and claim you have mixtiles because that’s pretty much all they are. Not to mention, about 6 of the 11 I got are bent, so I have some frames that are flush to the wall, and some that start out flush and then stick out as you near the bottom of the frame. I was going to say the only good thing about them is that the stickiness holds up, but I just hung them up about 10 minutes ago and literally as I’m typing this message 2 have already fallen off the wall. As if all of that wasn’t bad enough, the quality of my pictures are absolutely horrible!! All my pictures are super grainy looking, and I know it’s not my pictures because I have gotten some of the same exact pictures developed and they don’t look grainy like these do. I’m usually not the one to complain, but after being so excited to get these and spending a good chunk of money on them just for them to arrive like this, I knew I had to say something so others didn’t have to waste their time and money.
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6 years ago, **BAM**
Great idea!!!
I have seen this tiles being advertised everywhere and I wanted to see what they were all about. I ordered my first tiles a month ago and I was sooo pleased with how they came out, that I ordered another tiles. They are easy to order. They ship to you fast and they get put onto the wall like it was nothing. If you don’t like it where you placed it, then take it off and put it somewhere else without hurting the walls or tiles. The biggest issue is which pattern or style you are going to place them onto the wall. That is the hardest part in my book. I did have some issues with shipping which was all MY fault but they still reordered my tiles for me and shipped them to the right address. This last order, I forgot to re-crop a picture and when I told them, they automatically gave me a free tile so it could be fixed. Their customer service is great and replies back to you fast. They definitely have great people working there. I cannot wait until they can make biggest tiles because when they do, I will be one of their first customers!
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6 years ago, LiveLoveFashion416
Amazing Quality & Customer Service
Placing your order is as easy and simple as it can get. The quality of the pictures on the tiles are clear and beautiful! The tiles are light weight, almost like a foam texture but much sturdier and won’t leave damage to your wall surface. That being said about these amazing tiles, let me talk about their excellent customer service. I received an email from a rep asking me for my feedback on the tiles. Just so happens, I was getting ready to contact them because it had been past the 5-6 days of expected delivery. Their way of contact is much like texting but through the app. It’s a really cool method! Their reps were so quick to help me try and locate my package and even offered to resend my tiles if I couldn’t locate them! Luckily, it didn’t have to come to that. Turns out my package had slipped between my porch and planter area. I was relieved to locate and immediately let the reps who were assisting me know they were found. Nothing like great quality and excellent customer service. I’ll be ordering more in the near future :)
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6 years ago, Lindy Alberts
Absolutely amazing idea I love my pictures
I was surprise from all the negative reviews, I was a little bit scared ordering so I only got a few about 12. I wish I had just ordered all the ones I wanted. It’s OK I can still do that. I am so happy with the quality. They’re going to look great on my walls. Don’t listen to other reviews. I’m so glad I didn’t. I posted on Facebook and I have friends that have ordered them now too and love them. Just order one and you will see what I’m talking about, I guarantee you’ll want more. Highly recommended! Their customer service is fabulous the follow up was amazing. The next day after I got my pictures I was notified that they should have arrived and they told me that if there is anything I was not happy with or needed help with they will be happy to do that for me immediately. I informed them I was totally happy. Can’t go wrong with this one this is definitely a fantastic idea. Love my walls!!! Wish I could post a picture to show you!! Happy girl doing a happy dance!!! Thank you for the amazing memories on my walls!!!
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5 years ago, Aldeeze
Do they ever ship?
This is the second time I have ordered from mixtiles. I loved the first three I got but they didn’t ship when I was told they would and they finally arrived over a week after what I was told. Recently did a second order and ordered 13 tiles! 6 of them are a Christmas gift and I ordered them because it said they would arrive by December 20th. It is now the 22nd and my items still have not shipped. I received an email after writing to them on the app and they sent me a tracking number. The tracking number says my items are still sitting at the facility waiting to be shipped. I am very very disappointed and I wrote them over a day ago to find out if there was a way to overnight them as I need them before Christmas. I have not heard back from them and am probably going to have to get a different gift. I get things happen but the fact that you cannot call and talk to someone really disappoints because if I could I probably would know what is going on by now. Also because they didn’t ship on time I was issued a credit of 30% of the purchase which I am grateful for, however like I said my items still have not shipped and was told they would arrive by the 22nd (today). Here’s to hoping someone gets back to me and let’s me know what is going on.
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6 years ago, Seaside Yogi
Easy & Super Cute.
This picture printing app is an ingenious idea! I recently ordered only 2 tiles, to test it out, and now I’m regretting I didn’t order more the first time around. I found this app so easy to use, even for those who aren’t tech savvy such as myself. You can crop the picture exactly how you want it to be printed. The frames itself are a bit cheap but what do expect for $10. The picture quality and color was the best part of the buy. I got my two frames up on the wall in less than a minute, leveled and all. I received my order before my expected date. Only bummer is that Apple Pay through the app doesn’t work because of the mail carrier that they use but adding my card was fairly simple. I’m hoping soon the app will let you create an account so it saves all your data entry & not having to input it every order and you can see what pictures you’ve already printed. Definitely ordering more prints! As I said, it’s easy, cute & affordable.
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7 years ago, Boolooyou
They don’t stick
Order process was great, product quality as far as the photo itself is great. The theory that they stick to the wall and can moved anywhere is not great. We had a single tile fall off the wall within 24hrs and several more over the course of 72. Even after purchasing pretty heavy duty double sided tape from the hardware store to reinforce them they won’t stay on the wall. Part of the problem could be our wall. We don’t think it’s perfectly flat, but due to the expense (I purchased 10 tiles costing well over $100) and they way they are constructed doesn’t allow for any options to try and hang them other than tape, I’m very disappointed. Ive had them for a month now and after falling off the wall so many times they are starting to bend at the corners. My friends all brainstormed last night and my husband is going back to the hardware store today with an idea to keep them on the wall. I would also advise that once you have them up, don’t move them. Like any tape, the more you mess with it the stickiness is lost. I’ll definitely have more than the initial investment wrapped up in these 10. I was hoping they’d work great and I could order a lot more.
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6 years ago, WWOW@5401
Love them!!
I absolutely love these!! I use them at home and at work. It’s great because I’m a single mom and I don’t do nails and hammers. These tiles gave me a way to still get pictures when I wanted them. I use them at my job to celebrate when our patients meet their goals with physical therapy. I have a wall that has 60 some tiles on it. It has brought so much joy to not only the staff but it gives the new patients hope that they will get better. I started using it to build and cultivate the culture at my building so I have fun photos of the employees printed and we have begun to put them all through the break room. As a health care professional our days go fast and the constant motion never stops, this is a great way to capture a moment that we may have forgotten were there not a picture of it! The app is REALLY easy to use!! Takes the photos directly from your phone. I can’t say enough about how much joy these tiles have brought me!! Do it, you won’t regret it!
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5 years ago, don't mess with Jack
Very pleased
Mine turned out better than I imagined. I ordered the frameless because I like the look and wanted the whole picture to show. The picture quality is excellent, sharp and clear. They are very lightweight and easy to move around. I was a bit surprised how light they were and it’s because the backing is similar to a high quality thick foam core board. Once they are up they don’t seem like cheap foam core to me. All I see are beautifully printed pictures. I’ve read reviews where people assumed they were mounted on wood. That would be nice but way too heavy for the adhesive backing and much more expensive. Some have complained about some of the picture being cropped out. I found the app very clear that you have to crop your photo to your liking. It’s not hard at all. This is to be expected when printing on a square 8” format. They were very prompt in emailing me when my order would be shipped, and after it shipped. I would order again!
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7 years ago, Sar San
Coming from someone who always has the best intentions to print photos but never does - this app is the bomb !!! 💣💣💣 Discovered Mixtiles via ads on Instagram. SUPER EASY & NO HASSLE! Literally choose your favorite photos, crop them, and order. The app even warns you if a photo’s resolution is poor and will therefore print blurry. So no worries about your order coming in and being disappointed with the quality. AND you can hang them immediately - so forget about spending a small fortune on command strips (that we all know damage our walls anyway). Special shout out to Mallory and the entire team who personally reached out after my order arrived to make sure I loved my tiles. They even offered to replace a few tiles that I admittedly messed up on my own and threw in an extra one for me (wine + editing = not recommended 😂). When I placed my new edited order, the team issued the refund within minutes. Hands down BEST customer service (and quickest responses ever). My order also arrived sooner than expected which was an awesome surprise. Photo size is PERFECT and adds your own unique style to any room. I absolutely love this company’s product as well as their team. They truly care about their customers and go the extra mile to make sure they are happy with their orders. CHECK THEM OUT - I am hooked !!! Decorating with photos has seriously never been so easy and so much fun. 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🎉🎉🎉
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6 years ago, Dana0705
Love these!
I’ve ordered a total of four tiles and love how they’ve come out! You can’t beat the price of $8 for a good sized framed photo. Sure, they’re not actually printed on photo paper and the frames are simple but the quality is still great. I have them hanging in my office at work and many of my coworkers have commented about how cute/cool they are! They’re lightweight and easy to put on the wall. I was skeptical about how well they would stick but have even moved and adjusted them with no problems! The frames ones look the best. I did order and “Edge” tile thinking that the photo wrapped around the edges. It does not so you just have styrofoam edges. But each time I have ordered a tile one of the customer service crew has emailed me to see how I like them. I simply told them that tile wasn’t what I was expecting and they immediately refunded me so I could order a new one! Shipping is also fast, I’ve received all my orders in less than a week!
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5 years ago, Jillisa C
Not worth the money
I ordered 20 for my living room and they do NOT stick or re-stick. They fall down at random times throughout the day & night. Some of my photos got damaged when they hit the floor. I ended up buying a bunch of Velcro command strips to get them to finally stick to the wall. The quality color of the photo is nice but I wouldn’t rebuy these nor do I recommend them. You could simply buy photo frames at the dollar tree and print out your own photos from CVS. It would save you so much money. I spent close to $300 ordering from these people when I could’ve spent about 50$-60$ doing this all myself. When I emailed them to inform them of my experience i expected them to atleast reimburse me SOME money since their product doesn’t match their description but instead they offered to resend me three photos. I didn’t bother because chances are I’d have to use command strips for those ones too. I gave them 3 stars only because the color of the photos look good and the frames are light, but the whole stick & re-stick message is not true.
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6 years ago, Sjd2194
The best customer service!
I placed my first order for Mixtiles and received my order in 5 days. There were a few changes I had to make to my order and the customer service was outstanding - I mean, seriously, the best I’ve ever experienced. Kaitlin was incredibly quick to respond to my emails while being very friendly and comprehensive in answering any questions I had. As for the Mixtiles themselves, I bought them as a gift, but checked them out and they look great. I was surprised by how light weight they are but think this makes them more practical as you can easily hang & move them as needed. $49 for 3 is a bit pricey, but the deal of buying additional tiles beyond 3 at $9 a piece is great. I will definitely take advantage of that deal in the future to get the most “bang for my buck.” The customer service has genuinely made me feel confident that I will buy again in the future. Happy to support this company! 😁
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5 years ago, Lucy Vassago
I’m a constant customer and I love Mixtiles! Just have one thing I wish was better...
I’ve ordered about ten Mixtiles frames and put my art in them and I just LOVE how good the quality is of my prints when I see them in person. You guys really do beautiful work and haven’t done anything to lose me as a customer. The one thing I would say is that I have to draw an extra border around my art piece in order to get the whole picture in he frame and would actually love if the framing didn’t even cut out the border I placed for some leeway on the framing. Without my extra border it cuts off the actual image but I create my borders to look real nice as well if they are visible once the prints are created. Maybe if you guys can work on how pictures get semi cropped out that would be the only thing I can stay. Until then I’ll still be a customer and just make my own borders to maneuver around this little issue in the meantime. Thank you for all of my prints and for all my future prints 💙
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6 years ago, Pope671
Too easy!
Recently discovered this company and decided to give it a try. Their app was very easy to navigate through and user friendly. I kind of had an idea of what pictures I wanted to use on my phone so it was really quick. From start to finish maybe took me 5 min tops. No extra screens trying to draw you in to another package deal. It was really refreshing. Customer service was great too. Received updates on my order and follow up emails to make sure we were happy. All in all the experience was refreshingly “too easy”. The product itself is great. Printed picture quality was great and the uniformed size makes it so much easier to put on the wall and decorate in a variety of ways. My wife wanted the gallery style look on the wall so it really blended with our other pieces. Best of all I didn’t even have to put holes in my dry wall. Super light weight material. Can’t say it enough...too easy.
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6 years ago, Critter2612
I love these tiles
I ordered my first set of Mixtiles about 2 years ago, 78 tiles later I am about to complete a fun project I’ve been doing in my home. In the several orders, I’ve never had a bad tile. Several reviews talk about issues with quality and with the tiles sticking.... 78/78 have looked perfect and are all stuck just fine! I have even moved several of the original ones as I changed the layout of my project, with no wall damage and no issues re-sticking. If you read the FAQ and understand your picture resolution, and make sure that you position how you want your final image to be, you should be happy with the result! The app makes it super easy to order, I keep an album on my phone called “tiles” so I know which of the thousands of pictures I take are the ones I want to make into tiles, and right when you click “create a set” all of your albums are easy to access, no digging around for hours.
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6 years ago, CB321_
My husband had seen an Ad about Mix Tiles and was eager to show me what it was all about. After seeing what they looked like, we decided to order a few to start our “picture wall” in our living room. We chose four pictures and submitted them through the app. We shortly received a confirmation email, which included what our images would look like on our tiles. We received them in the mail within the time frame expected and put them right up. Since then, we have received a ton of compliments on how cool they look and what great quality they are. The Mix Tiles are a great addition to any home. We had put them on our wall and decided that we didn’t like how we positioned them, so we took them off and reset them. My husband was very happy that it was an easy fix and no damage was done to the wall!! Amazing! I WILL be purchasing more in the future! Thank you!
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1 year ago, DJF39508
Awesome Memories
I’ve been buying from Mixtiles since 2018. I fell in love with the ease of process with their products, from their easy to navigate app to simply picking my favorite photos off my phone. They stay in communication throughout the whole process. I’ve purchased around 200 mixtiles over the years and have never had a bad experience. They have improved their quality from 5 years ago. They have made major strides in the tape they use on the back of the product and their packaging has improved immensely over that time frame. It shows that they are constantly trying to improve an amazing product. My wife and I own a travel agency that we run out of our home office and I love taking a break and looking up at the wall of travel memories! Great people and a Great product = Happy Customers! They’ve earned my business!
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1 year ago, aceskrbabe16
Amazing amazing invention ever
I LOVE seeing photos around my house. Makes me warm inside and I love memories. With these you could just place them anywhere in the house, in anyway you want and it looks great. These always make great presents! My parents loooove getting more and more every birthdays, Christmas’s, Mother’s and Father’s days. I always wait for sales and just buy a bunch at once and save them for gifts. What better gift is there?! Memories splattered on your wall?! And it does NOT look tacky or cluttered! I have different sections of “events” on each wall : weddings, husband/wife, children, adventures. Mom with children, dad with children and just family photos. I reached out to customer service once about some pics coming out of the frame and I couldn’t get them back in (8 photos) and customer service was amazing! No complaints here. #1 fan!
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6 years ago, JonathAnne
Great image quality! Beyond my expectation!
Twas really great that I’ve come across #mixtiles. When I first order my tiles I only ordered 3 tiles coz I don’t know yet the quality of the item . But when I received my 1st order, I was so surprised as it was far beyond what I expected. The image quality of the picture was perfect & ideal. And also, I love their (mixtiles) idea of hanging these tiles on the wall. I put mine over our bed as a painting replacement. I really don’t regret getting tiles from them. That is why, I ordered again 12 tiles to show my contentment of their product plus I got 3 tiles for free. If I get to own my own house in the future, I would love to put all our good picture memories on those tiles. Sure to order again next time. P.S If I am to rate also their customer service, I’d be giving them 10/10. Kudos to the customer service team for doing a great job! God bless #mixtiles! ❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, Fa8ulo5
Great Product & Customer Service
I was very skeptical to use mixtiles because of all the scams out there AND it seemed way too easy to place an order. I'm so glad I used Mixtiles for my sister's Birthday gift. I simply selected the pictures I wanted and paid. A personal email from Mallory was sent to me within an hour to confirm the pictures I selected and she let me know when the product would arrive to my sister (1 week). My sister was so excited about the gift and the quality. Mallory followed up with me to make sure the gift was delivered! A few thing I would recommend is the ability to order various sizes and have various packages to choose from besides ordering 3 for $50 + $9 per additional Mixtiles. The product is so awesome I want to order in bulk!!! Great Product, Fabulous Customer Service, and Affordable!!!! I'll be a loyal customer and highly recommend using Mixtiles.
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6 years ago, eheredia920
A coworker received some tiles he ordered and showed me one, I was blown away at the colorful crystal clear quality and the very light foamy texture! I ordered 6 right away! My wife and kids all have pics they would like to decorate their personal spaces with in their phones, so they all want to place orders now. I lost my phone years ago and always wished I would’ve printed some of the really special pics of special family moments that cannot ever be recreated (baby’s first steps!) Now, I am very excited about this company, they delivered on time, I received a follow up email from someone named Mallory( very customer service oriented and professional), they’re priced just right and the best part is I can now print every single existing or new pic in my phone! This is a much needed service and I highly recommend them to all!
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3 years ago, HCLost
Perfect for RV, great customer service
I got these because I thought it would be an easy way to decorate my travel trailer RV (full time traveler here) without putting holes everywhere. Boy can I tell you, I was not disappointed! These are the perfect size and they don’t fall off the walls when we drive anywhere. I’ve had them up and have gone over 11,000 miles with them bouncing around on all sorts of roads and they are still right where I put them. Just ordered a second round to add our new adventures to the walls, and when I noticed there was something wrong with the order I contacted them and they responded immediately and corrected the issue. Amazing customer service, great product, and easy to use app. Definitely recommend whether you’re a full time traveler or not!
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2 years ago, Tabatha 🙃
As much as I love these
First, I just want to say that I love Mixtiles. I received these as a Mother's Day gift. They are wonderful and I do truly do love them. There were a couple things where I was a little disappointed though. I carefully selected each photo and I did the thing online where it shows you how the photo would look to make sure that my photos wouldn't be cut off. I received them and still some of my photos were cut off. Also, the adhesive doesn't stick that well to my textured wall even though the advertisements state that they stick to any wall. I've had several fall down after putting them up. I think these are beautiful and I love how they look on the wall. I still encourage everyone to get them. I would be extra careful with photo choosing and just be aware that with textured walls they might not stick as well
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6 years ago, Traveler by far
Fantastic product!! A+
This application and Company are awesome!! They solved the problem of what to do with all the photos on your phone! Normally I would run to CVS, Walgreens or my local pharmacy print them out, run to Walmart find frames, find a way to put holes in the wall to hang them and then finally take about 20, 30 minutes leveling them all out. this app solves all those issues!! literally, I simply open the app, open my Photos push print wait about 5-7 Days remove the stickiness from the photo itself and place on the wall. The customer service by far is excellent and the product is awesome even if they make little errors they are willing to correct it! Even if the sticky tack he does wear off in the future I’m sure I can be creative enough to find and ingenious way to fix!! it love this product thanks!
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6 years ago, Raisiarue24
Exceeded my expectations!
Ok so first off, I ordered 9 tiles and shortly after realized I was charged twice due to a computer glitch, I emailed and messaged mixtiles immediately to let them know what happened and they refunded the second charge super fast. They responded to me very quickly and were very understanding! The customer service is wonderful and I felt really happy with the service after that happened. Second, the tiles just arrived and they look amazing!! Yes they are on black foam blocks (as some others were unhappy with) but it’s not low quality or anything. If anything it’s more convenient if you need to ever move them and keeps them lightweight so they won’t fall. The picture resolution is fantastic and the colors were very accurate. I could not be happier and I’m so excited to have these on my wall!! Thank you!!!
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7 years ago, MotherOfCoco
Blown Away!!
I came across this app from an ad campaign that they did on Instagram & I wish I knew of them much earlier!! At this point, I wish I could give them 10 stars. I placed my order and received it within 3 DAYS! I got email notifications that updated me every step of the way, and the best part is I received my order much before the suggested delivery date. They were extremely quick (and this was done over the weekend!) I able to quickly select the photos I wanted printed right off of the camera roll on my phone, & the photos were very nicely printed, & they are mounted on foamy material that is so light. The quality of the pictures looks clear and the colors are on point. They were very nicely packaged. I made these to give to a friend as a birthday gift and i have no doubt she will love them!
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6 years ago, Bucwheat!
Marvelous Mixtiles!
It was a sinch to use the Mixtiles app! Just clicked on my favorite photos from my phone and order complete ! Malory was very good at communicating every step of the way from order to delivery! Delivery was pretty quick-within a week! The result was excellent! Our photo “tiles” came boxed carefully with copy of our pictures on the order slip. Tiles were lightweight with foam stickers already placed on the back of each tile ready to “peel and stick” to the wall. And as promised , I was able to readjust and adjust the tiles to get them just right without any trouble. It took me no time to create a beautiful wall masterpiece ! Love the fact that I can, in the future, add to or take away for updates and with no damage to the wall ! Thank you to the “gang” as Malory called them, who took great care to place my order! Love my wall and Mixtiles!!
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5 years ago, Shutterfly Junkie
Beautiful work
The Mixtiles craftsmanship is amazing. My entire experience ordering was so easy; from downloading the app, picking pictures and making adjustments. After my purchase was ordered, I received an email with detailed confirmation of my order. Delivery was quick and the packaging looked clean and professional. I was very pleased to open the box and find the images I had printed looked stunning. The colors were vibrant and the frames looked amazing and clean. The best part was the easy of putting up the 8x8 frames on the wall; which only took minutes to complete. I have already ordered a few more pictures. Also, the customer service was the best! They quickly answered all questions and the simplest concerns. I love my Mixtiles and they add such great character to the walls of my home. Thank you Mixtiles!
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6 years ago, JeremySArthur
Just WOW!!! Tops!! FANTASTIC!!
It’s not often that you run into a superb business with incredible business sense; however MIXTILE crew has been beyond words incredible. I downloaded the app to my Iphone after seeing it advertised, ordered 23 photos and shipment arrived promptly and the quality was excellent! I ordered the edged photos (without border) but did not like the placement of the sticky backs. I contaced Mixtiles via e-mail and had the most incredible customer experience in my 43 year lifetime. MIXTILE staff quickly responded to my concerns and corrected my order immediately to suit my project need. Kaitlin & Lukus you both were incredible and you have garnered a MIXTILE customer for LIFE and I will definately recommend your services to my friends and family. ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!!! Thank you very much for your easy to use app and incredible customer service!!
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6 years ago, EinsteinVJ
Great app and product
This is such a great product. The app was really easy to use and even let me crop and recent my photos. I’ve been trying to find a way to print my iPhone photos for so long but found the majority of the options out required just a little too much effort or were more than I was willing to pay. These were a great fit. Easy to order, well priced, and great photo quality. Their customer service is really impressive as well. Once my items were place I got an email to confirm. Another when they shipped. All expected. But then another a few days after they delivered to make sure I was happy with everything and didn't have any lingering questions. Love these so much I’m going to use them to help me make a photo wall I’ve been wanting to do for years.
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7 years ago, Dr. Jessica
Amazing customer service
This is such a great company! The costumer service is above and beyond what I expected. I originally saw the app advertised on Facebook and figured the pricing seems decent to place an order for the tiles. I received the order when it was expected and didn’t take long to get here. I put them up on my wall and unfortunately one kept falling down. I thought this was horrible but I gave it a chance. Mallory reached out through email wondering how the order was and just checking in. I explained what had happened and she sent me an additional order of stickies to place behind the tiles. After rearranging my tiles on the wall I have not had any trouble since. I was given a FULL refund for a new order I placed for the trouble. Great company! I hope you give it a try !
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4 years ago, Make it better please 1234
Fixed my personal mistake
I put in an order for Mixtiles through my phone, but through the regular website, not the app. Somehow I missed the framing section and sent through my order with the preset “non frame” option. When my pictures arrived and I realized they weren’t framed I immediately sent an email about my mistake and asked if I would be able to purchase the frames separately. Mallory May emailed me back fairly quickly explaining that they don’t sell the frames separately, but that she would be happy to reorder my pictures with my desired frames for free! I picked my frames and she put the order through immediately. I received my new pictures and they look beautiful! I’m very happy with the quality. My husband are getting ready to put in another order.
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6 years ago, LBwickedgood
Great product! Excellent printing quality of my photos - the colors printed beautifully. The product is exactly as described. They are lightweight, a good size for making a photo arrangement on a surface, and they do no harm to the surface what so ever! A big plus for me because I am a very undecided person so I move them around quite a bit before I settled on an arrangement. I have several canvas prints of my granddaughter as well as scenic prints that I have photographed. I really do not envision myself purchasing any more canvases. This is definitely the way to go! They are affordable especially if you purchase more than three. At $9.00 for each additional tile you can’t go wrong. The packaging was excellent, as was the communication. It was a great experience and I know I will be a repeat customer! Lynn B.
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6 years ago, IvyOfWar
My Mixtiles 2018!
Hi my name is Chasity and I love the mix tiles I had made. They are beautiful and versatile in any room. I can’t get over how great the pictures turned out and I’m placing a second order for my daughter as a special gift for her birthday to commentate her father who is no longer with us. She is growing up and starting to have experiences in which she needs or wants his presence to help her celebrate and represent her. I can do something now about her yearning for him m with the mix tiles that was impossible before and that is to physically put all of the different times they spent together on these tiles for her to rearrange and organize. By doing and having those she will truly understand how much her dad didn’t miss and hopefully that he is still with her. I plan to use these for my sons as well!
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6 years ago, Leen2001grapes
Beyond Expectations!
My first order was given to both of our adult kids for Christmas and it was a huge hit! Just reordered again for a 40th Bday party...and again they loved it! The quality of the tiles is incredible..considering it came off my phone! And even when you take a chance on a pic that MixTiles said was not suitable to print...you might get lucky! I did that at least a half dozen times and still got a great pic! But a major benefit of dealing with MixTiles is they work with you, keep in touch, and if there is something wrong...they very willingly try to fix it. Fast response time...reasonably fast shipping times, and great customer service...I’ll be a returning customer, and like another review said...maybe some loyalty points for previous orders would be nice! Thx MixTiles!
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6 years ago, I <3 science
So easy! So happy! 6/5 stars
I can't say enough how happy I am with both the app and the final product. I have thousands of pictures on my phone and in the cloud but it always seems like an effort to do something with them and too many choices. With the app I could easily select pictures and order, so simple. They arrived in less than a week and the quality is great. They are light so they don't need a very strong adhesive and the sticky squares on the back hold them to the wall but won't damage it when you reposition them. This will definitely be my go-to solution for gifts in future, and I am planning to get more for myself. Not having to get a frame or deal with cutting and mounting a printed photo makes it that much easier. Thank you, Mixtiles!
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5 years ago, ggianikos
Order min quantity first to check quality
I recently ordered, and received 21 tiles. When I picked the delivered boxes up, and noticed they were extremely lightweight I figured quality might not be what I expected. I was right... The professional video in the app sold me, but I should have ordered the min first to check quality. Plastic very, very cheap frame, no glass or plastic over the picture and the photo itself looks like a photo copy, it is not an actual photo. Quality of the pictures themselves were about a 4/10 with a few not usable at all because of the terrible quality. The rest would fine for a back room or bedroom, but no way are they the quality you’d want as a focal point in a main room. All of these photos passed the quality check when selecting. I purchased these to give as Christmas gifts, but there is no way I can pass these out with the quality. They did arrive extremely fast though
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6 years ago, Maria XW
Awesome product!
I was looking for a way to decorate and not damage the walls of my office. Found Mixtiles and decided to place an order. I was skeptical but was pleasantly surprised! The app is easy to use and ordering was simple. My order was delivered to my front door within a few days of ordering. Each pictures was individually wrapped in plastic for protection. The quality of the framed pictures was great and it was so easy to put up on the wall. I even moved them around after sticking them on the wall because I wanted to change the order. I love, love, love them! They truly brighten up my office space with pictures of some of my favs! My office mate is ordering some for her walls too! I will definitely order more in the near future for my home! Awesome product!
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7 years ago, KingEditor808
Professional grade with a personal touch.
This is literally one of the best experiences I’ve ever had with this type of stuff. I’m a photographer, so I deal a lot in prints, framing, canvas, metal, etc... Mixtiles was easy from step one to done. The stylish nature of the tiles brings out the interior designer in everyone. And it is as advertised. No damage to walls. Mix, match, or move them, no damage whatsoever. And for the icing on top, the Mixtiles crew keeps in constant contact from order to delivery and even a quick “We hope you enjoy them” after. I cannot day enough about the quality of this product and company. My family, my neighbors, my neighbors family, were all blown away by them and will be ordering soon. I will 100% repeat my business. I will 100% vouch for Mixtiles and crew.
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6 years ago, Eaton5
I LOVE Mixtiles!!!! I ordered 4 mixtiles about a month ago- the shipment was extremely fast. When I received them and opened the box I was in aw. The quality, lightness, and overall quality was excellent. Once I put them up on my walls 2 of them wanted to fall (adhesive wasn’t working). I immediately wrote to mixtiles and the customer service was fast, easy, and Mallory was extremely nice. She had replacements shipped out that day for me. I received them within no time. I replaced them on my walls and haven’t had a problem. Besides, the GREAT customer service I received the tiles really do look nice and clean on the walls- best part when you want to move them from wall to wall you can without paint chipping or the adhesive not sticking. I highly recommend mixtiles!!! -Brittany
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6 years ago, Zenythe
Best Customer Service Ever!!
So I never write reviews. Like. Ever. But I have to say that not only are Mixtiles AWESOME they are also the best customer service people to work with. I messed up my order, not once, but TWICE! The first time I caught an (I picked the wrong picture when I was experimenting in the creation phase) error in the review picture they sent me and they cancelled my order and let me reorder no biggie. THEN when I used Apple Pay I didn’t realize it was set to the wrong address and when I didn’t receive my tiles on the day they said I should, I emailed them. And they showed me the confirmation but offered to reprint no questions asked. They reprinted, found out how the wrong address got entered in and are sending them to me again. NO CHARGE! 👏🏼👏🏼 Bravo Mixtiles Bravo
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6 years ago, Dan Dan Laird
Great gift
I bought 8 tiles for my wife for Mother’s Day. If you have some great photos on your phone, this is perfect gift. Ordering was super easy. Right from my phone! The product looks good although I wish there was an option to add a black border around the sides. There’s nothing fancy about the adhesives but they do make it easy to remove the photos and move them. The light weight of the product makes it possible and the adhesives could easily be replaced if necessary. Make sure your photos have a good enough resolution to be enlarged. All of my photos were taken with my phone which worked just fine since modern phones have pretty good cameras these days. Super fun. Super convenient. Take photos on your phone. Order on your phone.
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4 years ago, A. Simms
Don’t know what happened
I ordered from mixtiles a couple of years ago and loved my pictures. This time, I’m not sure if it was due to COVID but I never received my order. I waited almost 2 months. When my ordered didn’t arrive on the date it was supposed to I reached out to inquire about the shipping. I did receive an email back apologizing for the delay and a partial refund of my order. I was also given a new date my order was to arrive. At this point I waited long enough but I figured I’d give them a chance. Fast forward to the second date given, and, you guessed it still no pictures! I emailed back asking to cancel my order and refund the rest of the money I paid which they did. It’s just disappointing I waited that long and never received my order. In that amount of time I could have ordered from Easy Canvas Prints and my pictures would have arrived with in a week or two. I deleted the app I don’t think I will be doing business with them again.
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