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User Reviews for MKPlayer - MKV & Media Player

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4 years ago, Vishall Shah
Better than Quicktime
I was trying to play some mp4 format tutorial videos that I had downloaded from the web, but the video was not smooth (kind of jittered) and the audio would fade out every few seconds with I having to pause and then play. I was ok with the video but needed the audio to work fine. Before losing hopes on it completely, I randomly thought of trying out an MP4 player and tried this one from the app store (for no other specific reason). I'm glad I did! Both the audio and video started working perfectly. Plus this app also has a very minimal design (very much like Quicktime)
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3 years ago, jim_371
Does what I want it to, but... caused my MacBook Air to freeze up. I guess there's a first time for everything. My 2014 MBA hasn't frozen up until today. I opened App Store to look for some crossword games, and looked at the reviews for one. When I tried to expand one, everything froze. I tried all of the standard remedies: Command-Q, Command-Option-Esc, holding down the power button and clicking Shut down when prompted...nothing workked...until a few minutes had passed, then a dialogue box appeared, asking me to rate MX Player. This box didn't look like MacOS. I closed it, and everything unfroze. I restarted my Mac--and here I am. I installed MX because I wanted something that would open old .wmv files without having to convert them. It does that. But I find the prompts to rate your app annoying. And in this case, I would rate it as more than just annoying.
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2 years ago, Jimmy Johnson III
Great Player, Buggy "Pro Features"
The player works very well and I have no issues with it. I decided to upgrade to the "Pro Features" to eliminate the hassle of plugging my computer into the TV via an HDMI cable. I tested a few video formats to be sure it would work with my collection. It worked perfectly with the three different formats so I made the purchase. Later in the day when I tried to watch a video on the TV the search didn't find the TV and it didn't look like it was searching. I tried to restore purchases, restart the app, etc.. It didn't work. Today I tried it again the next day with the same results initially. After starting this review the TV appeared in the search window. lt is a bit buggy.
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5 years ago, Semper Pickle
Support Unavailable - Cannot Control TV Playback
MKPlayer was purchased to allow us to stream files to an LG TV. Being able to test the app was a nice feature before comitting to purchase. The app was purchased once we coudl sucessfully steam to the TV. It appears this is using the Miracast feature, similat to AirPlay, to acomplish this. Once we started streaming the move we learned 2 flaws. 1. I am unable to move backward or forward in the file being played. This does not work within the app on the computer nor does it work using the remote or on-screen controls on the TV. Inability to fast forward or rewind is a huge omission and it should be noted by the company before they allow th app to be purchased. 2. The second problem is that you cannot contac the comapny for support. Using the Support, Help or Report a Problem choices in the app takes you to the same FAW page on their site. The FAQ directs you to use the in-app options for support if the FAQ cannot answer your question. This is cruel joke to play on a inflexbile dude who just need to get a yoga video cued to the right spot so his girlfiend can laugh at him. The app business model of selling half baked programs, preventing access to actual support and hiding it all behind the impersonal app store is a complete crock. We all desereve better.
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4 years ago, BDinLA
Looks great and works flawlessly so far
I'd developed a hatred of my old - and now former - VLC player that borders on the pathological. And today was the day it decided to finally die a long-overdue death, so I went on the hunt for a replacement...and found this. The thing that struck me right away - besides the fact that it didn't crash upon opening a few times before begrudingly playing the video, badly - was that MKPlayer made a video I've seen several tims look amazing - at least, the best I've ever seen this file look. So thanks, y'all!
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5 years ago, Azul Delphin
Simple UX with Quality Big Screen Playback
Needed to play an MKV on my Samsung 65" TV. VLC & one other player I already had played it fine but I felt the quality lacked when cast to the big screen. Streaming through MKPLayer was surprisngly visually smoother and clearer than the other apps and the simple, two clicks to get it there is exactly what a modern Mac app experience should be. I love the ease of use of my Apple TV and Airplay for most of my videos. Now I have a way that's just as simple to stream anything those don't natively support. Nice work.
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5 years ago, Dtarvin
It's okay...
Yes, it plays videos. But I do have a few issues with it. First, it is difficult to go backward and forward through a video. Second, if you have the video full screen and you go to reduce it from full screen (not minimize, just go to a smaller size) the video shuts off. Then you have to open it again and try to find your place, because it starts over. Also, the same thing happens sometimes when you bring another app to the forefront. It doesn't always happen, it's inconsistant. I hope the company making the app sees this review and is able to address these issues.
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4 years ago, Asdfmnzg
Excellent App
One of the best media players on OS. It plays nearly all formats. More formats than Quick Time Player. Moreover it doesn't overcontrast the content like most of its peers do. Therefore dark and highlight details are preserved well in its playback. Further it gives you the option of micro adjustments. Smooth playback. All round a well designed app! Stands out among peers. I bought quite a few media players apps. I end up using this one most of the time.
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5 years ago, betrager
Pretty good, but playback sometimes balky
It works generally quite well. A couple of minor issues: 1. Sometimes when opening multiple files at once, not all of the files open. Or, sometimes, a file will open but not display the video content, only a black window. 2. When skipping around in a movie file by dragging or clicking to relocate the thumb, the movie sometimes lags for several seconds before updating. Since I use it a lot to check on the timing of captions, meaning I jump back and forth 10 to 20 seconds, this is not ideal.
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4 years ago, SebaLukic
Almost perfect
This app is great. It works well. I can cast it on my TV and I can open so many different formats on it. The only thing I wish it had is the ability to play video one after the other. I hope this feature will be implemented. Some form of a list would be great so that I don't have to play videos manually. If there is one, please let me know. Maybe I missed it somehow. So far so good!
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4 years ago, Annalysia7891
Great multi use player for various file types
This app works great and so far has been able to play any type of format when it comes to video that I have come across. Sound quality is spot on, video's are clear and there is no lag other issues. Loading movies is easy and it even works great when I use an HDMI from my laptop to my TV. I highley recommend it as I have used it for more than 3 years now.
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1 year ago, AnHonestTake
Good choice...
I needed a player that will paly wmv files and MKPlayer works beautifully as the player. Now I just started using it and as I discover more about it I'll update my review. For now I'm giving MKPlayer 5 stars because it does flawlessly what i need done and it was as simple as installing , double clicking the wmv file I wanted to view, and the file played. Nicely done.
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2 months ago, Ztoney24
Worked Great at First...
This app worked perfecty for what I desired--Which was streaming mp4/mov files to my tv via airplay. However, I have been recently trying to complete this task as I usually would, and all of a sudden, it stopped working. It would say that it was connected to my tv, but no videos would play. I have experimented via trial and error to get this to work again, but to no avail; I do not think this is an issue on my end.
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3 years ago, Nord user 1000
Reasonably good simple player.
Very simple to use, perhaps a little too simple. I would like a VLC Media player, interface and capability for MacBook but this tool is super helpful as I wade through nearly 2TB of archive media files consisting of old formats and types of audio, video, and image files. Only been handful od ones that arent playable and those haven't matter,
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3 years ago, HSMMD
As far as I can tell this used to be called "VLC". Apps today change names on the Apple store more frequently than my wife changes her mind. This is a wonderful app allowing you to find all sorts of file types and allows you to display, view, hear, those files. I specifically like the fact that when I play an audio type file (iTunes type) to a bluetooth devce, I can set the volume across a very broad range, not just the thin band that iTumes limits you to.
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5 years ago, DavidC - San Jose, CA
Installs mandatory browser extension
Pro: The app seemed to work fine. It remembered previoous window positioning and had an option to allow multiple windows to be open. Con: I didn't see any obvious window resize shortcuts and volume setting was set to maximum every time I opened/re-opened a video. Dealbreaker: I didn't like that the app installed itself as an extension in Safari that could explicitly access all page content, including credit card info. The extension wasn't activated by default, but you also can't remove it from Safari without getting rid of the app. That left me no choice and it was goodbye to this app.
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6 years ago, landcruisers
Streaming support and NAS browsing
The app is not able to browse for files stored on a NAS drive. You can see the files but the Open button is dithered. Also will not stream to Apple TV. Support is slow to respond and their reply seemed very non-committal around fixes for these issues. The player, itself works fine. Much the same as other players with simple controls. The registration nag is very annoying, particularly since once you’ve registered, they are slow to respond to support requests.
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2 years ago, Colin-P
One of the best!
I have used VLC / MKPlayer on Windows computers for a while and just downloaded it on my MacBook Pro to watch older clips that are saved on USB storage devices. It works equally well on the Mac, which makes me very happy. I am in the process of making short videos of home videos and past vacations. This software continues to be the best. Thank you developers.
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3 years ago, JohnATyt
Does the job
For a while I couldn't open certain attachments and mp3 items and then I got the MKPlayer and am satisfied beause I can actually watch what some friends have sent. Wish there was a way to make sure they are not virus infected but this app does the job for me on my Mac desktop.
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4 years ago, D a m o n.
So Annoying
Every single time I open a recorded video in Zoom this player pops up no matter what else I select. I have it downloaded but it doesn't open the file I select and makes me do another search. I'd use it if it worked quickly but it doesn't like Apple. Even though I have quicktime set to open my media, this stupid player keeps opening up in the app store even though I already have it. Sorry to complain and maybe this works well with PC's, but it's been doing this every time for months and I don't know how to get rid of it.
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1 year ago, movieschick4
easy to use
I downloaded this because VLC won't work anymore on my macbook I am not sure why but nothing I do fixed it so I downloaded this so I could stream and mirror shows and movies from my laptop to the TV and so far it works great. I just hope it isn't going to cost me money otherwise I am deleting it because VLC was always free application.
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4 years ago, Yippee22
So far so good
Downloaded this to watch MP4 vids taken on my cell phone to watch on my Mac. Is easy to use and works well so far. It's a little annoying that files automatically play upon opening it, especially when opening multiple videos at once, but that's not a deal-breaker.
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2 years ago, LongRower
Not perfect, but very capable
I am using MKPlayer on the latest iMac with high-performance graphics, lots of memory and a fully SSD disk system. I detected some hesitation(s) in playback. However, it ran some mkv files without complaint even in full screen. If it performs better for me in future usage, I'll update my rating. I'm hoping to give it a full five-star rating.
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3 years ago, GRSLA
Worked Great for what I needed
I needed to watch a training video for my job and the other player I tried didn't work too well. This media player worked great so I was able to watch the video and get my annual professional development hours.
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4 years ago, Choke-U
Worked just like I needed
I use VLC media player on a PC but recently purchased my first macbook air. Media player wasn't playing a lot of my movie clips so I googled a mac alternative to VLC. MKPlayer was the only free option. It worked perfectly (it took a little googling to figure out how to change my default media player on this mac).
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2 years ago, MacBook Pro 95
Great Media Player (so far)
This has been an easy-to-use and quickly-set-up media player, and I have not been asked for money or a subscription ... yet. This player also comes with a Safari extension, and naturally populates as a video player option in Finder. Regardless, I have no complaints at the moment!
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5 years ago, Nurburgring 2019
Nurburgring lap videos
I brought home some videos of laps I did at the Nurburgring that were captured by a series of cameras mounted inside and outside of the car. Downloaded the application from the App Store and opened the videos and played them. Simple as that, worked flawlessly on my iMac. I love simple to load and use apps. This is winner.
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2 years ago, sambehera
Works while VLC crashes
I'm running an unsupported OS (Monterey) on my 2012 mac pro (cheese grater mac) and it runs just fine.. problem is somethings crash on it like Google Chrome when logging into Google and VLC when opening MKV files. This solves the latter problem while safari solves the former problem.
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4 years ago, hereticprofit
Happily surprised
I have spent countless hours trying to find a player that will acomodate .mkv files with no real luck. all of its other features combine to earn that 5 stars, but the .mkv functionality is what made this app retire Quicktime Player. Couldn't be happier (well, a remote app for iOS would of course be AWESOME). Recommending to everyone I know.
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12 months ago, Wertherland
Very Simple and does the job
Nothing fancy but it does two major task for me. Plays videos with codecs from 2000s, and allows to adjust imagine settings while you watch. Only wished I could have more control in settings.
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3 years ago, scam artists here
I was finally ble to see video files that I haven't seen for years! The videos were in Windows video format and I have made the transition to the Mac world! Happy about that, but sad that I could no longer watch my favorite videos . . . until I discovered the MKPlayer! Brad Crouch
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1 year ago, patuche1979
i have been using this program when it was called vlc
this is the first thing i download on all of my devices. been using it since it was called vlc. BEST MULTI MEDIA PLAYER i have yet to want to play anything that this. app wasnt compatible to open and use
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4 years ago, AnthonyMoye
Best WMV Player
All the other apps i have tried have been glitchy or just unresponsive, and the conversion times and processes are usually fairly cumbersome. This app is extremely simple. Click on a video, "open with" this player, and in about 15-20 seconds the video is playing.
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11 months ago, spnebbia
MK video player
I had a video of my daughter playing soccer from long ago. For some reason it played without the sound on quick time player. So I downloaded the MK video player and now can play the video with the sound. Awesome!
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1 year ago, batchelor michael
great product
I was trying to review a simple but older format video and it worked outstanding. My Macbook couldn't but this did exactly what was needed. Can't wait to try the feature it was designed for most!
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3 years ago, Gigantous_Guy
"MK Player -- MKV & Media Player Review"
I couldn't be happier with the MKPlayer -- MKV & Media Payer! The picture is clear the sound is ideal and the accessibility to it is fine. As such, giving it a five-star rating is an ABSOLUTE no-brainer!!! Thank you ever so much for making this grat app! I gretly appreciate it! Please keep up the outstanding work.
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3 years ago, kkhtebl
Just works!
I was having trouble to watch on QuickTime a screen captured video done with my Mac's own save screen app... then with this player it worked perfectly! I was very haapy , since I thought that the file was corrupted and that I had lost the material... Thanks MKPlayer!
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4 years ago, Darialee33
Quick and Quality
This app is easy to use, and even better for a non-tech person like me, easy to install! It has worked well and flawlessly so far. The quality of the playback is high. If you struggle with tech like I do, this is the app for you!
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6 years ago, Defynt
Thx for a FREE MKV Player !
Clean, Solid, UI friendly, and FREE ! Thx for making my media experience drag & drop, or open. A 2 second action. I had to convert MKV to something QT7 Pro would play, like MPEG. But now, Open, movie. I look at the time I have saved for conversions, and say thank you. Time is something you never get back.
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3 years ago, Guy T
Love this - Opens about every video file iIhave tried
I downloaded this app out of desperation a few years back. It works very well for simply playing video's I download from all sorts of websites. I do not recall any time it was unable to play a video.
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4 years ago, ButtLip1
Dont Be Fooled by the Others!
If you're looking for a smooth app to stream from the macbook to the apple tv, this is definitely it. Super easy and super user friendly and I can use my mac without flaw. There was a fee associated once I attempted to stream but it was cheap and well worth it
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11 months ago, Lush117
Simple but almost exactly whats needed.
My Review is based on about 30min of use, playing a video file is self explanatory, make good use of any movie sorting system you use if any. My only comlaint and why its not 5* is because the subtitles are not very easy to adjust. Simple to add but not change.
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3 years ago, ProfessorSK
Worked Well
Some of my students uploaded their final presentations as MKV files. I was able to quickly find this player, download it and watch/show the videos to my (remote) class.
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9 months ago, Rosezm
Watching and old video
I was able to view a file I saved long ago but didn't recognize. Turned out it was an old family video. This app helped me view it.
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3 years ago, jhyman35
It Works
It appears that you have to open video files from within MKPlayer. There is a big Right Arrow that you would think would launch something, but instead when you double-click the app, it opens and you go to File>Open to find play a video file.
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5 years ago, FluxNewk
New update
new update: 1.3.1, brings up a crash report error when you close a video by clicking the X in the corner, and then plays the sound from that first video when the next video is played. very annoying, please fix. would have rated 5 stars if not for this update error.
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1 year ago, andhowaboutthisnickname
Plays funky formats!
When Preview and Quicktime Player were having problems, this was able to open some off video files I had.
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5 years ago, Robbie Karim
Solid playback
Does indeed play most videos if not all, however the one thing i recommend is an ability to slowly progress the movie for those looking for good edit shots/stills. The 5 second reset is nice for fast forwarding, but a pain for slow by slow playback. Otherwise solid
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5 years ago, Mele 113
Video and Music player all in one!
Works flawlessly with Safari.... You Tube as well as a pop out player with options to play on my LG Flat Screen TV too with just a simple click, menu bar implementation, in browser Firefox, Chrome. This app is much better than VLC, MPlayer X, Quick Time from my experience so far. Im impressed
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4 years ago, CognitiveCat
Go to player for mac
Much better than the quicktime player that comes preinstalled on Mac. The interface is clean and easy to use. The one thing I dislike is when you are at the end of the video and press play/pause (spacebar) it doesn't go to the beginning of the video
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