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User Reviews for MKV2MP4

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7 years ago, RGrogan
Great Application & Developer is very responsive
This is a great application. It’s functionality is straight forward… it converts (remux’s) MKV files to M4v/M4v files and it does so quickly. It has additional functionality to transcode the audio into other formats to make the audio source compatible with a larger number of devices. When I have had errors and sent the error file to the developer, he was very quick to respond and let me know what the problem was (usually the source file). I also made a few suggestions including adding functionality to concurrently process multiple video files and the use of a “watched folder”. These were just implemented in version 1.4.5.
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9 months ago, Brent Sacks
This is exactly what I needed
If you're looking for an app to convert MKV to MP4, well, you're in the right spot. This app is clean, easy to use, and free. It works super well and it has exactly the feature list I would want from it. Only thing I would change is, when I batch import files for conversion, it would be nice to be able to set the destination for multiple files at once instead of one at a time. But this is small potatoes! Great app, thank you.
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6 years ago, i0n st0rm
Best App I found all year
As the year 2017 closes, this has to be the best application I have found all year. Only wish it had a few tweaks so that it converts my Godzilla movies better. It strips all the languages out but English. Sometimes I like to watch them in Japanese with English subtitles… much more fun to hear it with the actor’s voices. This applciation has saved me so much time. Much faster than handbrake.
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1 year ago, Keltorsori
Perfect (almost)
I've been using ffmpeg on the command line to do this for a long time and while that command line will always offer some more control, this gem of an app JUST WORKS. No more fat-fingering commands or writing a file in the wrong directory thanks to a missing slash or tilde. For basic remux jobs from here on out this great app will be my first stop. Thank you for this.
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3 weeks ago, opuspodunktom
Easy, fast, FREE, and Functional
This app has been a game changer for me. Not only was it free, but I had several (hundreds) of training videos I had to convert from MKV and web-source formats and it takes seconds for the conversions. I'm talking knocking out 42 at a time and done in less than 2 seconds (no exaggeration).
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1 year ago, Guvlem
Just what I wanted
Have it set to make my file and convert it autoamtically in the target folder. Added it to my startup apps. So I make the mkv and I look in the file and i have it PLUS the mp4 I want to use right away. No compromise. Highly recommended.
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1 month ago, Dave Snoble
I would pay a good amount of money for this software. I had 453 clips to process and this app blew through them in minutes. My other converters would have taken days.
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2 years ago, VRomano49
Best Converter I have Used
I have used several free converters to change vids to MP4. This is the fastest and easiest by far. While others are also "drag and drop", this app is the fastest to convert and it isn't even close. Great app. Highly recommend.
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8 months ago, GregariousBing
Remux MKV files just like it says
So rarely do you find a free program that does exactly what you need it to do flawlessly. Saved days of transcoding and the loss of quality that would have resulted from transcoding as well.
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4 years ago, s7stastny
Lightning Fast Convertor!
I love everything about this app! Dark mode! Minimal interface! Drag and Drop! Batch Converting! Lightnig Speed! Great Quality MP4 output! Convert a season of shows in less than 15 minutes! No Joke! (13 [42min] mkv = 12 minutes, 1080p aac) There is nothing to do after you set it up the first time! Really! Enter your files and click each one's button and watch them go! You can even set it up to trash your mkv after convert! This is the best low cost movie convertor on the mac hands down! I, and my Library, Thank you!
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3 months ago, MicahBG99
FAST and works well
I was using VLC to manually comvert video files before, but this app did exactly what I needed. Highly recommended. Does what it says it will without a bunch of ads or fluff
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10 months ago, Ssob Ggoh
Easy to use, works great!
The app is free, easy to download, easy to use, and works great! I got it to convert .mkv files to mp4 so I could convert old home movie tapes to digital. This is so simple. And fast. I love it!
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3 years ago, Latinpapi OG
very fast the way i like it other app take forever i can work fast instead of waiting to complate
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5 months ago, Zach Senner
Been looking for exactly this
This app is amazing, so simple and efficient for file conversion. I couldn't ask for more.
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2 years ago, S.J.Daniels
I have been reading instructions for a week on VLC and batch processing MKV to MP4 and simply put on MacOS it's a literal nightmare. I took a chance on searching the Apple App Store and found this Gem... Love It!
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7 months ago, Phillip Lanos
Perfect. Does what it says.
Ive tried many and only this app gets the job done. Simply the best option.
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2 years ago, Quinlan Conroy
What a Beast app
There are online sites that try to charge, this app converted a massive 3 hr video game recording in 4 seconds and is so easy to use for free!! Love you guys.
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1 year ago, refinedgoals
A new go-to tool for me
Flawless, never have issues, simple UI, does exactly what it should. No fluff.
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6 months ago, Michael Swartz
A Gift to the Community
This app is simple, effective, and fast... AND it's a gift--totally free! Am I in the Twilight Zone? Either way, thank you!
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2 years ago, 911192
Excellent App for Converting MKV to MP4
I can't be happier with this app. It has a simple interface and most importantly supports bulk conversion of files.
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2 weeks ago, threezombies
It's easy to use but works quite well. Thanks.
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5 months ago, Fireknight2029
Great App
Works as advertized. It's very quick and easy to use on top of being free.
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5 years ago, jh 1492
Great APP
I have used this app for a long time and it works perfectly. It is fast and easy to use. I Love it!
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2 years ago, sa23l
The best video converter I have ever used. It is so simple and effective. I recomned this program 1005%
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2 years ago, Jon in China
Fast Converter
For MKV conversions it is the fastest converter. It will also convert AVI and others very fast. I gave it 5 stars.
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5 months ago, Jerseysierra
Great and Fast
Amazed at how quickly convesion goes.
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8 months ago, Barzinni53
So Simple
Even I could do it!
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6 months ago, lagann_Oniell
good but ...
I should give 5 stars if this soft could manage files with muliple audio tracks ...
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1 year ago, FckBlizzard
Efficient & impressive
Wonderful app great job yall
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2 years ago, Adapptiv
Does what it says.
great job. Five stars. Get it.
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1 year ago, numwunii
thank you
works good
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2 years ago, Nightharrow
Paid App
This is just a paid app. It will only convert half the file witht he free version. Im trying "Free MP4 Converter" now and it seems to be actually free and working well.
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2 years ago, PrimeTimeDJ
Doesn't work. Says it can't find the video file. I can convert in VLC but VLC won't make mp4s, only m4vs.
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7 years ago, cb60089
Incredible App
This app is incredible. It will turn your MKV files into mp4 files extremely fast. I used to use other programs that would take over 20 minutes to convert a file from MKV to MP4. Now it only takes under a minute. Another incredible thing this program does is it does not increase the file size from the original. I have used several other programs and they would make the MP4 about 1/3 bigger file size. This program has saved a ton of space and time on my computer. Note if your file is an MKV with HEVC codec in it at this point Itunes and Iphone won’t play those. You can find tones of Video player app in the app store that will play them. On my Mac VLC will play those. This program will convert MKV with HEVC in it but if you play it in Itunes it won’t work yet. Hopefully Apple will add this codec soon. I have read apple uses HEVC in Face Time app only for now. I just use other video player apps and have no problem after this app converts my files. Why waste time encoding your videos when this program will very quickly put them in a useful container for adding metadata to. I am so glad this programer developed this. I look forward to what he comes up with next.
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11 years ago, Chuck42181
Your search STOPS here!
I don’t work much with MKV files, but it can be quite a pain to figure out how to convert them into something usable. If you’re reading this, you probably know! I had a 6+ minute video that I needed to convert because I couldn’t use MKV format in a particular program. I was amazed at how this converted that file almost instantly—literally 1-2 seconds. At that rate, you are talking about movies being converted in seconds, not hours or minutes. Your search for an MKV->MP4 converter ends here. The documentation and FAQ is exceptional, as well, so if you need any help navigating, it is provided for you. So stop hunting for clunky mass-produced programs and instead use this as your ultimate MKV to MP4 converter.
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9 years ago, kcheshire
My Favorite Conversion Tool for iTunes
If the saying "time is money" is true, than this app is a goldmine. I have tried so many conversion apps in order to get MKVs into my iTunes for Apple TV. They work, but they convert the files in real time. With multiple files it seems to take forever. However, MKV2MP4 is FAST!! It takes mere minutes for tv shows and movies as compared to hours. And it can handle 1080p. I don't remember how much I paid for it, but it was more than worth it. Never fails.
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10 years ago, Ceaddl
This app rocks!
I love this app, i use it daily for almost every mkv i download. One thing i would love from the developer to add a feature to just have the videos convert to the files location automatically instead of having to choose a destination or just click save each time if you want it to place the file in the same directory. Still amazing app. BUY IT
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9 years ago, campkeith
Works as advertised
This app remuxes the video and audio streams from the MKV container to the standard mp4 container. For the most part, it’s just copying data, that’s why it’s so fast.
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8 years ago, MonstrCoco
Hasnt worked since update
I really, really used to love this application but it hasnt been working for me at all recently. I havent been able to successfully convert a single video for the past month or so. I’ve tried several different mkv files, tried uninstalling and reinstalling, restarting computer, etc but still cant get it to work. i just keep getting the little spinning thing and it doesnt get any further than that. :-(
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7 years ago, Macajax
Great App
Works as advertised, and is very fast (couple seconds) if there is no conversion of the MKV content needed.
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7 years ago, Batcomic
Buy it!
It’s simple, it’s fast, and It works. Love It!
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2 years ago, supitsraaya
amazing app
obsessed w the quality and speed this app has.. 100/10
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