MLB 9 Innings 24

4.4 (57K)
1102.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Com2uS Corp.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MLB 9 Innings 24

4.39 out of 5
57K Ratings
3 years ago, Olwin The Insignificant
Almost Perfect
This game would really benefit from a difficulty setting: Beginner/Intermediate/Expert. My biggest criticism is that it’s just too easy. Too many blowout victories, not enough real challenge. Sure there’s an occasional defeat, but it’s too easy to land in 1st place and stay there for the entire season. I’ve heard that if you play through multiple seasons, the game gets harder, but you shouldn’t have to do that. As amazing as this game is in so many respects, the lack of difficulty makes it pretty boring. The thought of having to play through several seasons or more just to experience tension akin to the real thing is dreadful. I’m tired of everyone on my team batting over 400. It’s too easy to become overpowered. I want to struggle, I want to claw my way into 1st. I want it to really feel earned. Bring in some realism at the onset through a difficulty setting, and I’ll be excited to play this game again. Also it would be interesting if players could get injured and are unusable for a certain period of time. This is hands down the best-looking baseball app on the market, no complaints when it comes to the visuals, but I think there’s room for improvement when it comes to challenge, which is related to fun factor. Winning all the time without that much effort just isn’t fun.
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10 months ago, Crone Zone
Only Giving 5 Stars to Get Higher (Please Read)
MLB 9 Innings is a really good and well made game except for some problems, the devs ignore some and even more of the issues with the game and only respond to 5 Star Positive Reviews and the game is just mostly pay to win, signature cards are incredibly hard to get and when you do get one, it is usually bad overall and useless for your team. The Prices are also extremely high, like most of the good packs with signatures are $100 USD. The same thing with vintage packs, whenever you do get a vintage pack, it is usually bad. It doesn’t help your team at all. I play the game everyday and I only get a better player for my team like once every month, many legendary players aren’t in the game like Tony Gwynn. Getting Dimond Packs are completely useless if you’re 90 power or above, I got a wish pack once and the best player was 90 overall Kershaw and still he didn’t make it on my team. 95% of this game can only be successful if you spend money on it, not to mention the players do not look anything like they do in real life for example, Trevor Hoffman looks nothing like the game version. So if you’re up person who loves baseball and loves to spend money on a game then this is a game because the only way you can get higher up is if you spend $100 to get signature packs. However, this game is still very nice and enjoyable even if you’re not the person to spend on it I still recommend you try you just might be a little frustrated.
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8 months ago, BigShortDogg
It can be better but I still love the game
I love the game it’s fun but way to expensive to even be able to barely compete. I haven’t gotten a diamond prime player since I’ve started playing and even if you spend $100 on a pack it’s still not a guarantee you’ll get a diamond player let alone a decent rated player. To many of the same bronze and silver cards come back and forth and that’s frustrating cuz money isn’t always easy to come by let alone spend it on a game that’s not guaranteed to get what you think you deserve for paying that much of a price!l They could at least give you what you pay for and even gift you a rare pack or two every once in a while to keep the game interesting and keep you motivated to play. Sometimes the algorithm will completely destroy you in Master game mode even when your players are extremely better than your opponents. For example, when I’m pitching no matter what I throw they are able to get base hits consistently and when I’m batting even if my swing is perfect my ball barelt makes it past infield and it’s immediate 3 outs…..and every ball you may hit outfield the player is automatically in that exact spot where it’s going and that’s extremely unrealistic but I still love the game and love playing it just wished it was a little better in gameplay experience compared to actual baseball games and not so expensive to barely be able to compete!! Overall I give it 75!!
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3 years ago, 090681
Invalid Master League Data…?
So, I’m a relatively devoted player of this game. Matter of fact, this is actually the ONLY game I play on my phone. A week ago I would have easily given 5 stars. However since the latest “update”, I can’t get through a single Master League game without being told I have invalid master league data, and promptly being kicked out of the game and sent to the main lobby of the game. So far, this, what I’ll generously refer to as a bug, has cost me roughly $150-$200 in stars wasted not to mention numerous home run, rbi etc. losses because it ONLY kicks me off directly after I swing the bat. I understand bugs take a little bit of time to identify and fix (2-3 days MAX), so I’m willing to be patient. These last 2 days of me playing this game has been mostly hassle, along with a huge waste of time and my money. I surely hope that your company “Com2Us” will be not only compensating users losses both actual financial losses, but also offering a “sorry” package to your dedicated game players. That would be the right, and moral thing to do. Personally, I will no longer play this game again if “Com2Us” doesn’t make some type of outreach and attempt at replacing what the bug in your game took from me. And I’ll shout it from the rooftops to anyone who will listen about this particular situation, and I know from reading your Facebook page that I am just one of MANY of your customers who have been experiencing the same problems.
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6 years ago, subtleboom
A long time com2us fan
As a fan that has loved com2us’ easy flow baseball games for around 3 years now, I can tell you that the games are highly enjoyable for any baseball video game fan that needs to get their fix somewhere besides at home. However, with any virtual game, competition always arises and when it does so in this game, I am disappointed. Not about the ranked play or H2H battles against a friend, but about the competition against the house. I have been playing this game for a good 3 months now and I can tell you first hand that if you want a solid team that can compete with other skilled players or even the advanced cpu in the future seasons, you will have to spend every waking second playing, or cough over a lot of money through small transactions. As an avid fan, I would love nothing more than to see the interactive free agency and trading block be added back. It gave another dimension to the game that made you feel even more immersed. But overall, my largest problem and the thing that makes me want to delete the game sometimes, HAS to be the percentages at which you do get a good player through opening packs or when attempting to buy a free agent. It is very disheartening to learn that I have literally 1/100 chance of getting a high level player and I had to open 70 packs before my first one. Please make the game fun, like it was intended to be. Baseball is already a slow enough sport, dont slow down the one opportunity people get to control their own team.
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3 years ago, Defaultforlife
Best baseball game out there
Hi my name is default and I have been playing this game for 3 years but I stopped for a while until I picked up the game back in October of 2020. I am here to make a review on the game and overall it earned a 5 star or very close to it, the reason being that the game is sooo much fun and there are so many things to do. I love all the features of club battle ranked battle friend battle and league mode they are so fun. The only problem of the game is maybe the RNG the reason being that one second I get a prime player(these are very rare) and then I don’t get one for another month and yes I know there are percents that go into the game but the only other thing I can think of is that they are selling sig change tickets for $100 and I think that is a little over priced for someone to sig change their favorite player and I hope com2us see’s this and lowers the price or puts one In an event. Oh and while I’m talking about events I wanted to say they are the best I loved the off-season ones because they give GI tickets( these make gold players diamond) and they are very rare. Overall I love the game and for the people that quit the game after a week of not improving you should not do that it took me a while to get from 80ovr to where I’m at 94 ovr. Thanks for everything and enjoy the best baseball game on the app 😁😁😁
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6 years ago, PapasCrew
I love baseball
I love baseball. I have read a couple of reviews on this game. The guy from the Bay Area said it perfectly. This game is simple. Very easy to play, but yet not so simple you get bored. The only gripe I have for this game is that the rewards are awful. I been playing non stop for over a year now and have only received 1 prime player and one signature player both of which were silver players. Every diamond player I have I have received out of combination or packs have been players so low on the totem pole they never made it to my line up. The only way I can get any of my players I love and have worked hard to upgrade, to diamond is to pay $100 for the diamond up grade. I find this to be a bit unfair for the diehard players that aren’t willing to blow $100 dollars on the game. I have dropped money on this game, but I’m not willing to drop $100 to upgrade a single player. The diamond upgrade ticket should at least be added to the season rewards for later seasons. Either that or make it easier to earn diamond players, so we have an easier time trying to find our favorite players in diamond grade. Either way. I personally would be willing to put more money into this game if I saw that the developers weren’t just trying to makes big money grabs and were actually here to make the game more enjoyable for its fans.
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4 years ago, floyd 5712
Bad mechanics and costly
I can live with league mode, I can live with battle mode, but holy smokes pvp is terrible. It’s a total crap shoot if you win or not and on top of that you have “strategy cards” which basically give you runs and outs. You can only use one reliever which at first sounds reasonable because the games are only three innings but when you bring one in a rally starts congrats you can’t stop it because you’re pitcher becomes exhausted and you really can’t actually control where you’re pitch is going to go. Not to mention you can’t even control if you get a hit or not. The most you can do is be on time and pray. The strategy cards don’t make it easier either because you could be perfectly on time with it but since the opponent used a guaranteed ground ball card you got screwed out of a hit. All this leads me to my main point/complaint. THE PLAYER HAS VERY LITTLE TO NO CONTROL OVER THE GAME! The only reason it’s even getting three stars is for league mode and battle mode being somewhat playable. Another thing I thought of just now and my final issue is that it is incredibly hard to get diamonds unless you sink a lot of money in to it. The game isn’t exactly budget player friendly. I’ve played the game for 4 months and I have only three diamonds and not very good ones at that. So I’m conclusion the game has much potential but bad game mechanics and being costly to form a good team prohibit it from becoming truly great.
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5 years ago, cjk85
Absolutely amazing game (BUT)
This game was so much fun and absolutely fantastic! When i first started playing I couldn’t put my phone down it was that much fun. But after spending a $1000 dollars plus since June and still only being a 91.3 overall i’m starting to get very frustrated. I spent $100 dollars on gold and there’s a bundle and you get 10 Premium pack and one Gold pack for 2600 gold. Sounds like a great deal right? Nope i opened up two of these bundles, And i only received four gold players the gold packs guarantees you a gold. So actually i only received two gold cards out of 20 Premium packs not one diamond, prime or signature card forget about getting a signature it’s impossible. And this isn’t sour grapes I’m spending real hard earned money and getting silver card it gets old fast. Also the combination needs to be fixed that’s completely broken and worthless to use. If you put two diamonds and two golds into a combination and the highest overall i see is an 83 it’s not fair. I use to love this game but it’s starting to become boring and i feel like it is a pay to play type of game. I think i spent a good amount of money already!! I can’t spend hundreds a week i do have bills and a real life. I would definitely recommend this game I’m very disappointed and frustrated. Hope next season we can sell players and open up better opportunities for players to make there team better.
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5 years ago, Redfive84
Best baseball app but a few minor flaws
Out of all the mlb baseball games in the App Store that I’ve played this, IMO, is the best there is. It has many different modes and the controls are excellent. The batting physics r very well done plus the player and stadium graphics are great especially given the fact this is a mobile game. Of course there are a couple things that need improvement. Season games in career mode are extremely easy. It’s very to score 20+ runs in a games even with hard difficulty. Also the player cards need to be updated. There are apparently vintage MLB player cards however, I think in order to get any they need to be purchased with micro transactions. Even then I’ve never come across another person who had those cards. Clubs (a.k.a. Guilds) are a good addition and has potential but it seems to be forgotten by developers. Lastly upgrading a player card has a random roll where the upgrade could fail. I feel this is just a blatant ploy to encourage people to buy star packages because buying a card upgrade with stars is a 100% guarantee. Even with the problems this game is very well done and fun to play. Ive been playing for about a year now and still find it extremely entertaining.
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4 years ago, Kayci Kim
Love the game
As a PC gamer, I don’t have many options to play MLB games. And as a result, I’m “stuck” with playing baseball games on my iPhone. The RBI series available on the iPhone is absolute garbage, and many other MLB-licenses games on the IOS were mediocre at best. Until landed on this beauty. Have to say, this is probably the closest I’ll get to playing games similar to MLB the Show on the PlayStation, or the now defunct MLB2K series. The gameplay in 9 Innings is smooth, and there is enough content here to keep me busy. The games are engaging and the rewards are fair. But what I love about this game is the fact that it has MLB and the MLBPA’s backing, which allows the use of real players and stats. But like all games, there are a few issues with 9 Innings. First, as a Tribe fan, I have to bring up the glaring fact that Francisco Lindor’s batting stance in the game is WAY OFF. That’s not his batting stance. Com2uS, please, I beg you, fix this. We’re talking about easily one of the best players in the game, and you guys have butchered his batting stance. And speaking of best players in the game, what is up with Trout’s face? He looks constipated. Every time Trout comes up to bat, he looks like he needs to run to the restroom. And the body? He looks overweight. Trout is the face of the game - please redo his skin.
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2 years ago, YoItzKingZay1996
Love this game
I’ve been playing mlb 9 innings since 2016 and I love this game so much one thing I will say is I wish you guys would do what you used to do in 9 innings 16 where you could buy legends like Mark McGwire for 1,000,000 coins to me that buying system was the best because it made it to where people who don’t have money could still get really good legend cards. Also would like it for you guys to make it easier to get the level up from gold to diamond cards I can’t afford to spend 50$ to get one and very very very rarely do you guys put it in a event reward my team is 100 Ovr and the only cards I can get excited about are diamonds so I’d like to be able to upgrade and change out my team more frequently then ever month or so. Those are my only 2 complaints but even with those complaints I rate this game a 20/10 and would recommend this game to anyone and be patient if you’re struggling to get your team better I just started another team a week ago and with certain events and stuff I’m already at a 93 ovr with no money spent you got this. Thank you guys for making such an amazing game I’ve been playing for 6 years and I’ll continue to play for many more years to come.
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4 years ago, Mas Merchant
Fun game for playing realistic baseball; PLEASE ADD TRADING!!!
SO SO close to being 4-5 Stars! I really love this game as a great way to pass the time, and I have a lot of fun opening packs and doing combos with my little brother. League mode and ranked in particular are, for the most part, very evenly matched and a fun challenge. I hear a lot of complaints about the rate at which “good” or high-grade players are acquired from packs and through combos. I’ve been having good luck so far, and while I don’t expect it to continue, I’d tend to say these complaints are exaggerated. I was really glad to see a prime combo added, and mentor and club challenge also adds a fun aspect to the game. One thing that’s been on my mind for years and would get this game an automatic 5-Star rating: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add a trading feature to the game!!! I have a diamond Kershaw with boss skills, but I’ve also got a Kershaw prime that’s arguably the best in the game... I know other players would love my prime Kershaw and I’ve got no use for it - just one of many many examples. Trading would add a super realistic, strategic aspect to the game that I know would appeal to a wide variety of other gamers as well. I realize the difficulties, but PLEASE consider 😁 Overall - really fun game for playing realistic baseball and collecting your favorite players to build a MLB dynasty; adding a trading feature would make this into the greatest game ever!
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4 years ago, balloon catcher
This game is the Best ❤️💙💚 Baseball Download this app!!!
This game is really great I love to play League Mode, Ranked Game, Friend Battle, PvP Battle, Arcade Mode, Clutch Hits Mode, Pick ‘Em Battle, and Club Battle this game is better than other baseball games trust me. The only problem I had is to buy stuff everything is too expensive so I rather you not to buy anything with your money only buy stuff with points and stars. They could fix a little problem with training a player because it’s just way too hard and they need to send more packs but overall they still are a 10/10 for me so download this app and yea just download it and you’ll love it maybe at the beginning it seems weird and hard and you don’t have good players but once you open packs then you can build your team to become better and better. The start of your team is all Normals then later you can get other players above normal the players stats are based on player and skill and type. The types are Normal, Bronze, Silver, Gold, then Diamond. Diamond is the best even better than gold if you get a Diamond put it on your team so yea download the app!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍🤎😃😄😄😆😚😋😛😜😙😗😉😌🤪. Stay safe and wear masks and social distance. 😷.
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4 weeks ago, Backster314Gamer
Debit card rosters only
Played this game from the NM desert to keep up with my hometown (StL) boys. I see players I still do not have(keep all StL players only) but the game only gives me repeat cards I cannot use for anything. They obviously are AL League fans, as 70% of the “rewards” I earn are bum (low level) AL players. When I do get a card I can use for an upgrade on a better card, it only works 20% of the time. The only thing you can do successfully 100% of the time is purchase items. Half the time I have done that- it’s the same as the rewards.. nothing new or usable and always a letdown. Much like clutch hits mode and arcade mode. They pop you out in clutch hits more than you get hits and arcade mode(HR Derby) if you hit too many in a row they throw change ups or breaking balls- bc that’s what they do in the Bigs, right??:) At first this game was interesting but when you spend the time to get diamond lineups, they ruin it by showing you there is no need to upgrade at all. The games bronze and silver cards will hit your diamond pitchers, and pop your Diamond batters. Skill change tickets always lower your stats, and etc etc. it’s a shame the MLB lets this game use boyhood hero’s for debit card transactions. True fans get nothing for their team integrity and love for a city. This game is a rich kids game who has a debit card for a nanny. Who just wants to brag he bought every good player from every team. Enjoy!
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3 months ago, Czcsfscs
Great Game!
Hello, I love this game so much but there are some things that could really be fixed but let’s start will the good things. I love the players that they add and how they always stay up to date on everything involving off season trades and that stuff. I also love how they designed the stadiums and how cool they look. But one thing that they can fix is how pay to win the game is because if your like me once you get to a 90 over all team then you can’t make any progress unless you pay $100 to do anything to make you team get better. I was reading through lots of comments and reviews and I saw this issue on almost all of them. So I really hope com2us can see this and please fix it, I mean I know I’m not the only one out here begging you guys to please make the game less pay to win. And hey I know that’s your way of making money just maybe lower the prices then because let’s be honest here no one is going to buy it anyway so if you lower the price then maybe more people would buy the packs. But over all one of my favorite baseball games out there on the App Store right now and I love to play this. Hope you read this com2us and please comment! Thanks!!
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2 years ago, Bdhe dbdnejjendn
Intriguingly Low IQ Developers
There is a certain point in a game’s level of playability where in the game is just clean-looking enough for a user to appreciate it, while simultaneously still being developed by literal retards. MLB 9 Innings is without question the epitome of one of those games. MLB 9 Innings keeps you invested just long enough because of their luck in choosing a game like baseball to imitate. The actual game is made by people not only with IQs matching their shoe size, but by people who somehow got passed pre-school without needed legitimate mental assistance. One questions whether or not these developers parents failed them by allowing them to go out into the world rather than stay in the comfort of the basement. What I can’t seem to understand is the fact that these developers would create more meaningful work defecating into a wheelchair fecal collection bag in a mental hospital, than by having their make-a-wish to be a game developer come true. This game makes me worry for the political stability of the Earth by begging the question: “how are people allowed to create something this horrendous yet still be free, unexecuted men?” The answer to which, the world may never know.
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5 years ago, Astaafosho
Feels completely rigged
This game along with most others I've played before seem to be mostly about money. They also come off being completely rigged. That’s basically handicapping the game and cheating the game system to give an advantage to the opposition. That’s completely unfair and technically should get sued for it. In this baseball game, I’ve had 20 plus wins in a row and start off undefeated. After a win streak, I’ve had so many unnecessary loses that make little to no sense at all. I lose to teams who’s records are absolutely terrible and I’ve had very good diamond players against awful teams so players stats don’t mean anything at all because when the game is being swayed automatically, it’s useless to even bother trying. I just attempted playing a game and tried many different methods to figure out why it may have been doing it and I intentionally threw balls right at the player to let the team get many runs above me. After getting blown out by 10 + runs, they automatically started swinging at pitches around their face and feet. I even threw some pitches that hit the players and right after sometimes they’d swing many times in a row at blatant balls that no player would ever swing at in a real game even while being high and or drunk. The game is massively flawed and it definitely comes off being completely rigged. It’s an addicting game that had potential but like most others it’s just annoyingly handicapped and a money grabber.
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12 months ago, Ryan23og
Enticing Game but too time consuming
I’ve played this game everyday for the last month and this is what I have come up with. If you’re looking for the best MLB game on the App Store. This is it. Gameplay, card collecting, authenticity, it’s checks all the boxes. But the biggest issue this game has, is that the company cares nothing about the player. It’s very easy to see how all of these promotional packs are cash grabs, as leveling up players from tier to tier costs an ungodly amount of time or money, which shouldn’t be how you reward the player. “Hey we love that you’re enjoying the game, now here’s a paywall.” (I haven’t spent more than $50 on the game). I have been playing this game since 2014 back in the old days. They need to add and bring back the real auction where you could list players and receive stars and points that way. Also they need to add more spots to receive grade ups, Black Diamond pieces, and grade changes. As those are really not accessible unless you spend money, which is not very user friendly and don’t allow you to progress. If com2us is reading this, please just remove the game limit for leagues and ranked. It would make a lot of these people have less complaints since they could get rewards faster. Other than that, the game is great and very enjoyable.
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4 years ago, Fhlynn
Horrible odds
Been playing this game for about 3 months now. I have almost completed 1 full season. The gameplay is smooth, the drama is there, and the graphics are great. The problem lies in getting better players. I have opened 100 of packs all ranging from the lowest to the gold player level (never had a diamond player pack). I keep combining, combining, earning packs, and combining...and all I ever get are at best silver players. I do all the extra events I can ( clutch hits, arcade ranked battle etc ) and I have ever only gotten 1 diamond relief pitcher which wasn’t even average. I currently have only 2 gold hitters and 2 gold pitchers. The rest are bronze and silver. What gives if you can’t increase your team ability then what’s the point? UPDATE: now almost finished my second season and still the drop rates for better players are ridiculous. RNG systems are atrocious. Some players do less, spend less, and still get better players than I do play bc every mode daily and doing multiple seasons. I even bought a few of the store items I can afford and still playing mg with 5 total gold players and 1 above average diamond pitcher. I’m almost to the point where I am going to stop bc it takes so much time and effort to only increase your teams overall by a mere point of a percentage. Dishearteningd
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5 years ago, thawks888
This could very easily be a five star review
This is honestly one of the one of my favorite games of all time for a mobile device. However, recently the The programmers must have recently parentheses within six months and parentheses change the algorithm in regards to gift boxes(gifts at end of game) and they deafly also change the arcade mode to be a lot harder. I’ve been playing this game since it first came out I believe it was I don’t know exact date but the year of 2014 I believe and I have still yet to draw from a team select pack Boston Red Sox a prime player and I in that time. I’ve only received one diamond Boston Red Sox player from a team select pack. This is very sad because they’re gonna lose a lot of customers and players the reason why I believed in my opinion they have decreased the odds of receiving a good gift or a good card is because all they want you to do is spend money to obtain the good cards and trust me I’ve spent a lot of money on this game(thousands). They offer a $100 team select signature pack player about twice or three times per year within this year I purchased that three times and received the same exact identical card so basically duplicates and Allah I’ll show you the message that I received from the app. Com2us response after blowing 100 bucks...
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3 years ago, etrelz
Well done play but way too expensive to build a great team
I find that if you want to build a great team of your favorite players, you need to spend lots of money, literally hundreds of dollars buying free agents or paying $100 a pop for player grade increases. It adds up quick when you try to upgrade several players. It cost me $300 to sign a player as a free agent. You got to be kidding me! I stopped doing that and now the game is the same thing over and over and becoming boring because I will not spend the money to get new, high quality players. There is no other reasonable way to earn top quality diamond players. That is a shame because if the developers did not try to gouge the customer, they would have an incredible success on their hands. The actual play of the game is incredible. The depiction of the ballparks is spot on. The stances of the players at the plate are remarkable. I hit a home run over the Green Monster in Boston- awesome! To improve play, players should not always make perfect throws to the bases and plate. Build in some errors and excitement. The outfielders seem to make too many incredible catches. I have played the game for several months and no outfielder has made an error. Not realistic. I would have given the game 5 stars except for the gouging.
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2 years ago, BaronBavaria
Game Suggestion/Review
Pretty well done game, definitely fun to play! However at times it gets confusing with all the windows, packs, boosters, equipment etc. Honestly not even sure what many things are for, and even more confused about certain game modes like the home run derby. The mode is nothing like batting how you normally do and there doesn’t seem to be a goal. As a suggestion, I’d like to see a “realistic” season mode (may be large enough to be it’s own game). Instead of dealing with all the player packs and combinations, instead each team would be set with its real-world roster, and if you wanted new players, you would have to trade another team or “call up” players from the minors. Would probably need at least the playoffs expanded roster or AAA level starters at least. Then you just play like a regular season, either the computer or other players I guess. The downside with other players is you’d need a bunch of different leagues, but it won’t make sense for 1 dodgers team to trade another dodgers team. Then maybe instead of packs you could send players to the minors for training or pay like you normally do. Just thought I’d mention it
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3 years ago, Lil shruum
Great game, but some features could improve it
I’ve been playing this game for two years now, and I always have a good time with playing it. The league and ranked modes are done well, the packs and combination features are good, but there are some features I would add to improve the game. The most blatant feature in my eyes that could be added is changing the auction feature to a player-built system would be better. Making it similar to other games where you can auction your own players in exchange for stars or points. For example, I’ve had so many times where I get a good player that wouldn’t make my team, but I would want to get rewards from. Making it so I could auction players would add a new depth to the game. Also, sometimes the combo system annoys me, since if I combo five golds, I don’t want to see 7 golds only with no Diamond chances. I don’t even know if a real developer or an AI is gonna read this response, but I genuinely think the new auction feature would be amazing. I’ve played for two years and the new auction system is the one thing I think would be better is changing the auction. (also the current auction is overpriced).
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2 years ago, elosdjd
I Love This Game but there’s one problem (My Opinion)
I love this game and I’ve been playing it everyday since 2019 but I have a problem that is just generally bad. The Legend Vintage Cards. It’s so hard to get them and the real only way on how to acquire them is to spend money on the Ultimate Vintage Pack (which only gives a 3% chance of a legend at best)(The premium vintage cards gives out a .5% chance if I remember correctly) and it costs $30 a bundle. My complaint is that the percentage of obtaining these Legend vintages is way too low and (in my opinion) either the percentage should be changed so others can get those legend cards easier, or make events in which gifts legend packs (In which was $100 bundle back in October or November of 2021) so the people who are fans of the game can get these cards more efficiently and easier without making people burn a hole through their pockets and rely the rest on luck. I give the game 5 stars since I do love the game but I would love to see the percentages of getting Legends to be increased significantly and I believe that other people would love to see that too.
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5 years ago, AZdbackFan87
Good but some suggestions
I enjoy the game, but, i agree with other reviewers that it can be difficult to upgrade/get better players. I have been fortunate to get 3 or 4 diamond players & i have inserted them into my lineup however, it is difficult to decide between the Grade of cards because some of the lower grades have higher ratings. I thought earning a FA ticket guaranteed a signing but it didnt & it it too expensive to keep wasting 300 stars per attempt. There also ought to be a set deck collection for “all-time/historic” roster, by that i mean players that have at one time played for your chosen team regardless of their card team. Plus, i have been burned a few times in Clutch Hits Mode by a runner advancing when i would not have sent them & they end up running into an out. Thus, the games has cheated me out of possible wins!!! Add manuel control of runners (including stealing) to Clutch Hits Mode. A real baseball games ends in the bottom of the 9th inning as soon as the home team gets just the one run needed to win the game, no reason to play the bottom of the inning IF the Home team already has more runs OR once the Home team gets the winning run there is no reason to keep playing. Also, why not just have Clutch Hits Mode listed as innings 7-9?
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5 years ago, Dvan85
Great but needs work.
I to love this game but I think we should be able to receive more players from our own team. We should be rewarded with our team players first before giving us other players from other teams and if a player is traded within the year we should automatically get that player. I think you need to update more often to make sure core players are on the their respected teams. We’re so advanced in technology that we should be able to look at rosters and keep them current based on contract and length? Please find a way to keep teams current throughout the year and give rewards based on the teams your users select as their team. Also, how can get the same data on my iPad like my phone? On my phone it shows I’ve played more games than on my iPad, they appear to not sync. I get an error message when I try to play on my iPad, I can play everything but league mode, it also says I need to recharge balls, when I try, it won’t let me, why? Everything appears to sync except for league mode, can anyone help with this issue? Thank you,
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6 years ago, CityP56
Ridiculous at best
The game seems fun and all when first starting out but then it really nosedives after the first few times playing it. I broke down in the beginning and spent a few bucks on some player cards; got a few silver, bronze and a gold card, which I was pumped about. But now after a few months of playing, my team literally has zero progression. After saving up stars from goals and rewards, I bought some player packs and the cards gained out of them are completely useless to my team, so I tried the combine feature and ended up with cards that were even worse than I started with. This game is complete fraud when it comes to buying packs. I can see why most of the comments on here are the same. It’s a complete cash grab and I wouldn’t recommend this game to anyone and would prefer playing Perfect Inning instead; at least on that game you can actually progress your team. And the usual other complaints are the same for me. No double plays, still have no idea how to steal a base, there’s an insane amount of foul balls, the weak contact on hits from high contact hitters is insane. This game is all around ridiculous and can’t believe Apple would put a bogus game like this on their App Store. I’ll be writing them a complaint as well.
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4 years ago, johaha ray latin
Please come to notice about this review
I know that I will sound like a huge critic writing this but just know that I see some major flaws. First, Hyun Jin Ryu. 2019 was by far his best and yet he did not get a prime card last year. I have been waiting through all the updates to see this happen yet it did not. Second, Walker Buehler. 2019 was also his best year. He had like a low 2 ERA or high 1. These two star players last year deserve prime cards and yet they do net get them. Things that I noticed. Why would you give Jose Altuve a prime card in 2017? The Astros cheated that year and yet you give them a prime card. I know that prime card players showed really good performance that year, and Altuve did but he got that by cheating. I have the same statement with George Springer. And I am so happy that you did not give Alex Bregman a prime card in his cheating years. Things you need to add. Shane Bieber did outstanding this year at a 1.67 something ERA. Obviously, you need to give him a prime card. Kenta Maeda and Max Fried both did super good this season and both deserve prime cards.
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6 months ago, Game changer 2.0.0
It’s great but…
This is a great game for all and every baseball player and I love it myself but I would like to see easier ways to get recourses. Just the other day, I opened a premium vintage player pack and I pulled a gold David justice and it had no use to my team. I don’t remember his exact overall for the card, cuz I combined him with a few of my other cards and the ovr was around 75 and I was quite mad because it had no use as my team was at 89.9 overall and I would also like to see easier ways to combine your players. I hade taken my three best players: Julio Rodríguez diamond, Shohei ohtani gold, and an Aaron judge gold. And my overall got lowered because when I combined them, it gave me really bad players and I hade been gaining progress since 2021 without spending money and I’m back down to 74.6 overall. I would love to see easier ways to get packs, and lessons on how to bat better. I love this game and I recommend it to all, but please consider all that I have said. BTW I’m only twelve years old
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12 months ago, Boss_wharf
Still no change…
Hi, that game is really enjoyable! Since 2015 I’ve been coming back from time to time just to see what’s new. So I started on 15’ then stopped on 16’ then came back 17’ to leave on 19’. Main reason why I keep uninstalling is either the game gets too boring or I just get demotivated to play in general, main reason being the pitching. The pitcher is really inconsistent with the throws and I much rather play offensively all season long rather than just one match of pitching. I know it’s supposed to be an arcade type of game but at least give us a way to make the throws more accurate like quick action bar. The show is a good example of a way to be accurate when pitching, not trying to compare a mobile game to a triple A game but I’m just saying that if you want people to enjoy the game ( especially people who want to actually play the full inning and enjoy the pitching part of the game) then try adding a quick action to at least have a decent chance to strike out players rather than have a hope on a huge bubble taking almost half the strike zone. Thank you for your time
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5 years ago, Dhdhxjshcuchx
Well built game, but has a few flaws
To start it off I would like to say this a great game for baseball nerds like me, very realistic graphics and game play for a free game. The first problem I had was I ran into basic players that were better than players of higher rank like bronze or silver, therefore lowering my overall team average, witch seams a bit counterintuitive. It would be better if they match up so a card with a better rank than another’s would always be better than the lower’s. The second problem I had is you only have a few guaranteed diamonds that you can get, most from challenges and one from season completion. But after that it goes dead, it seems like you can’t improve your team any more, forcing you to spend money to get better. I suggest making more of a consistent way of getting better players, like integrating a way for players to get a gold player ever week for completing the challenges instead of just a premium pack. I would like to close things up by saying that you should definitely get this game if you want to have awesome game!!
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4 years ago, Bee rm71
Best baseball game for a phone
I like this game, it’s just baseball but baseball is so entertaining to me that you don’t have to add anything to it. However I feel like throwing is off, mostly because it feels slow and rigid and with it being one of the most done things in a baseball game than I think it should be a clean as swinging a bat. That and your a.i. Has terrible decision making. I was playing in regular season mode with auto fielding on and bases loaded no outs in extra innings as the away team, (run scores I lose)And a ground ball is hit to my second baseman and he threw to second! Anyway run scores and I lose, That along with every time there is a ball hit to the left fielder with a runner rounding third to score the left fielder throws to third! I’d rather any other base than third. But besides those two flaws I think that this game is definitely the best baseball game for your phone, the graphics are nice and the gameplay is the most detailed of any baseball game on any Mobil device! Just ad more variety to the types of plays that can happen and keep doing what your doing. Sincerely Bee
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4 years ago, TheAreYouDumbMan?
First real glitch
Been playing this game for a couple of years now. Apparently I must like it. lol There are a couple of things I notice. The announcer will say that your team really needs to get it going when you are blowing out the other team. Also, he will say men are at the corners when there is actually one runner on 3rd. Another thing that drives me crazy is that he will say that the hitter will lead the inning with a single when there actually 1 or 2 outs. Then there is when a hitter hits a ball that clearly would be a double in real life, but ends up being a single when the announcer says that it should go for extra bases. Lastly, I saw my first major glitch. Had a man on 1st and 2nd. Hitter got a double. The man at 2nd ran to 3rd and the man at 1st didn’t stop at 2nd. He went to 3rd as the runner stood there for 3 seconds as he was approaching, and then headed home. He was tagged out at the plate. That is the only thing I actually saw as in a glitch. Other than that, I enjoy playing this game when I’m not playing on my console.
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2 years ago, fock hardrock
Og player
Hi I’ve played this game since way back when it was 9innings pro I’ve always loved it but one thing has gotten me very frustrated 9innings used to have an entire card market with an entire economy that was the the meca of this game that was top tier gaming now it can take literally months and month of hope and luck to maybe get the player you want using team select packs it has been very defeating it honestly feels like it if you can’t spend money weekly on this game that you fall very far behind the rest of the competitors PVP mode is absolutely lopsided you can be in the 80s and regularly play teams well over 120 as a team overall once you get to a certain point it’s very hard to get any player that could possibly be put into your lineup it’s so extremely hard to level up and get to a higher level team overall if you can’t afford to spend 40 or 60 or $99 please bring back the card marketplace for those who can only save up points and stars through months of gameplay
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5 years ago, Winnerrox15
9 innings
It’s a great quality game for you phone and is fun to play. However, if you want to have a good team and make your team better then you have to pay money. You will never get good cards randomly unless you are just super lucky. Also, most of the time you do actually pay for a card or use “stars” then most of the time you are just going to get an average card. They will bait you on the loading screen with amazing cards but it would take you years and hundreds of dollars to maybe get some of those cards. They need to lower the price in packages and if you do actually pay for something on that game make it rewarding but actually getting cards that are good. And what I mean by good is a good are diamond cards that is worth something. If you buy a package of card it allows you to get silver to diamond players. And 99% of the time you going to get an average player with silver. And if you do get gold or diamond they are bad players. Need to fix getting good cards more often to make the game even worth the money if you do pay for cards. And you will have to pay for cards to get good players. Big scam of you ask me.
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5 years ago, KandY_PlaY
Simply the best mobile baseball game ever
This game is almost perfect it has everything and more, there are only a few issues with the narrator some things he says that are not exactly perfect for example the arizona diamond backs team is frequently called the phillies by the narrator also when there is a strike out he says the name of the pitcher first and then the batter name for example grenkie takes strike 3 from Gardner so that has to b fixed there and also some foul balls that are called fair by the narrator as well as some hits that fall in the middle of the center field and the narrator says that is all the way back to the wall lol but besides those minor issues the game is simply the best i recommend it to everyone and one improvement I would really love for this game is the possibility to play it offline the interactions with the store and stuff like that could request for a connection but the game itself should be available offline that will make this game just something else!! Thank you for this great app COME TO US!!!
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2 years ago, whatshisface64
Random suggestions
I throughly enjoy this game. I feel like each new update helps better the game. I do have a few suggestions and these could be spread throughout future updates. As far as actual game play, would love for y’all to add a challenge play button. While this is not necessarily a make or break suggestion, I think it would just add to the overall gameplay experience. Also as far as gameplay, give outfielders the ability to actually be able to throw players out to the basemen. It is a little frustrating seeing plays that any outfielder could make just automatically be an on base for the opposing team. Now as far as a couple gameplay mechanics for what is essentially a career mode is add player injury mechanic as well as the ability to option players for a recovery cycle. And last but not least much like in real baseball add a trade mechanic. Give players the ability to do trades much like in the MLB. These are just suggestions I have that I think about as I enjoy playing the game.
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4 years ago, Bcrosby22
Great game
To me this is a great game to the point that I almost feel like I’m on a console. Graphics are great and the specifics of batting stances and facial features are amazing for a mobile game. I think the batting is fair and easy but just enough challenging. Pitching is easy to do and the fact we have a catcher lead is great too for situations you may not know what to throw. Obviously the better fielding catcher you have the better outcome. My only complaint is defense in the outfield. Anytime someone dives for a ball it is caught. Not the case in real life. Also the throws from outfielders are hard to deal with. If an outfielder had a great fielding stat then he should be able to make long and hard throws. When an out fielder has no chance for a play he has a rocket arm. When it’s close or it looks like he should be able to gun out a runner to a base the crow hop takes forever and the throw is soft. In contrast the in-fielding I believe is realistic with diving collecting and throwing. In conclusion I believe adjusting the fielding for outfielders can make this game even better and very realistic.
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3 years ago, Play noooooooooow!
Really cool game, just two problems.
I’ll start my saying, this is probably the best baseball game on the AppStore, just my opinion but I really do think it is. The gameplay is smooth, non laggy, and is pretty realistic. Now let’s get to the main point, my two problems with this game are, home runs, and pre animated events. Starting off with home runs, I feel like they don’t happen often enough as they should, this goes for BOTH teams. I’ve only hit around 5 home runs in 22 games and my opponent may have 3 or 4. Just not enough, and another thing about them is that they always look like they travel WAY to far, like it’s a 600 foot bomb. 2nd, the pre animated things such as, stolen bases, pickoffs, and a few other things, they just feel weird seeing it happen. Like a bad movie with a bunch of cuts. Maybe you could show the throw with it? Just so it feels a lot less scripted. Other then those two things, it’s an amazing game and these developers did a great job with it.
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6 years ago, Waiting for Aurebesh
Years later, a review.
I've been addicted to this game for over two years now. This is the only mobile game that I play everyday. You WILL struggle with the grind, the game will frustrate you in ways you can only imagine, but it's more fun than all that is worth. The game has been significantly improved upon and expanded over the years, and any baseball fan will love it—especially fans of the MLB The Show series' Diamond Dynasty mode, but with the added bonus of not having to start all over each season. I could go on about how much fun it is, but you need to find out for yourself. It supports players of all skill levels, with various ways of adjusting the difficulty. I get a satisfied feeling when I put the shift on for a double-play and turn it for two with the manual fielding. But if you honestly can't figure out how to play manually, you can Auto-play games or just sim one in about fifteen seconds. If you're still reading this, why haven't you pushed "Get" yet?
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3 years ago, Alpine Yoda123
Used to be a great game
I downloaded this game in 2017 and immediately loved it. The seasons mode against the CPU is fantastic and immersive. This was my favorite game for at least 2 years. Then, earlier this year I went into seasons mode only to find that I need “League Balls” to play games in seasons. I clicked on the thing that said recharge and it asked me to purchase some. I have upwards of 8000 stars and millions of coins so I said sure, only to find that “the price of League Balls has changed. Please purchase again.” It wasn’t costing me anything but it is quite annoying. I have consistently attempted to purchase League Balls every week since I found this but to no avail. I have searched in the store and looked in my inventory but haven’t found even one. This could be a 5 star game but is a 2 due mainly to this and the lack of customer support (I looked on your customer support page and couldn’t find any thing and have seen that many other people’s reviews have been responded to yet mine has sat here I responded to for months. (I am just updating it)). Once this glitch is changed, I will give this app 5 stars immediately but until then it will get 2.
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4 years ago, mistersirmello
Good download
I’ve been playing this game for awhile now and yes my opinion is no different from others. I love the events the quiz I like how you guys try to integrate ways to get rewards besides grinding all day. You always give feed back and reply to comments on Facebook that’s a plus. The game play is solid a few things can be tweeked nothing major. We all like free stuff but getting expensive useless free stuff is heart crushing. There has to be a balance you should be rewarded greatly for your hard work. Season mode should have harder challenges for better rewards. Diamond players should be less harder to require in season. I could go on for days , I actually recommend this game to friends and family. Me my brothers and my father play it would be nice to go head to head. So overall it’s a very good game I love it I just wish it felt the same way about us. We’re the consumer please us and well love you forever and ever more.
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4 years ago, Wolfandman
Great game but...
Hi, I live playing this game. My question is, how do some people playing this game have so many games played in Ranked battle in such a short amount of time? The records reset every week, how do some teams have sooo many games played? Also, will the new Universal DH and new extra innings rule during the regular season be implemented? I’m a Cubs fan and I usually play as the Cubs. I’d like to see more Vintage and Legends/prime Cubs players for example: ‘98 Sammy Sosa, ‘87 Andre Dawson, ‘89 Mark Grace, Moises Alou, Alfonso Soriano, Derek Lee, Andy Pafko, Hank Sauer, Ken Holtzman, Carlos Zambrano, Ryne Sandberg, Lee Smith, Bruce Sutter, Jody Davis, Manny Trillo, Dave Kingman, Bill Buckner, Greg Maddux, Mark Prior, Shawon Dunston, Billy Williams, Mike Krukow, Leon Durham, Bill Buckner to name some, along with the Cubs legends/players you already have. Maybe implement, the intentional walk, pitch-out. Catcher pick off, defensive shifts. Fun features like position players pitching in a blowout score game. Retro team uniforms. You would UNDOUBTEDLY have the BEST baseball game out there with these additions!
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7 months ago, Jax1174
Nothing but a scam
This game is horrible. Spending money means nothing. You will spend thousands only to find out that ratings do not matter. I do not know how many times I have lost to teams rated 10-15 points less, only to go for revenge and lose again. I get that you can lose to lower rated teams, but to lose twice in a row? This game’s only objective is to make money and they care nothing about the people playing it. When you ask questions they will only say “This is a game of chance. There are many factors that decide games”. Yet a team rated 125 can only win 33% of the games played and getting beat regularly by teams rated 10-15 points less. And forget about beating teams ranked higher, that does not happen. When you point that out to their customer service, and ask why the “game of chance” only goes one way, they block you. They have an in game chat and threaten to restrict your profile, kick you out of the game, if you say anything bad about the game. You decide, what company worries that much about something bad being said about them? Only companies that are scamming and lying to those playing the game.
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1 month ago, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh25
Don’t spend money with this app(WARNING)
In the beginning this app was the best , extremely realistic & fair. But only in the beginning. I made the mistake of spending money on a player pack(which as usual gave me nothing I could use for even a beginner team) & now the game is so rigged you couldn’t even convince yourself otherwise. Everything in the game is built to make you have to spend more money hoping to improve your team , but spoiler alert, you will get nothing useful. It just wants you to continue spending more money for nothing. If you do spend money the entire game turns to money grab & you will be ripped off repeatedly. Do not reward them for cheating people & running a money grab or you’ll never get to even play the game with out constantly getting cheated . This is by the far the greediest app I’ve ever seen in action. & like I said in the beginning it was the best & most realistic & now it’s the scammiest app you can waste your time on. Will be deleting until the Asian dude running the app is fired . He’s ruined the app completely. I warn anyone & everyone to stay away & if nothing else do not waste your money on this scam!
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4 years ago, DozenthNebula
Game prevents you from club battles
In the game, there are certain goals you can accomplish for rewards. One that I am trying to do is play Club battle once to get a vintage player pack since they removed vintage player packs from the store for some bizarre reason recently and I only downloaded this a couple of days ago. No matter how many clubs I try to instant join, it always says “can’t manage a club during club battle,” even though I think you need at least 10 players and some of these clubs have 1 person. I’ve requested as many clubs to join as I can and nobody has responded. So I made my own club in hopes to play club battles but had to look around to find out you need ten people, so then I try to leave my club, and it displays that classic message when you try to join any random club. So tell me, how the hell am I supposed to get this club battle played if the game PREVENTS YOU FROM PLAYING IT AT ALL COSTS? I wasted 500 stars (premium currency in the game) for absolutely nothing, this is just ridiculous, whoever developed this game forgot to put challenges in that PLAYERS CAN ACTUALLY COMPLETE IN THE GAME. Not impossible tasks that the game will literally stop you from doing at all costs
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4 years ago, Liam3009
Please change some features back to the original 9innings 16
MLB 9 innings 16 will forever be the only mobile game to ever be good and it was amazing. I think that there are so many newly added features since then that made those aspects of the game better, like gameplay, but there are a few things that make the game unplayable for more than a day. All that I would need to start playing again is a coin dominant currency and the old, traditional auction house that games like 2k and madden have. Also, the newer versions of this game are so star dependent to the point where you can’t build a decent team in under a year without spending money. Also, I have no clue why the devs would ever get rid of this feature, but you used to be able to change the speed of the game, making all aspects either faster or slower, including pitching, which made the game so much more fun and got rid of the boredom. Anyone who played 9innings 16 can definitely agree with me here. Please change these things and your game will so much more enjoyable for all players. I know this probably won’t be read, not to mention happen, but in the off chance that it does that would be amazing.
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12 months ago, Rinkrat2167
Dont believe the hype.
All of these recent positive reviews are lies. I have been playing this game for years, spent a lot of money and time on it to have one of the top teams in the game. Just recently Com did a major update for this game and literally through everything into bizarro world. The best teams are not the best teams anymore, nobody can figure out the new guidelines for making your team good again, and Com refuses to gives us any information. This is far worse than moving the goalposts, they have completely hidden the nets. Nobody has any idea what to strive for anymore. Im a top 50 ranked club and i regularly get beaten by teams ranked 1000 and higher. The game has turned into a total joke. I guess if you want a game to just kill time with it’s fine. But if you want to be competitive, dont waste your time because you wont even know what the guidelines in the game are anymore. Not going to be surprised at all when i start to see a lot of people quitting the game. The update was a few weeks ago and the level of play has gone done dramatically already. Steer clear is the best advice I can give you.
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2 years ago, 0317jb
Could be amazing, too many things need to be fixed
Trash game, don’t even bother. You get great players and high overall players, but only rarely. You will rarely get a card worth while that you can use in your lineup. Also don’t even bother getting diamonds and golds for they won’t be able to play well against normal bronze and silvers in league mode specifically. I’m a 89.8 overall and I just lost to a team with only 2 bronze and 2 silver players. It’s not worth playing when you have a diamond pitcher who simply cannot get an out and then you have golds and diamonds that are struggling to get hits on pitchers who are max silver rated and are maybe a level 4/10. Mind you all of my team are minimum 10/10 golds and I just lost to a team with no more than 5 total cards that are bronze or better. Just absolutely ridiculous and absurd that a diamond pitcher is rated so high and struggles to get out of innings and to get outs. Just a simply ridiculous concept why even make them golds or diamonds if they can’t even play well against the computer using mostly bronze and normal cards with the occasional silver.
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