MMPB: MegaMillions & Powerball

4.6 (4.7K)
6.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
My Lottos LLC
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MMPB: MegaMillions & Powerball

4.59 out of 5
4.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Curiosityscat
Easiest Way to Track-Check+Play Your Numbers
I❤️this App‼️ I have been using this App for YEARS to check my Powerball & Megamillions Drawing Numbers whenever I buy a Lottery Ticket. I❤️that the App sends You the Winning Numbers as soon as the Numbers have been drawn! 🔹No need to look up what last night’s Lottery Drawing Winning Numbers were, this App keeps You immediately informed. I❤️that the App tells You if Anyone was Won the “Jackpot” for each drawing. 🔹Great to know for those who only buy tickets for Lottery Drawings that total over a certain amount. I❤️that the App tells You in what State the Lottery Winner is located! 🔹Perfect for anyone who has lost their Lottery Ticket, and may be wondering if “their lost ticket” may have been the Jackpot Winner!😂 I❤️that the App allows me to enter my various lottery ticket numbers so that I can track if I have picked each number before, when, and how often. 🔹Perfect for those who track their lottery numbers and have a ‘system’ for picking numbers from one drawing to the next." 🙃I’m not sure what so many of the reviews are talking about when it comes to this App, and ‘NWinning’, and that People need to buy a ticket in Real Life. Of course You have to buy an actual Lottery ticket from an authorized Lottery Seller in Real Life,00in order to participate and potentially win a Lottery Drawing.🙄
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6 years ago, SLICK__T
Love the app but.....
I always worry that they trick us all by this app and when we put in our lottery numbers to track it, they purposely avoid drawing the numbers we put on the app so it goes for weeks and months without a winner. Hope Im wrong but it seems that way, I’m always trying to avoid putting my numbers on the app in fear its giving the lottery commission a way to avoid those numbers so we cant win as frequent. I hope Im just paranoid and not correct. Other than that I love the convenience of the app. Thanks for making it for us!
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7 years ago, lizadiane99
Addicting and fun EXCEPT...
Even if you win, these don't qualify for the real lottery. It states in the app, assuming one would read the fine print (and most people don't...) that if you want to play and have your numbers considered, you must PURCHASE A TICKET!!!! Any winning numbers in this app isn't proof of any winnings because you're not buying a ticket...... In order to play the lottery, you must purchase a ticket.... And because this is free (and fun to dream) there's no chance of anybody winning as there is no actual transaction.... And I keep reading about people who claimed to have "winnings" but didn't get anything.... LOOK AT THE DATE!!! You don't have any winnings from previous dates. I saw I had $50,000 in winnings....... From three days ago.... Silly people.
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3 years ago, LordRahl007
Good number tracker
I love that this is an easy way to keep track of tickets that I’ve purchased, since I’m terrible at remembering to check them myself. Also great if you’ve purchased several sets of numbers and are mildly dislexic like me and want to make sure you don’t misread your numbers and miss a potential winner. That said, if I don’t check my numbers before the next drawing it says my winnings are zero and I have to go through the history and read individual numbers anyway. Are there any plans to keep track of past winnings? And maybe incorporate a camera scanner that can automatically enter all of your numbers?
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6 years ago, lvnjamesnbrooke
I won I won!!!!
Use common sense... BUY a ticket... You do need to purchase a ticket. This app is just helpful to input your numbers and it calculates how much you won for that ticket or batch of tickets... if you imputed false numbers and win that’s great but that doesn’t mean anything without the actual ticket! I love being able to purchase my ticket, input the numbers and wait til the drawing. It will alert me when the drawing happened and I can easily look to see my winnings from that draw.
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7 years ago, beautyxxvii
Nifty App
Gets you the results you want for both games. Let's you add in your tickets purchased or numbers played. Allows you to make your own quick pick. You have the option to view previous games from what it seems like the beginning of time. Would be neat if you could just scan your #'s in and check that way...not necessarily the barcode but captures the actual #'s played by camera (you just pick which day played).
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6 years ago, Return Customer & Patient Here
This app is AWESOME. It does everything for you. All you do is need to plug in the numbers you received on your purchases (hardcopy) lottery ticket, and then the app will show you which numbers you selected matched the winning numbers. The app ALSO will store your numbers. As well as remind you with notifications when the next drawings are which is helpful because then you are reminded to go and purchase your tickets. 5 Star rating! Awesome!
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5 years ago, barnbrat1
Convenient & quick
Easiest way to check your numbers and to see if someone has hit the jackpots. I wish they would add more games like Lucky for Life but but this is a really nice app & if you like to track old winning numbers you can do that also. You have the option to put in your numbers or not. It’s still the easiest way to check your numbers & jackpots along with any payouts if your interested.
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2 years ago, Jazzman1022
I have been using this Lotto APP for a long time, but the Level of Ads appearing has increased as time has gone on and are now intrusive. Today was the last straw as a message popped up on the screen that looked like an authentic iPhone system alert saying that my phone memory is low and to click on button to resolve. When you click on the button it takes you to the APP store to install another APP. I don’t know if this is a virus or purposeful click-bait, but I promptly deleted the LOTTO APP because it’s now unsafe and/or deceptive and will no longer be using it. I understand the need to generate revenue but this is a shady.
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8 years ago, Biker Lindsay
Great app
It saves me time from having to manually check my numbers to see if I've won or going to the store. I also use it to remind me when to buy more lottery tickets as I buy them 10 drawings at a time and you can put the ending date of your tickets in the system. It would be nice if it had a feature to automatically remind you when your tickets expire but it's still handy.
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8 years ago, PHANTHANHNHAN
Investigation application lottery results fastly
I used to play the lottery and wants to see results fast convenient lottery. I happened Mega Millions & Powerball known, it is the application of lottery results reference is widely used. The advantage is a free download, grab the latest jackpot information, receive notification of results and drawing when the jackpot reaches a level, to receive payments easily, save favorite numbers and calculate winnings and use machines generator picks. It's amazing is not it, be quick to download and use any.
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6 years ago, Zombie Lovin Family
Next Big Winner
I love the fact that I can easily plug in the numbers that I received when I purchased my random tickets. After each drawing it marks any of my numbers that were picked and tells me how much each set of numbers earned. The only problem is actually having numbers that were selected. The odds are slim, but it still feels great when you see little check marks above your numbers!
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8 years ago, AP1890
I live in a state that doesn't have the lottery. So it's a nice way to see what the jackpot is up to. It's also nice that it keeps up with your winnings, but it would be nice if you can scan the ticket to enter your numbers. When we go to get tickets we will play around 30 numbers at a time. It's time consuming and easy to mess up trying to enter all those numbers in manually. So I will give 5 stars if you can change the app to allow for the tickets to be scanned in.
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8 years ago, switchhub1993
good works
The application is very handy for me. All information on lottery games, lotto jackpots and prize payouts are fully updated and accurate. Beautifully designed interface and easy to see. Besides the recent update has added some things: to next coundown added a drawing, improved my section numbers. It was great and I hope that the application will continue growing stronger.
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6 years ago, Forh ever
Very Fun and Convenient
Very cool app if you want to save #’s that you like. If you set the drawing dates you can get notified if your numbers were drawn for that evening (now, you have to have had actually purchased the ticket for that drawing for it to mean anything). Also has a quick pic number generator that is cool. Yet in still always check your #’s against an official lottery website to confirm actual winnings. A cool upgrade would be if this app also had a ticket scanner.
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4 years ago, #1Butterfly
Perfect tracker
People, please think!!! This app is not a on-line gambling game. It is so that you can look to see if the lottery tickets that YOU HAVE PURCHASED are winners! It’s easy! Put your regulars in and any ransoms. Then check it out later, then you know what you have won before you cash it in. There’s no trick, no scam! If it was than I wouldn’t win $10, $20, $40 every now and then. Buy some tickets!
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2 years ago, Eldaryan
Love it, with a suggestion
Love this app, use it constantly. One feature I would love added, would be that when the app recognizes your wins, it sends in alert with how much, perhaps with special alerts (sound/vibration/visual), that can be edited. So a small 3 beep if you match 3 numbers on a single draw, four for four, and if you match all six, you basically think your phone is blowing up
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3 years ago, Aervin
Convenient but not TOO convenient
This app is easy to understand and use, and gives up to date information, but the fact one has to enter in their numbers manually feels archaic. I don’t know if there are regulations against it, but I would appreciate a feature that scans the barcode on the ticket to check numbers automatically.
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8 years ago, @havendaze
Great when playing the same numbers
I pay the same numbers for 5 tickets twice a week, every week. This app makes it so easy to know if I've won anything. Before this I would put off checking my tickets for weeks. I highly recommend this app especially if you play the same numbers regularly.
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8 years ago, anhgabeetouch1
Great app
Replaced my old PB numbers app with this one. This app offers two features I got tired of waiting for on my old app -- saving my fav numbers and better notifications against those recurring numbers If I could wish for one new thing, it would be Apple Watch notifications -- maybe a simple icon "Complication" (like a simple "$") to indicate a winning ticket
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8 years ago, Frikness
Would've gave 5 stars except for 2 things
First off the other day it said I had $0 in winnings when in fact I had $4 in winnings. Second, if it had the California Super Lotto also, it would be perfect. All in all a great app and makes it extremely convenient to check my numbers and winnings. Even though I still check them at the store before throwing them away
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1 month ago, 719Sunflower
App tracks it better
This app is really good for tracking numbers and alerting you to the matched numbers. It’s great to wake up the next morning, see the winning numbers in a notification window without opening my device. I prefer this because I play for the big money!
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8 years ago, dangmoi92
Its the quickest
Its the quickest way to check lottery tickets. Hint if you dont have time to check tickets and will be without Internet connection. Just open app and the latest games will be available offline next time you open app, if they were there the first time. You will not regret getting this app
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3 years ago, Merlin333x
Clumsy to use
Lotto apps should offer scanning in number for convenience and should sort entries so the most recent game and your picks should be at the top, not the bottom. These are two very simple things any developer should start with or can easily add to a Lotto app to make it more quick and convenient to use. I’ve pretty much had it with entering numbers manually and going through a big list of old numbers to find this weeks numbers...
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8 years ago, FreeAppMyArse
Can't add powerball number
For FL powerball, app only lets u add 5 numbers. Only way to add the 6th powerball number is to choose "random" and keep clicking until your number randomly comes up! Can't save numbers without powerball. Also, you can't select a date range that includes drawing date. Both start date and end date must be the same drawing date - so why not have user only select 1 "drawing date" vs 2 (start date & end date)?
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8 years ago, Engilish
Great app!
This app is simple,efficient and straight to the point with just the info you want,without digging through needless crap.I really appreciate having it.I would like to recommend adding a feature though,"an alert when at least one of your numbers is a match."
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6 years ago, Jjkh53
Easy to use
Really like this app. Have used others but this is definitely the best. Would have gave it a five if it would track my spending and winnings overtime and also my winnings for the draws for each ticket. I usually do 4 draws and it would be great to know the running total won so when I turn in my ticket I know what I should receive.
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6 years ago, Robin Datta
Useful and easy to use!
This app gives not only the jackpot winnings but also the other combisations, and it is easy to enter ticket numbers and check them. Thank you! The interace could stand some improvement with regard to "my tickets": adding, removing (deleting) and modifying "my tickets".
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6 years ago, M4dH4773rX
A pretty solid app if you buy lottery tickets.
This is actually a pretty cool way to check how much money your lottery ticket made, no matter how many numbers you got o it. Just be sure to enter in the correct drawing date, or dates. I think it would be nicer, if you are new to the app, or lottery tickets in general, if the app reminded you to enter the correct drawing dates on your tickets.
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8 years ago, jbtorr03
Please add notifications for YOUR wining numbers!!
Please add notifications for YOUR wining numbers!! I want to be able to receive a notification if any of my numbers wins with the amount won or even a notification that none of my numbers won any cash. Thats all this app is missing!!
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3 years ago, Chey1001
Love this app.
I also wonder if this app tells them what numbers we pick and that they can make sure some way , our numbers are not picked! Cause I have not yet won! I hope I’m wrong but, hopefully one day I win big time. Would love to be able to help others. I spread the wealth.
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6 years ago, JeffH33
Love it!
I mix numbers I play every drawing with quick picks on the same ticket, so it’s very cool that I can now put in my quick picks for each drawing and immediately get results from all my lines. I also like the immediate indication of how many numbers I matched on each line.
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1 year ago, Hee Hee Momma
Bad Bad Bad
This app is bad as in that is a bad looking lady you got there. It is complete,easy to read and gives you the bad news that you didn’t win anything again. I can’t think of anything I would change in order to improve this app and make it even badder.
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3 years ago, CNN reader and viewer
Don’t like the random pop-op ads
I’ve used this app to look at numbers but every once in a while I’ve received a pop-op msg. They have ads below but the pop-ops didn’t happen because I clicked on them. They usually show up when I click on the lotto numbers. Not sure if this is by design or not. The last pop-op was congratulating me for something. I didn’t bother to read the details. Instead I forced closed the app. I hope I didn’t get a virus.
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8 years ago, Dino Finazzo
Love this app!!!
I'm not a regular player but when I do, I'm always using this app like a crack addict. Constantly checking my numbers and the fact that you can put your tickets numbers in there and check them immediately after the drawing results is awesome!
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7 years ago, WCN Jr
Best app
I have several lottery apps but this is best by far. You can add your numbers to the list and never need to pull your tickets out to check your numbers. If you play the same numbers every week you just change the dates.
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5 years ago, Томасус
Scanning function
The app is cool, the only thing that I didn’t like so much is that we have to put our numbers manually. It will be cooler if you guys can add scanning function so when we want to check the tickets we can scan them without putting the numbers manually. Anyway, thank you for the app!
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5 years ago, CreepingMaster
Improvement Suggestion
I only rate this app at 4 out of 5 stars for one reason only. I really love this app but when you have multiple tickets with multiple lines it be a great suggestion to scan the barcode to automatically add your lines and draw dates this would definitely save some time
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8 years ago, Edward Carswell
Check lottery numbers
I have been buying powerball lottery tickets since last jackpot but I need a way to quickly check the winning numbers. And this is what it does, provides me with the latest information on the lottery.
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8 years ago, Dragonslayerflys23
Here's to winning big
I pray, I win, I really want to make my moms dreams come true. She's never asked for anything her whole life. Because we live on low income she's lived a sad life I can see it in her eyes... Let me win for her please god she doesn't know I bought tickets for the big 1.4 billion draw.. So here's to winning :)
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6 years ago, Wordmaster
Great App
This is better than the official CA lottery app. I would love if the past numbers were saved but grouped into some kind of archive so only the active numbers are visible. Also, the ability to scan tickets would be great if that is even possible.
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3 years ago, Qwerty922
I appreciate the convenience
If you are a gambler this may not be a good idea but I stick to my $10 a week limit. I used to walk down to the local Minute Mart to buy a ticket. I like buying them from home. Now I can walk in other directions!
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1 year ago, Rubernck21
Great app, but needs a feature
Been using this app forever. BUT, it would be nice to have a camera feature to scan in the numbers so I don’t have to manually enter in my numbers.
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5 years ago, Chip031
I’ve used this app for quite a while and the numbers are accurate with the drawing. Great way to track numbers you play consistently. Sometimes the awards are off. I think the app doesn’t track multipliers. No biggie. The lotto distributors do...
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7 years ago, mmarvelous mmarvin
So Easy to use and stay up-to-date
I really like that I can easily check current Powerball and MegaMillions at a glance. The app never gives me any problems and updates jackpots when they change in-between drawings.
Show more
7 years ago, Hoodret
Excellent app, if you got your numbers down, nothing could be simpler just let it tell you if you won or not. Maybe a way to scan your ticket if you play "Quick Pick" numbers would take this app over the top.
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7 years ago, ateslik
all in one place
all the winning numbers in one place. nice! It would be fun if it could tell you all the previous times your winning numbers have paid out. It would also be fun if it rated your winning numbers based on that information. Or suggested statistically hot numbers.
Show more
8 years ago, Wierdo34
Brilliantly simple
Just all the info you need to follow a poweball and mega millions ticket. can set notifications when the jackpot is above 250 million. Checks your numbers for you and gives you payout information on the fly. Absolutely perfect for intended purpose.
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2 years ago, You Tube Junkie
Review of Mega Million’s and Powerball
This is a great app, the information contains a lot of information, and a history for all past winning numbers invaluable. Job very well done now I’m waiting for my ship to come in.
Show more
8 years ago, whatkindofnicknamedoyouwant
Very good app. Worth a download.
I use it to check and see if my numbers have hit. It's easier to put my numbers in the app than to check them all manually but there needs to be a mass editor for those who play 10+ sets of numbers. Very quick updates, too.
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