Manage Personal Finances

4.7 (13.7K)
41.6 MB
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Current version
Quicken Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Manage Personal Finances

4.68 out of 5
13.7K Ratings
4 years ago, Tmac105
Finally fixed the mobile app
I have had quicken for years and when the app first came out it was really useless. I had to do everything on my desktop. I have had the app on my phone but haven’t used it in a couple of years. About a month ago I synced it with my account and noticed it would download my new transactions directly from my accounts to the app everytime I opened it. I was interested. I updated some catagories on the new transactions and also cleared some overdue reminders. To get these changes to sync I just open quicken on my pc and sync with mobile app and everything is there and updated. I no longer have to download the transactions from my bank on my pc. This helps me a lot because I’m always on my phone and I can update transactions using the app instead of having to spend more time on my pc. Sometimes in the past I would go over a month before opening the pc and I would have tons of transactions to catagorize. Now when I open the pc quicken I just sync and it’s all done. The only reason I gave only 4 stars is I would like the balance forecast on the app. I don’t open the pc version much anymore. Much improved over old versions.
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8 months ago, BG Golfer
Once again…poor execution
If you’re using Quicken Mac, the sync process and mobile app works OK. Nothing spectacular, and a few quirks. I have multiple securities I have to update prices manually. I enter those prices into the Portfolio window on my Mac. Easy peasy, right? Well, those prices never sync to the mobile app, which means it never updates the actual investment amounts for those accounts. Yes, I resync. Yes, I’ve reset the cloud account. The “workaround” is to clumsily access the Securities window, edit each security price without entering anything and press OK. Repeat for every security you enter manual prices. I did say clumsy, didn’t I? If you’re using Quicken Windows, don’t use this app. I find it hard to believe that almost 10 years later Quicken Inc hasn’t figured out how to sync data between platforms without messing up your desktop data. The latest now is changing Scheduled Bills from Auto Enter to manual enter. Bimonthly reminders get changed to monthly. Paycheck splits get deleted all the way back to the beginning. Opening balances get changed. Reconciled transactions mysteriously disappear…and all those sync back to the desktop data and you now have a complete mess. This company has beyond a doubt the worst (or dumbest) programmers ever. They fix one thing, break five more. It’s like whack a mole of personal finance software. The mobile app is really unusable for Windows users…and barely usable for Mac users. Can not recommend.
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5 years ago, JEGL
Very useful app
Love this app. It minimizes the amount of time that it takes me to do my finances at the end of the month. 2 suggestions: 1 - Better payee search. If the payee has two words and you only remember the last one, the app can't find it. 2 - I wish it could memorize the location of a payee even if it can't find the 1st time. I live in Panama where geolocation services are very limited. 3 - I wish I could get rid of Yelp. I travel to Latin America and the Caribbean frequently and it is worthless. I have to move Yelp out of the way which is one more step. 4 - Pleeeeease add full support for account transfers. It is a pain to have to go back to the desktop version to complete one. I do this very frequently and it takes a lot of my time 5 - Better support for joint accounts. I want my wife to be able to use Quicken on her mobile but I don’t want her to see all my accounts just the ones we share. Basically to be able to to have different accounts on each phone. Today both have to be the same.
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10 months ago, Pennyhailee
It doesn't even deserve the one star.
I used quicken 2008 for many years and was very happy with it. I bought quicken 2012 but immediately uninstalled it and went back to using 2008. This year I bought quicken 2017 because my laptop is aging out and I will need to replace it. I regret every moment when using quicken 2017. When I sync I find it is duplicating transactions. Today it actually duplicated every transaction on a credit card onto another credit card so I am trying to delete them and get them to balance with the estatements. Now we are in 2023. I’m still using quicken over a lot of other finance programs out there. Syncing has greatly improved so I give that four stars. The program itself seems okay but is giving me a problem with auto entries. I have automatic withdrawals at my bank set up as auto payments in quicken. I also have our social security and pension as auto entries in quicken but they don’t stay that way. Quicken changes them back to manual entries all the time. HATE THAT. I looked in help and it gave me some song and dance about only having so many auto entries. WHY??? So that rates one star. And now that I have to rebuy the subscription every year, your IT team should resolve that issue. Then you will get a better rating.
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3 years ago, Will-K2
Bad App
The application continues to ask for a numeric passcode I did not set. Only was around this is for me to enter random numbers in until the application asks me to sign-in, which then lets me log in as normal and view my accounts. But then the passcode issue returns a few minutes later and if I try to disable the passcode, it asks me for the passcode, which again I did not set to begin with. After spending two days with Quicken phone support, they just gave up on the issue. First they did not even know what I was talking about, which tells me they don’t care much about this app. The next representative actually knew about their own app but could not find any documentation on how to reset the passcode on their end. After that it was basically a line of representatives all throwing an idea at the wall before they just gave up and said they would put in a help ticket with the application development team. Never heard back and the issue still exists 5 updates later. Then the beautiful thing is when the app does work, it locks out my banking accounts. Quicken has an issue with certain companies where their account sync does not properly understand how to pass verification codes, so it ends up in locked out accounts. I would stay far away from this app.
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5 years ago, nshalvat
Can’t use the app after the latest update!!!!
1) Since I downloaded the latest update about 2 weeks ago, now my app opens, flashes the account list & immediately minimizes. Double-click, choose the app from the open apps, same thing happens. Can’t use it. Left my previous review here (from 2016). I really need to find a better alternative. Add that I’ve just gotten off the phone with support about a syncing issue. List 2 months of data thanks to the (not) knowledgeable rep. Not a happy camper. 2) previous review...Agree with the other reviewer that everything is harder to read. But here's the kicker, when on my iphone, I try to add a note to a transaction and the keyboard pops up and covers the note field you ate typing in! I move it up above the keyboard to verify and then when I go to type, it disappears behind the keyboard again! It gets better, click 'Done' on the keyboard which on every other app makes the keyboard go away & here it adds a carriage return! Frankly, I don't think Quicken has an A-team. Support is terrible; design/programming is bad and testing apparently is not important! Who doesn't completely test adding a new transaction?? It's the basic functionality of the app! Sheesh.
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5 years ago, Christopherelang
Lacking functionality
What I was hoping when purchasing quicken was that my wife and I would be able to easily keep track of our income and monthly bills. The goal was to set up the desktop software, then use the app to be able to quickly glance at how much we have currently, and quickly view upcoming schedules bills and income so if we are out shopping, we can easily determine how much we have available to spend. Since the desktop version can be not accessed on more than 1 machine, it makes the app vital to being able to use this as a household budgeting and finance tool, but it essentially just spits out some basic data, but doesn’t give any useful information such as a future calendar or list of future scheduled transactions and balances like you can get on the desktop version. The lack of this feature makes the app basically useless. Hopefully Quicken adds some new functionality and usage ability to the app in the future. I’m currently looking for alternatives that will allow me to access my data everywhere rather than a single computer and in a useless app.
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3 months ago, inthesand
Much improved, still occasionally buggy
Revised March 7, 2024: I see a lot of comments from people that mobile data doesn't match the data on their computer. This also occurs for me maybe once or twice a year. It's clearly a data corruption on the cloud side. I can always fix it by resetting my cloud data or deleting the cloud file uploading transactions freshly. If it wasn't for this, I would give the five stars. I like traveling with my iPad and if I don't have my laptop with me, I'm out of luck at this happens. Since I wrote my last review, I'm pleased that I can now access five years of historical data. I tend to find the Quicken website app offers more functionality than the iOS app. But, as a companion app, it's pretty useful. No replacement for the desktop app, but if I need to find a transaction, this can't be beat compared to checking all of my different accounts separately. I do hope Quicken continues to work on stability.
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3 years ago, PlatinumMedallion
It works great until you need resync the cloud or call support
It takes quite a bit if fiddling to get it to sync with the cloud reliability so the desktop and mobile version don’t overwrite each other and everything works fine until one day you need to call support (I wasn’t able to add new online accounts) and they ask your sign out of your cloud account and then the next time you sign in you lose all your attachment - all your records are wiped and you’re left a fragment of the information. This is a consistent problem I’ve had to years. Their cloud is beyond broken and can jeopardize your business and become a nightmare for accounting. They can’t seem to get their cloud act together now so I DREAD anytime I need to add something new or adjust something or call support. Backup anytime before you do something and backup everyday and backup your backups just incase something changes at the backend and keep your records outside quicken for atleast a year just case it wipes everything out. I’ve had this happen to me atleast 4 times in the last 6 years and yet I dread it. You’ve been warned!
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12 months ago, Grady S.
Not listening to users
I’m a long time Quicken user. I use it on both the desktop and mobile app. I love the convenience of the mobile app, and it is pretty much what my wife uses exclusively, and then I sync it to the desktop. However, I can only give the app one star due to this one tragic flaw – it automatically memorizes every entry that has new data (such as category or memo). A simple Google search, as well as visiting the Quicken forums, will reveal how many long-term Quicken users and how many Quicken users in general, are frustrated by this feature and have asked for a solution; either don’t memorize the transactions, or give us the option on a per transaction basis, or provide a toggle that we can turn on to select or deselect this feature. All of these are simple solutions to achieve, and judging by the aforementioned forums, it’s hard to understand why quick and has an implement at this change. Once they do so, I will change my rating to five
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4 years ago, Robert Dubya
Much better, and then...
Problem with viewing Quicken Mobile in landscape mode on iPad quickly fixed by very responsive developer. Just updated to version 5.20.0 and noticed that I can no longer view Quicken in landscape mode on my iPad. In the past I have been critical of Quicken on my iMac and the mobile apps for my iPhone and iPad. I was a bit miffed when Quicken went to a subscription service but I have to say that Quicken is now much improved on all of my devices and is very helpful with planning and managing my checking accounts and other finances. I don’t have complex finances, gratefully, and the current state of Quicken is meeting my needs. A while back I had an ID/Password issue that I could not resolve on my own. A call to Support had me back in business after an hour on the phone. The rep was excellent. So, let’s hope they don’t keep “refining” Quicken to the point where they mess it up.
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8 months ago, itasarah
Used to be better
So I updated Quicken on my computer running Ventura. Although it seems to work and although I’ve had a number of discussions with a tech at Quicken, I get these notes whenever I retrieve transactions that somethings not right and I am supposed to click on something and I put in my bank and my password and get it it still doesn’t work like it should. So I thought I’d try my phone and I see it has the new logo and I press the sign in and what do I get? A blank page. I thought maybe it’s because I have a 6+ phone which is pretty old but I looked it up on the Internet and a lot of people have had that problem with getting a blank page with signing in. So it’s very disappointing the only thing I use and Quicken is The register. I haven’t found another app like Quicken but if I ever do I’m leaving Quicken because I pay for it and It still isn’t it right. This kind of app with a lot of personal information in it should be available regardless of what your phone I have.
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7 months ago, Gh1949
Poor App
The reason I moved to Quicken was that they offered a mobile app. I thought that this would be a good solution to keeping up with my home finances. I bought the subscription to both the Quicken app for Mac and the Quicken app for iPad. I am disappointed in both. The app for Mac has problems matching imported transactions from my bank. It will sometimes import a transaction and not recognize that the transaction has already been entered manually. I could understand this for some cases, but not for checks. The check number is the same in both cases but the algorithm for matching evidently is not very robust since it does not recognize this. The program should ask about matching transactions whenever they are downloaded. I am returning to my original checkbook app. It does not have a mobile app, but it is much more user friendly and at least I can keep up with my finances which is what a checkbook is supposed to help you do. I cannot recommend Quicken for either platform.
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5 years ago, JKCA Dun
Limited missing key features
I am a long time quicken user and I would love to have a financial software that works well on both a mobile device and desktop. Quicken on a desktop is still my favorite tool, but this mobile (phone/tablet) software is really not worth the effort to install. I can enter transactions on my phone to stay current, but I frequently don’t take the time and just update the desktop when I get home, but looking at the pending transactions from my bank’s website. The most valuable feature would be able to see scheduled/up coming bills and the balance forecast similar to what is on the desktop. The need that I have is to be able to open up my phone and see not only what is in my account, but what the upcoming expenses are and the forecasted balance... that will tell me what I need to know... do I have enough money to do something, and still maintain the balance that I want.
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4 months ago, Tim in NW Ia.
Better than several years ago, but not great.
I find it cumbersome. Adding a transaction, when I click on to enter a payee, a long checklist drops down which appears to be every payee that’s ever been used. The ones visible (before scrolling) are gibberish — numbers from downloaded transactions that had numbers in the payee field. The “Memo” field on the computer program populates the “Note” field on the app (and vice-versa) when syncing. While the computer program has a “Note” field which is different. Why? I find it’s easy get to get incorrect data entered, I found it impossible to go back and correct certain fields, on the app. Except to delete the transaction and start over. No problem going to the computer to edit the transaction. I’m going to continue to use a different method to collect data in the field.
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8 months ago, guenoc
So close
The app is almost great. Seems to work pretty smoothly, shows me the information I want to see with customizable dashboards. I was really excited about it when I first started setting it up with quicken. But the budget actuals are still very incorrect. Transactions seem to correctly be there but the totals are not taking all transactions into account. It’s correct on the desktop. Unfortunately a budget companion app with even the best features and UI in the world is completely useless if the numbers are wrong. I can’t use the app to make financial decisions while away from my computer which should be the point of having the app. They might as well remove the budget feature if it is not reliable. I personally feel quicken should take such a debilitating bug more seriously (or if they are, maybe let the customers know that this is a known issue that’s being worked on). Similar bugs have been plaguing this app for several years, according to quicken forums. I worked with quicken customer support and they walked me through a single troubleshooting option (resetting cloud account) which did not work. They said nothing further could be attempted and directed me to post the issue on their forum and said they’d bring it up in meeting. So here’s hoping it will be fixed soon.
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4 years ago, PYanagawa
Horrible implementation
Takes so long to enter transactions. You need to confirm everything you enter before you move to enter data into another field. If you do not save the transaction and try to go back to view an entry, nothing is saved and you have to start all over again. The Payee field shows all the transactions you have previously saved in alpha order, but does not show recent or frequent transactions, which takes much more tine to enter the payee. So you will need to constantly enter the names of payess until the list becomes short enough to select the correct payee. If you sort transactions entered by date, with latest ones first, while the list of most recently entered transactions appears at the top, the most recently entered transactions for that date are at the bottom of the list, with the balance from yesterday being applied to the most recent transaction. The most recent transactions should be at the too of the date to provide a sequential order but this was not implemented. What a joke. This app really needs a lot of work. Just like the Windows app, every time a new version gets released, there are numerous bugs which have not been fixed. Quicken really needs to hire some new programmers who can get things right !! While the mobile sync does work well, everything else in this iOS implementation is defective in its implementation.
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4 years ago, Mr.bill727
Is it worth the effort it takes
I’ve used Q desktop for at least two decades. I’ve always thought this was the top of the list for banking, investing, budgeting, etc. so I tried the app to sync with what my desktop shows. I got one bank account out of 5, not the checking account even tho the app seems to think it is; 1 investment account of 4. There seems to be no way to go into any setting to view any of the other accounts. Absolutely worthless unless someone can tell me how to make this app work. After doing some searching on the web, I found a mobile app user guide with some references to get the app working like it should (hint to Quicken, put a stinking link to your user guide to help people get started). I still had to play games to get the accounts I wanted to see updated and synced. Why the app only saw 2 accounts to start with, who knows. Now, it appears I can check the accounts I want to see and they will sync. Not before.
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4 years ago, Nlecuyer
Terrible billing practices and the software isn’t very good either
I tried a subscription to Quicken, which included the bill pay service for free as well. I found Quicken wasn’t too my taste and didn’t use it much (YNAB much better for me) so I did not renew the subscription. Once the subscription lapsed, the bill pay service started billing my checking account $9.95 per month. I immediately called them to complain, stop the billing, and request a refund. They told me they would do this but it’s two months later and they are still billing me. I’ve placed merchant dispute and stop-payment requests with my bank as well. I know that the bill payment service is outsourced — but Quicken selected the bill pay service and used non-coordinating terms of service. That’s terrible. So in addition to the bill pay service I also blame Quicken. My advice: don’t use Quicken, use YNAB instead. Much better software and much better customer practices!
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4 years ago, newmans99
I have used Quicken for almost 20 years, I have gone through good and bad times with it. Unfortunately, we have entered into another phase of dark times. While the desktop product is gaining new features and is improving the mobile experience has consistently been a disappointment. First, the UI is horrible and the workflow is wrong. Quicken needs to stop overriding the native UI and leverage the underlying platform. The decision to replace native pickers creates crashes and significantly reduces performance and battery drain. Get with it Quicken. Second, after entering hundreds of transactions, on my phone, and then trying to sync it throws an error on the Windows desktop. Quicken supports recommendation is to reset the cloud (deleting all of my transactions) and suggests that I should use mobile only to view transactions and not enter any as the sync doesn’t really work well. When I asked to escalate they said that there were no options and that development will look at the logs but the only option is to delete your records. What a horrible experience. If other tools were just slightly better I would end the long term relationship with Quicken over this bad experience. I would strongly recommend that you look at other options and avoid using Quicken if you can.
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1 year ago, NoodlesMcDoodles
Simply not use full
My Quicken desktop app has all of my accounts syncing with the Quicken Cloud. I would expect the mobile app to be a window into this repository. However, the app seems to be some kind of hybrid tool that tries in part to update from the cloud, and part; to directly update accounts from financial institutions. This results in an app that doesn’t know what it wants to be and fails spectacularly at both, producing a completely useless app. For years that I have been using the desktop application, the mobile app has constantly been missing accounts, has random failures to update various accounts, and has never had accurate or useful information. Sadly, I can only rely on overall information through my desktop. When I need mobile access, I use the individual app for the desired institution I need details from.
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2 years ago, weRtheborgUwillBassimilated
Update review of the update app
Seems that sync issues are resolved, at least the ones I care about. The UI got a badly needed update. My complaint now as I’m starting to use it again is using it to update the transactions. It lags when saving the data. You do it enough time and you just want to give up. It doesn’t save you time, might as well do it on the desktop. So defeats a he purpose of having an app to use as a time saver. Old review: The apps works when it's not having issues. I can no longer sync my PayPal accounts bec sync stopped working for those accounts. I'm just syncing my checking and saving and one cc account and sometimes it works. Far from all the other accounts I have. I haven't seen any updates for over a year. Hoping for better alternative...
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5 years ago, DerekB12
App is great! But...
I’ve been using quicken for years. I just recently switched to the 2017 version so I could use this app. I like the ability to view all of my information on the app, but I don’t like how static the app is. I can’t change or customize anything in the app. It would be nice to be able to access several different budgets within the app so that I don’t have to go back to my laptop, view the budget I want to see in the app, and then sync with the cloud. It’d be nice to change that. And why is the “Everything Else” category negative on the app budget but like the other categories on the desktop version? That makes no sense and is confusing. When I see two different values that are available for me to spend for one budget, that’s confusing.
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5 years ago, OV10driver
Continues to “refresh”
This app needs a LOT of improving. While using the Mobile app on my IPhone or iPad, initially it took in excess of 8 hours to Sync with my desktop information and show transactions. I found out the hard way NOT to sign out of the account, but to leave it running in the background. If you sign out (like every other financial application), when you try to renter the app, it requires another 3+ hours of “refreshing” to sync the data and transactions. Although my desktop version of Quicken shows income categories, the Mobile app does not include that in the monthly summary. The account balances need to show a running balance for this app to be useful at all. I’m deleting the app and will wait for a SUBSTANTIAL update and rewriting of the software before reloading, because right now, it is unusable.
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3 years ago, lonelysandwich
Finally the app is great
I have 20 years of Quicken data in my account, and have been using the iOS app for years, with so much friction and lag I wanted to pull my hair out every time I launched to enter a transaction. Before this update, the developers just never figured out how to make the app work with large databases like mine, and there would be seconds of delay after every data entry. But finally, it works. No delay, just great sync, great UX, my entire financial history at my fingertips, synched to the cloud and on my Mac. Quicken is finally a complete product. Thanks, devs.
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2 years ago, Biker 459
Misleading rating
Installed and tried it for several weeks. Looked promising at first but then started to see duplicate entries and missing attachments when I went to my pc. Removing the duplicates and reattaching missing image scans to other transactions didn’t always work. Had to stop cloud synchronization to correct the issue which means this app won’t work then. Looking back at the last 100 reviews or so it barely average 2 starts so I don’t know how this app ever made it to 4.7. It’s a shame, would help me towards my goal of using my IPad Air (4th gen) to replace my desktop 100%. Update-latest issue causes tags to be dropped from transactions during synchronization between app/cloud/pc. Have to restore a good backup data file and add back in the missing transactions. Deleted app, to much time wasted.
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4 years ago, iReed_929
Poor interfaces
The app is out of sync with my online accounts as well as the desktop version (which I love). It’s about 2 business days behind reality, which is weird. Things I change on the desktop version don’t show up in the app, even when I refresh, until I give it a few days. I wanted the app to be an on-the-go snap shot of my current balance in my accounts, but it has not planned out that way. Pretty useless tool, which is disappointing. I don’t even care so much about customization (I mean, that would be nice), but at the very least, I wanted it to sync with the desktop version of transactions I’ve entered. Or heck, I would just like it to match my online accounts of transactions that have actually posted instead of having a day or two lag!
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5 years ago, Paleophone
slowness: "can't connect to server", random logging in
i use the phone app version of this to keep track of my everyday cash transactions as i run errands. The app slows me down-- I'll be in a rush and find that, with no warning, I need to login to use it, which means that i don't log a transaction at the time, and forget it later. The most annoying feature is that my phone seems to need an active internet connection to log a transaction. sometimes this is not possible in the minute that i am trying to use it. I would think that, by this point, the app could work while offline and simply update the next time a connection is established. app is improving, but it still has a ways to go.
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5 years ago, Average shopper dude
Could be more useful on the go
I enjoyed the Quicken software. The app is nice. But I feel that the app is just a regurgitation of what the desktop version is without customization. I feel that as a mobile app I need more customization. For example, I want to be able to see my budget right up front. When I am out and about, that is the information I care about so as to not blow my budget. The other information is great. And needed to make decisions on finances. But I would much rather just make those big decisions off the desk top version. I would like to see the app customizable so that I can view what I need to view on the main screen. Thank you.
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5 years ago, Savvy Engineer
Nearly useless, prefer web version
I am less than pleased with the Quicken app on the iPhone and iPad. The Mac version is very capable and approaching my ideal for money management (almost like the old Quicken). The iOS app version put up pretty graphs but seems to be about useless for doing mobile input of your finances or mobile reconciliation. For instance, if I make a credit card payment and download the results from my bank, I can — on the Mac version or web version — change the account to Transfer: and the app finds the other side of the transaction in the credit card account and matches it appropriately. The iOS version won’t let you do that. I can’t change it to transfer. In addition, the iOS versions don’t let me attach anytime thing except photos to the transaction. Other versions will allow me to attach a PDF. And there’s tons of wasted (IMO) screen space. Syncing seems to be a problem as well. I can compare the web version and the iOS version and corrected transactions aren’t appearing in the iOS. What I expected and hoped for was an iOS version of the Mac/PC app. Until I get it, it’s off my devices and I’ll use the web version in the browser.
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7 months ago, ShannonShumaker
Can’t access Quicken
I purchased an annual subscription to Quicken Classic Premier for around $55. Upon opening the app I see “Select data file” which requires I use a desktop computer to upload said file in order to access it on my phone. I turn on the desktop and am met with a sign in prompt followed by it ignoring my request. There is no option to actually download quicken from the quicken classic prompt, as they want you to utilize the web cloud features. Finally after two hours I find and am downloading a desktop version. I don’t know if this will even help to resolve my problem. Why can’t I just sign in to my banks using my phone like literally every other budget app? Get with the times!
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4 years ago, khiattjr
It kind of works....
They have made quite a few improvements in the last year, and fixed some pest problems, BUT the app is PAINFULLY SLOW on an iPhone 8. The “Yelp Powered” location finding is extremely slow and holds up the process of entering the name; it usually takes multiple touches to get to the point where I can enter that. Then, the categories are slow to load; often requiring multiple touches. Finally, the $ amount is slow to enter, and I frequently enter the amount and wait a few seconds before it actually displays on the screen. A good app, but it would take 1/4th of the time to enter transactions if the app could keep up with even my slow typing...
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5 years ago, Bobby Baracho
If you use the desktop version and like it you are going to hate this app. There is no resemblance between what you look at on your desktop and what you look at in the app. People tell me that my iPad Pro is supposed to be basically a laptop computer. I certainly disagree. I hate the desktop version because you can’t hide reconciled transactions without changing your account balances. I hate the app because I can’t look at it and figure out how to do the same things on the app that I do on the desktop version. It’s like having two totally different systems. In my mind they need to go one of two ways, either delete half of the functions in the app and just stream line it down to a few basic things. Or, go full out and make it just like the desktop version.
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3 years ago, TeeQueTwo
Longtime User
I started out with Quicken a very long time ago especially when it was new to the market. Used for my banking and financial picture before I got involved in retirement and investment accounts. Then I upgraded to the investment program. Quite impressed. My only REAL BIG COMPLAINT is that I liked the windows version more than the NAC version. It has more capabilities like year ending and closing out of unneeded data that is only making the quicken version more data drive. REALLY ON NEED 5 Years worth h of data. Quicken let’s get the Mac version up to date and more like the windows version.
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1 year ago, sayeghd1
Can Be Useless
Does it Do A Few Of Things It’s Supposed to do? Yes. Does it Do it Reliably? No - Functionality is limited, and supposed features that are in the app, end-up not syncing to the main program on Desktop. ie. Changing the interval of a bill reminder in the app, ultimately reverts to the desktop software setting. - Additionally I’ve Found Quicken, to literally drop transactions in my account register. I can Balance My Account in the morning and happen to glance at it in the afternoon, with no actions/changes taken). Only to see the balance has changed, and can’t even tell you why? - In the Big Picture a Very Big And Capable Program, though it’s Reliably Unreliable and creates more work than it helps - it’s a “Net Negative” For me. Looking For Replacements As wee Speak
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2 years ago, B Real8406
No Planning Features for the Mac
This app lacks clear planning features for the Mac versions. I contacted customer support and asked them how they propose I plan for big expenses. They seem to say they don’t have the technology to offer it or something and when I tell them that is not true because other apps have solutions for this…. the representative I spoke to got defensive. They also seem to be unwilling to try to keep customers by offering solutions. I’m not sure if this is because they don’t know their product. Or if it is because they do not care. This makes it worse. The whole of the experience was disappointing and the customer service experience came off as rude.
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4 years ago, Justin052089
Close To Desktop!
I’ve been stuck on the 2017 version of Quicken for a few years now. It’s always worked great and it keeps all my accounts and finances in order. The best part I like about it, is to plan financially months, if not a year into the future. I remember using the iPad app and being disappointed at the lack of information and how far away from the desktop app it really was. I always dreamed of a Quicken like program for the iPad. I recently had to update Quicken 2017 to the new (sadly) subscription based program. It’s worked fine but the annual fee annoyed me. I decided to fire up this app again after not touching it for 3 years. Wow!!! It brings so many of the features I wanted! I can actually see each account and transactions for each account, along with future balances! It’s great I can now get all this information on my iPad without firing up my laptop to see it all!
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6 months ago, mom2threegirls
Good but the budget function needs work
The app is fine but the budget feature doesn’t work. There is an option to choose Year to date but it still only shows the month. The budget is really the main reason I need the app to see where we are on spending. Because they don’t roll over your extra either income or expense each month in each category (like when you spend over or under your budget) the only way to kind of get a picture of how much you have available is through the year to Date feature but it doesn’t work in the app so that’s a bummer!!
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5 years ago, Denthewise
Doesn’t sync
My disappointment in this app is profound. With a name like Quicken behind it I expected much more. Much more. I put transactions in on my phone and my wife doesn’t see them on the computer where she balances accounts. So she ends up duplicating all the work. Which makes her angry. Very angry. I’m convinced that none of the UI developers are users of this product. The interaction model is not intuitive and seems to have no ideas about what I am trying to do. It only wants more and more and more clicks to do the most basic functions. I’m standing in the checkout line trying to be diligent about tracking my finances for goodness sake. Tap to click in. Tap to click out. Tap to click in to another field. It’s crazy. I have hundreds of places where I’ve spent money. When I tap on the payee field I am NOT going to see the one I want in the little list. I will ALWAYS have to search. So put the stinking cursor in the search field. So I can just start to type for goodness sake. I’m not sure if this quicken experiment is going to pay off. We may go back to iBank/Banktivity.
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2 years ago, Alex10607
Horrible App
I’m really stunned. I used quicken many years ago for checking. Thought it was quality. I recently repurchased it primarily to monitor stock investment transactions, and saw that I could categorize my expenditures as well. I thought that was useful. I primarily use an iPad so I thought it was great that there was a companion app. But really that’s all it really is a companion. You can do very little on it. At first it worked pretty minimally, but after a few uses I realized that every now and then data (like categories) just up and disappears. They tell you to ‘reset the cloud’ but really? And quicken wants you to actually buy support for something you paid for that clearly has bugs. To add to the misery my bank states that they do export stock cost data to quicken. Quicken states that my bank does not. My bank is one of the largest in the east so I find that pretty suspicious. Without the cost data, pretty much useless to me as well. I guess if you only use a desktop and just need an app to tell you your account totals- this might work for you. But my bank app pretty much does that already.
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3 years ago, Jason Ripp
WARNING: Do Not Download if You Have Quicken for Windows
I downloaded this app and sync’d my data with the Quicken Cloud data from my Windows PC. After a short time (and multiple updates from Quicken) the app corrupted my Quicken Cloud data, which in turn corrupted my PC’s Quicken data file. This caused all sorts of errors and misapplied transactions, basically losing 12 years worth of hard work! I will not be renewing my Quicken Windows subscription as a result. Even after 2 hours with tech support taking over my screen, they could not get the App to work properly and gave up. It’s a horribly written App and just doesn’t work with Quicken for Windows. Useless. I deleted it off my phone for good, this time. Switching to a different accounting platform.
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5 years ago, WySubGuy
Finally had enough
This app is completely worthless. I have been on board since the first Quicken app, but I am tired of wasting my time. Bottom line it is NOT reliable. I enter transactions in the app with attachments. They disappear. When I sync the desktop, nothing but errors. Pressing the ‘fix’ button wastes another 4 minutes of my life with no improvement. I have used quicken since 1993. My advice run from this company. They only add more stupid features while creating a less useful product.
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5 years ago, Jerry Kunner
Can I give app this a negative 5 star rating?
Why does this app constantly lock and I have to find my password (because there’s no way to save the password in the app) to open it. Also, I’ve repeatedly saved my fingerprint to unlock it in these situations (I.e. when it is locked) my fingerprint doesn’t work and I have to open it up and reset my fingerprint to work. However, as I’ve mentioned above the fingerprint access doesn’t work once the app locks-which to me appears to be the reason for the fingerprint access. Or am I missing the whole purpose of the fingerprint unlock? Can you please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please fix this stupid app so that it does not lock all the time and I can use it like any other normal app?
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5 years ago, b0ulder_p33ps
Has promise but needs LOTS of help, please hire a developer
Having the ability to enter transactions is a basic requirement, and while technically you “can” do this, the UI is so horribly slow that button presses take many many seconds to even register at which point you choose to either give up or wait for time you’ll never get back your life.*dies a slow agonizing death*. To actually be useful it should allow a user to see the Bills forecast as well as be able to download from banks like USAA which used to work just fine but since the last {upgrade} no longer works. For months. Seriously, this is horribly broken.
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5 years ago, Da Guy, Da Movie
Quicken Please Fix Your App
Downloaded the app on my brand new IPad Pro with clean install and the app opened, let me put my login details in and then flashed closed. Now it doesn’t work at all, just opens, white screen and flashes closed. Tried to go to support chat but Mobile isn’t an option in the chat queue and seems nobody can really do anything anyways about it. FYI for the dev team it doesn’t work on IOS 12.4 or 12.4.1 for IPad Pro. And this was the best case scenario, clean install, new device, clean update, no backups or restores to mess anything up. Need better Q&A. As someone that’s been using Quicken since 2010 your desktop stuff is great but you really need to step up your mobile game in this day and age where everyone uses there mobile for almost everything.
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4 years ago, robzaugg
Gets slower each revision
App used to be fast and snappy, I used it more than the desktop interface to input my transactions. Now it is slow as molasses to put anything in, taking forever to load, add records, or to even reconcile a single transaction. It crashes if access to the cloud is slow or drops. This app needs to quit making calls to the cloud for each and every keystroke and rely on local storage like it used to (with a sync when idle) To coin a phrase: just because you can do a thing doesn’t mean you should do that thing. In this case, don’t rely on cloud so much that it paralyses the app and makes it a pain to use.
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5 years ago, Bassplayinlady
Doesn’t sync with desktop version
Just downloaded the app last week after setting up a budget on the desktop version. I’ve read in some places that it just takes a while for the app to refresh... which means it is basically useless to me. I want to be able to look at my balances and see how I’m tracking on my budget for the month on the go. Every time I’ve logged into the app I’ve had to renter my banking account UN and PW, and then it still doesn’t refresh. I’ve noticed parts of the budget aren’t even refreshed since I updated it a few days ago on the computer. Looking for an all in one tool for personal finance - desktop and app - and I guess this isn’t it. Shame, because the desktop version is solid.
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2 years ago, ibelieve0968
Since the update reminders do not work. You enter them and they’ll show in your register but then they still show not entered in the reminder list. Also constantly telling me my accounts can’t update to fix. If I refresh enough it will eventually correct it on its own. When the transactions I enter in the app upload to the cloud and then download to the desktop app they never match with anything download it from the bank if anything Ashley downloads from the bank which is hit or miss. Been using this app for decades and have to say over the last year I wish I could find another option.
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5 years ago, Mpls401
Decent app while traveling, still runs slow
This has been a huge time saver while I’m traveling, being able to manage my transactions on the road. It seems to be getting better but switching between fields still carries a lag. The nearby payees function has never worked for me and I wish I could just disable it to lose that lag. It also randomly logs me out and requires me to log back in. That’s annoying - but it inexplicably wipes out all account and transaction data when it does so, requiring another download of data to make it usable again. There’s no reason for that kind of lag.
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1 year ago, BeamerDude
This mobile app is a mess!
Stop pushing out needless features on the desktop version and fix the problems with your mobile app!! This mobile app has had issues for quite some time and you keep ignoring them. 1. When opening the app we are forced to sit through an often lengthy account synchronization process when all we want to do is search for a single transaction. Why not make the sync manual? Let us choose if we want to sync. 2. The account list is an absolute mess!! Every time I add a transaction, my long list of accounts are in some random order - not alphabetical? Good grief! This is so basic, it amazes me how you haven’t fixed this after so many years! Sending you fix and feature requests are apparently ignored. 3. When transactions that are entered via this mobile app synchronize with the desktop app, they ALL show up as “Reviewed”. They used to show up as “Needs to be reviewed,” but some number of updates back, you broke it. Why??? Please fix it!! Does anyone from the development team even read these reviews??
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