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User Reviews for Mobile Scanner App - Scan PDF

4.79 out of 5
38.7K Ratings
3 years ago, Jess ( owner ) Alley Cat Auto
Great execution
This app is one of the best I’ve used so far. I enjoy the various adjustment options and the quality of the images. The one thing I don’t like about this app is the price. Basically $40 a month for a pdf app that I wouldn’t need often enough to pay that price monthly. I would say if you're needing frequent pdf files sent during the business month it might be worth the price. I couldn’t justify having that regular charge for only needing the service once in a while. I can’t afford to waste money on subscriptions I don’t use often enough, I’d maybe need to use this app once or twice a month. If there was an option for a lower price by say half or $15-$19/month I would be much more inclined to accept the cost. I have a small automotive business so the next person might not agree. You’ll need to decide for yourself if your monthly necessity is worth the price. Great app though!
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4 years ago, Arlene H J
Big help during covid quarantine
So humanity is doing this thing where we all stay at home to eat, sleep, work, go to school and be entertained. MobileScanner helped my son and I out SO MUCH with his virtual learning. It goes beyond my expectation for a free app. From the rather quick “scan” that it does (photographing your document), to auto-cropping it for you, letting you attach several pages to each other into one whole file, then having you save/export/email it, and finally, allowing you download it to another device in PDF format. My printer’s scanner broke, and this substitute was not ersatz! The images were dark and relatively legible for having taken a photograph of a document and converting it to a PDF file. My scanner at work couldn’t do a better job. Thank you, developers, keep up the great work!
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4 years ago, Jwporetenus
What a scam! Please see my honest and negative review below. Then notice how the app developer always replies so nicely to one-star reviews and offers a refund. HOWEVER, when you contact them for the refund, they simply give you what is obviously a prepared, one-size-fits all email blaming the whole thing on Apple and telling you that only APPLE can refund the money. The developer does NOTHING except profit off the scam— the nice replies to one star reviews are just another part of the scam to mitigate the honest, one star review! Nice, huh? AVOID THIS SCAM. You do NOT get a good scanner and you do NOT get three days of a free trial - you get TWO days before they charge you! This is a straight-up class action waiting to happen, and I am ready to make it happen. The many positive reviews must be paid market interns. The app itself is garbage—difficult to use and saves as a jpg not a PDF, useless for most needs. It’s nothing but a cover for an aggressive, predatory charging practice— I have now been charged TWICE for app, before the “free” three-day trial was done. Skip the fake 5-star reviews and get the truth with all the ONE STAR reviews, all which correctly call this app a SCAM. Don’t be a chump!
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1 year ago, alljems
Always reliable
Had it for a couple of years. First used as part of my solo law practice and I didn't have a scanning machine. MobileScanner was an unbelievable replacement, often making it easier to file things online bc it was easily transferred from the app to my apple files. Now using it for more personal use, it's just as reliable, clear, and easy to use and it makes me think to use it all the time--like just now I scanned my pets vet record, and now I'll always have it and not rip up my house looking for it next year. I definitely recommend MobileScanner!!
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10 months ago, bruinim
They OWN your content!!!
Do NOT be fooled. Look at the T&C #2. They have the right to publish or transfer the the right to anyone, your content. “ You hereby grant Glority a worldwide, non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, fully-paid, perpetual, sublicensable (through multiple tiers), fully transferable license to use, distribute, reproduce, create derivative works from, publish, translate, publicly perform and publicly display any Content that you upload or publish to the Glority Services (collectively, “Your Content”), in any format or medium now known or later developed for any purpose. Glority can use Your Content in the App and in Glority’s other products or services, and can transfer the license or authorization of using such information and content to its related companies and cooperation partners with no need to obtain your consent again. Glority reserves the right to display advertisements and sponsorships in connection with Your Content. NOTWITHSTANDING THE FOREGOING, WE WILL NOT PUBLICLY SHARE ANY DOCUMENTS, PHOTOS OR IMAGES YOU UPLOADED.”
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2 years ago, KikiC'15
Worked great, until it didn’t
I LOVED this app and used it almost daily! Super easy and it does a great job of “cleaning up” a wrinkled or not perfect photo. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because a few weeks ago it stopped showing me my documents. You see the photo of it but when you click on it to export or save, it shows 0/0 files. I emailed mobile scanner and received a reply the following day stating they will have someone contact me regarding the issue. After a week or more of waiting, I emailed again and they said they are working to fix the issue. It’s been almost 3 weeks since that last email and I still haven’t heard anything and the issue still isn’t fixed.
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3 years ago, evillepoet
almost perfect
I use this almost exclusively for photos, & I’d have given this five stars but for the lack of any editing tools beyond the basic—& the cropping doesn’t work properly. I import my photos & edit them on my camera roll, so it’s not a huge deal, but a few more tools & the inability to edit on the site is still a big strike against it. It’s also not set up with any directions, but it doesn’t take too long to figure it out if you have a rudimentary knowledge of apps & computers. Maybe there are more features I’m unaware of, though. At any rate, I really like the general quality of the photo scans & ease of exporting them, but a few niggles take away that last star.
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5 years ago, fightclubfeind
Worked well but subscription policy is tricky
I used it during the free 3 day subscription but ultimately decided it wasn’t worth the $40 price tag. Tried to figure out how to in-subscribe but there was no option in the app nor easily findable “in settings” as they say throughout the reviews response. So in an effort to help others avoid the fee they do not wish to pay and want to cancel, here is how to unsubscribe. Note that it has to be done at least 24hrs before the end of your free trial. 1. On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings 2. Scroll down and select "iTunes & App Store" 3. On the screen that appears, tap your Apple ID listed at the to 4. In the pop-up modal that shows, tap "View Apple ID", and sign in if requested to do so. 5. This brings you to an Account Settings page, where you can scroll down to a "Subscriptions" option. Tap "Subscriptions" and select the Mobile Scanner free trial from your list of subscriptions. 6. On the Mobile Scanner subscription screen, tap the "Cancel Subscription" button.
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11 months ago, Dr. Rowland
Outstanding and Fast
The ability of your scanner to capture clear images in a flash is amazing. Two features I find most useful is the way it automatically frames a photo scan and then automatically takes the photo. The other feature is how it automatically adjusts the final image to make the final image true to the original document. If I was to recommend improvements it would be in the OCR capability and to offer alternatives to storing scans on the cloud. Thank you for a wonderful product.
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6 months ago, Kav Kavanova
Where are my files stored?
I’ve been using this app for a while. I love it. And I can easily find my scanned items right there on the app to instantly send them out via email or AirDrop. But now I need to send one of them via via WhatsApp. And I can’t seem to find how to do that. if I go into ‎WhatsApp and then search for a file, I cannot find a file anywhere on my phone for this “Mobile Scamner” app. When I tried to export the file through the app, it’s not connected to WhatsApp for me to be able to do that. What am I missing? TIA…
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3 years ago, Boss-Needs-a-Break!
Absolutely Makes Life Much Easier!
I need to scan my Passport and a few document for oversea business, and it’s 10pm here. And my home’s old-fashion scanner broke down for good. So I Googled for mobile scanning option out of desperation, and I found this simple, easy-to-use, and what an elegant way to scan and share. This $40 per year worths every penny. Great app to make life simple and saving trees and ink. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Well, my only concern is that the document I scanned are all confidential information, so I wonder how the App storage or protect the information I scanned. 🤔🤔🤔
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1 year ago, Swt t
Love it - great scans, convenient!
Can’t be for price, convenience! Interface for saving takes just a read getting use to, easy once use once. This is the most portable, easy to use pocket size, scanner I could ever hope to find. Scans are outstanding Quality just like a giant scanner machine. Love that I can save, name, rename, scan multiple pages or single, move pages around, reorder pages. Still can’t believe I get all this capability just using my little phone. Love this app!
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5 months ago, LABIBCO
Bait and Switch Scan App Scam
This App is a bait and switch scam. As soon as you download this App, without any agreement, my Apple Card was Charged $7.99. I don’t know if this is going to be a reoccurring charge or what? Now I’m reading this post, that this guy is paying $40 a month… he gives them a 5 star rating and receives a thanks for the rating and a recommendation to contact their support email address. Now I got got spend an 1/2 - 1 hour disputing this charge and delete the App. All I did was, poked my head out to see if it was true. Maybe to download the app is free, as in, (you don’t have register a credit card) but, soon as you download load the app (when using an iPhone), their “ Scam/Algorithm” charges your Apple Card account. Labib
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4 years ago, A. Gonzales -Master of Sales
The only reason this app has so many nice reviews is because it probably paid people to write them using all the scam money they made from real people. The app charges you 40 bucks if you don’t cancel within three days. And you can’t cancel it through the app or emailing the address they give you. The app will tell you “we’ll get back to you in 24 hours” but they never do. Also the pdf doesn’t even let you select the text after scanning it. It might as well be a still picture. If you’re one of the people that did download the app and sign up for the overpriced subscription, you can cancel it by going to the email Apple should’ve sent you, scrolling to the bottom of the email, and clicking “review your subscription”.
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4 years ago, a guy trying to get a word in
PSA: Be aware of the charges!!
The app is great and super helpful. That being said, you have a three day free trial. When that three day trial ends this app will automatically charge you $40 for a premium subscription!! It’s very sneaky about this!!! Be very aware!!! If you don’t cancel the three day free trial before the last 24 hours of the trial, you pretty much get locked into having to pay $40!!!!! It happened to me! I never asked for a premium service, it just signed me up for it!! My bank straight up canceled my card because it thought it was being compromised when I was charged $40 on Apple out of the blue. Again, useful software, but the devs know they’re being sneaky. Technically, there is nothing legally wrong, but it’s super super super easy to lose $40 on this app without even knowing.
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5 months ago, Piccologal
Bait & Switch
It’s advertised as “free” so I figured I’d try it out. Suddenly, after you download, in the very fine print as you start to set it up - it says after one week, your card will automatically be charged. Nowhere does it say how to cancel! In fact, other than the “upgrade” button, there’s no way to communicate with anyone. Most apps are right up front if it’s free or a trial. Not this one. The worst part? There is NO way to cancel before my card will be charged. I’d delete the app but they won’t care. They don’t care if you ever use it, now they got you to download it so they have access to your Apple Card. I have not clicked the button saying “Upgrade”, so my card had best be left alone.
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1 week ago, Kentotheend
Great, Great program!!
Because of this excellent program I can keep track of all of my expenses!!! It would be much more helpful if it read SKU’s. Correct me if I am wrong, but it probably contains the model number and price which would reallyBe helpful if someone wanted to resell it. Usually I am extremely happy about this program and I alsoGive it a five star rating however it’s just a suggestion and maybe the powers that be will notice it more and I believe they will thank you.
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1 year ago, flabby flirt
Original or color
I wish you didn’t have to specify original for each page scanned. Looks like color would be color. I have to send documents with blue signatures. The three or four times I have used the scanner I have had trouble being able to get each page sent where the signatures show up with blue ink color. The scanner is great for capturing the correct size of the pages.
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4 years ago, chlochlo321
This app just paywalled me out of nowhere
I started using this app in March because my university went online, and I have to turn all my handwritten homework in as a pdf, and it’s been great! However, today I found out I now have to pay $40/mo to save a document from this app, which is definitely new. Before now, I just usually save the watermarked version (the free version) but suddenly there is no such option. This paywall seemingly appeared out of nowhere, which is pretty irritating because this means this app is trying to capitalize off all the students stuck in remote classes because of covid :/. I’d love if the app would let me download the free watermarked versions again, but otherwise I’m never using this app again.
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8 months ago, memckel
Love it
I love how it removes the shadows caused by holding the phone over the document to take the scan. It has worked great for me here at home. I have many documents that need to be sent to gov agencies due to my care of my brother. This app has helped me so much to send clean clear documents via fax. If I just take a picture of the documents to fax sometimes they are almost unreadable. Thank you for making this great app
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2 years ago, Skippy❤️
Mobile Scanner
I love my mobile scanner. I have used it multiple times for myself and others. I have useD other apps in the past and this one by far is my favorite. If I could add one feature it would be to choose to keep the document in color or black and white. However, with this said it has more than served its purpose. -Jessica Goodman
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3 years ago, PhoenixRulz81
Works really well
I enjoyed taking photos I had and watching them digitized for better reading into a pdf of a booklet I wanted saved for less paper clutter and was able to pass on the information easily to friends so they could visit the place. I was able to cancel easily afterwards and I expect no problems with the subscription option.
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1 year ago, DeRebirth
Very good
This app is logically the most convenient app when it come to legal document processing. Imagine scanning documents through your phone and directly mailing yourself the same document so that you can upload from your laptop, desktop or save to your phone files and upload from phone. All this initiated from my mobile phone. Awesome app
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3 years ago, Nonnie17
Very reliable and user friendly
This app has been my go-to for over a year now. I have used it on the road and at my home office with great success. The small cash investment was well worth it, it is easy to use, produces quality documents that are easy to send and stores in different formats which also makes retrieveal very uncomplicated. Highly recommended!
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3 years ago, 2745CJ
Easy to use and reliable.
I feel confident sending documents scanned with this app. They always come out perfectly scanned and print beautifully. Pictures scan well too. This app is a big help. It saved my life when my other scanner went on the blink. I love all the options I can choose from between saving and sending.
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3 years ago, LoanChic
Easy to use. Perfect results every time!
No use for a scanner when you have this handy app. I use it for everything from personal to business. My husband paid for a different scanner app and it’s way more difficult to use. He gets so frustrated he ends up using my scanner app. Why not when it’s easy to use with perfect results every time.
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5 months ago, MarinerD
Nice app but no thanks
i'd probably purchase the app outright if the price was right but I'm not gonna subscribe to any app and pay a weekly, monthly or yearly fee. These apps requiring a subscription will be the death of the Smart phone. we can't rent every app we have on our phone, it's too cost prohibitive . in this case I'll just go buy a scanner. i'm not blaming this vendor that just seems to be the trend and where all these apps are going.
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2 years ago, 12345567889adffsdghfhjhg
Busy lady
Love that I have the app. It makes things so easy. I use this a lot of times to scan and documents and email them. Only down side is if you are using the free feature there are several ads that you have to watch pretty much in between every page that you scan so it can be time consuming.
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4 years ago, Katelyn12 love horses
Used this app once and then deleted it but just looked on my banking app and it charged me $42 for the premium membership without even notifying me first. Edit: I don’t even have the app (deleted) and I canceled the yearly membership but they charged me another $21 seriously?!?!? Even if I were to still have the app they would have no reason to bill me more money as I supposedly have a year membership DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT WILL TAKE YOU MONEY. Also the app didn’t even work right it wouldn’t let me send anything to my email and only scanned things as jpegs not pdf (just use your phone camera it’ll do exactly the same thing) so I didn’t even get any use out of it. Just an hour of frustration and $60 down the drain which is just great as a college student, thanks a lot. Save yourself the money and hassle just don’t even bother with this app. I sent an email to them and got no response absolutely ridiculous and probably bordering on illegal.
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1 year ago, Waitstill55
Mobile Scan
This app makes scanning so easy! No more fussing with your printer to scan, save and then send via computer. No more bogging down your computer with scanned items you don’t need to save. Just terrific! Pictures, important documents, anything you need to send; Mobile Scan makes it quick & easy! Thanks!
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4 months ago, Louwieez
Easy and Convenient
Originally downloaded this app when I purchased a house three years ago and have been hooked since! I use it for everything from legal paperwork to work emails. My kids even use it to scan in paper assignments that need to be turned in online. The price is absolutely worth it.
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1 year ago, Voicelady
Phenomenal scanning app!
I’ve tried other scanning apps, but this is by far the best. The auto scanning is fast, and the best part: it corrects all the shadows, yellowing, and curling. You have options as to how you want the final copy to look. Saving in files/folders is a cinch. It’s helped me in business and personally. Well worth the money! I highly recommend this app!
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7 months ago, Documents transfer
Transfer of documents
I had written this last year as well. I use this App quite a lot. However, to transfer these docs, I have to E-Mail to myself and then copy to a folder. That takes a strong internet connection and a lot of time. There should be a way to transfer all docs to a memory stick or directly to my laptop from the the iPhone. Thanks.
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3 years ago, Jacc0519
Best so far.
I’ve been using a different pdf app for a couple years for my business. It’s frustrating to constantly get the right background and eliminate any shadows that either won’t convert or come out black in a pdf. I was sold on this the first day of the trial. Faster, more accurate and forgiving.. definitely worth the money.
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8 months ago, jehhehfyd
The best gadget ever!!!
I have been using Mobil scanner for several years, and not once this app has failed me. I am so happy with it and I do recommend to everyone to have just in case. You might need a document to be send out fast, and a picture doesn’t do it as well as the Mobil scanner. It is user friendly and convenient.
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3 years ago, McKenna372
Good quality
The quality of the scan is very good. I don’t use it very often but need the quality as opposed to the quality of taking a picture, so I paid for it. I think the price is a bit high for the amount of times I will use it in 1 year. I will prob try to find more uses for the app so I will get more for my money.
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2 months ago, Truthfulness????
Mobile Scanner that can’t get any better
I love using the mobile scanner; it's even better than sliced bread! I can scan on the move without lugging around a big scanner. It's perfect for personal documents, and I don't have to worry about anyone seeing my private information or making a trip to Office Max.
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3 years ago, Joey Nickles
The best ever
It works just perfectly. It’s a smart app, knows that you want to reproduce a clear, flat document from a sometimes shadowy and angular shot on the camera so it adjusts and corrects. Thus, a perfect scan or pdf every time. Well worth the subscription rate. About a month later, app asked me to rate again: so, okay—still loving it. What a time saver
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4 years ago, Hi😜Joe$$$brah
Works Really Well
This has been a lifesaver for me with remote/digital learning. Instead of sending an image then converting to pdf then adding to Google Drive, I can immediately convert to pdf then add to Google drive. So much easier. I was going to buy a $100 scanner, but found this app so it saved me $100. Thank You!! Best app I have used where I am willing to take the time to write a review.
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3 years ago, Jones409
Best mobile scanner so far
I have tried many mobile scanners for use in work. This one is the best so far. Easy to use as you just take a single picture of the image or document you want scanned. Some of the other programs have you take four pictures of each corner to scan the image.
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7 months ago, lopezmix
Mobile scanner
I had a problem with my printer connecting to my laptop. I decided to try this scanner mobile app and it works great. All the sheets look as if I scanned them and sent them as if I had done it through my laptop. Excellent product I will be using it more. Very easy to use. Thank you
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3 years ago, J Fortune
Great tool for teacher documentation!
As an experienced teacher, I’m constantly working to multi task and stay super organized! The mobile scanner allows me to capture and upload to my google in an instant! The mobile scanner eliminates the need to buy expensive desk top scanners! Such a great tool for bridging our paper documents with online tools!
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4 years ago, WritingDiva
Great App getting things done
I recommend this app to everyone I know who needs to scan documents and send or store them. I have been working from home but do not have a way to scan documents and send them where they need to go. MobileScanner is perfect! I can export right away or I can save to files. I can take one scan or multiple pages. Wonderful!
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11 months ago, Abigailsdream
The best!
This scanner makes it so easy and quick to scan documents from an iPhone. It helps adjust the angle and make an imperfect picture a perfect scan! Also has a lighting option at the top to help fix lighting issues! This has been a God-send in times of Corona! Love this program!
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3 years ago, BeakerStreet14
Great and convenient
We continued to use the MobileScanner for the past year after we purchased our home. We just started using the MobileScanner two months ago. This has been extremely easy and convenient to use and we’ve used it a lot during the process of selling our house.
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4 years ago, WBCJ
IT Director
Compared to other programs of similar type, this program is far and away the best choice. I use it daily to scan everything from receipts to documents under discussion with colleagues and executed contracts. I’ve created multiple folders by client then by matter aspect etc. and can’t say enough about the high quality of the app. Kudos to the creators!
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3 years ago, bnkfogpthky
Can’t do my job without it
This is the best app I’ve bought this year! Helps me in my job everyday as I travel around and don’t always have access to a printer so I just take a picture and when it’s time to upload for work who requires pdf, it’s ready to go. Love this mobile scanner!!
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2 months ago, Judy Drl Rosario
No instruction
I needed a scanner for one item and downloaded your app. I tried to scan the Item however all I got was 6 pictures of the item to be scanned and tried to convert it to a pdf - didn’t work and I couldn’t find any instruction as to what I was doing wrong and nothing to help me make it right. I’m removing the app from my phone and cancelling it right now and I’ve had it downloaded all of 10 minutes. I want my money back. I’m so disappointed. Judy Del Rosario
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4 years ago, YDHENN
A wonderful product!
Due to the Coronavirus virus - we must work from home. I needed the simplest way to do things remotely. My grandson “a junior spring student” at a major university found this app for me. I promise ... it’s an awesome product. Very user friendly... and captures documents “very clear and concise. Thank You ... MobileScanner for such an amazing product. YES ... I am referring my colleagues and family to this tool.
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2 years ago, BobbyLev the 1031 Guy
Dreamboat App
I’m generally suspicious of apps. I’m kind of a dinosaur and not very tech savvy. This app is very easy to use and I recommend it highly. I use it mostly for short documents which scan very easily and forward to myself by email. This is an excellent app for anyone working out of a home office or a seasoned road warrior.
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