MobileWash Car Wash On-Demand

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2 months ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for MobileWash Car Wash On-Demand

4.45 out of 5
2.7K Ratings
2 months ago, jayjay0726
Reliable, time saver, and convenient
Reliable service. I’ve never had any issues getting my wash assigned or wash quality. I really appreciate “decline to meet washer” features because I often get my wash done when working. In my opinion prices seem equivalent to bringing it in to a car wash if not slightly higher with $7 or $12 fees like high demand times. I think for convenience I don’t mind the small extra fees. App is a little buggy sometimes and I think could use with a new design. Other than the app the only thing I find a little annoying is that you have to have two cars washed if you just want the most basic wash. That’s usually okay, I get my other car washed too, but I wouldn’t mind paying an extra fee to avoid having to get a second wash when I don’t necessarily need one.
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1 year ago, AL B K Tr
worst, most dishonest, unreliable app I've encountered
This service consistently tells you the wrong wait time, has no functioning GPS tracker for the washer's actual location (it just stays in one place the whole time until the washer is suddenly there), and has no customer service mechanism to find out what's going on or easily cancel without being charged. All you can do is call the washer but they are regularly dishonest about whether they are actually on their way or not. It's common to still be waiting for a 20 minutes ETA over an hour after the request is put in with no movement on the GPS and nothing to do but cancel and write to them after the fact to make sure they dont keep their undeserved cancellation fee. All of this is true regardless of whether a person happens to get a fine experience on a given attempt, so any positive reviews are misleading--you may randomly get a decent washer at a time of day that actually works for them but the fundamental brokenness of the app remains. It may have been more reliable years ago but it is reliably bad now. It mostly gets by on having a near monopoly on mobile wash service in some markets like Los Angeles.
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4 years ago, MagicZaddy
Convenient but pricy
Decided to give this service a shot after seeing it advertised on a billboard. At first I thought it’d be somewhere within a $60-$75 price range. Starting price range is about $85 and the detailed wash is I believe $100+ I think I ended up paying $165 in total for one wash. Being that it was my first wash I went with the detailed wash with the water mark removal. The guy did a good job on the wash, but I still saw water marks on the paint. Which have been removed in the past. The inside was a little shotty. Some mirrors weren’t clean and some places could’ve been cleaned better. I know this app doesn’t really offer any report towards the washer. You have to tell them on the spot and that’s your responsibility as a customer to let them know before they go. Found that a little iffy but regardless it isn’t the worst thing. If you have cash and you need a wash. I guess it’s worth it. Definitely would recommend looking at local mobile washes before considering this service. Also if you plan to cancel a scheduled appointment it’s a $15 cancellation.
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4 years ago, Armand/V
First and last time user
Yeah got a used car and wanted it really detailed inside so I got the premium package, paid the extra $10 “attention to detail cleaning” payed the 7 dollar “wash now” fee everything seemed to go over good by the time I left work it was night but when I looked over the next morning he completely missed them as there was very visible debris/dirt. Now $10 dollars aside this feels like it should’ve been cleaned even if I had opted for the most basic wash package. So I email them, they request pictures unfortunately this was a Friday so when I heard back they said I’d be refunded the $10 and given a % off that was has well. And a few days passed and nothing has happened not even a receipt which they supposedly included I emailed them back saying I’ve yet to see any type of changes and I have been charged fully for that wash. So now today I’m being texted and asked by this app if I need a wash!😅😂 terrible experience literally use one of those self wash services or if you see a guy take his card and give them your money this company doesn’t deserve my hard worked for money anyway.
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6 years ago, Dan "Mastershake" Lewis
Not ready for prime time
First use of this new service which sounds great but did not go well at all. Booked almost 36 hours in advance and hurried home from work to be on time. Check the app and my washer is just leaving west LA for the San Gabriel Valley in rush hour at my appointment time... needless to say, they were 75 mins late for the appointment. Why would the app let this washer accept my job? Also the app obviously doesn't use anything to account for traffic as it told me they would arrive in 31 mins, not 75. Not much English spoken but hey, it's LA and I speak a little Spanish - no big deal. But, I had booked the premium service and there clearly wasn't time for this before dark. I got an express wash service but the app of course still charged me for premium - about a $50 difference. No ability to call or contact anyone through the app, all you can do is leave feedback, which I've done. If I get a refund, I'll be ok with the service although that's a ridiculous drive for the poor washer. Maybe they will get enough washers in enough locations to make it work. Obviously a few kinks to be worked out.
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6 years ago, Jessiker82
Never showed up
I am very disappointed with this app. The first time I used the app, the washer showed up but it took him over 3 hours to wash my car. He sat I his car for the first 30 minutes he was at my house. I eventually had to leave so he was unable to finish washing my car. I thought 3 plus hours would give me plenty of time to get my car washed before I had to leave. The second wash I booked, a washer was booked but then he cancelled. They were unable to find a washer for the time I booked but said they were able to find one a bit later. I agreed that this would work. They then called me 5 minutes after the washer was supposed to arrive telling me the second washer won’t be able to make it. They charged my card at the time my original wash was scheduled even though no one showed up. I could have gone to a brick and mortar to get my car washed with all the time they wasted. I now don’t have time to get my car washed before I leave for the weekend. Not very professional at all. Both times I used this app has been a disaster but I am on to give people a chance.
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3 years ago, 1800xbr
No Vetting for Car Washers
BUYER BEWARE, there appears to be NO vetting for car washers. I’ve ordered two washes on this app so far, the first one was mediocre, the second one was absolutely terrible. The washer who showed up at my house appeared to actually be a gardener, they even used a leaf blower to clean the inside of my car (I have the ring video). They also used cheap Vinyl protector to “detail” the vegan leather seats in my 2021 Tesla. This caused there to be streaks everywhere that took me forever to remove myself and it left a sticky residue everywhere. They also used the vinyl protector to clean my touch screen OSD which caused it to glitch for hours. My windows also had a soapy residue on them which I had to clean myself. My car was left in much worse condition after my wash than before. I paid for the premium wash package ($90 after add-ons) and ended up having to detail the entire car myself after the fact. It’s clear they will hire anyone to wash your car so BEWARE before you download this app - I will never be using this app again
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6 years ago, vinaha
The bad reviews are misleading!
Ok I didn’t get this app because of the bad reviews. Finally not being satisfied with the other apps that provide this service, I tried it out. I was extremely impressed. You select the location, click through. A washer is found. When the washer is on his way out your Apple Watch advises you. When the washer arrives you interact with the app that the washer is there. They bring everything to wash the car, including the water! (Another app required that you provide the water.) After the washer is finished, again your Apple Watch advises you, and you go out, inspect the car, you can leave a tip on the app, and you interact with the app to say that the job was complete. Very good service.
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3 years ago, rub-varg
Look for a detailer online instead of this app
The app is a bit glitchy to the point where you have to close and re open the app. I scheduled a wash on this app a couple of times and because it’s a third party app, people who are on their networks can cancel on you with a push of a button. I had a wash scheduled and then canceled on me and about 30minutes before my scheduled wash I thought no one would show up because I got a notification stating to rescheduled because a detailer was not available. So I left to run an errand and then about 15min later I got a notification saying that a detailer was on their way. I was going to cancel but then it said that I would get charged for canceling before the detailer arrived. Very dumb and this needs to be fixed. I had to drive back to my house in order to get the wash and not be charged extra for canceling. Stick to Yelp and find a detailer somewhere else.
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5 years ago, Philly fan in SoCal
Fantastic service for busy people!
My wife and I have been going to the same car wash in Riverside for at least 10 years. But lately it’s been taking nearly 2 hours to get our cars washed, because they just don’t have enough staff and they take people out of order sometimes. With kids at home we really can’t take that much time. So I wanted to try MobileWash. What a great service! Fernando showed up early, washed our cars better than the car wash we usually go to, and was done in about 90 minutes. All while we were inside in the AC working or taking care of the kids. We will definitely use this service for all of our carwashes in the future!
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3 months ago, TReviews01
If you can get them to show up
If you can get them to show up. I’ve use the app 20+ times over the last couple years. and the early service visits were fine. The last 5 to 8 times I’ve had to have vehicles washed has been a giant inconvenience, and a waste of time with no compensation or recourse other than me putting a one star on the app because I can’t get a hold of anyone. Offer a service and there’s no execution always an excuse that comes down to the time that someone is supposed to be here that no one was available or it comes down to just before the time they’re supposed to be here and you get a notification that they’re on their way. 30 minutes out no update as to where they are. I’ve had washers show up an hour late might as well just go to the car wash, I’m soliciting your businesses convenience factor and you are not executing that convenience factor at all
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4 years ago, Blackmantis
Washos doesn’t care about its customers. Avoid!
I want to like Washos. In theory, their service is a good one. In practice, this company takes no responsibility for the outside contractors they send to your home. This is the third occasion I booked the service, changed my schedule to have my car at home and at last minute get a notice the washer is going to be 1:40 mins late. This is Los Angeles. I understand 15-20 mins grace for traffic. But 1:40 mins late means the company simply doesn’t care about its customer. I called and was given an apology and nothing else. No offer to do anything to right the situation other than to try to book me for another appointment. Really? After you botched this one. I will be going to their competition and strongly encourage you to do the same until they put the needs of their customers first instead of their outsourced car cleaners.
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6 years ago, OneLove28
I can’t believe I waited this long to try it 😱
This app is absolutely amazing. I ordered my service to arrive an hour before I was leaving for my Sunday funday. The guys got to my house right on time, I let them in my car and they got to work. I went back in and finished getting ready for the day. Came out when I was dressed and my car was ready to go too! It was freakin amazing! Smelled great. Totally clean. No wasted time driving to or sitting through the car wash. It’s maybe a couple dollars more than I spend at the car wash and well worth every penny. I’m definitely a fan and will use regularly.
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3 years ago, xx12345678xx
STAY AWAY if only I could give 0 stars
WORST APP WORST SERVICE EVER!!! I made an appointment days prior and my washer was 30 minutes late I had no way of contacting this person no notifications came to me nothing I had to go out of my way search for their general customer service number only to here their washer has randomly disappeared and theres “something wrong” with her phone so they have to cancel or reschedule. so If I didn’t contact them no one was gonna contact me about this?! I was just gonna have a no show appointment WORST service ever most UNPROFESSIONAL service ever it’s almost like it’s a scam! the fact that you have to pay before the washer washes your car is enough to believe it’s a scam Id like to see how my car is washed before you take money out of my account!! the app doesn’t even have any way of you seeing where your washer is and for you to contact them!
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2 months ago, ChrisIntegrator
Mobilewash Service Down
It looks like the backend service for this app is down. After losing all history from the app and getting an error that it was no longer available in my area as another review mentioned, I deleted and reinstalled the app. Now I just get a spinning circle when I punch in my phone number. The mobilewash website is also giving a 503 error, so they may be experiencing technical difficulties. Unfortunately it seems to have been ongoing for at least a week now, and I haven't gotten a response from their support team which I emailed two days ago. In the past I've found that the quality of wash varies greatly. Mobilewash uses third party wash companies/contractors and essentially acts as a dispatch service. The convenience was incredible when the app worked, so even when the wash was mediocre I would still keep using the app.
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5 years ago, RitaB2019
Car Wash
I finally decided to get a car wash after someone mistook my white BMW for a gray one. I figured I’ll try Mobile Wash since I see their billboards everywhere. The app was super easy to use and I got notification when the driver was assigned and when he arrived. The app also told me when Jonuhe was doing the inspection and when he started the wash. The service and experience was amazing and it all happened while I was sitting at work. It was great to have a nice clean car again. Sadly with my two kids it won’t last long. Will definitely use Mobile Wash again!
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6 years ago, fineflow14
Scratched Paint
Risky, unqualified and unprofessional. My first MobileWash (MW) the washer did not show up. Impressively MW had the wash rescheduled on the same day and gave a complimentary wax. When I checked out the car I saw what looked to be a residue or film. I thought it was wax that had not been completely wiped away. As the car became dirty again it looked worse and I feared oxidation, so I scheduled another MW and added a clay bar service. This did not fix the problem. I then took to an auto body shop and they referred me to the dealership. The dealership thought they could fix it with a detail and color sand. Unfortunately this did not fix the scratches. By process of elimination I am only left to believe the complimentary wax that was applied or the towels used caused severe scratching. I contacted MW through their feedback interface in their app, but of course have not heard anything back.
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4 years ago, bummer82
Completely not worth the money
The time I requested was not accepted by any driver. I was only informed this right before my scheduled time. They make you aware that it might take time to find a driver but come on. We had two cars to wash. We paid for the middle and top tier washes. They took well over an hour we thought the we’re doing well when looking from our living room window. When we got out to check huge areas were missed that were simply just not touched. We had to go over it for over an hour to get all the spots that were missed. The “wax” they used must have evaporated because it was not waxed anywhere. We paid over 100$. Will not use again. When we went to the app to rate the person. When we hit one star it directed us to order a new car wash. Will not use ever again.
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2 years ago, geogeo666
Never get my wash requests picked up
I have used this service with good results. But over the past several months, my wash requests never get fulfilled. I have never had a negative experience with any of the washers, so I am confident there is no issue with our history. We have two late model German cars, and always select the deluxe wash or the detail. So it’s strange that suddenly repeated requests for washes go in fulfilled. It’s also very frustrating that I haven’t been able to verify my email, because their app is broken, and so the coupons that should be available to me given the number of canceled wash requests, I am unable to access them. I have reported this bug with no response. I will no longer be using the service. I recommend others to avoid.
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2 years ago, StevesLife
Makes my life easier
I’m all about convenience so now I can schedule my next car wash on the fly revolving around my schedule! Love it! I was dropped by a mobile car washer because my schedule changes frequently so this app works perfectly for me. May be a little more expensive than local washes but I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything. They come to me, clean my car and then off I go! Highly recommend if your time is more important than a few extra bucks.
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5 years ago, Momsgonegeek
App issues make service unusable
So the first time I used this car wash app/ service I was over the moon amazed and bragging to everyone how great it was. The second time, the app wouldn’t sign me in. The option was just gone. Randomly after 3 days of this issue I was able to use it again (I have no idea what happened) Car washer came, did a good job again and I thought it was weird but must have been a fluke. Flash forward to today. I booked a car wash for this afternoon last night. The app gave me an error notification randomly 20 minutes before the washer was supposed to arrive. Washer never showed and the app is stuck on the your booked screen. This app is janky and just broken. The service would be brilliant if they actually spent the time and effort to make a decent working app.
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5 years ago, bealotcoolerifmycarwasclean
Well, that was a letdown
The app seems to be a bit buggy. Around 2pm I ordered a wash for 4pm. It tells you that it’s attempting to find a washer, and that can take up to 30 minutes before the scheduled appointment. If you cancel within the hour before the appointment you’re charged a $15 cancellation fee. For two hours, the app reported that both a washer was found, and it was still searching. This seemed to go back and forth literally up until a few minutes before 4pm. I could not cancel because I didn’t want to pay $15. So basically, kind of held hostage here while this app decides what it wants to do. Meanwhile, 4pm comes and goes, no washer, and now it’s too late to go to a car wash so I suppose I’ll do it myself. I love the idea of this service but it needs some improvements. 😕
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6 years ago, Bradly Reynolds
I stored my car for several months while I was overseas, so when I picked it up again, it was grimy. To make things worse, the person overseeing the car storage left one of my windows open for a large portion of that time, so every inch, inside and out, was caked with dust. MobileWash Car Wash On-Demand showed up promptly, worked quickly, and returned it to the best condition it's been since I bought it. I would definitely recommend them to friends and will absolutely use again.
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3 years ago, Love Gixx
Customer Service
After signing up. Noticed they dont have no additional options other than to only offer tiers of washes. Ive decided it was a bit pricey and no information on what products are used and or an option to contact them directly to ask how are the cars washed. The all states these are people licensed with their own equipment. I do not see an option to contact customer service to remove my phone number and or delete the account. Im receiving non stop text message with promotional offers. No option to opt out from receiving unwanted text messages. Harassing! Im still trying to get a hold of customer service or someone who can remove my private information!
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4 years ago, Washless in seattle
Login problem every time
Every single time I try to log into this app it says a connection problem which I do not have with anything elseI, and to call the phone number which never answers. I haven’t even been able to schedule a wash because of the aggravation trying to log in. Just an aggravation. I gave a 5 Star rating because it does not give a no rating option. Im not complaining about the actual wash service, just the log in problem... every time.
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6 years ago, JodyStreich9856
A mobile washing station and came to me while I was at work. Our cars are parked Tetris-style with very little space in between but he still is able to get into every nook and cranny of dirty to make my car shine. He takes his time and has a wide range of services. Getting my car washed while I'm at work is the big plus here as I am not wasting time washing the car myself nor driving and waiting at a car wash center.
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5 years ago, KGMarlow
Unprofessional and Poor Customer Service
This company will send guys working out of a pick up truck or a small sedan to come and wash your car. Most of the times they send someone out, they’re not real car detailers. They barely come with any of the right supplies to wash your car. The guys that show up also do a very mediocre job, probably due to the fact that when you hire through the app they’ll take to large of a cut from the service fee to leave any for guys. I’ve also noticed that when I tipped the guys through the app the company would take about 25% of their tips. I’ve had a few bad experiences since I like to give the benefit of the doubt and every time I’ve called to request better service all I get is excuses explaining the reason why there was a poor job done. I always ended up having to redo the wash myself to make sure and clean up the spots that they always missed. Very bad company to work with, customer service is also terrible. If you like getting your car washed at home or business. Locate a real detailer.
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3 years ago, John_LA
First you’re charged extra to schedule a car wash “now” which means anytime that day. Second, you’re charged extra for peak washing hours which was literally every hour of the day I tried to schedule and finally I scheduled a wash for the next day, and was warned if I cancelled after it was accepted I’d be charged $15. Okay acceptable... but they fail to tell you even once they confirm your wash they can cancel anytime (10 min before my wash). Sorry but world both ways, either give me a $-5 credit or app should automatically find a washer to come. Not to mention they charge when you order not after the wash. This app is meant for convenience but it’s the opposite. Avoid.
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5 years ago, Randall K.S
So impressed with this app!
Used this app today for the first time on my car and can not fault any part of my dealings them. The app is easy to use, the price is right , on time, friendly, thorough and even offered to put my new car mats in for me. My car was full of dog hair and hadn't been vacuumed for months (my bad!). The car now looks and smells amazing and you wouldn't know my dog had even been in it. Will definitely be using again!
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6 years ago, Robert J. Russ
BEST way to get your car washed fast and conveniently
Today was my first time ever using MobileWash & this application was so easy to access through and so quick to receive service! I absolutely loved this application/company with the different services it provides because its so convenient. I was working and I needed to get my car cleaned and just by a couple of clicks on my phone. Customer service was excellent and very personable
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6 years ago, Zetta Brekke
Goood job
This is my third time getting a wash from them and they always leave my car spotless. Booking an appointment with them is easy because they are usually available either that same day or the next. I definitely recommend them because their price is reasonable and they come to you which saves you the hassle from having to go to crowded car washes.
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2 weeks ago, Lauren Summer
App Stopped Working For Me
I was trying to book a wash for the afternoon that I had free, but whenever I opened up the app, my saved address was gone so whenever I put in my address, it said that MobileWash is “not yet available in my location” which is odd because I have been using this app for a couple of years now. I uninstalled the app and restarted my phone and now it won’t even let me get past the screen I put in my phone number. Not sure if this is just a glitch or if they no longer offer this on the west side of Los Angeles. Switching to Washe.
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6 years ago, Demetris Grady
Love this mobile Carwash.
This is my second time using them. They are Super convenient, thorough, and their prices are affordable and reasonable. I texted them the day of to see if they had an availability and they were willing to come within 30 minutes of contacting them. I definitely recommend them to anyone and will always contact them for future services. Thank you MobileWash Car Wash On-Demand !
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6 years ago, Grady Heller
You won't regret it.
I decided to look for a mobile car wash. They got to my house within half an hour and washed my car and my boyfriends truck. When they were finished they asked me to look at the car and truck and make sure I approved then I was asked if I would like for him to move my car. I'm definitely having them comeback every two weeks from now on.
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4 years ago, Pizza slayers
App is great washers/ detailers are unreliable
Used this the first time last May and it was a great experience! Tried it again today and originally it said my detailed was 17 minutes away which a few minutes later turned to 39 minutes “due to and unforeseen traffic issue” and the app asked me to be patient. Fast forward 2+ hours later as I’m patiently waiting and my detail gets cancelled.. Ok so I go back in and try to reschedule except now there’s no one available until tomorrow at 7am? That’s pretty poor service in my view.... gave 2 stars since the first service was great.
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5 years ago, Anthony D. Amos
excellent app
At the firm, I put in hundred hour weeks on the reg. I do not want to have to take time out of my day to get my car washed, nor do I want to pay some teen in my neighborhood. MobileWash has been a very effective solution. They can wash my car whenever I need it washed, and the research I did into their vetting system shows that they only hire professional detailers. This is a mobile car wash for grown-ups.
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5 years ago, Adezvot59
Great App!
So last night I checked out this wash app and tried to book after hrs but couldn't as they where closed. To my surprise this morning I get a call to ask if I needed assistance with a booking. That was just amazing. So I brought my car in and now I'm getting a water wise car wash. Eco friendly people friendly customer service excellence. Oh and they did a perfect job on the cars.
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3 months ago, GVickyd
No customer service
I scheduled an appointment for a wash. I selected the wash now but it said it wasn't available. I had to chose a later time. Once I got the invoice/receipt it jt charging me the $15 for the wash now. I have been calling the customer service number over 10 times and no answer. Its still working hours so no idea why there is no answer.
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5 years ago, James T. Beck
At the firm, I put in hundred hour weeks on the reg. I do not want to have to take time out of my day to get my car washed, nor do I want to pay some teen in my neighborhood. MobileWash has been a very effective solution. They can wash my car whenever I need it washed, and the research I did into their vetting system shows that they only hire professional detailers. This is a mobile car wash for grown-ups.
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5 years ago, Forriong1983
all I can say is, wow, thank you.
I usually wash my own details and my car wash hands or use magic. Today, I decided to try this application for the first time to mention that my car looked like a new one in less than an hour. Harjid politeness, looks professional and proud of the work. The system has no water. They use amazing. My car never looks so good, from inside to outside.
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5 years ago, Emanded51
Now I can spend my time doing other things
Just simply so tired of washing my car all the time. Just because my place is not that close to the station. Lucky that my neighbor is also think the same way so now we both have more time on our hands doing things we like and have our car perfectly serviced by the detailer.
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6 years ago, Shelley V
Has gone downhill
The first couple times I used this app it worked great. The last two times they couldn’t connect to washer and charged me even though they aren’t supposed to ! You can’t get in touch in person with anyone so I had to send a message through the website to complain and get my money refunded. They gave me a coupon so I thought I’d try to use again today. Yet again, the circle spins and no washer connecting. It’s ridiculous. Easier to go to car wash 5 minutes away which is $13 than spend time getting a refund.
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6 years ago, Ursula Harris
This was my first experience with a mobile car wash. Extremely convenient to have someone come to you. MobileWash was professional and polite. Our cars looked great and he did a much better job that what you get at a regular car wash. The price for him to come to me was the same that I would of paid at the car wash. I will be using primetime again.
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5 years ago, Decture107
It’s a pretty good app!
here is nothing better than having your car washed without the standard car wash experience. nstead you get a friendly and polite Mobilewash Car Wash employee show up at your home ready to give you a quality car wash. The website is easy to navigate and before you know it you have a clean car. Thank you
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5 years ago, Bshell09
The app works great, the service is iffy
I’ve used this service only five times, so take this with a grain of salt, but not once has my washer arrived on time. Consistently plan for over a half hour later than you pick or you’ll be left hanging. They don’t have a big enough fleet to make it timely. Hopefully if the service grows, this will fix itself. The washers do a wonderful job though. If you plan ahead for a half hour to 45 minutes after you expect the service, you’ll be good.
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5 years ago, dab51968
Worst app ever made
Keeps bouncing me back and forth through the process and then starting all over again. After half a dozen attempts at doing exactly the same information it then tells me the service isn’t available in my area yet. Regardless of the fact that I’ve already used the service in the past. Granted, I’ve only successfully gotten through the entire process once. All of the other times it waited until the last minute to tell me that it couldn’t find anyone to keep the appointment. This app is a joke. If you don’t like stupid then I suggest you look elsewhere.
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6 years ago, Assunta Schmitt
I have used them twice and so far with no dissapoint! They are quick and efficient, the way a car wash should be. I have not gotten a full detail yet but both washes with leather treatment came out perfectly fine. I will continue to use them if I'm lazy to wash my own vehicles. Would recommend for fair price and reliable service!
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6 years ago, Elias Bruen
Since buying my new car I didn't want to take it to the car wash. I found mobile CarWash to try them out and I was hooked. I can honestly say try them and they will win you over. They are friendly knowledgeable and don't skip on any details when it come to your car. Thank you guys for your hard work and dedication.
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6 years ago, Thaddeus Schmidt
MobileWash Car Wash On-Demand does a great job and attention to detail. I've had several washes at my job. I always point out where it needs deep cleaning, which is always the wheels and brake dust in between my wheels. It always looks great when them done and it always looks good inside and out. Overall great mobile car wash, would def recommend.
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4 years ago, quiehrs izud
Terrible App
I downloaded it thinking it would be great idea. I ordered and paid for the better package to get my car detailed. The guy arrived and said they don’t do detail cleaning he can kinda vacuum the seats and stuff but basically they only do a simple car wash no matter what package you buy. I said I’m not paying $120 for a basic car wash that would cost $20 anywhere else and he wouldn’t call a manager or anything. He made me cancel the car wash on my app and they charged me. Every time I call they say I would get a refund and it’s been months now. Terrible app and horrible service.
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