Moco - Chat, Meet People

4.1 (22.8K)
212.9 MB
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Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Moco - Chat, Meet People

4.13 out of 5
22.8K Ratings
6 years ago, Xander24
Not to bad needs lil more work
Like the site been in it few years, like some improvements only thing I can see is make it a lil easier if you’re in a chat room and you go and check out someone's profile that you don't have to go all the way back to getting into the room should be able to just hit an arrow or something to go back to the room. Also need to work on banning people a lil better. Otherwise like the changes so far keep up the great work. Suave_n_debonair.
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5 years ago, Daroze
Probably the funnest social app to be on but needs a lot of work.
Ad based run. Click based. Everything is ordered in a way where when a new page loads, you go to click on a button, then the ad drops down and you end up clicking on the ad. It’s just a way for them to design the app for the ad to receive clicks. It’s horrible, and annoying. The door dash ad is horrible. It won’t go away. You will be in a chat room, go to view someone’s profile, the door dash ad will pop up (and usually there’s a exit button on the ad) but this one has no exit button. So you have to restart the whole app, not only lose conversations you were involved in, but join the chat room you were in all over again, and sometimes wait to join if the room is full, all because the door dash ad has no exit on it. It’s annoying and they care more about their adclick traps and their advertising then they do of the functionality of the app. It’s pathetic. I purchased a vip from the awhile back, I canceled it. My card was still getting charged for 8 months straight even after trying to cancel my vip over and over again. I had to cancel my whole bank account and start a new bank account just so they would stop charging my card. Absolutely terrible functionality, the app is fun, but how it works, the ads and how they get you to “accidentally” click on them is just the worst thing about the app.
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6 years ago, Evenzo
It’s cool just the interface is trash. It’s crazy because this site been around for years I’ve been on and off this for about 10 years literally since 2008 and the app and website keep getting worse and worse. The old style functioned waaaaaay better than this current version. You better buy away from those adds cause they literally will pop up ANYWHERE, literally you’ll be in the middle of a conversation and there’s a ad. It’s literally the worst and most annoying thing ever. Cool app to just have convos and meet people I’ve had great relationships from it good vibes. I just wish they didn’t try to do too much to keep up and stayed themselves as far as how the old way was. Trying to keep up with the modern world of things is what I believe is creating a issue when manuvering between the app because the bugs were non existent before, now it’s so many twitches and bugs in here it makes no sense. My app literally told me I had 9000+ notifications once. Old version was extremely perfect.
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5 years ago, ZigtheZom
This app is awful. It’s loaded with advertisements and scammers. A lot of accounts are fake accounts and lead to dead ends or worse. Sometimes, you will be forcibly redirected to another site that claims that you’ve won something, you’ve been the 1000th visitor, or you’ve acquired a virus that needs your attention. You then have to completely quit the app or website and log back in just to use the site. It’s very frustrating. Security is not present in this app. I’d be very wary if you use your credit card info. Just don’t do it. What I’m saying is, this app is just shady as can be. Shady is an understatement. Every now and then you will be able to connect with a real person, but they are few and far in between. Even then, you really don’t know if that person is who they say they are. If you’re looking to connect with someone real, use a different app. Out of all the years this app has been accessible, I’m shocked to see how bad it is. I can’t believe it hasn’t been shut down. Using this app is like walking down a dark alley filled with shadowy figures and you don’t even have a flashlight.
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6 years ago, TheEliteDon
Don’t waste your time or money
First of all the community is hostile as hell, bunch of old people being rude. Moco is also scamming it’s own loyal customers for example there is an in app purchase of Gold. If you have V.I.P you can get slightly more gold, but if you purchase it in app you get less gold than buying it from the desktop website, which is stupid. The app needs a redesign. I upgraded from iPhone 5s to iPhone X and it’s just awful cuts off from the top and bottom. The website is filled with fake alternative accounts and not recommended for dating, there is so much pops up to rate the app and there’s even a reward for the best review gets said amount of moco gold which I doubt has happen and only reason why this app has good reviews, in games it requires you to verify if you’re human so many times it’s annoying and gets in the way of your game experience. I’ve been a member since 2010, but I might leave this awful place and I just joined for gaming. I’ve seen this website fall throughout the years. I guess Jamie and Justin just got money hungry.
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6 years ago, Shawn J303
I was abruptly blocked from being able to contact anybody on moco without any explanation from the company (despite numerous requests) or even given a chance to refute any allegations that may have been made against me if it was due to another user submitting a complaint against me to moco’s customer support. I don’t believe I ever once said anything hateful towards any individual of a protected group under the law (I.e race, religion, sexual orientation, etc...), but yet still all of my posts in the chat room and private messages are unable to be seen by other users. I know this because I had several individuals tell me they didn’t get any of my messages. The only explanation I received from moco is that “restrictions” had been placed on my account and would last the life of my account. If you read their Terms of Use you essentially have no options or recourse for disputes. If they subjectively decide you can’t use their service then you can’t. Draw your own conclusions. These are simply the facts from my experience.
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4 years ago, Asa Sparks
Mocospace App support
My name is Asa Sparks but my profile name on Mocospace is asparks. I just wanted to let the creators of Mocospace know that this social website is by far the worst one out of all the social media sites I’m apart of. Can’t enjoy the experience because of the amount of ads that pops up. Can’t find friends because of the amount of ads between each profile. Somebody hacked my page and posted something on my profile or other people’s profile or picture that I had nothing to do with so they blocked and banned my number and email address over something I didn’t even do...not to mention I had a VIP profile that I spent my hard earned money on before they decided to terminate my account without warning. I invested 100s of dollars on MocoSpace and they did me really dirty. I haven’t and I refuse to spend another rusty penny on a unprofessional, unreliable, amateur, website that doesn’t care about its loyal members. If I could rate it a half or corner of a star I would.
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5 years ago, Green Beret 72345
Worst app ever to have been put on App Store
In my opinion this is by far the worst app I’ve ever encountered to date most the people are trouble makers in the site an the interface is worst ever even the games are bad like street wars they keep adding ridiculous updates that cause trouble for us older players in the street wars game by making it easy for new people to cheat the game they’ve added things like supply stealing raiding you name it it creates problems because the other players tend to always go after same person an attack them all time doesn’t seem like MocoSpace wants to correct its problems only add to them an I’ve been off an on this site for years an have played the game street wars for years we didn’t have all this cheating back then now we do and some of us older street wars players are getting tired of it an leaving MocoSpace Justin an Jaime need to fix the issues before adding anything on.
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4 years ago, Roller Coaster Ride
Roller coaster ride
It’s has its moments when you can txt and have a a txt chat, yet overall like I said it has it moments. I usually log in with out app thinking that what the app it would be a better experience. Not at all as Iam responding it stalls can’t respond it takes me also we’re or it freezes up throws me out of moco takes me to a promotional video or something to view with out notice then I need to wait to get back to chat. Takes to long to respond I get inpatient. Now I understand why lots of people on moco ask for other ways of communication. MocoSpace can’t understand after 8 years its not gotten better to communicate to chat with one another.
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9 months ago, Dop33y1
The Ads Are Intrusive And Dangerous
Ok, understand it’s a free app. They need to be their capitalist selves. This app is by far the most out of control app when it comes to ads. The ads are so intrusive I got a message from someone and an ad covered the message preventing me from seeing who was messaging. Then trying to move the ad it accidentally lead me to accept the chat. That is absolutely unacceptable! It’s almost like every action requires some type of ad. This makes the app completely unusable and totally tacky that they are trying to hoard every and any penny they can. If it’s that big of a problem for your greedy stock holders than just make it a paid app. Simple. I do not recommend anyone waste their time on this app the user interface is confusing and literally seems like a money trap. I feel dirty even opening it like it’s a mob of ads! You guys need to relax.
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4 years ago, Bmwiowa
More like nopespace
Those 2 dudes who run moco are some kiddie diddlers. Also the app is unusable. Soon as u open it u get redirected off app to safari for a lame ad. Go back to the moco app and the ad go away. Have to force close app. Reopen app and the same happens. Cant navigate anywhere. Also did i say justin and jamie are some kiddie diddlers? Im only giving 1 star because no star isnt allowed. If your ever in boston look up mocospace address and walk inside to egg them. As its a shared crummy roach motel of a building with other online scam companies. Sounds like a shady kiddie diddlin deliverance forrest of a place. Also a lot of people that meet in person end up raped or murdered or injured. Only because the lowest of the low are attracted to kiddie diddlin moco. Its like starting a job at some low pay, half bankrupt factory that hires 90% ex cons and here you are with a clean record. Fresh meat for the diddlers. Smh
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2 years ago, salinia miso
Terrible now
This app used to be a good place to chat and have fun. The rules have gotten weird and arbitrary. The mods don’t seem to agree on which pics are okay. Ads have become a major issue. I don’t mind ads for the company to make money but it has become ridiculous. You can’t go from one page to another without a pop up as that you can’t get out of due to the design of the pages on the app. It’s too excessive and causes it to crash often. The new format is awful and cumbersome to navigate. You can’t get out of certain pages. Like trying to change my profile pic. If I change my mind, I can’t back out or cancel. It won’t let me move to a different screen unless I upload a pic. It’s just a really bad design which is overrun by crappy ads. I’m looking for a different app now.
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4 years ago, Celtic_Fan34
Used to be good
So let me say I fist joined Mocospace in November 2010 and it was pretty decent. I met alot of people there and the chat rooms used to be packed! Which was a good thing. now theres always been catfishes and fake accounts on there but I want to say after 2014 the site just went downhill! The chatrooms are no longer packed and people on moco are just weirdos now. Theres way too many bots too. The app needs a major upgrade and cleaning but maybe the prime days of mocospace are gone. I used to use it everyday but now i check on it once in a bluemoon. I suggest people to join meetme its much better! You can join live streams and chat like its a chatroom and u can see people faces and its just overall more fun there.
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5 years ago, wtfwhoreallyhasmyname
It’s cool but..
Mocospace is a good pass time app. But I just don’t like when I’m in the chat room and in the part where you type your message,MocoSpace is letting you know who’s coming to your profile and who is also online out of your friends list. But it’s annoying because it pops up right where I’m supposed to type something and it could be about 20 people going to my profile and friends who are online so I have to wait till all of those pop-ups go away before I can write or send my message in the chat room and it’s really irritating can you please put those pop-ups in the middle of the screen instead of right where I need to type and send messages.
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4 years ago, blade0514
Four stars? Um no
I’m not sure how this app has four stars but for me it’s not even worth one. The ads are ridiculous, every third selection is an ad, moving to the chat rooms are nothing but ads, once in the chat doesn’t load current messages fast enough so you have this lag time between messages. Speaking of messages, I would get notified I got one and when I would go to check it, nothing would pop up, no text not even a reason why I can’t see anything. At first I thought it was just click bait but then I recognized one of the people sending me a message and I knew something was up. The text on your own account information doesn’t show up, not even on your profile stuff. All in all it’s a crappy app and I highly recommend you find something else to get.
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7 years ago, !hot31_dogz87!
Don't waste your time
This is a crappy, schemey company. They say you can control who can contact you, but when I changed the age range limits I kept getting messages from people outside the range I specified. Then when you try to delete your account, the mobile site essentially won't let you without paying for "gold" - it's a pop-up that says you have to buy gold if you're using an ad-blocker and the only you can push says "okay, I will." Luckily it's easier to delete your account on the app; however, they didn't send me a confirmation email and my profile was still visible afterwards so I don't believe Mocospace truly deleted. I have serious concerns about my online security now. Just a sketchy site all around, don't waste your time like I did.
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6 years ago, c_1_3_1_0_y_m_4_r
I am a member for olmos 5years I meet there a lot off friends I love to play friendshop I spend most of the time there I create a lot off profile to spend time with friends there but I want to get more help when we need to solve any problem regarding any right now I have an issue with my profiles I can’t send messages to my friends that sad I don’t want to delete my account I love to spend time with friends but if I can’t then please help me with this problem I really appreciate that and I keep enjoying my time there love love
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11 months ago, rezdude74
Social app plagued with bugs and ads.
I hope the developers see this review. I have IOS and the amount of bugs and ads are ridiculous! When going to your main profile, ad. When swiping to chat room, ads, when connecting with games, ads. Fyi, when ads come on when you are responding to your messages, those messages go missing. So, the coding has gone viral or bugs might have the wrong algorithm implanted in it. I understand the company needs to make money to continue the app, but not in the form of ads. And the amount of bots with in the app. It’s insane. I like this app, and found some good friends. Come up with the better games too. We all not mobsters lol.
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5 years ago, teens v
The app has been out for a while and frankly it had some ideas that worked and some didn’t work
You guys need to work on making your ads closable. Cause having to close the whole app just to go into the chat rooms is annoying. Come on guys you can make the app more comfortable for your users. That way there will be more and they won’t leave. Been with you guys for 9 years. Thanks for making the app
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4 years ago, KstarGlam
Mocospace app
The street wars game is cool to play but the recruit for the 5,000 k mob is always glitching doesn’t give the full 12 pages sometimes so u can’t really cap everyday. So messes the game up. To many technical problems that the game has with mob and other glitches. Already contacted them more then once to fix the problem but hasn’t been fixed so thats why i give it 2 stars until they fix the glitches in the game. Also territory wars in street wars also goes slow freezes sometimes. Also battles bounces you out when battling more then once. Also bounces you out when doing missions sometimes too.
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4 years ago, Ms.Zeller
Ghost Messages
You need to fix this bug. I can’t read any of my messages. People keep trying to contact me, and I can see a notification that I’ve gotten a message, then when I click on it I’m just taken to the persons profile..... WHERES THE MESSAGE? The button that says reply just takes you to an empty draft “email” style message and again, NO MESSAGE. Besides going in a chat room, how could this possibly work? Please fix, I likes my app before this started happening. Also maybe get these ads under control on iOS 💀 Jeez. Can’t touch the screen 3 times without an ad. Adding: I now pay 9.99 for VIP treatment and I STILL see all these ads?! I’m mad mad.
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6 months ago, The #1 boo
Miss little not satisfied with this app
Okay for one it's a dirty app with men and women showing their privates everywhere on the wall and posting messages it doesn't matter, it's actually degrading for a woman like me I'm trying to find a decent man but there are nothing but players. Plus scammers it's terrible please fix it and I can understand that Ads are necessary but does they really need to be everywhere? Even in the messages I can't see the message because there's a Ad blocking it in my way! So I don'tsee anything!
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6 years ago, GodsOnEarth
The app is very slow as if this was an app from 10 yrs when i first discovered moco. I almost rather delete the app & just go through my regular internet browser to use it like i use to. Great way to meet people from everywhere but theres also alot of robot avatar profiles that get annoying. Needs speed & an upgraded layout. Very old fashioned & no real work put into the app. This would have been a way to introduce a new generation to moco for a networking platform via : iG, Twitter ect.. Needs alot of work.
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8 months ago, shyboredbree
Muted for no reason
I got muted for no reason. I don’t really talk to people. I made this to make friends only. But got hooked on the game more then talking. I am married as well which is why I made this. So we could buy each other for fun. I liked the daily free spin. But after 3 days it stop giving it to me. I waited a week or more till I emailed them. That's when I found out I was muted. I was so confused. I didn’t know why. I still don’t know why. I didn’t do anything against their rules. I looked it up. I guess I’m not the only one who has been. Well anyways I looked at all my notifications and couldn’t find one telling me the reason as to why I was muted. Or anything about it. For this reason and also just getting lots of message that makes me feel uncomfortable even after posting that I’m married looking for friends. Is the reason I’m giving it a low rating. (Muting me for no reason 90% of it tho.)
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6 years ago, Brian4241
Meh 🤷🏻‍♂️
It’s something to do when I’m bored. If I had more money I would DEFINITELY be getting out the house then spending time on this app. ~Bootleg Facebook~ it’s like Facebook and tinder had a baby that nobody wanted to take care of. Sorry but it’s true I only use it because I’m bored with nothing else better to do. If I could sleep more then it would be a better reason than using this app. Just get out and make friends. He’ll make friends at work and just watch how much you drink around them. Same thing!
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1 year ago, Alicialovebird
Notification issue
I should have gave it 5 stars but not all notification that popped up and most time you need to click on the app and refresh to be aware of a new message. Besides that it a nice app to meet new people and a app you could find a genuine connection. I promise where ever you are in state you won’t regret singing up for it…
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4 years ago, Lil Seyz
Autocratic review
I am very pleased with the performance of this App, and I hope one day, in the near future. The designers and creators, might work with me, in helping to assist me in creating the vision I have shared with them, upon conception. Earth level 2.. I am so Amazed that I can write a tweet, and for it to reach so many people internationally. I am in love with the app, but the name though, it’s just kinda, I dunno begging for a change🥴
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5 years ago, Chuglets
The app has been around for a while, but the female community has a two way problem. Either they go looking for problems and they let the other men think that the rest of the female community is the same way. However, you can meet a ton of people off of this, but creeps are everywhere.
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6 years ago, Geo886
Bugs and more Bugs
This app has more bugs than a crack house. There is always some ridiculous amount of notifications but in reality you may have one or two. Also trying to read a profile, just to have a pop up add cover half if not all of the screen which forces you to shut the app down, makes this app completely useless and crusty as hell to use. Then when you try and type in chat half the time the words don’t even show up, again forcing you to close the app. MocoSpace get your app together!! Until then this app deserves less than 1 star.
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3 months ago, guillermo_granados
while the site itself delivers on the most basic of human interactions, the site has in recent years become incredibly woke and as a paid subscriber find it increasingly frustrating that after paying in three month increments for VIP, my profile is muted so i can’t post. Do not pay for VIP folks , the actual benefits of a VIP subscription are vastly different from the stated VIP benefits. Issues VIP subscribers may have are not resolved by actual people, and are given no priority when they have a problem. Admin is a bot, no integrity whatsoever in their business practices.
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1 year ago, Eddie3Stripes
Nothing but ADS and lots of “content” sellers and BOTS
Basically just a money hungry all now. Developers have ADS everywhere and they’re also unavoidable and will open the App Store to try to get you to download these scam gambling apps. To make things worse, chat rooms are FULL of girls advertising their onlyfans or trying to sell “content”. Mocospace does nothing to block these spam posters or bot accounts that post the same thing in every single chatroom nonstop. Lastly, you’ll probably get muted for “violations” and have no clue what you did. No-one to contact to resolve the issue.
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4 years ago, Sandy Cooksey
Pop-up adds🤦🏽‍♀️
What happened MocoSpace I been on this site off and on since 2008 and it’s getting worse and worse with the phone app, loads slow, it use to let you see your friends friends you have to pay to search for your certain race, too many issues to make someone pay, or when you click to go back to homepage the screen turns black I wait for 1 minute and it still black so I have to turn my phone off/on, I know things change but this is annoying
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6 months ago, raiderettebc1
I just made my account today an not even 10 minutes after making my account the either muting me or blocked me for what reason I didn’t even get into anything yet I couldn’t because I was somehow muted or blocked, which makes no sense when you just make a account. They need to get on the ball and fix this ASAP. Because I can’t even get in the chats can’t even get notifications nothing.
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3 years ago, rippedoffpurchase
Find a better chat site
Don’t recommend. You get muted constantly for telling the creepy men off. They let these nasty creepy pedophilic men on here who harass women sending unsolicited sexual images as well. Men will call you names and even threaten you and try to meet up with you to have sex. Then there’s the druggies who are looking for hard drugs and to sell blowing up the chats. The women here are often fake and or selling nudes. Moco space caters to the men on there 100% and it’s disgusting. Rarely do you get a decent conversation. Find something else to go on other then this.
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4 years ago, VGK2019
The admins for this app discriminates!!
I just recently created an account for MocoSpace and I’m new to the site and app and my account was muted for no reason or no explanation given!! I hadn’t even spoken with anyone yet or messaged anyone and when I asked MocoSpace why I can’t message people I was told it was because I had been muted and they can’t give an explanation or reverse the decision. Flat out discrimination, and they discriminated based on sexual orientation, race, and gender!! This website and app needs a class action lawsuit slapped against them for doing this to people and I’m going to make sure a lawsuit against them happens!!
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2 years ago, Zxix
FriendShop is out of control
Your game Friendshop is nothing but a platform for cyber-bullying, racism, sexism, and just about any unfounded hatred imaginable. Your loose account management (users with multiple, alias accounts) lends itself to use as a communication tool for drug, human, organ, and other illegal trafficking activities. If you had any interest in the common good, instead of just making your buck, you would kill this game, and re-engineer it to include account restriction, in game moderation, and set and enforced rules for play.
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5 years ago, bunji430
All my men/and one lunatic
I’ve met some wonderful men on here 95% and still see and talk to a lot of them... Moco helped me thru a very difficult time I was going thru... 3 1/2 years ago...I did have one bad experience I don’t talk about but it almost cost me my life that’s all I’ll say....but my own stupidity.... I like being on Moco... I guess it’s the attention They give me....
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5 years ago, Tiffm92
Making my profiles spam
I’m give it a five star rating but the app has marked three different accounts as spam. Can you explain why that keeps happening? I’m quite annoyed I can make it in my web browser and it’s not a spam account. I’ve been on mocospace since 2010 but took a three year break because it was marking every account I made as spam. Please help me fix my problem or at least explain why I can make it in my browser and it’s normal but on the app it’s marked as a spam account
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4 years ago, kryptonite760
It’s great
The app is great. The games you can play while chatting are great too. Only thing is when to many people report your page thinking your fake your page gets deleted. I wish there was a way we could go live on the app so people can see us.
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5 years ago, Numberonefanonthego
Moco Geek
I've been on Moco for years now and I love it. It's a cool site to stay in contact with your friends and make some new ones. The games are awesome and you can upload music to your profile. You can earn badges by doing different things like adding picture or how often you play games. I highly recommend it.
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5 years ago, The_Ms_Jessica
White screens
I’ve been on here on and off for about 7 years. I am always getting a white screen after closing the initial ad, which means I always have to reload the app at least 5 times before it actually works for me. And even then, it’s still not guaranteed to work. Can’t back out of peoples profiles when I click them on accident without sending a message or shutting down the app and restarting. I understand that I’m using the free version but jeeze, relax on the ads!
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6 years ago, Dennis says:
Moco Rocks!
Mocospace has been a trendsetter for the longest. They are supercool for the masses. Many of which felt kind of shunned at other sites. They found a neat little place to digitally reside while the big dawgs became more and more corporatized- moco stayed cute and campy. The owners and partners should be proud of how things have evolved. Thank you Moco for keepin it real, and keepin it real fun. Sincerely Dennis House. 🌎💜🎶🚲☕️😎🙏🌅🌎😘👍 .
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6 years ago, The Tested and Failed
Enables Prostitution, Drug Dealing , and Social Degradation
If your child has this on ANY device REMOVE it NOW.. this app enables drug dealers , prostitutes and sexual predators to communicate with each other and possibly your children . People are sick and demented by saying and believing things that are rumors spread by individuals . It also enables convicts to communicate with the outside world within jail ... because that all this app consists of is people talking . Like that old saying goes “never talk to strangers” this app is a parents worst nightmare. Please delete and remove this app FOREVER from App Store like they did with cregslist personals .
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5 years ago, BigRo112
Where's the support?
Hard to believe the functionality of this app. Sometimes I have to close it all the way out because I couldn't go ⬅️. I don't know what it is but iPhones just notoriously don't have a ⬅️ button. The site itself is horrible as well. I only downloaded the app because I assumed it would function better. And then when it comes to the selection of women in my city? Look.. live with these 3 stars.
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2 years ago, Jamal.95
More app interface then website interface
Make more on all all, this is basically like u went added to home screen from the web, reminds me of my space and looks just like tagged. Unless tagged and Moco are ran/owned by the same ppl/ then when u accept a friend request, it automatically sends them a message saying you accepted it . That’s also needs to stop
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4 years ago, PhillyFan1988
Worse app ever
If you want constant ads while your on this app, then this app is for you. After giving this app a try I was done with it in about 12 hours. Everytime you want to browse or message someone there is an ad that pops up. But what made me delete the app is everytime I came on the app it forces you to watch a 10 second advertisement before you can check your messages or a do a search. Let’s not forget the constant fake people that constantly message you. Please I implore you do not waste your time on this app.
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5 years ago, Bashhyybash
Worst app ever -8
This has got to be the worst app available for download like this is so trash like he web browser works way better nothing on the app works there’s not even a back button on the app u gonna find ways to starts all the way over because u can’t go backwards if u click on a person in a Groupchat u have to either message them or go on there page to go back to the chat u can’t just back space that’s corny the app always freezing nothing at all this the worst app I have ever used in my life please kill micro space
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6 years ago, truthtella187
Beware suspicious activities
This website mad suspicious when you make the profile the first thing they do is beg for your information (debit) credit and phone number to verifying profile then it will for an hour won’t allow you to verify until all the Indians from india and Pakistan view your page to steal info then when they fail or succeed then moco will automatically verify your profile 😄 this website a joke don’t download or use it a lot of fake profiles and prostitution and child molestors This is what they support 👍
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7 years ago, Clarity25
Okay first of all, I’ve been using this app for so long and didn’t have anything wrong until few weeks ago. All of sudden, nobody can see my posts in the chatroom. Not at all. My friend thought that someone must’ve report me, but if someone would, why everybody can’t even see me posting in the chatroom at all?! So I tried to make a new account as my friend suggested me to, incase it happened to be my account that has the prob. Guess what? NOT EVEN A SINGLE PERSON CAN SEE MY POSTS IN THE CHATROOM USING THE NEW ACCOUNT. This literally making me frustrated so much. FIX THIS PLS.
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4 years ago, 1993D.L.N
Can’t post private pictures
I do not understand why I cannot post private pictures when other people have private pictures, some even post half naked pictures and pictures in their underwear that are not private but I can’t post anything but a face pic, I even tried posting a picture of my shadow and it still get removed, I’m losing interest, I already don’t even like dating apps, but for like the third time I’m giving this one a try, the last profile I had on this app was about seven years ago.
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