Modern Combat 5

4.7 (193.6K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Modern Combat 5

4.69 out of 5
193.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Marvin333k
U really really need a new better update. 🙂
New update is messing with everything. Some guns fire slower and your hits don't always register. Me and another player were shooting each other, NOT MOVING,for like 30 seconds and neither of us were taking ANY damage. Finally his shot registered and killed me but nothing else worked. Point system is all wrong. Capture the flag for instance, one match I played I killed the most on my team and we won the game! All I got was 3 points. It is based off the kills of the other enemy as well. If someone on the other team kills more than you, you could even get negative points even if you win and are top team player. Not based much on weather you win or capture the enemies flag or support a team mate that has it. Last man standing kills should be huge! If that player wins you the game after he or she is the last alive! Those should be never awarded negative points. Never! Worst feeling in game. Beat it for your team and still get points deducted. I get it's based on player matching but it's more than that too. You should never see those points. It should be behind the scenes.
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4 years ago, bigcheeki boi
Go back to old MC5 PLZ
back then I used to love this game when I was like 10 years old u would easily have grind time the next gun with do instead of blueprints which are annoying to get since it’s just a pay to win game and have to grind all ur money away to get this prestige gun thats really rare and a lot people use. The one other thing is just plz just plz fix some gun like the shotgun turret that shoots u like 60meters away and takes away 25 hp away from you and not just give this oooh cool gold skin bec a lot of turret class people like to use this turret. Just instead of making ooh cool zombie events or selling gold skins or jades just fix the game instead. Also one other big gun to fix is the severance shotgun for the love of god it’s way too OP like the reload speed is way to quick when it has 14 bullets and the fire rate just please turn it down just a bit. One other problem that u might not notice to is maybe the rank. Like when I’m in diamond league there’s sometimes bronze or silver people in my game that are level 10 that are just starting the game and it’s not rare at all I’ve seen it like 5 times in 10 rounds in total. Like I’ve tried to switch to codmobile but it’s kinda the same but there putting to many updates in that some of the guns are too over powered. All would I ask for is just to put the guns like MCV where u would grind for a gun or class maybe I’m not trying to sound angry but just fix some issues and not just pay to win stuff instead.
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4 years ago, Jasiah45
Mainly a Nintendo switch problem.
Lemme start off by saying that i used to LOVE this game. At the time it was pretty much one of the only good FPS’s on the app store at the time. I dont mind in game purchases that much, just as long as i have fun. Campaign great. Multiplayer is alright. Battle royale is great to. But time and time again it can get a little boring after a while. One of the main reasons why was when i bought the game on my switch. One thing already, its $20 for a free game on phone. Gameloft does not update the switch version, meaning it gets really boring after a while. No horde mode, no battle royale. Just multiplayer and campaign. And on the switch the fps and graphics are dumbed down alot. This discouraged me to play the game at all even on my phone. Then I finally decided to re-download mc5 on my phone. I realized how much more it has than switch. All i ask is a little more performance on the switch. I am okay with playing on my phone, but playing a game like this on my switch will be amazing. There is a few things you would have to update on switch. 1. When you run, the camera should not zoom in that far. 2. Fps is crazy and all over the place. And then 3. Other game modes, and updates regularly. Great game, just please update the switch version more. I would like to read your response.
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6 years ago, the P.E.K.K.A ruler
What the hell?!
I used to love this game. It was really fun and I got to play with different people from all around the world. But the ads. I do not mind the ads, but it gets annoying when the ads either buffer for so long, or they suddenly go back like 5 seconds , so I’m essentially watching the same ad for over double the amount of time. If I spend double the time watching the same ad, I should get double the rewards. There are also incidences when you watch ads for rewards and it states that your connection was low so you cannot watch the ad. If they are going to guarantee you a reward for watching an ad, you cannot simply not provide an ad for the player to watch. This sort of problem needs to be fixed. I sure hope an update will come soon because I just don’t get the rewards I want when I do what’s asked. Also, the beta version of Battle Royale was really fun, but for some reason, after they updated the app, the game just stoped working. It seems to be on an endless loop of loading. How could this sort of thing happen, if you just recently updated an app that is supposed to fix bug issues or just simply maintenance. Anyway, I hope this kind of problem is solved soon, otherwise this would be a really crappy game.
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6 years ago, E&J+L
Don’t update.
New update is messing with everything. Some guns fire slower and your hits don’t always register. Me and another player were shooting each other, NOT MOVING, for like 30 seconds and neither of us were taking ANY damage. Finally his shot registered and killed me but nothing else worked. Point system is all wrong. Capture the flag for instance, one match I played I killed the most on my team and we won the game! All I got was 3 points. It is based off the kills of the other enemy as well. If someone on the other team kills more than you, you could even get negative points even if you win and are top team player. Not based much on weather you win or capture the enemies flag or support a team mate that has it. Last man standing kills should be huge! If that player wins you the game after he or she is the last alive! Those should be never awarded negative points. Never! Worst feeling in game. Beat it for your team and still get points deducted. I get it’s based on player matching but it’s more than that too. You should never see those points. It should be behind the scenes.
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6 years ago, seeturner
My second review(So far...)
Okay, so first if all, this game isn’t really bad. There’s nice graphics, and it’s a pretty good shooter for a mobile game. But, Gameloft is greedy, and that ruins the fun. For example, I was saving up for a really cool bundle. But as I progressed in the game it got harder. I replayed one level 20 times before I passed it, and I spent credits cause I got so fired up about it. At one point I slammed my iPhone on the floor, point being that the game is literally set up so that it’s all a trap they want you to spend money because they’re a bunch of greedy hogs. The harder the game gets, the more angry you get at the game, the more money you spend, on credits for a full recharge of energy, just for the whole thing to happen again. If I don’t see improvements soon I’m taking the game off my phone. Another thing, ads. I’ve never seen so many ads in one game. Every time one goes away, another comes up. Ads are another way they get money, and that’s why they want to jack it up with them. So they get money! Games like clash of clans make twice as much money as you because they don’t make players rage on there phones and spend like $60+ on stupid credits. But, I’m gonna be fair, and if you ask me on gameplay and graphics or even ease of controls I’d give it a 4 out of 5.
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6 years ago, whiplash137
Why so many haters??
Personally, the best FPS game in the App Store. I don’t see how anyone can’t love this game. It runs perfectly, plays smoothly, controls are easily adaptable and controllable, plenty of characters to fit you’re tactical needs— seriously, the developers need a big reward. They weren’t lowing when they said it takes the best from COD. Just one easily fixable issue: the knife button is tricky to control. Because you have to be a certain distance and direction for it to work, knifing is one of the hardest things to do in-game. A suggestion would be to enable knifing all the time like any other control, but you still have to be a certain distance and direction for it to work. It would make it way more controllable and easy to handle instead of getting blasted by a shotgun once they realize you were trying to knife them. Keep it up and try introducing some new characters you can have through leveling up (or buying... be sure to mention what level). Also try new combinations of weapons and abilities for the new characters. Thanks for reading.
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7 years ago, Justinlancegilstrap
Modern combat 5
This game was one of my favorite games to play. But now it’s getting to be one of the worst games. The biggest issue that I’m seeing is that you don’t earn enough coins when playing in team plays or any other games. Now the biggest problem is that my WiFi sign at the top of the page goes red and they can kill you but you can’t kill them. I was being told that it was my WiFi but it’s not I had my internet company come out to look over everything and nothing is wrong I’m getting 100 mbps so no problem there. So it’s the game...... so when that happens you have to stop the game and clear it out and then restart another game and lose any coins that you could have earned. Fix the game or take it down..................... over a month later and another update and update to the game and still have the same problem. Your WiFi symbol at the top of the screen goes red and you can’t kill anyone but they can still kill you. Now after the update every time I try to play the game and it brings the app up it tells me to update the game and it’s already been updated. This game is a piece of junk and if they don’t get their crap together I’m going to delete. Other than that the game is a really fun game just not when all the failure starts happening and you have to lose the game you started.
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4 years ago, tyshahsha
It’s unfair
Ok the title maybe make me look like a crybaby but it’s true the game is just unfair in a lot of ways like there is a energy bar witch runs out so fast you can only play like 2 rounds of the campaign Then you can only play the multiplayer witch I don’t like it needs a lot of work all I play is the campaign and I think I’m on one of the last missions right and it’s supposed to hard but you have to clear rooms by opening then door then throwing a flash bang in then it’s all slow motion like the modern warfare games but the last one you have to do is just dumb you have to try’s and there is a guy wit a bomb on him you have to shoot him before he detonates the bomb and you have to hip fire it because the game aiming is so delayed when you go in slow motion because even shooting him in the head after you aim you fail the mission even hip firing is hard the aiming is to slow and some of the missions are to easy and some of them are way to hard the only thing that makes the game good is of course the graphics some of the best I have ever seen in a game I also play cod mobile so that’s another reason why I don’t like the multiplayer and there is so many things good and bad in the game
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10 months ago, OneAd___
No sound, please help!!
So I just started playing this game a few hours ago, I normally don’t write reviews but I will for this game because i actually need to. The game itself is great, its everything you’d expect in a gameloft FPS. amazing graphics, sound, and the player experience is great. Crisp controls and all around fun to play. But….THIS IS WHY I’M WRITING THIS REWIEW, sorry for the all caps. I just did that to get the devs to notice. Every time I have to watch an ad the game bugs out and I lose sound. When the ad is over and I return to the game the sound is completely gone. I’ve tried minimizing the screen and getting the game to reload that way rather than having to log all the way out and back in but nothing. I can’t get the sound back until I do just that. Having to log out and back in after every ad is very frustrating and will make players quit very quickly. I even spent $1.99 to stop the ad’s but I still want o be able to watch the ad’s after each mission to double my EXP. PLEASE HELP!! I want to continue playing because it is actually a really fun game.
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5 years ago, N.O.V.A rocks
Good gameplay but campaign could use work
I have played Gameloft’s games since the original modern combat and they get better every game, but MC5’s campaign was a bit disappointing, in the fact that to move on you had to do multiple spec ops missions that sort of waste time. Another aspect I don’t like is the fact it requires WiFi or data to play. One of the things I found so great about the past MC franchise games was they were FPS games that could be played anywhere and their campaigns had great replayability. I like the more classic linear style of the older games. Overall, as a veteran player of these games, I like the old style much more. And maybe in the next version of this or even NOVA, introduce a difficulty system like Call of Duty or Halo. And DO NOT REQUIRE WIFI TO PLAY! Otherwise, it’s an awesome game. And maybe try an open world multiplayer? I may be asking a lot but I consider Gameloft one of the best developers and I know they can do that. WiFi is good for multiplayer, but not the campaign. And also introduce an air combat mission? Love the series, keep up the great work!
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7 years ago, meisterdibbles
This game is awesome don’t get me wrong it one thing that bothers me is that on multiplayer you can’t choose your game mode and map and then join a server with players that picked the same map and game mode that you did. On games like pixel gun and blitz brigade And battlefront one and two you can which makes them more popular Also it needs to be easier to get guns and to unlock classes otherwise for people like me who have those almost instant kill laser weapons that are almost impossible to get it will be just too easy and that’s another thing. Competition. So you have guys like me who get lucky and unlock an op weapon early on in the game and then those other people who get awful weapons. So for me I enjoy using lower tier weapons to challenge myself more. But for other players who aren’t as good they are having a difficult time leveling up. So please take away those op weapons and make the game more fun. Please take this into consideration. THX
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6 years ago, god_king666
Great game pay to win ruins it
I love this game. But it has slowly gotten worse. With every update they milk more money out of the player. You can avoid this with lots of grinding and watching ads. I’ve been playing this game for a few years but with every year that passes the more expensive it is to get good gear. When I first got this game I said I wouldn’t buy anything but now I’ve spent about 35$ on the game. It’s to hard to get good gear with out spending money in the game and the good gear is op and almost impossible to beat if you are just starting the game. I feel like they should cut the time that it takes to buy blue prints in haft but keep the time that it takes to buy armor the same. That’s just something that I think would make the game much more fun and enjoyable for players that just started and wouldn’t make it to easy to get op gear. Other then the pay to win aspects of the game it’s a totally amazing game. If not for the pay to win then this game would be a perfect 5/5 stars this the best mobile games I’ve ever played. If you want to avoid spending money on the game your going to have to put endless hours of grinding into the game.
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6 years ago, Ryzen Mike
Great game! Huge disappointment!
Really wanted to give 5 stars but since they sold out and followed the greedy trend just 2. I’ve been a fan of Modern combat since I found it a few years back. It was unbelievable how great the game was if not better then COD! But now with MC5 you have to spend $$$ to advance. Worst route any company can do! You lose more $$$ then you make. Now a days it seems like people are trying to make gaming as bad and as addictive as gambling! I refuse to play games like this, sure the games are great except the fact the game is scamming / hustling me to keep playing and spend money. I’d rather just buy $1-$10 game the gameplay is always better. I get the company is trying to make $$$ but there’s good / smart ways and dumb / greedy ways like this! Make more games, take better care of your employees so there cost of living is low and you can pay them lower wages. Invest in the right resources so your over head is low. And don’t be greedy, greedy people and companies lose more money then they make! The biggest class is the poor so why screw them? Take care of them and they will take care of you, win, win.
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4 years ago, Echo240
Bring it back!
This is a great game. I am not gonna lie. It gets a little bit repetitive when you don’t have any new missions to do, but it is a VERY exciting game, but this is more of a request, and it is not about this game. It is about Modern Combat 3. I know it is older and the graphics aren’t as realistic, but I have loved that one for years. It was my second favorite mobile app ever for a long time (when I was crazy into cars), but then, one day... “Modern Combat 3 cannot be played until updated.” I deleted it to make room for new apps even though I didn’t want to. I tried to get it back one day, and to my surprise, I couldn’t find it anywhere! I don’t know what it is, but there was something about the game that I just loved so much. So if it is possible, please bring that game back. I want more mobile military games with an actual campaign, and that game almost always comes to mind. Modern Combat 5 is still good though. It’s a great game, but I also want to go back to the good ol’ days. Thanks for reading this review!
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7 years ago, AmirZabihi
Hate infiltrator
I love this game, everyday play and never get enough of it, how can u ruin such an amazing game by a badge called infiltrator! I believe either u don't play it, or if u do, u don't love it urself too. Cuz if u just play it once, u can see how infiltrator making the whole game ridiculously more ridiculous than ridiculous! I'm not saying these because I don't have it cuz I have many of that, but just don't use, because it's not fair to other players. I understand that u put such an update to increase your revenue but this approach would not get u anywhere because of the awful long term effects it would have. Come on guys u made enough money out of it now please admit it's a bad idea and remove it. I still love this game if you remove that crazy update and I'm sure plenty of guys out there are the same. Please please please do the right thing and give us our beautiful game back!
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5 years ago, mahogany train
Kinda Pay-to-win (please tweak)
This game isn’t bad by any means, The gameplay is fun, and the graphics are fairly good for an iOS game, however, it shoves to many ads in your face and it try’s to get you to purchase too many things to improve your gameplay. Yes, you can earn most of the things in the shop however if you buy them it won’t take anywhere near as long. That is where this game is flawed, it’s too pushy about wanting you to buy things so you can progress faster, for example I’ve played this game for about an hour and already I’ve had eight ads wanting me to watch a video so I can earn a special currency to quickly progress through the game to buy new weapons, Skins, helmets, etc. All I think, is that you shouldn’t pollute your game with ads and other things that just want you to spend money, please don’t ruin your game with a pay to win agenda. Once again, I love this game it has easily become one of my favorites and I don’t want to delete it because it gets too annoying and frustrating from ad after ad.
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3 years ago, talallllalalalala
DO NOT PURCHASE IN APP FEATURES!!!!!!!! I have been paying $12 for veteren feature for 8 years and past 2 months the power energy unlimited has not been added waisting 2 months payment on literally the same things and missing power feature. This is misleading purchase! spoke to customer support and they only send game points which is useless and cost for points is less than $1 but i have paid for full strength in game but they only credited for points which i dont use and only acknoledged 1 month payment. I have said this is the second month you have not given me the feature i paid for. All i ask now is refund the last 2 months payments and ill delete the app for good. This is waste of my time and every new player. Keep in mind the customer support are giving insufficient information as to why they cannot send the full features i paid for. The issue is. They receive the monthly payments on TIME BUT CANNOT GIVE BACK WHAT WE PAY FOR. REDICULUS. THIS IS LAST TIME I MESSAGED THEM AND THE LAST MESSAGE I WILL EVER REVIEW ON THIS GAME AND END OF ROAD FOR ME. I RATHER PLAY WITH RATS THEN KNOW YOU DISTRESSED ME TO THE POINT OF WAITING FOR 2 MONTHS AND HAD TO GET A TRANSLATED TO TYPE THIS
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6 years ago, Jninjadud
Glitches not being fixed
I love this game. I bought it long ago when it was for sale and have been playing it for years! The problems though are not being fixed. 1. Reporting a player for hacking should not be as time consuming as it is. When you playing multiplayer matches, the only way to report is when the match is over and you have the time that’s counting down to the next match to select who hacked, what category, and write a description. Maybe just leave it at the category. There are usually always multiple hackers and you only get to report one by the time the time runs out. 2. I’m playing on an iPad mini 4th gen and each time I log on I have to switch the subtitles in setting to on or off so the audio will work. Same for each and every match I play. The newest update though, when I do that, the button for return to game disappears so I can’t get back to the game. It’s been like this for months. Please fix it. Thank you for trying a new mode and bigger map. I’m getting excited!
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7 years ago, Dragneal Zaden
My favorite app
I love this game. The multiplayer part is obviously the main focus of the game. It is however beyond me why it is online only. The Story mode is single player only. So why on earth make this game online only. At least put an offline practice mode as an option. AI skirmish. Also, would be cool to add more Melee and Mobility options for the player. If another player activates a Melee kill, add a counter move. Such as a over the shoulder toss followed by an execution style head shot. But the countering player must tap the action icon quickly. This could also be used by Melee attackers. Far as mobility, slides, wall run climes on added higher platforms, back to the wall cover and such. I love this game, but again, a SINGLE PLAYER ONLINE STORY MODE DOSE NOT MAKE ANY SENSE. GET REAL PEOPLE!! I don't mind using my memory to have the offline option. I would hop up and down if this option come to be. NOT LYING! THANKS FOR A GREAT GAME. I WISH I WERE AS KNOWLEDGEABLE AND TALENTED AS YOU GUYS. DON'T HOLD BACK, SHOW YOUR TALENT AS FAR AS YOU CAN TAKE IT, AND THEN SURPASS THAT.
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5 years ago, DarkKent00
Update. Finally a update and none of the complaints have been addressed. All glitching is still present. Even more so now. Game still unbalanced. Apple Watch support removed. Takes longer to load. Smh Pathetic... This game is the worst modern combat ever. Completely unbalanced. Way too many hackers. Non of the complaints by the users are even being acknowledged. It makes no sense why the game is multiplayer only on wifi when my lte speeds are faster than most wifi networks. And the constant disconnects from the network keep wasting my energy to prevent me from playing the game. The ads between every screen are soo annoying. They knock u out to he app then u have to go back with means the app has to reload to then be bombarded with more ads. No I don't wanna play forza or see it every time I'm switching the screen. It's not even a iOS game so stop spamming me with it. When will they realize this makes people not want to have anything to do with whatever they're trying to advertise. It takes way too long to get any decent weapon to compete with all the hackers. All in all this game is being deleted. No one even plays this crap any more. Done.
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5 years ago, iloveicetea
Point algorithm is all wrong
I have had many convos with gameloft about the point system many players agree that to maintain diamond in multiplayer is nearly impossible. I have had Games where I had 17 kills and 3 deaths and got a negative 28 points!!! WHY????? There is and should not be any excuse for this. There are times in vip where there are only two vs two and I beat the vip 50-0 and have 9 kills and 0 deaths and then get -32 points!!!!! This needs to be fixed or ill def delete and quit the game!!! Another issue is the game quits in duel mid game I have good reception and or good WiFi it has happened over 20 times and each time if I were to finish duel at the most usually I get on 2 points to win but if I unexpectedly leave the game I lose 10 points I have lost over 200 points. I have deleted and reinstalled the game 9 times already. It’s sad that I let this bother me but all these issues are only a few that I gave to deal with. I want these issues to be fixed so that I can enjoy the game. Just like the game says before each start. “Keep calm and have fun this I just a game”. I don’t know how that is possible!! Later I’m SUPASTAR!!!!!
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6 years ago, lolman426832
Glitches on iPhone 6s 2017
I have an IPhone 6S and well my phone runs buttery smooth even though I had it for almost 2 years. I keep my phones in great condition hardware and software wise but with each update of this game more issues become prevelant. I think this game is the best mobile game ever don’t get me wrong but why is it that this game never used to glitch or freeze up before and with the latest updates it cause problems like glitching out when I’m playing online which is quite annoying. I don’t want to upgrade my phone just to play a game so please fix this because my processor can more than handle this game it’s just bugs that you all need to sort out so please fix it. Reply to developer: I reinstalled the app and it still seems to stutter a bit sometimes and this is still quite annoying especially when I’m playing online. I still love this game but please tell me another way to try and fix this or update the app please.
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5 years ago, truedichotomy
Great game if you have Veteran status
I thoroughly enjoy this game since the beginning of its release. One of its appeals is that it is at least somewhat rooted in reality. However, I probably wouldn’t enjoy it as much if I had to start from scratch today. It would take so much money today to get what I have earned through game playing. Although I’m not in the top league I can still hold my own against reasonably good players. The team battle in multiplayer mode is excellent. I am however not a fan of the fancy new experimental weapons that has no basis in reality. They simply detract from otherwise great gameplay. My recommendation is to add a three team mode where they battle each other. Also add some more realism by enabling friendly fire. Lastly, please get rid of that left side firing button on the HUD. It didn’t used to be there, I never use it, and it’s distracting.
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5 years ago, Can't sort
Fun game, lots of bugs recently
I really enjoy the game and the multi-player gameplay. It’s what keeps me coming back every day. I’m not always sure how the algorithm works to match players of different levels in multi-player mode. I’ve been supremely frustrated playing against players in Diamond League when I’m not at that skill level. The latest updates over the last few weeks have been very buggy overall and especially in multi-player mode. Using the SteelSeries Nimbus controller and even when I’ve disconnected the controller, I’ve had issues where: 1) I cannot aim down the sights in multi-player mode; 2) I’ve lost the ability to move around in multi-player mode, I can only move the view; 3) the video playback fails when I try to watch to obtain new boxes (combat, weapons, bounty, marauder) so I cannot receive new blueprints for free; 4) the app will crash and close occasionally during gameplay in multi-player mode. Please review and fix the bugs to make the game more stable.
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5 years ago, de-master-of-all-777
Coulda Had Potential
Fun game, reminiscent of the old IOS with its use of buggy and bulky controls and very cheesy graphics. No matter how fast your internet is or how new your phone is, you’ll never experience SMOOTH gameplay. The game itself has the outline of a mindless, time-killer game that you would maybe play in the doctors office. The inter grated multiplayer is the kicker though. people who have realized that this game is built strictly on a PAY-TO-PLAY(WIN) agenda leave the multiplayer useless for anyone not willing to pay up to $100 DOLLARS on a crate that is just a 50/50 chance of success. Leaving the honest kid on his phone bored and defeated because he doesn’t want to pay an outrageous price for a shooter that is 1:5 on the App Store. And boy, do they want you to see those advertisements! But not bad enough apparently because I have high tier internet, an iPhone XR, no problem streaming or performing on my phone, and yet their ads never want to load. I personally think they purposefully do it to get underspending users to pay more. OVERALL better options are on the App Store until Modern “Cashout” 5 attempts something better.
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6 years ago, RubyEmeraldkillerX
Game is disappointing
This game of what I've seen from senior players is that this game was great, BACK THEN. Now it's just a garbage game that I never play anymore, sure it rewards people on ranked multiplayer, but you have to have an insane K/D, somewhere around 5-6 K/D. Also it rewards people when buying stuff, which I can get but when it rewards people TOO much for buying their in-game currency, it gets really unfair. Also I think the prestige weapons are too overpowered, firstly it can wipe through any kind of armor like it's butter which I hate, secondly they have insane stats for what they are, All I want is to make this game good again when Gameloft was making incredible games. But for now I just have to live with this game being terrible, as you can see from the title, you don't "The Multiplayer eSports Game" you just see Modern Combat 5, that's it, which shows a sign that eSports isn't a thing now for MC5, it was almost 2 years ago, now they don't even do eSports, that's a big enough sign on it's own. This game just isn't fun for me anymore, until then I'll just be playing other games like Lineage 2: Revolution.
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6 years ago, Ebwann0913
Really fun!
The problem I have is that some players are really good and some players can’t be killed and they kill twice as fast. I can tell now because I have every gun and all armor including paragon. These players, when I finally kill them I get a bonus for killing bounty hunter class when they are everything but bounty. A lot of them are tier one or 2 armor and a prestige weapon or visa versa it started to happen a lot after the update that stopped using diamond dust to rent weapons. Also, the vice!! U changed it to semi auto and now the gun is useless there is no reason to use it when dread eye is same but so much more powerful. Both of those reasons and more are why I have cut back on playing mc5 about 75%. By the way it’s not pay to win anymore I have to have crazy skills now since weapon balancing, which is pretty fair for the most part now.
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5 years ago, Yo Yo Johnson
They ruined their own product
This game used to be awesome. The multiplayer mode, especially, has been unparalleled on a mobile platform. Something has happened to the structure of the game in recent times, I assume, as a result of growing pressure to make more revenue from the game by showing ads. Personally, I have no problem with ads. Even double the amount of ads would be fine for me — if it wasn’t for the way they’re currently doing it. Currently, there are eleven classes (i.e. Recon, Assault, Sniper...) you can choose from, one of which is so overwhelmingly more powerful compared to the others, that if you ever want to score and collect any points in a multiplayer match, you are virtually forced to use this particular class. This class is called Marauder, and its only purpose is to run fast and shoot around mindlessly. So — now everyone’s running fast shooting around mindlessly. The matches become chaotic, as zero strategy or skill is needed to gain points. The most entertaining and interesting matches are usually those that last for the maximum duration of six minutes. That barely ever happens any more. And this brings me to my point. Most apparently this very spammy class is there to make the match cycle shorter and therefore enable the developer to show more ads. Correct me if I’m wrong. I absolutely detest this. I would happily pay to play this game. The developer is actively destroying their own thing.
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5 years ago, aarchie1
Nerf the Marauder PLEASE!!
I love the game even though it seems pay to win. The rentals let me level up a lot faster. You get matched with people way out of your league but that’s not even what I’m writing this review for because it’s not worth complaining. Of all the shooters I’ve played console or mobile, never have I seen akimbo weapons capable of killing from across the map. Y’all need to nerf the accuracy by ALOT. It’s no reason for me to die by akimbos from across the map. It makes the marauders too versatile. Shotguns and smg are CQC, snipers and ARs are medium to long range. Then you have the marauder who’s deadly at close range and not much less of a threat from sniping distance. It doesn’t make any sense, hence you hip firing akimbo weapons keeping you from ADS and having better accuracy down field. It’s enough to make me blog about if nothing changes.
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5 years ago, [Real] big country
Great until...
It’s was a great game. Yea everyone has their complaints. Marauder paragon blah blah blah. Not me. When I got word about the zombie addition I was excited. Something like call of duty. Not really (but it should be) you should have waves, (like you do) but have a minute or two between. (Like call of duty) the idea is there from you guys. Still love the game. But this update wasn’t totally ready to be released to the world. Major disconnects from servers. Soldiers league and battle royale. You guys should have given it to like top 15 squads to see how it was. Essentially a beta version. But I get it. Want to push an update out to keep players interested. On a side note, don’t listen to the babies who whine about a certain gun, class, etc. want to see what’s good, bad, and where improvements can be made? Send every player a survey in game and give a “present” as a result for doing the survey. And no, I’m not some noobie at this game. I have all but three prestige guns unlocked and am level 103.
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3 years ago, Rannia aaaa
Ok I haven’t played this game in a long time so I wanted to go back to it. I’ll start with the good things, first off this game has good graphics and an awesome experience easy controls and much more, now the bad things, the adds! THEY ARE SO ANNOYING 1 pops up every single second of every single minute! Now the matchmaking, it’s not normal it makes me play with people that have MK6,7, and 8 guns that’s just unfair and stupid! Now the fact that this game is pay to win, game loft is hungry for money! And this much 3 dollars 💵 5 dollars that doesn’t seem bad right well prices like that only give you MK5,3,and 4 weapons which are guns that are in the middle but not bad and the player base has more pay to win players then free to play players which is another flaw with the matchmaking and so many crazy people play this game! Honestly this game will be dead sooner or later oh I forgot that the campaign is hard and boring and stupid! Game loft has an awesome game lose its fun factor over time so bye and switch to COD mobile if your free to play.
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6 years ago, Admrkev08
Very money-based
I have been playing this game for a few years, and I have to say, it’s become a pay to win game. They introduced a lot of new weapons, that don’t even fit with the tactical theme such as Laser guns and quantum beam weapons, you name it. They also introduced T5 armor, which can only be obtained through buying a massive amount of packs through a given time frame, that is hard to accomplish without money. In the upper leagues, you play against people who flush out their wallets to obtain extremely overpowered loadouts, giving you no chance against them without having to pay for IAPs. It used to be a good old-fashioned gunfight, with actual bullets. Now, it’s a sci-fi battleground with air strikes landing constantly and laser-guns blasting everywhere. MC5 has outstanding graphics, but it’s definitely not the Modern Combat it used to be.
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7 years ago, b-pham
Suggestion on what to add for characters 👍
Awesome game. It's like Call of Duty on the go. The graphics and gameplay were flawless. Nice work Gameloft. I would like to add a few suggestions on your next update by the way regarding the characters. I would like to add a customization option to have your character without a shirt. It would look cool in battles and it'll be interesting to have. On the customization options, you could have the Arms labeled "Sleeveless," which will have the character displayed without a shirt, but still equipped with their current Armor. And for the Armor section, you can have that labeled "bare chest," with the character having no armor or shirt. It would be awesome for me and everyone else, if they're interested, if it's included in the game. Thank you for your time Gameloft, and keep up the good work! :)
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7 months ago, MC5 Lover 2023
Amazing game super goooooe
I used to play the game lonngggggg ago I would get offers of bundles I used them until time ran out and it was time for another bundle until my iPad something happened to it I couldn’t play the game I tried to download it but I neede new device but my parents locked the game like this and I was sad D; but when I reached 12 my dad let me play the game cause he realized I could handle things like this without getting affected I had some funnnnnn times in the past in my first time I decided that the bundle with the shield will be my goal because I enjoyed it the most but never managed to achieved it until now im taking good advantage of the 50% off bundle I asked my mom and she decided to take about it with my dad I’m so excited my dream will finally come true. :D
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5 years ago, Lyn_Pete
Gamble your money away
Not a fan of freemium games, I loved MC5 because of the perfection in the gaming graphics, stability and general performance, everything is top-notch and best for serious pocket gamers like I am. However it saddens me that after playing for months beating the odds and trying all means to acquire better armor, I realized I spent a lot of money and got nothing , I still cannot obtain the kind of amour I need because items are selected at random regardless of inventory duplicity, the item you get is random and most likely wont contain what you need or worthless diamond dust. Imagine spending $9.99 on some crate, you open 5 crates all content is 80% diamond dust and some 20% items you already have. I cant think of anything more defeating, like how much do I have to spend? I am deleting the game today.
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5 years ago, Jacob0091
Good game... kinda...
Don’t get me wrong, I love this game, but I think the game could be better. Like with the energy cells, what I mean by energy cells is the bar on the top screen were it tells you your energy level when it’s full or low. So when you play each mission, your energy runs low and you can’t play UNLESS you wait for the bar to fill. Now, I understand that the game needs this so the story itself won’t be old from the short missions and it won’t be a quick game. But I think it’s just a waste. Maybe make more missions or just longer that would make the story more interesting and understandable. It doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. It’s a very good game especially for mobile phones from 2015. But it’s a good game. The guns are good, and the way you can customize your character and weapons are awesome. Other than that, I have nothing else to say about this game.
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5 years ago, ツツツツツツツツツツツツツ
Why is it pat to win and why am I getting put on lobbies with tier 150 people
First off every online game I play it is a bunch of tier 1 to 50 people on my team with basic guns and on the otter team there are the sweaty people who spend money on this game (tier 150) with maelstroms and duel wield uzis and all that, it is like the COD idea if you don’t buy a pack they will put you in a group with the people who didn’t buy it and you are against people who have it maxed out. Can you please update the ads too, I watch the ad and and after the ad is done it says that the transaction could not be completed 75% of the time. Could you guys mix up the teams a bit more and fix ads. (Don’t put so many in your game they lag a lot (I am talking like my brand new iPhone XR) love the game otherwise except I couldn’t recover my old account with all the stuff I played more than 300 hours grinding out ads and playing matches in Canals the old map (Ps I love you guys this game is old but looks so amazing!!!!😊)
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2 years ago, chkyfgjknbg
Okay… so far
Well I downloaded last night while I was high, looking though my I find this game. I load in, didn’t take long to get to gameplay. Am really happy about that! Graphics are nice shooting looks ok for now, I’m more interested in the fact that, Suppressing the terrorist attack, Killing the terrorist leader and Destroying the helicopter is only 50Xp. Now I don’t know about you guys but the Risk vs Reward isn’t too appealing to me, but I could still be in the tutorial. I’ve only played for 5 seconds so we’ll see how it goes! We’ll just destroyed the helicopter I feel like it took too many bullets for 50XP pretty bogus if you ask me. In the next scene there’s a smoking hot babe so that’s pretty cool! Furthermore the pause on this game is astonishing🥴 Tooo many pop up ads, after every single time I look at my weapon? Every single time?
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4 years ago, Logicalrats
Great game
I would like to say that you guys did a fantastic job making this game. I hope you will make a Modern Combat 6 in the future. My only complaint is I wish it wasn’t so pay to win. I understand that you guys have to make money and I have bought something from you because I think it was a good enough game to be worth my money. However, you guys really seem to be greedy. You took the random crates concept from Activision and Treyarch. Look at how much fall back they have received because of it. They have greatly annoyed their fan base. Please do not make their mistake. Gameloft is much better that Activision and Treyarch ever will be. Please take my advice and chill out on the iaps. I would be much more willing to pay a reasonable amount ONCE that allows all of the characters and skins to be unlocked. Overall great game, just don’t become Activision or Treyarch.
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5 years ago, ultranium
The game isn’t terrible, but there are some parts that can get annoying after a while. first of all, i get games use ads to keep them free and just have micro transactions within it but there are seriously so many ads in this it’s ridiculous. play a mission, ad. come back to home screen, ad. open a crate, ad. change load out, ad. every time you switch to a different screen an ad pops up. second of all the multiplayer is extremely poorly made and just overall weird third of all continuing through the single player campaign is made unnecessarily difficult by having a system of energy that is used to go into missions, meaning if you have the slightest screw up there goes another 4 energy and you only have like 10. then there’s the unlocking of the next chapters in the campaign that requires certain amounts of stars that can be very hard to obtain again due to the energy system because of having to replay missions in bulk but not being able to. lastly the guidance into the game at first is really lacking, and i find myself confused a lot while trying to sort out classes and weapons and what currency does what and how to obtain objectives and learn how to use the controls. the graphics are nice and the gameplay that you can actually get to is fun but other than that it’s really annoying.
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4 years ago, App_Addict101
Glitching after freemium update!
I unlocked the "7h" grenade launcher through a supply drop and it shows an exclamation mark on the regular AND pro versions but when I click on them they say LOCKED, also it told me all of my assault PRO guns were unlocked but when I click on them they say LOCKED. My game name is "#TF-GoodSteam" please help! I am a "veteran" now also. You guys totally ruined this game. The freemium update was a slap in the face to all the people who bought the game. The “rewards” never even loaded on my account and I never received any help. All the sci-fi stuff just doesn’t fit. This is a war shooter, not halo! Also the battle royal map feels so rushed. Super empty and just boring. Hope you guys go back to a premium game if MC6 ever comes out. Unlikely though since MCVS is still freemium. At least take a page from COD Mobile. The movement and gun play is so much smoother feeling and just overall WAY better than this. I recently redownloaded the game to see how it was and after 2 games deleted it again. Just play COD Mobile for your FPS fix!
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4 years ago, BradBurcher
Please fix...
I love this game and have been playing for years but there are definitely some problems. First is weapon balance, the grinder, stacker, verr power and erg 10 need nerfs. Every game I join every single player has a prestige weapon, creating gun spam and unbalanced gameplay. Another problem is renting!!! So many people can become pay to win by purchasing credits and renting insanely op guns and armor. Now people in the bronze league have prestiges and other op guns. The game used to be a lot more fun when you had a prestige and would get 10 kills before the enemy would figure out a way to counter your strength, that was a part I particularly enjoyed because it changed the way people played which creates more opportunity for new or veteran players.
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6 years ago, sebasroldan
Absolute Crap for a Paid Version
I remember I was one of the early guys who bought the game when it was released and it was a decent 9.99 in the app store, I used to play it all the time, so much I have Veteran status in the game and what not, but well, what a disappointment this game is now, not only the thirst for upgrading and buying needless stuff is really annoying in the game, it stopped me 8 times with ads before playing an actual game and obviously they want to push us users to buy the release of this annoyance. I think its unfair to the customers and the community that first supported gameloft, put in their money for the full version and now they offer this raggedy whorish version of the app. This company really struggles to deliver quality. This game feels like the free aps in the appstore full of crap adverts which makes it unbearable to play. You are really losing your fans gameloft I’ll rather play PUBG where there are no ads and almost no popups with a decent offers and I dont even have to pay a dime to have fun, so long gameloft!
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5 years ago, just stop, just, no
(Nose exhale) seriously?!
Ok, dont get me wrong this is a fun game i like playing but its insane how pay to win it is. Whenever im in the home screen and trying to play a mission it bombards me with in app purchases. Most are just for a mask and a trinket and are called “ unbelievable offer!” These are two dollars! And don’t get me started on the unlocking new weapons. Each chest fir special characters is 80 credits and it gives you fiveteen every day just enough to revive yourself in campaign and you always get horrible weapons in the chests and it donsent even give you the weapon it just gives you the bluprint witch you need like 30 of to get one weapon and it only gives you one! Then theres the multiplayer. Its impossible to win in multiplayer becuase all your opponents go buy the heavily advertised 100 dollar packs and have the verr power weapon which just one hits you and has infinite ammo and is a continues stream of laser. After a while you are just angry and bored with the game. Just don’t install the game. Please fix these things though MC5.
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12 months ago, Cmac0817
The ruined their reputation game is trash. Bring back the originals.
This game use to be one of my favorite games. I bought this game when it first came out all the way till now. Feel like this game is not what it was attend to be. The originals had full story mode that where epic and fun. This game splices up the story so you can lvl up to unlock loot boxes and spend money on micro transactions. This is never what made the game fun. Plus why did I buy all your games in the past and yet you don’t update them to be played and access on the App Store. I’m sorry not really but your game isn’t good enough to for me to drop a single dollar on it. The game play is wack and the sound quality is trash. You guys took away the open world maps and diced up the game. I remember when you could use any weapon unlocked in the story mode now you have to unlock blueprints. Just like many of the great games add to the App Store in the past where taken down and now all that s left is mico transactions.
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6 years ago, Mr.Stengy
Five Star Rating!!!
In a general picture I would rate “MC5” four stars. But, it is better than any other gun game I can find on an iOS device. The game features realistic features that are found in Xbox gameplay and computer graphics, which I think is stunning! Also, the gameplay is insane! It is so much fun to kill and die, revive and fight! Though, I will also tell you why I would rate this a four star rating. The reason behind this is because the prices they charge for i game currencies are just a little to much. Since it’s not a big yt game like Fortnite and creative destruction no one is willing to drop 100$ for their currency. Some people are, but not everybody. Overall this is s great game, especially if you don’t think you will be spending any money on it. ✌🏻
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2 years ago, meeeememememe
Some things need work
Dont get me wrong, the game is amazing and i like most of it. But one thing weong with it is the multiplayer. It really really needs work. The matching is the problem i think, everytime i play i end up with people with way way way better guns and armour than i have. I dont know what you can do with that but it would be great if you could fix that. One other thing about the campain though is that it requires a lot of mission stars to continue on. The thing i dont like about this is that it makes it very hard to keep going on in campiagn however, i do love the campaign story. I just hope you could fix some of the multiplayer issues. Overall an okay game its better than cod mobile because this has campaign and has cover mechanics and better story. This game could be better…
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3 years ago, chadd01
It’s been a few years and…
Its been a while since the last time ive played this game and i see that they still update it and while that’s great theres still the battle royale aspect which is still in beta. Now while that may seem like they are working on it, it has been a few years that its been in development. I think personally they should either finish it or get rid of it and maybe even do a whole remodeling of the game’s graphics which would be dope since theres so many more things you can do on a phone graphics wise now adays. Its a good game but has way too many flaws and should be redone cause it had an amazing campaign. Also this game is pretty much a pay to win kind of game since your armor determines how well you hold up against everyone and since its an old game everyone has the best armor in the game so your stuck playing the campaign till your weapons are decent enough to keep you alive for at least one second.
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3 years ago, RWXMB
Terrible game because of the terrible gunfights and body armor
This game has to have the worst gunfights in FPS history. You would shoot guys, unload so many shots into them without knowing you were even there, and you get demolished in one or two shots. The Time to Kill in this game is the worst I have ever seen. You shoot guys first and you die first. What a horrible balance to this garbage game. You could tell they didn’t bother fixing this game. To make matters worse, they decided to put body armor in this game. For starters the Time to Kill is already bad enough but they decided to put “body armor”?!!? What were you even thinking about that!?!? This game is a big mess. It’s that unplayable and I can see why people have left this game a long time ago. But this game is a complete joke to shooter games. The Time to Kill is garbage. Body armor makes it even worse. And “shoot first, die first” is in this game 24/7. So if I were any of you, I’d steer clear from this game.
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