Modern Ops: Online Shooter FPS

4.3 (13.5K)
894.7 MB
Age rating
Current version
Edkon games GmbH
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Modern Ops: Online Shooter FPS

4.28 out of 5
13.5K Ratings
3 years ago, S liaisons
Ok this game is fun
I had to stop playing this game because it was too stressing😭 but it’s really fun! But you need to get gold easier, and balanced gun game and knife party, I hate playing against level 6s or 8s. Also my brother had a really good account, then guess what the account was deleted. If the developers can respond and tell me how to fix that, that would be great and then I can rewrite this review and give it 5 stars not 4. Make a battle Royale, and one where like every kill you get stronger, bullets do more damage, and when you die ur back to square 1. Can you put in a setting that turns off auto shoot too, make it a button to shoot. The game could also use Juggernaut mode. And a campaign, but you don’t have to put juggernaut of campaign if you don’t want to, battle Royale and the other thing I suggested a while ago plz put in. Also at least one more map, and maybe a healing sphere grenade? Anybody who reads this, I’ve been saying a lot to the developers, but plz download this game, it’s great! Support this review so it’s more likely the developers see this, and have fun, btw that might sound cringy but I am a real person and I am happy that the developers took time to make this game.
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3 years ago, Just wants fair play
Poorly designed arenas
Too many of the arenas are designed where if you end up on one side, there is only 1 way out of the respawn area. Once you hit a certain level (for me level 31) there are so many players that have bought and paid for all of the top tier weaponry and armor and all it takes is for a couple of them to either use turrets, juggernauts, and/or the Remington special shotgun and they can effectively seal an entire opposing team into the respawn area with no way out. It is pointless at that instant to even attempt to battle. You simply waste resources and keep getting killed over and over, never making it out of the respawn zone. Even if you manage to kill one enemy, the other whips out the turret/juggernaut or both and continues the slaughter until his partner(s) are back by the time you can respawn. And god forbid multiple players on the same team have these on the same map. The opposing team literally stands no chance at competitive play. It is lambs to the slaughter. When you see scores on games where it is 2300 to 700, that should tell you something is wrong and needs to be changed to allow for more fair competition. It is bulls**t. It make the round unplayable. The game was very addictive at first, but I am beginning to rapidly tire of how one sided so many of the rounds have become. If it doesn’t get changed/fixed soon...I will quit and be sure to let friends know not to even bother downloading.
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3 years ago, FPS reviewer
Look I really wanted to like this game. But within 5 seconds of playing I could tell it wasn’t good. The shooting feels bad, which is important when your playing a shooter. You can’t hear when other enemies are nearby so you have to use your map which takes away so much fun away from the game. You move WAY too slow, it feels like I’m walking all the time. The bots are bad, the aim bot given makes it so aiming doesn’t matter, holding shoot button and automatically aiming and shooting (ads) doesn’t exist, menus are clunky and just feel bad. The graphics are alright, so at least there’s that. Here’s how to improve the game, 1st, please PLEASE make dynamic sound a thing (being able to hear foot steps of enemies from around corners or in general nearby), 2nd, make the game faster, doing this will allow for better competitive play and will make the game feel SO MUCH BETTER, 4th, make bots better, make me have to work a little for my first win, don’t make them super hard, make them just hard enough to where I’ll win the match but still feel as though I had to fight for it, 5th, please remove or tone down the aim bot, I understand that you want the game to be approachable for new players but it takes all competitiveness away from the game, 6th, add ads, please I beg, I hate that I have to aim THEN shoot, it feels slow and clunky like the rest of the game, and finally just update the menus to feel better.
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3 years ago, jdawgg111
I’m very used to mobile games and have been a fan of FPS, I’ve been playing for about a week and put good time in it. There is no competition for players like me looking for it,. For comp I like to play bomb, but I’m literally going against bots every time it’s better for the small lobby than bots. Side note: I can’t headshot some1 with the scout first shot I don’t know why but it’s always in the 2nd. This game I enjoy but not fun for someone alr with experience looking for a challenge, I just played and it’s not fun knowing I’m with a lobby full of bots playing clueless. The mechanics are good tho I can jump around and move around ppl with ease. Overall I enjoy the game, but there’s just not tht comp feeling tht drives players to games. . . . It’s also ok to let us wait a minute or 2 for lobby’s to fill bc I instantly get in lobby like I’m the 1 one in game, there is no Q time at all, I would want to wait for lobby to fill bc it just ruins my experience wanting to play this game competitively, which there is no option to do tht other than grind to rank up. I understand I’m a new player but I have a 90% win rate and I will have to grind constantly to even get to play against players tht would be a challenge to me.
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3 years ago, Senarioシ
Good game but needs more
This game is a fun great game to play, it is very addicting at first and you want to like the game and continue to play it, but it needs some things. 1. More game modes, they should add a battle Royale game mode , that would fun to play as a chance for the player to use all the weapons in the game without having to buy them. A campaign mode, it would be fun to have a campaign mode that gives the game some more backstory.2 more maps, I think there should be more maps added onto the game, there is only 6 or so maps, we need more.3. We need to be able to walk faster, k feel like the character moves to slow, and needs to be able to sprint, but have a stamina bar. And lastly, controller support. Many shooter games these days have controller support which allows the person to connect a controller to their device and play the game, I think that controller support could change the game and make it a lot better. But I am all of a lot of bad things. The game is very good and fun to play, but with these additions, it could be better. Download this game, it is worth it.
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3 years ago, corndoguziii
A Real Review, Read If You Want.
I have Came here to state the actions of this game and my opinion on it, Here’s my review. This game is good ngl, there’s always sales, they sell free stuff you level up and get better, but let’s talk about the bad things. 1. Some of the bots can glitch and shoot you when your on the side of them, 2. only 6 or so maps in the game, 3. and not the biggest gun selection, with no doubt it’s definitely one of the best shooting mobile games out there, but now let’s talk about the good things. 1.more levels, more game modes, different types of masks, mystery crates with blueprints for weapons or armor, there is also even Different Leagues In The Game, I’ve been playing for a week or two now and I’ve spent some money on it, and it is definitely worth it. Right now I’m in bronze league. That is my review, I’m not a bot, I’m real. And I give it a 4.5, you don’t have to follow my opinion, but I suggest You do and you should at least give it a try.
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4 years ago, dylanslrs
Good Game However...
This game is very fun and good looking for a mobile game. But the game modes can get very repetitive and the same thing just happens every game which can get very boring. They should add a zombies mode or something like an Infected or even Gun Game mode. But besides the game modes getting repetitive (and the game being some what pay to win) this game is over all one of the best mobile shooter games. I played “Gods of Boom” for a while which was very fun but once again got repetitive with the game modes and was pay to win. So, I wanted to find a new game and i ended up finding this game. Safe to say this game got me so addicted to it the first day I played it and I still play it everyday. The only thing I would like to see it different game modes and something where it’s easier to get cash. I don’t mind spending money on a game I enjoy but I don’t want to blow my wallet out of the water. But still 4/5 Stars
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5 years ago, MoisT_VibeZ
PROS: This game is fun like really fun like I spent money on this mobile game type of fun. CONS: so I have an account not linked to game center and I have 20$ spent on that account. When I go to link it to Game Center it gets rid of my account and I have to start over. But now I can’t backup my account so there’s a chance I could lose it like my previous account. The DEVS need to figure out how to allow a player to connect their account without getting rid of it that way we don’t waste our money on this game. ALSO gold needs to be easier to get even if it’s just you get 1 gold for every kill which would be great and very motivating for players. Also I shouldn’t have to pay for healing that’s ridiculous. Y’all know that, so fix that too. One bug or minor fix is that it should be a round 11 in bomb mode that way we end with a winner. PS: bomb mode is really fun and I’m glad y’all put it in can’t wait for a new map for it. Thanks.
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2 years ago, leebub
Pretty ok.
I enjoy playing the game, to a point where I don’t really mind losing from time to time. I do believe that sometimes you’re unfairly matched against teams and other players who are far more advanced and that leaves you to losing to a seemingly extreme unfair disadvantage but that may be how the dice rolls as well. The only major disadvantages to this game is that I find myself clicking out of 10 -12 special in game sales offers before even getting to the main screen. Not only that but some special items cost WAY too much game currency/ gold ect. You’ll either have to continue to play day in and day out for months at a time to save enough game currency to purchase special items that don’t give you much of an advantage until you upgrade them all the way which takes more time and cost more game currency!
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7 months ago, babbyback3045
Great concept. Minor tweaks tho.
Lacks the ability to sprint/ slide, needs ads, the auto shoot and aim assist is too much maybe for beginners it’s nice but if aim down screen and shooting was added it would make a huge difference instead of having to press the aim button and then press the shoot button. The fact that all attachments for guns need to be purchased by either grinding for the game currency of spending actual money is another loss for me I get it but should be based of rank status where once you get to a rank the attachments or guns are just given to you. Having to buy more grenades and smoke bombs is also ridiculous, surprised you’re not forced to have to buy ammo as well speaking of tactical’s when ever I’d use a flash bang it would seem to only blind myself no matter how high or far I’d throw it unless you’re fully behind something. Other then this the game is solid smooth play and decant maps for what the game is.
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5 years ago, Fellow Shawnee Student
Great game but a few drawbacks.
This game is so great; I love the graphics and the multiplayer aspect, but there are a few aspects that make me like it a bit less. One of these problems is the fact that if you are being shot at and get behind cover, your enemies can still shoot you for several seconds longer, THROUGH the cover. The other problem is Free for All. They use the same maps in this mode as the other modes, but there are eight players ALL against each other, so it is very hard to sneak up behind other players, as when you respawn, there is already an enemy trying to kill you. You have no time to use radar, reload, or use health. If you could fix these problems I would greatly appreciate it, but other than that, this is a great game for anyone who wants to play a game with their friends or just a game in general.
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3 years ago, Logancall train
This game is really good for being free and the Graphics aren’t that good to Reno’s aren’t that good but in general it’s a really good game I really enjoyed playing it I’ve been playing it for not even five days I love it it’s really good and no the creator didn’t tell me the rate this for chess I think it’s a good game and then today I want them App Store gave us a five the graphics aren’t that good to Reno‘s aren’t that good but in general it’s a really good game I really enjoyed playing it I’ve been playing it for not even five days I love it it’s really good and no the Kroger didn’t tell me the rate this for chest I think it’s a good game and then today I want them App Store gave us a five star review in the school down a little bit more and I find a game that’s like five times better than this but you know what I’m not gonna get the game
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6 months ago, 7deeonepointfiveeight
Great game
I played all of these games this year this is my favorite. My 2 problems are that it’s for sure pay to win and it takes allot to really be at your best above level 27. My tip is go for the best assault rifle there is the deathwatch for the 100 bucks right off or the best heavy machine guns they are all up above 100 bucks but in the end it doesn’t pay to keep trying to get all the good pieces to every gun because in the end you need something from 700 and up to really hold your own. Would be nice if you could sell some stuff back or use the parts on the next gun. Otherwise awesome. Most realistic yet . Better then call of duty in my opinion. All the others have just taken this game and tryed to make a different version of the same…
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3 years ago, RushingCC
Modern Ops
Update: they responded with “lower levels you play weaker, higher level more skill.” NO. When you are 6vs6, and your team wins 2100 to 345 with one guy on your team getting 24 kills and everyone else getting 1 or 2, that’s not anywhere near even. You got kids dumping hundreds of dollars in at lower levels running around knifing people and dominating. When I throw a grenade and unload 2 magazines on someone and they walk up to me and kill me, that’s not skill. I get it, you want to make money and this is how you do it, just warning people they will have to spend $100’s of dollars to compete with these 12 year olds with their moms credit card. Had this game about a year and love it. The past few weeks, it’s been horrible. Matches used to be even and close but now every battle has one maxed out person who paid cash for everything and they get 30 kills and everyone else gets 3-4 at most. So they need to fix whatever they did.
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3 years ago, CTDWMDC
Starts out fun but then typical pay-to-win game
The first days are really fun. The game is designed really well. But as soon as you get to the higher levels you either pay a fortune to have the best equipment or you get slaughtered. If the game had leagues according to how much money you spend I would be happy. As it is unless you want to spend a lot to remain competitive you should play a different game. Update: posted this as a 2-star review and got the same copy-and-paste response that the developer posts to every review so now it’s a 1-star rating. Game support stinks and like I said previously you either pay a fortune to get the best equipment or you get slaughtered by other players who do. Simple as that. It has nothing to do with “tougher players “ like the developers response says. It simply about them paying a ton of money to be invincible. There’s no skill. Create leagues based on how much money you spend or keep turning players off your game.
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2 years ago, mr.savageElite
It’s good
The game isn’t bad there’s just some things that don’t make sense at all like only having one loadout and needing to pay gold for another witch is just a waste you should already have atleast 2 slots default but it’s whatever and don’t waste your money on the shotguns there pretty much no ranged pellet guns there the most upright trash gun witch is dumb because your right next to someone and it takes 4 shots in the head for them to die point blank that’s if you don’t die and the gun game game mode is fun but there’s way to many people in the server at once so when you find someone it’s most likely your gonna get 3rd party but it’s no big deal I love the games only because it’s easy to play for the most part
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2 years ago, Mattman gaming (yt)
Pretty fun
I got this in a time of my life where all other FPS game I had we’re boring an then I got this. For a mobile game, this is pretty fun and I highly recommend it for people that like first person shooters but cant afford stuff like call of duty the only thing I think they should ad is a way to have progress and camos tied to the Apple ID and not to the in-game account like how I had to delete the game for storage purposes and I had the legendary clown skin for the M4, later when I got the game back, all my progress was gone. Another thing is that the aim assist is practically hacks with auto fire. And with all of that said, my review is finessed. 🔫🙂👍 🦿🦵
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8 months ago, Rainbows&M&M’s
Overall great game
I’ve regularly played as “RomaGyp on/off for years, only give it 4 out of 5 because I wish there were a bit easier ways to obtain gold maybe in matches that don’t require the pass, and some easier ways to obtain shards for masks-maybe in certain matches you can earn them for “amount of headshots” or “assists” etc. Other than that this game has really great graphics, controls are adjustable in size and placement, ads aren’t forced on you-you can watch them if you want to level up faster, you can join clans and obtain really neat kinds of weapons and skills with skills points, I mean the list goes on. Love this game.
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2 years ago, ChinaBeBrainwashing
This game is from China. It’s developed to literally lie and brainwash you. YOU WILL ONLY BE PLAYING AGAINST BOTS. NO REAL COMPETITION. So first off, the chances of me leaving a review on just about anything is extremely low. But let’s get right into it. First off, this game is rigged. The online ranked match making mode is fake. You literally only play with bots. You can play with friends on your team, but you will never play against real people. Second off, they are using a cheat script engine to make you think the game is legit. The bots have aimbot and if you go on a kill streak it literally will take them 3 bullets to take all your health. This game is poorly made. They try so hard to make you think you’re playing against really good players, but they are fake bots. They are shooting before you come around the corner at times. They want you to think this game is real and filled with tough players. It’s a scam.
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2 months ago, yeah, thats me
Great Game!
I enjoy playing it because it is fast and short pace matches. The guns are very optional in variety. But it is so fun that you see yourself addicted. Let me share my story… I was playing this game & was so locked in that I forgot to feed my kid for 600 years. Oops… My wife is now filing a divorce cuz she says it’s my fault (Stupid Women! [Right!?!] So glad I signed a Pre-Nup. She ain’t gettin’ nuthin’) But, at the end of the day, I get to play this game all the time with no worries. I dream and fantasize about play this game more, even though it is not humanly possible to play more (WHY ISN’T THERE A 25TH HOUR OF THE DAY). I love this game more than anyone that is or isn’t in my life.
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5 years ago, Whatever douche bags
Great till Lvl 22-23
I really enjoy playing this game. It has smooth gameplay and controls. It seems very well thought out and developed with room to grow. Very nicely done. The only issue I, and many people have is the pay to win aspect is too OP. You are going to need to make it possible to grind for cash a little easier. As the game is currently its impossible to grind enough cash to make the gameplay worth it. To the point it’s discouraging and makes me want to find another game. I don’t mind spending a little real money on a game that I find very enjoyable to play, such as this one. However with the current setup, I would have to spend more than I feel comfortable with to keep up. Please balance the cash payouts to players and don’t be greedy. 3 stars due to this, 5 stars if the greed is taken out.
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8 months ago, joey2316
New season always delayed weeks
Edkon you really need to step it up your constantly upping your prices but yet you can’t keep up when the seasons end! Every new season is 3 months there’s no reason why you can’t have a new season ready when this one ends instead we gotta wait sometimes two extra weeks before a new season goes live. Players spend a lot of money on this game they shouldn’t have to wait. You have 3 months during the season to get the new one ready! You really need to step it up so when one season ends we can go right into a new one! Clearly whoever is in charge of taken care of getting a new season ready can’t handle it and you need to hire someone that can! Your gonna lose alot of players if you don’t step it up! Especially all your over priced items! Stop sitting back and getting rich and take care of the game!
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8 months ago, the man who speaks truth
Fun at first but then pay to win
So at first it’s pretty fun because you get to fight bots and it’s all fun and games but as soon as you get like ten wins it goes downhill hill like tremendously like you could be put against someone who is the best at the game top of the leader board after just a few games and there is these kids that are spending like hundreds of dollars on this game just to be better than everyone else and no one can beat them so your compelled to buying more in game currency I know the developers can’t really do anything about it but if it is possible then please add like a ranking system that puts you against people with the same level same not so overpowered guns and not kids that buy these vests that give them like an insane shield boost and maybe a bot only mode for people like me with no skill
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2 years ago, L Minor
Best 12+ Mobile fps out there
Ok, this game is hands down the best 12+ Mobile fps i've ever played. It is fun and easy to get into, i do believe that a lot of the players that you fight are bots though. It's not one of those boring ild arcade ones where you can only have one weapon with no upgrades. There is an amazing progression system and attachments that keep you coming back to unlock. There are like 5 different gamemodes that are all fun and competetive. People say that this game is stressful but trust me, it is very begginer friendly and is essy and relaxing to jump into. Thank you for this game devs, i can tell that you worked hard and I respect that. :)
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4 years ago, the unstoppable don
Do not bother with this game. All it is are a bunch of people running around in circles with shot guns. They are so powerful. I’ve played this game for a year. I wish I never played. For some dumb reason they made super shot guns. Nothing u can do but die or use your shot gun. Then it’s just idiots running in circles blasting each other. No skill, no aiming, just aimlessly running around. They should be pulled from the game or cut 75% power. It takes all the fun out of the game. It’s horrible. Oh and the hackers!!! All u have to do is look at the clans or people. Anyone with over 100 kills in one game is a cheater. It’s impossible to get over 100. U show max kills for a reason. This guy in don clan had 400 kills in one game. I don’t think any works for edkon. They have zero customer service no phone number, and obviously no one looking for hackers. I can do their job. Hackers ruin this game almost as bad as shot guns
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3 years ago, DaddieDee1123
Speaking for me
I love this game! I have gotten my girl & some friends to add it & we play together! The only issue I have is for some reason, I keep getting kicked out of some games, saying “Error” & somethings wrong with the connection but it’s never anything wrong! Same thing happens to my gf & we don’t live together! At first I was ok with it but now it’s happening more often, like as I’m seconds away from winning & it’s annoying! Also it would be cool to be able to choose the place you battle even if you play alone! Would also be cool to battle friends & not always be on teams… Fix the bug please, the rest isn’t that important lol
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2 years ago, asdgeutiuokm
Cobra Kai
This game is amazing it is just the perfect game to play when your relaxing I give this five stars you can get killed easy but once you get better at the game then you get good at dodging and shooting and staying on cover so you don’t get shot while you do all of that then you can get kills a lot more easier while not dying but if your not doing any of this then you will die easy I just started today but I’ve been playing for a while now and I’m already really good at the game almost every time it shows at the end that I am the best person on the team and that is my review.
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3 years ago, Jtgjgg
Epic and chill game
Hi this game is very fun but I have suggestions can you make it so when you kill a enemy also his hand gun drops to? Also please make a battle royale and next can you make like ability’s that you have to buy? Maybe a few suggestions “anti uav” makes it so the radar can’t track you and the other radar thing witch brakes your teams radar can’t target and another card “round pick up” what this is so when you kill someone if they had the same type of gun as you like ar smg lmg you can pick up 30 bullets from them That’s all my suggestions and I hope you add them
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3 years ago, lalalalalal op
Very good
Good game but PLEASE make more maps it would be more enjoyable. Also One more thing, are the players “Bots”? Cause they sure do act like it, And I understand that not all of them are but please respond with a real sentence please and not “Thanks For Your Feedback” if possible, and add zombie mode :) . Last, add more guns!!! And make the prices lower so I can afford them. Btw, good job on the marketing choice for your company, I watch the ads to get a crate and the ads don’t bother me, and I don’t have a problem with the ads just don’t change the ads into being annoying (As in the ads popping up randomly during gameplay) Thanks for your time.
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3 years ago, hemetstonerjeeplife
Good game
Enjoy the game play with a lot of options for your layouts from guns and attachments armor helmets and kill streaks just witch need to be upgraded great daily challenges But I’ve been playing this game for about 9 months and spent a good amount of money on here and have two major comments about this game 1st I’m at a point where I’m starting to stock pile up with cash something to spend cash on like towards fragments 2nd would be nice after opening enough crates to acquire a mask you would be able to upgrade them costing so many fragments or raise the exchange value for blueprints
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3 years ago, knowmind
Fun game while it lasts
I’ve had fun playing this game but as you move up the leagues you start running into more and more people that are obviously paying to play and you cannot compete unless you pay also. The ads give minimal rewards. Everything you buy requires gold. This company makes $200,000 a month off of this free game, let that sink in. The better you are the faster you move up the ranks the faster you go against people who paid for items and gold. I would give it another star if they were more fair with gold distribution but they literally want to charge anywhere from $5 -$100 for gold. I think I may just get a real game system this is made for kids charging their moms credit cards for in app perks.
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3 years ago, sinntc
Bug Report
When I first installed the game, it was stuck launching the game. It had this issue but was able to fully load once. I was able to play and enjoyed the game a lot! It’s just awful that I can’t seem to play it since the game now never loads passed 12%. This happens to my friend time from time but he’s still able to get through. I’ve looked up other reviews on sensortower and other people have the same exact issue. Not sure if it’s an Apple issue or something else. I’ve tried installing latest version, updating my iOS, deleting & reinstalling app and clearing cache & cookies … still no luck. Also, there seems to be a “10 second timer” on the page to contact for help. Sooo I can’t even do that.
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5 years ago, SiK_Ares
Game is fun
It’s really fun. Just only have a problem with the sniping and player levels. Sniping I think it’s crazy when you’re close, they snipe you likes it’s nothing. Should make it having to scope in then press the shoot button. I get you’re in a high level like 16. But what makes it hard to play this game is when other people buy these guns (when they buy gold to purchase the good guns) and you’re using the stuff you have to buy with the money you win, it’s not fair. They kill you like it’s nothing It makes people not want to continue to play the game. Make it where you go the gear level or weapon level. Make it fair.
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4 years ago, BoProReview
Fun but...
The game is super fun and you can level up and have a squad and you open different maps but once you get past level 24 it’s full of cheaters/hackers! There’s plenty of hacked app platforms out there that I’m sure they’re using but basically they get one shot kills and they or moving around 2x-3x faster then everyone else. As well It’s like they can see you through walls and objects because they always know right where you are. and then at the end of the round they’ll have 25-30+ kills and the next best score is 8 kills. Even when the cheaters are on your team it makes it a lot less fun. So moral of the story, a lot of fun until you play with cheaters...
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2 months ago, TOPAY09
Really good game, but…
This game is phenomenal! But there are some things that probably need fixing. First, how much is takes to upgrade your guns is ridiculous, given how much you earn in the matches, it’s VERY ridiculous. Second, sprint needs added immediately, you run very slow and it’s a little annoying for when you’re playing a knife match. My third and final point is that the customization parts are WAY too expensive for the higher leveled guns. 120,000 dollars for a bullet trinket?!?! But yeah, great game, thanks to the devs for making an amazing game.
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4 years ago, Palcampaign
Warning: Gold pieces very buggy when upgrading
The game is fun to play, but I’ve found a few bugs that make wanting to continue very frustrating and upsetting. Issue 1: unless you pay actual money, it is very difficult to earn gold pieces. Even if you grind to get 100 pieces a day, it would take around 20 straight days of playing to get one upgrade which will only upgrade one component of a gun or armor. I did this to earn 2000 gold pieces, and upon pressing “upgrade”, the upgrade (increase in damage number) didn’t change at all, but the gold all disappeared. Issue 2: you can also spend cash to upgrade some components of the game. I also grinded on this to earn cash to upgrade certain weapons, by playing many hours and watching many ads. For a specific gun, it said that I would be able to upgrade when I achieve the next level of ranking. Once I achieved that ranking I was excited to use my cash to upgrade the gun, but it was still locked and now said that it would be available for upgrade once I reach the next level. Seriously upsetting. Please help fix this ASAP.
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5 years ago, DragonAlly
Was great while it lasted
This game was fun after a while but I think it’s time I stop. Grinding gets harder as the other teams are getting stronger than you, hiding behind cover doesn’t even help while they are still spraying you with bullets, free for all is a place where respawning means death, but I think the worst is that I need to spend more real money to get stronger. Spend $40 already and felt great until the last few games I played...and lost, which means my rewards in the end aren’t enough for me to get stronger, which is discouraging, which also makes me feel like spending. And I think it’s time to stop. It was fun while it lasted. Maybe I’ll come back when a few, or more, updates are worked on this app...maybe.
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4 years ago, mr walffle2.0
This game is really fun
But there’s two things in mind/idea can you make it so that when you carry a knife you walk/sprint faster and another thing can you add more suites or skins please thanks oh and also can you add more meow weapons like a bat or an axe or anything like that and if you read this thank you and have a wonderful day Okay so this isn’t really big but for some reason I can’t send a friend request to anyone now but can you either show me how to send a friend request or if it’s a bug can you please fix thank you for reading
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2 years ago, Zhouse92
Locked out of the game by developers
I loved this game, played it everyday for months on my cell phone, every time I went to the bathroom, down time at home, at school. I spent at least $100 on upgrades and more gold. Then one day I get on and I can’t kill anyone, contact the developers and was told they locked my account because I cheated. I asked where this came from and they had no answer or proof. So I logged into my wife’s Game Center and re downloaded it and started over from scratch, the exact same thing happened, as soon I got higher in ranks they locked her account. I was no where near as good as half of the people that play this game. Their loss I guess, probably would spend $200 a year on this game.
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3 years ago, CrackinStine
My issues appear to have been addressed in the last update, though since i reached level 31, I've been slaughtered by players who literally spend money on all the high value items, and you can tell because they were all the stuff you guys advertise for like $30 or $50, or even $100. Some people got money to burn I guess, well I Don't so I guess I'm left to just quit battles that are 20 to 700 in the first minute, hoping i come across a fair game eventually. Its funny how quickly this happened once i leveled up, as when I was level 30, i was in all fair games. Don't get me wrong, i do really enjoy the game overall, but its not so fun when its impossible to win.
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2 years ago, Mila Faith Wild
If anyone is reading this I have to tell you IF YOU DONT HAVE THIS GAME DOWNLOADED YET I SUGGEST YOU DOWNLOAD IT;this game is so fun but the level 8's and 9's are hard to beat creator if you are reading this I would like to ask you if you have any other games that you created just like this please tell me cause I love this game so much it would make my day if you had any others cause this game is a five star review and it deserves five stars too and I love how it at least tells you what team you're on lol. SO keep up the good work I believe in you!
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5 years ago, Kev9108
Fun and some improvements
The game is an easy to pick up shooter, it really doesn’t take any skill and you can jump in and run around and have fun. That being said I get the auto shooting is a main core mechanic of the game but sometimes it feels like literal aim bot, it directs you to the next person without you having to do anything, auto shooting is fine but let there be no aim assist. To balance the automatic shooting, have no aim assist and add recoil patterns to each of the guns, also I would like to ask if the people I’m facing are actual people or bots because the game is incredibly easy.
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3 years ago, DozenthNebula
Free to play impossible
This game is so pay to win, it is impossible to play freely and actually enjoy it. Level progression is slow (unless you pay for a premium booster that doubles xp), money accumulation is slow (unless you pay for that premium booster again or buy a special deal that involves money), weapon upgrading is slow (unless again you buy that premium booster of course or buy a special deal that involves gold and money) and to top it all off, everybody you face has bought those things and made themselves superior to you, making this game feel nothing like having a good challenge that is fun and instead getting dominated every time by every opponent you encounter and feeling like you need to buy something to have a good time in this game
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7 months ago, Andy (no last name cuz no)
Amazing! but no problems just saying…
So, this game was basically my favorite game back then when I was 5 or something. And well, I stopped playing it due to lack of boringness; and this game had no issues at all! But the also actual reason I stopped playing was because… The rise of other shooting games. I just wanted to say that this game was AMAZING! when I played it for the first time. Thank you devs and others for making this game. Hope your understanding, goodbye Modern Ops. - Andy
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5 years ago, Gamegreatreviews
Great game
This game is in fact awesome, I love it. The only thing the bothers me is that it only allows me to use like a assistance heal only 5 times even though I might need more and if it’s a larger group of bad guys I can only throw two bombs until I die again and they restore again which kinda bothers me. But other than that everything is perfect the graphics are very clear and good, guns are awesome and work very good, and great maps, etc. I would definitely recommend it to people I recommended it to my family and they all have the game and they also love it!
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3 years ago, Surfer Pro LTB
Mix of Fortnite and Call of Duty
Look guys this game is really awesome. It’s practically a combination of COD and Fortnite. You have auto fire and auto aim so you basically have to just find the target and aim at him/her. I recommend getting the game and SAVING your gold and credits because you can drain those quickly by buying cool attachments for your gun and stuff. You should be able to get gold easier. Like a suggestion could be if you … something then you get like 50 gold or something like that.
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1 year ago, BestReviewCommentEver
Since joining the gold league
My favorite things about modern ops since I joined the gold league 1.) shooting the face of opponent with 330 power assault rifle and not getting pass armor 2.) Dying within a shot or two while I unload half my clip 3.) Respawning into a shoot out and dying 4.) The slow and painful grind to get equipment so I can actually compete 5.) All the pop up screens of the sales the game has to remind you that it is basically play to pay The game was fun at first but the disparity between me and the other players has made the game beyond infuriating, and it’s not a matter of skill but rather their equipment giving them an advantage too big to even compete, and since I’m consistently placing in the bottom, I get less resources to improve. I’ll probably stop playing altogether soon because once I upgrade my rifle again, I have a little time of being in top 3 then I’ll have to join the diamond or whatever league and it’ll be back to dying with seconds.
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1 year ago, Black jaguar7
It’s so good
Literally it’s so good I literally I can’t it’s so good I don’t know anything until the money times today I mean it it’s so good but also I think the graphics need to update because it kind of looks like GTA two right now so that’s all the things it means right now so please just make the graphics better and I would just be so happy that’s literally why I gave a five star review this is my first review also and it was immediately a five star review
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3 years ago, MEGYTEGY3343
I love it
So it’s really fun I been on it for 4 hours now and all I want you to do is make a chat for it and idk if you have girl avatars and also wait if you can heal your partner if they don’t have any more healing shot andAlso make a chat so you could chat to people now playing the game where you can only talk to your teammates it was different call so you can go to the other team and can’t hear what there saying you can only listen to your team chat
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4 years ago, nugetnugg
its glitchy
this game always has glitches and the notifications don't go away its annoying and sometimes forces you waste time to find how, and the people are so bad, almost like bots. im pretty sure they are. the guns are VERY GLITCHY and i want to permanently be the swat team but it switches back to my the other team and the gun sets, i cant switch to them.I want to let anybody know if you play this game there might be a few glitches and sometimes even ruin the game even in the game people can shoot you through the walls it's trash it's glitchy so I do not recommend this game me and my friend played it in it was very very good G we couldn't even get in the server with each other
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