Mohegan Sun NJ Online Casino

1.6 (29)
43.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
DGMB Casino, LLC
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mohegan Sun NJ Online Casino

1.55 out of 5
29 Ratings
4 days ago, Tired of Waiting_2024
Don’t bother
I submitted the required documents and still couldn’t play. I spoke to several customer service representatives and 1 finally told me I had to resubmit my documents and I will get a welcome letter when they are reviewed, which I did immediately. Its been well over a month and still no welcome letter and my sign up bonus has timed out. How convenient. No thanks, Ill stick to the more reputable sites.
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2 days ago, bobbyboy28
Amateur hour here, garbage site, use evolution for live games, ur better off playin 3 card monte in a parking lot.
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9 months ago, Ultima Zelo
They require a photo of your credit card and bank statement to withdrawl. What? Intrusive enough.
Out of all of the complaint’s - the withdrawl process is far from user friendly. Deposit money into the account is simple and easy -to claim your winnings - one of the worst headaches compared to any other casino app in NJ. You not only go through a pending status to withdrawl - you need to verify by photo - your physical card and even requiring a statement of your bank. What? How intrusive? That’s what I bet you’re thinking. It gets worse - Paypal to withdrawl is buggy and loops for you to add a bank account - even after adding multiple account. VIP ACH requires you to undergo a credit check to withdrawl money and places an inquiry on your report. You cant withdrawl to your regular deposit payment method card. What’s the last option? You can get a play plus card - ONLY after you make your first SUCCESSFUL withdrawl, not including pending withdrawls. This app is not user friendly, and I feel encourages you to waste your money as you feel defeated, if not patient. This is my first and last time using this app. This app is a disgrace to the casino community and does not have their players in mind with these ridiculious restrictions and requirements
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7 years ago, The Definition Of
Holds Winnings In 'Pending' - Sleazy Tactic
This casino is the worst for one of the sleaziest tactics around - holding your winnings in a 'Pending' status for an extended amount of time. This is done so that you return and cancel the withdrawal and play again. I am still waiting for a withdrawal I made in the middle of the previous day to be processed. 20 hours so far to approve a small withdrawal? It should have been approved no later than midnight last night or by. 8am this morning like other casinos do. I am a regular and they have all my documents so there is no excuse for this, yet this keeps happening! It's the last time for me. In addition, they sometimes have technical issues when you try to make a deposit using PayPal. You get charged by PayPal, but not credited by Mohegan until you call and ask them to credit your account the money you paid them. Then you are told you need to wait 24 hours while their technical team 'looks into it'. They will not refund your money to PayPal and PayPal does not help you resolve it. I get less bonus rounds and less big hits now. It used to be better but got a lot tighter. The gaming software is ok which is only why I gave it 2 stars but when it comes down to it, its all about the money and Mohegan Sun is the worst place to win at.
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4 years ago, ptrack82689
This Casino Is The Worst!
I cant even begin to describe how awful this casino is. Ive played on MANY different online casino apps and you cant even come close to compare this one to any of them. Ive played on borgataonlinecasino, scorescasino, palacasino, 888casino, sugarhouseonlinecasino. MoheganSun is the only one that just doesnt payback at all. Ive tried playing for almost 2 months straight on this and its just none stop loss after loss. Ive never played a day when i came out on top. Its seriously insane! At least in other casinos some days you lose some days you win. With MoheganSun its just all losses. Ive never witnessed anything so ba! The payout is awful! What makes this casino even worse is not only dont they payoff at all, their bonuses are TERRIBLE.. you can lose 3 days straight depositing hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Then when you go on their stellar rewards system they pay back a few dollars on your losses. & when i say a few dollars i mean like under $10. just to give you an example i deposited almost $1000 and lost all of it just within the last week and lost all of it.. then to check my stellar points I got back like $8.. DONT play on this app trust me you will lose ALL your money.. you dont have to believe me just try it for a month and you will see what I mean.
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5 months ago, Barry0568635
More kind of the wrong games
Definitely, believe the poor ratings, not only is this interface of the app very outdated looking compared to comparable online casinos, but the withdrawal times are a joke. Limited game selection and leaves you for days waiting on approval for something that most apps approve within hours. The customer support is nonexistent, as when inquiring about something you receive inconsistent messaging on processing time and when posed as to why the timelines changed from what was communicated they offer little to no help or even resolution. I would strongly urge even the casual player to avoid at all costs because not only will they cost you money but also your time. As I’m still awaiting on my withdrawals for their payout method that they advertise as instant. Aka if you expect a quick and painless payout similar to other apps today definitely think again.
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2 years ago, the new justice party
I deposited $20 on april7th then they told me I couldn’t play because I wasn’t in New Jersey. When I registered I put my address in Oklahoma. So they knew I was from out of state and said nothing but took my money. When calling in and trying to get my money the representative told me I could either withdraw my money or reversal of charges. I asked which would be faster he said withdraw so I put in for a withdraw after 14 days I call Ed in to see what happened and got the most hateful rudest woman I’ve ever met. I thank god women here in Oklahoma have some class and nothing like her. She told me it’s all my fault and I should of known I couldn’t with draw my money. I guess it’s the customers responsibility to know all their rules and not thief employees. Here it is the 19th of may I still havnt gotten my money back and when I call them they hangup. Please stay away from these thieves
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1 year ago, romneyl21
Horrible app
Update 4 days later which is past the 72 hour, now they are asking for verification for the payment which i submitted which will now take 24/48 hours then after processing 3-7 days for the bank to receive it. Literally 10 days they a pay out when you can use FanDuel , party casino, or Bally and get it in less then a day. Don’t use this app it is horrible and customer service can’t do anything but reach out to a payment team and barely communicates. Avoid wasting money on this app at all cost, if i would’ve known before playing i would’ve never used it.
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1 year ago, NN Dad
Just as sleazy in 2023
Finally downloaded the app after harassment for a deposit match with a 150x wager requirement. Have to say the UI is massively outdated. Was able to win $500 in blackjack. Got the third degree in needing my entire life story to get the withdrawal. Funny they didn't need the same info for the deposit when it was the same accounts. Once I got my withdrawal, conveniently my account was disabled. Three different password resets and a note to contact customer service. Haha stay away folks. I’ve lost more money in Virgin and Bally but they have far better experiences and withdrawals are less than 24 hours.
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3 years ago, hdhxh hh hxhhxhd
Awful Awful Awful
Thought I’d give it a second chance. Must have played 20 different games at many different denominations. Low stakes, high stakes, and middle. It’s literally no fun, gives you not the slightest glimmer of hope that you will hit anything with getting excited. Stay away, I find casinos owned by Indian reservations don’t pay, I have tried them in person. I won’t ever walk into CT or PA Mohegan. Hard Rock payouts awful as well. Not sure how they stay in business. I’ll stick with MGM/Borgata. Bye Mohegan, won’t see another dollar of mine in this lifetime. I am personally protesting your casinos and on line sites. Fortunately you only got me for $700.
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2 months ago, Brenda19801933
False advertisement
They are doing something illegal because my friend won $9000 from a few dollars from FreePlay. They requested so many things from him his Social Security card, his birth certificate they close his account and never gave him his money sadly to save my friend. Never got his money my friend now passed away but he never got to enjoy his winnings. People don’t waste your time on this casino not on this one not on Resorts you win and they take it back from you or they lock your account. They don’t pay up when you. Win they’re scamming people.
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1 year ago, Sweetgeniva
Legit Casino!!
I have been playing on Mohegan Sun for a few weeks and I’m a little surprised by the reviews here. I DO agree the site feels a bit old fashioned and could use some upgrading but I’ve won quite a bit of money and payout has been legitimately been quick, easy and without problems. I’m going to stick with them. So far so good. 👍
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7 years ago, Anjopogs1
F@&-$ this app i will just play my last money left then i will Quit YES QUIT!!! THIS APP Very obvious its rigged and manipulated for you to lOsseee they let you win a few bit then you play again loseeee losee loseeee you will i believe it is designed to let you loose!!! When i was about to bonus and lost already alot all of a sudden they froze and got an error and cant play anymore how weird is that!??? And everytime i log back in it says error and when you are winning it hangs up!!!! They rrset thand whole thing so you wont win anymore so you have no choice to play oher games hthen you loose losee loseeeeee so bye bye dont watse your monwy here
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3 years ago, Philip4994
No bonuses ever
So this is one of the cheapest online sites. They have a free wheel spin you can play daily but in the last 3 years I've played here Ive only ever one 5 dollars off the daily spin once. So you have to think out of 100s of spins you might hit a free bonus more than once but I did not. The slots are absolutely trash and pay out like the free wheel spin, almost never. They never offer any worthwhile promotions or bonuses. In comparison to places like draftkings or stardust that give bonuses with one times play through.
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4 years ago, thissaucis
Scammed me
Amma try to make this story short so I won 2 bucks in their 3 million give away but I didn’t receive it because some malfunction I talk to the customer service representative and he starts off by lying saying I can only spin it every 24 hours and saying I’ve spun it already at 12 01 pm yesterday and that’s why I can’t spin it today before the sun has even come out he then realizes I’ve caught him in his lie and says sorry it was at 12 01 am yesterday anyways I didn’t get the 2 dollars or another spin scammed me
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3 years ago, Agenj
Don’t pay on winning spins! beware
Horrible! I only have been playing for two weeks and three times my game froze on winning spins (my iPad did not freeze because I could still raise, my bet, click on pay table, etc. ) It did not pay me on all three winning spins. On the last freeze I screen shot it and recorded it and sent several messages to customer support, it’s been a week and Ive still not been updated or been paid! Scam! Do not use!!
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5 years ago, Ni66am@n3
Mohegan Sun Online
I absolutely love playing slots and Black Jack online, this app makes it easy and enjoyable. In addition to phenomenal customer service, the ability to change points for cash, the free three million dollar spin every day... you can’t get a better experience online. 5/5
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5 years ago, Spinthatish609
I’ve been playing with Mohegan a few years and I just love it! The games pay out well and the graphics keep getting better! Customer service is nice and helpful and I have had no problem cashing out or depositing. They run a lot of cash promotions too!
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2 years ago, BigMoneyLossssserrrrrr
I’ve been playing here for years and I’ve been trying to give this app the benefit of the doubt but it’s really bad. U may win one day and will lost for a month until u have double the lost, that you won prior. Stay away from this app. It will take all your money. It crashes a lot and the games will tease you until you are down to zero.
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7 months ago, wilddbill77
All my online information never indicated that I wouldn’t be able to gamble on their site they let me sign up and deposit then say I have to live in NJ nowhere did it state that yes it says they are in NJ but not you have to be!!! Very poor site every other casino won’t let you sign up let alone deposit what a crock two thumbs down
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5 years ago, readme7
If you want to throw your money away play here. Worst site as it never pays. I’ve played on a lot of other sites and though they all are about the house winning and I completely understand. This site makes sure you win less then your actual bet continuously. I’ve spent thousands with no substantial win. If you bet $20 you win $6. Avoid this place or you’ll be writing this review.
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6 years ago, Nancyegg
Rip-off Report
Ok so they hooked me with a new customer deposit match bonus. I made the deposit, played through the free bonus match money and won a little....BUT they would only let me withdraw the amount of my original deposit. I was not allowed to withdraw my winnings, forced to play them and of course lost them. I’ll stick with tropicana online, they never rip me off.
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8 years ago, Fckmohegan
Please don't play this
This is absolutely rigged for you to lose and in fact so is all gambling. I promise you. You will not be that one lucky person. Black jack starts of loose and lets you win then. Litteraly over night it gets consistent 19 and above. 4/5 of the time. Please don't play this save your hard made money and be smart gambling will never ever pay off. You will thank me
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2 years ago, Winner(except here)
The absolute worst!!!!!!
Don’t waste your time play at any other casino but this one !!!!! They will do everything they can to not pay you !!!! You can win and they will delete your account and act like your a new player !!! They should be shut down !!! They are scam artists !!!! You will not win ever !!!!!!!
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1 year ago, Art8793
Hold your winnings hostage
They reward you with a bonus and when you play through it you don’t see any winnings. Instead you have to keep playing through a random number, meaning you’ll eventually be forced to use your own money to get. Skip this app and screw Mohegan Sun
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1 year ago, Ilikebirds99
Withdrawal process takes forever
Not sure how such a big casino has such a terrible app and support. So many smaller casinos and competitors are above and beyond. I guess Mohegan only cares about and based players. Waiting more than 4 days to withdraw is nuts.
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2 years ago, dmom01
Worse casino in history
This casino just takes, takes, takes and gives nothing. I swear like I’ve never played a casino so horrible, like it makes no sense how you don’t even win 20 bucks. I hate it, they should go out of business
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1 year ago, Tall bird
Screenshot your winnings..
I won 390 something dollars in a bonus feature and only was credited 80 something… contacted customer service to be resolved.. will post update.. have used this app for years and years but recently it changed and seems iffy..
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1 year ago, gb96962999
Typical player last, rigged casino. Slots (slingo) never hits always “one line away” and if they do hit, it’s for an underwhelming amount just enough to string you along. Plenty of books in this state that actually reward the player and have fair casinos. Stay away from this one
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5 years ago, ##Victim##?
Rip Off Stolen Money
I budgeted $400 made 4 deposits of $100 each, never won! then to only realize they took $200 extra out my account. Called to complain, went back into the account days later to download my records and file a complaint with NJ Gaming. To only find my account locked/disabled! Please folks stay away!
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4 years ago, Severplay
Not Ready for Prime Time AT ALL
Worst online casino app ever! Constantly frustrating when your in the middle of a BONUS- sit on chat for an hour, email, no response. Can’t even play because it takes sooooooo long to get anywhere loading....loading...loading.....delete
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1 year ago, ChuckDedo
Thieves just like every other online casino.
Gave me 500 free spins and I made like 29$ lol. Then I play my own money on another slot machine, and I lost 80% of spins. This site just steals straight up. I played the same games on Barstool and made 800 in my first few hours. Not here. They just rig everything.
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3 years ago, sirhc2486
Awful withdrawal times and bad customer service
Other sites have money to you same day. I’ve been waiting for over 4 days and it’s still in a pending status. Customer service no help as they don’t care. Terrible
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1 year ago, No Good-Zero
New application
This is the worst casino application I’ve ever used… The screen is not user friendly and looks awful and previous Mohegan Sun App was much better and very easy to use. I will be discontinuing my membership if this application is NOT REMOVED.
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2 months ago, fdfgfggfg
Straight scam
This has been the worse casino to play. Over $1500 and almost bonuses. Straight cash grab and not enjoyable. Stay far away. When you can 741 spins with no bonus or worth while line hit something is not rite.
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1 year ago, Where's my win Mohegan???
Slow payer
Waiting now two weeks in a pending status on a sizable withdrawal. Two weeks of asking for status and two weeks of “needs to be reviewed authorized.” Very sketchy. Sure take your deposits easily enough.
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1 year ago, kitcatinthehat
New app is horrible and has none of the games that they had before they changed it!! Need to fix or change back or continue to lose players and money!
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1 year ago, Becca12126612
Not only is it difficult to navigate the app but, the bonuses are impossible to play enough to bank anything. FanDuel is far better. Run!!! Put your money somewhere else!
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6 months ago, marklan716
Awful customer service
I tried to create an account and submitted all of the necessary documents and account is still not working and customer service is non existent. It’s a joke honestly
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1 year ago, RickyBeans
I have tried just about every NJ Online casino app and I know a bad run apart from an App/Casino just not playing fair/rigging it in their favor. Do not use this app, do not give Mohegan Sun any of your money. I am serious they are notorious for robbing people.
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1 year ago, Hnhgcvjjgfvm
horrible service
Do not bet with mohegan sun. There are 50 other options and they are all better. This app is terrible and the customer support is even worse.
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3 years ago, djamison1230
Deposit issues
I deposited money and the site decided to deposit 2 more times on it’s on for me. And to get my money back I had to forfeit my bonus money. Beware of banking issues don’t trust them AT ALL
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5 years ago, shame1980
The worst
Mohegan sun is absolutely the worst online casino out there you will never win no matter what you do you will never win stay away. Plus there bonus is bogus you have to bet 30x the bonus in order to actually win. Absolute scam.....
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5 years ago, marie g 1024
Save your money
This is by far the worst online casino. I have played them all and this is the bottom! No bonus, no payout, no deposit match. PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY AND PLAY AT ONE OF THE OTHER ONES! There are so many better ones. Deleted this one. Also withdrawal takes 6-8 days!
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1 year ago, Berdman201
Total scam! Don’t play here
Can’t actually take anything you win out. Doesn’t support PayPal or any withdrawal. Stick with the big names for online casinos. I made a big mistake trying this one out.
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1 year ago, Love2kase
Don’t bet on this site!!!
They will hold your money and they do not allow debit card withdrawal. So just know that u won’t get your money. Their customer support offers zero help.!!!
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1 year ago, ucfniv
New application
New app is HORRIBLE!!! It look is aweful. Difficult to find game. Can’t find games that are hidden apparently behind some other apps!! Don’t like it at all. Change it back
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2 years ago, leroy4588
Worst casino app I have ever used
Extremely difficult to withdraw money. I will close my account once I receive my money. Still have not received funds.
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3 weeks ago, cheater647
Take take take
No back and forth just straight downhill. Not even entertaining. Tried a little on FanDuel in order to play most here, big mistake should have stayed at FD
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4 years ago, mvkane87
Absolute joke of a casino app. Clunky, hard to navigate and lots of crashes. Biggest joke is the $100 minimum to withdraw via PayPal. No one else does this. Go anywhere else for you casino needs.
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