Mojo: Reels & Video Captions

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4.9 (124.6K)
306.7 MB
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Current version
Archery Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Mojo: Reels & Video Captions

4.87 out of 5
124.6K Ratings
2 months ago, showbiz1906
I love the app But….
I love the app but I do have some complaints. I’ve been a yearly plan holder for quite some time now. The templates need to be longer or at least allow us to make them longer. If we can post up to a minute or more on most social media platforms why are you only allowing us 6-8 second templates. The max I’ve seen is maybe :15 but that is rare. Also please update the “New” templates category! It’s been over a year now and I’m seeing the same templates in the “New” category! They are old now. Also with making updates, update the audio to current trending audio. I have to keep changing the audio on my own to something that is currently trending. Your team updates this app quite often and I don’t know why some of these suggestions you are receiving are not being implemented into future updates. I’ve been complaining about the ability of making the templates longer for a while now and nothing has changed so I’ve been making my own templates in other apps to my liking.
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3 years ago, Nikkibach
Could use some updates
I love using mojo. I love the stories I can create for our company. I love that there are tons of options and I can customize for our brand standards, but it isn’t too overwhelming. Just right. HOWEVER... the stock videos are giving me a TERRIBLE time lately. I will go to upload one of their stock videos into a template and it will either crash my app or just nothing will happen. The video won’t load. It is frustrating and I’ve tried all the tips in the help center but there isn’t a way to easily reach customer service or send a suggestion via email. The other idea I think would be an AMAZING addition on an update sometime is to create a feature to help you time your videos to the slide timing of instagram stories and reels. Some sort of feature that tracks your total project duration for you so you don’t have to manually go through each slide and add up the durations and make sure you are sticking to under the total length of stories or reels. I am sure there is a way to make a very user friendly feature on the app that helps content creators IMMENSELY. All in all it is a great app - just could use some improvements.
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4 years ago, Ashley 1akm
iPhone and iPad integration
EDIT: After my review someone from customer service reached out to me very quickly and gave me instructions to click the “already pro” part. It didn’t work at first, but after deleting and re-downloading the app, it worked and it recognizes my subscription on the iPad! I will definitely give it 5 stars now with no reservation! Hands down, one of my top 2 content creating apps!!!!! ——————- First, let me say that I absolutely love this app! I create a large amount of content, and this is one of my favorites. It’s very user friendly and delivers quality videos and graphics. The only reason I I did not give it 5 stars is because I purchased the annual plan, but I’m unable to work across devices like I am with my other content creating apps such as Over, Canva, etc. I should not have to purchase a completely separate plan for each device. Even though I am on my iPad, it should recognize that I paid for the annual plan using my Apple ID, OR I should be able to sign in like other apps. This is the only area that this app is lacking in. If I pay for the pro version on one device, I should be able to access the pro version on all of them.
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3 years ago, jman98
Wonderful but!!!
I’ll just lead with this, it needs the ability to switch profiles just like Instagram! I have two different accounts with different logos and different styles, I don’t want to have to switch out the colors or switch devices to use settings saved for my other Instagram account it slows down the workflow a lot. Aside from that I do love the app with everything it has to offer I think it’s well worth the subscription. It’s the one app I’ve found to be incredibly helpful in adding a little extra sparkle or “wow” factor to my posts. I’ve been a content creator going on 5 years now. So tools like these are life savers for someone who only owns an iPhone and iPad Pro. The templates are helpful and you can further customize the templates to your own unique variation of it with different Combos of text styles and animations. Kudos to the devs for making a wonderful app. The UI is easy enough to navigate and understand but I think it might benefit from a few little tutorial pop ups or like a help icon that tells you what things are or how to change something.
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2 years ago, BlackjackOnCrack
Overall good app that could use a few improvements
I think Mojo is a good app and I use it regularly. Here are some suggestions for upgrades that would make it a great app… 1) Provide folders or a better way of organizing project posts. If you post often and use your previous projects as your own template, scrolling down through dozens of projects to find one can be time consuming. It would also allow you to organize stories in one folder and posts in another. 2) Provide the ability to copy/paste objects from one project to another. Sometimes I use the same art, gifs, or photos in multiple projects. This way I don’t have to search again for a gif or apply the same color format or style to an element I use regularly. I would like to just copy that element to another project. 3) Provide more FX options. Most of the included FX are just variations of “glitch”. I would like to have more options to choose from. There are still a few bugs that seem to persist in newer upgrades but overall the app is pretty solid.
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3 years ago, thelil'coon
Needs Help
I absolutely loved Mojo. It was great for making cool Instagram stories for my highlights. However, lately I have been having some major issues with the app. When I go to add music and download a song using the iCloud feature, the song will not play out loud, so I can not choose where the song will start from. I like to choose very specific songs for my IG stories (usually that are not on IG already), so for me, this is a huge inconvenience. This hasn’t always been an issue. It has only been happening within the last 3 months. Also, there is a glitch when changing the length of the IG story. It is almost impossible to get the bar to stretch for 15 seconds. I have tried deleting the app then re-downloading it to fix these issues. Have tried using music from my Apple library to fix the sound issue. No luck at all. I have been a Mojo Premium member for a while now, and other than these two issues, I love the app. Just really hope these things get fixed.
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7 months ago, SquirtLEG 1000
I absolutely love this app… but
I absolutely love this app! I have used Mojo for 2 years now and have the premium subscription. Mojo makes content creating simple and is very user friendly! I use this app several times a week. The templates are trendy and easy to edit! One problem I have experienced is it is pretty buggy. I use it for work and have had the app crash for several days at a time and have had to skip certain features within the app for a while because certain features will make my app crash for a period of time. I really hope these issues get resolved. The feature that is most glitchy for me is the “handwritten” text font for whatever reason. I love it, but that feature only works for me once in a blue moon. All that to say, the app is incredible. Even with these issues, the app still gets a 4 star review because everything else in the app is amazing.
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2 years ago, shakir James
I don’t usually leave reviews but here’s mine. I got this app at the beginning of 2020 to help my curate a more cohesive theme for my stories and what not. I’ve had no issues with the app from that time as I knew I didn’t want want to spend the yearly subscription for templates I wouldn’t use. So I created my stories from scratch in the app.(FREEEEE!) And well I thought that was great! “If you don’t want to pay for the subscription, then create the stories from scratch , right…” Eventually I started the monthly subscription and that was enough for me until I realized I wasn’t even using the features within the subscription, so I cancelled it. I said I guess it would be better if I created my stories from scratch again. Welll…. I was appalled!. Now I have to pay to create from scratch?!? What kind of logic is that!?! I get it y’all wanna make money but that is a low ball. It’s best you guys just make the entire app ‘paid for use’ call that the end of it ! Look at your competitor- Unfold. That’s all I’ll say
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4 years ago, HelenaRomaniovaDarnova
Wow wow and wow so happy
Update: why I can add text without any animation? I am extremely happy with Mojo app. First, the price and what you get is very fair. Second, it brought my stories into completely different level- It brings endless animation layouts (which is a great for the stories), than you can add text, music and stickers and set up their own timing. I am completely willing to pay for this app because it offers all I need. Actually one more thing would be great. I discovered app "over". Which is really cool too because they have opt, like gold brushes etc and other graphic... I combine both Mojo and Over together: first in Over I create the template (add the frames, the gold brushes etc.) and Than I go to Mojo (cherry on the cake) to add the moving text, animation, music etc. It's a great couple apps BUT wish that I could do all of this in one App instead of switching between two (plus Over is a bit disorganized and pricey.
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1 year ago, I am TK
Coined response for common issues
It’s an app - many out there that do the same stuff. If you get too fancy the app will crash esp with using company imported Logos and support knows this and uses coined responses and reasoning for it. I don’t have time to capture all the data and send to them to fix myself yet they want me to do their work for them. 80 percent of the time the app works fine but with a few issues like when you move everything to Instagram the size of everything is blown up and half your images are now unseen. I have to remember only the middle third of the screen will import the actual images I’ve worked on. For $90 a year these should be top concerns that they fix and fix without asking me for assistance on how to fix it or capture the data from crashes. Well I have a year left of this nightmare but semi useful app that has limited templates…. Oh let’s not forget a simple post isn’t a post on this, it always defy to a real. Ok I’m done … might change the stars if it gets better over the year.
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6 months ago, Pinky1491
Good templates but missing necessary basics
I bought the annual pro plan and there are some great templates, but for a subscription based app, Mojo is lacking some extremely basic features that have me regretting my purchase. There is no search function or useful filters so expect to have to scroll through every single template, every single time. There is no way to favorite or save templates, so again, expect to scroll through them all, every time, or you can save a bunch of fake projects to your drafts, which is much more involved than it sounds. Creating a blank reel? Not happening. I somehow managed to stumble upon the option once, buried at the end of a template category there was a “create blank” option. Haven’t found it since. Spent 20 minutes trying to find it again before I gave up and decided to write this review. Yet despite the lack of basic functions, there’s a whole button in a 3 button menu at the bottom of the screen, entirely dedicated to selling you on a pro subscription, which my account already has… Every time I see that stupid button and remember that there is no “create blank reel” or “search templates” button, I’m angry all over again. I don’t see myself buying the subscription again next year if there isn’t some major improvement.
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2 years ago, Tiff_funny
Content Creator’s BFF
This app is excellent! Mojo is my Go-To app when it comes to posting aesthetically pleasing content for stories, reels or even feed posts (especially the Remove Background tool). The only things I would like to see tweaked are A) easier access to search and save fonts (like it was before the most recent update) instead of scrolling ALL the way to the left or right, and B) capability to use a dropper to drag and select colors you want to use and save based on the image/video you’re using for content. Other than that, it’s my favorite app, it’s super easy to use and comes with tons of template options. Highly recommend getting the subscription to get maximum use of templates.
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1 year ago, Asasoftball
Love the app but seeing issues
I love Mojo, but I recently I’ve noticed a few issues that are unfortunately almost dealbreakers for me as a paying member, one issue in particular: When using a template and trying to compile multiple videos in one slide, you are unable to re-order the videos after choosing them from your camera role. [I took one video, used the “split” feature to break it into 2, and wanted to insert a different video in between, but I can’t] Considering I could probably cut videos the way I’m wanting on TikTok, I feel like this is a basic feature to have within a video editing app, especially for Pro members. Aside from this recent issue, Mojo has been absolutely amazing for all of my video compilation needs (which is why I still gave 4 stars).
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3 years ago, Iratherfly
$40-$120/ year for Instagram stories?
Looks like a capable app but I couldn’t tell or test it out. Aside for a blank canvas for which I don’t need any app (use Instagram without nag screens, thank you), EACH & EVERY feature here requires subscription of at least $40 or $10/mo. That’s a little rich for me. As a business owner that rely on Instagram for revenue and spend money on it, I should be the perfect demographic for this. But all this “free download $40 to hit the on switch” nonsense smells greedy and scammy and tells me that after I pay $40 nothing inside would be free either. It’s probably designed to part with even more money building on the instinct of “already spent $40, what’s another few to *really* make it work? Or else my $40 was a waste”. Go screw some other gullible fellow. I would have been happy with a few serious free ones and then buying designs a-la-carte at $.50 each and believe me, you would have made $100/month with me this way.
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4 years ago, Mr Soville
I love app but I would like to see a couple of things added
I love this app a lot ! This is my go to app that I use when I want to apply animated text to my films. I really would like for you all to allow us to have the option to add our text to a transparent background so that we can export the animated into other film editing apps to use in our vlogs made on the iPad. Or if you would allow us to add video clips into the app which you already do but allow to add text throughout the full duration of the imported video clip. When i add my Video clips, it cuts my video clip off instead Allowing it to add texts throughout the whole clip.
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5 months ago, emilyist
Fantastic app
I manage a small business and am currently in charge of our social media, but I am NOT an experienced social media manager - this app has helped me easily improve our content. I’m a paid user and love the pro features! This really is a five star app, but there’s one thing keeping me personally from the fifth star - I really wish there was a feature where you could view templates sorted out by how many photos/videos the template is designed for. It can be frustrating to have to search through them all manually to find one that fits the project I’m working on when I have a set number of pictures I want to use. I would love to see better search functions or filters to help sort through all the awesome templates offered!
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3 years ago, maylianne
Amazing app, needs some more editing features
Let me just start that I LOVE this app, it has helped me create fast and professional looking designs for my clients which is amazing! However, I only gave 4 stars because there needs to be more editable features. My clients are very particular about font spacing and it is impossible to animate and space the fonts out like I want to. Also, there needs to be some kind of feature where you can add pictures/media that isn’t a part of the template. Right now I am using the logo feature to add photos which doesn’t seem very user friendly. Mojo, please PLEASE give us the ability to kern fonts and to import media!! Other than that, this app is AMAZING, but it could be even better!! -Mayli
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5 years ago, patrickdamon
App is becoming a major disappointment
The latest update is such a bummer. They have a delete button that’s impossible to hit when you’re trying to adjust the image. Cannot get any work done. Another major disappointment is the LOGO feature doesn’t properly work. When you export the file, regardless of whether or not the you pull from the cloud, it exports blurry AF unless you blow it up full size. Mojo has so many great features and I want to recommend it to others but would love to see them fully figure this out.
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2 years ago, RobWhitlow3
Great App
I am a pro subscriber and manage social media for several accounts with more than 1m followers. I love how easy it is to create content with little ease compared to having to pull things into Adobe. However, the back end programming on this app is horrid if you have more than one device you are trying to sync. Once I synced my phone, my iPad tried to sync and now just crashes every time I open it. When I opened a project on my phone that I started on my iPad, every photo deleted itself and it messed up to the point of me having to restart the project from scratch. The timeline could be significantly improved but is a good start. Would still recommend the app even with the issues above.
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3 months ago, ❤️Riy❤️
Charges Cards Unauthorized
I recently used this app maybe weeks ago. I signed up for the free trial to get access to certain editing it was great and I cancelled it + deleted the app after I was finished with what I needed. Fast forward, months later I wake up to my card being charged $45. I was so confused until I made a phone call to apple support and it turns out this app charged my card unauthorized for a subscription. And it was okay, accidents happen but my refund got denied. How am I not able to get my money back but my card was charged unauthorized and I don’t even have access to the app itself to reap the benefits of this “subscription”. Absolutely greedy and money hungry. You big companies make millions of dollars every day but you can’t give me my $45 back? Ridiculous and disgusting. I would give 0 stars if I could.
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3 years ago, Michael Anthony Rullo
Needs update
Love the app! Works great and is very helpful for creating social media content. However, I just had a boosted post on Instagram be rejected because of not using the updated version of the Facebook app logo in my social card in the video. So, I open up mojo to update it with the correct logo, and the only option is the one I already have - which is now outdated. Once the app has been updated to include the appropriate branded icons so we can actually use this for social media cards that pop-up in our videos - I will gladly restore my 5 star rating! Thank you all for this app though, it really has made things easy up till now.
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3 years ago, TMagoon2
Would be 5 star if...
I have been paying and using Mojo for my small business for about a year now. It’s really suited for us small business owners who often have to wear multiple hats. BUT my BIGGEST two complaints are that I am (1) unable to use this on my laptop desktop. Such an accessibility issue, particularly for me and my disabilities, and (2) can only use it on my Apple ID, therefore unable to give login credentials to a team member so they can create for our company instead of me. These limitations are huge and keep me constantly googling for a replacement to this program so I can stop paying for it. The templates are so lovely and it’s such a great concept - just wish these two issues were changed.
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6 months ago, Abonje
Fashion templates
I tested this app first and it looked and promised great templates, however, it’s been the same boring, lackluster templates they have had for fashion for the past six months since I upgraded to pro. These basic templates I could make myself on my adobe package, the whole point of buying this app was so I have an easier time dealing with social media for my fashion brand. Even the templates for “businesses” are just meh. The “trending” songs you have have long since stopped trending on IG, seriously who made those templates for fashion? Are they kidding? What fashion business would think that was a stunning, creative, catchy template to use for promoting their business? I’m so disappointed, unless this changes I will not be renewing this pro subscription.
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4 years ago, Lonte2020
So many issues
First let me start with I do actually love this app and how it helps my business. HOWEVER, I experience a lot of glitches/errors that had also hinder my ability to create content. I paid for a year long subscription, so I have a Pro account. I’m not able to upload media to the story templates. It always acts like it’s downloading and the glitches to where I can’t upload media. I have deleted the app multiple time and re download(I lose all my prior content arghhh) and then still not able to create content. I don’t want to unsubscribe because like I said I love what I’m able to do when it’s working. I hope someone can help figure out the glitches I experience.
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5 years ago, Supervy
Overpriced subscription
I think the app has a ton of potential but the subscription cost is way overpriced based on key limitations. There is no undo button. There is also no way to sort page order. And I really wish nothing would animate while you’re working or looking at the file unless you push play. The free portion of the app is incredible. The other story template apps like Unfold are substantially more affordable, and their business model is based on buying a theme instead of a monthly subscription. So until they can get those missing functionalities built within the app I hesitate to spend anything when competing apps are a lot more intuitive and polished. However, I look forward to seeing the developers evolve this app further.
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2 years ago, Chenille Rose
Great App / Recent Sound issues
I've been using this app for a few years now. I'm a pro subscriber and I've never had any issues with it. But just recently within the last few months, for whatever reason, I cannot hear the music when I am creating. The only time the music plays is after I save it. This is only for external music I uploaded. Sound from inside the app work just fine. It's very frustrating to try and create around a certain beat and I can't hear it until after I'm already done. I also have a new phone now and the issue it still there. I hope someone can look into this.
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2 years ago, iamjrdnpineda
Love it but….
Love the app, can we have the option to add our own stickers? Also have the option to delete our fonts we uploaded ourselves? I accidentally uploaded the same font twice and want to get rid of the duplicate. Also for the text transitions can we have the option of turning it off and simply leave the text effect? I want to use the the glowing text effect but don’t really care for the transition…I wish it had the option to turn it off or choose a different one.
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3 years ago, Ashley <3 <3 <3
Excellent app so far
I have been using the app for a half hour and I am not tech savvy and was able to Create a professional looking story to Instagram immediately. I wish there were more options to choose from with regards to templates. I also would like to switch between personal account templates and professional. It gives you the option once when you purchase membership but no option to switch Back and forth.
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2 years ago, Here-now
Very limited editing possibilities
I can’t believe I paid $40 for this app. You can’t even see the timeline of your video, content or music to edit them. The sound they provide for you is limited, and when I wanted to download my own sound or song Mojo Pro couldn’t find them. After doing some research online, even the Mojo help site/blog about uploading music doesn’t even give you the format they accept. I really think the app isn’t well done at all as an editing tool. Not sure whats up with all the good reviews. I ended up trying Inshot and this was exactly what I wanted. Mojo Pro needs to be more like this. If customer service or who ever from the company reads this, I would appreciate a refund.
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1 year ago, Lieslphoto
Exports are low resolution
This app makes amazing reels but when they’re exported it’s just not high enough resolution that I feel comfortable posting them. I have tried everything. Every setting, every method of saving or posting directly through the app and it’s just not good enough. I love being able to use my logo and fonts and the beautiful templates but when it’s saved, a side by side comparison of the original images or videos shows a reduction in quality. I’m a photographer and want my pictures to be seen clearly! It’s such a shame. I use other apps now that have a quarter of the versatility and options of Mojo but crystal clear exports
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4 years ago, ZuGroup
Amazing app!
I been creating content on this app for over a year now. I manage 8 social media accounts and all my clients are happy with my work and creativity. This app has helped me run my business. If are good with photo and video taking that will be a huge plus because after using this app over and over you will be able to understand exactly the shots you need and automatically the template will come to mind. I have about 12 logos uploaded. Tons of great fonts. And great stock account obviously.
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4 years ago, Gamester Chick
Hands Down the Best
I don’t generally write reviews. I click the stars and keep it moving lol! However, this app is so good for my business I had to take the time to recommend this app to ALL business owners! Makes advertising so easy! I loooovvvveeeee this! I had several other apps that you purchase the pro, and the templates never update. Well not Mojo they always updating with the latest templates. You must get this app. Must pay for Pro. The best 💃🏽
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4 months ago, Zaid Kanaan12
Decent app
There’s a lot of reasons I like and don’t like this app. As a business owner the preset templates are awesome and save me a lot of time. The app is to easy to navigate and use and it works well doing most things. The problems I found were the transitions and playback speed. Most of the transitions ended up freezing my videos and whenever I used the speed feature my video would go corrupt. I’ve had this issue with my videos for months so I had to cancel my subscription. Other than the technical problems the app is great and I would’ve kept using it
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9 months ago, earldax
Too slick by half
I’m trying out different apps for creating social media content. I find Mojo very frustrating because it is too automated. It is very difficult to modify or adapt a template. Even something as intuitive as putting images into a template in the order I want to see them is upended because the app randomizes the pics, and there is no apparent way to change the order. You can’t just drag and drop images in the timeline. If you want to make longer reels there are virtually no templates available for more than 15 seconds of content. Overall a very limited app with few options for customization.
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7 months ago, Oliviannn1890173n
Videos keep freezing and lots of glitches
I finally decided to purchase the app and my reels keep freezing, I tried creating them over again from scratch and no matter what, the video freezes several times (not just in the app but in the saved version that I post to SM) which really messes up everything. I assume it’s some kind of glitch, but not acceptable for $15 a month. Additionally, I have so many issues when I want to add text, it’s not as customizable as it seems - for example when I adjust the size of some of the text boxes, it gets messed up to where the words hang off the box.
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1 year ago, bdoskdbdbdsjkssk
App always crashes
I like that I can use templates from mojo & have it go directly to Instagram, but editing original content on this app is so terrible. Just trying to rearrange the media in the order you want it to play or adding new media and rearranging it doesn’t even work. App crashes while editing all the time, even when using a template, even before opening a template to see what sound it uses. Idk why I paid $40 for a year subscription. I am pretty unhappy about it. I would only pay $10 maybe $20/year for the templates. Not worth the time and money to make your own videos on this.
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5 years ago, cmcdeeee
Great App but missing one important thing
Would love to see more emphasis on being able to stick a picture of your brand logo in a corner and have it be able to stay there throughout multiple slides without having to fade in/out every time. Please fix or help me understand if there is a way to fix this! I realize I could save the video and upload it again—but it wouldn’t work if the video was longer than 1 minute...
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3 years ago, aferraz12345
Timeline now is worse than ever!
This app was very good, but always had a difficult setting to move in the timeline of element I don't know what happened, but there was some update and a timeline was simply impossible to use. If you add an element it stays all the time in the video and to reduce the time you have to manually pull every second to work at the right time. this made me very angry! this needs to be replaced!
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5 years ago, Asassypoet
Absolutely in love 😍
When I started my photography business Instagram page I wanted something original to use on my stories and even on my page! I love how user friendly it is. The adding of music & different font styles & colors. If you have a business, mojo is the best app to take all your photography & videos and make them come together. I said I been was supposed to write this review but just saw the latest update & said oh no girl go write it now! I love it!
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5 years ago, Kiran Wright
Love it! Hope for more features to come
I love this app! I started using it to design IG stories for a client and she LOVES the results! I do hope to get more customization in the future such as an undo/redo button, the ability to freely move around or resize photos within a template, and the ability to insert certain lines and shapes on a timer (similarly to how you can insert text boxes). I think features like that could make the possibilities of this app limitless.
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7 months ago, jtgentleman
Canceling pro trial
Can’t share anything to fb with the audio. Useless for me being I just wanted to draw attention to my company page, but even then there’s no way to share a real as my company page. If you decide to share everything with no audio then it’ll go to your personal story without audio because that’s the only option. For TikTok, touch turn button and it opens the TikTok app, doesn’t load anything though. Instagram is pretty much all ya get to share to as a reel, bc if ya want to share as a story on Instagram, no audio. Can share to snap, no audio. Good price, but since it’s completely useless, there’s just no need to pay it.
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3 years ago, Brea Felise
Please be careful!
First let me start off saying that I love the app, in my life so easy when it actually worked. I paid for the yearly subscription in my yearly lease is up February 2022. My pro has not worked at all. I have emailed they tell me to reset the app re-download it it doesn’t work I have updated the app and done everything that I’m supposed to and it still doesn’t work! I’m highly disappointed, yes 39 dollars is not a lot of money but as a business owner every dollar counts. Please be careful how you spend your money and also what you subscribe to. To the developers of this app, success only comes when you do the right things.
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3 years ago, Philuana
Used to love this app...sigh
I have a Pro subscription. I have used this app several times for creating social media ads. I would consider myself an experienced Mojo user. My app automatically updated and now I cannot get a multi-page video to save correctly. When it merges the multi-page video into one, it will not transition from the opening page to the next video. The audio continues to play, but the video freezes. I have now deleted Mojo and reinstalled it as a last resort measure. I have lost my entire library. I’d be very cautious of using this app as it is no longer reliable. I will gladly change this review to a 5 star if this egregious glitch can be fixed.
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4 years ago, thatdudejayme
Five Star rating , a must-have tool of industry
I’m not going to lie, I’ve had producers come back after a long run with their draws still to the floor! It’s incredibly simple even for those who can’t help a complex go at creative projects. That said, could a guy please get a moment to partner up? I know , I know, time time time — Sounds and feels to me like a fabulous time to embark on something wonderful. Best, Jamie Shaffer production365 (at) Power of Un (in development)
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1 year ago, M@RK_3LLIO77
Can’t Edit Text Crashes A LOT
A lot of text that you don’t have access to be able to edit. For instance, it’s no longer December but I want to do a month in review video but can’t change to February or January. Also I do a lot of work adding clips/vids to have it crash after all the editing cue points etc. no thanks. Hard pass for $39. Also not all music loads once you start importing to instagram. Yes I know you add music while on Insta but if it doesn’t recognize the track…it won’t load AND Mojo doesn’t give you the track names on their side so good luck!
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5 years ago, BestDamnYou
Great but not all PRO features work
Really great app also so fun to use! I’m only giving four stars because the app is SUPPOSED to allow me to link fonts i have stored in my Dropbox, but it will not authentic. I’ve tried every hack on the Internet and still no luck. I’ve emailed support a few times and received back a very odd and unclear response (perhaps English isn’t native language?) that did not resolve my issue of provide a solution. I’ve emailed three times now and still no help. Disappointing.
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2 months ago, Meezeeez
Main things
For the amount of money we pay, I would update templates more often and create longer ones as well. I’ve had it about a month and a half and honestly it’s become quite stale with the templates it provides. As well as things like text filters etc. also the glitches when trying to create your own template or video in general is unacceptable given the price. I’m actually pretty disappointed given the potential of this app.
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3 weeks ago, ChefShellie
Glitchy media upload
Just downloaded this app, and have spent over 45 minutes trying to add my media. It’s added, but will not load into the reel. Trying to use stock video/audio and again, the wheel of death and finally a time out. Not a good start. What’s the deal? Why are there no minute long templates? The additional time has been on Instagram over a year, but there’s no templates here that long? Thought I could add more slides to what’s in the templates, but that’s not an option either? Not sure this app is up to date.
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2 years ago, MGComo
Slow and crashes
I am using an iPhone 13 pro and and iPad Pro and the app is one of the most unstable apps I have used. I am a photographer and was looking for something to make reels with video and still images. The controls are not intuitive, if you add a video forget it the app just sits and doesn’t respond, the timeline to match the beats doesn’t exist, and the FX option never shows up. On the plus side, the text options are slick. If you are just wanting to showcase one or two photos it works. If you use a template or have 5+ photos, it’s worthless. I bought the pro version…won’t be renewing.
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2 months ago, LadyLibra926
Good, not great
I paid for a premium subscription for a while but have since moved on to another app. Mojo is way too glitchy for me (editing on my phone and iPad). Parts of the video would go black for seconds while I was editing, videos would export improperly, and the app would crash frequently. I also think the templates are not the best - it’s basically a mix of over stylized “influencer” graphics or graphics for small business stories. As someone who creates food/restaurant review content I didn’t really see anything for me.
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