Monarch: Budget & Track Money

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Monarch Money, Inc.
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2 weeks ago
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User Reviews for Monarch: Budget & Track Money

4.86 out of 5
19.1K Ratings
4 months ago, Karen in Monterey
This one is a winner!!
As a die-hard Mint user, I was horrified when I heard they were shutting it down. And after doing a lot of research, I was convinced no one else could replace it. But boy, was I wrong!! Monarch Money is SO much better than Mint was and it is worth every penny! As with any new app—especially a powerful financial one—there is a bit of a learning curve, however so much can be automated that it soon nearly takes care of itself. And in the few months that I have been using it, the Monarch team has been cranking out the improvements faster than any other app I have ever used. Truly impressive! There are sometimes glitches with the data aggregators that automatically gather the transactions and data from your financial institutions, but Monarch is constantly and actively working to improve that aspect, so I am willing to put up with a bit of inconvenience as they work it out with the thousands of institutions they connect to. (By “inconvenience” I mean I sometimes have to re-login to an institution to re-connect it….not a big deal.) Monarch has knocked it out of the park with this “Mint on steroids” solution that they have developed. I can’t wait to see what other fabulous features they implement that I never even knew I needed. Keep it up, Monarch!! You make me glad that Mint shut down and motivated me to find something exponentially better!
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3 months ago, heyitscaylie
OBSESSED!!! Two suggestions…
This is extremely close to mint. Its very simple, very clean, and I like that you can add your partner if you want. No syncing issues either. Just a week of using and it’s already helping me me more mindful of what I’m spending with daily check ins. Since a lot of competitors are cheaper or even have a one time buy it feature, I would really really like to request the one time buy. Make it expensive enough for others who don’t want to commit to a budget app to stay on a month by month subscription, but just the right price for someone like me who knows what they like in a budgeting app and are willing to pay. I love Monarch. I don’t like subscriptions. Another thing that isn’t super necessary but that I would enjoy are little challenges, or rewards for in the app when I am continuing good money habits/saving. There’s a few other apps out there that do this, including Mint (RIP), and I really had fun with it. Again, these are just suggestions. I love your app and the effort that has been put into it. It shows. Congratulations on gaining a lot of customers! I know the whole team for Monarch must be thrilled. Sometimes it just takes one app disappearing for others to take the risk on you, download your app, and absolutely love it!
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3 months ago, Ericpsu
Mint features for infinitely more money
This has potential to be better than Mint, but there are definitely some hurdles. I’ll focus on the constructive criticism. I’ve been using this for a couple weeks and there was a decent amount of work involved in transferring Mint data and setting everything up. But I’m glad it was possible. What’s unacceptable is that every morning at about 4am I get a 2 factor auth text message for one of my accounts. I’m not sure why that happens since it seems to update just fine. Maybe I should try linking the account a different way but I’m worried it will erase the history imported from Mint. The goals feature is interesting. I don’t necessarily have a goal in mind but I added a savings goal to test the feature and it added a savings line in my budget. What’s weird is regardless of how much I save each month that budget item stays at zero unless I designate a transaction towards that goal. But if I designate a transaction as being a part of that savings goal it’s completely detached from what I actually saved that month (I.e. selecting a paycheck for a savings goal implies I saved the entire paycheck). So in short I like this app, and it has potential to maybe even be better than Mint, but I don’t like it a $100/year subscription worth. I would consider a lifetime subscription and would recommend that to developers as an option.
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3 months ago, TakticalTekniq
Mint on Steroids is 100% Accurate
“Karen in Monterey” hit it out of the park with her review. I too came over from Mint and was worried that I wouldn’t find another app that could be as simple to use on a day to day basis while also allowing me to dig deep into my finances when I do my occasional financial realignment. BOY WAS I WRONG. I’m now one of those folks that are GLAD that Mint shut down so that I could find this app. “Mint on Steroids” is exactly right! You can do as much or as little as you want in the app and unlike Mint, it will learn all of your finances over time if you let it. This includes automatically recording your recurring bills (which you had to manually input in Mint). In addition to that, the UI is beautiful both online and in the apps and the bank connections are pretty solid. I’ve received two or three emails about my retirement accounts disconnecting but they always reconnect themselves without me doing anything. In addition, they just added support for the Apple Card which most financial apps that I’ve seen don’t have. I went from reluctantly switching to a paid app to now knowing that as long as they keep up this fantastic service, I’ll be a lifetime customer. I HIGHLY recommend you try it out if you’re looking for a Mint replacement.
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3 years ago, bsilva09
Best budget app, only need to change goals feature
Overall, I really like simplicity yet robust feature set of the app. I use this instead of mint now because mint is very clunky and has lots going on. This app works quicker, easier to navigate, and the best feature (monthly budgets) is structured in my opinion the right way. You can see how much left to spend and it works. Also, I can finally use a budgeting app with my spouse that she isn’t confused by! The best feature for couples is that we both can use the app! Only feature I think doesn’t work well and if changed would truly set this app apart from everything is the Goals feature. It’s not feasible because if you contribute money to your “car savings” account, that transaction cannot be tracked in your goal category. So every time you put money in particular savings account, the goals category on your budget doesn’t track that expense in the category at all. So, you have to go into goals and manually allocate money there. Goals need to be linked to specific bank accounts so that there’s someway to track when a goal is being fulfilled monthly. Mint does this well and I think you guys should adopt this feature and everyone will use the feature more.
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3 years ago, Wplay
The perfect way to manage my financials and I can tell they’re actively working to make it better!
I’ve tried several financial apps and this is by far the best and most integrated one. All of my accounts seamlessly connect (although I wish they would update faster). I use the iOS app and the browser version on my iPad. I hope they release an iPad version soon. The UI and product experience is great, although I do wish that they made the “planning” experience feel a bit more intuitive and structured. I found it difficult to understand how to set my budgets and where to compare what my typical spending for each expense type was. Even though that was part of the process it wasn’t immediately apparent how to set things and what they meant. It’s still a better experience than any of the other apps I’ve tried. I really like that I can add my fiancé and that we can both begin to see how our combined financials look like. I like that they show what features they are currently working on and allow users to provide input directly. I look forward to using Monarch and to see them improve on an already great experience.
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7 months ago, NotKewl
What we should expect
If you are a former mint user, this should feel right at home. Don’t be surprised if most of it seems borrowed, as that former product ownership is leading the charge. That isn’t a bad thing. I think Monarch closes some gaps too with a better full picture perspective of your cash flow and complete money breakdown. It is much more expensive than free, so don’t even compare that perspective. I do think the platform is more robust and reliable with its connections and multi-device usability. If you compare to Quicken Simplifi, connection compatibility is far better. If you compare to co-pilot, they may seem similar, but Monarch does let you do household management. UI is subjective, so you should compare different products if you find anything an absolute deal breaker. Overall, Monarch is easy to navigate and feels intuitive. Goals still feel a bit awkward if you are familiar with Mint, but you can now attribute transactions to goals, which makes them a bit more intuitive. The fact you need to attribute accounts to drive the behavior seems limiting at times, and forces an “envelop budgeting” feel. At this point, it seems like the best available option, if your budget allows for it. If you are hands on with your money management, this shouldn’t disappoint.
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6 months ago, NMKokopelli
A good alternative to Mint.
Used mint for a number of years and loved it. Because the Credit Karma replacement lacks budgeting I looked for an alternative. I tested Rocket Money, Simplifi and Quicken classic. I chose Monarch because the interface was easy to adapt to. The conversion was fairly easy but it was a bit of a chore getting everything categorized properly. One thing I do miss is the calendar that let me know when credit card payments were due. I love that the reconciled tag is permanent, mint only kept the tag for the current session. It would be nice to have a hot key to tag a transaction as reconciled rather than having to go through the transaction detail then the tags selection. Overall I am very pleased. I don’t really use any information on the start up page. Would prefer to go directly to the accounts page. I like the way they are showing budget vs spending. Yes, it’s not free, but neither are programmers. And the lack of ads is refreshing. A very good value for the money. I read one review that said the wished it would update accounts faster. I am sure this is more a function of the bank and credit card company’s policies but it did seem that mint was a little faster, perhaps.
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2 weeks ago, Mark3685
Better than Mint
I was a hardcore Mint user with data going back nearly a decade - when they shut the app down I felt like I was financially flying blind until I found Monarch. Monarch syncs well with all my accounts and well as tracks my primary home and vehicles to give the same rolling net worth calculation Mint did. The budgeting section functions in a similar way but categorizes and renames transactions more accurately and consistently than Mint did. It is very intuitive to how I budget and think about my finances. I LOVE that Monarch makes a point of showing you your personal SAVINGS RATE per month/quarter/year (something I followed in Mint but had to calculate myself). I also like that there’s no data sharing or advertising as it’s a paid product. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to bring order to their financial life, set goals and accurately track progress toward those goals. IMHO, you really need an app/program like Monarch to understand and follow your personal financial situation. After Mint, I tried Quicken Simplifi and then YNAB - Monarch is hands down the best. I hope this app stays around for a long time.
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5 months ago, ehall3
Feature Rich Budgeting tool, puts Mint in the dust!
This is a great budgeting tool with excellent features. Previously a longtime Mint user and I was frustrated by the impending switch with Mint being scrapped. When it became clear that CreditKarma wasn’t even going to come close to meeting my budgeting needs I searched elsewhere. Quicken simplify was a bust with no rollover budget options and I was not a fan of its more rigid approach. Monarch Money may cost a $99 a year, but it is feature rich and well worth the price. It has far better connectivity, and in the few cases where they cannot connect (Apple Card) they have an extremely user friendly statement import feature solving the gap. Their flexibility with budgeting by category or Group is amazing. The rules feature is more robust and far more functional than Mint ever was. Finally the concept of a “family” or “household” allowing for flagging transactions as “Needs Review” and assigning to a family member is the cherry on top. Truly I am glad Mint is now defunct, I only wish they had done it sooner so I would have found Monarch Money before now. 100% recommend!!
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6 months ago, Lord_VT
Refund request still ongoing [SOLVED]
UPDATE: I actually got in touch with them through Reddit and the matter was taken care of in less than five minutes on the same day of the review. I assume they are overwhelmed with Mint migration. They were transparent and trustworthy. Glad we worked it through. ORIGINAL REVIEW: I tried both Monarch and Copilot. Neither of those actually worked for me so I cancelled both before trail ended from the Apple subscription tab. Long story short, Copilot no issues. Monarch charged me the full year ($100) and the second the charge hit my account I emailed them explaining the situation and asking for refund since I have not been using the app for the whole trial. Still waiting to hear back, it’s been days and it’s really frustrating. I will keep this review updated. Either way, DO NOT CANCEL TRIAL on Apple Settings and the fact that they do not email you of the upcoming charge and the fact that they set it annual billing instead of monthly billing is extremely upsetting.
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5 months ago, Pgp10
Frustrating - Pluses and minuses
Migrated from Mint. 3.5 stars. I see the potential, but worry if they’ll have the resources or motivation to get it there. It’s not a totally functional system. Most importantly, your balances can’t be trusted - many say they were updated minutes ago but can be thousands of dollars off of accurate. This is a pretty key issue - if I can’t trust the app or the data, then why use it? I find myself logging in so much less than I did to mint, just because it doesn’t give me an accurate picture, frustrates me, and leads me to need to go into each individual account’s app to get a sense of where they actually stand. Use interface is good, but of course support is completely under water due to the change, and thus non-responsive and unhelpful. There doesn’t seem to be an integration with my Empower 401k, which is also a problem. Hoping they’ll iron these basic things out, or I’m going elsewhere at the end of my trial. No support for investment transactions (?????). They suggest I pay $100/year to lose the main features I used and had for free with mint. I’m sure their development team is aware of this, but yikes.
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3 months ago, at-the-coast
Even better than Mint, worth every penny
I have been using Mint for years for my personal budgeting and to manage accounting for my rental properties, and relied heavily on Mint’s features like budgeting and generating spreadsheets that I could customize and create reports. I was so disappointed when Mint migrated to Credit Karma, and found that to be utterly useless for my needs. However I have found Monarch works even better than Mint. More intuitive, I like the icons for expenses, it’s smarter about categorizing expenses where the vendor name is slightly different etc. The budgeting features are intuitive and easier to use, and the forecasting feature lets you budget and project months into the future. I did experience a few glitches when importing my previous transactions from Mint, there were some duplicate transactions that I had to sort out - but overall I love this ap and the desktop version, it’s like a grown up and more robust version of Mint.
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3 months ago, DaveB1977
Great budgeting and net worth tracking
I used to track net worth and account balances in mint. I’d budget with a separate app. With mint’s sunset, I was drawn to monarch’s features which allow me to do both on one app and so glad I tried it. My old budget software had become a drag - I’d categorize in large batches and get frustrated with the experience. Monarch’s rules and automation are so easy to establish and configure - I find myself categorizing less and less. I also categorize more frequently as I’m often already in the app checking investment balances, thus when I do categorize it seems much less tedious. The UX makes it engaging to perform mundane tasks like that. I’m looking forward to reports and toying with the ai. The month in review has already seen benefitial. Sure I’ll find negatives over time, but so far incredibly happy I made the switch!! PS - huge shoutout to support who gave me an extra month free to flush out some bugs syncing my accounts.
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3 months ago, tacofanatic33
Came here from Mint - VERY Pleased!
Like a lot of longtime Mint users, I was not a fan of Mint closing down, and “forcing” its users to move to Credit Karma. Credit Karma is a disaster and nothing more than a data harvester/ad farm for credit cards/loans. Not to mention, doesn’t provide ANY of the same features I used and trusted Mint for years to do. I did not want to go this route. Enter Monarch. Very pleased with the interface, budget tracking tools, dashboard features, and ability to create rules and set budgets. Monarch is Mint on steroids. So far, I have not run into any issues with account syncs (like some have mentioned). It provides a clean, holistic look at everything going on. For any Mint users who were abandoned by Intuit’s greediness, Monarch is a great alternative! While Monarch is a “newer” platform, they have gained my trust, and I have no doubt this app will only get better as time goes by. Thank you, Monarch team for rescuing me from the Mint shutdown fiasco!
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3 months ago, ncamarda
Almost perfect
I recognize that this app is constantly being updated and has had a huge surge of users with the closing down of Mint. I like this app a lot, and the fact that I can co-manage my finances with my spouse. However, the 1) recurring expenses/income is buggy and doesn’t allow for a range dollar amount (Ie different credit card payment amounts show up as separate recurring events on the same day). GitHub copilot does this really well actually; 2) the tagging system is not built out quite yet, so you can’t for example associate purchases to a certain person in your household and see how much they spent as a fraction of the total spending you are tracking for the household; 3) I love the idea of the AI assistant but it’s not very intelligent / hasn’t impressed me yet with any novel use cases. Fixing these three things would make me change my rating to 5 stars. Like I said, it’s a great app that runs well and looks nice, but there are some little things that make it less perfect.
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6 months ago, DJ Galda
Complex Mint profile transferred to Monarch. New UX is very fast.
I imported my data from Monarch to Mint after having 14 years of data, over 18,000 transactions, a dozen accounts, and close to 50 categories. The hardest part was cleaning up bad data in Mint and matching custom categories to Monarch’s, but I learned later that’s not required because Monarch will let you keep all your custom categories. Performance-wise, this app screams compared to Mint. What’s most important is that I am far more productive in Monarch than I ever was in Mint. Its easy to do batch updates. The categories manager is slick and even allows you to attach emojis. The emojis seem trivial but make reading the transactions list easier. Finding everything is smoother. It’s also possible to attach company logos to merchants the app doesn’t already know about. I added my employer’s logo to my paycheck entries, for example, and it makes it much easier to spot them amid the noise. I recommend that Mint users add all accounts before importing the CSV. Also add “manual” accounts for defunct credit cards, bank profiles, etc. When the import happens the transactions for dead accounts will have a bucket to hop into. If the four step import wizard takes longer than an hour for you to key in your preferences, take notes of what you changed cause that process might time out at the end and you’ll have to start over.
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2 months ago, Confucius6
Excellent Expense Tracking with Monarch
I've been using the Monarch app for several months now and I am thoroughly impressed with its capability to manage and track my expenses effectively. The user interface is intuitively designed, making it incredibly easy to navigate through different features without any hassle. What sets Monarch apart is its robust analytical tools that provide deep insights into where my money is going, allowing me to identify spending habits and adjust my budget accordingly. The real-time tracking feature updates my expenses as they happen, ensuring that I always have the most current information at my fingertips. This immediate feedback helps in making informed decisions on the fly, enhancing my financial management. Additionally, Monarch offers customizable budgeting options that cater to various financial goals, whether it's saving for a big purchase, reducing debts, or managing daily expenses. Another aspect I appreciate is Monarch’s security measures. I feel confident that my financial data is safe and protected, which is crucial for any financial application. Overall, Monarch has simplified the often daunting task of budget management, making it both manageable and effective for users at any financial literacy level. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to take control of their financial life with a powerful yet user-friendly tool.
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7 months ago, Romeboy109
Mint Users — This Is The Way
Was without a financial management home once Mint was announced as being spun off as Credit Karma. I tried Simplifi and this Monarch Money app. Monarch Money seems to be more promising so far. Major annoyances I have with this app are the way it handles bills as “Recurring Transactions”. These have to be tied to merchants and an actual transaction record. I prefer the way Mint can let you add one without those requirements, essentially just creating a reminder in your financial app. Also lacking the ability to sync bills with your calendar. The final pain point is the Apple Card sync. You have to import transactions month-to-month. No live balance tracking there. Since I many people are flocking over to Monarch Money (and paying quite the premium to do so) I imagine they will be listening closely to feedback like mine and will be hard at work to implement the features their customers request. Here’s to hoping if found a permanent home in Monarch Money!
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7 months ago, Scott Pfursich
Glad I found a Mint alternative
I’ve found this app to be more capable than Mint but also very familiar so it was an easy transition. I love being able to assign items for my wife to review, instead of having to remember to ask her about them, or texting her screenshots of transactions to find out what they are. The app itself is very responsive and easy to use and customize. The only confusing thing I ran into was that a transaction needs to be applied to a goal, whereas in mint, it would automatically happen based on the account the goal was associated with. But I actually like this better because now a goal doesn’t need its own bank account. The only improvement I would make, and maybe I just need to understand this better, for a loan such as a mortgage it would be great if the amount that applies to the Principal can go towards your net worth, but not the monthly budget.
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4 months ago, Alan Rome Michael Barcelona
Excellent App & Honest Company
I've never submitted an app review before but I just want to say that I appreciated when Monarch warned me that my free trial was about to expire before I committed to a yearly membership. In the past a lot of these apps would just charge me and yank cash from my account without me even realizing it. I'm going to tell everybody I know about this app because of the integrity this company has shown. Also, from a functionality standpoint, it has been far easier to sync and track transactions from all my accounts compared to any other financial monitoring app I've used. It has everything I want, it's simple to use, the interface is very user friendly, and it doesn't malfunction when connecting to my bank/credit card accounts. There isn't any reason this app won't be the #1 financial monitoring tool on the market in a few years. Keep up the good work.
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3 months ago, J610
Needs credit score info
I was forced to leave Mint like many others (the way it was handled was so careless), and I found Monarch. I like it for many things. It’s very functional for the overall purpose. But it doesn’t have an essential feature Mint did really well: credit score monitoring. Mint’s UI was perfection for credit scores. It told you your score, if it had gone up or down, and broke down the different components and how important it was, like “here’s your % credit utilization. It has a high impact. This is the chart showing what % will get you into the “excellent” rating. I can’t find a replacement anywhere. Clearly CreditKarma with all their ads and general lack is not the place to go. I feel like if Monarch would add that, I would be very satisfied. Mint was so amazing. If Monarch were smart, they’d look at Mint and ad some of their fun and useful features to Monarch. I’d like to be able to see APR and credit limit on each card. Add that and the credit score, and I’d never be able to unsubscribe.
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3 months ago, AmazinglyAwesomePleasedPerson
Life-Changing, well worth it.
I honestly can’t express how much this app has helped me grasp how to handle finances. I grew up with zero financial literacy and made poor financial decisions for years. After using this app for just a few months, I’ve been able to actually understand where my money goes, how my spending impacts my long-term financial goals, and allows me to visualize and plan in a way I never could’ve been able to without this app and the tools it provides. No resource has helped me better understand how to handle money, honestly. There was a learning curve in the beginning, but once you get into the swing of tracking and categorizing your purchases, it all comes together. Humongous thanks to the developers and the entire team — you all have made a fantastic product that is well-worth the price. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
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2 months ago, qwertujb
Love everything other than that it doesn’t work ☹️
I really enjoyed this app initially- the interface, the fact that my husband and I both had access, the details about each account, etc. But after a few months, we realized there are significant glitches with syncing accounts. At first I didn’t think much of it, but then it was happening so frequently and over time, one of our accounts (a local credit union AND all Chase accounts) completely stopped syncing. Customer service was helpful in investigating and said it was an issue with the PFA for that bank. I decided to try out a different finance mgmt app and found that there were no issues with syncing in that account. Due to the frequency of the errors and the fact that our checking account shows absolutely no transactions anymore, we’re going to have to leave. I would come back if and when this gets fixed, but for now I cannot recommend it unfortunately.
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1 month ago, angelstarninja
Financial Powerhouse!
Our finances are super complicated and we were just audited by the IRS. Needless to say it was time to make a change. I’ve tried several budgeting and financial apps including Dave Ramsey EveryDollar, Mint, managing by Excel, etc. I am now audit ready all the time. I know where my budget lines are at any given step, all of our accounts are visible in one place including investment accounts and I can even track the value of our assets such as our home and cars. I will say I do still need a place to put receipts, so I use Simpliwise for that. They let you put in the receipts but not export them. I learned the hard way that the IRS doesn’t accept paper receipts, they all have to be scanned in. I can now keep up with everything so easily and I’m so thankful for monarch. They also want my feedback and are constantly improving things. LOVE IT!
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2 weeks ago, brycemaccabe
Great Replacement for Mint
I have a pretty complex finance setup so I need something robust to manage everything. I used Mint for over a decade and loved the tools it provided. When it shut down, I looked at every available alternative. I tried the Credit Karma features but frankly, they just didn’t cut it. Every other platform lacked key features that I needed (especially with integrations with all of my institutions not being available or not working). Monarch was the one system that did everything I needed and I’m pretty impressed with it. Obviously, I miss that Mint was free & Monarch is not but it’s still worth the expense. There are still some features I’d like to see them add (such as transactions for investment accounts) but they’re well on their way & have a good development roadmap. I now recommend Monarch to anyone as the best personal finance platform.
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3 months ago, dougkozar
Serves a Purpose for Ballpark Estimates of a Portfolio Net Worth
MINT shutdown so I needed to find another app to aggregate and monitor my estate’s overall net worth. I am on the trial subscription and run into many limitations. Mainly, a few of my institutions consistently fall out of the auto connection and background updating. It requires me to constantly and manually reconnect and update. Yet, while I do, there is no consistency in success—sometimes they update and many times they fail, for days on end. Further, one of my institution accounts that does connect and update shows an incorrect value. Per direct institution source, the current value is $4k more in my source account vs. what Monarch reports. The account value was as of the close of the markets yesterday while Monarch’s report is only 3 hours old today. So the tool seems to be unreliable and inaccurate. That would be okay, I guess, if the app was FREE but the monthly/yearly subscription fee is causing me to truly consider continuing with the app.
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1 year ago, clopez787
Switched from Mint and very happy so far
After using Mint for 12 years, I decided to look for something different. I did a lot of research on the current personal finance app landscape and opened up “trial” accounts with about 5 different apps, and Monarch was by far my favorite. 1. Great UX with a clean, pretty, modern UI 2. No ads or having my data sold 3. An app that has tablestake features such as the ability to review transactions (how does Mint still not have this???) 4. Zero-sum budgeting 5. Responsive customer support 6. Open and public product roadmap with the ability to submit and upvote feature requests 7. Auto-categorization that is highly accurate Additionally, I looked up a lot of their team members on LinkedIn and was happy to see that almost all of them have been there for a long time (pretty uncommon these days in the startup world), plus the CEO is ex-Mint and led their Product team before the Intuit acquisition. The main “con” that stands out to me is price (Monarch is on the pricey side compared to the competition), but in the grand scheme of things $90 a year is doable for me if it means I don’t have to feel the frustrations I felt with Mint (I spend more than that a night at bars). Really happy so far that I made the change and looking forward to seeing how the app evolves.
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7 months ago, Dufur30
Intuitive! Monarch is the best! Wow
I’ve used Mint for years. I just switched to Monarch thanks to Mint closing down. I’ve tried almost every budgeting app, and Monarch is by far the best! It’s so intuitive and easy to use. Easy to import Mint data via CSV. It’s really fast to update Merchants, transactions, Rules, budget and recurring subscription. I love updating logos for my merchants and consolidating duplicates. I’ve never been so aware of my complete finances! Easy to Co-Manage with my wife who has her own account to access the budget, Mint didn’t allow this. Mint was really slow, so it was unrealistic to truly update your past history. The ONLY advantage Mint had was updating Apple Card, vs all other apps that have to import your Apple Card statements a month late. Monarch seems to be slight cheaper if you purchase Monarch through their site, not the App Store.
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6 months ago, wflms20110333
Great app, but a lot of account connection problems
I’ve been overall happy with my subscription to Monarch, minus the fact that I experience a lot of account connection issues: - for a long time, I couldn’t connect my retirement account with Alerus. I emailed Monarch support about this, and there was some back and forth, but overall their customer support’s response time and helpfulness was pretty bad. After over a year, I was finally able to connect this account for the first time - the connection with my Chase accounts keep breaking — I’m not sure why, but a subset of those accounts would disconnect, then I’d have to reconnect everything. Usually this goes smoothly (and it’s just annoying I have to keep reconnecting), but sometimes all my transactions in one of the accounts gets duplicated, and I’d have to delete half of them/recategorize/re-review and it’s extremely frustrating - the connection with TreasuryDirects used to work (and just require reconnection once in a while), but for the last many months it straight up hasn’t worked. When I try to connect the account it just repeatedly gets me to perform 2FA without any progress If it weren’t for these issues, Monarch would probably be my favorite app and I would recommend it to all my friends and coworkers. But I can’t do that knowing that the ux is buggy
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3 years ago, Melhoshy
Taking personal finance to the next level :)
I’ve been using this for a few days now and would say it’s a nice alternative to Mint that has more focus on cash flows and categorizing transaction to better understand your monthly income vs expenses, and helps you budget against them. I really like the monthly summary page, in addition to the ability to quickly see category spend and allocate against it. I personally have a bit of an interest in the space and use Mint and Personal Capital currently, in addition to aggregating my accounts via Bank of America and Chase as well. I am always curious to test out different features, and help me understand financial picture including investments and RSUs and such — and this app seems to “just get it”. I am quite impressed in first few days of use and will definitely be shifting more of my focus from Other apps to this.
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4 days ago, McWetty
Best budgeting app I’ve used.
I’ve used a LOT of budgeting apps since a certain free option got sold and depreciated. The purple branded one was solid, and offered a great trial option, but Monarch stands a head above with frequent updates, a great UI, intuitive budgeting, Apple Card support, and a receptive feedback community. My only big complaint is the price. $100/year is way more than I’m comfortable with. I feel the $50 first year offering is a more appropriate annual subscription cost. I also don’t love that I can’t refresh my accounts more often than every 12 hours. At least let me choose when it auto-updates the data. Hopefully, the Monarch team offers a loyalty deal or a Black Friday option so this average middle income family can continue using the app to monitor the absurd price of groceries every month…
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2 years ago, markdarkstar
Great app; continues to improve
I’ve tried all of the major apps (Quicken/Simplifi/YNAB/etc.) and found that Monarch works the best for my family. It does the best job with transaction categorization and rule creation. It also syncs beautifully with accounts at my local bank that other apps couldn’t use. I’m finding the budget a bit hard to understand in month-to-month carryover, but Monarch continues to come out with new features, so I’ll just hang on. I’ve been pleased with their rollout of new functionality even in the few months I’ve been using this app. The iPhone/iPad apps offer essentially full functionality that the web app does with only minor exceptions. This is great for someone who is on the go often and only finds time to manage money on their phone or iPad. I plan to be a Monarch customer for the long term.
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6 months ago, 18484617
30 day review
I find the platform straightforward and intuitive. Rule making assignments are nice for auto categorizing. I like tying your wealth picture into your budget by linking a variety of accounts. I’d like for the platform to be able to make savings or debt payoff suggestions based on your established goals. Goal setting is nice, but lacks a greater connection in monthly budgeting. It tends to be hidden as part of the monthly budget. The platform could easily make suggestions using unspent budget funds across your goals. Email notifications are informative and straightforward. Overall I enjoy the lack of ads or pressure to buy other products like Dave Ramsey attempts to offer while inside the ecosystem. Pricing seems in line with other products that are similar. I’ve caught onto some wasteful spending that has paid for its annual service fee a month into the 12 month usage.
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7 months ago, runeypants
The iPad app isn’t optimized for iPad
I am loving the Monarch service, but I use the website instead of the app on my iPad. The iPad app feels like the iPhone app, but stretched across the screen. For example, the dashboard doesn’t show graphs side by side, and the transactions page just shows me the category icon, merchant short name, and amount. On the website the transactions page allows me to update categories inline and do all sorts of filtering without opening a separate filtering screen. That’s just two examples. Unfortunately, as with most websites, a lot of the “clicking” doesn’t work right (have to tap twice or accidentally “click” things while scrolling). So neither the app nor the website are great for iPad, but the website is definitely better, and that should never be true for an app.
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3 months ago, Bcf06877
Another Mint refugee moves to Monarch
With the closing of Mint I needed to find another way to track our expenses and cash flow in retirement. I loved Mint but I was always concerned that it was “free” and had intimate knowledge of our financial activity, a marketing bonanza. I’m much happier with a paid subscription service that is free of advertising and where I can enjoy relative privacy. The subscription fee is reasonable and provides excellent value. That said, Monarch is worth every penny! I tried other apps and they paled by comparison. Monarch does everything Mint does and more. It is brilliantly designed and customizable. They are very receptive to customer feedback and are continually improving the product. Monarch is a fantastic tool that gives me laser focus on our spending and the peace of mind that our financial plan is on track.
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4 months ago, Ty Fulton
Best budget app
Switched here after using mint for about a decade. With mint, for years there would be these glaring missing features that I always would assume they’ll eventually add but never came. They seemed to just maintain the app and nothing else. If you used mint too, you will find with Monarch nearly everything that was missing with Mint is in Monarch. There’s only one thing I felt is was missing which was importing historic net worth data. If you go to support, they list the top items they will add to their roadmap for future features and sure enough, the net worth import is listed as a possible add. People don’t like paying for a budget app but I think it’s completely worth it if you want to track your finances better, month over month, year over year.
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6 months ago, bflandro
Everything Mint & More
I absolutely love this app! When Mint announced it was closing I was nervous about finding a replacement that had the same features and functionality. I shopped around a little bit and finally settled on Monarch. I was skeptical given the cost, but let me tell you, it is worth every penny. It has surpassed all my expectations by having an easy to use interface similar to mint, but by also providing clear/relevant graphics, insightful trends, all while being ad free! Visually it is simple and concise. Also, if you run into issues or have questions, because it is a paid app, there is an actual support team you can contact and they will help resolve issues, or take any recommendations for the app. Overall, very xcited for this budgeting upgrade.
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5 months ago, M@tt M
Great overall
We’ve tried a bunch or budgeting apps, including many of the top rated ones, and although there are a couple other great options I’m sure we could of used, we preferred Monarch the best. It’s fairly easy to use and the ai assistant feature is fantastic. You can request any info you would like based on your financial data. Super helpful and easy to use. The only thing that could be improved from what I see is a way to show your credit score and better help regarding certain ways to set some things up like credit card payments and mortgage payments since they are a little more confusing. But overall, we still preferred the interface and user experience of Monarch Money over the others we’ve tried.
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3 years ago, AmandaCendejas
How is this not more widely known?!
I don’t think I’ve ever written an App Store review. I just downloaded this software last night and I’m obsessed. I’ve been looking at different budgeting software for about a week now, and before then was always open to it, but nothing ever seemed better than my spreadsheet. Other apps are very invasive and also force you to budget in a way that feels extremely manual. Monarch allows you to look at your month as a whole, while also having the flexibility to correctly categorize, split, and even hide transactions from your monthly spending reports. This is awesome for splitting restaurant or grocery tabs and omitting your friend’s tab from yours. Onto the design - the app is so intuitive and easy to understand. I opened it up and the Onboarding experience was so simple and delightful that I spent a couple of hours getting everything set up. Navigating the platform is really a delightful experience. The dashboard for your net worth, goals, transactions, etc. is customizable. I also love that they have a “feature request” option on the menu and are open to hearing customers’ feedback. I’ll be purchasing the annual plan shortly. Awesome app!
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7 months ago, KevinBauer10
Incredible Mint replacement
I was shocked when Mint said they were shutting down— been using them for years. Saw Monarch on a reddit post from one of the founders where he explained why they made monarch in the first place. My girlfriend and I decided to give it a try before the actual mint shutdown happened so we could try a few different budget apps before the end of the year. Not gonna need to. Monarch is honestly incredible. It addresses so many of the problems I had with mint and offers a few other features I didn’t even know I wanted. The interface is great. The mobile/app view is great (especially compared to Mint’s). And best of all it doesn’t try to sell me life insurance every five minutes. I’d give this six stars if I could.
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2 months ago, ima_007
Well worth it
I’m kinda glad Mint shut down. After using them for over a decade and a half, Monarch is proving to be everything I wanted Mint to be. The support and pace of development are astounding. Apple Card, Cash, & Savings support is seamless. Through their network of providers, there’s also just way more of a chance that your financial institution is supported (even things like WageWorks, or TreasuryDirect — albeit that one is understandably spotty). My only feedback would be making it more obvious how to handle mortgage payments & mortgage accounts. It took be a bit to figure out that the payments into the mortgage were getting counted toward cashflow & budgeting, when it was already being accounted for with the payment itself.
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7 months ago, btmorty
Excellent Alternative to Mint
I have been using mint for over 10 years. Last year I bean searching for alternatives because I was growing tired of all the ads placed within the version and if I was going to be paying for something I wanted to be sure I was getting the best value. I ended up trying Copilot for the past year. At first I thought I would delete my Mint account, but I found Copilot was missing enough features that I hung onto my mint account. Well, with the announcement of the shutting down of Mint, I decided to give Monarch a try. Let’s just say I deleted my Mint account within just a few hours of trying Monarch, it had everything I needed. Besides credit monitoring, Monarch is the best alternative to Mint!
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5 months ago, ACC788
Best Tracking App - minor improvements could be made
Absolutely love this app! Both the desktop and app versions are great. My favorite features are the recurring charges calendar, customization on transaction categories, and budgeting tools. Visually, it is very pleasing and easy to understand. A few improvements could be made to further enhance the user experience and overall functionality: - calculate totals for recurring transactions (i.e. what is the total dollar amount of recurring transactions that have hit the account and what is remaining) - calculate combined total for budgeted items actuals and remaining Also, some sort of functionality to account for annual expenses (property taxes) though I could probably set those up in Goals. It seems a separate savings account would benefit in this case.
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4 weeks ago, Chr!s_Low
Poor support and account disconnections
Like most users, I arrived here after Mint shut down. After months of using Monarch, I have some suggestions. The bottom line is they have difficulties staying connected to some banking institutions. I have been disconnected from two of my financial institutions for over two months. I have sent Monarch messages and only get auto-responses saying that they are working on it and then that they can't connect. I am sorry Mint went away. I don't consider Monarch to be an equivalent system. It lacks the functionality of connecting to a diverse set of institutional institutions. It disconnects randomly to banks. The across-the-board reports you can generate are not as helpful to see your spending habits and trends. I was shocked at how high the ratings are for Monarch. Maybe it works better if you only have one financial institution. I am really sorry I used Monarch.
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8 months ago, sburrows242
Best Money App Handsdown
Definitely one of the best finance apps out there, especially for households/couples. It’s super customisable which I love and also has really impactful advice/guidance which is something I didn’t even know I needed in a finance app. They also have a pretty significant help center and are constantly improving the system, which I appreciate. The only con I would say is that sometimes there is some difficulty with keeping accounts linked, but overall it’s a pretty simple process to re-sync them. And since Monarch probably offers the most robust/diverse selection of accounts to sync in, it’s definitely a con I’m willing to live with. I’ve tried a lot of finance apps, but Monarch is definitely the best!!
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5 months ago, Audra Custodio
A millennials dream budget tool
I was with mint since 2012 and after migrating to credit karma which was horrible I was on the lookout for something comparable. I tried 6 different budgeting tools and monarch is unmatched when it comes to all it offers it also integrated all my tractions since 2012 from mint into it’s database beautifully. The previous tool I tried would only allow 10k mint transactions then another tool I tried didn’t have a mobile app only desktop. And many of the other 4 systems I tried didn’t sync through plaid (which drops the conviene points down) monarch also has an Ai assistant and the interface is user friendly and honestly more sophisticated and smarter then mint
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2 years ago, MobileMagic
Manage Your Finances in Minutes per Day
Monarch provides an innovative approach that finally makes it possible to stay on top of my finances in the amount of time it takes read an email. After I added my accounts and went through an initial review of my transaction categories it’s very straightforward to keep track of what it’s impacting my net worth, what expenses are upcoming and how I’m progressing towards my goals. I used to spend 1-2 hours per month using a spreadsheet just to do basic bill management and still didn’t get a view of my of my overall financial progress. I now have a continuous view of everything impacting my financial picture incomes, investments and expenses. I also like that Monarch not only aggregates my account transactions but they translate the transaction data into meaningful insights like identification of new recurring expenses, missing bill payments, over budget spending, investment balance ups/downs, etc. Finally, it gives me a way to show my wife how we’re doing on our financial picture in way that simple, clear and always up to date. It’s well worth the money.
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5 months ago, Matt Heisey
From Mint to Monarch
Longtime Mint user, but had to switch due to Mint shutdown. I only wonder, “why didn’t I switch long before?” Monarch is superior to Mint in many ways. There are several features that are available in Monarch that I always had to work around in Mint. Things like: ability to create a budget with a rollover from day one. Goals linked to transactions, not accounts. Rules engine that is far better and more reliable. I am happy to pay $99/yr for any one of these improvements, but add all of them together with a clean, ad-free UI, and am hooked. Also like that the developers are actively improving the app and web UI constantly, listening to user feedback. I LOVE this app!
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1 month ago, User 267523
Easier to Connect than Quicken
I couldn’t get everything to connect in Quicken for many accounts, as well as Apple Card. Everything connects and works great in Monarch, so at least all is there. Also, I couldn’t share with my spouse, so they had no visibility with Quicken, but Monarch allows sharing and includes for an accountant as well. I don’t understand how to balance account statements on Monarch and setting a budget doesn’t seem intuitive, maybe I will learn. Just glad everything connects, between banks, loans, investments, even car and house values update regularly connecting to Zillow and KBB and give you a good pulse of how your mortgage and loans go against their value.
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