Money App – Cash & Rewards App

4.9 (154.7K)
47.3 MB
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Money Rewards Online, Ltd
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8 months ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Money App – Cash & Rewards App

4.86 out of 5
154.7K Ratings
2 years ago, unityempire1490
Feeling good 😇
Honestly I was skeptical about this app when I first downloaded it two years ago. I didn't think I'd actually make any legit money on here. Now, honestly speaking you're not going to make hundreds of dollars with this app. But it's a great way to make a couple bucks for doing something as simple as playing games, downloading and opening an app, and sometimes even taking surveys. The customer service has always responded to any questions or concerns l've had. I've never had anything sketchy happen to my account or my points or anything. The only other thing I'd have to say is that there isn't a lot of variation. I've had the same options for a year or so with nothing new to try. So it takes a long time to get to $5 But still, I can't complain. I play a game every once in a while. And when I get to the level I have to I get my points. It might take months to be able to cash out but it's basically free money for doing nothing. For just being on your phone. If you complain because you're not making lots of money, I mean, that's on you. Obviously you can't just expect to cash out every day and make so much money. That's not how life works. It's an easy way to make money by doing nothing, that's all.
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6 years ago, trammmq
App is decent when it’s working but it often crashes back to back upon trying to open it. It’s only got such a high rating because it offers coins for giving it a five star rating which is a slimy little move but I get it. What everybody else said, it’s easy to make a good five or ten bucks at first but offers that are anything other than surveys will become rare. I definitely think they need to figure out a way to keep adding more game and video offers. That being said, they do pay up, so three stars. Edit: Dropping my rating to two stars because every single offer I complete has stopped giving me my points. I’ve downloaded a ton of apps and they’re not giving me my points. Also, they only offer small amounts of points for some tasks that deserve a thousand plus points. For example, they’ll tell you to do something easy like download an app and complete the tutorial which seems easy enough, but I’ve been playing a game for four days now and I STILL haven’t completed the tutorial because it’s so complex and the tutorial continues throughout the game as you level up. This only offered 400 points which is crazy because of the large amount of work you have to put into completing the tutorial. And I don’t even know if I’ll receive those measly 400 points because of the problem I mentioned above. I definitely recommend getting this app and using it to make an easy $5-$10, but after that, go ahead and delete it because it’s not likely you’ll be able to make any more.
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4 years ago, I love this beyond words
Great app
Honestly I was skeptical about this app when I first downloaded it two years ago. I didn’t think I’d actually make any legit money on here. Now, honestly speaking - you’re not going to make hundreds of dollars with this app. But it’s a great way to make a couple bucks for doing something as simple as playing games, downloading and opening an app, and sometimes even taking surveys. The customer service has always responded to any questions or concerns I’ve had. I’ve never had anything sketchy happen to my account or my points or anything. The only other thing I’d have to say is that there isn’t a lot of variation. I’ve had the same options for a year or so with nothing new to try. So it takes a long time to get to 5$. But still, I can’t complain. I play a game every once in a while. And when I get to the level I have to I get my points. It might take months to be able to cash out but it’s basically free money for doing nothing. For just being on your phone. If you complain because you’re not making lots of money, I mean, that’s on you. Obviously you can’t just expect to cash out every day and make so much money. That’s not how life works. It’s an easy way to make money by doing nothing, that’s all.
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4 years ago, Mikey Tb
Disappointing review but better than a lot of other cash apps
First of all only been using this app for just about a week the best thing about it is the fact that you get 20 points or what they call coins a day they keep you interested in having an app on your phone besides that played a couple games made some money that way which was really nice having rain into any problems yet hopefully in the next month or two I’ll be able to write a review don’t like the fact that you have get so many points to play games to win coins or points but nothing in this world is free right it’s just worth keeping hopefully over time you’re able to accumulate enough coins to eventually cash out and make at least a little money won’t get rich on this app hopefully they’ll make some changes to make it more interesting so that you can make more coins the money I would definitely be interested in writing another review in the next six months I would recommend just giving it a chance even if it’s just for the coins on a daily basis other apps gift coins but make it hard to fill out questionnaires to get money Aucoin thanks for listening
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3 years ago, njhdl
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6 years ago, Aunty Sammy
Not worth my time
I am only able to earn 20 credits or $0.02 per day. I have given up after only 3 weeks, because I did not receive credit for completing the requirement on the Lords Mobile game (download, install, & kill level 2 monster). I emailed the support team after 7 days, and I was told I needed to provide proof (email or screenshot). That is understandable, but I am unable to provide those as I have already played past level 2 thinking I was going to be credited after a couple of days or 48 hours. I never thought to take a screenshot. And what email confirming this? I have never received an email to start with so what email are they asking for? It also requires that you are a new user. Well, this was my first time downloading this game, and I am so so disappointed & felt like I wasted so much time. Are you not able to check on your side with the information we provide why these actions are not taking place? This app is a complete waste of my time, and after 21 days without my credit FORGET IT! For only 3000 points or $3 it is too much time and hassle. Another issue is that there will only be one offer for the first week also including Lords Mobile. Aren’t these offers immediately removed after we download & install? Why aren’t there other offers available for me to choose from? Just ridiculous! I hate it!
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6 years ago, Mand3licious
Easy Money
I’ve made $30 this month just by playing games! I was skeptical, but it’s pretty easy to earn points by downloading games and apps and meeting the requirements (‘play to level 20’, or my favorite, ‘download and open app’). If you don’t receive the points, you can simply screenshot where you’ve met the requirements and email their customer service team. They’re fast at responding and depositing the points into your account. 5000 points =$5. I typically earn that much for 2 games. And I’ve actually kept several of the games past my level requirements because they are genuinely fun games. And a cool thing for me is that they deposit the money into your PayPal account, so you don’t have to worry about someone getting ahold of your bank info. I would (and have) recommended this app to friends and family.
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6 years ago, This app doesnt pay
Terrible app
If you’re looking for an app that pays, I would skip this one. I downloaded this app nearly 6 months ago and almost every day I’ve clicking on the daily check in button to obtain my points. Nearly a week ago, I clicked on the daily check in and it told me that I had reached my limit due to that I hadn’t checked on any other tasks in their list. So after seeing that, I went and clicked on the “Wheel of fortune” game/task. After going to the link to the game and playing the game for nearly and hour and completing it, I figured I’d receive my credit. It did not appear in my credit list so I notified the support team. After a couple of days, I didn’t hear back from anyone so I notified them again. After another day or so, they emailed me and said that I need to provide proof that I completed the game. I emailed them back and said that I didn’t have any proof such as a screenshot or anything and I asked that they please give me the credit I spent a good deal of time trying to play the game and wade through all their ads to. This morning, i received an email back from their support team that they cannot provide me the credit without any proof. This is not the first time that this has happened with company. I’m going to be shutting down this app and never playing it again.
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6 years ago, Akira Ashiya
Lost all my points because I accidentally deleted app
I’ve been using Money app for a while and and have cashed out a few times. I’ve been pleased for the most part except from a few days ago. I accidentally deleted the app from my phone when I was deleting others, but when I reinstalled it all of my progress was wiped out—and I was extremely close to a $10 cash out. I started a support ticket and the response was that basically there was nothing that could be done as “theoretically” even if I removed the app from my phone and reinstalled it the information should still stay. Well “theoretically” this didn’t happen. This is the first app of any kind I can recall that I’ve deleted and reinstalled that didn’t carry any information. I did not change phones or reset my phone, which are a couple reasons that a full wipeout would occur according to my service support reply. It really upsets me as for the last few apps I downloaded before the deletion I had to contact support for my credits because they did not apply in the reasonable time frame given, so as I was getting close to cashing out I was having problems then. I guess I have no choice to start from scratch but a lot of the apps I’ve already gotten credit for are listed and therefore I can’t use them.
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6 years ago, Kitkat2003
Good but some task don’t work
It’s probably the best app for making a few bucks and playing games for fun while doing it. The tasks where you download apps work great. Just don’t do the tasks where it takes you to an internet page and asks you to take a quiz or a survey cause it never pays out and you end up with a bunch of different browser pages open trying to get you to get a free $1,000 gift card if you just do the survey. Then they bounce you around everywhere and you never finish it. I’ve taken the Poker quiz three times and never got credits for it. I took the wheel of reward one and the “what would you do with $3000” tasks a few times and never were rewarded. Just wasted 30 mins trying to figure out what else I had to do. Very frustrating. Also for an update, after you start a task (like downloading a slot machine game), keep the task visible so you can remember what level you have to get to in order to get the credits. I download a lot of apps and can’t remember which level I have to get on which game. I don’t do reviews but though this info would be useful to others. Thanks!
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1 year ago, Schreiny
Not a Good App
I’ll start by saying that I initially wrote a 5 star review for this app because it gives you free points, so why not? I’m sure that’s how this apps rating are so high, because I have never used an app that can just not fulfill points like this one. I used the app, got points for checking in daily which is great, it’s a simple way to get points. But when I did one of the tasks to get points is where the problem happens. I spent several hours completing the listed goals for a game that was listed and after finally completing all of them, I never received any of the points. I emailed their support and they basically told me that the points are given through a third party, so there is nothing that they can do about it if I didn’t receive the points. The fact that they can list the tasks and then have no control of policing the credits given is one of the stupidest things that I’ve ever heard. So beware, if you play these games, most likely you will get screwed out of getting the credits for them at some point and you will just have to accept the time you wasted trying to attain them. I’d look elsewhere if you are looking for money apps.
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5 years ago, jon4111977
Average Review
Pros are you get paid real money to do easy tasks like play games take surveys and install and open apps. You wait 3 business days and get money once you cash out so simple. Cons are you can’t really keep up with the games your playing like current tasks that needs to be fixed pronto. Some games take you months to finish only to expire and waste your time playing without telling you it expires. Some games are very very very boring to play then don’t pay you once you get the requirement. Some tasks require you to pay a subscription and basically your just trading in your money for credits which doesn’t make a lot of sense if your trying to earn credits free right. The tasks have duplicates or repeating the same ones you finished which is annoying since your not considered a new player on a game you played already. In closing if you like playing games why not get paid to do it they make money we make money everybody’s happy right.
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6 years ago, -creative name-
Pretty good
I earned my first $5 in only two days. It’s very easy to use. My biggest complaint is that the apps don’t update very frequently. I’ve had the app for nearly a week now and I’ve barely been able to use it since earning my first $5 because there are no other apps to download. Overall, I can’t complain. I got paid for just playing games. Also, I completed a task that was supposed to give me 525 credits (it was a task to enter a sweepstake), and I never received them. Oh well, it’s pretty easy to earn another 500, so I wasn’t too worried about it. I would recommend only completing the tasks requiring you to download an app and avoiding the sweepstakes. They continuously take you to other websites to get you to sign up for more stuff. They’re a huge pain and I’ve never gotten paid for them because I’ve only had the patience to fully complete one of them (and still never got paid for it). Overall, it’s a great app. I fully recommend it.
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6 years ago, TurtleWorshipper
When I originally installed the app, it was great. I received the credits when I completed tasks, the app didn’t crash, and there were a ton of offers for me to pick from. However, one day the app started crashing after 30 seconds of it being opened. I’ve had this problem with multiple different apps on my phone and usually when I delete it and redownload it and it works fine, so I did that thinking it would be fine. Well, I lost all of my credits (I had almost 10,000) but the app worked again. And I wasn’t too upset, I’d only had the app for a week and I built up that quick so I thought I could get them back easily. Wrong. I’m now going on week three of having the app back and I’ve barely broken 3,000. I don’t receive credits for completing offers (appfrap, stash, inboxdollars, appdecker, pop casino, pirate kings, and Harvest Island are some of the ones I can think of) and I’m only offered 5-6 options for tasks, most of which require me to make purchases which I’m not going to do. It started out great, but now it’s kind of a waste of my time.
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7 years ago, a.muze
Ok, so far....
I haven't had this app anymore than 3-4 days now so I can't really say whether or not it's worth my time quite yet. I have been able to navigate and utilize what it offers - and I guess it's been ok. Certainly not great and not exactly what I had in mind when I first downloaded it. However, I do have to say that I've been somewhat disappointed in the variety and overall amount of the offers and tasks they offer. Naturally, many of them require you signup for trials and/or make some kind of purchase or another - which is a HUGE turn off for me. But there are the occasional ones that I can easily do without signing up for another useless money-sucking subscription service - and those ones are nice and easy to do. Obviously, from my limited experience, you won't be getting very far if you strictly complete only the 100% free offers as the paid ones usually have the highest reward amount. But I suppose my biggest complaint is that the variety and amount of the offers are fairly underwhelming. There are so little offers that you don't even have the option to sort them by type because you can quite literally review all of them with one, maybe two, swipes up on your phone. Regardless, I like to give these things an honest shot before throwing the towel in - so I'll be holding on for a little while longer just to see if the points I've accumulated by that point are actually worth my time.
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5 years ago, Someone Already Took John Love
It does pay but not a lot
I’ll say this, this is not a bot review. They do payout even though it may take awhile depending on the task you do. I’ve gotten $20 from doing task but after that it gets really hard to do task cause some of them either don’t register or they require ridiculous standards to complete. The best ones are World War Rising & Final Fantasy, then a few other games. Sometimes they’ll direct you to faulty games that will end up crashing or glitching that you won’t be able to get a payout. The developers of this app make way more than what they are paying out. For now I’ve never gotten more than $20. That took 2 weeks technically. It has given me a few games that I am now addicted to. And a few other useful apps that I would’ve never downloaded. Outside of that. I’d leave this app alone after you get your $20. UNLESS the developers of this app create more opportunities.
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5 years ago, SheKillzitSun
Reviews aren’t my thing ..
But I can make an exception for this experience using a certain app that claims to pay out rewards for trying apps and different offers, some big and some small. I didn’t believe it and thought it was a fake and gave it a try, first couple days I found it simple to earn points when choosing the easy offers like downloading and opening an app. So I went for the bigger one and played the block game, took me days lol soooo addicting but finally beat that dang game and got the 2000 points needed to redeem. Earned 10 bucks and just cashed out to PayPal, previously used a similar one to this and it also worked but this one definitely has a lot more options and it’s a nice looking app. Have fun
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5 years ago, Pandaz_31
Can’t earn credits too fast or...
Recently I came across the money app and decided to download hoping to earn cash. Since I’m in college I had a break for Thanksgiving and a lot of free time. During my free time I went on the money app and played and downloaded each game earning credits pretty fast. For the first cash out it took three days to receive 5 dollars. For the second cash out I had earned this pretty fast also because of my free time and went to cash out again right before thanksgiving. This cash out was never received and went into review for some reason. Fast forward three weeks after sending two “help my cash out isn’t working” I received an email saying my cash out request was rejected because I was accused of collecting credits with unauthorized methods, having multiple accounts, sending fake requests, etc. This app suffers glitches and there have been multiple apps where I have not received my credits. This app is trash and in order to not send the money earned they accused me of cheating.
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6 years ago, TᖇᗩᑕY
Paid to rate this 5 star
I was rewarded 50 credits to rate this a 5 star app. Here’s an honest opinion as well. This app is alright but there aren’t much tasks or easy ways to earn credits without downloading apps, wasting any money or completing invalid surveys. I’ve earned about 400 from the 2 days of using this app but that’s because I’m on it 24/7 doing anything I can without destroying or blowing up my phone with useless apps that take up space. You can cash out 5000 credits for $5 through only paypal. It’s better than apps like inboxsurveys, swagbucks and other survey apps but it would take a while to earn your $5 if you only do this in your spare time. Edit: It’s been about 2 months since having this app and it’s not as promising. I’ve tried about 4 of the tasks, downloading an app and making an account or playing a game to a certain level. And i never got credit for any of them. Some of the tasks just disappear after I try it and never gave me credit. Ugh. This is frustrating. It takes years to earn the $5.
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5 years ago, lies & deception
Far to glitchy and most offers don’t work
so if you’re like me you and love to have extra pocket money any money is good money you will understand how infuriating it is when you do something such as complete an offer and do everything that is required just to be miss lead. I’ve given this app more time then I should have and come to realize there are far more offers that don’t work then there are offers that do work for example there are apps that you will download then when you check the status of started offers some of the apps you’ve download WILL JUST MIRACULOUSLY DISAPPEAR as if you never downloaded it in the first place and then when you go find the offer again it WONT BE THERE OR the offer won’t work for you because once you download it you will no longer be considered a (new member only) and with that being said I feel like you're better of starting a lemonade stand and selling it 15cent a cup then wasting countless hours just to earn 5$ dollars The negatives just over away the positives
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5 years ago, simon r II
Good app but not recently
It’s been a great app for a while, I’ve accumulated $24 worth of credits. I’ve been trying to work my way up to the $50 payout but it’s been a little difficult as I haven’t been given my credits for two tasks now( may be 3). I’ve waited a 2-3 days for one of the apps and about 2 days for the other. Together they’re worth just under $8 and the third task is worth $1.6, I’ve just completed the third one though so if I can I’ll make an edit later on whether or not I got my credits but as of right now I haven’t. EDIT: it’s been about a day or two since I wrote this review and still haven’t been given any of my credits, I’ve open a ticket and still haven’t gotten a response for about 5 days(so much for fast response). So basically the app is good but right now it seems like they’re avoiding giving me my credits (they’re owe me over 10,000 right now by the way)
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5 years ago, nanophosis
I’ve been using this app for a few days and really enjoy it. I’ve used many apps and websites similar to this and often get frustrated when I complete tasks and don’t earn points, but Money App is super good about that, as I get a push notification as soon as a task is complete. There aren’t any tasks on the map near me, but I’ve earned plenty in the last day or so just through downloading other apps. One criticism is that there could be more offers available for downloading apps and such, as my town doesn’t have any real life physical tasks. Also note that you can get points for leaving a 5-star review, which I’ve already done yesterday - this review right now is purely of my own accord because the app is great :)
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6 years ago, Tomadeupjazz
Real Money
I was super skeptical when I first downloaded this app. So much so that when I downloaded it I just let it sit on my phone for months without doing any tasks. Well recently I'd say about a month ago I decided to really give it a try and I was so shocked at how easy it was for me to complete tasks, play games, and sign up for free trials (and then unsubscribe later of course) and rack up the coins and then use them for PayPal cash. No joke I seriously have earned $35 in a month just playing games. It might not seem like much but this is the first app where I've earned REAL easy money just doing things on my phone. SIMPLE things. I definitely recommend this app, and I'm so happy to have it
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6 years ago, Sachboogs
Great Start BUT....
The app is great in that you complete simple tasks for credits that you can redeem for money. The tasks start off simple, playing games, quizzes, etc. BUT the problem starts where you complete the app offers and do not receive your credits. I sent emails to customer service who tells there’s they can do since the app is made by a “third party” and I need to contact them. So, now I have contacted the third party maker of these app offers I am finding myself sending email after email DAILY! I have 3 emails I sent a few days ago for app offers that they are not trying to recognize and award me the credits for (I sent screenshots to show proof and everything) You spend your time and some money to complete these offers to have to go through the hassle of trying to get your credits awarded, it’s frustrating! I love this app but an update or something is needed!
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4 years ago, Hawaiiankiwi6194
It is inconsistent
I have a love hate relationship with this app. I will say that they do payout and I never had a problem with it. I wanted to give a 1 star so maybe someone will see it because this is a problem. I have paid out twice in different increments to see if it work and yes it does. What I hate and annoys the hell out of me is you do a task but never get your credits. I have done many of the download an app play until a certain point and you should get credits. Most of the time that does NOT happen. You will never get your credits. And don't even bother with asking their nonexistent customer service. You go to ask for help on why you never received your credits and radio silence. You will never hear from them. So be warn, it will take you forever to be able to cash out because some offers just don't work. But if you get through the frustration and actually make enough to cash out you will get your money.
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6 years ago, Krst10
3rd updated review and last
All of the app that I downloaded and took space on my phone, played put in my personal Info. Never received any coins even after waiting patiently as directed. I had to email support 3 times and finally after a week got my coins for only 1 not the other 4 I did. The others I emailed support which was NO HELP. They were just sorry but there was nothing they could do etc etc. Don’t advertise that if you do x y z to get this and that’s done and you do not pay out as advertised that’s not legit. Seems lately the 5 star reviews are for a tiny 100 coins given. I am not long going to email support to let them know the apps and everything else on their doesn’t payout every time I submit something, follow the rules, wait a week (when it says 3 days max) and still never receive anything automatically or via support. Very much a waste of my time. Hope I removed all my personal info.
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3 years ago, Velvettown
Videos A+
I will say it’s great to earn on the videos! Get 20 to start each day and 2 for every video there after. Still have not done any apps yet. Deciding on Family Island soon. Read some of the reviews but Leary about the payouts due to some people not getting their points. Hope it works out. Not sure if there’s a limit on the videos. Make Money had a limit before and had to try a couple of game apps before it would do videos again! Hope to find games I’ll be interested in to get more points and receive at a good time for a fun activity’s! Seems pretty good so far!
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5 years ago, Xhollywoodxx
Never pays out anymore
I’ve had this app for a year or two to make extra money by playing games. It was excellent at first, but the past few months has been very frustrating. The apps are never paying out anymore. Then my task history is empty like I didn’t complete what I did. When emailing the company, I never receive responses, and if i do, they say that i need to speak with the app that I completed and not their customer service from money app, or they say that the offers are no longer valid, even though I just finished them and they are still available in the app to download and earn points on. I spent months completing my last round of games and never got compensation for it. It was supposed to be close to $20, and now their support is just failing to email me back. So I’m writing a negative review in exchange. Don’t waste your time with the app- they don’t keep up to their end of the bargain.
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2 years ago, kc2ann
Good app info
Honestly I was skeptical about this app when I first downloaded it two years ago. I didn't think I'd actually make any legit money on here. Now, honestly speaking you're not going to make hundreds of dollars with this app. But it's a great way to make a couple bucks for doing something as simple as playing games, downloading and opening an app, and sometimes even taking surveys. The customer service has always responded to any questions or concerns I've had. I've never had anything sketchy happen to my account or my points or anything. The only other thing I'd have to say is that there isn't a lot of variation. I've had the same options for a year or so with nothing new to try. So it takes a long time to get to 5$. But still, I can't complain. I play a game every once in a while. And when I get to the level I have to I get my points. It might take months to be able to cash out but it's basically free money for doing nothing. For just being on your phone. If you complain because you're not making lots of money, I mean, that's on you. Obviously you can't just expect to cash out every day and make so much monev. That's not how life works.
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7 years ago, Kyle Rivas
Others rating this lower than 5 are stupid..
First off this actually works. I got my first 10$ within 5 days. Thats pretty good for no getting up off the couch. And to what the title says, people are rating this 1-3 stars saying their offer disapeared. This happens becuase you have accepted the offer, and will be found in started offers tab. Second, people are saying they have missing credits or didnt recieve any after they completed their offer, not checking if there was a support email or faq. All of the problems people are having in these lower rated reviews are nonsense. They didnt do any research or are just to dumb to send an email.
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5 years ago, _ADDY_😆
🙌🏽Hands Down the BEST 🙌🏽
Looking for some extra cash? Or maybe you want to find the latest and greatest apps? Then this is the app for you! Money App is a fun, addicting game, except you earn money while playing it😆 You can complete simple fast easy tasks from playing a cool game, writing a review, or even leaving advice! Each task adds money to your bank, without personal information required. I love Money App and everything about it. So far, I have earned money and found a really cool game, I still play it! Money app is by far the best app for Money, surveys, and reviews! If your looking for a app that'll make you smile, download now!!❤️❤️
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7 years ago, TheWetNoseClub
Rating for the coins, Hope the dev's read these!
Haven't had this app too long so I'm quite undecided about whether I'll keep it or not. Most of the ways to earn coins are downloading a bunch of dumb apps that I could care less about & prefer to not take the space up on my device. I'll keep it a little longer to see if they can load some better ways to earn coins that don't involve childish or boring games. If things improve I'll definitely come back to update this review. It would be nice to earn more coins for doing everyday activities, shopping or rating places, stores, restaurants, etc.
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5 years ago, Dollar Billy 2
Definitely Deletable!
Update Feb 5, 2019: After over a year STILL have never received any surveys or mystery shops. Downloaded a few games, completed all the requirements, and never got points. Emails to support now go unanswered. Gave them several chances but now making room on my iPhone for better apps! Bye! Previous review: Downloaded this app and then a few of the “trial” games, made a whole $5.00, now when I complete apps and follow the instructions I get NOTHING. Emails to support result in canned replies telling you to contact the third party app vendor which usually results in no response at all. I have NEVER received any surveys or mystery shops, just “offers” which require a credit card or subject you to endless calls from telemarketers. And the daily check in gives you two cents per day. I can make more than that checking coin return slots on vending machines!!!
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3 months ago, Dianaaaaa!!!
New user
This app is pretty legit and I have earned a significant amount of points in just a few days. Out of three similar apps I’ve downloaded, this is the better one. I’m pleased with the variety of tasks and several options with each one. The only complaint I have is with the games due to having to complete 100’s of levels before getting the rewards, also having to download several apps taking up space on my phone. Other than that I am happy with it and intend to use it in my day to day activities as necessary!
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1 year ago, r1golden234
So far so greatttt
If you ever have 10 mins to kill waiting at the Dr office, if you ever have 20 mins to kill waiting on your oil to be changed, if you ever have 10 mins in the car pick up line at your child’s school.. I think you catch my drift, you have 11 months until some extra Christmas cash would really come in handy. Why not use down time and this device ALWAYS in your hand to make extra cash? This is a genius idea I am GRATEFUL to have! If you’re anything like me and you read this first, this one’s not a scam you just have to have some free time.
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5 years ago, ryan21.0
I got signed out 🙄
I recently went on the app store to check what was happening with money app, i saw that there was an update, even though there was no option to update, because of this i decided to uninstall and re-install, after i did this it reset my balance to 0 and this makes me very mad because i had 3000+ points. If anyone can teach me how to recover my account, add my snapchat ryan21.0 thank you, i would rate this app 3 stars because after a while the tasks become increasingly harder and less points for them, but it does pay out and i cashed out the 5000 coins to 5$ paypal so yea.
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4 years ago, brisan0906
Good for a little extra cash but don’t expect big profits
I used this app a long time ago and tried playing again because I wanted a little extra cash. It’s nice. You can make quite a bit of cash, but I feel like some of the offers deserve more credits purely based on the amount of time they take. There are some offers for which I did not get credited but I guess I can’t get mad since I’m the one who chose to use the app. Still, I would hope that I get 100% of the credits that I deserve 100% of the time. Overall it’s a fine app but it has some kinks that need to be worked out.
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4 years ago, mack did this
Told to give five for 100 credit points
The money app seemed like it could have been really good app. Seem to be lots of cool suggestive apps for you to try out. I’m not much of phone game player but still seems a great way for them to work with lots of other company’s. The only thing I didn’t like about the money app. Is the money app told me to give them a five star review to get the points. Also only one hundred points at that. The other company’s they have us looking into or signing up for give thousands of points. Just figured if you where going to give people points 100 points is cheap.
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4 years ago, melissarig
I have been looking for an easy way to make quick money while balancing work and school, and this app is perfect! Im able to make money while on the go and during any free time. Unlike most of the other survey apps, you actually accumulate point with this app in a reasonable amount of time in order to cash out some good money. My boyfriend and I have been using it for about 3 months now and find it super convenient to make extra cash for things like gas and grocery food. The tasks are even sometimes fun to complete and don’t take up a whole lot of your time. 5/5!!!
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3 years ago, Jona_la_marash
I just started using it today, as I’m downloading it I’ve been reading the reviews I thought of it that it could only be use for the USA since rn I’m in Ecuador I decided to give it a try anyways, have some cash in the app as I’m here and see when I get back to nyc have it cash out, well Every task does appear a survey a near Burger King near by my area in Ecuador but I can’t read anything is all blank out, I’ve tried open it and close it again but it won’t let me at all, I don’t know if someone could help me out with it, I’ll appreciate it. Thanks.
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6 years ago, pixipoppi
Needs a ton of work
It seems like a great app, however, there are a ton of glitches and flaws. For starters, the whole app freezes when I claim the daily points. I have to force close and open it back up. Second, it doesn’t matter how many things you do for points or how many points you are owed, you won’t get them. None of the actions from downloading apps or playing games credits you. NONE. And when you try to report them, it just brings you to a page that says “down for maintenance” and has been like this for at least two months now. The entire app isn’t worth the time. Especially if you don’t live in a huge city. I don’t. So the only way I can get points is through the extra apps and actions. I don’t have anywhere within 60-80 miles of me that will give me location actions for points.
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4 years ago, virtuoso5173027
Nice way to make quick cash
This app has worked well for me. I’ve made around $35 since I’ve had it. All you do is play the games from their list of available games and apps. You aren’t guaranteed to make a fortune but it is a good way for some extra cash. One thing I would ask the developers is to update their list of available games more often. As you complete the offers, the same games continue to stay on the list so you can’t earn rewards again. They just need to take off the games as you complete them and replace with new ones. This is a legit app.
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5 years ago, Destinythap
Great app!
I’ve been using this app for a few months, I tend to forget about it. Lol I’ve racked up almost $20 and decided to see if I would actually get paid and cashed out $5. I waited 3 days and I’ve already been paid! I’ve had issues to where I didn’t receive credits and I always make sure to screenshot my progress and never had any issues with them not giving me my credit. There are a few that say it may take up to 24 hours to receive your credit after completion. It’s not gonna make you rich but definitely kills time and earns you money!
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3 years ago, jcorum914
If you’re here, it’s because you’re looking to make extra cash while on your phone. Well this has you do various “tasks”, anywhere from playing a free game until you reach a certain level to watching a video to filling out a survey to earn points, which then translates to money. Will you earn hundreds upon hundreds of dollars? Probably not, no, but you can earn a couple extra dollars here and there, but those couple extra dollars adds up and gets you gas, or your next meal at a restaurant, etc.
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6 years ago, Billkobb
It’s OK
The app is very easy to use, but the surveys are just a backhanded way to force you make a purchase to get credit. I’m not interested in spending money, just earning it. Some of the tasks that have you download an app are very slow in getting credits awarded. That being said, I have made $10, so it’s not a scam. It’s just verrrrrrrrry slow with rewards. After the first payout, the tasks just seem to dry up- leaving only surveys which literally have no end; that force you into the middle of another survey, then into another. The app itself is not a scam, but there are many scams posted on it, disguised as tasks. It seems like now the only way to get coins is the 20 coin daily bonus (worth about .02). Yay.
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5 years ago, Kj Seattle
I’ve had nothing but trouble with this darn thing. All the instructions say that they’ll have the missions reviewed and approved within 24 hours it’s been six days and no action whatsoever I’ve written to the support system three times now and have not received a response your lock down and only can complete two things until they review and approve your actions and they don’t do that so it’s a waste of time waste of money and fraudulent in my opinion. Don’t waste your time don’t get frustrated like I am. There’s better apps out there like Mobee for example.
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2 years ago, mary5hj
This app is actually legit, ya you won't make thousands of dollars, well maybe if you play enough games and complete the tasks. I've actually made 250 bucks since March this year. Download the free game apps, don't pay anything and complete the tasks. Some take a day, couple days to maybe couple of weeks. The harder ones do pay like 15-20 bucks. And some of the games are kinda of fun. If I ever have a problem getting my points, I send an email in and within a day or two they send me the points. Awesome customer service! So don't wait any longer. Download this app now. I'm nearing 300 bucks! Lol crazy. Just play the games, don't play the ones you have to pay to win or have to level to like 300. There are plenty of fun games that don't require a lot of work and u can get 2000, 4000, 8000, heck over 20k points sometimes. Best app ever. Lost all my points because l accidentally took me off to
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2 years ago, Ratteau
Very close to scam
While you can get paid cash for finishing these tasks, they make it as hard as possible to get them. Of the 5 tasks I completed, only 1 awarded automatically. The others you have to go through a back and forth email process where they keep asking for screenshots or videos over and over until finally awarding. One I have provided all the proof needed three times and they just stopped responding. There is plenty of tracking that know what you have done but they are hoping you give up, allowing them to keep the money from the advertised app instead of giving it to you. Not only will I not use this app any more, I won’t use apps that use them for marketing. And I will tell them why.
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5 years ago, cherri_2012
It’s fun overall
Well i’m a huge fan of credit earning apps for $$ and rewards but this gets a tad frustrating when you can’t filter your options of tasks. For instance I feel the “status” button should be placed as its own home bar button with the settings coinciding with a 5 lists to create an ease of use and to make it user friendly of course.. First drop down option with - Offer’s in progress The second with - Status of completed offers — with a sub-category with un-finished offers that have been started but disappeared off the list after technical issues (that’s a huge ughh 🤦🏾‍♀️) The third with - Report issues with a button for Resolved investigations The fifth with - contact support or instant live chat to help with guidance to and through the app Now as for filtering the app would be phenomenal if it were simple like a “home for sale/rent” app it should allow you to organize the offers a few options here.. -low2high/high2low -games -health/beauty -children/family -free trials Just my review is all. Much luv [>.<“]~
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6 years ago, Mire..
This app is only a scam. They put “tasks” but they are just tricks to get your personal information. They will put a task like *enter for a chance to win a $500 walmart gift card. In that task they will ask for to enter name, address, D.O.B, and phone number. Once you put your phone number, your phone will be ringing every day from people trying to get even more information out like if you were a piñata filled with candy that they are trying to take out. Info like health insurance etc. Before actually downloading the app, don’t go for the positive ratings. Check the negative ones too because they are real people putting their real experiences. And there are a whole lot of negative reviews. All the 5 star reviews are there because 95% of people were forced or bribed into giving stars.
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