Money Manager Expense & Budget

4.8 (11.8K)
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Realbyte Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Money Manager Expense & Budget

4.81 out of 5
11.8K Ratings
5 years ago, L. Krista
Helps Me Save Money
Love love this app. 3 months ago I decided I wanted to create a budget and track where my money goes, I eat out every day and use lots of cash as well as debit to pay. I downloaded about 10 budgeting apps at the same time to discover which one was the best to keep. I downloaded well-known apps that were too complicated to use and some that were too simple and thus did not have the features that I wanted such as being able to transfer money between accts. I loved this one out of all, it is free and the ads are small and kept at the bottom so they are not annoying at all. This app is simple yet has many features. It has a calendar so you are conscious of how much money is spent daily/weekly/monthly. You can create different accts such as cash acct, debit, credit, savings, investments and transfer money between accts. Once you do spend on an account, the expense can be deducted from your budget. This app has helped me realize how much I spend eating out and each month I am setting a more reasonable food budget that has allowed me to save some money. I am keeping this app.
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2 years ago, SoulfulGroove
Feature-rich app
This app app is great! It has many features to help organize and track income and expenses. This app has everything the other budgeting apps have and more. You can set up multiple accounts with basically any purpose you like from bank accounts, cash, investments, savings, loans. From there it shows tracks all your income and expenses together. Sometimes you might not want to see the totals for every account you have, so the filter option is practical for looking at any specific account or set of accounts. The visuals are nice tracking income and expenses in a pie chart that displays both the dollar amount and percentages per category. The app already includes preset categories which are completely customizable. They can also be sub categorized. One review mentioned that there wasn’t a way to setup recurring expenses, but I have checked myself. It is a feature that is included which allows the user to pick the frequency of when to repeat expenses. The features gives you more options than setting up monthly expenses. You could set up weekly or bi weekly, for example. To reiterate this app is fantastic and it fits my needs. The only downside to this app is that the setup is not as simplistic as other apps. Therefore, it may require more time to setup for the average user. Despite this, I am confident that if you take the time to figure out and set up your app, based on your personal needs, you will be rewarded.
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7 months ago, Reddd_4
Saved more money than I ever have
I've been using this app for a little over 3 months now consistently and it's helped me save so much money. I've never been great at it and so keeping track of where each dollar is going is really helpful. I've tried a couple different apps in tandem with this one and there's a a couple things I wish this app had to make it complete for me!! 1) the option to split one transaction between multiple categories and/or subcategories, as an example my rent amount has a couple different sub categories to it so to accomplish this I have to create several individual transactions. I wish I could split the dollar amount between sub/categories in ONE transaction. Like x amount goes to rent and x amount goes to a utility. 2) Maybe the option to add colors to categories :) Overall, I love this app and see myself using it for years to come!!!
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3 years ago, pj30002
Grateful for this app
Something that I continue to write about is the money manager app words can’t express how grateful I am for this app I’ve been wanting an app just like this for a while now. Oh I wish it had more category options but other than that it is amazing. Every time I buy something or receive money I type it into the app and As long as I do that it automatically calculates my total Income and Spending per day week month and year. It also creates a pie chart for you to see how much of your money you’re spending on certain categories. Then when you click on each category it’ll give you a pie chart of all of the subcategories. I’ve only had this app for about a week and it’s already made my life easier. It’s important to know how much you’re bringing in and how much is going out and what you’re spending your money on. I am so grateful that I found this app.
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4 years ago, ΦΣΚTha'Hammer
Love this app
I really do love this app and all its features. I don’t really have anything negative to say about it. A couple things I would change are that you cannot have multiple accounts on there. I am attempting to start a business and would like to have an account for my business and for my personal finances. Also that I want to keep track of where my money is going in the sub categories. I have to make multiple transactions on the same day for the same receipt. Example is buying different things for your house like groceries, car maintenance stuff, gifts for holidays, and clothing and such are charged to your card but you would have to do separate charges on the app to account money into different categories. If this was streamlined and showed one charge on the app and when you went to the expense and income graphs it would have it divided into categories that you wanted to put it into.
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2 years ago, SabBataDun
Love this app but an update required
I have been using this app to manage my expenses and accounts. But the automatic conversion rates between currencies are not optimal. The rates can be different depending on the money exchanger I follow. There is an option in the sub currency setting to update the rate but I want an option to disable automatic currency conversion rate. And upon registering a transaction, there should be an optional field to enter the exchange rate and fees for currency exchange. This expense can be a misc expense category. The next thing I suppose should already be there, when I update the currency rate, it shouldn’t impact on old transactions which have been registered with old exchange rate. Thank you in advance. I will buy this app but because of this issue, I am still looking for an application that fixes this issue.
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1 year ago, Tovical
Good for medium and advanced financial tracking
It has a bit of a learning curve, but does everything you need. Ads are just banner ads with the occasional popup, completely non-invasive and I don’t mind at all. It can track daily expenses and income, and you can set up accounts within the app (not connected to your actual account) that let you balance your actual account - kind of an electronic checkbook. It also has features to let you see summaries in graph form of your expenses and income for various periods of time. There is more to it, but those are the features I use the most and it does them fantastically, and is very simple once you can take perhaps ten or fifteen minutes to play around with it and learn the interface.
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1 year ago, Yunyunchii
Very good app!
It’s helped me keep my spending somewhat in check, being able to physically see what I gain and what I spend like video game chart has helped my finances immensely. One thing I think should be made easier is if there’s a repeat cost, e.i a subscription there should be an easier option to cancel it. Cause sometimes you cancel subscriptions for x or y reason. If it’s a repeat bill like a car or house payment, if it’s payed off in full their should be an option to set a period of pay for these, like I have to pay the car for 4 years and then it’s payed in full. Just as an example. Regardless thank you so much for making such an amazing app!!
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4 years ago, hachuz7
My favorite app
This is the most efficiently useful app in my life. I have tried so many tracking-related apps: journals, time tracking, expenditure tracking, etc. Every app has been only disappointing because of their uncomfortable UI and inefficient layouts. However, I love this app so much because it's the best money tracking app I have ever used on my phone. It's convenient, it shows your spending and income in various different form that you will be seeing what you need and want to see. You can add categories of your own to track money adapted to your own life style, you can set up a budget in every categories and shows how far you have been. I recommend it to everyone around me. This is extraordinary!
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4 years ago, SuznSl
Great app but ran into a sync issue
Recently started using this app and so far I’m loving it. I’m technically challenged and this one is simple enough for me to use and I’m able to see, in simple format, what I spend on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and more! It has all the features I was looking for in order to come up with my budget. The only thing I’m now searching on, is how can I get my daily entries from my iPhone to show up onto my iPad. And vice versa. I’ve backed up both devices and neither are carrying over my entries to the other. So I had to manually load all of the past few days entries onto the alternate one. If the developers could clue me in here, I’d greatly appreciate.
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5 years ago, Jaanad
Love this app
I am loving this app. I have always been thinking of tracking my expenses myself in an excel sheet but was pretty lazy to create one myself. I got to know about this in some forums and gave it a try. The app is free to use and comes with a lot of features which are self explanatory and very user friendly. We can track the cash inflows and outflows daily month’s yearly and also pie charts on where the money is going. What I would have loved to see is an account for myself which still seems missing. The data is stored in the phone which works for me now but have to check how easy it is to export and import when I change my phone. Overall I am loving this app.
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2 years ago, TJTD28
Only one thing missing!!
I love this app! Except for one, critical thing: the budgets need to be both expense and income so that I can allocate money to a certain budget and leave it there, “assigned” to that priority, until I’m ready to spend it. For example, my college-age son sends me money each month for his portion of our car insurance premium that I pay for each month. I want to deposit that into my car insurance budget, as income to that budget, and leave it there, then add my own money to it, and turn around and use that budget to pay the car insurance bill. Sadly, the app wants me to have categories that are only expense or only income. I want to use this app as an envelope budgeting app and it’s *almost* able to do that! Love the calendar view, too!
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3 years ago, Alicyn Quinn
After 1 year of use this app helped me change my life!
I started using this app on January 1st 2020 and as of now have successfully tracked all income and expenditure down to the penny for one whole year. The insight I have gained has been incredible and the amount of money I was able to save as a result has revolutionized my financial health. This app is so user friendly and gives you such valuable information about tends, broken down into neat and appealing charts and graphs that motivate you to keep coming back! I would highly recommend this app to anyone who wants gain better perspective on their finances and figure out how to save money in a way that works for them.
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4 years ago, AlexKeehley
Best Budgeting App
This is actually my first review of an app ever, I normally don’t do them but this is truly the best budgeting app I’ve found. I’ve tried all the other popular ones like Mint, Clarity, etc. but this one has worked the best for me. I love that I can put things in manually/chose your own categories and don’t have to link a bank account since that normally messes things up for me. The only things I’d change about the app is if it displayed your current spending/savings balance on the main page with your transactions and if there was more customization available color wise.
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4 years ago, Julio997
Honestly very pleased. Used this for a year and a half now and am grateful for the insights it has provided into my budget and spending. It has a lot going for it. Three features that would be nice (but aren’t necessary) are: 1 (Most wanted) To be able to split transactions across categories. For example a $50 grocery shopping trip puts $40 in groceries and $10 in household. The only way to accomplish this right now is to make two separate transactions. 2 Sync online/across multiple devices (In lieu of emailing an encrypted backup to each device) 3 I would be open to a subscription for an option to sync my bank account with the program so I don’t have to manually enter each transaction. (4 Maybe a way to “roll over” budgets, kind of like an envelope system. That may require a different app but I’d definitely be interested). Thanks for making a great app! Nothing negative to say, just a few suggestions to help this app meet its fullest potential.
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4 months ago, ojgy648!?
Great I really love the app
I’ve tried many financial tracking apps but this was my favorite, the reason I’m writing this review is because there are certain things that I would love to be added to make things easier. Being able to make a separate “spreadsheet” to keep track of completely separate expenses such as a spreadsheet for savings expenses or one for business expenses would make things so much easier as it will allow me to keep everything in one spot. Overall I love the app though.
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2 years ago, zayn souliman
Need my country’s currency added
Greatest app ever.. no problems really easy to use when you understand it.. everything great But i have a small thing i wish it was there which is my country’s currency..I'm from Syria (it isn’t that popular) but i had to put the currency i use here in USD since there isn't Syrian pounds.. So when i look into my total balance my usd account get merged with the syrian pounds one.. so i get confused calculating how much i have in total of all accounts.. Thanks for reading.
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4 years ago, Reconstruct23
Loved it but recently started stealing information!!
I used to have another budget app for 3 yrs that had its shortcomings but I kept it because I didn’t want to go though the hassle of migrating all of my data to a new app. Ultimately however I looked for a new one that had all of the features that were important to me and that was this one. I’ve now been using this one for 9 months and have been very happy until 3 days ago my iPhone notifications kept warning me that this app is copying information from my iPad’s (NOT EVEN THE DEVICE THAT THE APP IS ON) pasteboard... not even when I’m using the app, I’ll be browsing Instagram and receive the ‘xxx copied information from your iPad’s pasteboard’ notification. Sometimes while my phone is not even in my hands, just laying on the table. There is absolutely NO reason that this app on my phone needs information that’s on my iPad, I never gave it permission to do so & I already share ALL of my financial information with this app I can’t have this gathering extra info about me. So now I’m angry because it took me so much time to setup accounts and reconcile data, etc. etc. and now I have to delete it. So upset!
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3 years ago, Rick Rick Rubio
Exceptional Money Tracking Tool
This app has an extensive amount of useful features. That said, it neglects many unnecessary features and focuses primarily on straight forward efficiency. I absolutely LOVE that about this app! It also contains many customizable tools that personalize the app to your specific needs. It may be a bit overwhelming at first considering how much you can do with it, but nonetheless, it is a matter of time before you appreciate the attention to detail in this app. 10/10 for me!
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2 years ago, FXSTC Rider
Version 2.8.1 fails to display! —— Fixed!!!
Great app, but the latest update 2.8.1 launches then disappears. This is on iPad that previously worked just fine. Checking the running apps, shows that it is running, but when selected, screen immediately returns to home and will not display Money Manger. Wish I could download previous version. Next update fixed this issue. This is a great app, extremely accurate and the developers respond quickly to any issues.
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7 months ago, .0516
Changing the main currency without losing data
Hi the app is amazing, it’s simple enough to use intuitively and the UXUI design is great honestly But the only think I wish could change is the fact that whenever we want to change the main currency, we have to delete the entire data. I appreciate the functionality of converting the different currencies used into the main one, but sometimes I would like to change the main currency just cuz my brain sometimes gets adjusted to the new currency
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3 years ago, ntrlwmn
Perfect App
I think I found the perfect app for me. Does everything I need and more. I can get rid of 2 apps I’m using and replace it with this. Glad it’s free with an option to buy web edit. I will absolutely upgrade after trying this out. One thing I might add is if we’re tracking credit cards then to include the interest rate option so a true balance can be seen, but no biggie, the app is awesome regardless. Thank you for this app. My search is over. Download it people.
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4 years ago, thisismehrab
Amazing but missed some good features!
This app is amazing! I can’t just explain how much this app helped me! I really love it but there is some features that I think should be added to the app! The first one is goal creating! For example I can create goal for Buying a car, and when ever I want, I can add some money on this goal. And the second thing is creating a beautiful and user friendly chart! Which can show you the income and expenses in each category together!
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5 months ago, Ahsan Dhaka
Excellent support for last five years
I am using the app for last five years. I had a habit of recording all transactions of my day to day activities. I used to do that in excel. After getting the app, it reduced all my effort because of its simplicity, flexibility and functionality. I saved a lot amount of money for last five years as this app helped me to figure out how much money i should save per month for investments and many more. Thank you.
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2 years ago, Thisiscaseywriting
An overall great app!
Love everything about this app. Very simple to use once you’re familiar with the interface and the different tabs at the bottom. The free version allows you 10 accounts!! Absolutely insane. Love it. I’ll most likely be paying the $3.99 for the full version just because it’s a great app. Also love that it is on the Google Play store and the App Store since I switch phones all the time. The developers did a great job on this one.
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2 years ago, JLMCCU
LOVE! Highly recommend!
I despise budgeting and money tracking apps. But, I needed something to help our family. I just started downloading all the financial apps and looked at all of them. This is my favorite. I love doing everything manually. I didn’t want something that was connected to all my accounts. The only thing I would add is having a place to check off once a transaction has cleared my bank account. Great job on this app!!!!
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4 years ago, 03/27
Good financial tracking app
I like this app. It’s easy to use. I have used several finance tracking apps over the years and have completely done away with paper bank registers and excel spreadsheets years ago. This app is one of the better apps even the free version allows for multiple accounts and easy tracking. I went ahead and upgraded to the paid version a steal for $3.99 one time WOW. I have used others that require at least $20 every year. I just wish this app had print capability that would make this a 5 star app.
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1 year ago, phaleesh
3 years strong and I still love it !
I absolutely love this calendar app. I don’t ever use my Apple calendar or Google calendar anymore. The one thing that I wish I did was sync with my Apple calendar when I have invites but that would be my only complaint. I’m not sure if there’s a feature to do this, and I just don’t know what phone that the app is really cool the way it is laid out and I love the color coding. Totally worth the purchase!
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2 years ago, Rainbow Kong
Best budget app
I have been using Money Mgr. for 2 years. I have researched a lot and compared similar apps before deciding on choosing Money Mgr. 2 years ago; its functionality meets my needs the best. It comes with various summaries and graphics that help you understand your spending in different ways. It has really helped me in tracking my purchases and comparing to previous months/years. I would highly recommend this app!
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8 months ago, ErikG94
Everything I needed and more
I used the free version of this app for almost two years and it was really helpful to take control of my budget and save some money, or at least to be aware of my expenses. I was so grateful that I decided to purchase the premium version even when it is not very different from the free one. I love the charts and the fact that it is so easy to search for a past entry. Recommended.
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6 years ago, jesspanganiban
Best one so far
I’ve bee using other apps and settled - they did what I wanted them to do just not that conveniently (or aesthetically). Stumbled upon Money Mgr AND FELL IN LOVE. This is probably my first app store review - this app deserves it. One possible fix could be whenever I edit information on an income/expense from the bookmark page, it adds an entire new entry with the updated info rather than just updating the original entry. Other than that, everything has been flawless for me.
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2 years ago, KR7-18
Managing the money
This is a god app to keep track of the daily as long as you put in the data. Besides that I can put a heading for any income accounts and expenses paid from different sources. The budget can be set weekly, daily or monthly as well as income. It does well for my pinhead when it comes down to showing me where I am utilizing or wasting my pay. I was always bad at balancing my checkbook and seem to process the info better on this pretty simple to use app.
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6 years ago, kyawthihahd
Great and Complete but urgently need to fix Bug
When adding text in recipient Box , category suggestions bar are not properly showed after updating application. I have to swipe down to view suggestions bar/box and it disappears so I must type backward and try to access suggestions again. It makes me annoying and I think most of the users are facing this problem. Please review and check and give updates ( fix bug ) Thank you !
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4 years ago, MiaM;ffff
Love! Recommend!
Been using it for more than 2 months now - so easy keep my budget clear and under control! I love how clear and customizable it is! Small suggestion - 1. I wish I can put a budget limit for a month but not in a specific category? Cuz as a forever-traveler that’s too hard to predict. 2. I haven’t figured out how to put the amount of “the whole budget” as a start??? It’s very important to know how much money I wanna spend in total..
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7 months ago, bbyjs_
Favorite budgeting app
I’ve been using this app for years now and never thought to change to another budgeting app. The main reason why I love this is because I manually input all my expenses and income, which keeps me more aware of my spending. Whereas other apps that link to your accounts and automatically list your expenses for you tend to make me less aware.
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2 months ago, janiyae07
Love it
it’s could be a little confusing at least for me but you have to work with it. i’ve only used it for less than 3 weeks which is why i gave it 4 stars. occasional ads but nothing too serious. i can work with as someone who really hate ads on new apps. you can see what you’re spending majority of your money on the pie chart provided when you put in all your expenses in to each category and income. really good so far!!
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3 years ago, spdygnzls94
Great app! Love it!,
This is way better than Budgeting for Dummies, when I did have it. I didn’t think I could find a similar app. This app keeps me on track with my budgeting! I like the ability to have control of what I input in. Really love the calendar feature! Keep up the good work and DON’T mess it up with un-necessary updates that puts glitches and makes the app unusable like other budgeting apps.
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5 years ago, crunch
The best so far
So I wanted to give the app a few weeks before I write a review . I’ve tried a lot of money apps and they all sort of do the job. Some have great graphics, some are super dull. This one is that sweet spot. But more then that, it simply does it’s job. And gives you feedback in the way of graphs and data that are pretty valuable, and some that I didn’t realize I needed. Is she the prettiest—no, but def attractive. Is she smart? You bet.
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2 years ago, Farnoushg
Great app! So recommended!
I love using it! using it is very simple, yet having all the required options! it is great that it is free, a small add is always under the screen, but not annoying at all! you could see the reports in a specific period of time, (you choose the from-to dates) and that is so helpful for users like me that live in a country with other calenders!
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1 year ago, Marai23
Best App
I’ve been using this app for years now. It’s the best way to stay on top of your budget. Other apps that do the tracking for you can’t account for things like tips or transactions that take a few days to post. You can always check this to know what your actual bank balance is or will be once you’ve paid your upcoming bils.
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6 months ago, Farbodalz
Great free app
This app has tons of great features and i’m surprised to see it’s free. It can store all your expenses and incomes and visualize them in a pie graph. It even lets you export your financial data to an excel file. It comes with ads but the ads won’t interrupt your great experience with the app cause they are limited to a small section on the bottom of the screen. I love the app so much.
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4 years ago, meg.holm
Easy to Use
I’ve tried a few apps to track my spending and budget and this app has been the easiest to use. It’s simple to understand and set up. You don’t have to connect your bank account, which I like because I don’t have to worry about my information being compromised. I also like that you can change the color which is just a nice little detail.
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1 year ago, Khxthos
Easy to use, efficient for managing multiple accounts
I have been using this app for a year now and I highly recommend it, especially if you have multiple accounts such as checking, savings, credit cards, and investments. It has been very helpful in managing all of my accounts efficiently.
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4 years ago, Hello123212321234567890
Features request
Thanks u guys so much for developing such an amazing app. I have been using this app since my college years. This app helped me saved a lot by tracking my own spending. Now I m not on my own any more and would like to continue to track family expenses. Hope this app could have sharing features so that my wife and I can track our expense together.
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5 years ago, h*ck I am ups*t
Love this App!
It makes it so much easier to view what I’m spending on and how much to save. I used to spend my wallet money like it’s just extra cash to waste on anything. Now that I document my cash in this app, I’ve literally gotten myself to make my $100 in my wallet last 3 months, and put any other cash I make in a savings box. No wasting money with this app. Thanks developers!
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4 months ago, Jmgare00
Very useful app
Just I suggest two improvements, the monthly spend can be show by push notifications and ask if you want to add to the spending of the month. The another one i suggest add a button to switch the account balance currency visualization between primary and secondary
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4 months ago, ethan0ethan
Great Value!
I love this app! It has all the features I could need for basic money tracking! And for free? Huzzah! As of the writing of this review the ad experience is very unobtrusive! Plus there is an option to remove ads I believe which I’m considering doing just to support the person who made such a useful little app!
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1 year ago, Jase**
Recently purchased
Good app so far helps me stay organized and money manage which is perfect for me because I lose focus and forget a lot. If you need to see your outcome and income etc for every month I would recommend getting this app. (It also let’s you type in what for and so much more)
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3 years ago, hololululovernika
Always my favorite👍✨
I've been using this app over 6years! Its UX Is simple and cute! Easy to manage money and clearly track and see where my money is being spent! It got me into great organizing and tracking habit, and even for budgeting correct amount for each spending category and saving regularly:) love this app and never going to leave my first money app
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1 month ago, Cuiclove
Love the manual options
I love that this app allows you to use it without linking a bank account and enter expenses manually! I wanted something simple, and this works perfectly! I also love the graphs where you can see your spending across time and in different categories.
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