Money Network Mobile App

4.1 (48.9K)
62 MB
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Current version
First Data Corporation
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for Money Network Mobile App

4.12 out of 5
48.9K Ratings
2 months ago, beemofan1
No Longer Glitching!
UPDATE: 24 Apr 2024 The app actually works now! An update was made one (1) day ago, and ever since, I was able to sign in very promptly. I can finally access, view, and manage my funds with ease and efficiency. It's about time Money Network actually resolved its app's glitches! 19 Apr 2024 Signing in is such a hassle. When I try to sign in, a loading sign will appear for about thirty (30) seconds, then it will disappear as if I never attempted to sign in. This process repeats if I tap the sign-in button again. I was able to log in by uninstalling and reinstalling the app, but the app required me to repeat the process of adding my phone as a device to my account, which I had already done. However, this is an imperfect outcome because I cannot see my account balance. It does not even say $0.00. Instead, the balance line is blank for my account, and even though my account has activity, the activity history is blank as well. Money Network really needs to resolve these glitches because accessing funds and viewing funds activity is paramount for any accountholder. If the single platform is problematic for completing those actions, then accountholders cannot view and control their funds. You would expect a bank to ensure its accountholders can carry out basic accountholder functions on its app, but Money Network proves not every bank can even achieve such a low par.
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3 years ago, gas one
Great service! COVID impact payment
So right when I got my payment on a debit card. I called the number and activated the card. Than was referred to money network. So I followed the steps after I downloaded the app and funded my money network account with my $1400. Then I got on the app, and moved my $1400 from money network to my actual bank at no cost, but I was told the wait was up to 3 business days. I submitted anyway. Than I got skeptical after reading the app’s reviews. Nobody had anything good to say. Long story short, I was stressed out! But I got great news! Do not stress out! It took only one day for them to move my money to my bank😁. So as for me and my experience with this app, it gets a five star rating.
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2 years ago, Majestic Momma
Pleased Most Often….. However,….
One thing I dislike and often get frustrated with is the inability to use the Ingo-Money that is introduced via the mobile app in the drop menu under “Deposit Check Funds”. I loved the idea of being able to upload a photo via check and add it to my spending account / banking account at my own personal convenience. I’ve used mobile uploading checks via my phone’s camera through the banking app at that current time and I LOVED IT! Made things so much easier for me in many ways . So needless to say I was rather frustrated when money network introduces within its app the same capabilities that I love , but cannot even access or enroll in its benefits. Another thing I dislike about the money network mobile app is not being able to add my banking information/ money network card to my mobile wallet. (Apple Pay ) Even though the two issues I have with this app are huge and important to me, I will say that there are more good qualities and tools within the app that out number any dislike. My favorite is the capability to lock your card with one swipe of a finger and be completely confident, stress free even, that no one can use my card, as well as knowing that just as quickly and efficiently as it locks it can be unlocked the same way via personal need or desire to access funds/ make transactions with my card. So over all I’m pleased with the app regardless of its fee flaws.
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3 months ago, emmykai1212325312
It incredibly frustrating trying to get into the app. And to simply do almost anything inside the app as well. The button to login, hardly ever works. Sometimes it works instantly but sometimes I have to press it more than 5 times to be able to login. And then other times it doesn’t work at all and I just have to try again later. And with buttons inside the app, some are easy but then others you have to click and click and click to be able to access anything. It’s very frustrating. I’ve removed the app and added it back. I’ve cleared my storage to make sure it wasn’t a storage issue and absolutely nothing. Also with the piggy banks: whenever you go to add money to a piggy bank, it says it will directly move it. No fees or anything of the sort. Therefore it should move instantly. Well that’s not the case and I definitely don’t like that. I had an incident the other day where I moved money over into a piggy plank and not until 3 days later did it actually show up in my piggy bank and it was only after I got paid and money was put into my account. I was at the point I was going to have to call someone about it because why in the world would my money not show up in there until days afterwards when it also showed in my transactions that the money had been taken out of my main account and put into my piggy bank. Although I could never see that the money was in the account. The bug issues need fixing.
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3 years ago, Tr3v0r_3than_Chan
Terrible. If I could give 0 stars, I would.
The atm map is extremely inaccurate. I called to close my account. The customer service agent answered, not stating their name or anything and asked why I called. I told them I called to close my account. They asked for my name, phone number and email. I was hesitant at first because it seemed like a scam. I eventually gave them the information. They told me that my account was closed and that I wouldn’t be able to log in anymore. I wanted to test that out and attempted to log in. I was able to log into my “closed account” around 5 times. I communicated this to the customer service agent and they told me my account was closed. I asked them if it was closed, why could I still access it via the app. The only reason they gave me as to why I could still access it was because the account was not closed online. I asked them if my account was closed on the system, why wouldn’t it be closed online? The agent only told me that they were going to submit a report to their manager about this instead of actively trying to fix the issue. Whenever I asked a question, they avoided giving me a direct answer. The entire thing seemed like a scam. It felt like one of those stereotypical Indian scam calls. In the end they basically hung up on me without saying anything. Terrible app, terrible network, terrible customer service.
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2 months ago, LF3201
Ever since they did a complete overhaul of this app it has been the most contrary app ever, most time the Face ID won’t work and neither will just entering in my password which means I have to restart my phone and even then sometimes I can’t log in. It’s extremely frustrating not being able to log in when I’m needing to move $$ from a piggy bank into my main account so that I can make a purchase. Also here lately it’s been difficult to move money to my piggy banks or back into my main acct it lags or it just doesn’t want to do it altogether, not to mention moving $$ to an external acct that also is difficult from time to time. Honestly if it wouldn’t be such a pain to change over where my direct deposit goes at work I’d probably open a regular bank acct or something, anything different then what I deal with, with this app. Just at least plz fix the bugs that makes it so hard to sign in and then I won’t be considering moving to a different bank/card acct. That and it would be wonderful if y’all would finally allow our acct to connect with Apple Pay, I’ve got my credit cards connected but I don’t always want to use those I’d love to be able to use my debit card via Apple Pay!!!
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3 months ago, Shane B
Once 5 Stars, Now 1 Star.
I logged on to rate this app the 1 star it deserves, however upon pulling up the rating for the app I see that I had already rated it once in the past, a perfect 5 stars at the time. Now however is a different story. I created a new signup for my new Money Network card distributed on behalf of the EDD, and this login worked for a few weeks without issue. Then all of a sudden I was unable to log into the iPhone app anymore. Well, to be clear, it would appear as though it was logging in, but would show the same balance as the last successful login, a balance I knew to be incorrect, and did not show any additional transaction details. So I signed out to sign back in and it would no longer ever get past the sign in page, sometimes falsely complaining of an incorrect password (it's not), and sometimes just not responding at all. So I downloaded the app for the iPad in case it was an issue with the cache settings for the app on my iPhone. The iPad app is doing the EXACT-SAME-THING, failing to login, after a fresh download, thereby confirming in my mind that it is an issues with their servers or app coding, and not solely with my setup. First Data once used to be a premium card services brand, one I ran an entire company on, now look at them.
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2 months ago, Remrig2016
Horrible app!!!
Ever since they completely refashioned the app a couple years ago, it has been nothing but problem after problem with it, and it’s only gotten worse. In order to log in, I have to type my password in each time, because Face ID isn’t an option, and it never lets me in on the first try. It will load for 15 seconds, then nothing happens. So i I repeat the process 3 or 4 times. Still nothing, then I’ll close the app and reopen it, and constantly repeat the steps until it finally lets me in. Once im in, it’s a 50/50 shot whether or not anything inside the app will load. I can see my checking balance. But it says I have my nothing in my piggy bank, and that i have no recent transactions. I know that it’s not just my phone, because I work in a restaurant with a large number of staff who also use your services, and they all have the same issues!!! I miss the old app, where you didn’t even have to log in to see your balance, you cold just open the app and it would display your balance right on the screen. They should really consider bringing that feature back. Money network, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix the issues with your app!!! I’ve been with you guys since 2017, it hasn’t always been this way, so I know you’re capable!!
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3 months ago, Trusted source 999999
Worst pre paid card ever
You can't use this card on anything really can't use it for Apple Pay, or on cash app,Venmo or even zell , if u try to make an online purchase they will flag it as suspicious and lock you're card and then when you confirm the transaction they will tell we will have to send you a new card. SMH I hate this card. Have no clue why unemployment and disability switched from Bank of America to money network. Also there customer service is terrible!!!!! When u ask for a supervisor they will transfer u but no matter how long u wait nobody will come to the phone. Also if u do regular transactions if at any time there system thinks you're card has been compromised they will lock you're card and won't tell you anything. You won't find out anything until you call them ohh and it doesn't matter about the online banking when they have to issue a new card you have no access to youre funds at all. don't know if this company paid people to write positive reviews but trust me this card and company is really really bad. My suggestion if you is anytime money hits this acct transfer it to another card that's more reliable. Cause I'm in a situation we're new card won't come for 7 days. Have no access to no money for 7 days!!!!
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3 months ago, Instagram: mmmmkay_
Worst Money Service
I wouldn’t even give this a star rating at all. I liked the Bank of America better. Never had any issues. However, Money Network is the worst transition & service for money ever. No matter if you log into the app or computer, It’s slow, even when you have full service/internet connection. Takes forever for me to log in & once I’m logged in, most times the amount & transaction history won’t show. It’ll deny my log in sometimes for no reason as well. There were a handful of times when it didn’t allow me to log in due to my “location” which is very frustrating & odd given that I’ll be at the same location when I’ve been logged in or why would they restrict using this service for certain locations if people would need to have access at any location? Also, now it’s harder to make withdraws since it doesn’t guarantee the ATM at their given/suggested locations that are near you claim may not have a fee to do this. Where as with Bank of America, you’d never have to run into this issue. I’m not sure why they decided to go with this service but it’s terrible for users. Every chance I get, I’ll transfer everything out so I don’t have to worry about running into any of these issues.
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5 months ago, Maelyn03
Do better!!!! PLEASE!!!! 🙄🙄😠
worst money handling bank ever!! Logging in is fairly simple but recently when I started to login, it gives me this error page saying I can’t login and I need to “call the number on the back of the card”. So I call, and first of all the lady that picked up took at least two minutes to answer every single one of my questions… like I don’t have all day miss!! I don’t know what that was about, but anyways the way she was talking was just sick. Arrogant and rude, she sounded like she wasn’t ready to provide any good customer service to me, A.K.A, the customer. She kept telling me I needed to reach out to my employer, which I told her that I don’t have an employer anymore because this card was given to me on the beginning of June 2023 while I only worked at my job for a week. She still didn’t understand so I kept on telling her that and I told her how even though I quit my job, I could still use my card because it still had my money in it, but she keept saying to go back to my employer. 😐 as I CLEARLY told her I do NOT have an employer…. Like Jesus lady!! Give me a break!!! Anyways, please choose a different banking choice because money network will really get your wasting your precious time!
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2 months ago, Brandyn Kolves
Honestly… Horrible Can’t Even Access My Money!!!!!
This app pretty much never works. How are you going to have an app which has YOUR money in it and not be able to use it? You can’t see your routing number or account number, you can’t always see what your balance is, I have yet to be able to see any transactions be logged. You can’t log into the account most of the time to even see how terrible the app is. If you have an external bank account that you need to transfer money to it never saves it and you have to input all of your information every single time. Whoever developed this app or whoever is doing maintenance on the servers is failing abysmally. Tech support is terrible, “try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app” jeeee wish I thought of that one… my 6th grade daughter could work tech support for them. Not sure what needs to change on the backend but there is a serious issue with the app as a whole. Honestly at this point money could be coming out of my account and I wouldn’t even know it. I’ve spent 6 days just trying to transfer my money out of my account to my bank and can’t get past entering my banking information. This needs to get fixed asap.
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9 months ago, lcbean67
Worst possible banking app
I get that this company is used for government benefits, but there’s no way they had to choose the worst possible bank and technology for it. When they used Bank of America, I never had an issue. But this company was probably a cheaper contract so of course that’s who they went with. Now I can’t even log into the app. There’s no Face ID option, you have to log back in every time and doesn’t save your password. Then I could sit here for 15 minutes hitting sign in over and over and the page goes nowhere. Finally when I get past that page I have to do the OTP which sometimes sends and sometimes doesn’t. Then again the same issue happens with hitting submit. Over and over and over. Then you’re brought to the page that asks if you want to remember this phone the next time I log in, which would be great if it actually worked! But when I hit save it gives an error. Every time. So I have to hit skip now. Every time. I hate this app. At least the card connects to cashapp so I can just load my money on there instead. It says a lot if I prefer freaking cashapp over this.
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2 months ago, Exasperated0
If you have a choice, run away.
Who knew an app could be so horrific and dysfunctional? Logging in frequently does nothing, meaning you can’t actually log in. If you manage to log in, it won’t update and show you relevant information. If you manage to restart and retry over and over for days and finally can get it to let you in and show you have available funds, good luck trying to transfer your money to a bank account… for several days to confirm button was greyed out, sometimes it doesn’t even load my already connected bank info, so now you’re stuck with no way to transfer money because the app is beyond dysfunctional. Thought I could use the website direct, but nope… over there they claim my password is incorrect when it’s not. So tried to delete and reinstall the app - it never sends the 2FA text so you can’t use that…. Then it told me I didn’t have access to the transfer feature and needed to call. Finally it let me get in, loaded the page, and let me hit the confirm button. JFC, people. I’d go to paper checks if mail theft wasn’t so prevalent in my neighborhood.
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3 months ago, r_screenname
Tip: don’t expect it to work on the first day
California’s employment development division uses this debit card app from first data corporation. I did not experience the three or four horrible items I read in these earlier reviews, but the first day was so frustrating, I am writing my first App Store review to give everyone else a heads up; it does not accept multiple logins, my password was not saved; It will not save bank account information that you want to set up transfers to; and lastly, the support was nonexistent. My suggestion to them is that they put in a dialogue box that says **don’t try anything tonight after opening this app, just put it aside and try again tomorrow. It’s also quirky.. there are things like saved bank account information for transfers, which failed to appear; Balances are sometimes incorrect; Duplicate, pending transactions are logged $0, without being cleared from the history. MOST of these errors will clear once you log off and log back on. This EDD debit card cannot be added to Apple Pay, but you won’t find that stated anywhere. In fact, the company says this card can be added to Apple Pay. I did not have any erroneous withdrawals or transfers like the other reviewer experienced. Even the card web portal for EDD is clunky and not intuitive, but at least the card company has live agents who are better than nothing, and a portal that is better than this app.
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1 year ago, Nbeaner
Disability insurance
Of course our government programs will pick the worst banking service possible to pay your money with. The app always says my log in is wrong and locks me out. I’ve Written it down, screen shot it, saved in phone, all info is correct but not when I need to log in quickly! You have to wait and be transferred on the phone many times to be slightly helped. You have to repeat all your information each transfer. You have to pay fees and wait 5-7 days for money to be transferred to your own banking facility. You cannot take out more than $500 in 1 day so forget about paying your mortgage easily. They also hold larger amounts than your transactions, like gas or restaurants, and takes 10 days to get it back! They also charge for using any other ATM but a money network one, which was 10 miles from me, so I had to bite the stupid fee, for my OWN money!!!! You work hard your whole life then get hurt waiting months for a program you’ve worked to have the reinsurance of. Only to find out the bank they use is even more incompetent!
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2 weeks ago, Isis loveisfond
The app needs major improvements
Truly, there are so many issues with this card and company. It’s beyond me. Let’s start with first, signing into the app is extremely annoying and for no reason at all. I’ve never been able to sign in on the first attempt to no fault of my own. It always takes closing and reopening the app multiple times. And for what reason? I don’t have to do that with any other app. Second, is this company a bank cause why is it so difficult to access my monthly statements? I have absolutely no access to them and that’s annoying and weird for a bank. Next, in order to contact them - they don’t provide an email or a phone number on the app. Nothing. You lost your card? Well, that’s where they instruct you to look to get the number to call them. Helpful, right? Yes, You can literally search for it on the internet but you shouldn’t have to is my thought. What a flawed app for a supposed legitimate business that I am forced to working with through my job. If I could choose a different bank, I would in a second.
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3 months ago, ksnsbcjf
Glitchy, Borderline Dangerous
There's no excuse for this app being this glitchy, ESPECIALLY now that this is the bank we get our EDD money from now. When going to activate my card it took me over 30 minutes because the buttons are unresponsive half the time and pages just don't load. Logging in usually takes at least 2 minutes because the sign in button just doesn't want to work and when first reopening the app, the sign in button automatically loads the first page showing your account balance from the last time you signed in and will let you browse all the tabs for a few seconds (all without putting in ANY password mind you). This is SUPER dangerous and annoying, especially when you're out trying to track your money as you spend. It's really pathetic the government downgrades to this random bank from BOFA just to save some money, don't even get me started how you have to use an atm tracker to find out where you can even pull your money from (that again doesn't even work when you tap the button most of the time).
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9 months ago, Increasingly frustrated nurse…
Provincial ridiculousness
I don’t know where to begin with this company… My account has been broken into and fraudulent charges accrued upon for over $1,200 twice now. I had my card on me both times and yesterday the supervisor’s solution to my problem was to cancel my card and send me a new one. I also must wait 10-30 business days for my dispute claim to be reviewed and my money refunded. The first time this occurred I was able to transfer my paychecks to a real bank, for a fee of course, and then could use my card, when it arrived via mail, in a week. I have been immediately withdrawing each paycheck within 2 hours ever since. Until I had out of state surgery and left several hundred dollars in for about five days. Sure enough, someone spent $1,200, which overdrew my account, at a Walmart in Tampa. When I called Walmart (who coincidently owns the Mickey Mouse money network company) they put me on hold for 47 minutes and then hung up…I can’t believe my employer continues to force its employees to use this company. If I could give money network a negative rating, I would.
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3 months ago, Christiana C.
Terrible app
This app is terrible. I’m sure so many reviews have been written on what I am about to say, but I’m still going to write it. And if I come back and it’s deleted…I’m going to write the same one over and over and over again. This app hasn’t been able to let me sign in. I noticed that whenever I would tap on the money network app, it would have me automatically signed in and it would tell me the wrong balance. So when I signed out, it wouldn’t let me sign back in. I continued to press the sign in button, but it would load the button and just go back to normal and I would continue to try it and it still wouldn’t work. So I uninstalled the app and then reinstalled it and it’s still doing the same thing. So I ended up having to sign up on my computer and it got me in….but it should not have to come to that. That app is where my checks are deposited and I should be able to access my funds and sign in and be told the correct balance. You guys seriously need to get this app together bc people have jobs and things that they need to afford.
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3 months ago, Student136903
Avoid at all costs
Not sure why I downloaded this app despite reading through countless one star reviews with hundreds of frustrated users, because I am now in fact, giving it a one star review as a very frustrated user. Right off the bat, I am having troubles creating an account, not due to anything on my end but a glitching problem on their end. Which is just the beginning of the glitching problems. I wasn’t able to create an account for days, had to delete the app and redownload several times. Once the app is downloaded, I am getting my deposits in from work and I end up transferring these funds to my bank acct. there is about a 3-5 business day process on this transfer and in those days there is no proof of it being transferred as it disappears from your MN acct and doesn’t appear as a pending charge in the bank acct. I have been doubled charged on this card and it feels almost impossible to get ahold of an actual human to speak to about any problems which is incredibly frustrating. I am now having troubles logging in again due to the glitching problem. It really only lets you log in when it wants you to. You’re not in charge of your money when you want to be. Plus, the last time I logged in all my information was completely wiped- no profile, no balance, no nothing. I do not recommend this app to anyone that wants a convenient way of managing their money, save yourself the trouble. I am in the process of canceling the card and account but it feels impossible.
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2 years ago, nhagavbs
Do not help if you get card lost or stolen
They continuously hang up on you when trying to report a card lost or stolen. It’s completely ridiculous. How am I suppose to cancel the card? They give you no other way to contact them except with this number where they hang up in your face. I hate this so much I will strongly advise my work places corporate to discontinue service with them over email and the next time one of our higher up comes in. This is completely unprofessional and they are a scam. Not to mention I transferred money to my sister and they took it out of my account and never sent it to her. When they finally answered they said that I had not sent her any money when it is clearing in my transactions that I have. Not to mention I screen shot it so there is no denying it. They will steal your money and allow others to steal it as well. I strongly advise you do not work with this thing, company, better yet a scam whatever they want to call themselves DO NOT give them your service they will rip you off and then hang up in your face.
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3 years ago, TylanTy
Steal Money
I got this card from my job and the first time I bought food with the card which came to $52 and charged me $104 I told them that they double charged me and said the money would go back on my card and they only gave me $52 back, I told them they didn’t give me all the money back and the lady starts arguing with me as if I’m dumb reading all my purchases. Again this happens I got .10 cents worth of gas because the pump wasn’t working it I check my card and they charged me $79, so I called and she said they’d give it back in 30 days so I started telling her they can’t do that and then I check my card again and I was missing $158 so then I go on to tell them that this is not legal and she’s arguing with me as if it is. This goes on to happen 3 more times over the past 8 months of having this card. They have never once given me that money back. At one point they even took $500 and told me that it would go back on in 30 days, and a week later I get $479 back. I’m surprised no one shut this company down yet it’s ridiculous.
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2 months ago, Strawbizzle
Can’t log in
I can’t even give this app rating because I haven’t even actually been able to use it. After 40 minutes of frustration it doesn’t matter what I do. I cannot log into this app. As far as I’m concerned, the app is junk. Which is really frustrating when it’s got your money in it. Frustrating is putting it lightly when you’re livelihood is on lockdown. unfortunately, this is the app and card that California EDD has decided to go with. So it’s not bad enough that I’m disabled now I have to be late on my mortgage because I can’t even access my money. Which by the way is my money because I’m the one who paid into it. It’s not like they’re doing me favors by giving me this money. Every check that I earn a chunk of it goes to this account. It would be nice to be able to access it without all the hassle. Because I can’t get into it I can only withdraw $400 daily. So it’s going to take TEN DAYS to fully withdraw my mortgage! So, forget anything else that may be due! I wish I could give this app no stars.
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1 month ago, *Chloe* *W*
Glitchy and Frustrating
This app is the complete opposite of user friendly. It is constantly glitching, asking me to enter in captchas over and over again, saying my password is incorrect, and not letting me login all together. It also gives the option to use my face scan, but it doesn’t even work! In fact, nothing on this app works. It refuses to work on my Samsung Galaxy, so I have to use it on my wife’s IPhone. The fact that I can’t even use it on my phone is disappointing. It’s also disappointing that this is the only way to check my balance along with my last transactions. Yes, you can call, but you can’t review your payment history. I am very dissatisfied with this app, if I had it my way I wouldn’t use it at all. I see that the developers say they are “fixing” the glitches, but instead this app should be scrapped altogether and you should make a new one. The software and coding is so flawed there is no saving it. At least make a way for us to check our payments online!
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3 months ago, brandiharvey83
Money network card for dollar general
This has to be one of the worst mobile banking card and mobile banking apps I have ever used and I’m not the only one having issues with it. For one I can hardly ever get into my app even when I’m connected to my home Wi-Fi so don’t know what that’s about and when I do get into it it’s so slow and just bad it takes me about 20 mins to lock my card and another 20 mins to unlock it as well and that doing it over and over again then the lady in customer service wasn’t helpful at all when I called to report a charge I didn’t recognize, then proceeded to cancel my card before I could even pull my money off of there as I told her please don’t do that just yet it was the only access I had to any of my money, but she proceeded to do it not carry that I have bills to pay so I will never again be using this car because now I’ve been gone a week and a half without any access to my money still waiting on my new card to come in the mail
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2 weeks ago, TSmith081717
App issues
Why is this app so bad? It was better before they changed it and you could still see your balance on the Lock Screen. Pending deposits no longer show notifications and notifications for limits is hit or miss. Logging into the app is the biggest struggle. There’s no password saved or Face ID so typing in your password everytime is a must. Then sometimes the app won’t open/load, or load past the point of entering a password, and then if it does, your transactions might not load after that. It’s very annoying. And the only way to get it load is to back out and try again but you can get stuck at any step and have to try again and again and again. This has been happening for months. I have changed phones and it is still an issue. All other apps on my phone work fine. Fix this app! Apparently this last update was supposed to fix some things. Nope. Still the same issues as before. This has to be the worst app on my phone.
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3 years ago, RachelNStearns
These issues are obnoxious
So the first couple issues I had with this is not being able to spend my own money which I think is insane due to issues on the company side. Luckily those days I had other funds available. The third time I was unable to move money from my savings or “piggy bank” called and waited 25 minutes to speak to someone for them to tell me “we don’t have that capability”..... excuse me? You’re supposed to be able to do whatever I need in case of a problem (which is currently happening). And lastly today, I started a new job which I’ll currently be receiving two check from 2 separate jobs, I have 2 separate card numbers and I’m not able to set up a new account (bc my information is the same) and I’m not able to add a card on my current account. So I guess the alternative is setting up direct deposit with the account information but still. It’s just obnoxious, rant over.
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1 year ago, Seth Harling
First off it’s not my choice to use this app. The restaurant chain I work for decided to switch to Money Network to deliver my paychecks and the tips I earn to me. Which is ridiculous for multiple reasons, mostly because in order to transfer to a different account i have to pay $3 every single time. Most banking apps will do a 2-3 day transfer for free, or an instant transfer based on a percentage of the amount you’re transferring. But no, Money Network charges a flat $3 rate for a 3-5 day transfer. Insanely stupid. The only way to withdraw cash from your account is to find one of the Money Network ATMs. Also, the card they supply you with doesn’t have tap to pay or even a chip(???). It’s almost embarrassing to use in public. The app looks nice but can be really annoying to use sometimes. Overall just seems like a scummy company and I hate that i’m forced to use it. And here’s dessert: Money Network is a stupid dumb name and whoever thought of that should honestly be fired.
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2 years ago, morg1812
Used to be better
They made the app “prettier” but I’d say they made it much glitchier. Anytime you even open the app it spams the you’ve been signed out message for a good few seconds before it lets you enter your password, will it let you in when you hit enter? Who knows. To be fair though the app works decent 90% of the time. absolute worst part I’d say is customer service because you won’t be able to understand a word should you need support, and I work with nonnative speakers daily and I have major trouble understanding so that should tell you something. Decent banking and I’ve never had an issue with my card. App could use a few improvements however. Also the support is sketchy at best they don’t say any names, you can’t understand them, and they ask for all your card info . To top it off they HUNG UP after I gave them the info which made me extremely nervous bc someone took my info and HUNG UP. SCAMMY???
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4 days ago, Not gods word
Dishonest and rarely works
Money Network Mobile App is one of the most unreliable apps I’ve ever used in my life on top of that they are holding $1000 of mine stating that vendors have held money for deposits which they have not. They’ve told me they’ve released all the deposits that were held, and that my bank or money network is the one that’s holding it I am homeless I have no gas I’m stuck on the side of the road. They asked me for a letterhead and the companies name my signature a handwritten statement from them, and a bunch of other nonsense that I sent to them and it’s still not good enough this is so wrong and not right at all. This is not something I chose to use and I would not recommend it to anybody but unfortunately you don’t have that choice if you’re working with the state so now I’m missing my appointments for my back. I’m stuck on the side of the road with no gas and no food, do not use this app. If you are not forced to which I’m sure you are, I will be suing them.
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2 years ago, ravine 101
Bad service and timing
After my second paycheck, I had tried to transfer $600 from the card to a separate bank account and waited the allotted 3-5 days and it never came. After about 10 days I called and they told me that I should wait one more day and see if the money goes in. I waited the one day and it wasn’t there. I called again and they said they would have to cancel it and have it go back to the card. It’s been a little over two weeks and the money has yet to get back into my card. The app also doesn’t show the right balance. I was supposed to get paid on Thursday and it wasn’t there. I asked my boss and they said I would have to call money network. I did and it read me a balance that I wasn’t able to see on the app? It feels like they’re stealing my money. If you get the option to use this card or direct deposit, TAKE DIRECT DEPOSIT. This is an absolute waste of my time and effort. It shouldn’t be this hard to get the money I worked for.
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4 months ago, Happy camper slg
Worst app to support EDD payments
California transitioned to this app from one maintained by Bank of America. Unfortunately, it’s a stark difference in quality, experience and cost to users. The MN app installed to my iPhone and setup could not be used to access my account at all. I was unable to authenticate and launch the app services. The support person directed me to the web app which is equally as flaky. Through the web I was eventually able to authenticate to see funds available. Unlike the Bank of America app you are not notified that your attempt to transfer money ever we t through. You must search that out. No notice stating transaction completed. Furthermore, with MN you pay $25 to transfer money. With Bank of America there was no charge for transfers. You can transfer your full balance. I feel for those who really need the additional $25. Guess California didn’t think things through when switching from BofA.
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1 year ago, Gamefreak2016
The login pop up is annoying.
The app works as intended I guess. I don’t use it for much else other than to check my balance and purchases and reading other reviews, as long as you’re not an idiot to how the world works then it’s fine. I’ve not had any money “stolen”. My main issue is when logging into the app, after closing it and some time passes you’re automatically signed out. That’s fine. But the pop up telling me that will appear 3-4 times sometimes and don’t even think about trying to type in your login info before that pop up has appeared or else it’ll mess with the keyboard and text box and at that point just close the app and reopen it. I’d like to disable that pop up entirely.
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3 months ago, dont__cry__out
Worst banking app I’ve ever used
Why the state of NJ uses this bank for short term disability payments I have absolutely no idea, because they are so awful. I can’t consistently log on to the freaking app. I tried initiating a transfer to my regular bank account a week and a half ago only to get an email five days later notifying me that my money was transferred back to the Money Network Account. After calling the bank later that day, I was told that the issue had been resolved, so I initiated another transfer after getting off the phone. It has now been almost a week, and my money still hadn’t been transferred. I have bills I need to pay and have had to go into my savings account to pay them because of course I don’t have an account or routing number with my Money Network account, and this has been causing me major anxiety on top of all the other anxiety I have right now
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10 months ago, ol@/\_£bird
Be Aware of your Money? And ready for Declines
First couple of Months it was ok , then issues started happening of #1 ) my card being Declined even on Payday and it’s due to Money Network not allowing funds to be available , so the store’s machines show declined but the stores will receive the money the following day but you receive nothing but a receipt showing Declined #2) you need to call the bank for the refund but they try to blame it on the stores of ATM your using instead of admitting to fault also refund will take 20 days to see you refund and the won’t credit your Acct #3) A Example your Acct Balance one day is $2,000 dollars and a hour or day later it’s $9.00 then $2,500 dollars #4) hard to understand there English is not so great. be very careful trusting your money with this place I’m closing my account going to a real bank.
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1 week ago, tr3k4ever
App has too many problems not to be updated regularly
Signing in is a joke, just spins and doesn’t open. I have to close and reopen several times to get it to work. Also, and I’ve never seen this before, but my sign in doesn’t have a password. It’s like it approved me for Face ID and doesn’t remember the password to the account. I got to add my external bank account to the app and it crashes. If I have my app open for a while, it will pull back up no problem, other than it’s not really back up, its just opening to its last state. If your balance was $200 then you spent $20 and then something automatically comes out for $30 the next day you look at the app and it still shows $200 instead of $150. There should be hard and fast standards for apps that deal with your money. This app is a joke.
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2 years ago, T metzger
0 Stars
All of the reviews here are valid and it should be illegal to be able to continue providing such horrible service that deals with peoples money and lively hoods. I attempted to set up an account with the card that was provided through my company and I literally can’t even progress past the point where I input my card details because the ‘next’ option is greyed out, yet I have all of the information input correctly. Mind you this is on a brand new iPhone 13 so no my phone is not the issue. This app and the company running it should be investigated and shut down. I can’t believe a business that deals with peoples pay checks and money are able to get away with this. With all of the crazy fees they collect it’s insane they refuse to revamp this app especially while having almost the lowest possible review score. Bunch of clowns running this show.
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3 months ago, kmyyyyyyyyy
App Function is Terrible
I almost never leave reviews on apps, but the experience I had with this one warrants feedback. There’s no reason why setting up this thing should be so difficult. I had to fill out information multiple times and click to submit the information multiple times before the app would accept the submission and move on to the next step. Ultimately, it appears that the app just runs slowly and takes an unreasonable amount of time to update to reflect whatever function has taken place, but that’s an issue. It shouldn’t take that long, and someone who’s not necessarily tech savvy may not understand how to pinpoint and navigate the issue. Needs to be fixed asap and I’m glad I won’t need to use this app beyond this one instance. Wouldn’t recommend to a friend.
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3 months ago, Smurfvonnie
Needs work
When I try to sign in it wants me to designate my device and I do it then it asks again. I have completed the process around four times. Now my Face ID stopped working. It’s a whole process everytime I try to open my app. Trying to search for fee free tellers is very difficult on the app. I tried to transfer money to my bank and the money was missing in action for several days then it showed up back in my money card acct. I gave up and pulled money out at my Credit Union and it charged me $4.00. So I found I could pull out of Navy federal CU but I could only get $400 and I don’t feel safe having to go into the store. Don’t like the people loitering in the parking lot. I just need the money in my bank to pay my bills. The glitches with this app are never ending. I can never sign in the check my balance. I’m at the tire store and have no idea of my balance. 😭
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1 week ago, P184849193
Terrible app - embarrassing for EDD
How can EDD force people to use an app that doesn’t even work? It’s embarrassing how bad this is. I can’t even log in most of the time! When I tried to transfer money out and add I kept getting an error message over and over that it couldn’t complete the transfer. So I called Money Network and through their automated phone system learned there is a $5k transfer limit per day. The app didn’t even tell me something so simple! It looks like EDD will soon allow you to do direct deposit instead of having to deal with this company, which I’ll be very happy about. I don’t get why EDD would switch away from BofA for literally a few MONTHS just to force people to use this terrible app before offering direct deposit. Makes no sense unless EDD just bid it out to the cheapest vendor who would service payments. One star for sure.
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2 weeks ago, tica2.0
Frustrations with a Faulty Money Network Card and Unjust Fees
I started a new job and decided to use the Money Network card as a form of payment. Following my first payroll, I tried to withdraw money from three different ATMs, and all of them were declined. Then, I tried to buy one soda bottle, and it was also declined. I called customer service, and they verified that I had correctly activated the card and that there were enough funds in the account. So, something was wrong with the brand new card that I had recently received. They said they would send a replacement, but I would have to pay the plastic fee because only the first card is free. However, the first card sent to me had issues that were not my fault. The idea of having to pay them to replace a card while I don’t even have access to my own money is absolutely insane.
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2 years ago, The Reviewer 😉
Customer Service and Awful App
I tried the “move money to external bank account” and it failed to notify me that it would take 2-4 business days before sending the money, as I’m writing this, im on hold for 10 minutes now, this is also the second time I’ve called and been on hold, the first time, they answered after 15 minutes and stayed silent until I hung up. Now I’m late on bills... this is my first and last time EVER doing anything with this sad “company”. Had high hopes, i thought customer service would completely change my thoughts on this app.... it only tied it up as a terribly organized site. I Can’t believe it has over 1.0 star. It should be kicked off the App Store, it’s clear they’ve given up. I’m speaking with corporate tomorrow to stop servicing their cards. A waste of plastic, phone line, phone storage, and phone time.
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2 months ago, An0y3d
Worst app I have ever used for banking
This is literally the worst app I have ever used for online banking. Every single time I try to login on the app it lags and crashes so I have to keep entering my password over and over until it finally will allow me to see my balance. And that’s only sometimes. Most of the time when I FINALLY am logged in it doesn’t even show my balance it’s just blank. The only reason this app is getting one star is because I like how fast I get paid and I like how you have to option to set up automatic transfers to your “piggy bank” every time you get a deposit over a certain amount that you can set yourself. Other than that this is by far the worst app I have ever used. I know it’s not my phone or my service because any other app I try to login to (banking or not) works just fine.
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2 months ago, Ladybau777
Worst App I have on my phone…
Why does the Government always seem to have the worst websites and apps, etc. making things difficult for everyone? I’ve heard horror stories about people’s funds missing & many can’t even log on. Says you can change your PIN number but you can’t. Only use one Bank Account to transfer to….can’t pay any Bills from here?? ATM isn’t working….so far I’m not too impressed. It’s fairly new so I’m trying to give it a chance. I’ll update my review later but many only giving them 1 star. I’m giving them 2 trying to be hopeful. If you call the 800 number on the back of the card they want your card number or full social security number? You’ve got to be kidding me? I’m giving it a week then time to file a report.
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3 years ago, drummer jay.
Don’t use this as a bank
This is the worst company I’ve ever dealt with in my life. My company pays from this “bank” that didn’t catch 1300 dollars in small online transactions that I never agreed to or was even aware of. When I disputed these charges and spent all morning on the phone with someone who barely spoke English in a foreign country that didn’t work for a bank but a call center. A week later I received a letter saying my claim was denied but no explanation or any way to contact someone who actually works for the bank. After another long phone call I was informed to fax an appeal letter in 2021. Are you kidding me. I feel robbed and a real bank would have caught this quickly and stopped these charges and would have returned the money to my account. These people are thieves and I hope big companies stop working with them.
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2 months ago, Linkey L
The Absolute WORST!!
This has to be the buggiest and WORST way to receive money. I’ve worked at a job called “Meijers” (a completely underpaid scam) and they issued me a card labeled Money Network, which has the absolute buggiest app ever. This app consists of pressing “Sign in” 10 times just to give up and say never mind (or you’ll get lucky and get signed in, but it’s rare), they will randomly lock your card if you try to lock it, and tell you in app that it’s unlocked, but tell you it’s locked every time you use it. If your employer uses this app to send checks, run! These are the most absolute UNRELIABLE cards of all time. But don’t just ask me, look up the problems I’ve described above and look at everyone call this app (and even company) “garbage” (a well deserved title) but that’s all I’ve got to say about this app, truly disappointing.
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4 days ago, mr clawman
Please.. If your reading this please take my advice and go nowhere near this app! I never thought it would be possible that getting my paycheck would go hand and hand with the feeling of dread, but whenever I have to use this app it's terrible. Logging in is nearly impossible, there is 0 customer service, many times you can't see your account balance, settings you set up (remember me, saved external bank accts, etc.) get erased after you do them so you must enter the information every time you log in. I wish I could switch out of this awful system from getting my paycheck but unfortunately it's way too complicated and I'm stuck dealing with this terrible app. If you have not downloaded this app or put any money into it yet, PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT DOWNLOAD! I gave 1 star but they deserve 0.
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3 months ago, Shanmander
This app is awful
When it comes to a money/bank app, it needs to be efficient with minimal bugs. This app is the complete opposite! The app struggles to even let me sign in! When I finally get signed in, the app wigs out too much and signs me out too often. I just barely tried to transfer my money and apparently the app forgot my external bank account and I had to reenter it in (routing, account number, personal info). How am I supposed to trust an app to keep my money secure when it just loses my information that was already plugged in! This app is way too slow and takes me too long to access my money. How embarrassing! This app needs a huge debugging session. If it wasn't for my job using this company as the source to pay us, I would choose this company/app as the absolute last resort to handle my money!
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4 months ago, StillWaitingMoneyNetworkSucks
Scam service. Can’t access funds with no hope in sight
App and website DO NOT WORK!!! Its criminal that a simple banking app denies you access to your funds. App is broken for no reason, corrupts personal information like email, and after going through the lengthy process of speaking to someone by phone, they just put you on hold to “ask their supervisor” and act surprised that anything is amiss and assure that it is a temporary problem, even though reviews from the last two months show that these problems have been persisting for a very long time. Positive reviews for this app also look like they have been bought from an Indian call center. No idea why Cal EDD switched to this service, but someone belongs in jail for this sham of a “bank”. Don’t hold your breath to get your money or have a functional app.
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