Money Pro: Personal Finance

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iBear LLC
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2 months ago
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11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Money Pro: Personal Finance

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6 years ago, SharkWhisperer
Great budgeting tool that needs some work
I will start by saying that this is a great program for budgeting. It is definitely a step up from free or lower price tiered applications. If you take the time to input all aspects of your finances it will benefit you greatly; as long as you follow your own budget of course. A few things that need polishing up; first the bank sycronizing is not worth the added expenditure at this point in time in my opinion. It is very buggy, for example; if I pull data from my bank on my laptop and then open the app on my phone, it may or may not have all the sync’d information. Also, at times the icloud sync seems to stop working between my laptop and phone after a bank sync. The fix I found for it was deleting the app on my phone and reistalling it. Bank syncing from my phone has been hit or miss, it will quickly fetch data or just spin without seeming to connect. The second draw back to the bank syncing is that the information is just jumbled into an expense field. You will have to scroll through each and every expense on your own and assign it to one of your corresponding budget categories. This is extremely time consuming if you have hundreds of transactions each month. If the progam learned what categories to assign over time then perhaps this wouldn’t be a big deal for a month or two but that is not the case. Overall its worth the purchase and definitely makes life easier for me.
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6 years ago, Aiglesiasn
Good app for being up to date with your payments, but have some bugs
This app is very very useful for me, I use it on every financial movement I make in order to keep my transactions controlled. I’ve experience some bugs which can be solved if you cross check your phone information with the one in your computer, and when you find the missing transaction, just save it again. Anyway, this app will give you a good way to be aware of how you spent money, in order for you to save better.
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5 years ago, jmr127
2 stars because of sync subscription
This used to be a great app for all your financial needs, when the phone and mac and notebook would all sync up as one over iCloud. I didn’t use the bank sync so I can’t speak to that. I purchased the phone version first and liked it and when it was advertised that it would sync with you desktop/notebook I got that as well. I also purchased a third time for my kid. Since doing work on one would sync up with all others I could input receipts on the go on my phone and keeping track of my balances on the go. I could get back to my room and enter receipts for the day on my notebook and when I was home I could sit down at my desk and enter multiple items fast and easy on a keyboard and full screen. They would all be up to date over iCloud. Now the company is requiring a subscription for something that was the whole reason for purchasing this app 3x. Now I have 3 different check books I have to manage unless I want to pay. I don’t mind that they are asking for a subscription for new customers, new customers can decide if that is something they may want but if you had this before a subscription was in place then it should still be free to sync especially since it was done over iCloud.
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1 year ago, DJ.Atomix
The best personal finance app ever.
I have tried several personal finance apps. But there was never any one that made me able to use it continuously for a long time. Money Pro comes with an easy to understand UI and the system of splitting funds into multiple accounts is great. From what I've been using it, I've encountered a few errors. Once I added an expense item that was scheduled for tomorrow. But today I finished everything faster than usual. So I use the free time to pay my bills in advance. After paying the bill I forgot that I had already added this on a schedule. So I added it as a new item instead. Then the next day I realized that yesterday I made the mistake of adding duplicates. Because the balance amount has been deducted twice. then i Delete the item that was added yesterday. and switch to the one that is scheduled instead What happens is The remaining amount in the app is still deducted 2 times even though the item has been deleted. So I fixed it by adding a new item as revenue for the same price. in order for the account balance to return to the correct
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6 years ago, 2Cats_Daddy
Best yet
iBear has steadly improved their software until reaching this app. Money Pro does most things as well as or better than other software. It's fast and easy to use and Money Pro updates and syncs quickly and easily. The only cons I have are that it does not provide loan amortization (not a big deal) and that iBear no longer supports direct download of transactions from banks that offer that possibility; the access mode they do use may work well, but does not support as many US banks as others and it is a paid (optional) service. All in all, I'd recomend Money Pro for most user's needs; I use its IOS version every day and when I open the Mac app later , the transactions appear almost at once.
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2 years ago, Carlos Leger
Best app to handle personal/home finances
Syncronization isn't as smooth as you'd like, initial setup isn't too straightforward. I had to pay for their internal sync service because my wife and I have different Apple IDs so we can't sync through iCloud. Interface is great, but no Excel/CSV export option. Edit: Changed from 4 to 5 stars because, while all of the above remains about the same, I have tried other apps (free, paid, Excel, Google Sheets, even using Google Forms to fill in the expenses and incomes on Sheets), and none is as good as this one, specially handling multiple currencies. Recommended 100%.
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2 years ago, Gollum Naval
The Best!!
This is by far the best of all the money/finance/checkbook apps out there. Bar none! Ignore all the poor reviews. They're mostly from people complaining about having to pay to sync their apps across devices. But the amount Money Pro charges for the syncing service is about the same as all the other apps, which are far inferior to Money Pro. I landed on Money Pro ofter checking out almost every major app out there. I downloaded each of their free trial versions and found them all lacking in one significant way or another. The beauty of Money Pro is that it is rather thorough, and if there's any feature you think is missing, the Developer is SUPER responsive. In fact, there was a minor issue I thought needed improvement, and within a matter of weeks, he issued an upgrade to the app with the issue improved. That's called attentiveness to customer! Bravo! Wow!
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5 years ago, Rob's iTunes 747
Not sure how this will benifit most of us..
I'm giving 2 stars because it sounds like a great app that I could definitely use. What I really liked is the fact that “it states” you can sync this to my bank. Problem is it doesn’t connect to any major banks used by most Americans. I have a Wells and Chase that I use a ton and this will be able to pull any of my information. I had to buy this for my Mac and one for my phone because you have to purchase separate then you have to buy the option to sync the banks. I spent a whole lot for nothing. This app is just like any other financial app just a lot more expensive and misleading. I’ve asked for a partial refund for the banking and I have not received a response.
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6 years ago, aaronchow0727
Unreliable online bank syncing
I recently subscribed to their online banking add-on, but I have a hard time understanding how it works. First of all, I also brought Money Pro for my iOS devices. When I open Money Pro on my phone, I press the “refresh” button to refresh my acounts, but it just keeps on spinning without every fetching any updates. I tried it on my iPad Pro but somehow it works. Earlier today, I tried to fetch my account balance update using the desktop version, but the refreshing icon keeps on spinning again. It seems like this feature is still buggy but at the same time confusing to use. I don’t recommend anyone to use it until it becomes more stable or user friendly.
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5 years ago, Sierrunchis
Good Bye Excel for personnal finance
It´s been almost seven years using Money, sometimes with some bugs and with good support, but most of the time working as i need it. I recommend it for everyone who wants to manage the personnal finance informatión without wasting so much time on spreadsheets and with so many advantage as the website shows. The main point is to make an excellent initial structure setup as people need it to manege its own information. I moved to Money PRO two days ago, and the six years data migration took no more than five minutes on my Mac.
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7 years ago, sofele
Latest updated has rendered what was a good program COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY UNUSABLE!!!!!!
App is now almost completely unusable! That is unless you enjoy waiting 10 - 15 MINUTES every single time you for 75% of the screen to respond. The single screen that responds normally is the balance screen. For every other screen that I’ve tried it is literally sit and wait for 10 - 15 minutes prior to seeing either anything at all or for it to respond and show what you just did.
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6 years ago, diz008
Simple with option to be very indepth
This app is very good for keeping track of finances. Easy to enter informaiton and reports are very easy to read. I hate Accounting and this does a good job of keeping track of basic information that is required of me. Does not have automatic syncing which I found became a problem with Quicken since it could not keep up with the changing logins of all the accounts, which in turn caused me more of a headache in the long run. A basic, add it yourself app with easy to read analysis.
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5 years ago, Delbert Rodriguez
Good but, but could be the best..
This app is good but could be better. Althought is for personal budget control, you can't not have a good expense vs budget figure. It is because you can't exclude Categories when camparing actual vs budget. All categories are included in the budged. I reported this and they recomended to use the "Class" field to exclude categories. This doesn't solved the problem, becuase when you do a report, you are comparing income vs expenses, not expenses vs budget. Hope they fix this.
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6 years ago, ScottytheMenace
No quicken import? Seriously?
I bought this app hoping—like many others—that I could use it to replace the wretched Quicken. I was hopeful because it seems to do account reconciliation properly (most other apps do statement replication which is idiotic) and it has iCloud sync. Sadly, there’s no way to import from Qucicken other than CSV, which is a hot mess because Quicken converts split transactions into individual transactions. No way I’m importing that kind of mess. Not having a way to import a Quicken QXT or QMTF data file is a non-starter for me. Pretty short-sighted to not allow importing from the most hated Mac personal finance app that everybody wants to get away from. No reason not to offer the option. Money Pro also has a bizarre, non-standard interface that seems designed more as eye candy than as a usable app to quickly enter transactions. Just show me a check register. It’s not that hard. No need to reinvent a perfectly good wheel. I was kind of excited about this app. Very disappointed.
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6 years ago, willy83000
Synchro works again!!
(Useless without synchro.. waste of money… don’t buy it.) UPDATE: after trying to delete the app on my Mac and reinstall it which didn’t fix the problem, I created a new profile “test”, and deleted the user's profile I was using, then I created a new profile with the same name that the one I have on my phone. Finally I deleted “test". Then I turn on the synchro and now everything is working again…
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6 years ago, Dr. Dear Reader
Needs Checkbox for Reconciliation
I really like this app, but it is missing one important feature as far as our family is concerned — an easy manual way to double check our bank records with our human entered data that is prone to error. What I am talking about is an on/off button or checkbox like paper checkbook registers have that allows you to mark items that have been verified. If that feature is in this app, I cannot find it. But it is essential for those of us who still make mistakes.
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7 years ago, Cross-Asia
I migrated to this app after iReconcile never got updated. There was a 2 day learning curve and it took a while to set up the data in the way I wanted it, but it works fine. Finding the right icon for each kind of transaction was a bit time consuming. But I was pleased to discover I could import my own even. My data is syncing to maultiple devices just fine. Good work!
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1 year ago, R8erfan13
Good but could be great!
one of the better budget/banking apps I have used. I would give it 5 stars if it had the option to specify a specific day like second Wednesday of month rather than a blanket once a month option. SSA does not always pay on the 3rd of the month in every case.
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1 year ago, RWS101
Great app for budgetting!
This app is what I have been looking for! It is easy to use with many options to track where my money goes month to month, it also allows me to be incharge. The customer service is great too! They are quick to respond!
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2 years ago, luedt1ba
Ongoing Support
I've been using this app for about four years and now use it with my family. We have two users with multiple Apple devices and it has served its purpose well. I've only had a few glitches that were resolved speedily from the support team.
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5 years ago, Music4God22
Doing Fine
I've used this program for several years and I'm happy with it's performance. I wish it would offer other account types like to track a credit card balance, but working well for what it does. I like how it syncs beautifully between devices!
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3 years ago, fineconnoiseur
Needs some work
For basic accounting of finances, it does what it says. However, the Mac version still needs some work. Here's some suggested areas of improvement: 1. You can't use a cursor to select and edit the $ amount. You can only delete it and start again. 2. You can't switch focus between the fields with "Tab" while recording an expense. There are also limited usable keyboard shortcuts to navigate within the app. So this is still a very heavily trackpad dependent app, despite being available on the Mac App Store for such a long time. 3. Make search fields more "fuzzy" please. Currently, missing or adding a space would cause some of the things you're looking for to not show up.
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3 years ago, Bobthebrakeman
Works Well, Transaction Clearing Challenging
Easy to maintain transactions and accounts. Clearing transactions when balancing accounts can be challenging, but becomes easier after several bank statements. Does not have some of the fancy features of Quicken, but no monthly subscription required.
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6 years ago, RobWhitlow3
Great app, missing one crucial feature!
This is a beautifuly designed app and works very well. The one feature that would make it absolutely perfect would be letting me link my account and having the app auto pull my account balance and transactions. Otherwise, great app!
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1 year ago, Hermuno
Excellent tool for personal Finance
I have been using Money Pro for several years, it is very flexible, it allows the sync between devices very smoothly and is good when you have multiple currencies to manage
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4 years ago, Tw1z9
Best Budget App for Multiple Devices
I needed an app that would work with every ios device I own and this app works pefectly. It doesn't required to pay monthly if the ios devices are on the same account. Highly recommended!!
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6 years ago, Pablo1818
Best money management
First if you used to have the old app (Money) you can import you info to this new app. It's very easy to use and it has a very nice look. You can get also the Mac app or the iPad and it syncs with all of your devices. Great way to have controol oyour finances
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9 months ago, Mostafa ameri
best idea for personal accounting system
Money pro is the best application for personal accounting, am using on ios and macos. using pro account. this is more than 6 years am using this app and sugest it for everyone
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5 years ago, tyroneasteele
Not perfect but certainly the best product out there.
I'd love to be able to create payee/payor without having to back out of the entry I made. I'd love to be able to delete them also.
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2 years ago, flightmech
Personal Finance Organization
Have been using Money Pro App for over a year now. Love the functionality of the software, syncing accross devices and personalization. Dev continues to support and push new features.
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3 years ago, AZaghloul
Excellent App
I'm using this app for years now. It is one of the most valuable personal finance application. Very helpful for tracking and planning your finance. User friendly and excellent experience.
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6 years ago, Jankowskis
This app is elementary at best. If you need to do any kind of tracking beyond basic categories of where you might spend your money it is worthless. There is nothing you can customize. Sadly, I wasted my money and would like to return this app because one minute after opening it I realized it was worthless to me. If you need anything beyond the very most basic app, spend the money and use one with a free trial.
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3 years ago, djsanchez87301
Very usefull app
i use this app everyday to keep track of my accounts and finances. i have found it to be excellent for my needs and really enjoy using Money Pro: Personal Finance
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7 years ago, Adrizlei
Not updating
i have been trying to update the app for 3 hs. It keeps on forever and never stops. Besides, There is no way I can import a whole CSV from other apps from the same bundle. Customer service has not solved my problem even after a week. The whole bundle is awful!!! Waste of time and money!!!! I lost all my data in a second and no one is able or willing to find a solution!
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7 years ago, BanderaT
Works Great
Easy to use and set up. I am sinking with all of my i devices It just works great. Could not be happier. I think they ought to sell their system as a do it yourself data system.
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1 year ago, CauseChanter
Money Pro
Works for me. I have been using it for years. Has a couple of quirks but overall I really enjoy using it.
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2 months ago, iMax007
Great app for your needs
I've been using MoneyPro for years, both on mobile and destop, and I could not ask for more: great UX, great UI, great support. Totally recommend it.
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2 years ago, LeoCassady
Money Pro is great!
Being a certified private accountant, Money Pro comes the closest to a full-blown professional finanacial accounting package for personal use. It has become my "goto" financial manager.
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5 years ago, Ctny
Great App, but…
I would give it 5 stars. However, at the moment they are killing me with updates (11 in the last 2 months). When they can release version updates (going from 1.0 to 2.0) that require less tweaking, we will be back to 5 stars!
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4 years ago, Pastyanne
Good App
Expecially great to have the transactions easily available on iphone. Still learing some of the possibilities. Doesn't seem to have reconcilliation on this version maybe haven't foud it yet
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5 years ago, SG 13
Good for everyday tracking
Would like to also see better ease and use with the reconcile option/.
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6 years ago, HCM2692
Wells Fargo Support?
Just bought the app for both iphone & imac. Pretty disappointed the main feature I wanted (importing bank info) isn't available for Wells Fargo. Any reason for this/support for WF in the future? Defeats the purpose of my purchase, since other features seem similar to most other apps available. Thanks
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2 years ago, Hebrew Thumper
Poor Syncing
When it comes to sycing the information between my computer and my phone the information doesn't sync immediately like it use when I first bought the laptop version and the iphone version. I am tired of the struggles. iPhone stand alone version is fine by itself!!!
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2 years ago, Nichkame
Still learning about it, comes up short
Help / tutorial hard to locate - can't find basic features still available in old Microsoft Money.
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5 years ago, Monkeynofine
I love this program since I downloaded it on my ios device in March. Keep the job going such a perfect program for everyday use.
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5 years ago, Evan 291235
Sorry, but I just dont use it..
I really tried, but this app just is not very intuitive and doesn't seem to fit what I want to do - just basic budgeting, a few graphs and easy daily update. I wasn't even looking to connect to my bank! In the end I wasted $30 hoping it would work and it doesn't. Wish I could get my money back. Can I?
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5 years ago, Pollywog73
Great app for home budgets and tracking expenses. I've tried a bunch over the years and this one does what I need it to do. Syncs to my iphone and macbook. Love it!
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3 years ago, HE.2211
The only app
One of the best apps that clearly state assets and liablities and make it easy to trace, as well as online connections and offline banking.
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6 years ago, Jazz333444
not quite what an upgrade i thought i was getting
upgraded from the checkbook app and lost several things i used daily. balance has gone away and also i can see from looking at the list on the balance what has cleared and not you have to open each item. its pretty and has alot and like the budget but the daily things i use seem to be gone may go back to the free version.
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5 years ago, pgw7383
Needs Wok
I like the concept and I would think in a couple of years this will be a product worth having. There is a shortage of online banks available. To have to manually enter all transaction would take forever, I could use any checkbook software for that. The budget portion is just plain budget software.
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