Money - Track & Budget Finance

4.5 (382)
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1 month ago
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12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Money - Track & Budget Finance

4.48 out of 5
382 Ratings
2 years ago, Notthemoma
Nice for all Apple devices, Easy to work with.
Great budget app that works on all my devices. Features that really help keep a budget inline. It links to accts. you want or manually enter those you don’t. Has a scheduler to always know your plan of income and expensive. Several features. I also like the ability to make groups out of accts. you've added (loans or credit cards; cc) making a total owed to that group and/or individual accounts. Now the downside; it be nice if this app had an opt to show available credit on an acct.; according to the limit you’ve entered. Also, the scheduler does not link to the actual income or expense as it downloads in to your linked bank accounts thereby not picking up when you made the payment. You can select a scheduled item to pay immediately but not that it’s already paid according to an item in your bank acct. Maybe, a little vague, but unless you have the app you wouldn't know what I'm talking about. So let's just say it requires some manual reconciling to make the scheduler gel to the actual transactions. I still have a bit of cleanup to do to get the budget and reports to make sense. I'm sure it's because of the categories things have fallen in. I'm not even close to a finance whiz. However, after evaluating a lot of other apps that work on all my devices seamlessly this wound up the best for someone like me. Simple and customizable. So I appreciate the work that went into it, because I was an I.T. tech before retiring.
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2 years ago, lydian1627
Fantastic—with one caveat
Very fluid and clean app with thoughful features, though management of attachments/receipts needs some work. 1) Currently, you can't see which transactions have attachments from the list/table views. You have to go into the edit menu of each transaction. 2) You can filter transactions that have attachments, which is great; however, it would also be useful to filter transactions that don't have attachments. For example, I might want to quickly look through items to make sure I didn't forget to upload a receipt for something. 3) Lastly, and most importantly, the csv export is great, but there is no option to include attachments with this batch export process. Again, you have to go in the edit menu of each transaction and export individually, which makes this app more of a data trap than I feel comfortable with. Receipts etc. are so important, and an app of this caliber needs to treat them as such. If this gets addressed, the app will be five stars for sure.
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6 years ago, IceTrain.
Wish I’d tried it earlier!
I was interested in Money 5 since its launch, but was reluctant to spend $25 (I think it was more right after launch) without an ability to try it. Not to mention some initial reviews looked discouraging. Now it’s free to try and boy I wish I’d got it earlier: the interface is a joy to look at, all the important transaction info is right there, and it’s actually readable without squinting all the time. I have several bank accounts both local and international - Money’s Direct Downloads works great with them all! Before this I had another (popular!) finance app, but I was not able to connect to my account in Asia, so I guess Jumsoft really did their homework with bank support. I really don’t understand the negativity in some reviews - Money is brilliant at what it does. Suggestion: I’d love to have a share account with my wife. We have a family account so it would be great to be able for us both to manage it (we use different Apple ID accounts). Overall, solid five stars from a happy user! Keep it up!
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1 year ago, Llamperouge3
Great App!
I love the app for keeping track of purchases manually. Its easy to put money through several accounts without it getting confusing like all the other money tracking apps are. Income being zelled into one account then transfered to's usually so hard to show in other apps. Especially credit cards - adding transactions and then paying it off through different accounts. One thing id work on is how fast the system updates when switching from the computer to the app. You really have to reload them on both systems for the new stuff to appear. the second thing is to make the app a bit easier to Adjust the total amount. on the computer all i have to to is edit the dollar amount but the phone only gives me the option to reconcile the account - which never does what I want it to do. Overall this app is very customizable in the most important ways - category's and the types of accounts you can add. The simple red and green colors to tell income vs expense is great and how the system remembers past categories that you made along with how the system auto fills the restuarants/shops name and location so in several months your not wondering when and where you went to this one place. I would make the reports a bit better and have a few more pieces of information. also I do pay for the full version
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3 years ago, TMAC228
I used Checkbook Pro from Splasm for years until I found Money. Money syncs across iOS devices and my Macbook Pro via iCloud seamlessly. I've tried other apps that claim to do this and have found them buggy, but I've not had any sync issues with Money. It updates immediately upon opening the app on any of my devices. Not only am I pleased with syncing capabilities, but the interface is also one of the only ones I've found to be user-friendly and pleasant to work with. I hope this app doesn't go anywhere, because I'm very picky about what I use to keep track of my accounts and I'm very pleased with this app. I'm hoping to use it for years to come. Customer service is prompt and courteous. Good visualization tools for knowing where your money is going, and export features help with reports. Overall very happy with this app. Kudos to the creators, and thanks.
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4 years ago, r26862
Simplicity at it's finest....
Over the years I have used many personal software accounting programs to satisfy my desires but none offered simplicity and ease of use as Jumsoft's Money does. Money offers a simple ledger interface for your accounts, data import/export, syncs across multiple devices using iCloud, as well as your financial institutions. The new update offers improvements visually as well as functionally. Their Customer Service Team I've interfaced with on numerous occasions to point out issues I have experienced and these were resolved successfully. What I would like to see that no one else offers that I know of, is the capability to reconcile my account(s) via my iOS device. Currently, can only reconcile via macOS in my case. Money is well worth the small investment for tracking your finances and improving your financial successes!
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1 year ago, Brian_B22
Great app, better service
I have been using Money since I switched to Apple in 2012ish. I am a bit nerotic and keep track of everything. As my kids have gotten older, we have added shared accounts and devices running Money. As you can imagine, I have encountered problems. I'm the guy that breaks the unbreakable object. When I have encountered problems, the Jumsoft support staff has been responsive. Bottom line, they respond and fix the problem. If it is just you, buy the app. If you have a family and want them to learn to manage money and account for things, buy the app. We all have it on our phones for recording tranactions easily and on a laptop for more in depth work and analysis. If you appreciate nice things and customer support, Jumsoft Money is the ticket.
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1 year ago, iMackGirl
Frustrating. No Control over layout and transactions, and Unable to use after purchase?
Not as much control as the older versions. Reports are seriously lacking in the new version, and the UI/UX is awful when trying to control these reports. All they allow is a few simple controls, not as useful anymore - and it's a mini dropdown where you have to continuously scroll in this little tiny box to select/deselect what you want. And there's hardly any reports available now. I REALLY REALLY miss the old version!! This is such a Total disappointment. Also very twitchy when it comes to managing scheduled transactions or making any kind of change to a transaction amount, it's like you have to keep hitting it over and over again, sometimes it never works... 2023 Update : Taxes turned into a nightmare because of reports
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5 years ago, cheesecake 13
Doesn't make sense
I was looking to replace another software package that I was using. I was even willing to deal with the fact that I can't share management with my spouse without being on the same device. Initially, it kept crashing, even after an update was pushed out stating it was supposed to fix the crashing. The automatic download for accounts is buggy. You need to be able to turn off the icon for the payee aspect. You have to use a time to order the transactions instead of just dragging them. The worst part of the application is the budgeting system. With other budgeting apps I used, an expenses and returns from a category is simple. You buy something under "clothing" then use the same category to return money to the pot. It's not so simple. I could work around the other things I call a problem, but this issue is at the core of what the software is supposed to do. I do not recommend people use this software at this time.
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4 years ago, SamanPa
Good app with buggy premium features!
I am using money for years and it was a great tool when I was entering expenses/incomes by myself. The problem started when I decided to pay to use their premium online features that pulls in information directly from my US bank accounts! It was initially good, but in last 4-5 month I have too many issues with this service. It switches income and expenses for my credit cards and I need to add "balance adjustment" regularly without knowing what went wrong! Customer service response are note helpful and for premium feature they refer me to provider who connect online banks to money and they always are saying that provider said every thing is working without any issue! I am thinking premium service and start tracking expenses/income by myself like old days! GOod luck with geting back refund for buggy premium feature as it seems impossible!
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4 years ago, wildeink
Latest Update
Long-time Money user - came back to it around version 5 after YNAB went full SaS. Version 6 is much, much snappier and easier to use. I can't praise it enough. There was an annoying issue with adding new accounts -- it loaded all the online choices when I simply wanted to add an offline account (I own Money Standard, not the per month version). That was fixed. Side note: I was a user that reported the startup crash, and the developer got back to me within a few minutes and they posted a fix/update just a day later. Can't complain about that turnaround. Five stars. Really love this app now.
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5 years ago, Anonymousghj
Promising but does not explain "Free" as in trial
Initially I was looking for an application to manage my finance without having to link my personal bank accounts. I stumbled across money and at first I saw the user interface looking clean, reporting feature useful, and of course the offline feature to manually add my transactions. At first, the application looks promising by providing everything that I could need and best price of all "free." I spent the last 4 hours entering my transactions and bank information into the application. During the last 4 hours i've dealt with the bugs of the application crashing but also had the idea that the app was "free" so why shoud I complain right? Come to find out after several hours later and transactions I would be prompted to subscribe for me to continue. Had I known this up front - I would have stayed away in the first place instead of wasting my time. I get it - its a business and its a decent app. For other people who dont mind paying for it kudos to you to as well. I don't see anything wrong with paying for services like this. The problem I have is not being aware of it in the first place and after several hours later being prompted to pay. Please let future customers know that this is a trial for "x" amount of transactions.
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6 years ago, OmniHeX
Lots to like
My main problem with most finance trackers is that I get hyped to use them for a while until I forget to record one transaction, then another, and then I quit after a while. When I saw Jumsoft have added Direct Downloads into Money, I thought I’d give it another try. I love it so far: transactions are downloaded automatically every day and I no longer have to concern myself about remembering to record my expenses everywhere I go. If only they'd come up with something to also keep track of cash in my pocket automatically :-) All things considered - great app: lovely design, easy to use, very useful budgets! 5/5!
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2 years ago, Mac Since 1985
Smart reporting & easy on the eyes
Let me give just one example of why this app is 5-star smart. The overriding questions for anyone who uses a personal finance app are (1) What did I make? (2) What did I spend? (3) How much is left? Intelligently, the whole reporting structure is built around exactly those questions. From there, you can modify each question in various ways (time, categories, payees, etc). Yet some apps high on the App Store's rankings don't even have a cash flow report, or just answer questions #1 and #2 but not #3! The Money app has many virtues. I cite only the biggest.
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5 years ago, Roberto_
I wanted personal finance software that did not live in the cloud, so this was the best choice for Mac. Downloading transactions is dodgy from time to time as the software is unable to connect via their third party to download transactions. Give it an hour or two and whatever connectivity issue exists is usually resolved (but should I have to wait when I'm paying for the service?). If you record a paycheck where you have both gross income and deductions all of the line items are recorded as income - so taxes, insurance premiums, etc. show up as income in the reports vs. showing as expenses. Solution is to create a line item for gross income, followed by a seaparate transaction for deductions (really?). It does the job, but hardly elegant or a good user experience.
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6 years ago, confinity
Good finance app, needs more export options
Money does all I need it to do: keep bank records, generate reports at tax time, track investments. It’s intuitive and clean interface is a joy. My only complaint is thatI really wish Money would export to other common formats, like QIF files, instead of just .cvs files. I’ve been burned by software that abandonded me in the past, and I need to know that my financial history is easily portable. Maybe Jumsoft will always be there for me—lets hope so—but I need to protect my future.
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3 years ago, RickBuddy_72
A Marriage Saver!
The Missus is a hard-working, frugal person who saved more than she spent and never had to budget. Me, I have a business degree, and find budgeting is easy. As retirement loomed, we had no way of communicating our financial future. AND THEN ... I found this software. Very intuitive, easier for her to understand than Quicken, which has gone full subscription service. After taking less than five minutes to review the basics with her, I let her loose and she got it immediately. Very good software. Somebody put a lot of thought into making this easy to use.
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2 years ago, Kena803
Concept not bad
I like the idea of connecting with onine banks and other types of accounts, but i find this software to be lacking. I have no idea as to how or when my added account transactions are updated. I like that it recognizes places spent and catergorizes it and logo of where you spent money is a nice addition. I I have been using the Dollardbird Pro which is amazing with it's calendar being able to see your account balances for the month after you customize your bills and income. I tried to use the Money app but i love Dollarbird by far. Now only if Dollarbird would add the option to link accounts like this app does.
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5 years ago, gratef
I’ve tried most of them . . .
That is, a half-a-dozen accounting software like this one. I’ll stick with Money for one good reason - it’s very stable. It doesn’t crash, no matter how much I tweak it and mass-change payees, categories, tags, etc. I also like that I can check/correct transactions as they’re being downloading. I had a little issue at the beginning and support was completely on the ball, responding immediately. I wish it was a little easier to customize the Categories during initial set-up but that’s no biggie. Hats off to Jumsoft. :-)
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6 years ago, Arcadepi
Much improved!
Been using the new Money on my iPhone for a while and decided to give this one a try since it’s free now. Setup was as easy as it can get - all my data was instantly synced via iCloud. The interface is bright and clean, consistent between devices so getting around on Mac was virtually the same as on my iPhone. The bank connection required some initial tinkering with, but it suggested creating import rules based on my choices, so it seems like a one-time setup. I think I’ll go for a yearly plan when my monthly subscription ends.
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4 years ago, Travis3982
Buggy Garbage!
Cannot believe all the positive reviews here. My credit card accounts are a constant problem with this app. They'll import correctly, then when I update a day or two later it turns all my purchases into "income" and all my refunds to "expenses", throwing off the card balance and making the budget useless as all the totals are wrong. I've contacted jumsoft several times and no one is able to figure out what's going on, support is terrible. They really need to figure out how to support credit card accounts where the balance is what you owe vs a bank account where the balance is how much you have, their software has no ability to recognize that.
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5 years ago, Moneysucks
Poorly designed
I have been using the Money app for 6 years, and Ii you have used the previously versions of the the Money app, this new version is a downgrade. Thius version seems to be developed as a starter project for app developers. Limited capabilities, restricted sorts, poor pop-ups and immature layout. If I had known the developer was going to redu e this app, I would have have considered other apps, which I think I still might do. Get back to the basics or forget this user.
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6 years ago, Lcfew
Miss the old
Wow, I loved the old Money. It let me enter multiple currencies and use Cyrillic and Latin scripts for my payees. The new Money just shows questions marks for the merged Cyrillic characters. The new ugly interface has huge fonts with little information per page. The beautiful tags that were on the old transactions have been replaced by “#blue” or whichever color tag I’d used previously. When I try to enter new transactions, the app asked me to purchase a monthly subscription. When I click “restore purchases” the app crashes. I have deleted and downloaded twice. When I tried to write support on their webpage and submitted my complaint I got the message “page not found.”
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2 years ago, Grandpa60
Amazing now
Had this app for a few years . It messed up my accounts and basically stop working. Have not used it in a couple of years. Recently I needed to record my finances and open the app and the undate appeared. Gave it a try and this thing has been nothing but amazing. It update to my desktop instantly which was a major problem before. Good works guys!
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2 years ago, sgohlke55
Great Finance software and support
I ahve been usung "Money" for the past 5 years. This app now provides all the tools and flexibility to meet 95% of all my financial data needs. I'm able to easliy backup and use on 4 devices without issues. When I had software issues - I always had immediate response from technical personnel and ultimately resolved all problems... Signed, former Quicken and MS Money user...
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7 months ago, Joizzal
Nice interface
I've just used this app recently. I love the layout, easy to follow and provides a lot of useful charts to map your finances. If you are weary about sharing your login info, no worries. Works just fine with offline accounting as well.
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2 years ago, johns1953
Money Excels
I don't usually write reviews, but I am making an exception; this application is phenomenal. After trying and dismissing about a dozen financial apps over the years, I can honestly say it is refreshing to find an app that does what it promises. I have dealt with programs that could not categorize correctly or keep the correct balance. Money excels in doing this and much more.
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6 years ago, BitOfCoin
Pleasantly surprised.
Money does its job well in tracking day-to-day income and expenses. It’s simple yet has everything I could possibly want. Not too long ago I started trying my luck in crypto markets so cryptucurrency support in Money is very welcome. My biggest surprise was finding out I'm able to connect directly to Coinbase and have Money record my transacations automatically! That alone makes Money a winner for me. Great job developers!
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5 years ago, Nyramirez12
Minimalism Done Right
App is great for what I needed, a user friendly zero-budget tracker that is easy to update bi-weekly and with a glance let’s me know exactly how much money is left per category. Most apps are good at keeping track of transactions, auto assigning categories and having tons of reports but lack the ease of use with budgets. They are simply an after thought or too complicated to setup continuously. Pros: Easy to use budgets! iCloud sync with iOS app Payees can have company logo Table view for transactions Transaction muti-edit in table view Import from csv files is quick and easy to perform Reports are simple yet informative Smart accounts to setup custom filtering Cons: Font size is not customizable Dark mode only available with Mojave
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4 years ago, acmecorps
Too many bugs :(
I came from Mint, and I try to like the app. However there were way too many bugs, inconsistencies, transactions not appearing (e.g. on the budget total it says one amount, but clicking on the all transactions reveal another amount), way too many crashes (like a couple of times a day). Too slow even for a powerful Mac Mini that I have (with 64GB of RAM). If the developer reach out to me and explain to me why am I getting all these bugs, I'll be happy to change my review. Otherwise, please find some other apps and don't look into this one :(
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4 years ago, Manonamission366
New Update
The new update appears to have a few bugs which needs to be worked out. The icloud sycn is not working properly on the MacBook accounts are showing different balancing from the app on iphone. I am not to thrilled with the app depending on icloud to keep information up to date. Maybe make it an option.
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2 years ago, tbcabc
Does it all
I like to budget by forecast; I finally found a report in Money that lets me do that. Now I can not only track income, expenses and investments, I can do a simple forecast budget making use of recurring income and expenses. Not 5 stars because of crashing during some setting of preference, but I would happily buy again.
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5 years ago, Ener2010
This app makes managing your own money - PAINFUL!!!!!
This software makes ZERO sense...there are no users accounts, so you pay for the MacOS application and if you want to do anything on the iOS again. The software doesn't even remember what bank an online account is tied too. Go and setup to download transactions for your accounts. Great....but update it tomorrow. You start all over again. You have to painfully go through the process of finding your bank again, forget remembering usernames or password...or talking to your password app. The app is very painful to use. Stay away...!!!!!!
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4 years ago, zorzoyu
Upgrade is waste of money
I have been using Money for long time and latest version I have was Money 4. With every iOS update I would loose some functionallity but it was managable. With BigSur I could not import transaction from my Credit card account, so I tried to upgrade to latest version 6. OMG what a waste of money. New version has so many more bugs. I imported all and tried to back up on cloud when all info disappeared. After trying to reimport again scheduler would have some things scheduled and I am not able to delete. Disappointed.
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6 years ago, jacquesmerde
what happened to this software?
was happy with money 4, but no idea what happened to an app that was easy and quick to use. the merge function for categories doesn’t seem to work. imported my data from money 4 and my categories are spread all over the place. the result is my reports are impractical. also, was a money 4 user, hate, hate, hate that I cannot select transactions and edit information for multiples at one time. seriously ridiculous. so aggravating. would have never upgraded. another bothersome change is not being able to easily reorder transactions by category or payee, examples: list payees alphabetically or reorder amounts either ascending or descending in value. seriously, what happened?? it was so simple on the previous version. can’t believe I paid for the service. please fix this app.
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6 years ago, BBE2272
Incredibly frustrated
I have used this APP for years. When I was able to use icloud to sync it worked perfectly across my MACBook, iPad, and IPhone. Now it won’t sync my MACBook, which means you can’t manually reconcile the account. I just purchased the premium hoping it would allow me to use my MAC for sync to ICloud, but it still doesn’t work. I really don’t care about direct downloads, use this to track my expenses and to forecast. It’s worthless now.
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2 years ago, BN Review
Annoying popup Ad EVERY time
I've used this software for years and it works well for me overall. A recent update has introduced a popup ad for their subscription every time I open the software now. It is super-annoying. I actually tried the subsription service but cancelled because it wouldn't sync with my banks often enough for the way I use it.
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6 years ago, Foxygidd
Simply beautiful!
I can't thank you enough for this! What a beautiful example of a finance tracking app. I've used a bunch of them but this is definitely the only one I actually enjoy using. It finds surrounding businesses for me, adds logos, so my account record looks beautiful with no effort on my end. I love how easy this is!
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3 years ago, Isaiahdes
Best Money Management Software
Money by Jumsoft is by far the best money management software for those who are not accounting professionals. The UI is simple and transactions are detailed, from location to time, to split transactions, custom payees and file attachments. The insight into your personal spending is also very insightful.
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5 years ago, Circa 1881
Long Time User
I have been using Money to manage my expenses for several years. The Money Team are always improving ways to make the expense entries more time efficient. I highly recommend this program to anyone who tracks their expenses.
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4 years ago, Bryan Selvey
Not a Bad Program But.........
Really usefull program. Intergrates well with ios. I really enjoy using this app, with one small problem. Hopefully this will be updated soon. The mac app crashes and stop respoinding all the time. Fix this issue and easy 5 star rating.
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1 month ago, jcg sr
I got myself in trouble twice in the last 5 years and....
I am good to go now thanks to you. The fact that I was able to reach out and have your help saved me a major headache I am happy to be a forever supporter of Jumsoft and Money!
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1 year ago, Patches 2020
I can keep my money
I like the way I can load all my accounts and the money can be tracked as to what I have spent and where. The check potion needs to be better to track the actual check numbers.
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2 years ago, 32 is good
One error and it completely screwed up my account.
I'll stop my subscription and looking forward for an alternative software.
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3 years ago, Lynny625
Easy To Set Up
This app was the 6th app I tried. Finally found one that gave me the freedom to create accounts, payees, and a budget that suits my inner nerd. I like to see exactly how I am allocating my money and this app so far has met my expectations.
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6 years ago, Money=Awful
Awful. Just awful. This latest version of Jumsoft Money (5.x) is practially unusable. The new “simplified interface” removes or makes previous features difficult to find and use. AND, after buying it, you must PAY AGAIN inside the app for a subscription to get “premium features.” Are you kidding me? Importing downloaded data from my bank should NOT be a PAID PREMIUM feature. I’ve been using Money for years. No more. Dumping this now. Goodbye Jumsoft Money.
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6 years ago, MacCumlin
Nice app
A little bit pricey though for Money standard. Subscription plans seem very fair having in mind the amount of banks they offer. The setup was very straightforward and it seems to work with all my accounts.
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3 years ago, Fedefdde
Great App!
THis App really comes handy for budgeting. The UI is really friendly and easy to use. However, the Reports that you export are not really in-depth compared to the ones found in the Report tab. apart from that it is a great app and I would strongly recommend it. Thank you developers.
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5 years ago, Steve in Tuscaloosa
Worthless for me
I downloaded this over the weekend and tried to enter an account. It wanted me to pay, so I got the 30 day trial. I tried again with my bank, found it, but wouldn't connect. I tried with my other bank, found it, but got a server not found error. No problem. I tried again Monday; same errors, and tried again today with same errors. Too bad. Uninstalled it.
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5 years ago, Bymooncloudnoe
Was a huge fan but now can't even add a transaction
I used Money for over a year. I used it on iPhone, Macbook, and it syncs so well. All is gone because now I cannot even add a transaction on Macbook? It keeps popping out asking me to buy Premium, but I believe simply adding a transaction shouldn't be the privilege of Premium members right? I don't need bank account syncing, just adding one transaction! Please fix that logic.
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