Moneycontrol - Markets & News

4.2 (2.2K)
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Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Moneycontrol - Markets & News

4.2 out of 5
2.2K Ratings
2 months ago, Adi27online
Sort function not working in latest update
The sort feature in the portfolio is not working. Its very important feature. I can not know which stock in my portfolio grew the most on a given day. Pls fix this asap.
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3 years ago, FH DUBASH
Attention to Detail is Required in your Choice of Colours for the Links in your Text
Don’t get me wrong on reading the Title of this Review. Moneycontrol is a wonderful Platform and I am enjoying every minute of my Prime Subscription. My investment Options are routinely based on your Inputs. Your Links in the Text are in Dark Blue against a Black background. Obviously, they are extremely difficult to read. To enable the Link to stand out and be easily seen, I suggest the colour Yellow would stand out best. Please make the change and be more effective! Thanks in anticipation.
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3 years ago, indiastory
Existing vital information / data is removed
Hi though new UI is good but existing information which was available is removed 52 week high / low details are removed UC /LC information is removed Management information is removed In mutual fund tab also 52 week high/low was removed long back . All the above information is important for the investors to investigate before deciding to buy or sell any stock or Any Fund This is like MC want hide information from the user. The app is useless without these vital information as I need to go to other sources to checkout these details. I am aware you will reply saying we will review but will never enable those removed information as they are vital for users but not for MC team.
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7 years ago, Tejas C
The old application had limited functions and was too slow. This new version is like a complete revamp, amazingly fast, provides everything that is on the website in well designed manner including news, stock details with complete financials, ratios, peers, shareholding info and much more. It also has famous moneycontrol message board! It is almost complete, I can't think of anything from moneycontrol website which isn't on the app!!
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3 years ago, sameerz30
Factual, useful and less spin
I like the fact that MC sticks to actual news, be it financial or otherwise. No click-baits, and least politically biased coverage of general news in India I have found so far. Opinions where opinions are useful, and not trying to spin every story through a certain pre-conceived lens. So much so, this has become my go to consumption point as my daily driver.
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3 years ago, msomsCA
A one stop place for all Indian stock related information
This app is filled with information at its price range it’s much worthy to subscribe to the pro version. It’s has so much information to offer in its phone app version as well. Due to this it looks clustered with lots of sections and options in a single page. Looks good in website, not clustered .
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2 years ago, secfin
App keeps shutting down very often
I had been using Moneycontrol app for so many years , almost daily to monitor stocks and read all the financial news. However for the last weeks or so the app keeps shutting down as soon as it opens. Looks like a technical glitch on your side since I use a iPhone 12 Pro and I have no issues whatsoever with my other apps. Appreciate if you can look into it and resolve the issue. Thanks much………
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3 years ago, ansahari
Unable to use the Pro Features
I had subscribed for the Pro features by paying the annual subscription through iTunes. However, every time I press the pro button to avail the Pro features, I am led to the payment window. I tried the restore option too but I get the message ‘Unable to complete purchase’ when I am already subscribed. Have been contacting their support but have received little to no support. If I could rated anything below 1 star or 0 star, I would have done that.
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1 year ago, AdiK03
Good UI and most complete info, but need an iPad app
Moneycontrol is a gold standard for research on Indian markets, but I’m not sure why they don’t have a iPad version. Even if this is an iPad compatible app, the app refuses to landscape mode….should hopefully be an easy change. It’s annoying. Outside of that, it’s a nice UI and great details. I might sign up for the Pro version as soon as they make it compatible with iPads
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3 years ago, AussieFruit
Too slow and buggy
It used to be a very good app, until they implemented the paid version and advertisement. I am not sure what is the experience for paid customers but I have stopped using the app from daily basis to checking once or twice a month. There is still not an equivalent in the market and the ET app is still not very user friendly. There is a lot of lag and performance issues even during off-market hours.
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2 years ago, invravik
Excellent app
I like all features in the App but i would like suggest if it make scence. My point is in portfolio if you can provide price fluctuation for week , month that will help to reinvestment in good performance stocks in portfolio when ever it falls for certain percentage
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6 months ago, Firefueled
The app is crashing abruptly
I have been using this app for over a year but lately the app is crashing every couple of minutes. I’m a pro member and it feels like I have wasted my money because I am unable to use it for more than a few minutes in one go. Please fix this glitch asap.
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3 years ago, asondhi79
A good solid app that has improved with time. Reliable and timely which is what you want from a financial app. Would like to see the sophistication level go up more in the future so it comes to par with the leading global financial apps.
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5 years ago, Appleusr777
Elegant look
Awesome look and feel with new update. I could see a lot of changes and performance improvement. Thank you team for providing great service. It’s one of the every essential app to check my stocks.
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2 years ago, MaheshGajjar
Very very useful in maintaining own portfolio
In this latest version it also shows realised gain in addition to daily & overall unrealized gain. Hence it is very useful to know/ arrive actual gain in sell of individual stocks.
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5 years ago, Nick0123456
Unable to open My portfolio
Unable to open “My Portfolio” during the day (when it is most needed) and at night it works fine. It looks like u need to upgrade ur infra. Please let me know if any plans for upgrade, else i need to switch to another app.
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7 years ago, pareshj
Nice app
I found this app very useful. It has nice features and functionality. All necessary statistics are available. Good effort on development. There are some suggestions Font size and background theme should be configurable. In view of readability. Make app zoom able by two fingers Alerts are shown multiple times. So use distinct value in SQL select statement to avoid this issue. Bug I have iPhone 7+ In statistics section when you open any stock PE is swipe with PC and Industry PE with Derivatives App freezes sometimes. I don’t know which conditions makes it unstable. Overall experience about app is very nice Thanks Paresh
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1 year ago, Tvish
User friendly
Site is easy to navigate and access information. I think the Forum can be made more powerful to leverage the wisdom of the investors
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4 years ago, Gautam Naidu
Good, but needs to get some essential enhancements!
Good app! But, should optimize some essential things to make for easier readability and add in some portfolio features which I’ve communicated via the Support Form of the mobile app & website recently.
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7 years ago, Murali 49
Comprehensive app for active traders & investors
Information is direct,accurate,very specific for everyday, every minute follow up of stocks.I love the moment to moment advise we receive as the market goes up & down.I advise investors to download it.
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7 years ago, Dhaval Dalasaniya
Quick, easy & updated
Nice app with quick & easy to use. Also it is updated with latest value and portfolio growth is easy to track
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5 years ago, Shukla_Vishnay
Good app but needs more improvement
Good app but needs more improvement, sometimes I keep open and if I check after some time it says not connected to internet.
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5 months ago, Gundepudi
Cannot change orientation
I like the content of moneycontrol, but this app is very uncomfortable while reading on iPad I wish we could change orientation from portrait to landscape while reading I don’t know when this option is going to be available and it’s badly needed
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9 months ago, AjayNaidu
Amazing improvements
Great to have insights and trends not only on the india stocks but also the US exchange. Very intuitive and UX is ease of use! Well done MoneyControl team! Keep going!
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10 months ago, DK656
Open moneycontrol links in the app
Hi as a pro member I regularly receive best stories links to my email, but if i press that link it opens in browser instead of app. To view that story in the app i need to manually search for that story. Please update the app so that it will open links in the app intself.
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6 years ago, p@r!har
Best app to have for Indian investor
It gives all the basic information about the stocks and market. Easy to navigate and user friendly.
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7 years ago, Srikanth Thogarchedu
Best app for Indian stock market
If you are looking for a complete app on anything related to stock markets, this is the place to be. CNBC india is by far the leader in business news in India Whether you are living in India or abroad, this is the best app!
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4 years ago, IamUniverse
Often Crashing
I am trying to open news section->stock but than it suddenly crashing and not able to read any news. iPad 6th gen/ 13.4.1 iOS Though App and information it provides is 5 star
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4 months ago, Kausikk
Strong technicals, great content
Excellent technical features and content with prompt updates, user friendly app, good analytics.
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4 years ago, LazyChap
Spies on your data
Every single time I open the app, it peeks at what I have on my clipboard, which often includes passwords for a lot of people. Thanks to iOS 14, they have been caught in the act. Don’t download this app, unless they remove it. Either way, the app is horribly optimized for the iPad. Just 3 columns in the Portfolio view is a terrible use of the large display of the iPad.
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5 years ago, Vimalkunwar
Last version was much better
Last version of money control was much easier and looks better to eyes
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10 months ago, Inventigator101
New UI at launch is not at all good. Waste of time
The new UI at launch which shows moneycontrol and the list is distracting and waste. Remove it for paid members please. We know what moneycontrol is and need not see it at every launch. I would discontinue using Moneycontrol if this continues. For new and free members, do what you want. Thank you
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6 months ago, Paavakka
Good menu options but a glitchy app
- Opening the app and reading a news article and minimizing and coming back to the same article, causes the app to glitch - Opening a specific stock/mutual fund from my portfolio causes the app to shut down
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3 years ago, GreatIndianFoodie
Buggy and freezes
Lot of bugs in the iPad version. Does not reorient to landscape and can only be used in Portrait mode. Freezes for no reason and has to be restarted. A lot of actions require to open the desktop version so not all functionalIties are present. Most annoying is the constant popup to give a rating. Well here it is zero.
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5 years ago, Adi16in
Support for notched iPhone display
Finally this update provides support the entire iPhone screen real estate. Better late than never. Thanks ! Now just waiting for dark theme update.
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5 years ago, Rishi- IphoneX
New UI version is basic
Looks like the upgrade was a technical degrade. There should have been an option to choose theme. The app has followed its parent website as both are confusing if you are trying to locate certain data and needless to say the design is very basic. Anytime, the old version had an edge to the new one.
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4 years ago, Rengaswamy
I am using this app for more than 7 years and found it very useful and easy. Also I can see lot of improvement over the years My Best wishes
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8 months ago, Nîßàrg
Worst user experience
Recently this app changed the settings that users outside India need login. Now I tried to reset my password and I am not able to. When I click the link in the email which is sent for reset password, it redirects me to a login page. Worst experience!!!
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2 years ago, Girish Me
Simply Awesome
If you are someone who likes to gain the knowledge and insights behind the stocks and why performance and price matter, then this app is a necessity. Gmenon71
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6 years ago, Swapnilnale
iPhone X screen not utilized
I love this app. Use it almost 5 times a day. All features are nice and easy to navigate. But I am Using iPhone X and this app does not utilize the entire screen. Please fix this issue and I promise to change the rating to 5 stars.
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7 years ago, KKooolllInvestor
Good App but some functionality not working
The new version of the app looks good but the message board and news for stocks are showing no data on IPhone6S . This should have tested with all devices . Are you guys working on fixing this?
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4 years ago, Aasu Shaikh
Really Awesomely
Moneycontrol is really an awesomely Apps. The tools for grapics nice and too good for one to create portfolio n check Investment up down daily, watchlist, many more.
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3 years ago, Pro Legend Pratik Rai😎
Be careful guys
This app is trying to steal your clipboard data! Everytime I open this app it says monecontrol pasted from notes (or any other app I copied something from) why do you guys need our clipboard data. This is so wrong. If the app developer is seeing this you need to fix this asap! Until then please uninstall this app guys no need to use it
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6 years ago, Kamisetty
Fabulous app
I use it multiple times in a day. Very nice landing page giving crisp information in one go.
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4 years ago, Raju_999
Application crashes
Application just crashes when I visit comments of a share or simply stay on any page for few seconds. App simply closes and even after reopen the app, issue continues. Using this app because no other app is available with similar content or features.
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3 years ago, BZMReviews
Great Content, poor user experience
Superlative content, so you definitely have to use it but the user experience is very poor - random crash, will not remember history and it’s simply annoying beyond a point. Hopefully it works better on your phone.
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3 years ago, AksKaps
Horrible, unreliable & piece of crap
For a financial app, it’s not reliable for keeping your portfolio information safe & secure. Which is the worst you could do for a financial app. Lost years worth of portfolio data. Support doesn’t respond. Not even acknowledges that they received your complaint. Terrible.
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4 years ago, PK Meiyappan
News and research issue
After selecting any of your favorite stock, select 'News & Research' tab, and click on any news in iPad. It makes the entire application to crash. Need a fix.
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8 months ago, Deepaksriv
App shuts down when I click on indices
Hi, the app simply shuts down whenever I click on the indices icon on the homepage on my iPhone. It’s been happening for a few days now.
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3 years ago, sumitgogna
Good app but has privacy issues, why it’s copying my clipboard?
Try this, write something on notes or any other app, copy that and then open this app, you will get notification from OS that money control copies from that app. It is a privacy issue. I raised this issue on Twitter to their official handle, did not got any reply from them.
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