MONOPOLY Slots - Slot Machines

4.9 (140.7K)
246.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Phantom EFX, Inc.
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for MONOPOLY Slots - Slot Machines

4.87 out of 5
140.7K Ratings
10 months ago, CoriBear
Super fun, haven’t needed to spend real money
I honestly don’t understand all of the negative reviews for this game. It’s the adult equivalent of jingling keys in a baby’s face. It’s bright, it’s colorful, it’s entertaining, and it keeps my ADD brain occupied (half of the time I have it running on auto spin in the background while I’m working or watching TV). I’ve been playing for years and the only time I ever spent any real money was because I ran out of coins literally three spins away from completing a challenge that ended in less than an hour and my income didn’t refresh for another hour and 15 minutes. I really wanted to finish, so I spent maybe $5 on coins, completed the challenge, and then slowly built my bank back up to 9 figures through gameplay alone. Between income, event bonuses, and daily login bonuses, I’ve never HAD to spend any real money to play (and I’ve never had any glitches wipe out my bank). And if I hit a losing streak, I either go play a slot with a lower minimum bet, or I just stop playing for a little while (trust me, if you haven’t logged in for a few days, the game knows it and goes ‘Maybe I should take it easy on them. Let them win a bunch of spins to lure them back in and get them playing again.’). For all of those complaining that they’ve wasted hundreds of dollars on coins to play this fake slot machine game, it might be time to stop and consider that you might have a gambling problem.
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1 year ago, ChrissyCritter
Spend, Spend, Spend!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Five stars on spending to play, that is. Read a previous review from a player that said it best… Spend hundreds of dollars for stress… (only to be set up to lose). Any extras are lame, at best. Finishing out areas get you menial reward, the reward amount giving you, at best, maybe 20 spins on any given slot. All the good slots that seem to actually be fair, and are more prone to wins, (maybe at a 70, lose/30, win ratio, are quickly closed out. Those slots simply disappear and are no more. Come on, guys. You are gouging your customers. I believe I can fairly say that once you realize how difficult it is to hold on to your coin, (much less make any…), you will be gone as fast as you arrived. It could be a fun game… but the inability to even hang on to the big wins you have… well…. Change the price gouge, and trust me. You’ll not only make more customers, but you’ll keep the ones you have. I’m a spender, but this is ridiculous. Make changes, or trust me; we’ll make them for you, by disappearing like our coin. Good luck, guys. **And what’s with “loss of coins due to game error, please go to mailbox…”? I have yet to see my (at the very least) 600,000,000 coins returned… Have you checked to see how much it would cost me to get back my coin on my own? Yeah. I’m done spending.
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2 years ago, Missennie
Spend hundreds of dollars for stress
Playing this real money drain from the beginning. Shamefully admit to giving this developer hundreds of dollars to enjoy same. Refuses to further fall for any more of the ridiculously high percentage of coins with purchase and keep spinning prompts to support these crooks. I do not believe none of the praises alluded to about the greatness of the game by other reviewers. As an active big spender who supports those player who plays for free I’m more than outraged that there experience is counted as “good “. It’s just a matter of time and this game will run it’s greedy course. The nerve - changes and closes any areas whereby you might every now and then recapture funds. Their marbles their rules - betting set amounts established by developers, raising task amount without no increases in winning, low payouts and all the obvious bottom line increases for them that makes you feel violated. Those little extras to show that maybe all things are equal is easily done when you control all the marbles. I anxiously await the end to this scheme called monopoly slots. Prolonging with free coins for completed tasks which always include a purchase. Really.
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4 years ago, cheypippy420@
This game is a great game for beginners, and being a lifelong monopoly fan, I support the game, spending a bit more than most, in hopes of building up my board. The game is like smoking cigarettes, even though you know it’s bad for you, we still pay to do it! On a positive note,the quests and collecting tokens along the way are some of the great aspects of this game. I really wish they would start giving out a substantial amount of coins, on a daily basis, and reward paying costumers with surplus to actually explore and play the game in depth! I will continue to play in hopes things get better! New review, there’s been some great new directions the games headed in, and it’s getting better at keeping you busy while playing. The support team has been great with their feedback of ideas, and ways to maximize your experience. They are fair and compassionate when issues arise, and have never left me without a resolution to move past it. It’s reinvigorating my monopoly addiction. 2020 is only getting better folks!
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1 year ago, Suzann334
Great fun but be careful spending $
I have no problem paying to play a game that I play a great deal. I know not to expect a “free” game to remain free forever (if you play more than the rare occasion). But as soon as you start spending real money with Monopoly Slots you can expect the wins to come less frequently. In fact, you can purchase a coin package and watch how the game immediately goes cold in an attempt to drain your purchased coins. It’s amazing to watch really. That being said, this is a fun game and I will continue to play. But on the developers’ dime, not my own. I understand that means I won’t play very long. Although I am more than happy to contribute to a game I enjoy daily, I won’t let these slots drain my bank account. So I’m done throwing in. This game gets super greedy once you start purchasing. It’s best to never buy to begin with. I’ve found when a game won’t let you win when you pay AND won’t let you play more than two minutes unless you pay, it’s best to walk away for a while and download a new game (with a new developer!). Come back a few days or weeks later. I promise, if you do that, this game will suddenly “warm up” again. Temporarily of course. But don’t allow greedy developers to wipe you out.
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4 years ago, AMB59
Another money drain slot
I keep searching for a iOS slot game that you can play for at least a few days on $10 or so. But, alas, this does not seem to it. Bought several chip packages to try it out but none of the purchases lasted long. Payouts are some of the worst I’ve seen in iOS based slots. Yes, you can get a big one every once and a while, but on most games, it seems once you hit one or two decent payouts, they just don’t show up very often after that (if at all on some games). I will say they had some fun games and decent graphics, but after losing so much in such a short period of time it looks like my quest to find a slot game that pays enough to enjoy for a while after a purchase goes on. Maybe I’m just unlucky, but I don’t think that’s the case since most slot games are similar in their own quest to separate me from my hard earned cash. I certainly don’t mind paying to play if I think the payouts are fair with truly random spin results. But I don’t see that here; at least in my own tests. Being a former programmer, I know they have to make money to support their coding efforts, but come on folks... Any game that needs to constantly be feed real cash needs to be able to be enjoyed for a while after a purchase.
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12 months ago, JSojourner
Worst Game Ever: They STEAL From You!
I might have tens of billions of tokens - most purchased by me with hundreds of dollars. A few won in slots but not many. Big payouts are EXTREMELY rare. Best you can hope for is payouts that are 50% LESS than your bet. So you’re screwed. But making matters worse - even if you have billions banked, Monopoly Slots will conveniently “crash” or “lock up”. When you are finally able to get back into the game, guess what? Almost ALL the tokens/credits you bought or won are gone, gone, gone. You’re left with a couple hundred thousand. Or, in my case the other day - 10,000 tokens. I had 132 billion before the convenient “crash”. So here’s what’s REALLY happening: the owners of this scam game know how addictive it is. And they sell us credits/tokens for $100 a pop. And maybe we win a very few on spins. Not frequently, that’s for sure. Then they fake a glitch and almost all you purchased tokens are gone. This happens REGULARLY! And you know what’s even worse? I have reported this theft to Monopoly Slots a dozen times. And they NEVER respond. THIS GAME IS A COMPLETE SCAM AND YOUR MONEY, LIKE MINE, WILL BE STOLEN!!!!! I doubt this review will even see the light of day. They censor most negative reviews tgat tell the truth about this crooked game.
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3 years ago, Jer - Bear
Worst layout of all SciPlay games
Although this game is the most visually advanced of them all (due to its high use of 3D rendered graphics for the backgrounds), it is the worst layout of them all. I appreciate the slot selection and the Monopoly theme — that’s not the issue. But the endless scrolling when looking for a particular slot, or asking yourself which section/city you have to travel to because you forgot where a particular slot resides, is pretty annoying and tedious. Ever other casino SciPlay app displays all its available slots in a linear fashion going left to right with no interruptions or “moving” into another “section” (unless you’re moving into their high limit rooms”, which ironically doesn’t exist in this game) so why not the same with this one? I understand that it might’ve been because of the 3D rendered graphics I mentioned earlier. I see what they were going for with having the slots live on a Monopoly board with these eccentric backgrounds. But, being that this is JUST a slots app, the visual candy is really just there for show, and in my opinion completely unnecessary — and should I mention, a HUGE waste of battery.
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2 years ago, Ms. Bee731
Game Ruler of luck
I remember now why I quit playing this game…I was playing Ruler of Luck betting $550 a spin and got free spins well next thing I know the game is saying no Internet connection and not only was my internet at full speed I lost the money I was winning because I had to close the game, when I opened the game again it did the same thing and again while I was winning on my free spins bonus. So I closed the game again and opened it but the money I won wasn’t added to what I already had nor did I get to finish my free spins on both rounds. I started to play again and can’t win any bonus rounds. I’m very disappointed in this game I mean this was one of the only games I ever played because it actually allowed you to win way more than you do now. I just want back what I lost from both my bonus spins cause I was winning…..probably why the game did what it did.
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7 months ago, SillySelfishSailfish
Actually Cheats When You Win Big
In order to move you character along to get new slot machines, you have to complete quests. In order to complete quests, you need tickets. In order to get tickets, you have to complete other quests. The amount of tickets you get is proportionate to the level of difficulty of the quest. 10 tickets for a quest to win $5,000,000 etc. Well, you start to figure, "Why not just go for the bigger quest so I don't have to do this as often?" Cool. Twice I've gone for the 40 ticket reward for the quest where I had to win $20,000,000 and twice the game completely freezes when I get within $3,000,000. I'll be able to move the bid button, but the back button is greyed out and the game will not play anymore. Now, when I was playing, the bet was 80 something thousand per spin. The only way to get the game to work again is to close the app. When you go back in, your progress is saved. However, now they want a minimum bet of $55,000,000 PER SPIN. Twice this has happened. The game intentionally jacks up the bid to make you pay money for the tickets. Shiesty game, y'all. Y'all cheating on a game where we can't even win real money lol. Absolutely pathetic.
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5 years ago, Robinmaer
I liked it but...
This game is designed really well. There’s always new and exciting games to look forward to and the graphics are second to none. Like many of the other complaints, there will be stints where you literally don’t win anything and you watch your millions disappear. When you think you’ve figured out their algorithm, it changes. I thought they tightened up on the weekends and loosened up on the weekdays. That theory proved wrong when it was horrible for a week straight. What makes no business sense to me is when they have their sales. You spend $8.99+ to get a “deal” and it’s completely gone after a few spins. Why would you ever spend your money again? If they let you win after you buy their specials and then tighten the game up the following week, more people will buy the coins. What’s probably a blessing in disguise is I’ve decided to delete the app and stop wasting my time and money. It’s unfortunate since it’s a really fun game when you don’t feel like you’re losing ALL THE TIME.
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4 years ago, BrBak86
Interesting patterns
When you start out, you’ll get a lot of winnings, get on some hot streaks, so you get a taste of the fun. Then you’ll go on a cold streak and lose it all. After that, if you log on frequently, it seems you lose more frequently, although the occasional win will be sprinkled in to keep you interested. If you log on less frequently, it seems you’re more likely to go on hot streaks, which would make sense from a Developer point of view to get you hooked back into it. In my opinion, it seems that when you play frequently, the game knows you’re hooked, so it knows you’re more likely to purchase coins to play when you run out, so you run out of coins faster and win less. It knows you’re craving those hot streaks. On the other hand, if you play less frequently, the game knows it needs to get you hooked again, so it allows you to go on more hot streaks. In my opinion, there are algorithms built into the game that make it function in this way. The hot streaks are fun though, so I just play accordingly and just play occasionally.
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5 years ago, Apey252
I used to love this game. Switch to Game of Thrones slots‼️
This game was so much fun at first. Like most gambling games, they let you win a ton at first but this one was so fun with it's bonus games and that you have tasks to earn bucks to build your world as you go. It was the best my brother and I both played so much. Like, addicted. But now I'm on level 60 and when I get on to play, I may have tiny wins here and there, like a quarter of my bet, but my money's gone within a few minutes. I'm done with it. It's not fun anymore. And I've spent plenty on my bro's account to give him nice surprises since he's going thru stuff right now. He doesn't win either. We used to get huge wins which makes it fun. I've played other slots and that's why I delete them because a "big win" is considered a quarter over your bet. No thanks. You're not getting into my pocketbook being stingy like that. You were great while you lasted but I'd rather waste my precious time actually having fun than just losing, losing, losing. Game of Thrones slots is where it's at!!! 😍😍😍 Hella big wins. But not so big that it feels pointless👌
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2 years ago, Suebear67
Great game
I wish you would add more monopoly money and more coins for what people pay for also what you could do which would be really nice and a bonus wheel where you can win spins you can win up to like five spins and that’s it and what the spins are for is that you play the game and if you land on a wheel it will give you an extra spin and when you can get up to five that’s it then when the game is over then you can spin the wheel and you can get extra monopoly money you can gay extra coins you can get bonuses please consider adding that that would be really cool I do see that you have a Solitaire monopoly I’m not really crazy about that I like this one better It would be nice if you can add that on the Google play side to thank you
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4 years ago, MbMBJM
Fun for 5 mins
This is a fun game for about 5 mins. Once your coins run out you have to buy more or wait 2 hrs for 100k more. If you play without going through Facebook, the payouts are few and far between and you can’t take advantage of the new houses and hotels feature that increases the dollars you earn for completing tasks. Another thing I don’t care for is all the demonic and mythical themes. I make it a point to NOT entertain myself with such garbage. On this game that means having to avoid entire Quests. I do enjoy the Monopoly themed games and quests and would prefer to see only those options. I also think it would be helpful to have a menu of all available games to play instead of being forced to swipe thru each Quest to search for them. I will say this game is entertaining and I think the developers are doing a good job. I know the object of these games is for the player to buy coins and spend money. Maybe some people do that but the majority of players will leave and just play another slots app instead.
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1 year ago, Erin62
Changed the format
This used to be a fun game, now they changed the format. You used to have to win 90,000 or so coins, now it’s 250,000 coins. They have made it almost impossible to win the challenges. I can’t even win one set of cards for the property challenge, let alone the entire board. As you level up it gets harder and harder to win coins. I have spent upwards of 3,000,000 coins to earn less than 1,000,000. On the team challenge, most of the challenge games don’t give you the necessary objects I.,e, snowflakes, Easter eggs, etc to level up in the challenge. If they don’t lower the expectations I’m going to delete this game and find one that is actually fun to play. This game was fun, now, not so much. The higher the level you reach the less you win. They have un-achievable goals where before they changed the format you could obtain them. They have a side jackpot you can win but most of the winners are fake made up names. This game acts like they are giving you real money and have taken all the fun out of the game.
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2 years ago, RichieRicher
Ridiculous low win rate!
I have been playing this game for a while now and to be honest it’s been okay. I understand that you can’t win every spin, but I just finished 200 spins (spent about 16.5 million coins) and did not get ONE bonus, jackpot, or free spin extra. This game is extremely tight with slot winnings and the stupid Tasks given to you to collect monopoly dollars to increase your bonus reward collection every hour is laughable at best; example bet 92 million and win 60 monopoly, it takes over 500 Mbucks to up grade one property and you need to do that multiple times. The reward for this is an extra 1000 coins! My 2 hour collection bonus is just under 500,000 coins which is a drop in the ocean to even be able to collect 92 million coins to bet with. My advice is this game is not worth your time and if you are one to pay for coin packages just send your money straight to me instead of wasting it on this game. Would give it 0/5 stars if possible! Hope this honest review helps. Find a different slot game to play!
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9 months ago, pooby627
Hard To Believe
I have enjoyed this game thus far, but I’m very skeptical about this birthday change. You all have made it harder for us to reach our goals. The goals have gotten ridiculously high and it is not aligning with what y’all had before. You all started out as 5 star in my book but I have unfortunately gone down in the ratings simply because we can’t complete goals without spending a lot of real money. After I finish this Go Pass challenge that I’m sure I won’t complete all of the challenges due to the ridiculous amounts you all are requiring we reach I will be deleting this game all together. I know me alone leaving will not make a difference to you all because I am only one person but it will make a difference for me. I will feel like I took a stand for those of us that are now struggling to reach our goals. Signed sad to go but I have to go.
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5 years ago, Qeenhelene
I’m Hooked
I play various games from various companies and one problem I have with them is that they are all set up to compel a user to spend money to continue to play. With monopoly Slots I don’t have that problem. I have spent my cash a few times but if I manage my play I am able to play with the coins I have earned/won daily without spending too much of my real money. I hope you don’t change that it keeps me playing. I also like the slots, they are all little different and that makes the play more interesting. It’s cool that even low bets can win you thousand and even millions. Some of them are a very cheesy but still fun. I’m feeling the sneak preview of the new one with dragons and ice. I enjoyed the Yahtzee sneak preview too. Thank you for making play fun and not overly costly.
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7 months ago, RidinClean18s
Sometimes Fun, Mostly Annoying
Listen, I love Monopoly and these slot games are fun, but there’s a lot of annoying stuff. First off, why am I still only being awarded $100,000 for each level when you can’t spin on ANY slot machine with 100k?! Then, you have the insanely rigged “Push That Button” awarding you anywhere from 75k to 225k. It’s literally never in the millions or even the Mini. Are you the most active member in the Team Challenge? Congratulations! You get tipped 50,000 COINS!!! THEN, the most annoying part is completing the objectives. With each completed mission, you get maybe a million coins. BUT, when you complete the property, you get, wait for it… a measly 100k coins added to your collection every two hours!! Hooray! We can’t do ANY spins because all the machines are 750k - 2.5 mil+!! Thinking about buying coins? Go ahead, they’re cheap right? You’ll go through it in 5 mins. Getting real tired of this routine.
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6 years ago, Lilly lolly polly
My husband and I enjoy playing slots as we wined down in the evenings. It’s frustrating however when I can only play for 20 minutes because I only ever play off my days allowance. My husband can put his on auto spin for hours and has won millions, meanwhile I’ve yet to bank even 1 million at any given time and that was only because I collected for a week without actually playing. You really need to loosen the slots. That’s the only complaint I have but it’s enough to make me uninstall and stick with big fish casino if something doesn’t change soon. I can’t even complete my challenges to build anything. Very disappointing. Feel free to gift me a couple million if you really read these reviews. Might keep me coming back and a 5* review.
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4 years ago, djb198
Want to spend $$ here’s your game!!
So they get you with great wins at the beginning and then you make the mistake of buying points and kiss that money goodbye! Forget about the free spins and bonus games you won at the beginning because those disappear!!! I haven’t seen a free spin in over 150 levels. And win🤣🤣🤣 it just takes and takes!! Sure it’s fun building the city, but the amount I have bought in points I could have actual buildings rather than virtual ones. I’m thinking DELETE THE APP is where I am headed. Very sadly disappointed because I thought it was going to be fun! WRONG!! MONEY TAKER and sadly I fell for it!!! I didn’t want to put a star, but I couldn’t leave my review until I put at least one😡
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5 years ago, Lv89044
Used to be fun
When there was one city you could actually win. Once they introduced the Greek mythology theme it went downhill. Good luck leveling up unless you have billions and billions, with a b, chips and consistently win to level up. The average person will takes weeks of playing and collecting chips on a daily basis to level up just one level if they are lucky. The quests are a nice change but the slots have been progressively getting tighter and are insanely hard to achieve without winning. Big wins are slow to come around. There will be several days with getting a simple bonus round. Without the leveling up one has to reconsider if this really is the slot app for you. I’m sure the employees behind this app are praising each other with high 5s and gold stickers with what they created but we are the suckers that keep playing. Before you get sucked in just move on the a different app. BTW all the Scientific Games apps are similar with tight slots and very few bonus rounds.
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1 year ago, 123gracielou
Since the most recent update, I have had so many technical issues with this app. This is one of my favorite app and I play it every single day without Phil. You can check my records but since it’s update, it’s just been giving me so many problems where I have to reset the whole game all over again and it’s very frustrating. Not only that this month I already had purchased the go that’s $4.99. I did that on April 21 will it charge me again today on April 27 and that’s supposed to be a 30 day purchase so I don’t know what is wrong with this app since it was updated, but something needs to be done because it’s very frustrating and is making me want to find another favorite game I don’t wanna have to do that because I have built up my cities and spent a lot of time please fix these issues, so I don’t have to do this again game
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6 years ago, PTA123345
Fun, but....
Fun, the quests and tasks are fun (and slightly addictin), but the odds of completing tasks are stacked against you. Completed 4/5 of Railroad Reels, had 1,400,000 coins with 16,020 bet, do the math, even with NO wins, that’s 87 spins to get one more free spin. No problem, right? Nope busted, even after a big one of over 500,000. Don’t know how many spins I did, but never got the last free spin to complete the task. I realize the “house” will always win, but does seem suspiciously stacked against the player they want a positive review from. Sorry, going back to Pop Slots where they seem to appreciate my time. Also very shady and questionable ratings, how can they possibly have 4.9/5 stars when the vast majority of reviews are 1-2 stars. Sounds like a shady team of developers.
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6 years ago, Macmug921936
Upgraded my stars to 3 from 2
I have upgraded my review from previously. My complaint earlier was not getting any response from the developers however that has changed and things are getting much better the game is really pretty fantastic especially the graphics. This 3-D like affect is really something special. However like any other electronic Games it takes time for the developers to work out all the bugs. The main complaint that I currently have is that the quests come to slowly without explanation as to why. I have asked the developers to explain why it takes so long but I am not getting a response. If you are frustrated as I have been Just back off playing the game for a day or two to relieve your frustration. Then come back to the game and continue playing eventually they will get this game in its proper order.
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4 years ago, DrehR
Loved this game for several years. I loaded it onto my phone and my tablet. First, after a couple of years, my tokens were slowly eaten up on my tablet. I wasn’t betting large amounts and changed up the bets from time to time. I deleted the game from my tablet because the fun was over once my tokens were gone. Now after several years, the phone app has somehow dissolved my nearly $1 billion bank of tokens. I’ve tried to rebuild it over the past week with minimum bets, but the game is still eating them up as fast as I can acquire them. It’s not like the tokens have any real life value, but they make it possible to enjoy the game. At this point, the fun is gone. Sadly, the app is about to be deleted from my phone. There are other slot games to play that are more satisfying. And now, when I send in the review, it says sent, but it goes nowhere.
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6 years ago, AAllyn S
Monopoly Slots Cheap!!
It takes a certain amount of coins to achieve what you need to do in this game and the game doesn’t give enough Daily Bonuses first of all. The rewards on some of the spins doesn’t make sense when you are giving 5,500 for a good spin and 200 for a bad spin (just example) dollar range. This game requires a lot more money making either by watching a video, Monopoly plus bonuses found on different screen and quick easy game to work to get those extra coins. When there is no way to gain coins why play? Monopoly was is about learning, working, buying, selling, banking etc... There should always be a hustle going on within the game. Let’s think about that.
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2 years ago, Schmitty1040
This game was great fun in the beginning (first 5-6 days) after that it was impossible to play for more than 20-30 minutes a day as the amount of money they give you daily isn’t even enough to enjoy the game. If you end up paying for money well then you’ve screwed your self because they lock up the machines and they don’t pay out until you spend more money. They just randomly put me in the high roller club and it’s now 10X’s harder to win or accumulate any tokens. Customer Service is a complete joke and won’t help you. I’ve probably spent hundreds and I don’t get any special discounts or additional tokens. It’s very frustrating and annoying. Would be a fun game if they changed some of these issues but until they start giving people like me that spend all the money I do more tokens or money this game will continue to be trash and not worth your time!
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1 year ago, Jeff Vader025
Having display issues on some games
No other methods of reporting a problem seem to be available so I must give a heads up here. I play this game on a 12.9 inch iPad Pro and all the monopoly themed slots unlocked so far are stretched too far vertically. I cannot see what is going on at the top and bottom edges. Examples include being unable to see the top row of deeds in Grand Hotel’s tycoon bonus or the top and bottom rows of the big reel in Colossal Boardwalk. Hope somebody sees this. As for the rest of the game, overall so far so good. It does have a nice presentation and a number of events and features to entice players to keep spinning. It would be nice if the free credit bonus could be collected hourly like in many other slot apps I play though.
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4 years ago, Username part
I enjoy the monopoly theme
I am enjoying the monopoly game theme very much. The only reason you’re not getting five stars. Because I’ve noticed a lot of the new games you’ve been adding don’t even bother to have a monopoly theme as part of the slot anymore! You seem to just be adding everybody’s games to the monopoly casino simply to draw in players. i’m not saying that creating a monopoly themed game for every one of them is easy. I’m sure it’s not. But for me I think part of the fun is that each individual game has a monopoly theme twist to each one I think that’s what adds part of the fun and excitement to each slot. I think it would be great if you would go back to the slots you already have and add the monopoly theme to each one before adding any more new ones. Thank you
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5 years ago, mshelly34
Help please. With my Problems
So bummed out loved the game first week 5 stars or but any more 1 star. With these problems stated below. 0 stars. I can never win at all and the couple times I did game froze and stole my money! II don’t have money to waste on a game when it doesn’t payout a lot or steals my $. Bonus is like 40 thousand every 4 hrs . That’s sad when some games are 16 thousand aa spin . What kinda joke is that ! 2 spins . Also I can’t sign out of my game in a old phone , my family member uses cause every time they try to connect as a new person regular or fave book I’m signed back in ,, that’s a real problem, I deleted & it still uses the Facebook the game remembers to sign me back in not a new account for current user or new account. Plz help !! That stinks !!
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4 years ago, apdapimp
Improvement on paying out
By far the best slot games. I have spent so much money and I way lose it all, keep on playing be smart on my bets last time I bought a package it was for just $10 keep it in mind I bought $100 before, I keep on winning up and down but I will never go back to $0. I was at $400,000,000 betting 840,000 and hit a jackpot of $1,477,350,000. All I can said is bet smart and don’t go all crazy like I done on the past. If you are loosing on a game take a break and come back later because mostly you are going to loose everything trust me I been there. Good luck everyone.
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5 years ago, MissScorp
Deceptive game
I’ve had this game a while now. Overall, I enjoy it. It’s fun for a few hours of do nothing gaming. However, I’ve started to notice that since the last update and inclusion of the jackpot game that the team “key” games and the jackpot bonus seem to be “rigged”. To qualify for even the MINI jackpot in the last jackpots challenge I had to bet over 25k. Otherwise it was grayed out. I dropped $10 million in the first jackpot challenge and hit one jackpot. And I played for hours and saw the same names hitting over and over. It is one or two keys every two hours or so on average. The only way to compete in these challenges then is spend high amounts of credits and buy more when you’re out. It’s obvious that something has changed here. A game designed to make you spend all your credits so you buy more is not much fun after a while. There’s no point in playing if all you’re going to do is lose.
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8 months ago, jkhizz
Best Slots Out There When They Don’t Get In Their Own Way
The positives are plentiful- HUGE selection of games, the best free spins games out there, cheap to play, lots of bonuses…. But much like other slots out there, there always has to be some sort of extra layer to everything, that at times, does nothing more than leave you staring at the screen waiting for the SLOWEST animations to happen. Push That Button is perfect- you can do it if you want. But stuff like Property Rush…. is absolutely befuddling. It’ll stop your games every few spins- to give you 25k coins- which is 1/10th of one minimum coin spin. Just let us spin and play and have that garbage in the background for people who actually want it.
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2 weeks ago, pl45rm
Change the games more frequently! Variety is needed.
I like the game overall, but I get so bored because the games where you can earn tickets and coins, and dinner game, while playing are the same ones mostly on rotation. I would recommend changing the at least every 48 hours and adding the slots like the Diamond Vaults, Cheshire Cat, and other classics that are hardly ever seen anymore. Also, if your going to offer the possibility of winning the “Grand Jackpots” in the game, then make it possible. Been playing for 5 years and never win. I chose this game because there used to be a lot of variety and it was more fun, and I’m willing to spend money to play, but only if I’m not getting bored bored to tears! Variety is the spice of life! For the love of God, please change the games out more often. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Mwazker
If you’re looking to win with this slot, you won’t. If you’re looking for a game to continually ask you for money, you found it! This game claims to have the same odds as Vegas slots. This is not true at all. I’ve lived in Vegas for many years, not only are Vegas slots better, more fair and lucrative, Vegas slots pay you actual money back! Lol. The graphics, game play and story line are fun, but if you’re not into the story line sort of thing, you can’t skip it, which is very annoying. Not only that, but with the free coins they give you, you might get a total of 1 minute totally play with this slot, if you’re lucky. That’s it. Then you have to pay your hard earned cash to lose again after a minute. Tops. Poof. $5 gone. 1 minute. Honestly guys, there’s so many better slot apps out there that are more sensitive and fair to their loyal players. This one is not one of them. At all. Stay away.
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4 months ago, genotower
Getting Ripped Off
Another Update, 2.24: 7 times, in a matter of 2 days, I have incurred a “Network Problem” right before I was about to get the bonus round on Dancing Pigs. This is ridiculous and unacceptable. Be better, it really costs you nothing and keeps me playing longer if this doesn’t happen. Update: Nice auto response to placate us. The extra coins don’t help with how little the slots pay out, it’s ridiculous. One would think after all these bad reviews you would reprogram. Get it together! This has been a fun game to play, but I noticed when I bought coins they disappeared at a rapid rate. I have been reading the reviews and apparently this has been happening for a few years. Be better SciPlay, quit stealing people’s money! My best advice if you are a new player, don’t purchase any coins, ever, it will be gone in the blink of an eye!
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5 years ago, TheLazyRedPanda
This game is good. I like it keeps me busy at times when I have the coins. Daily login is great when you achieve +5 days you get a chance card up an could receive up too 100k coins.. but the lose to win ratio is bad. When you get a task that you have to bet 2 million coins to get 50 tickets. Okay not bad wish for more tickets but whatever. Well I had 500k coins an decided to try an bed 2 million. Set my bet for 10k a spin. Lose 5 in a row win once but only get 10k. “Remind you I bet 50k an won 10k” soon 3 more times lose then win. Anyways when you reach 900k coins bet out of 2 million shouldn’t have to wait a full day to get more coins to finish a task that only has 13 hours left.. the win ratio s*cks. You lose more coins then you win. I understand you guys wanna make money. But you have to think on a consumer level not a business level. Fix the ratio please then I’ll risk the review.
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5 years ago, throw.ints
Percentage of wins close to reality-based
If you’re looking for a game that is closest to reality-based percentage winnings this is it. However I have never in a real casino went 20 spans without winning anything but I have playing this game. Now one thing is good about this app whether you spend real money or not it does not increase or decrease your chances of winning. So there is no edge to be gained by spending real money. Unfortunately if you read other comments this seems to be an ongoing problem of others who have played this game. I’ll continue to play the game. But I won’t be receiving notifications anymore. It’s a shame as everyone agrees this is such a fun game. Sometimes the developers listen to you and sometimes they don’t at the end of the day it is what it is.. What a shame!!! Starting to appear to be another greed driven application!!
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7 months ago, Bro Diana
The minimum bet is getting higher and higher… not worth playing anymore
I download a lot of games, some end up staying on my phone but most eventually go. However, I have kept this one on my phone for years now. I love slot games and it’s fun to play and relaxing. When I first started playing the minimum bet was 3,000 coins now if your lucky the minimum bet is 810,000 coins. WHICH IS CRAZY! I will admit, I have spent my share of real money continuously buying coins so I can keep playing. But it’s honestly getting ridiculous. I went to play another slot and the minimum amount was 55,000,000 coins. That should be one of the higher amounts to choose from. I hate to do this, but I see myself finally deleting this app after having it for the last few years 😔
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2 years ago, leercyoj
Play, have fun but don’t get too attached.
I’ve played this game for too long! So sad how the game throws you away so quickly for its benefit. If you aren’t willing to PAY-TO-PLAY don’t get attached, waste your time or especially your MONEY playing this game. There is no reward at the end of the day…they let you win or lose at will; buyer be aware, you cannot win for long 😏. It’s only a Game, right??? Read other reviews; the game has changed recently and was a disastrous move on all those smarter than the loyal fans of the game. Thank you for ruining years of stress relief 😮‍💨.
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4 years ago, Vanndemonium
Can’t advance
You coins to play the slots. You get coins from improving properties and going up in level. You buy and improve properties using cash. Cash can only be received from completing tasks. I completed three tasks and no more appeared like they did before. I hit “replace tasks for free” button and no more appeared and the button changed to “replace tasks for 5,000 coins”. I restarted the app and clicked that button and no more appeared. The button now says replace tasks for 10,000 coins”. I checked the app support link and there’s no one to talk to, just a list of articles. I checked the tasks article and it doesn’t indicate that there is a daily or a level limit to the tasks that can be completed. Tasks cannot be purchased or unlocked in the in-app store. I’m a monopoly fan. I wanted to play this because it said Monopoly. But without the tasks, I cannot advance.
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5 years ago, Hansgruber1122777483
Don’t even try if you don’t want to spend money
If you want to play a game for 3 minutes per day then this is the game for you! Daily bonus is enough for about 10-15 spins. When you get a “big win” you will probably only get enough coin for 10-15 more. And gaining the Monopoly money is ridiculous as you gain levels. They give you a few days to spin 300 times on a 16,000 minimum bet game, when your daily bonus is rarely more than 100,000. Plus to build the railroad it takes over 10 sequences to finally build it and collect an extra like 10k per day. I like the game but I’m not looking to throw hard earned money at a game that is impossible to progress unless you spend a big wad of cash. Not for nothing but this kind of gaming should be illegal, the game controls all the wins and you throw real money at it to hopefully gain imaginary money to progress.
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2 years ago, custmerxyz
Terrible. Tight games, just wants you to buy coins
This app is ridiculous, I play quite often until now. I could have up to 100,000,000 coins and somehow these games find a way to NEVER give you a bonus. Hours of my time wasted when I just wanted to have some fun. LOOSEN UP YOUR SLOTS, it’s ridiculous I can’t just enjoy this app, because it just wants to keep you at 0 so they can constantly advertise to you and make money after giving you nothing. I have even bought coins, lots of coins, thinking I may be able to have fun if I pay to play even though I will get nothing in return. NOPE. The game will 100% lose and you will be sitting there wondering why in the world you even put faith in something like this to keep your mind off of hard times in your life. This app is a loser, not a winner.
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4 years ago, wilson360
Easily one of the biggest scams in the App Store
This game requires you to keep buying more and more tokens to play. When you do, it takes them back almost immediately. The payouts during play are a mere fraction of the amount wagered, and even when I have gotten a bonus on rare occasion, I have had more often than not been paid NOTHING from the bonus, such as 10 free spins and not a single one of them paid ANY coins. I would say that this game is greedier and pays worse odds than an actual casino - likely since actual casinos have oversight from a gaming commission. I do not buy tokens in this game anymore because it is so greedy. I log it from time to time, collect my free bonus, play 3-5 minutes until it’s spent, and then I leave to go one with my day. I would not recommend anyone pay money into this game - it is a guaranteed money pit.
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8 months ago, @lseventy9
Brings the board game to life
I enjoy the tasks and building up the beat up streets. I enjoy the storyboard, it really brings the board game to life to play it as a casino game. I think it’s visually appealing and a fun pass time. it’s fun to earn the 5th house or Red Hotel and increase The ticket amount reward and continue to build. I also enjoy the featured games on the boardwalk or high limit area which ever you choose you can count on seeing a lot of these slot machines when you visit places like Reno Nevada, Eldorado Hotel and casino, Circus Circus Hotel and casino or Stockton ca. sky river casino. 👍🏽👍🏽⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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4 years ago, MeowWeedPwease
Feels rigged
I’m a daily player of this game, and there’s so many slots where I haven’t experienced the bonus rounds because it’s impossible to land on! I don’t get many big wins so I run out of coins really easily. I enjoy the games that are on here but soon I will be tempted to find a different slots game. I’ve spent real money on this game and still don’t get more bonuses or big wins. It’s boring to lose 90% of the time. I can only play 1-2 times a week. I collect my daily coin bonuses multiple times a day, but I can only play the slots every so often because the money goes soo quickly. I try to save up a big amount by collecting my daily bonuses but then when I do play I can only play for about 5 min. it’s a fun game when I can play, but playing is very rare due to games being rigged to lose.
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6 years ago, Mr. Choiser
Great at first....then...
I loved the game for the first week I was playing. The tasks were fun and the game was paying out well. I once hit a 300 million hit one game! I got all the way to the top level 135 and had made 1 billion coins. Then, like all these bogus slot games, the game stopped paying out and two days after having all those I ran out. This was betting similar or less then what I was betting before. I don’t recommend this game. Plus, it was too easy to make it to the top level, and the games in the Greece level were terrible. Need more ways of earning coins and more levels, more games.
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6 years ago, jbwoo21
Fun, but hard to win.
I love this game, but hate how hard it is to win. I also feel like the coins are over priced. Spend $4.99 and you get 900,000 coins. Today, I had close to that many coins and I was down to nothing in just a few minutes. I feel this is a game where it is interesting enough to keep playing, but then it is made so you have to spend money to keep enjoying it. Also, I feel like the $30k you get every 2 hours is pretty minimal also. As you advance in the game, the minimal bet increases. If the minimum is $5k, that means you get 6 spins before you are done. Unless you buy coins, it can take quite a while to build up your coin bank to enjoy playing for more than a few seconds at a time.
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