Monster Hunter Stories

4.5 (1.1K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
8.0 or later
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User Reviews for Monster Hunter Stories

4.49 out of 5
1.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Artsy Ice Dragon
Fantastic Mobile Experience
I love this game. I spent at least 200 hours on the 3ds and approaching close to 50 on this version and have just now moved on to post game content. This game is huge, there’s tons to do. In terms of a mobile game especially you’ll never find anything quite so fair and long term on the AppStore as this. The price is high but don’t forget there’s a free demo to play and the game itself never has to be online. My only issue really is that we don’t have the 1.2 or 1.3 updates from Japan that add so much more content than what we have now, and considering this is already at least a 20 hour game that’s saying something about just how much more this game can be. If we get those updates I’ll gladly up the rating to 5 stars. I also haven’t tried online yet but I may drop my rating if the PvP isn’t working properly since I often build my monsters for that purpose alone. I’d say more but it’s hard to say anything else that hasn’t been said before in other reviews. Not part of the review, just a tip addressing one of the issues people seem to be having with saving- you HAVE to save the game from a Catavan stand or from the bed in your character’s bedroom. It’s a mild inconvenience yes, but I suppose that’s the price of this having been a 3DS game first. You can also load autosaves and the game conveniently does that every time you enter a new loading zone or access a stand. These 2 save styles are separate so you can still do egg farming like on the 3DS.
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6 years ago, KattCherryBerry
MH stories is awesome
I love this game, its a good game that makes you feel like your on an Nintendo. I always try to find games like this and I live that this game has i want! You don't need Internet to play this game and makes you feel like... You can really do anything in the game! I MEAN COME ON!!!! You can ride monsters and be there friend who doesn't want that!! The only reason I would not rate this 5 stars is because the category is only adventure but I WANT ROMANCE! I Locke these types of games the most but if they put romance in the game it would be 10x better. And in Japan they already have the 1.2 and 1.3 update and we don't have that yet! They have better graphics and more stories to go on!! I want that bro!! I love this game and ive played it more that 200 hours already!! I recommend playing this game forever !! P.S. Ok so the way to save in the game is ether at the catapost or when you go to your personnel room/bed and sleep in it. But there is a moment in the game where you have to go and click to sleep in a TP! So look out for that! Well thats all this might seem tedious but I mean we get a cool game for this kind of action and not have a concern like this??!! I mean I think its pretty fair.
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3 months ago, ChaoticMultiverse
I absolutely love this game!
I have a deep admiration for the game 'Monster Hunter Stories' because of its unique take on the Monster Hunter franchise. Unlike the main series, which focuses on hunting and defeating monsters, 'Monster Hunter Stories' allows players to become Riders and form bonds with monsters to fight alongside them. This new gameplay mechanic adds a whole new layer of strategy and depth to the game, as players must carefully choose which monsters to bond with and how to utilize their abilities in battle. Additionally, the game's vibrant and colorful art style, engaging story, and charming characters make it a joy to play. The world of 'Monster Hunter Stories' is rich and immersive, with a wide variety of monsters to encounter and environments to explore. The game also features a deep customization system, allowing players to personalize their character and their monster companions to suit their playstyle. Overall, 'Monster Hunter Stories' is a refreshing and innovative take on the Monster Hunter franchise that has captured my heart and kept me coming back for more. I highly recommend it to any fan of the series or anyone looking for a fun and engaging RPG experience.
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5 years ago, Dawn196
Great game, just a few gripes
So I’m a long time monster hunter player and have been playing since Monster hunter Tri. So it goes without saying that I’m a huge fan of this series. This game is really fun in my opinion from the wide monster base it has to the concept of finally allying with all our favorite monsters. Well if you’re Japanese that is. My main gripe is that not all DLC was released to the U.S. player base including the inability to befriend some of the bigger and stronger monsters like Kushala daora, Teostra, and Rajang which are some of the strongest monsters in the game. Then the game teases you by making you fight these mighty foes with a dismal reward in comparison to being able to recruit them. Further more the game taunts U.S. players by only allowing the elder dragon, Kirin to be befriended which any long time Monster hunter fan knows is way inferior to fighting beside something such as teostra. If it’s gonna be released for Japan it should be released for everyone! Other than that, this game is almost a perfect monster hunter game and overall I recommend it!
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6 years ago, Silverfan01
An issue with music and mic
So I’m a huge fan of this game. I loved the 3DS version, but felt it was a bit difficult to carry it around with me. So seeing the iOS version finally localized made me so happy. I didn’t expect it to happen at all honestly. The game itself is phenomenal, and it looks far better than the 3DS version. However I discovered something that I believe MIGHT be a bug. When utilizing the mic on my phone, AT ALL, I cannot hear the music in the game. It cuts out entirely. But sound effects still work. The mic use includes both discord calls and screen recording with the mic turned on. I can understand the screen recording problem, but not the discord calling. I’m not entirely sure if this is intentional or a bug. But once the issue is resolved (or made clear that it’s intentional) I will absolutely rate this a 5 out of 5. A gorgeous game that I loved on 3DS that looks even better and feels just as good to play on iOS. You got me again Capcom. I’m impressed. I hope to see more 3DS ports like this one, not just from Capcom.
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1 year ago, Jjjabavsbdj
Decent Port
First of all, the global version is great, would love to see the Japanese updates come over, while we wait for Monster Hunter Stories 2 to be released. Currently have over 100 hours on the game, just recently finished unlocking all the multiplayer rewards. Story is fun, combat is engaging, tons of encouragement to explore the world. Now for the critiques. 1. Multiplayer does not function that well, other than the duramboros event, being able to play a full multiplayer match, is near impossible. My friends and I have have been doing competitions via local connections, and the matches consistently drop 80% of the time. Yes we are all on the same version of the game, as well as devices. 2. Capcom has a habit of removing games from the App Store after a certain amount of time. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite was the most recent example. So we’re essentially renting their games, instead of owning it. I own physical copies of most of the monster hunter games, however I enjoyed them being on a handheld device, the touch controls for Freedom Unite handles incredibly well. 3. The Japanese updates for MHST are not out for this version, so we’re lacking some incredibly strong monsters. Other than those things, solid port. Just be prepared to have the game be removed from your library at some point, due to capcom not wanting to keep up with the iOS updates.
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5 years ago, Super fun game best
Does quick match work? And more
Me and my friend always have to do custom match but I want to verse random people and see how good they r, also if your versing random people(if there’s a way to do quick match). Can u add text, so if the other player wants to say “need to switch my guys” u have to leave the hole game and try to join the same guy. Please tell me if it works. But that’s the only thing I’ve been having trouble on so this game deserves a 5 star. Just because the art work and how good the game is built. Also is there a 1.2 and 1.3 update coming out? Please respond if not I’m bring the rating down. I NEED TO KNOW!
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6 years ago, Crimiculus
A Fantastic Port, Still Missing Content
Let me preface this review by saying that this game is incredibly fun, and I have already sunk nearly 120 hours into this mobile port, and over 400 hours on the 3DS. This game is much more beautiful with this port, has a better UI, and is cheaper than the original 3DS game. What I do not appreciate, however, is the incredible amount of content that is missing from both the game and its ports in the USA, content that the Japanese versions have had for well over a year now. What I do not appreciate is Capcom's complete refusal to comment on when, or if we are ever going to receive this content, leaving many fans in the dark with more and more asking about it everyday. I'm talking about updates 1.2 and 1.3. The postgame, the new monsties, the vastly expanded customization options, and all of the little quality of life changes. We still don't have them. I do not write this review out of disrespect, or even anger, but rather from exasperation. I feel as though I can speak for all of us when I say that we, the longtime fans of the game, do not appreciate the silence on this matter. We all really want these updates to land in the U.S. Or at the very least, we want a public announcement that says we are not receiving them. The game still is and will always be a ton of fun. But it's incomplete, and it's been this way for a very long time here. All we can do is continue to reach out to Capcom, and hope that we'll get an answer soon.
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3 years ago, Bullet speed 50000000
Epic game
So when I first started the game I was like I really want to know what happens so I started my adventure. It was really awesome. And I had beat the game a few times and then when monster hunter stories 2 wings of ruin came out on Nintendo switch I was like this’ll be so awesome and something else good about this game is that it will like prepare u for the next chapter. And don’t worry if ur wondering what’ll happen to naviro then don’t worry people that have started that recently he’s in there. Man, the game wouldn’t be the same without that annoying fuzball feline! So yeah u people out there try the game give it a five star review as well and tell us if u start playing number 2 if this sorta set u up for it as much as it did for me! Aaaaannnnndddd peace ou-!!!😁😆
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4 years ago, Timid Hunter
Great Game
I have played the game 2 times now and I learn something new every time I play the game, it has so much to do and I hope they add new updates because that would bring players back and online because pvp never has players now and it’s probably not gonna happen but hey the story is great, pretty much any monster you get can be op as long as you put good stats and genes on them like the Bulldrome I have is OP and I beat the game with it, and how addicting the game gets like jeez I have like 300 hrs in this game and I would probably get up to 700 hrs if they add those updates I’ve been waiting for and I will wait for something even if its an a announcement of how they aren’t adding the updates I have patience and more game hours to spend.
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4 years ago, Biggg Miggg
Perfect cross between Monster Hunter and Pokémon
I’ve played Minster Hunter for the last 4 titles and I’m a huge fan of both the gameplay and graphics. This game is however unique in the way that you can basically catch (hatch) monsters and use them to battle Pokémon style. It is a perfect blend on Monster Hunter and Pokémon. I absolutely love it. The only bug with the game that I’ve experienced is that the game crashes when you get a call so if your playing on your phone, be sure to save every chance that you get. Lucky for me I’m a loser and nobody likes me so I don’t get calls often but I’ve gotten them in between huge battles or after finding a perfect egg and I lose my progress. Other than that bug, I’d say this is an easy 5/5 stars!
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6 years ago, Windhurst7
Love. It.
Let me start off by saying I’m not a huge monster hunters fanboy. It never immersed me enough. Everything about this game on the mobile platform is fantastic though. From the simple, yet well scripted story line (which i normally don’t waste my time reading especially in mobiles), to the combat which becomes increasingly challenging by post-game in the labyrinth/tower... requiring you to legitimately learn the monsters patterns rather than face smash your way to victory. Multiple fun little collect ‘em all mechanics to keep you interested. Reasonably fun/simple, massive series of side quests. Logged about 80 hours on it and can see myself logging at least another 30-50 before I’ve exhausted all the content. 10/10 from me. :)
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6 years ago, TylerHawn
$20 is fair
$20 seems like a lot for an app, but I feel like it’s a really fair price. This is one of the best games I’ve ever played on mobile. The graphics are smooth and beautiful. The controls are really responsive. The game itself is fun to play. The combat and menu remind me of Pokémon games, but with a nice monster hunter mix. I would rather pay a one time higher than usual price for a complete game, with lots of work gone in to it, and no microtransaction bull. Good port, I like it more than the 3DS version. $20 is a solid deal for this, and if you still aren’t sure try the demo. Look up Monster Hunter Stories the Adventure Begins. I made it about 3 minutes playing the demo before I just closed it and bought the full game. It’s great.
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6 years ago, amberwolf2
Edited Review, and Update
Edited Review-Online service does not work. Customer service is not being helpful. Company is not being transparent or doing anything about a bug I found, and is not telling me what is going on or reimbursing me. Game cost $20 and I paid to have Network Battles. Emailed about the bug, waited 2-3 business days, nothing seems to be getting done about it. Will change review if issue is fixed. UPDATE: 8 days after a long series of emails and phone calls, customer support never answered me on if the issue was being worked on or when it would be fixed. Capcom Mobile pretty much said "contact Apple if you want your money back" and no answers on the actual bug. Don't purchase this app, because if you have issues with it, expect either no response, slow responses, or nothing to be done about your issue. Deleting this game and contacting Apple. FORMER REVIEW BELOW I'll be honest, I haven't played this on mobile yet. I loved Stories on 3ds, and I love the Monster Hunter series so much! I am so excited that I can play this on my phone! Thank you for bringing Monster Hunter Stories to mobile! And a side note! Thank you for bringing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate and Okami to the Switch! I'm glad you all are not forgetting to revitalize some of your fantastic older games. So thanks Capcom 😊
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4 years ago, TerenceTheEtv
Almost perfect if not for one issue
The game is fantastic. My only issue is the tournaments. My favorite portion of the game is the most troublesome. Every time I participate in special tournaments or a gold tournament the app crashes. It happens most frequently in special tournaments and it waits until I get late into the gold tournament to crash me there. Please fix this issue and I will give 5 stars. Moreover, the online scene is quite empty I don’t mind this,however, it would be fantastic if I was able to compete against actual players. I assume this is because not too many have discovered this game yet so I suggest giving us an incentive to share the game on social media platforms. Like an armor or weapon set for sharing on Facebook Instagram or Twitter. Again great game please fix that problem and consider my tip.
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6 years ago, keatonthegod
Try it!
The price is a bit intimidating, not gonna lie. However, this game, Monster Hunter Stories, makes up for it with it’s sheer awesomeness and vast content. I’ve heard that the game initially had a higher price on the DS devices ($30-60 I think?) as well, so compared to that, the mobile version is a bargain! If you were wondering just how much gameplay is contained in this app... well, I’ve been playing for 13 hours and still haven’t uncovered more than half of all the regions/towns displayed in the world map. Other than that, as long as you’re able to enjoy Pokémon-type games, this game will—without a doubt— satisfy your entertainment needs. Give it a shot!
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3 years ago, JavoSixtyFour
Successful Port
I played this game originally for the Nintendo 3DS and this holds up very well. The game is a enjoyable spin-off from the main series, giving an alternative perspective on the world of Monster Hunter. Befriending Monsters and using the abilities they have to traverse further into the world, or to find better loot. My only complaint is that the auto save feature doesn’t help if the app is open for a long period of time, but not closed out. If this scenario happens then the game for some reason doesn’t auto save and goes back to the last save before then.
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3 years ago, Bewildered Toad
Fantastic Game, Amazing Port
This is my first time playing this game all the way through, but it is such a good game and feels right at home on mobile. It runs surprisingly well, with no frame skip or lag to be seen, it takes up a lot less space than one would expect (a little under 4 gigs) and it’s controls are very smooth and haven’t caused me any issues or annoyances. It also somehow manages not to throttle my battery like so many other games do! For the price it’s going for I would say this is a steal and would definitely recommend it!
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6 years ago, NSException
The most enjoyable RPG on iOS
I thought I had burned through all of the console-quality RPGs in the App Store, but then I came across this. I’ve never been a huge fan of Capcom’s RPG and adventure games, but this seemed like it might be decent. Turns out, it’s wonderful. Easy to get the hang of, and you can probably barrel through the whole thing without too much thought, but it’s full of interesting complexities that make it a pretty deep game if you want it to be. It’s the first time in the past decade that I’ve actually enjoyed the process of leveling up and gathering materials. It’s just an absolute ton of fun.
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6 years ago, Shaul305
I’ve been waiting years for this game. Finally it drops on iOS. The graphics are upgraded and the gameplay and story as well. It’s a great change from the original series and the monsters as friend Pokemon vibe is familiar to fans of turn based JRPG gameplay. The way they combine the lore and modify gameplay items to work in combat like the Whetstone (vs the use in The traditional series is also genius). Me and all my children are playing at the same time on our devices, such an epic game. Well worth the money. My favorite RPG on iOS by far and already in 2 days clocked 16 hours. Haha obsessed.
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3 years ago, Drewboberoo
Needs quick saves
This is a great port that’s fun and has good gameplay, but it is seriously marred by saving your progress being limited to the village, with no apparent auto save either. Given that this is a mobile game, relatively common interruptions and app swapping should be expected, and losing a ton of progress because your play gets interrupted enough that the phone refreshes the app is a bummer. Really fun game though, and if you have the time to devote to solid sessions, it could definitely be for you.
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6 years ago, Palmer Deadbeat
I’m a huge monster hunter fan. Putting at least 100+ hours in each game, some even much more! This is and world are the only two I haven’t tried. Well now I’ve played this one and I gotta say they did an amazing job making this side game. Every second I’m playing it feels like I’m playing an authentic mh game. They nailed the details and I love the colorful art style. The collecting mechanic is super addicting and the combat is really fun! Basically rock, paper scissors but with elemental types, skills, stats, etc. Spend the $20, you wont be disappointed. Best mobile game I’ve played.
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4 years ago, LDeVore
Totally worth the 20 bucks!!
Now. This is a great game. But i think you might consider lowering the price. It’s beautiful wonderfully made and there was alot of care put into it. My only real problem would be the 20$s it still is pretty worth 20$ but i would price it at 7$ this game has an amazing story and i would recommend it to anyone who wants a good rpg adventure experience. Theres even more stuff to do after you complete the amazing storyline! This game has a special place in my heart and always will. Thank you for bringing this game to the appstore
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5 years ago, Bananachirp
Just got this for my iPad Pro
Runs beautifully, the graphics are gorgeous too. I have this game on 3DS but couldn’t resist getting this version since it’s much higher resolution. One issue though is that it doesn’t seem to have been updated for the 11-inch iPad Pro. It’s not using the entire screen. An update for this would be great, or perhaps it’s the same on all iPads? Anyway, that’s a minor nitpick. This game is well worth the purchase price. It’s one of the few iOS games that I think is worth playing, it’s not freemium crap.
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6 years ago, Sonic-_-Steve
Incredible Hidden Gem By Capcom
Monster Hunter Stories is a hidden gem of a game. This new HD version of the game is incredible. A game I have sunk over 60 hours into on my Nintendo 3DS. It is a game that will reach new audiences in iOS and I hope everyone realizes why this game has a special place in the Monster Hunter ecosystem. Please play! Also, the game coincides well with the anime Monster Hunter Stories: Ride On which gives more backstory about the game which is available on iTunes. So if you love this game like I do, just know there is plenty of content to go along with it!
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6 years ago, NeekzzPrime
Way to go Capcom
A great game with no micro transactions. I loved this game on 3DS and am happy anytime a great 3DS title hits mobile. It’s a lot of fun, great time sink and has a good storyline that I look forward to playing again. The price seems high but is actually great when you consider the quality of this game and the fact that this was a $40 3DS title. Just like other capcom titles on the App Store, there is a lack of gamepad support keeping this game from being its best. Please add gamepad support to your games so I can start giving them the 5*s they deserve.
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6 years ago, Knightroxas
[Fixed]Can’t played free save on different devices
Looks like the only way to transfer save is to use the SAME iCloud account. It would be really helpful if you can save via facebook or gamecenter. Hope this help. I first played the free one on iPhone. When I wanted to move to iPad, the save doesn’t come too. The game is ok, great graphics, but it lacks the flexibility to play the save on different devices. The support site didn’t read my case thoroughly too. Will change the review when it is fixed.
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3 years ago, Sskenshin
Better than expected!
I had skipped this on 3DS but with the recent Monster Hunter hype I decided to give it a try and man do I love the game! The music is amazing and the story is pretty interesting. Glad to have it on iOS. Only thing I wished it had is controller support. Other than that, it is well worth the buy! Please bring Monster Hunter Stories 2 to iOS / iPadOS! I would gladly play it in here especially if it takes advantage of the iPad Pros Display! PS: please bring Monster Hunter Riders out west!
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6 years ago, Galerella
Monster Hunter slays the competition
I’ve always been a MH fan and this game - albeit a splash of Pokémon, Digimon, other likeminded games and the anime Soul Eater (i.e. Soul Resonance), - doesn’t disappoint to bring you back. It pays tribute to the MH of old while at the same time bringing new elements to the genre. While I have some complaints about lowering the learning curve (more people are able to enjoy MH now without wanting to quit) this game is still a time sink. I love this game and this is what I mainly play when I have zero WiFi connection (PUBG is my WiFi game of choice).
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6 years ago, hdsbdbs
Improve Gameplay Graphics
I understand that you were going for a cartoony look, and I honestly love that idea! However, I don’t think that you succeeded... Sure, the character’s animations are great, but only for movement. Character graphics aren’t the best, and animations in conversations could definitely be a lot better. Worst of all, the environment. The water animations are almost non existent, and everything is just chunky, like how the grass looks more 2 D than 3 D. It’s a great game with great mechanics, but I feel like the cutscenes are where all the graphics went to.
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2 years ago, Sunclaw Bronzewing
'New Game+' feature in new update please?
As much as I adore the gameplay, music, audio, story, etc. there is one thing missing: replayability. Sure, there's replayability in the form of questboards found in cities and camps but its just not emersive as NPC quests and Story quests are. The New Game+ feature would also help players improve their existing equipment and monsties instead of leaving them gridlocked in a weak state. (Yes I'm mad about not being able to beat teostra or fatalis through hard work. lol)
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6 years ago, Objective fanboy
An awesome adventure for MH and Pokémon fans!6
I’m so glad this game came to the West because it’s everything a fan of either Monster Hunter or Pokémon could want in a turn-based, Monster collecting RPG! The game runs and controls great and there are no frame-rate issues that plagued the original version on 3DS. The game runs buttery smooth and the Japanese voice acting is very well done (with English subtitles of course!) Flying around on your very own Wyverns is so much fun! There is plenty of endgame in terms of online battling and hatching eggs. Have fun!
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6 years ago, SacdeBlu
If you didnt get it on the 3ds, get it now
I’ve been playing for a few hours and the game runs amazingly. I never got it on the 3ds and as a monster hunter fan I have no excuse to not play it now. It’s a lot of fun and I keep forgetting I’m playing it on my phone. My only issue is you only get to choose between 4 types of weapons. I don’t know if you could choose more on the 3ds version but I’m assuming you could. In the future I hope we get more weapons. But as of right now, get it.
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5 years ago, kennyger
Love but want the last big update
I have played the game for a very long time now and have loved every minute of the story and the characters plus the hard and challenging boss fights the only thing I would ask is that the final update that is on the Japanese version to transition over to the English version so I can have fun with Rajang Kushala and Teoastra as monsties. But other that this I adore this little gem of a game and hope you guys keep making more fun games for everyone to enjoy
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3 years ago, Tanjiro_kny
Ok, so there has been a new update (which I haven’t played yet) and I’m not sure if that added in all the missing content. Apart from this, the $20 was well worth it and after having nearly 2000 hours on 3ds I have around 500 on this. My only downside to this is, when? When are we getting the left out content? It may have been today, I’m not sure, but if it is that would likely mean we’re in 1.2. So when will 1.3 be out?
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5 years ago, Viscillious
Great mobile port
This game is monster hunter with a pet system and the combat is like playing Rock Paper Scissors. The characters are lovable and I love how the village elders talk. Each monster has a cool/cute unique super move that I adore. I’m still going through the story so I can’t summarize it, but so far it’s been captivating. $20 upfront seems steep but you get the full game, no random gotcha rolls or whatnot. There’s no network connectivity needed after the initial download. If you look at the bottom with “more made by this developer” there is a free demo that goes up through the starting area and right to the end of part 1 of the story. If you decide to pay for the game after playing that demo version you can port over your save file. All in all this is a great port and easily one of my most favorite monster hunter games.
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5 years ago, Buck3tB0I
Love the game... possible update?
I’m a really big fan of this game- super excited when I saw it available on the App Store. Thanks for making this possible, game developers! Then I saw that the DS has DLC and new Monsties. Would it be possible to bring them to the phone? Unless they’re already here and I’m being hasty. Either way, could you bring Glavenus, Rajang, Kushala and Teostra’s eggs to mobile? If you do then I’ll be the happiest player. If not, then I’ll keep playing with a lingering sadness that we won’t get the other Elder Dragons as Monsties. Thank you!
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6 years ago, OneProblemWithThisGame
Great Game, but one issue
Monster Hunter Stories is arguably the best RPG in the App Store. Amazing graphics, cool monsters, and good storyline makes the game really addicting. It’s similar to Pokémon with a monster hunter twist. If you are a Pokémon fan then I highly recommend this game. However I have one issue with it. The online multiplayer doesn’t work. Every time is try, there is an error that says “can’t connect to iCloud.” I’m getting slightly frustrated with it as I can’t play with other people. Capcom needs to fix this. Otherwise it’s an incredible game!
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6 years ago, SilentBlade1221
An Amazing Mobile Game
Monster Hunter Stories has proven to be a thrilling experience in its repurposed versions for mobile phones. The graphics look good, the story is fairly engaging, and the gameplay is entertaining. Some minor complaints are that some dlc has not yet been made available, and the Network Battles function doesn’t seem to work properly, for IOS at least. If the latter issue could be resolved, then the game would be even better.
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3 months ago, Centdino93
Nice game but just some things
Out of 2 monster hunter games on mobile this is probably the better one and it’s great but it hasn’t been updated in a while and since this is apparently getting a remastered version on switch, pc and ps4 it would be nice to update this as well including certain updates that were originally a Japan exclusive update like the addition of certain non monstie monsters being able to become monsties
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5 years ago, Eduamj
Amazing game, but needs more content
Just finished the game until tower of illusion for over 50 hours. However, they should update it to play with other players and added multiplayer quest like the other MH games so it could have more end game content because there were no point to lvl up all the others monstie and making the perfect gene except for just one that I used (Deviljho) to beat the game. Overall, fun game to play and to spend your time!
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5 years ago, Tr1pdog
My thoughts
I really like the game, and I mean a lot for a mobile game, but it’s not perfect like the network battles don’t work and Every time my boyfriend calls me it ends up closing the game for some reason? And unless it auto saves right before, I’ve had to restart missions or battling bosses and I hate doing that.+ the game doesn’t produce any sound, and I’ve tried going to options and nothing. Other than that I hope you guys could add more to the game in the future. This is my experience with the iPhone XR
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6 years ago, n307 1037193
Game Issues?
I really loved the game but I had a couple of issues later in the game once I reached number 1 and 2. After finally defeating the ex I got to the new village but then tried to fight the blighted and I don’t know if it’s supposed to happen but the blighted monster kept double attacking and I’d keep losing a heart in a single turn. Please can you weaken the monster because it’s ridiculous trying to even fight with the gear I have. Anyway I love the graphics but please weaken the blighted monster
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3 years ago, davidreview
If people want to use a controller the option should be added. If people don’t care great, let those who do want it have it. Having said, pros like adding high resolution to support these high resolution displays is a nice plus. It’s allows those beautiful colors to really pop. I would rate this game a 4 or 5 star for sure with all the other things this game offers. The ability to see monster info on each creature are the little things I like. Even without a controller the game is easy to control. Not as enjoyable as on my N3DS XL I originally played this in. But the higher resolution on the way better display is a plus in this direction. I can’t recall at the moment but with this being on mobile I hope the ability to save from the settings is available. If you can only save at certain locations or certain times that is a major con. When I get more time to play I’ll have to check on this. Hopefully this game gets the updates and support it deserves.
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5 years ago, Tykpjoe
I absolutely love this game! Been playing nonstop since download! Only thing I’m concerned/disappointed about is that there isn’t another update for it.. I don’t know if one is in the works as I tried looking it up. However to pay 20$ (which is worth it) I just expected there to be a little more post game, more rideable monsters, and hopefully in an update add more special tournaments and more story!! Really hoping for an update!
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6 years ago, Zombuu559
More monsters please!!!!!!
I was skeptical at first and didn’t trust it, but then I watched a couple of videos and tried it and now I am hooked, please add more updates with new monsters, I really enjoy this game and I actually deleted most of my games because I constantly play this. It is the perfect game and I like how you don’t need WiFi unless you want to play pvp. But I advise you to add more monsters and constantly update it. Please think about it.
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3 years ago, Azbycx44
Good game thoughtful developers
I chose not to update to the latest multiplayer update. Game plays great on my iPhone 11 and iPad Air 3. I’m just happy that I was not forced to update the game to keep playing it. People do not realize that it is very difficult to either integrate multiplayer functionality into a game; to make a functional multiplayer game (server issues etc.) and to keep a game fully optimized for different devices simultaneously. Thanks for a great game.
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6 years ago, trickassnerd
Lose progress with every phone call ; (
This is a game played on a cellphone. Like most cellphones this one recieves calls from other cellphones or perhaps landlines. You can only save at your bed in the main village at the point I'm at so I'm getting about half hour to an hour of play in before I get back to a save. Every phone call kills my hour or so of progress because after the call the app has shut down and restarts itself. Major oversight for a mobile game...... On a cellphone. Otherwise a fun and great game.
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3 years ago, DetailedCookie
So many things could be better, especially for that price tag.
You pay this much for a mobile game and it crashes when trying to load backup saves (not that they ever work, it’s a completely useless feature that the devs doesn’t care to fix). I have a save on my iPad that I would like to transfer to my phone, but it never detects my backup save. If you try to do it again, the entire app just quits out. Game isn’t even optimized fully for the newer iPads either (big black borders around the game rather being full screen). The whole think just reeks of poor quality and a lack of care. Also a smaller nitpick, but it would be very nice to have the option for static controls so the virtual d-pad doesn’t keep sliding all over the place when controlling the character. Hopefully one day Capcom has the budget to fix these errors.
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11 months ago, JamesGecko
Good game, bad save system
This is a top-tier mobile game, except for the broken save system. As in the 3DS version, you can ONLY save at specific places in the world. It’s possible to be ten minutes away from a save point, if you get stuck in battles. There is no quick-save, and the game will not automatically save if you multitask. If you have to respond to a chat, answer the phone, or even just pause overnight there’s a good chance that the game will get unloaded from RAM and you’ll lose all your progress since the last save.
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