Monster Legends: Breeding RPG

4.8 (504.5K)
185.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Monster Legends: Breeding RPG

4.78 out of 5
504.5K Ratings
1 year ago, anonymousgamerCA
Little changes but amazing game!
Monster legends is definitely a great game. Although there is a bunch of stuff that can improve the game. For example, I think you should be able to convert gold into gems, say like 50,000 gold is one gem. Another thing I think you should add and improve on is breeding, like when I finish breeding but the hatchery is full I think you should be able to put the breeded egg into storage so you can start breeding again. The main reason for this is I am a little impatient and I can’t afford the breeding tree. Also I think you should make an option to make 10,000 food because when you’re upgrading your monsters to level 7 and above it gets really costly and 3000 isn’t enough. I think you should also make the 2nd island and above cheaper, cause like 2 mil! That’s an 1.6 million coin difference from the first one! If I’m running out of room on my islands and I need to expand I have to gain more then a million coins and that’s just not fair. One more thing I think you should add is, when your breeding and you don’t have enough you should be able to use the gems you do have to speed it up, like say I have an egg that takes 5 gems to hatch and I only have 4 I could use those 4 gems to make the waiting time only 10 minutes. Otherwise this is a great game and I give 4 and 1/2 stars.
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2 years ago, youtube great ^_^
Monster legends review
Monster legends is a complex game but you will get the hang of it, when you start you will get a simple tutorial on feeding your Monsters, getting Monsters, and more just like the simple game. In this game you are able to PVP other Monsters with your Monsters, plus you will want to get the bigger and better Monsters to fight your enemies to win your battles. If you lose don’t worry about anything bad it just takes away a few of your trophies which you can make it better. Also I have been playing for a long time now so it is easy, also when you start it will be a little hard but if you play the game for a little bit then you’ll get the hang of it and the best part is you have good Monsters, it is easy to know where stuff is, and you will have the islands on the map. What I would do is go to/try the challengers game or something on the side, you can get stuff there BUT you have to have the challengers points to try to get one of the Monsters in there if you don’t get it don’t worry because it won’t go away or be your last try you still have a lot of chances left to get it but if you’re new just try to get through the game and don’t delete it because it is fun. But if you had it for 6 or some years then you can delete it from your device you’re using but yeah enjoy the game I hope you have a happy life and take some of my my advice because it could help you through your journey. (:
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5 years ago, _Tiggy2006_
I have been playing Social Point games for as long as I can remember, back from 4-5 years ago. Monster Legends is an amazing and incredible game! The monsters are cool and weird and super creative! I have a team, “Scrats!” The team wars are fun and competitive. However I do wish that there were more inexpensive options of buying a monster, preferably a legendary. I think it’d be nice if we could breed more legendaries instead of like 10 out of 300 or so legendary monsters. And the option of changing my name would be nice as my name LPS WolfLover is a bit odd and I’d appreciate if we could exercise that option. But seriously, this is app is addicting and super fun. One more thing: levels. I’m at level 23 right now and it’s getting really boring to play because I don’t have anything to do that’s new as all the fun things and new things are at level 25 or something. The difference between level 23 and level 25 is numerically small but exp?? EXP? It takes forever! I’m removing obstacles and obstacles upon obstacles! And I can’t do the Adventure Map until level 25 because that’s when I can upgrade the temples so that my monsters can have higher levels. I mean, I can craft monsters! That’s pretty cool. But expensive to get the cells. I’m just trying to give constructive criticism so sorry if this comes off rude or something! But please! Make more inexpensive options! My parents want to save up to go to Italy not for an app that requires 100 dollars for 1700 gems!
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3 years ago, Mr. Thorns
Monster Legends Great Review
Monster legends is a terrific strategy game that is complex and a lot to take in at first, but once you get the hang of it, can be the most addicting game you play! I have been playing this game for 6 years and haven’t quit once! You start out with a small tutorial showing you the basics and how to play, but soon, you will learn how to feed your monsters, collect gold, see which monsters collect the most gold, fight with your monsters in PvP, Dungeons and on the Adventure Map! You will also soon learn that out of the current 654 monsters that are in the game, you’ll start out with commons, uncommons , and even epics, but the entire time you’ll want to get the legendaries! And that brings us to the most important part of the game...BREEDING! You can breed 2 monsters together to get other monsters, and you can get good quick with the many breeding combinations online, just gotta search for them! Overall I couldn’t ask for a better game not only because its great, but “Socialpoint” never stops the updates and attention to they’re biggest game! So thank you for reading this review! But you need to install! Get the game right now, because I promise you’ll start off slow, but after some time, you’re introduced to a whole new monster world, literally! Go get it and have fun!
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4 years ago, gundemon99
Used to be fun
This game used to be so much fun me and my family and friends all have our own team and from the wars that we faced we stopped caring about it then they added real time battles not one of us is able to stun freeze stamina drain physically unable to do much fun for the aspect to breed new legends collect food and get new moves and items but if you want to test out your new moves and figure out how other people one shot you with the lowest monsters in the game you can’t we have completely given up on trying to help the developers considering they don’t care it’s all about transactions I haven’t paid once got tons of the rarest legends but it’s not good enough compared to other players who pay hundreds of dollars to make other players give up on this game it’s fun when you don’t do the online at first it wasn’t a big priority for online and once you win the battles the rewards really aren’t worth it 3k good for battling 150 monsters 2k gold 1 gem and 2 rare cells for a monster you get in the beginning of the game again it’s not a terrible game but clearly a lot more work needs to be done to even the rewards you can get from your hard work and the likely ness to of your attacks I had 3 legends total blinded and get each one of my guys one shot from a level 100 no strength or speed equipped on their legends I was versing clearly something is wrong you can contact support but you will receive help a week later when you don’t remember why you asked them for help.
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5 years ago, Tyler Ayotte
Absolutely amazing game
When I first started playing a few months ago, I didn’t think I’d be grinding this game so much. Well after about a week I played the hell out of the game, and since then I’ve been on almost daily (unless something came up), and I thought about what I wanted to make my goal. I decided I will be a free to play player as long as possible, and I managed to be one, you don’t have to pay for anything really, the game isn’t pay to win. Paying for stuff may advance you faster but if you just put time into the game you can work your way up. I had a successful team on the game, then I left it for another team and passed the lead roll of it on to one of the members that helped the team out the most, and who was also one of the most active ones. Premium isn’t required either, I however did buy it once, but that was a gift card given to me mainly for the reason of trying it out to see if I’d like to continue using it, which honestly I didn’t see a point of it once I got my gold farms up. Anyways good game highly recommend to anyone into grinding games. Obviously there’s timers and everything but you can just speed stuff up by watching ads and gems, which you can easily get for free by the dungeons. Best of luck to anyone reading this, go get them monsters!
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4 years ago, 1234steel
Honest review
Honestly I love this game it honestly isn’t bad, I play it a lot on my free time. But there are several roblemos not to many. Well for starters the breeding time tasks so long. Like honestly I was trying to get an epic once and it took me up to 10 or more days to get it since it takes up to 2 days to get the epic fully. It’s to much of a waste of time and it honestly just makes me want to close the app sometimes and not play for another month or so. So I beg the developers to please fix the breeding and hatching time to something more reasonable. The other criticism I am going to put in this review is just honestly not as important. So I used to play this game very back in the days and there was a time where the starters and some creatures like the fire and earth gorillas looked better than how they do now. For example back in the day the fire panda was so much better than how it looks now and I think it would be so much better to bring those designs into the game but it’s ok if not my main request is to lower the breeding and hatching time. If the hatching time is fixed I will definitely come here and Change my review from a four to a five faster than light speed. I hope you take into consideration my honest review and make these tiny changes into the game and it would really be appreciated from a long time player of yours. Have a nice day if anyone is reading this 😁
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3 years ago, redzony
Very good game
Monster Legends is a great game to play, although it’s mechanisms have changed a LOT from when it was first released a long time ago. The game is really good now, since you can get free mythic (the best monster rarity in the game and quite op) from playing in the arena. Many monsters are very unique in this game, and if you get the right monsters with the right skills, relics, and runes, you can grind through the game’s events and battles. This game does have a few downsides. For example, the new auto-matching-making in the arena can either put you to fight a weak defense team, or a whole professional defense team of a player that is somehow this low in league in the arena. Also, if you stop playing the game for a while, the entire game could be completely different and difficult the next time you start playing again, so I recommend to not go inactive for multiple months. Some relics (which are basically these helpful tools that can be equipped to monsters and help them cause more effects and damage in battle) are really really OP, and either you have ‘em or not. If you don’t have them, you’re likely to be subjected to many defeats in battles with other players. If you have ‘em, your monsters will be able to cause many strong effects in battle. Overall, this game is very good and you definitely should play it.
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3 years ago, Corbalord
Great but some issues
First off, this is a very fun game. I’ve only played it for less than a week and have had so much fun. There are only a few problems that I feel like should be put out there. It’s kind of a money trap. You’ll find that you’ll tell yourself “oh it’s just $3”... “maybe another $3 won’t hurt...” and it’ll just keep adding up. Also, unless you’re very advanced and have lots of monsters, rebuilding the blimp is a bad idea. It will constantly have a pop up telling you to join a team, but you can exit out of it without opening up the blimp and then exiting from there. Another thing to add to that is the fact that you can’t even join 95% of the teams it recommends to you. So basically i’m stuck with this pop up until i get lucky enough to where one of the 5% of the teams i get to request to join into accepts me in there. One last complaint is that the multiplayer battles are very unfair. I’m stuck at bronze 1 because i’ll get only battles with people level 20+ above me (im level 23) and sometimes even get people level 100+ to fight against and it just pisses me off, i can’t go any higher without going so much higher level. There should be a better match making system that takes count of the levels of the players, not just the rank. Other than that, the concept and graphics are amazing, gameplay itself is very fun and easy to learn. Just a few things that should be fixed is all.
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3 years ago, The fighter101
Honest review
This review I’m being 100% honest this game is the biggest cash grab ever let’s say the coin maze thing The coins that you move your character with in the maze to move it cost like 60 coins but it takes days to get 60 coins yes the prices will be nice like food coins etc. but to upgrade something or when you upgrade something you get like one coin and that takes forever to get 60 coins it’s annoying because you can move once or twice during the day and that’s what’s annoying nothing can keep a kid from keep spending and spending and spending it cost money to do literally anything it takes hours to hatch eggs I’m only criticizing in this reveal there’s a lot of good things about this game to I’m just going over the bad things to help new people know what is happening in the game do you have to spend money in this game all the time or else you’ll never be good yeah have to spend 50+ dollars just to get five jems you get like five Jems like I said the maze coins you have to get like 60 of them to even move anywhere but once you move you get like one gem and you work all day to get 60 it takes forever so does the hatching in the breeding that was my aunt is your view on monster legends there’s plenty of good things in this game like the graphics the creativity the originality they’re all amazing that was just things that newer people need to read
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5 years ago, MrStarWars2187
Great game!
Fun, entertaining, easily accessible, and not pay-to-win (for the most part); these are qualities that I look for in a game and this game meets all these standards, especially with the most recent updates. The team wars are fun and create a sense of community among the players that I haven’t seen in any games I’ve ever played (although, I’m sure there are other games that have that kind of thing). The monster designs are really creative and the skills are fun to play around with. The multiplayer mode is fun and incentivizing with the relatively new league system with matchmaking being fair most of the time. I also really appreciate the monster dungeons, as they give us a chance to get monsters that can breed legendaries. The only slight inconvenience I have with it is that the monster dungeons don’t last as long as I would like (instead of 48 hours maybe 60 or 72 hours, but that’s just my opinion). I also appreciate how (relatively) easy it is to get gems, though I do think that some items are a bit overpriced, the monsters in particular (but I guess that’s where they get the money, so it’s not that big of a deal) Overall, this game is awesome and I’m glad I downloaded it and I recommend it to anyone who has a phone and a bit of spare time during the day ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ :)
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2 years ago, SummerShooters
An alright game
This game is very fun near the beginning and your collecting monsters. But it’s extremely pay to win. Technically you can earn a mythic or 2 a month through the free part of the battle pass and through playing the pvp mode but it takes quite a lot of work (I earned them but it took like I said a LOT of work) I was overjoyed to get my first mythic and soon realized how insanely overpowered they are, I went from not being able to kill a basic team to using one move and winning. After realizing that I noticed I could’ve used money to get one earlier. It’s pretty fun at the beginning but food is quite a struggle to get. But once you get later in the game your collection grows and eventually I rrslized that it would be impossible to play end game without mythic or legendary monsters so in that case the game is basically telling you to spend to succeed. And once you beat the adventure map (which doesn’t take very long) there’s nothing to do, just collecting for no reason, and they say “coming soon!” On new maps but it’s been a year since 1 new island came so that’s when I stopped playing. Overall I think play the game but don’t spend any money, it’s not worth it, either play events and other stuff to get mythics or don’t play the game. Thank you for reading sorry this is so long :)
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2 years ago, Vbg-6489
Fun but Pay to Play
I stumbled on this game and found it enjoyable but it’s overwhelming how much goes on and to be successful, you have to pay or you won’t advance. They have all these dungeons to go into, but your team won’t qualify unless you pay to get the required characters. They have so many events going on at once, but to succeed, you have to pay. They’ll reward you with all these eggs to hatch, but you won’t be able to place them unless you pay to speed up, open new islands, feed them, build more advanced stuff. You just can’t do it all to manage what you want unless you pay. You will just stagnate. I’m a big Clash I’d Clans player and they got it right. You can pay but you can grow and participate in things without an overwhelming amount of events that require such a high team that you can’t really do anything. Another great example is DomiNations. You can play a lot with great success without paying and they have enough things going on that you can be successful at your level. Again, I like the concept and it’s fun so I give it 4 stars and I do contribute to pay some as I do for all games but this app requires way too much pay to really advance. Recently downgraded to 3 stars because on top of the extensive pay to play, many of the videos you have to watch lock up and don’t work resulting in both lost time and resources.
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4 years ago, funyin227
A once amazing game
I’ve had this game since I was ten I’m now 14 Yes it is extremely fun but the recent update which has gotten rid of The original combat system which had its flaws but was far better than what we just got it just isn’t good yes it’s cool that we got a new generation of monsters I think it would’ve been 10 times better if you kept the old combat system and just added The new rewards and cut down the wait time yes in theory it’s supposed to be more balanced but it just isn’t the case the old combat system let you pick your battles this one doesn’t which means your monsters could be facing a level 150 team when you’re only level 100 and this makes it annoying And makes it 10 times difficult to complete the goals for the season pass plus that you can only get three rewards at a time makes it less fun to play also I was knocked down three ranks because of the update in conclusion it unbalances the game now seems more like a cash grab right now the only way to get these new powerful monsters is to Buy it from the store or buy the Golden season pass which is $20 and to get an elite pass is $50 which is what you need to get the newest elite monster
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4 years ago, TurtleBuddy🐢🐢🐢
All About That Money!
This game is the biggest cash grab game I have ever seen. I have played for a day and have seen how bad this game is in terms of money. Every other aspect of the game is good except for how expensive everything is. For monster of the week monsters are still $15+ and they are 85% off! This is outrageous. The only 2 ways to make gems efficiently are to buy them and to watch ads. Both of those ways make them money. But if you’re like I can play the game and get good at it without spending money, you would be wrong. In the game the only way to progress at a steady pace is to spend money. Also to be able to watch ads to get gems you have to play for 20 days. Why not instead make this tied to game time. I love playing this game already and can see myself becoming addicted but I don’t want to spend money. My friend bought the game 2 days ago and spent $50+ on it and still hasn’t made it that far. If you want to make things expensive at least make them more rewarding. Also the only way to get decent monsters is to spend $20+. Do the developers of this game think the average kid has that much money lying around not to mention enough that they are willing to spend it on a mobile game? With that amount of money they could go buy Pokémon which is way better than this game. You could say this game is a mobile Pokemon but it really isn’t. I have lost all hope in mobile games after Monster Legends, go download Steam and spend your money on actually good games.
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2 years ago, Droomy_
Amazing Game and is surprisingly underrated
Let me just start off and say I absolutely love this game, i’ll break down the pros first then the cons. This games is not pay to win, unlike a LOT of games currently, the game Feels amazing the combat and PvP is 1 of a kind in terms of playability and overall Feel, Progression is smooth the way you level up and then unlock temples to then upgrade and progress more, And stylistically unique imo compared to another overrated games that Rival Monsters legends. Now these are some of the problems I feel should be tweaked, Before mythics getting a legendary felt super hard and I found my self getting 4 - 5 mythic wile only playing the game for a couple weeks wile still having so many more epics and legendarys to just get over looked. This made the game feel TOO easy and Forced a less rewarding feeling when getting new monsters. My Personal opinion on this mobile game and if you should install: this games is way underrated when compared to Dragon City (it’s rival) imo this games feels way more refined and better overall than DC and I feel as tho monsters legends should be ranked higher than Dragon City Anyways, I 100% Recommended this game.
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4 years ago, tijosako
To whom it may concern
This is. Fun game but now I can’t get my dragons all on the island. It’s so frustrating and the advertisements are like 4 in a row with 11 seconds each and it is the same think over and over again. So I am about ready to delete it because I can’t anymore out. So what can I do? Why am I not getting gems like I used to. I have so many guys to put out but I have to wait till I get to the next level. Can you give me some idea on how I can get his animal out on his board?i I left this message along Time ago and I’m still waiting for you response. My grandson has so may dinosaur that he can’t put them anywhere you have to bye another island so can you say something this time? So if you do give me some information on what else we can I’ll try it if not then im going to just delete it plz and thx violet why haven’t you talk to me yet ? This is my grandson favorite game but we a had so many monster and know where to put. It’s just night as fun as it used to be. That is way I quit playing see us play dragon city that was my favorite game till I couldn’t put anything out. So I deleted that gqame and irf you don’t depend I’m deleting this game to. I sent this letter out a long time ago apparently I not good enough for you could give me so idea. That’s all I want is someone to let me help
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4 months ago, CHEETO supPoRt
I used to play this game all the time when I was a kid but I ended up quitting due to numerous reason. One of the main ones were the updates. Most of them are unnecessary and completely change the game for no reason. For example, the colosseums?? We already have multiplayer, dungeons (which btw have been ruined by all of the new updates thru the recent years, especially this year), adventure maps and MORE. Another thing is the new multiplayer tournament update. I enjoyed the way it was a week ago and saw no reason to change the entire format. It makes me completely lose my will to play when the entire game changes every month or so. I know there are reasons for updating to make the game more interactive but this is definitely not the way to go about it. When I joined the game again after awhile I almost quit right when I saw it since the game changed so much. Also all of the ads, this game is desperate for money and it’s extremely obvious. The diamond islands, the cells offers, and more are all examples of this as well. One last thing is the entire cell thing. The way it’s set up so you can’t level up unless you get cells which 99% of the time is thru purchases rather than being able to get it some other way. The entire upper level of play is dependent on your money rather than your gameplay. Very disappointed in this game and I hope you update it in a more productive way next time.
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2 years ago, Nemeszrayl
Huge Issue
I have been playing Monster Legends for years now, and don’t get me wrong, it’s amazing. There are so many updates and it is really fun, I highly recommend people to play it if they haven’t already, but there is one Huge issue with the game. There is no way to log out of your account. You can not reset progress. This is very annoying for me personally. I would like to reset and start fresh, experience how it was to start anew again, but there isn’t a way to do so. I have tried so many methods but none work. I have looked at forums and seen that others had a similar issue but there isn’t a way to resolve the issue. If a developer sees this, please, please, please, I beg of you, add a way to reset or create a different account on the same device. It is so incredibly inconvenient that you can’t reset. I would rate the game 5 stars if you could reset, but because( to me personally) this is such a huge issue, I cant bring myself to rate it higher. I highly hope that a reset function gets added. Other than this issue the game is amazing. Very fun and while it can have pay-to-win aspects, I have become as strong as many people who spend tons of money. I haven’t spent any money on the game and am doing just fine. That’s all I have to say about the game. Thank you if you read this far.
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6 years ago, FlamingWaffles
Some problems
Ok ,so I like the game but there are some problems. Getting legendaries from mazes is annoying. The maze take so many coins just to get 1 legendary monster. This leads to a problem because maze coins are RIDICULOUSLY HARD TO COME BY. Island events are annoying because of the lack of time you receive to complete them. I hope you don’t like the last or second to last monster on the island challenge because you have no hope of getting it. The new format of team races COMPLETELY craps on low level clans. Some adds don’t actually give you your reward. The addition of books is aggravating. I just want to use my best monsters social point, is that to much to ask from you? Outside of events most legendary monsters are hard to obtain. These monsters can only be bought for 299 gems if their on sale. Otherwise get ready to spend $100 for one legendary. On the bright side the are some breedable legendaries. Also a BIG problem is the balancing of events towards players of all levels. New players don’t have a chance in hell of getting anything from events without spending money. Honestly this game would be a lot better if it didn’t try to grab my wallet half the time.
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2 years ago, sarah blue pink
Cheat you
You get diamonds from watching a video or something and then you bye stamina for 25 diamonds and not one of the stamina swords actually get you anything it’s a scam. Don’t spend your diamonds on the stamina if you’re gonna spend it spend it on something you know you’re gonna get. 🤬The islands get way too expensive and you can’t even buy more habitats to fill your island just time consuming. And you can’t get food fast it just gets really expensive trying to upgrade your Monsters and Battle. A few years ago this game wasn’t that hard but now it’s just extremely hard. I will continue to play it still but the creator can do way better. 😔 and also you have to battle people that are 100 levels higher than you are and their monsters are super strong which gives you no chance to get better you just can’t win unless you actually spend money on their game not gonna happen sorry. I had over 1000 bounty coins saved and they took them all the way which I did not know it was gonna happen but yes I worked hard for them and they took them all the way they should put a warning out.
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1 year ago, Please add this to an update
I love this game
I love this game but I think it’s missing somethings that probably need to be improved. As you know the game is mostly based on gold, gems, and food for your monsters and other stuff in the game, but this game mostly relies on gems and some players don’t have enough gems for those things. Instead of making gems sort of difficult to get, I think that you should make a system that every player can take and in that system you can open tiles to get gems, gold, or food like the bounty hunt, you could even add some fights that players and their monsters can fight if they open the wrong tile. Their would be one tile that can flip over and if that tile is lucky the player could get 100 gems, these gem chances will be low but not to low that player wouldn’t be able to get anything but maybe medium low so theirs a chance to get a great reward. The next thing you should change is making the game more free to play for players who don’t want to spend money on games. I hope you read this at least make the gem hunt I will be really happy if you just do that, have a great day I’ll review you soon again.
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4 years ago, LegendUser
These new meta is a money grab
TL:DR - The game was really good for its kind, but the devs have decided to weed out ftp players by adding more and more pay exclusive content. This game has been amazing through out the years. I have played this game on and off because there is nothing like it. But recently they have been putting in drastic changes like crazy. Two new rarities month after another being the biggest ones. Completely nullifying the meta was kind of refreshing at first. In fact I was behind the idea, while most of the community hated it. As long as I could be in a similar a level of power as I was before. But this was not the case. It was becoming clearer and clearer that those who bought monsters behind the pay wall with the golden legends pass were ahead of the ftp community by weeks or months. It would take a few weeks at least, depending on your level, to catch up in terms of level and runes. And even then, ptw was still ahead because the monsters’ skills and traits were 10x better. Every season they have added pay wall new monsters that are seemingly OP compared to the available free ones. They’ve even made events harder and harder encouraging people to pay. These time limited events are barely possible ftp, because of how they work, if you sleep 6 hours a day. Even then your cutting the line, and its still difficult.
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3 years ago, CupheadPro3785
A Easy Transferring Data Update
I really love Monster Legends and Dragon City but I have really good progress in one device of both of the games and I wanted to transfer the datas to another device. I was thinking of something called SocialPoint Transfer, Which basically it should be and how it works is There should be a button hidden somewhere on the screen and when you tap it, it will pop up something that will say “Hi, Welcome to SocialPoint Transfer, you should only used this if you want to transfer your data to a nearby device”. This requires 2 devices nearby and the game opened in both devices in order to work. Then you have to select the button transfer to transfer the data to the nearby device, then the second devices receives a notification that says for example “Player: BlowFish (Level 55) would like to transfer the data to this device” The options are accept or decline. Once you accepted, it would reload the game by the loading screen and then it will say “You have successfully transferred data to this device, please enjoy and used this next time” P.S. I want this review to seen by a developer of SocialPoint Thank you for your time
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4 years ago, OmnickTheGamingNerd
Absolutely OUTSTANDING, a must have on your device if you like collecting.
When I first got Monster Legends, I didn’t think much of it, and I didn’t really play it for months. I of course uninstalled the game, but somehow I changed my mind, and IMMEDIATELY reinstalled it. I decided to give the game another chance, and that probably has to go on my list of one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in life. Once I started playing again, I realized how much of a good game it is. The combat system is pretty fun & balanced, with each & every monster being good at doing something in combat, whether it’s attack, healing, or supporting. There’s also a lot of things to collect in the game, from monsters, to decorations, and so much more. This game also gives me a reason to check it everyday, because everyday, something new will happen, like a building or habitat finished being built or upgraded, or a monster hatching from an egg, getting daily rewards, and there’s a TON more than what I just mentioned. I recommend anyone, and I MEAN anyone, to give this game a try, and trust me, you probably won’t regret it.
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3 years ago, K_E.10
Decent effort
The game itself is ok and has potential, but at the same time the amount of materials and ways to obtain them are to scarce. Not only that but there are no grindable ways to really improve or level your monsters to improve past stages for additional materials. Also, the monster selections are relatively bad as you go up against monsters of elements that you have no way of obtaining an Effective or strong element against. This game gives the feeling of P2W way to early in the game. It doesn’t allow you to enjoy and get a feel for the mechanics or immersion before slamming payable solutions for early game walls that are to hard to overcome. Also for the currency, the game depends to heavily on gems. Early game gems should not be easy to obtain, however charging an arm and a leg for early development of your island also kills any motivation for improvement in the early stages of the game. Basically I only gave it two stars because of the design, which is graphically appealing and whoever designed the look, style, and environment deserves almost any and all credit for anyone that even bothers to stick around with the game. Luckily I’m getting paid to play it but this is my honest review for early-lvl 15 gameplay. Would not highly recommend, but give it a shot because my opinion may differ from yours.
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4 years ago, treetaken
My review on the game as someone who has been playing it for months
I love the game but I wouldn’t call it a time waster course it is not but nevertheless ive got one problem you can’t collect all the monsters unless you have been playing for years about 20 probably or unless you pay like every time you upgrade witch isn’t a lot it takes time but every time they give you a deal that costs paper money and they have a battle pass that costs 39$ and after you bought one of those you basically just have unlimited resources and there are monsters in both sides free and premium but the premium monster will never be seen again and when I started playing I thought I would collect all monsters without paying and I was dead wrong but the free monster in the battle pass takes some grinding to get and they are not bad monsters and there are a lot of free monsters and they are really good or you could buy gems and buy them all and use gems to get food and upgrade faster but it isn’t worth it cause I know one day I will be the best player and maybe whoever is reading this you might become better than me
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10 months ago, Goood mornig
This game bro!(☆ᴗ☆)
This game is amazing! It’s great the quality is the best and very suited and good for the specific game. This game doesn’t glitch as much as others to if you find a glitch which is pretty hard to it’s not a bad glitch. This game is perfect and others a great to but there’s a likely chance this game is better. I recommend you get this nice game. If you like a game that includes monsters this is you game!(>‿<) If you like games that consider monsters, dragons, naming game and feeding the monsters, battling other monsters, and ecт.. and if you like stuff like that then get this is the game for you. This game does include time so the only thing you need to be able to play this game is ofc patience, being smart, and having fun. It’s good and a great game there’s many people playing it and many people who recommend other people to play it. Heck there a lot of youtubers that do sponsors for this game it’s great. The only downside to this game is there’s a tiny tiny bug in the system otherwise its great and has and you need to have good patience because sometimes you have to wait like 3h.
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4 years ago, mechagoddzila
Ruined by new update
Look I’ve been playing for a year so I know a lot at first the best type was legendary until mythical were released with were kind of annoying but then the cosmic update witch ruined multi player and put in a whole bunch of crazy monsters that I could not get because I have a life outside this game and I am f2p so it was kind of annoying to see myself having trouble with level 50s and don’t get me started on adventure map it is sooooo hard because I only have one cosmic and as I said I quit the grind because it was interfering with my life and that brings me to another point DON’T do the grind on this it will RUIN your social life outside of the game and I guess it cool meeting people from all around the world witch gives it that one star but still you WILL want all that time back like I do if you play it long enough so it might be tempting but avoid the grind AT ALL COSTS but if you wanna skip the grind bye spending money that’s even WORSE it’s a free video game so it’s NEVER gonna be worth your money TRUST me I know people who have waisted THOUSANDS on this game and they DEEPLY regret it so save yourself the suffering of playing this game for a year take it from a LOONG time player and thousands of others it’s not worth it unless you have friends who made the same mistake and you can chat with them so PLEASE take it from me and avoid the grind and stay f2p.
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6 years ago, Wintergal802
Agreeing with Silva Man
This game is fun when you first begin but once you reach a certain level it becomes all about the cash for you to gain any decent ground in the game. They only offer the same sales. They have also made the side games that I enjoyed so much where you can never make any headway unless your willing to spend money and I’m referring to large dollar amounts. Probably won’t play much longer. I’m in level 80’s but am pretty much at a stand still unless I’m willing to pour major dollars into the game. Just for some idle fun this game has just about lost that side of it. The battles are hard to even tell what the true level of the opposing team is, so the PVP section isn’t a whole lot of fun when you choose one that has ruins way higher than yours so ya know your dead. As for these new relics going to need money and some one to tell ya if there is even a benefit to getting them . Game is a time waster if nothing else. Been playing for quite some time, years and have only created less than half the monsters and challenges require a lot of breeding so Now it’s had to even place if ya don’t pay and their price is way to high just for me to only go ahead in a game , I’ll have nothing concrete to show for my money. 1.00 in one father local Walmart’s are a better chance of getting ya somewhere lol
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2 months ago, Rottensheep
The random pop up ads……
Game was decent but geez lay off trying to get more money out of people I’m not paying anything just so these random pop ups will be gone. A while back these ads wasn’t annoying to deal with because they was optimized and you didn’t even have to watch them. Yes the money grabbing of this game is crazy, yes the quizzes for getting these gems was shady as best because they be asking way too much questions and personal informations. but at least you can hop in the game without seeing any of them unless you click on them. Now you have a chance of having a ad on your screen just by doing anything in the game and sometimes these ads be in a different language and you by accident click on a shady website now and may get a virus because you didn’t click on the right button. I literally try to hope back in this game because the monsters and the game was fun and I was trying to give it a second chance but nope now I ain’t even going to play if I can’t have a hour of gameplay before a random ad pops up lol this game is pretty shady all the way. But if you’re still going to play just keep in mind don’t trust this game with your infos.
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5 years ago, zederpcookie
Amazing game but...
This is a great game and all, plus it appeals my monster fantasy and effort to be the best. They’re some pros and cons to this game, the pros: you the player is given a substantial amount of monster as a starting player or experienced, gems are not as hard to get, events in this game are thirlling and exciting. The cons: the maze and island event are just a little money grab and a total waste of time, I believe that award should be given to you when your nearly there and can almost touch the finish line (e’g legendary/epic monster is only four moves away from completing the path in the maze and in the island, only 100 gems or less away from the legendary/ epic monster). Multiplayer is just unfair from the start, to up. You the player just feel the need to buy gems but i dont think monster legends is built that way, dont get me wrong we love the game and nothing wrong getting money from it, its just part of the game that doesnt feel quite right. Overall this is great game with a few draw back, i really do recommend this game if your interested into strategy and fantasy. Much love to the creators and the company <3
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4 years ago, technotorious
The developers are too greedy
I used to play this game every day. I mean all things aside Social Point put together a very addicting game. But you could tell at some point they became too obsessed with getting money and not obsessed enough with making the game enjoyable. For instance: there are in game events you can participate in teams or by yourself for rewards. One of these are the mazes. If you’ve ever been in a maze in monster legends then you know what I’m talking about. I swear on my life you would never be able to get through one all the way without spending money. There are time limits on these mazes and they don’t give you enough tokens in game to get through it so you stress out because you see these awesome monsters you can’t get. Another example is the space issue. They purposely designed the islands to give you less space, eventually causing you to run out later in the game. They also limit how many habitats you can have out which makes things stressful also. They give you an option to buy an extra island but at that point you’re pretty much forced to if you want to continue the game. There are tons of other examples but I’d be writing a novel trying to explain all of them. Bottom line; if you want to invest time into a game that will reward you unconditionally without having to invest money, this is not your game.
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5 years ago, JawadBis
Good game but donating should be changed
I’ve never enjoyed a mobile game as much as monster legends. There are so many good things about the game, and there’s constant events and updates. But there’s one thing that personally I find extremely annoying, that is team donating. It is absolutely stupid that you can not donate many cells at a time, I once had 60 voltaik cells and it took me a month and a half in order to get 40 cell donations!!! That’s an absurd amount of time, I think that you should be able to donate whatever quantity of cells at a time you want, whether it’s 1 cell or it’s 40 cells. You could cap this like how you cap elementium so that you need at least 50 cells before someone can donate a large quantity to you. I personally think this would save so much time and speed up the game a bit, because although I understand that you want to balance the game, no one wants to spend a month requesting cells when you should be able to only have to request once. Thank you, I really do hope you add this addition since it will make the gamer more fun for everyone! Keep up the good work as well!
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3 years ago, Thrillions
Used to be great
Loved this game all the way back whenever it first came out. But theirs a problem that doesn’t set well with me or other players in my opinion. The mazes used to be optional to where you could have a chance to get the monster or the prizes depending on how much time you spend on the game, but now you have to pay money to even get a glimpse at the monster or anything really. That goes with the races as well, literally every race is broken to the point where other teams can spend tons of money to get 1st place without doing any tasks or what so ever. The game now just seems like a cash grab and I hate seeing the game I grew up on becoming what I hoped it not to be. Still a fun game but I wish it was respected enough for newcomers or old players like myself to have a chance and have fun, without the need for pay to win monsters and items. Also another thing, monster cells to rank up are another cash grab since it’s impossible to do it the right way without having to pay or pay for gems to unlock the rest of those certain cells.
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3 years ago, justice for monsters 321
A good game
This game is good down to collecting and strategy but there is one flaw in this game the breeding and egg hatching most take so long and when you have like let me say 10 gems and it’s a mythical monster your gonna have to wait for over 24 hours! 2nd the constant ads to get gems and stuff yeah I know that’s how you make money but it just seems like that it impossible to get a monster from the theater! 3rd I will talk about the monster pass the monster pass is like a battle pass but you know it for monsters it flaws because take a game like dragon city another game they made the pass is short and you don’t really spend hours and days just to get to level 2! Then the graphics it can do better I don’t have any smarts on coding but I really want graphics to be changed when I stared playing in like 2014 not many graphics changed some did but then they did not fit in and I know there’s lots of monsters in this game but please change monster sprites for the game every update and it slowly gets better in graphics! But despite all those it’s a good game and I really love it and I recommend to download it!
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2 years ago, nervous_wreck
100% Honest
The game was fun back when it was just Commons, Rares, Epics and Legendaries. The game was fun, if a little challenging. Not too complex and not too simple. But with the introduction of Mythics the game got turned on it’s head and not in a good way. SocialPoint is more money grubbing than they were before, with some monsters straight up behind a paywall. And I get battle passes are super big in gaming nowadays but ruins the experience if that pass gives you one (or two) of the most OP monsters out at the time. I’ve bought a couple of them, even if I’m not a full on P2P person, I still pay for things out of curiosity. However I’ve stopped buying things since the middle of the new “era” as they call them because all of the events are repetitive and boring, the newest monsters are almost always near impossible to obtain without shelling out cash to the greedy slugs at SP. I used to love this game but Mythics 110% ruined it. I only play it now as an occasional “I’m super bored and idk what else to do” game. It’s nothing more than that to me anymore. Sometimes it has moments where it seems to have a gleam of a former glory, but that glory is gone now. The game is just dull and uninteresting now. Heavily consider what you want before downloading this game.
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5 years ago, redraven03
I love this game but..
So I’m assuming other people and I love this game. Don’t get me wrong, this game is amazing. My issue is that I got a new phone. Before I turned my old phone in, I made sure (multiple times) that the data transferred. I turned my old phone in and that was that. I slowly stopped playing this game and then came back like the month after I stopped. I logged to find that my everything was gone. I had to start a new. This was very upsetting so I just didn’t bother to play. I was trying to find multiple ways to get my account back. I didn’t have Facebook either so that doesn’t help. There really should be like a Game Center thing we are able to connect to, or even an account for the company, we can create and log on to. I have spent quite a bit of money on this game. I don’t spend money on games I know I’m not going to play long but I was really enjoying this game so I bought bundles and gems. It was really heart breaking to have my progress all gone. If this problem could be resolved I would really, really, really, appreciate it. It would mean so much. Thanks for reading.
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4 months ago, Joshyc28
Good game, but need some fixing
I used to play this game a lot and I still do my free time the thing I have a problem is is waiting for a long time like please developer slow down the breeding it takes a long time and it just makes me want to shut down the game and another thing that I noticed is they are a lot of monsters so you should at least put like you will be able to buy some monsters for gold because I really love it if you could buy monsters for Gold and developers if you’re reading this people really want you to make gold into gems for example maybe 250k for 1 I know it’s a lot for starters, but once people get used to it, they get a hang of it then they have a lot of gold and there are a lot of bugs once I saw Monsters floating around and another thing is whenever I bought something it didn’t give it to me as soon as as bought I it I had to wait for like an hour or two so please fix that developers honestly, I really love this game. I love it so much and developers. Please read this message. Thanks.
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6 years ago, Asusien
Don’t expect Gems when you complete offers
I’ve been playing the game just over a month. I really like a lot of aspects of it, fun progression, interesting Monsters, it’s also nice there’s a variety of ways to stay busy so it’s not just 5 minutes and then wait an hour again before you’re recharged to play. My complaint is the customer service. Specifically, I’ve completed a few of the Monsterwood (in game cinema system to watch commercials and earn gems, along with challenges outside the game to earn more, ie.. sign up for a game and get to “X” level and you’ll earn X Gems) challenges and the one that I really expected payout for which was a Gillette razor offer, buy and have shipped a razor package and you’ll receive 2,200 Gems (worth a significant amount in game since Gems are very expensive) and I completed as instructed, waited and nothing was rewarded. I’ve notified customer service several times, no response yet, and still no Gems now a week after completing the instructions. Until this is resolved I will not recommend this game or another product form the developers, it’s too bad they can’t just be the company that finally gets it all right for their customers. I doubt I’ll ever get a response, but if I do, I’ll adjust my review accordingly to the outcome.
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5 years ago, WendyRN77
Hello This Is HaydenCraft2008 Speaking To Tell About How Horrible this Game Is Now
I Use To Play This Game And It was AWESOME But Later I Looked And Saw How The Game Looked I mean Come On the Way Firesaur Has Gums Sticking Looks RETARTED I mean Really And RockillA And Firekong Had Chests That Were Made Out Of Rock But Now It’s Made Out Of SKIN I Mean Your Weird Why In The World Did You Give Firekong NIPPLES! What I Thought About Was Maybe you could make A setting where You Could Choose The Look I’ll Give You An Example There Would Be Three Settings 1. You Could Make It Look Like The Beta with The Old Monsters Or 2. You could make The Monsters Treezard,Firesaur,Greenasaur,RockillA,Firekong,Pandaken,And Pandalf look Like their Old Versions Or Number 3. if Somehow You Like The Newest Looks Than You Could Switch To That So This is What I Have To Say Cause This Really Bothers Me Please Listen To Me I’m Only 10 But Still Pleeeeeaaaase Do it I Really Hope You Listen To This Because One Day People Are Going To Say They Hate The New Looks And I Am One Of them If you do it I Will Put Another Star This HaydenCraft2008 Speaking And This Message Is Over P.S. Please Just Please Do it And I Promise I Will Fill Another Star In And The Message Is Actually Over Now.
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7 years ago, xXMadMike666Xx
Great game, Getting a bit greedy Though.
Game is fun, entertaining, and constantly stays fresh with new challenges. I’d love to give the game a full five star rating. There are a few things (all that concern the player having no choice but to buy Gems). In “Race Mode” some of the challenges are so impossible that spending gems to speed along the process and complete a lap is your only option. When I first started playing, every now and then you’d get lucky and earn a strong or “legendary” monster. Now it’s pretty much impossible, and breeding to get the monsters you want during breeding events takes multiple chances. (Some breeding times take 33 hours!!) thus leading you to spend gems to speed up the process because breeding events only last for so long. I wish the gameplay would stay the exact same but the whole “NEED FOR GREED” attitude would go down a few notches. I get it, companies need to make money. But remember some of your players are children, just trying to compete with the rest of us. ***This is my opinion and maybe others will feel differently***
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3 years ago, Sindee28
Issue with quite a few things
I loved playing this game back then, it kept me up all nights, however I’ve been playing for a while recently and things have gotten much more harder and less fun, things such Mazes which maze coins are much harder to get now. I can barely get 1 monster now that I have to spend a whole day on collecting 50+ maze coins or less every 4 hours or something. Another issue would probably be the monsters, I’d say maybe take your time and release a huge batch of monsters every once in a while, some monsters look like no effort was put into them and their abilities and stats are usually terrible for the long wait. Another issue I can’t stress enough is the new multiplayer egg system. I beg that you guys can at least cut the wait time by 1/3 of the original wait time, if not 1/3’s of the original wait time for every egg, then at least Half of the time of each egg. Overall, this game is pretty decent for the state it is in as of now, I’m down for seeing this game progress much more, however I want to see it progress with efficiency. Quality > Quantity
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4 years ago, Death152
Game is awesome but...
This game by far is amazing it is truly good but there is one problem, when you have progress a bunch of progress and it’s so satisfying signed into ur good account with all ur success and monsters, friends, clan, until your phone will break, or something happens to the device and ur no longer able to go onto your account to play and have fun, yes my previous phone I had a very good island/ progress and with a lot of monsters I love I spent some money and a lot of time on the game because I loved it that much to the point I was playing all the time until I broke my phone and got a new one, I tried logging on with my new phone I put the exact information to get in and it says some thing about how I can’t sign in because my old phone that is broken has the files and game data so I can’t sign in and it honestly anoyys me and makes me kinda mad that I put so much time and effort into a game I loved for it to be gone in a second just because there’s only one way to get in which is through Facebook and there isint Game Center, etc . Please do something about this I can assure you all that there are a lot of players that have the same issue I thank you for having your time.
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2 years ago, Kevin and Jimmy
I think that this game is very fun, but maybe they could give you more opportunities to get maze coins? That would be great I just watched 25 ads and I got 500 maze coins! Which usually would be a lot but since each move is 110 or so maze coins I only got to move like three times. I think that it was quit a rip-off. I would also like to mention the fact that after a while the game feels almost boring! It takes like 3 whole days for a “good” egg to hatch! Which there ain’t much to do in three days, speaking that it also takes that long to breed! I’m on level like 52 or so, and I think that the level on adventure map after a while get REALLY hard and it takes me days to get threw them! Also the chat is almost scary people can say almost whatever they want! You could cyber bully people if you tried. I don’t think that is very safe. I think that they should change it so then you could only say things like “hi” ,”team war is about to start” or like maybe request what you are saying? So then people can make sure what other people are saying is safe. Otherwise I think that the game is extremely fun and adventurous! So thanks!!!!!!
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2 years ago, JJ not twins
Monster legends
I love this game so much! There’s just a little problems though, like if you store something like the little cobble square there should be a thing where you can sell all of them instead of individual. And if your trying to delete stuff you should get a option where you can make a big shape around stuff and everything inside that shape you can delete it or store it. And also why do the hatching or breeding eggs take so long? Like a day and 8 hours??? Hello? I don’t have 2 days for this. And why does it cost 15 gems just for 75,000 gold. I can get that much easily, it should only be like 3-5 gems. And everything else like the food. You should update these things. And also why can’t we use the other cells to get mythic monsters. Why do we have to get that monsters cells instead of using the other cells to. Like the super dream, why can’t we use the era cells to make up for the dream cells. And also why can’t we use gems or gold to get cells if any monsters instead of only a few. These updates would make the game much more lovable. Over all this is a great game.
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5 years ago, insanedragonninja47
Come on socialpoint...
Okay this game was awesome. Revolutionary even. For the most part, it still is! The monsters are cool, there’s fun combat, it’s all good until you bring up legendary monsters. They are the strongest monsters in the game, so it makes sense that they’d be super rare. Rare to the point where not every single person has one, but not rare to the point where it’s almost impossible to get one without buying gems. I don’t know what happened with you, socialpoint, but it’s gotten to that point. And the worst part isn’t that the game is now pay-to-win, the worst is that you can’t even buy legendaries anymore. I mean you can, if you’re a millionaire and you can afford to spend $500 on gems! The gem offers in the shop are nowhere NEAR worth it anymore! It gets to a point where it’s impossible to progress in adventure mode with just epic monsters, which are still very rare! Seriously. Even with a full team of legendaries, you still would have a very difficult time playing the game. And it’s not a fun type of rare, like if you’re looking for a rare Easter egg or something, it’s the type of rare that makes players get frustrated, check the shop for gem offers, and then quit the game. That is not how you make a fun game, Socialpoint. Do better.
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3 years ago, Schoolgirl04
Good game but have a few complaints
I have spent a good while on this game and I do think it it pretty fun and addicting. The few complaints I have; first off, there are event chests where you can only open them with a Tales Key that I can never get before the Tales challenge ends and it’s not that often that it even shows up. Next, for the multiplayer cheats, they changed it from where they all opened at once to ply being able to open one at a time or spend gems, it is really annoying especially when you are trying to do multiple multiplayer matches in a row, then you have to hit X, how t discard chest, and then confirm. It’s a pain. Finally, and most aggravating of all...I had gotten a legendary (Yilitre) from the recent event where I ended up buying the dream monster (because the game glitched for two days and the monster wood building completely disappeared) and I finally got to hatch the egg, the habitat finally finished, and I clicked one too many times to hatch it...and sold it I stopped playing for now because I’m just so mad that it’s that easy to sell legendary eggs that I spent soooo much time breeding monsters for
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4 years ago, GmSkerrett
Somethings that need to be add in the game!
I love the game, but please add some stuff in the game. Do a nerf and buff to the monster’s traits, skill and strength. Some of them are useless and some of them are powerful and annoying. For example, you guys made every tank monsters have mega taunt in their trait, just stick with regular taunt in they’re traits, look at how powerful you guys made Santerion! You guys made Heiss’s trait immune to control, his trait could have been immune to freeze and demon he is made out of Magma and fire. You guys made Elvira apply evasion to her ally’s, You could’ve make it to do it to herself because most of the monster’s traits have block positive effects removal, do you guys even know how long it takes to recharge to a low level monster with that trait. Please extend every event, people don’t have enough time just extended them. Do something about timing on hatching and crafting, do you guys know how long it takes for them to be finish, hours and days! Stop people from telling kids to get more gems in races, kids are wasting their or parents money on this stuff. In multiplayer please add a next button so we can pick who we can fight. Why do we had to gems to remove runes it’s a wasted of gems.
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7 years ago, Silva man
Cash grab is getting ridiculous
The game can get a bit annoying with the cash grab opportunities the developers take. For example, in this maze challenge they have, you need a certain amount of coins to make your monster move one or more spaces, and there are prizes in those spaces like food, gold, etc. They only give you enough coins to make one maybe two moves day. You have no control over your monster goes when you make a move, and if there’s a valuable prize in front of your monster, like jewels, or more coins you can use to make moves, they will blatantly turn your monster in another direction to pursue a less valuable prize, hence wasting all the PRECIOUS time you spent trying to earn that coin to make that ONE move toward that valuable prize. And to top it off, every once in a while you have to battle maze creatures. I don’t mind that part, but they will put you against creatures that can wipe you out with one move, even if your creatures are at a much higher level. Now, I’ve spent some actual money here and there for more food, or more jewels, etc., but the cash grab is getting ridiculous, and, more often than not, the amount you put in doesn’t justify the minuscule progress that you make. I won’t be playing much longer
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