Monster Truck Destruction™

4.2 (6.1K)
296.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
ODD Games Pty Ltd
Last update
10 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Monster Truck Destruction™

4.16 out of 5
6.1K Ratings
2 years ago, Jewell$$$$!tj
Most Realistic Monster Truck Game Ever!
The physics are quite realistic. I’ve been playing this game for years and I never grow tired of trying to set new lap records on every track. I miss the obstacle damage memory between races. It made each race faster than the previous as the objects got crushed down more and more with each race. Made it that much more realistic. That went away in 2020. Wish it would be reimplemented. And here more recently, backflips off of conex containers don’t work like they used to. I always land on my lid and bounce over onto the wheels. Not sure why that changed. Those are the only two things keeping me from rating as 5 star. Fantastic game all around. And I grew up around monster trucks. The owner of Captain USA is a close family friend. I grew up in his shop watching both his monster Jeeps be built. Update: Per the developer’s response, steering left or right while hitting the gas does allow you to backflip off of shipping containers. Not sure what the logic is behind that but it works. Makes for a potentially more crooked landing though.
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1 year ago, Fnaf-lover13
More accurate than Monster Jam games
In my opinion I have never played a monster truck game free on a mobile device that is better and more true to how monster trucks are supposed to be then the big budget name brand monster truck games For gaming consoles better than this game. this game features real life monster trucks that are non-monster jam trucks (for legal reasons) and creative tracks for each level. It’s a great barebones approach to an idea that can easily fail. This game kind of reminds me of what Monster Jam Crush It should’ve done, I downloaded this game back in 2015 on my old iPad and just had to redownload it once the updates rolled in. However there are times where it does go stale, the ads also play over the time you’re supposed to drive, sometimes the game does freeze up but it’s a rare occurrence. The audio is definitely better than before (reverse used to have the truck idle sound) but overall it’s a great piece that does even better than the Modern Monster jam games (physics breaking sim is what I call it) and also has a lot of trucks from back in the day that deserve more attention. Overall definitely a 9/10 and deserves a proper console release. If this game ever turns into one you have to pay for I say buy it.
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11 months ago, AdanBravo
I love this game but please consider my one suggestion
I have played this game for nearly 8 years on multiple devices, and consider it the premier Monster Truck game. No console or mobile game comes close. Although this game is nearly flawless, I think one simple addition would make it perfect. That would be the inclusion of a Monster Jam World Finals style track (particularly World Finals 9 with a big triple jump). I don’t know how this would cause any licensing issues if the colors are changed and Monster Jam isn’t referenced. I also believe it is well within the developers capability to create a map modeled off of WF 9 (judging on the intricacy of the other maps already included). I know beggars can’t be choosers, so even a loose adaptation of those mid-2000’s World Finals tracks would be awesome. So long as we get freestyle and Las Vegas style racing, I and the entire player base, would be ecstatic. I don’t know if this can be done or if it is feasible for a game nearly a decade old, but I see there are updates as recent as a few weeks ago. Please let me know if this is something that can happen. Thanks. (PS- after sending this I just saw that you guys are making a level editor. Hats off to you guys who are hard at work for this game)
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2 years ago, Lucasnalex
FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😀😆😁 but can you add axle damage
I’ve been waiting for this new update for so long thanks odd games and continue using the x tour trucks AND STILL This game NEEDS RAIN And MUD FOR All THE DIRT tracks BUT ALSO ADD mud tracks and more for the mud and another thing you SHOULD add is (when you see the monster trucks crash or roll over and land on the wheels the body either flops until it falls off and land on the track) can you PLEASE ADD THAT TYPE OF DAMAGE instead of the pieces of the body! And I been waiting forever for your second game when is it going to be released it’s already 2020 and nothing when is the game coming out later this year? And when is the next update for 2020???????????? And when is the next new update for 2020?????????????? And can you please add so that your truck will get dirty please on both dirt and mud (that will be monster truck destruction 2) and I now know this game and the trucks are focusing on the throw down and monster x tour and NOT monster jam oh and also can you please add so that the truck’s 4 link bars bend and break for all the trucks and add so that the trucks can break the tie rods on the front and rear like in monster jam please and also can please add weather for ALL tracks please
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1 year ago, Strongest Hydra 454
Amazing update but MASSIVE disadvantage and even a racist truck
The new update for this game is so good and I actually prefer this update for this game with the new side by side mode, new trucks, and what not. But the reason this is 4 stars is because of 2 things the UI when driving and the name of one of the trucks that could have been MUCH better. Let’s start with the driving UI, the camera and pause button are very close and this might not seem like a problem but in reality, it makes the game almost UNPLAYABLE. Now when I want to pause the game it changes the camera angle that I was already happy with and I have to change it back to normal while unintentionally pausing the game in the process and it gets annoying. And finally I will talk about the racist name for one of the trucks. ‘BORDER PATROL’ that is the name. I am just speechless on this. The truck is like a hummer modified to look like a dog, good enough until we get to the name which is HIGHLY inappropriate especially for the times we are in right now. The name could at least be changed to ‘K9’ or something along the lines of that but border patrol is just inappropriate. So all the things that HAVE to be done is, changing the name of border patrol and separate the camera and pause buttons. And I just hope that ODD games gets to see this review and if they do, I love your game It’s amazing especially with the new update. So please just do these two things please.
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3 years ago, D-Pak50
A Ton Of Fun!
I’ve been playing this game for I’d say at least 3 years now, have almost all the trucks and won every race and freestyle and still come back to it. The physics are pretty spot on which I can’t say the same for other *certain major corporate sponsored* games. For the next update or even MTD2 I think it’d be awesome to see track customization where you can go in and make your own tracks and be able to put them up in multiplayer for others to play on. I think that’s something a lot of us have been really looking for in a monster truck game on a mobile platform. As well as keeping (please for the love of god) crush cars in the game and more destructible items (tractor trailers, box trucks, bigger more and or more detailed motor homes, maybe small little boats or small planes maybe?) Possibly add some weather effects like rain changing the grip levels on the tracks and making you slide out a little more as a challenge added to a race or freestyle. I love the variety of trucks and I’m excited to see what new ones are included. I love the game and am hyped for the new one. Hopefully some of these requests make it into the final product! Cheers!
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6 years ago, King Sermy
Really, really good, just needs a few small fixes...
It seems as though the purchase issue had to do with the previous version of the game, as upon the new updates release I recieved that which I had purchased, I now play the game all the time! :) That being said there are still a few small nitpicks I have: This update did fix level 23 and added actual cars and such to crush, however, for some reason level 21 no longer has any crush cars to hit anymore, and seeing as the score needed to beat it is almost double, freestyle on level 21 is completely impossible. Which brings me to the next issue-The freestyle scores are WAY TOO HIGH on the later levels, which wouldn’t be an issue if the prize money didn’t cap at $40,000 like the others. and the prize pool for the otherwise amazing winter tracks is far too low. Other than this, the game is still the only game I play consistently on my phone, just needs a few small tweaks :)
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6 years ago, thegam3r25
A big problem, BIG! PROBLEM!!!
The second to last level has absolutely NO CARS OR SMASH-ABLE objects on freestyle AT ALL!!! So it's EXTREMELY HARD to keep score and raise the multiplier! This way it is IMPOSSIBLE to get the LAST level which looks REAL fun. And another... on apple, I find that it DOES NOT let you unlock the next track if you DRAG RACE! I'm completely annoyed with this horrible issue, and the green cars and lightning colored vans will crush ALL the way GLITCHING THROUGH THE GROUND!!! And the fact how the hood of the bus crushes to the bumper evenly is unrealistic and also another glitch is the way the cars crush flat and evenly so does vans, I find the strange thing that you can't just BUY a level for the price being equal to the prize if you win a race in that level, so this is almost impossible to complete with me only having TWO TRUCKS and almost all levels. So it really makes me rage on the inside because the score keeping is cruel. And scores NEEDED are WAY too high for the newer CENTRAL championship. Sooooooo yeah there are lots of issues. Oh yeah ads, you can't skip then and that is stupid cuz it always shows me something I DON'T CARE ABOUT!!! *panting* 😡💢 🔥🔥🔥
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12 months ago, Monster truck lord
Great game but would like these features
It is a great game overall with how the truck reacts to certain stuff and how the game works and plays. The game feels like it is missing something’s that I think people would like for example a custom truck u could make and probably flags or smoke/fire like Dragon and El Toro Loco have. The custom truck could be made with the different sponsors that the game has and different body’s like a Jeep or a semi truck so that way people can try to create their favorite trucks. The flags can be like a Summit flag or a simple checkered flag that people can use on any truck and could get broken off. There could also be a level designer place in the levels selection screen that people can create a level in a arena that the levels are in that already have stuff rendered outside of places we can drive. But I realize that this is a mobile game that probably could not handle most of the stuff that I mentioned above but it would be cool to see some of it in the game.
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1 year ago, XnagakuraX
Ads make the game unplayable
I understand F2P games need ad revenue to survive but my god, this game. Every time I tap a button to do anything I get a 30 second ad. Repair your truck? Ad. Restart your run? Ad. Quit the race? Ad. I’ve been a huge MT fan since I was a child watching my Battle of the Monster Trucks VHS and was super stoked to play this game, especially when I saw they had USA-1 (my favorite of all time). But the ads have ruined it for me after only 2 days. The positives of this game are the truck selection, some deep cuts with legendary monster trucks from through out the years, Physics of truck handling and throttle response and such are also really good for a mobile game. But for me, as an F2P player, the pros don’t outweigh the cons at the moment. Another thing that makes it only two stars is the U.I. The turn buttons are so tiny on the screen, it’s hard to hit them. And the Pause game button and camera angle switch buttons overlap. If I accidentally change my view I have to spend the next 5 mins trying to tap the camera button without pausing the game. It’s maddening. (Playing on iPhone 12pro btw)
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3 years ago, striaght aotta kompton
Ideas for MTD2
Hi odd games, I have been reading bad reviews about this game, and, well, I lose brain cells, anyways, I want muddy tracks and realistic physics to MTD2, like when you hit hard to the ground, your whole truck, (mostly the tires) will start to shake like you see in monster jam. I know it is too much to ask, I know you’ll have to ask monster jam, but, can you add, a-, can you add grave digger. Please?🥺🥺🥺 and can you add more realistic graphics, like when you turn hard and your going fast, dirt starts to fly. Can you I know this is unnecessary but can you make the people watching more realistic, just make the whole game more realistic looking. Can you add more modes like jam, it’s multiple trucks just go ham, go cray cray, you feel me? And add more background music like pop or EDM, not copyrighted songs, or you could add it, it’s up to you. And add make your own TRUCK!! That would be lit. Love your game. Make it easy, medium, hard, extreme.
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1 year ago, L4d lover
It’s a fun game but there’s one minor problem
I used to play this game a while back when it was in its early days and I loved it. And I recently decided to pick it back up again after getting massively disappointed with the new monster name games. That being said there is something I noticed when playing the game now that wasn’t present before, that being the wobble of the fiber glass body of the trucks when it would get damaged and it’s one of the things I loved about this game that is no longer there. The new crash physics on the body shell seems more stiff like it’s made out of metal and doesn’t have that realistic wobbling effect that it should have when a fiberglass piece gets knocked loose. This feature while a minor one is what made this game my go to for monster truck games and now that it’s gone I’m very disappointed. Perhaps you can restore the old crash physics for the body shells on the trucks in a future update? I really want to come back to this game and have that realistic feel that it used to have.
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5 years ago, Eldeer
Wow! Amazing but a few suggestions
So I was watching Monster Jam World Finals, don't ask me why, and I thought to myself about your amazing game. So I was thinking and I decided to write another review. It would be awesome if you could add some realistic mechanics, like when your doing a donut or cyclone, if you overdo the turn, you flip over. You could also add another mechanic in which once you flip over, it's over. Also please add another mechanic in which when you try to save your truck from flipping, you have to turn to the correct side. Like in a real Monster Jam truck. Also, you know how in Thunder Alley at the end where you have to do the turn. Well I would be happy if added a mechanic in which when you turn and you have to turn the wheel the other way to not flip over. Also please add a mechanic in which you have to slow down before you turn. All of this would make me the happiest person on earth. Please leave reply on these ideas.
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5 months ago, Augustdude28
Monster truck destruction 2 : how’s it going on the progress?
Hey devs, I just want to know what’s going on with monster truck destruction to what trucks will be added and can we get like a truck maker? I also still want to know what new trucks are going to be added and what are some possible designs also, one more thing to note some people might get a little inappropriate with the trucks that are customize so please make it so if you do something inappropriate with the trucks, then he told you not to do it because I think there will be some kids who play this and to be honest this is kind of cool I love the game, but I still think that we should get some really new things and some new tracks so I just want to know what’s going on with the development I wish you the best of luck. I hope you guys make this really successful and I want to say good luck. -August also good luck
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1 year ago, Dookie fade
Adds to updates
I really enjoy this game but I think we need to make the trucks look realistic with old school build like how the 1994 trucks are have the rest of the truck tired and panels built the same way but also add in dirt that can actually be thrown around or trucks can actually break the axel or destroy the whole the windshield and instead of pieces flying off it can look realistic with body panels bent a certain way or a part of the truck is crushed. Also have some real monster truck tracks that are realistic. Make it like monster jam steel titans and beamng together but even better and more realistic also have bigger tires for the truck there is too much of the suspension showing or it isn’t build realistically like actual tractor tires or bkt tires and add in part of the track that can be destroyed like ramps have a old school smash where we can get old school cars also.
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3 years ago, 10292939383 not a hacker
Got many ideas!!!
Ok so I love this game and I have been playing ever since it first came out and throughout the time that I played this game I have so many ideas! The first one is that maybe this game should have a domination arena where there are 10 monster trucks including us where we fight and to get eliminated is by either being destroyed (hit them at a high speed and they explode) or being pushed out of the arena and the arena is pretty big and every time a monster truck gets eliminated the arena gets smaller making it harder. The second idea is if you could add a boost, a boost will be very helpful and it will makes us go so much higher and faster and I would really enjoy that :). The third and final idea is that what I think what really would be cool is that if you put a race around the world event where there are four monster trucks and we each race in a circuit in each different country and every race you win we get 30k cash and every race we win 1st place is a score and it gives you 4 points 2nd 3 points 3rd 2 points 4th 1 point and if you win first place you will get 1,000,000 cash :D. If you can’t do this that is alright and one more thing can you make different sounds for the monster trucks? If you can do atLeast one I would be really happy and it would change the game. Thank you for reading this. From : Your 1# fan
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2 years ago, Monster dude is crZy
Game is fun, but..☹️
I love this game! Especially the levels, truck selection, and championships. But what I didn’t know is that Heavy Hitter and Basher weren’t added. They were my favorite trucks, beside Bigfoot and XMAXX. But I was a legend of monster trucks. I do know I am a pretty good monster truck fan, but I did notice that they were chevy’s but the most thing is that I am confused. Carolina crusher is supposed to be a Chevy, not a ram. And Bad Habit (Old Version) was a ram too. I didn’t really understand why there is a new brand difference with the real life motor machines. But, etc now. I did even know that there is another game, Trucks Off Road (TOR) I really wish that there would be more trucks. But anyways, I hope ya see this review. But 1 last thing. The Bad Habit (Relapse) has Firestone Tires. I see in real life there isn’t no Firestone tires. Maybe it could not have been made but, you did good. Your monster truck legend, Jayden.
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4 years ago, truckdestroyer595
Needs Update just a little. Part 2 to my review.
Game is really good and fun especially when you have to kill some time. But I’ve been playing so long I’ve done everything and have pretty much every truck. Can we get another update with some more trucks and without a doubt a all dirt stunt track (kinda like how the monster jam tracks are now or something like that with no cars or anything else on it so we can push the games physics and see what weird and cool things we can make the trucks do.”that was from last review” (I couldn’t find where to respond to you so Imma just do it this way, you ask me if I’m talking about just open area or ramps still just without cars and yeah the second one, pretty much you can keep all original maps too just have another mode on the bottom where you can do something like a freestyle without any of the cars on the maps.)
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6 years ago, NorthStar V8
I think you guys should allow us to make our own designs, I really like that Chevy used for “TANTRUM” But I really dislike the way the design looks... Like we need a blacked out truck and the price of it is around 500k and when we buy it we can choose any model from the game of a truck that the player has bought and create different types of paint, and maybe allow us to make our own map, even if you don’t add this my review will stay at 5 stars... and the standard base of the “blacked out truck” should be... ehh... how about no body? In fact allow us to remove a body from a truck for $2k, I’m just trying to make the game more enjoyable because I like the game but extremely slowly, it’s getting kind of boring... and hopefully if you do add this please don’t make the glitch happens when you buy remove ads and you can’t ever get back in the game... thank you Sincerely- the kid who thinks saying “sincerely-“ is smart...
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3 years ago, Noah warrior
Incredible Game! But needs some more stuff.
Please responded my advice developers, I love this game, I’ve been playing it for years, so many trucks and tracks, it’s boredom destroyer. I love the XMAXX truck and Bigfoot trucks. But I would love to see a simulator version of this game, built into this game, so you could go from simulator to regular. This game is a blast to play, but I would really like some realism, I know that if you made it a sim, like just a sim, you would lose people who want to play free. So an on/off switch for sim and regular would be cool. I would like mechanics in turning and when you flip, you can’t just do a cyclone to get back up, it needs to be harder. I think it would be cool if you can change difficulty levels. And maybe spectate AI freestyles. Multiplayer would be cool, but you could choose to play offline. I mean overall, if you want a mobile monster truck game, it’s no-brainer to get MTD. Thanks odd games for this game.
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6 years ago, fordfirstonraceday
update 3-31
Event 23 has issues, 1/3 of the way through qualifying the app shuts down in both racing and freestyle.. can you look into it please.. thanks event 27 is stuck on loading.. can you look into it please.. thanks I’ve had this game for a long time and was very happy for the latest apple update with the winter tracks and new trucks.. I play this game on a semi daily basis and it’s great.. it’s challenging, realistic (for the most part) and fun to race my son for lowest time.. I’m looking forward to the next update and would like to add my request(s) to the list.. first.. a replay option after a completed event utilizing the fan view.. (the 3rd camera view starting with the drivers seat view).. and second.. less lane barriers.. on a few of the short tracks it makes a freestyle win very difficult.. that’s all I have.. thanks for the good times the game provides and keep up the good work..
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4 months ago, griffin1523
Great game overall!
I’ve had this game for a long time. I’ll go spurts where I don’t play for a long time and then get the itch to play it again and always enjoy it. I’ve even done micro transactions because the game is honestly worth the money spent. However this latest update seems to have made it where you are required to watch an Ad after any finished event. Before, you had the option to watch one if you wanted to double the prize money, which I think is a great idea. But it’s frustrating to be required to watch constant Ads after spending money in-app. Maybe this wasn’t supposed to be the case, hopefully not and it gets changed back. They’ve done great to constantly add content. Overall though this is a great app/game. Gameplay is well done, very entertaining, and highly recommend to anyone that enjoys motorsport style games.
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5 years ago, Slipknot530
Please Consider Multiplayer!
This is my favorite monster truck game on the App Store by far and I do agree with one review where he said it seems to be harder on apple products but I don't know I haven't tried on anything else. But check out this idea! What about Multiplayer being added to the game? That would bring a whole new world of players to join your game and it would be Epic!!! If this game had multiplayer it would put games like MMX in the dirt. Just imagine multiplayer tournaments?!?!? That just sounds amazing and if multiplayer was added it would give more people reasons to want to purchase items within the game. I know I would! Plus showing off all those awesome trucks you buy with in game money or real money would be awesome and again make us wanna buy the best trucks to have to show off and "advertise" to other players and make them in turn wanna buy a truck to!
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6 years ago, InsaneJester
ETA on MTD 2 for consoles?
I know you’ve said that MTD 2 will come to consoles and I’m pumped! Not sure how much different it will be but I’d like to suggest a “create your own course” mode if possible! None of the Monster Jam games have had this and this would set yours apart big time! This was an option in Stuntman for the PS2 and it was amazing! Being able to upload courses for others to play would be cool too. The championships are set up really well already but maybe having easy, medium, and hard mode would be cool for those of us that can beat the 1st place spot no problem right now. If you start a Kickstarter for more funding to make MTD 2 as epic as possible, let us know!!! A lot of us have been waiting for a GOOD monster truck game for so long and you’ve shown us that dreams do come true! Lol Monster Jam keeps coming out with crappy games, with goofy modes, and horrible physics! Thank you!
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4 years ago, Jackinator_YT
Updates I want + good game
First off, I would like to say that this is an amazing game and for what monster truck games have become now, it’s one of the best (especially because it is free.) there are some things I want to be added to make the game just a little better. I would like to see types of destruction that aren’t just body panels such as fires, broken axels (not wheels), and smoke that can submerge from the truck when damaged. I would also prefer that damage is re-added to practice mode, not just regular freestyle. I would like to see bigger name trucks from bigger name tours that are still allowed in this game such as crustacean. I want the trucks to get dirty when on the track and I would like better physics with the destructible objects. Other than that, I give this game an easy 5 stars
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3 years ago, Handsome Caco
It’s fine but there are two problems
This game is great and all but there’s two problems and one that is separate from the problems #1 Freestyles in level 5 and up: the points take too long to put in your scoreboard making you at 12th place all the time it’s weird #2 Repair Cost: I think everyone can agree on this the repair costs is kind of annoying one time I did a freestyle and got 300 and something dollars I crashed a lot just to get -300 and something dollars for my repair cost Anyways here is something that I have to ask you that needs answering, level 7 drag race my current truck is Aftershock with 1107 PWR at the start of the race there are two normal crush cars with ramps however when you go over the ramps and onto the crush cars you flip over... how do I evade that problem exactly?
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2 years ago, Remixyboi
Masterpiece of nostalgia
I love this game and I always have. This is probably a younger me’s favorite game, considering a lot of my childhood was playing this game in Freestyle mode, and to see that it’s still being updated all these years later, it really shows you all are so much better than most mobile game devs out there, I’ve never seen this game be “pay to win,” or anything of the such, and I’ve never seen this game turn into a dumpster fire like a lot of the mobile games I use to play have become. For me at least, this is probably one of the best mobile games of all time. And you respond to so many reviews genuinely and you take criticism quite well from what I’ve seen, looking into issues raised by reviews. Thank you for all the work you’ve done on this game.
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2 years ago, Professor Clemmons
I have downloaded this game multiple times on multiple devices for the passed few years. Physics are awesome, the gameplay is fun and they really do feel like 10,000lb trucks. In this regard, this game is better than some console games that exist. Generally, I buy the adds away so I don’t have to deal with them. I didn’t do that this time, and its clear the creators have absolutely riddled the game with them, to the point of unplayability. I’m okay with ads after races and whatnot, but to literally start the race WHILST an unskippable ad plays is an absolute detriment to this game. Please fix this. Tournaments cannot be won if you need to restart a race, because the race will start while an unskippable ad plays in the background.
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3 years ago, smoker boy
Amazing, but a few things I that need to be changed.
I love this game it is just that you need to get more money from a drag race, on my last account I had 2 trucks and I played on that account for a year. I think you guys should add something where you can make your own map and get some monster trucks with no body, and even a monster truck with no body that you can customize, like rims, body, colors, and style. It would be cool if you could add a few dirt tracks and add mud tires that you can put on trucks. Another thing is when you get to a hire level the freestyle rating gets insane like I’m at the highest level and a truck has 1million+, like how am I suppose to beat that. I think you guys you make a monster truck destruction 2 and add this stuff that would be cool.
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2 years ago, Rick5132
A Blast!
I always have fun playing this game, and haven’t really had any issues until this recent update. Now if I’m in Championship mode, when I tap the button to flip my truck back over the camera wigs out and won’t go back to where it was. Therefore I’m losing a ton of races. It’s also freezing pretty frequently. Only other issue is when I buy a truck and go into the garage to start upgrading, the noise it makes when you buy an upgrade(air gun)sticks and won’t stop unless I back out of the garage. Not gonna leave a negative review when the game has always been awesome and a ton of fun. I know things happen. Thank you guys for making such a fun game! Hopefully these issues don’t cause you guys too many headaches.
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4 years ago, bexstimo
Amazing! Game! but....
Thank you to the creators of Monster Truck Destruction for this truly amazing game, except, i really really, wanna do moonwalks and Bicycle’s, except with the psychical movements of the game i can’t, i was wondering, cause the brake when you’re hitting the ramp and try to press the brake fast for a moonwalk, it has a little delay, and i was wondering if it’s possible to reduce the delay and so you can switch faster in the brake, so it would be easier to control a moonwalk and, i was also wondering if you guys can make a mode where you can create your own track, i would truly love that. It would make my whole life better if the creators of this amazing game, would let us make our own track. Thank you for taking your time to read this, love the game, keep the great work!
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2 years ago, Moist Richard
I have been playing this since like 5 years ago and I never got bored. Thank you so much for making this game because I love it so much!!!!! If you could put 10 stars, I would rate 10 stars. This game is amazing! But there is one minor problem (not enough to take a star away so keep up the good work lol) if you could have the same number of cash on the top-left of the screen after a round. But look this game is so good that I play it every day! Another minor issue tho (STILL not enough to take a star away) ok so have you ever heard of Roblox? It’s this app with little mini-games inside the app. One app, millions of games. Could you make the gas pedal a little more like the Roblox walking circle? THANK YOU SO MUCH IF YOU RESPOND bye bye
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4 years ago, hdhsoandnsbd
A thought
So because of the overwhelming presence of Bigfoot (which believe me, is not a problem), I feel there should be more attention given to the original show trucks that were featured alongside Bob Chandler’s truck. Frankenstein, Michigan Ice Monster, Samson, Monster Vette, and Texas Toy just to name a few. There are probably a lot of fans of early to mid-80’s monster trucks who play this game (myself included), and I’m sure they would love to see their old favorites return. The only other suggestion I can think of is a track editor. I can’t think of something more fun to do with this game than recreate older tracks seen on tv for the new trucks to race on. The game is wonderful as is, but these would be great places to start to bring more replay value to it. Thanks for reading guys! Cheers!
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6 years ago, MyCaaaaa
Good game but needs...
This is an excellent game and probably one of the best monster truck games I’ve seen, but it needs a couple things to be added in the next update. First of all it needs more monster jam trucks mainly grave digger rather than the Bigfoot series trucks. Also the trucks should have their own theme song playing rather than random rock songs playing. There should also be a feature where players can create their own monster trucks and design the body, color, tires, etc. so that the player can be more into the game as an actual drive. Once again this is probably one of the best games I’ve played concerning monster trucks and I would like to see more monster truck series games come out in time to come!
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4 years ago, Coonme
You would think.
Game editor responded fast with the way to solve my problem. Good game and good people. I’ve this game for a few years now. I play it from time to time. I’m more of a binge player. But I know I paid to unlock all trucks. And I do know it’s been like three or for years ago. Now there are three trucks that are locked. I’m sure that the trucks were added after the fact. But you would think someone pays for everything to be unlocked it would be. That’s like paying to to use the the pool in the neighborhood. Then they add a diving board and a slide but you can’t use them. But you can pay more money then you can use them. I know it’s a little thing. But it’s the little things that bite you. Rant over
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6 years ago, RadRacer660
Monster Truck Madness
Absolutely one of my favorite monster truck cell phone games of all time. I’ve had it several times after starting over again, but have owned a good chunk of the trucks in the game. I love it. The rare things I don’t like are a million adds after every game, even after an in app purchase, it should cut at least some of the adds off, much less all of em. Not sure if I have the update that fixed the a.i. Bug in drag races, where the opponent will cruise around all wonton and stuff, crashing all over stuff, or whatnot. But great game other than that. Graphics are awesome, physics engine is pretty cool, and I’d love to see it in a platform or a console type game...
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5 years ago, Chev 77
I can not stop playing it, it is so fun! I would like it if you fixed the timer In drag racing because it says your in second when your actually in first. Also it will sort of stop for a second when you go under one of those checkpoint things. But it might do that on purpose. Also if I’m not asking too much, I would like it if you could customize your truck, like lift the suspension and change the body and change the tires and rims and things like that. With like a final upgrade that gave them a bunch of power. I would like it if you did this but I will never change my rating even if you don’t. But thanks for making this awesome game. By: Ashton
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4 months ago, AnyDayAnyWay
Best Mobile Monster Jam Experience
In all honesty, this game is amazing. All the physics are up to date to consider this game a 10 year old game, it's really great. Copies all the physics of monster jam and makes it as much fun as a regular good mobile game. I just have one complaint which is I think we should be able to do Nose Wheelie. This will fully complete the game and just make it the same and better. The only thing I also have to complain about is alot of the fun stuff you have to do is paid for, such as 2x rewards and track editor and other cool recognizable monster trucks (obviously not the exact same) but otherwise this game is amazing.
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2 years ago, Draye Johnson
Awesome just a couple questions
This app is the best monster truck game out there. Just one question I see all the other reviews saying you guys can’t get the monster jam monster truck but could you possibly do monster jam tracks like the world finals thunder alley take the turn then go over crush cars or Chicago style tracks? And one more question is it possible to make the vans more realistic crushing wise my only problem is you hit a car and a van stack maybe 3 times and it is completely flat? Other than that I love this game I play it everyday! And just one more thing if it is possible to make ps4 controllers compatable on this game?
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6 years ago, Let's_go_Pens!!
Fix the in app purchase bug
I accidentally made an in app purchase to remove the ads from the game due to the touch id being set up. Wasn't a big deal as i played the game a lot. Unfortunately the purchase never took effect and the developer wont do anything about it. Bad customer service. I wouldn't buy anything from this game as they wont support you if there is an issue. Ill be contacting apple to get a refund. Response to developer - I don't know what you should do to fix it. Thats not my problem to figure out. I have a receipt that a purchase was made and its not effective in my game. Do you have access to the player accounts on your end? Im not a tech person, but I would imagine there is a database of users that could be edited to reflect the purchase that I made. Second response to developer - I have requested my refund. Still playing the game, but this was not a great experience.
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4 years ago, HOLLOWPOINT33
It’s a great game and a great time killer but a great update for this would be to design your own truck from the group up. Like maybe set up a truck you can buy and add your own design and name. design the body style, the paint, the decals etc. would love to see more options to work with as far as designs and stadiums, maybe add some popular stadiums and some that not a lot of folks really hear about. I understand this isn’t Monster Jam but working with monster trucks it’d be cool to see some popular trucks alongside Bigfoot to purchase with in-game rewards from doing the freestyles and such. Other than these suggestions and addition requests, great game!
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4 years ago, ecA xelA
Very good game but can we get realistic updates
Can we gat realistic updates like rear steering like real life or you can customize your own truck because I am a big fan of monster jam so we can recreate those trucks and you could make your own body or you can switch to no body and breaking the body physics like really breaking the body like real life not just dents also more realistic maps like one bunch of jumps all together and you can also do stoppies and moon walks also for maps physics so the monster truck gets dirty and also muddy maps like if it rains Also when is MTD 2 coming out BYE
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4 years ago, DarkWing006
Better than anything Monster Jam or NHRA have made
The creators did an amazing job on this game. The controls are easy and the trucks response is as well. I’ve played NHRA and Monster jam games on console that can’t hold a candle to this game. Only complaint is it needs updates, I’ve been playing this game for like 2/3 years and would like new trucks and tracks. Big wish, would be customizable looks for the trucks like most of the car games have. Only bug: occasionally when the truck is damaged your combo gets wiped out, even if it’s something small like a fender hanging down. This happens only once in a while, it’s in no way common.
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5 years ago, reptileman85
Seriously dopest old school monster truck game!!!!
I love it so much honestly I plan buying a iPad so I can play it on a much bigger screen! Ya it’s free to try out but honestly for 2 bucks this game is worth every penny trust❤️❤️. I’ve yet to unlock all the old trucks but wow so far so good! Hey to the developers Would you guys please consider putting in some of the old racing tracks from the late 80s early 90s one of my favorite tracks specifically is the figure 8 track they used to do that would be awesome just a suggestion but thank you guys I hope there’s a part two!!!! Go Bigfoot!! Oh and please tried to make this available on the PlayStation or Xbox that would be great 👍🏻
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3 years ago, theisaactrain
Hey, I’ve been playing this game for a very long time now, and recently I have been experiencing very bad frame drops, and lag. I currently have an IPhone 8+, and previously was able to play the game on the highest graphics settings with no problems. Recently, however I have had to drop down to medium and low settings due to bad performance in game. I understand that MTD 2 may be in development right now, also adding the development of Trucks Off-road, you might not have time for this game. But, I was hoping that sooner than later you guys could fix/sort out some of the optimizations for older phones.
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2 years ago, Blakcke
This game is easily one of the best games
Alright we all ready know this MTD is one of the b if not the best mobile games there is, apparently there is a second mtd coming out which idk if its true considering the first mtd hasn’t been updated in a while and if there is a second mtd can you guys give us a little information and if you could possibly get some monster truck insanity tour trucks in the game if you can get them in the game hopefully this isnt asking for too much but i just want some more content, thanks , update multiplayer doesnt work please help. ( Edit i like the beach ball in level one haha)
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5 months ago, callawayturner
Absolutely amazing spare time app!
It’s my go-to game when I have time to kill. Physics and handling are great, trucks are great, championships are great.. pretty much everything is great. I had it downloaded several years ago and stopped playing, but recently downloaded again and paid $2.99 for No Ads a month ago (ads are pretty frustrating when trying to back out of an event you messed up on) and i still haven’t gotten bored of it. I just buy a new stock truck, run through the single events until I’ve got upgrade money, and I’m constantly entertained. Its great.
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3 years ago, ueururuhr
Suggestions but great game
First I’m going to start off by saying I’ve been playing this game since I was 8 and now I’m 13 by far one of the funnest mobile games and funnest mobile motor sports game I’ve ever played that being said I think there should be a more difficult mode I’ve beat every map racing and freestyle about 20-30 times. Also when you flip completely I think it should be game over not get to keep going. The last suggestion I’m going to make is maybe some up to date monster trucks maybe like grave digger, max-d, monster mutt, and megalodon that being said. Great game!
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3 years ago, Monster Truck Maniac
Monster Truck Maniac review
I have thoroughly enjoyed playing this game for over 14 months now and I have acquired 44 trucks, 5 getting the full upgrade. I love the game and I would love to see another championship circuit added soon. One thing I can’t seem to get back is the leadership board. I keep on seeing network error and there is nothing wrong with my connection! I have WiFi and no internet problems! It’s just a shame that I can’t see my rank with other players! I want to see my accomplishments displayed, but there is obviously a technical issue with the game itself! Work on that next championship circuit soon.😉
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2 years ago, luke westland
Needs a bit more improvements
I’ve gotta say, this does look much better then it does in the PC version, but still needs a little bit more improvement. For example, the guy in the garage does move at all, clicking default in the performance menu gets rid of all the UI, the wings on the monster patrol and sir crush a lot (if it even has a detachable part) don’t separate from the parent object (which is the player’s truck) and thus tries to move along with the truck but can’t because has the rigid body component on it. So if you could at least fix these bugs and update the PC version, it would be great. But you don’t have to if you don’t want to. Cheers!
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