Monument Valley

4.7 (5.6K)
301.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
ustwo games
Last update
2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for Monument Valley

4.67 out of 5
5.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Rebecca🐬🐬
Love it!
I absolutely love this game! It is so beautiful and timeless. I think that the people who say there should be more levels are crazy. There are just enough levels to keep you entertained and happy. I am very impressed with all of the musical aspects. Turn something and it plays notes! All of the level music is really beautiful and seamless. I also really like all of the hidden little details. For example, on The Spire, there is a crow walking through doors seemingly endlessly hidden on the side of the final tower. I love all of the personalities in each of the levels. One can be mysterious and the next one can be blissful! The storyline is ingenious but not too confusing. Forgotten shores and Ida’s dream are amazing additions to the already wonderful game. There is one thing that I don’t understand. In Ida’s dream, what actually is Ida’s dream? It just sort of seems like additional levels. Still awesome though. I love love loved when Monument Valley 2 came out. It really is a story of beauty and impossibility. Don’t want to spoil it though. AMAZING games! If I could only choose two apps to have on my phone, I would choose Monument Valleys 1 and 2. Hoping for a third!
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4 years ago, BadInternet123
Amazing Game (but..)
I downloaded the game and was amazed by the quality and effort put into this kid-friendly puzzle game. It challenges your wits and your ability to focus on something from different perspectives. It has an amazing storyline behind it. I have only a few conflicts with it. One, before I finished all 10 levels in Monument Valley, the cost for the section “Forgotten Shores” was $0.99 USD. After I completed all 10 levels and wanted to buy Forgotten Shores, it was $1.99 USD. Even though that was an excellent and affordable price for that quality of a game, I was shocked that they raised the price of the section right when I wanted it the most. To be fair, this was around Christmas. It could have been a special deal that I missed because I completed the game after Christmas. Two, it makes you think that you own Monument Valley 2. After I got the game, I saw the sections that I “had”. When I clicked on Monument Valley 2 to check it out, it sent me to the App Store and wanted me to purchase it, and another side note that Monument Valley 2 is too expensive unless it has more levels than Monument Valley 1. Three, this is more of a suggestion. I would like if you had a video in the end where users can watch. The video would explain the storyline of it. Amazing game though.
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3 years ago, GwennieDot
Get ready for a mind-stumping game that you will play over and over again! It is completely worth the money, for you will play it over and over again, relearn quotes said by spirits that are useful in everyday-life, and illusions that you’ll wonder how they came up with. The first game is about a lost soul who has somehow transformed into a human, yet a princess as she always was. She is on a journey to become her true self again. On her adventure she will meet spirits with questions, annoying crows, and mind-numbing illusions! There is also a second game out. I won’t spoil that one, so good luck! The first story’s puzzles are hard. Your average grownup will have trouble solving these! Now, go ahead. Buy the game and have a fun time listening to calming, happy or sad music that will leave you as delighted as you could’ve ever been! Trust me, this is great, having played again and again and have still had the pleasure. Now, I’m really sorry for the review that has.. I don’t know how long words and download the game! Experience the most wonderful game that you’ll have ever seen! Ida is waiting for you, the lost soul of a princess! Go!
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5 years ago, Sassonastick
In Monument Valley, you wander through a beautiful world of castles, sunsets and towers that seem to reach the moon. In this completely kid-friendly puzzle game, you have to be prepared to cast aside the most basic concepts, even those such as gravity. Some of these are so complex that I can’t find the words to describe it. Heck, some of this stuff is SIMPLE the way it works, yet I still cannot give it a label. With stunning music, challenging puzzles, and a captivating storyline, this game has it all. Beautiful Monuments, skies, and a whole little world of wonder await you in Monument Valley. They could charge a full 10$ for this game, and I promise it would still be worth it. While the storyline itself takes some rather sophisticated comprehension skills to understand (though does any player REALLY understand the story?), kids with growing minds will benefit from the challenges presented by the puzzles anyway. And once you’re able to comprehend the story, the game gets so much better. This one game, in my opinion, is the best of it’s genre so far. Anyone who’s played this game will agree, it is truly an unforgettable experience.
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5 years ago, mothcryptiddd
I wish there was more
I’ve been playing MV since its birth and I adore the original game. When I heard a second game had been released, I was overjoyed and downloaded it immediately. I was NOT disappointed. I loved MV2 just as much as I loved the original, if not more because of the new additions, like Ro’s daughter and the ability to draw your own sacred geometry shapes. The only thing this game lacks is content. I got through the entire game I a few hours. I feel like there needs to be more to the story — in MV1, Ida is on a quest for forgiveness. We get to follow her through that journey and watch her complete it, which gives a sense of satisfaction. We know /what/ she’s doing, and /why/, which is what gives that game such a satisfactory end. But we don’t know anything about what’s going on in MV2. Who is Ro? Who is her daughter? Who are the ghosts? Why is she sending her daughter on a boat alone? Like I said, I love these games. The music, the complexity, the story, the visuals — all are fantastic. I can’t wait to see what UsTwo has in store for us. Hoping for a third installment!!! Many thanks.
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5 years ago, Guinea pig47
No title (but read this)
First of all on of the the first reviews is like a one or two star review that says this game is short and easy. Maybe the first levels are easy but I can’t call this short there’s plenty of levels to take a few days and for an indie puzzle game that’s a real achievement. I will change to five star if you explain the “ box” level. Once you solve green it takes you back to blue and both doors are locked all other levels took like five minutes but I’ve been stuck on this one for a week 😔. I will try the sequel and try this game on iPad to see if either of these options are better (am only assuming this game is easier on iPad because maybe a bigger screen will help). Is this a glitch? Or am I just doing something wrong? So confused 🤷‍♀️ edit: I just realized that there is a a bird person that can do it for you I don’t think it was there before. Whatever. Great game anyway
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7 years ago, Bchfgfjjggchxvcgfffhjfhsg
Good but needs more game play
I just need to say it a great game. You all put great effort into it. I need to say it again it’s a great game, but (there is all ways a but) five dollars for a game with only ten level. Unless you count that level in the extras which feels like 6 levels. Also I know there is a second game, but five dollars for this game that’s insane. Two dollars understandable but four dollars no way. I do know that I can buy eight more levels for two dollars which in total that is nineteen level for seven dollars. Don’t think I don’t like this game it’s a great game as I said. I can tell it looks like a hard game to make so its understandable why there is very little levels. If you are reading this review I would not mind you getting this game. Just don’t be surprised that you finished this the game In one day like me. Also I don’t have the second game so if the second one is longer then the first that would be great. So if I was you I would get the game if you like puzzle game.(Yes this is a puzzle game if you couldn’t tell) It’s a very fun game so enjoy if you do get it.
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7 years ago, ivykb
Entertaining and STUNNING graphics!
Are there any other people out there who just can’t play iPhone games for one reason or another? I can’t play most phone games because I cannot stand glitchy formats, crappy graphics, annoying sound effects, and definitely not anything that is timed (everyone who struggles with anxiety will understand that one). I’ve downloaded hundreds of games in my 7 years of owning an iPhone, and have deleted almost all of them within the first 24 hours of downloading it. This game has consistently stayed on my phone for the past 3 years. If you are anything like me, this game is for you. I have played it all the way through several times and I love it more each time. The graphics are gorgeous. The characters are adorable. Smooth format. The sound effects are charming and sweet. Do yourself a favor and get this game.
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6 years ago, Utopia710
Beautiful and peaceful
I love these games. I made my wife play it and she was hooked immediately as well. It took me about 3 hours to finish MV1 with taking multiple breaks and about 1.5 hours to finish MV2 while putting my son to bed (he likes me in the room while he knocks out, so I took advantage of the free time 😊). The levels were not hard at all and that is my only complaint. If they had more chapters and a bit harder levels, it would be perfect, but I felt like I blew through the games because I anticipated the moves at first glance in every level. I think for almost 9$, I should have had a harder time with it and had more game play. I paid 6.99 for the two apps, plus 1.99 to open extra levels in MV1. For the artistry alone, it is worth the price, but for the intensity it’s not. I would recommend it solely because of visually beauty and because one can tell that it took a lot of love and time to make this game. It’s near perfect!
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1 month ago, tallulahtomato
MV is just…. THE BEST. Ever.
There’s really not too much to say besides this is one of the most beautifully created games I’ve ever played in my life. I especially adore it as it’s basically an architectural puzzle & I went to school for architecture & design. Not only is the game stunning to look at, its also *expertly crafted*. I’ve truly never seen anything made so perfectly. No bugs, no cheapness, no ads, no glitches…. I’ve played every single game they’ve made in the MV series (multiple times) & every time is equally enjoyable (until the end, when I cry 😭). If you want that feel-good feeling & something gorgeous to keep your brain busy, this is the series for you. HUGE applause to everyone involved in making Monument Valley - you have my deepest respect (esp nowadays when everything is made terribly & unreliably). The minds behind this game are top tier 🙌
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4 years ago, Uni714
Love monument valley to my core
The gameplay, while short still holds up. I get sucked into the beauty of the world very much and it’s hard for me to put the phone down while I play it. I have one question though: I bought Ida’s RED Dream when it first came out, and enjoyed it thoroughly. Love the idea of aids wearing red at the time to help symbolize what the purchase meant. But when I recently redownloaded the game and decided to challenge myself by restarting all my progress, my purchase of Ida’s RED Dream suddenly just became the standred Ida’s Dream. Now the gameplay still remains the same and I still love the chapter, but is it possible for you guys to restore the original version for me? I’d very much like to have the RED version of Ida’s Dream back because it was symbolic to me on why I bought it. If you can’t, I understand, I just thought I’d ask first if that’s possible. Please respond soon.
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5 years ago, Frustrated runner2209
Definitely worth the cost
This game is a treasure that costs a few dollars and is worth a million. The levels are artfully crafted, the puzzles are not so easy that you feel it was wasted, but not so hard that you find yourself looking at online guides for it. (I’m assuming that’s the case. I looked at a video for the very beginning of a level and the answer turned out to be very simplistic-I was looking at it the wrong way.) I love how they defy the laws of physics and use optical illusions to toy with your brain, all while making it more appealing for all ages. The sequel is a must have, as the storyline is not quite so vague, but your mental skills are tested even more. If you haven’t played, this game is worth the 2.99. Fans of the first game need to play the second. People who have played both (me) are awaiting a third. This is a triumph among indie games that stands out against all.
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4 years ago, Awesomeawsome
More please
*It’s been well over a year and still no Monument Valley III. I’m sad. 🙁 such an amazing app. I would love it if they made many more. I could play this forever. P.S. version 1 is still crashing. *This is the best app ever. It really challenges you. I just wish they would make more. A lot more. I got finished and didn't want to stop but I had no choice. Please make more Monument Valley!!!! **Cont. Now I’ve done MV2. Too quickly. That was when it first came out what is it two years ago? So I was hoping a MV3 was out now. Nope. So I did 2 again. Too quickly. And now MV. It’s crashing. It needs to stop crashing and it’s time for an MV3. Please make it have a lot more levels and make them more challenging. Not ridiculously difficult, but challenging, so it takes some real time to get through it’s too fast it’s too easy.
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5 years ago, DelaneyBishop
Needs some adjustments
The game is really well made and lots of fun. I would recommend this is you like problem solving. It just needs some adjustments. I think it needs more gameplay for the price it is at, and more expansions. They should also allow a minimal amount of hints. It’s rare, but every now and then I get stuck for a long time. If they did something like 1 hint per game. They don’t have to be major, but it would help a lot. Also in the v level of forgotten shores, you cannot complete it on an iOS devise because a button does not fit in the frame. To get to the next step, you have to press it, and you can’t. You can’t even see it unless you zoom out really far, and you can’t move your character without zooming out. This is irritating because I payed to walk up a staircase, and nothing else. With a few adjustments to the game, that 4 stars could easily become 5
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4 months ago, ReetaSkeeterStinks
I’ve played it again, and again, and again…
I think I first discovered this game around 2016–2017; and when I say I discovered it, I mean my friend did. We would spend hours on that game (and the sequel), trying to figure out the puzzles and just getting completely immersed. Now, the puzzles don’t really take hours to figure out, but we were around 7 or 8 at the time. Years later, I remembered it, and found it again to play it. I spent money, yeah, but honestly? It’s completely worth it. Even though I know most of the puzzles by heart, I still play it again, and again, and again. A few minutes ago I redownloaded it for what’s probably the 5th time in a year now. The animation, the music, the sounds, the controls, the story; everything about it is just beautifully put together. I’ve played it again, and I’ll continue to play it again, for years to come. My only complaint is that I wish there was more. Another game, another add on with extra levels—something. I would love to be able to play again, but like new. Without knowing how the puzzle is solved. I love this game. Buy it. Trust me, you won’t regret it.
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6 years ago, Bontowastaken
So short and easy
Way too expensive for what you get. It’s like paying for a novel but getting a short story with size 20 font. I was just kinda warming up to the game and it tells me I’m done. I “won” I guess. It started out beyond easy, but I figured it was just getting warmed up so that I’d eventually be on puzzles where I’d have to take some time and give it some thought. Then it just ended. I think I spent maybe an hour and a half total on it. If that. I thought the story was just getting ramped up, but that was it. It was a lame story. I did not care about it at all and they were trying WAAYYYYY too hard to have it be poetic and serious. I swear, out of the hour and a half of playing the game I think a half hour of it was slow transitions to the next easy puzzle or lame, two-line story fragments. Ugh. What makes it worse is that I bought the bundle for $6.99 because of the good reviews and now the game is trying to sell me in-game purchases to make the story continue for another hour. I’d avoid it if I were you.
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6 years ago, MikePA 24
So much lost potential
This game has an amazing aesthetic. The graphics and scenery are beautiful. They do a great job with the visuals and music creating a mystical “feel” to the game. It gives the player the sense that they are on a quest for something deeper, something profound....however the story does not back this up at all. It is terrible. As this is supposed to be a puzzle game, It shouldn’t really matter that the story is terrible as the puzzles should be the focus of the game but this game clearly tries to make the story a major aspect of the game. This leads to my second and more important criticism of this game, THE PUZZLES ARE TERRIBLE! They are not even puzzles, you just click this and watch stuff move. A 4 year old could do them. The Escheresque concept/feel to the “puzzles” set up is a brilliant concept but totally underutilized. I was so excited when I first started playing and saw the concept but became more disappointed with each level as it was never fully utilized to create an actually puzzle. By the end I felt like I just wasted my time. The game felt like it was created by a team of amazing visual artists who unfortunately did not have the foresight to hire a puzzle creator or a story writer. If the developers happen to read these, the aesthetic and Escheresque concept are brilliant, please make another one except this time hire someone who know how to make challenging puzzles!
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6 years ago, Odawg2703
The perfect plane brain teaser
I spent 5 1/2 hours on a plane and played both Monument Valley One and Two, absolutely amazing. (For now I’m focusing on MV1)I read a review saying “ruined by the story”. And I can see how some could be too intrigued by the very small story, but I think the developers made a good decision focusing on the gameplay. Had they built the story too much each level would have to be left on a weird 4th dimensional cliff hangar, and they’d have to cut down on gameplay because you’d be too stressed to actually do the levels thinking about how the story is going to go. This game seems to be designed to satisfy the puzzle solver in everyone, and the gameplay/story ratio may be extremely uneven, that’s exactly how it should be.
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2 years ago, jcmidnte
Great! ….but too short
My 13yo daughter and I both got the app. We completed all the levels, and bonus levels, in one sitting. After paying for the app & extra levels, we kind of feel cheated and expected a longer gameplay. For the price, I do feel there should have been more new puzzles rather than having to repeat the puzzles over and over. The game itself is beautiful and pleasing on the eyes. Each level offers challenge’s to figure out using deduction, perspective and puzzle solving. I really did enjoy my time playing it, it was well done …..just too short for the price. Maybe offer a daily puzzle or something? For now, we will just delete the completed app and find something with more continuous play. Not sure I want to buy the other apps if they will be just as short.
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2 years ago, funkytaon
Simple and beautiful
I play games to relax, so I want something slightly mentally challenging that is also aesthetically pleasing, and this game delivers. The artwork is really cool - beautiful colors, very creative animation, and the music is so soothing. If you’re good at puzzle games, it might be easier than you were expecting (MV 1 is more challenging) but I’ve definitely had a friend or two try this out Ned have a hard time wrapping their heads around it because they don’t really play puzzle games. These games are Esher drawings come to life! Highly recommend you start with 2 and move on to 1 since 1 was more challenging, but definitely give this a try.
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6 years ago, Signal 30
Criticism is easy
I enjoyed this product very much. I am visually amazed at the amount of detail that unfolds on every level. And yes, like a mouse in a maze, one does begin to learn from the previous levels. But as a whole, I found this product visually fun and spiritually pleasing. The process of criticism is easy; one simply needs to say, the product lacked this, and it needed more of that. Just one time, I would like to read a critical review in which the judge (prior to rendering the opinion) outlines their step-by-step assessment of how (in their opinion) the work could have been improved. I believe then the judge, jury and executioner would have earned their right to carry out their sentence.
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1 year ago, PekkaBunny982
Disappointing and Way Too Short
Bought this game because I remember playing it on my kindle as a little kid. The kindle subscription gave the game and apparently the expansion as a part of the device bundle for free. After beating the game in under an hour, I realized all the best levels are a part of the forgotten shores expansion. It’s a disappointingly short game for the price they charge, and a rip off to charge another two bucks for a few more levels. Definitely the last time I pay for a game without knowing exactly what value I’m getting. If you’re looking for a game that you can play without feeling it’s a rip off, don’t bother with it. The animations are beautiful, and the game is kind of fun, but it’s anticlimactic. Three stars for what it once was. 👎
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4 months ago, succulentcat
Great game :)
I think you should make some more levels so people don’t stop playing it because it can be repetitive over time. I hope you make the third one soon! This game is great and I have been playing it for years, I especially liked the second one, please add more characters if you are going to make a third one. Please add more animals than just the crows, maybe you can add a cat that follows ida. I used to like to pretend that I was in the game monument valley III because it has been years and if you are going to make a third one, now is your chance, I haven’t played monument valley for a while and adding a third one would make me feel amazing! Thank you so much for reading this :)
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4 years ago, ~Nadiya~
The BEST games I have ever played!
I bought the pack including both the first and second game. The graphics are just soooooo beautifully executed! I wouldn’t be surprised if I went to a modern art museum and saw these graphics in it. The audio is also amazing! I could just stare at one picture and listen to the audio for the rest of my life! The storyline is just so precious and it really describes the concept of family, friendship and love. I really love these games and if there is a third one coming out, it needs to be Ida’s child who finds her/his own path. I really appreciate these games and I love to be able to have a bonding experience with my family when we play together.
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7 years ago, Rapsak 100
This game is SO AMAZING I love it every thing about it and also thanks for making a second one. Please make a third one it would be so GOOD also I already beat every level on both mv and mv2 and I always play the levels over and over and OVER again and I NEVER get tired of playing it because this game is a perfect balance between the atmosphere and the gameplay macanics, the only thing that I want to improve is the amount of levels because there only a total of 19 levels and in the second game only 14. Still this is an AMAZING GAME and again add more levels and please add a third game, it would be AMAZING and thank you for these amazing games
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5 years ago, Princesslaidup
Barely a puzzle game, not worth the price
This really is a terrific app, it’s just advertised as a ‘puzzle game’ when it’s really just a youth-friendly adventure app: not to mention over-priced. The look and feel is sublime, but the puzzles are hardly puzzling. I finished them all in under an hour. If you’ve completed a Zelda or Mario game, or just have adult-level deductive reasoning skills, you will probably find Monument Valley not the least bit challenging. Which is fine for kids and parents who are inexperienced — but if you’re even modestly practiced with puzzles of any kind, I would not recommend this game. Your money would be better spent elsewhere. (I hope the makers of this app enjoy the profits, some developers -even mobile devs- actually care about their customers and choose to market their products honestly.)
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3 years ago, HalzZBart
I highly recommend this app!
This is one of the most calming peaceful games I’ve played, it is not stressful and you can take your time to finish each puzzle. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a good brain teaser it is wonderful for nearly all ages and is a great game to play while having quite time and to play when you are stressed out, while it is all these things it is also extremely fun. You may get stuck and you can exit the app without the data being lost and having to start a level over again, I hope you find this as enjoyable as I did. 😊
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6 years ago, roemill
Stunningly beautiful
This is such a stunningly beautiful game. I loved every minute of it. Yes it’s short and it would be lovely if it were a longer game but a lot of work went into this. I paid the extra for the other levels and was not disappointed. I will be getting the second game after I finish this. Some of the puzzles were easy but some did catch me and took a bit longer. I didn’t read reviews before purchasing it. I got the name from a search of the best puzzle games and it truly is. My advice would be to buy the package with both games included because you will want to play the next one.
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5 years ago, TheSporkboy
Simply Wow
It’s hard to find enough good things to say about this game. In short it is a challenging puzzle game in which you take advantage of M.C. Escher like perspective twists to allow your character to complete various levels. But that just doesn’t feel like enough. I saw this game on a business flight and had to ask the passenger next to me what it was. The art style is simple but colorful. The gameplay reveals a compelling story of loss and redemption. The level design is challenging but inspiring. I don’t normally like to spend money on mobile games because most of the store images and videos don’t give you a complete idea of what you’re getting into. This one was clear from the get go and didn’t fail to deliver. I have purchased this game, it’s expansion and it’s sequel and played all three multiple times. My only complaint? There just isn’t enough of it. My biggest ask would be a level designer. Or maybe not. Downloadable content would leave me lost in this game for days and months on end.
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6 years ago, A Pleased Customer!
Amazing graphics!
Was my first purchase ever from the App Store, I had play this game briefly in 2016 at the Art Gallery in California and fell in love with the graphics and brilliant puzzles however I didn’t know the name of the game so 2 years later while scrolling through the game tab I found this and immediately purchase! WAS NOT AT ALL DISAPPOINTED the story seemed quite confusing although I’m more of an art person so graphics really appeals to me, while playing it I sometimes often ask myself who has the ability to thought of such brilliant puzzles, what team had this visual and in mind and absolutely killed it! WOULD RECOMMEND 100%!
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3 years ago, battlemebro
Amazing game!!
Monument Valley is just a beautiful game. You travel through different places, and the puzzles I think are very well made. The colors and designs are so amazing, I’d like to thank the people who made this game for doing an amazing job making the puzzles, the coloring, and everything in the game. I also think that monument valley can be educational is some ways. It shows you how many different ways you can do things. I’ve been learning geometry lately, and this totally reminded me of it. Overall I think monument valley is a wonderful game, and I’m hoping that you will buy it and see how amazing it is. :) Sincerely, A big fan ;)
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2 years ago, Iarrigo118
I don’t feel accomplished!
I absolutely love monument valley but there is one small reason I can’t give the game five stars. I NEED the satisfaction of finishing a level!! There’s absolutely zero signs of knowing wether or not you’ve completed a level; no check mark, no color changing Roman numeral, no blacked out icon. It’s such a small fix but I really think it would make all the difference. How am I to know I’ve actually completed the level? Did I miss something, did I even finish the game…who knows, the credits just started to roll. I need a visual representation of “Hey, you’ve 100% completed all of these levels!”, or there’s no satisfaction in finishing the game.
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4 years ago, Anonymous🦄🦄🦄
Absolutely Amazing!
This game is absolutely one of the best games I have ever played. The mind-boggling illusions give the levels more depth, the ancient spirits give it a story, the characters and artwork make you want to keep going to see what’s next, and even the small details have a great place! The rose, placed by the coffin, the bird reflection of Ida, the stunning music at the right times, the bird men, who stole the “Sacred Geometry”, and the one tiny detail in the first level with the totem. On a wall, we see the people of the valley creating their geometry. That one tiny detail shows that even the smallest of things can add for beautiful gameplay. Five star review, this is a must-play.
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6 years ago, DareBare13
I love monument valley so very much. It has always been a part of my heart. From the art work and sounds, it’s just so peaceful and beautiful. I remember when it first had came out and I was so in love with it! I recommend anyone who hasn’t yet tried it out to consider buying and playing this beautifully designed puzzle game! Although I wish it was more compatible with iPhone X such as filling the entire screen, which by the way would be so lovely if it could be updated to support the iPhone X screen!! Thank you so very much to the developers for bringing us such an exciting experience I’ll never forget!!
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4 years ago, Opwave
I just finished both volumes, including the appendices. What an amazing game! I wish more volumes are in the works for the future. This puzzle game challenges you to perceive 3D environments in a different way. I like that you can go at your own pace thought I wish there was a way to save your progress mid-level in case you have to close out of the app. Maybe in future volumes this feature will be available. Other than that I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a challenge. This would be a great game for young and old alike as it trains your brain to solve problems spatially and dimensionally.
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2 years ago, LiquidTick
Not worth your time
This game costs way too much for what you’re actually getting. The art, and actual gameplay is fun but it lacks in every other area. First off it’s extremely short, I beat the game in a little over in an hour, if not shorter. The puzzles are extremely easy, the only time I ever struggled with one is when I didn’t notice a tool I needed to use. The sound design gets pretty annoying after a while with how using the level works. Monument valley also has a pretty bland and uninteresting story told through haiku dialogue. Overall you shouldn’t really get this game for its puzzles, length, story, or overall just something to waste time on. I genuinely feel like I wasted money on this don’t make the same mistake
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5 years ago, hay hay hay🙃
The BEST game
This game is the best I have ever played and the sounds and graphics are amazing! I also love how even though it is very relaxed, it is still challenging. And when I found out there was a part two I was sooooo happy!😁I know a lot of people are saying that part two was two expensive but they should get the pack with both of them for cheaper. And people are saying that the levels are too easy which I can partly agree with because a few are easy but a couple of them took me foreverrrrr! Anyways, this game is one of the best out there and I think it’s totally worth the cost.😁😝
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6 years ago, Ariana m.
Beautiful game!
Love this game. I, too, wish there were more levels, as it’s easy to finish it in less than an hour if you are a puzzle person. BUT, to everyone complaining about having to pay a bit for only ten levels- come on! It’s a few bucks to support a beautifully made game. I’ll definitely be trying the second version and the expansions, because it’s one of the few paid games actually worth the money and doesn’t have repetitive ads and in app purchases. All around a well made, visually appealing, and very soothing game. Really hope there are plans for more!
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11 months ago, Datura Stromonium
I just love it.
This game used to take me more than 6 hours to complete when I was little. Even though I can complete the whole game including extra levels in about 2 now, it’s still so fun, it’s so beautiful and makes me cry sometimes. I keep reseting the data over and over again and playing them in different orders because I have theories about the story. ( I think Ida’s dream comes before the quest for forgiveness, and forgotten shores starts after the descent, etc…) Anyways, great game, 100% recommend to anybody who likes puzzle games and gorgeous art.
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11 months ago, dunderheadgood
This is one of my favorite games that I’ve ever played, period. It is not withheld by the fact it’s mobile, in fact the gameplay is accentuated by the vertical layout. I played this when it came out, and just played again when I got a new phone. It makes you think, but rewards you for figuring out the puzzles. No bugs or glitches to speak of, although the rotation controls on some of the puzzles are a bit sensitive. Overall incredible gameplay, soundtrack, concept, and execution. A must play for mobile gamers.
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6 years ago, Luna Lunita Lunera
Haters just hate
“Beautiful & peaceful” is a great way to explain the imagery in this simplistic puzzle game. The color scheme is soothing but not muted to the point there is no visual interest. It reminds me of a colorful Bridges (for those who’ve played that monochromatic puzzle game). The puzzles themselves get progressively challenging but they are still quite simple so you will never feel like pulling your hair out, quitting the game or viewing a walkthrough to find your way through. I enjoyed the bonus level originally created for charity. Included was a message encouraging donating to a charity you hold dear. It feels good to support kindhearted people.
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7 years ago, Ccochran009
A beautiful masterpiece
A beautiful form of art that’s worth every cent. The developers have created something truly magical that is both immersive and touching. Just when you think you had enough they released the expansion pack which in my opinion has some of the greatest level design I’ve ever seen and I’m talking emotionally touching on the same level super Metroid SNES level design was when it first came out. All in all if your reading this purchase the game you won’t be disappointed and in about two years maybe three we will have monument valley 3.
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6 years ago, Ttteeeddddddyyy
Great with some flaws
This game is GREAT and you can tell they put a lot of time into making it as there are many different elements of each level... but I do wish that it came with a bit more for the price. However it does give you some cool text stickers that you can only get if you buy the game and aren’t available on the free versions lol but it depends on your judgement on the game... some people love it, some people don’t like it as much, and some people just can’t decide (me)... so I would recommend not getting the pack of both games until you know whether or not you think it is worth it from buying one of them.
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2 years ago, tris2364
Four AND A HALF stars
So I give this game four and a half stars (even though it says 4) Anyway, I LOVE this game SO much. I played it long ago back when it was free and I loved it. I recently got this app and I had to pay for it, which wasn’t nearly ideal, but experienced even more joy. What would give you guys 5 stars would be if you made the game a little longer. I realize you did this with the 2nd game but I don’t want to pay to have just a few more levels. Anyway, I don’t want to be too negative to such a great game, and it’s add-free! (But that’s basically what the money goes too) Keep up the great work!
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7 years ago, JP385
An Experience
Gorgeous visuals, combined with tight level design and an intriguing core game mechanic pushed to its limits. It's not all that heavy in the way of gameplay (as much of the game's focus is on its brilliantly artistic visuals), but it delivers in every other aspect. The Forgotten Shores expansion builds on the base game with a host of new game mechanics and eight wonderfully unique levels, each one completely unlike any you've seen before. If you have extra money on your account, I highly recommend this game and its expansion. They're probably some of the best game experiences you can find in the App Store.
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5 years ago, Rstapes88
This is my first review because I have never cared enough to write a review about any game. I discovered this game because I was watching the tv show house of cards and I saw it on there and said that I would give it a try. Once I realized it cost money I decided not to buy it. A few months later I really wanted to get a new game and remembered Monument Valley and chose to spend the $4. This is easily the best game I have ever own and it is almost 6 years old. I highly recommend this game to anybody reading no matter what year it is. I will certainly be buying Monument Valley 2.
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6 years ago, tlauga
Too Short, But Otherwise GREAT
I just spent a few dollars on this game thinking I would have something to occupy me for a while. The game is great and the type of puzzle is magnificent. However, it took me less than an hour to do all 10 levels. Overall, the concept is truly fascinating. Easy to control and actually makes you do a little thinking to complete some of the puzzles. My wife boy real gripe is that it was too short and I didn’t come across a single puzzle that “stumped” me. I hope Monument 2 is more challenging and longer. Otherwise, I would like to say to the creators that the game is truly magnificent except for the length and difficulty. Great Job.
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6 years ago, Danc6r93
I want more!
I was hesitant to buy this game because I have bought games in the past and rarely used them, but this game changed that. It’s got amazing graphics and the sound..the sound is wonderful. I was hooked from the first puzzle. They were admittedly a little on the easier side which doesn’t bother me that much, because it gave me a sense of accomplishment when I bet the game (which I never usually do with phone games). With that said, I did finish the game in one night. I wish there were more puzzles because they are just really fun to figure out and 10 just isn’t enough.
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6 years ago, Dallas Jax
Wow Just Wow
This is the best game I have ever played on an iPhone ever. It was tricky and cleaver, yet mind racing and wholesome. It’s hard to find games that allow you to realize how special life is. This game made me wonder about my outlook on real life and to look past my current problems because there’s always a solution. The puzzles and visuals are outstanding. I need M3 as soon as possible lol I’m addicted lol. To all the people that created this game thank you. You guys are super talented. This game is like one of those marble 3D games mixed with puzzles to master like playing Zelda. It’s literally perfect.
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6 years ago, 15net
A beautiful illusion ,but needs more
This game is a wonderful journey, but doesn’t fully develop the ideas. First of all I would like to know more like why is Ida, the main character there, who is the spirt, why does she turn into a bird, and what’s the point of it! It’s beautiful monuments and divine understanding of geometry memorized me. It was truly fun, but there was little content for the price I payed for the game and additional levels. I’m very tempted to buy Monument Valley 2 ,but I don’t really feel like spending $15 plus dollars and a very short game. So I highly recommend not to get this game if you don’t want to spend a fair amount of money. It’s content wasn’t worth its price.
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